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How can the Bucks lose to the Raptors if dinosaurs weren't even real?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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November 2, 2023 6:00 am

How can the Bucks lose to the Raptors if dinosaurs weren't even real?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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November 2, 2023 6:00 am

Defensive issues cost the Bucks dearly against Toronto as Bucks fans are already questioning if Adrian Griffin is the right guy for the job. Plus, a wild baseball proposal and Gutekunst comments on Jordan Love's development.

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You need Indeed. Good morning everybody. My name is Bart Winkler. This is the Bart Winkler show. Once again on the airwaves tonight on CBS Sports Radio.

And then here I am just shifting my head a little bit to be on the Bart Winkler show. The daily podcast that I put out and we talk about the Brewers and the Bucks and the Badgers and not really Marquette. We talk Panthers.

I will have an interview with Bart Lundy coming up soon that you can check out not just here but also on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream. And of course I don't think I even mentioned the Packers but we do talk Packers here as well. So I spent my Wednesday night on CBS Sports Radio watching the Bucks on a computer monitor over here. I have not seen really any of the World Series. I did have a good World Series hot take that we can talk about at some point.

But I do want to start with the Milwaukee Bucks. Of course as they lost. You guys can join the stream as always. If you're ever seeing this later and want to know how to join the stream I throw the link up on Twitter when I'm live. And it should be in the YouTube comments as well.

I think maybe Facebook also but probably not. So you might have to be on YouTube to see it. We are on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream. Dan Cheney Insurance. Dan if you're still here I need to call you. I need to call you. We need to talk.

Good things of course. But maybe I'll do that next week. I am a procrastinator and I'm very bad at it. Dan Cheney is here. Look at this. Dan Cheney YouTube stream. Here's a comment from Dan Cheney.

Unless it's a Dan Cheney imposter. Okay. I don't know.

I don't know. He says every time the camera showed Adrian Griffin he looked like a deer in headlights thinking oh crap I am in way over my head. That's a good way to put it as the Bucks lose tonight 130 to 111. This game was so bad we got Bill Simmons did where he said I'm glad everyone is excited for Dame Giannis high screens but the Bucks defense is now summer league caliber. They could play Giannis 48 minutes a game and load him with caffeine and it's still one help. Caffeine actually is not proven to help you athletically.

So I get what you're saying there but caffeine can be like a deterrent sometimes or bring you down. Dan Wolkin of USA Today says they also massively downgraded at head coach. Let's see if there's any hilarious tweets or comments from the Bill Simmons agenda where they are trying to here felt bot says add to this dame is grossly overrated on offense can't see the floor can't pass out of traps no passing instincts will be shut down in the playoffs. Kevin says wow so trading the best on ball defender in the league for a guy who amounts to a traffic cone on defense isn't going well who could have guessed.

Yeah there's just a lot now I saw a scout with prying tweet why block that fucking guy still on my feed. Alright so obviously the Bucks being two and two is not a great way to start the season and it's certainly not what I expected. No Dan you're all good.

It's certainly not what I need your help. It's certainly not what I expected at this point and the two losses have been gross. I think is a good way to say it the two losses have been bad and this I don't know they look like for a while they were maybe coming back but you know in the NBA anything can happen we saw the Spurs come back from 20 and the Heat came back with a bunch of scrubs on us so it can happen but the start to the season has not been what we anticipated. They won against Philly which was great Lillard led the way with 39 points they lost to Atlanta by 17 really got blown out they beat Miami but that got close and wasn't a feel-good one and then on Wednesday night 111 to 130 130 to 111 we of course at 130 our leading scorer was Malik Beasley and I don't know that we thought that that would happen at any point in the season not that we don't like Malik Beasley but I don't know that we thought that would happen. I thought we'd see a little more out of Dame to be honest with you I know that you know I don't know what kind of shape he was in and in practice a ton but he had 39 points in game one he's had 46 since so we're not getting the best out of Dame. Six points in game two, 25 in game three, 15 in game four. I will say this the defense does need to be adjusted. Brook Lopez is getting killed they're allowing way too many shots at the bucket they're getting out rebounded so there are problems the scheme is not working whatever start whatever we're implementing right now is not working. There's plenty of time to do that this is not we can have this conversation we can and we will but if there's going to be any story tomorrow about the Bucks and defense you can do it without Drew Holliday's name being mentioned because I the Bucks first of all they don't win game one with Drew Holliday I don't know that they win game two I don't know whether they win tonight yeah he's a better defender but that doesn't mean they're winning these games we got a first-year head coach is trying to implement a defensive scheme is what's happening that's what we're trying to do so I don't know that I mean certainly there's no need for panic but I'm also not going to pretend like something isn't wrong this isn't this isn't this but we're getting is not a team that is going to win the NBA Finals that product tonight that product two nights ago that product on Sunday the best they've played is week one it's very Jordan love of them to have a great game in week one and game one and then stink the rest of the way so we have not seen signs of improvement we have if anything seen some regression Q is here in the Bucks hat that I keep saying I'm gonna wear but never do oh hi there hey I might wear that Friday nice well I gotta go out Friday cuz it's a fucking playoff game it's a in-season play off game it's the in-season tournament baby the NBA Cup yeah I'm ready I'm ready to I'm I I don't even want to talk about today's game well I should have I should have told all you guys to bet Toronto because Toronto was always going to win this game and I'll tell you why November 1st 1946 the first ever Basketball Association of America game was played it eventually became the NBA but it was played in Toronto the Toronto Huskies hosted the New York Knicks the Knicks won there were 11 teams in the inaugural season three are in existence today the Philadelphia now Golden State Warriors the Knicks and the Celtics dead are the Providence steamrollers Toronto Huskies Washington Capitals Chicago Stags Cleveland Rebels Detroit Falcons st. Louis bombers and your Pittsburgh Ironman but on this day 76 years ago basketball the NBA started in Toronto so Toronto was always going to get this dove I feel like if the Milwaukee city of Milwaukee gets a WNBA franchise we should be the Milwaukee Huskies and it wouldn't be for the dogs are you saying people are large no I would never do that it's so obvious the Milwaukee does the team we used to have I I want to I think Huskies would be far more successful a women's team is not naming himself the Huskies I would I would buy a jersey would you buy a jersey uh yeah of course I would the Milwaukee Huskies 2026 I still like the does I would fully support a WNBA team and I would do it like serious not like how people pretend to like the Badger volleyball team oopsies Austin's here also Austin hey guys how's it going tonight what's up a town down not much uh my Bally's screwed me again today oh you couldn't get Bally's couldn't get the damn game do you pay for Bally's or do you have like I pay for Bally's okay what is it like a month yeah so I couldn't get it on any of my TVs couldn't get it on my phone um contacted support entered my code couldn't change my pass or couldn't do a damn thing about it man so I get really upset when I complain about Bally's and people tell me to get Roku or get YouTube TV or fuck I have DirecTV I'm using the app trying to use the app man so that bothers me is Austin paused or frozen Austin froze I thought it was me for a sec but I'm at work I actually have real internet here instead of the shit AT&T in my home do you talk about anything cool on the national broadcast today I did one thing that I didn't talk about which is very cool Austin you're back I did not I did not get to mention this on the national broadcast today but there is a CBD and THC shop called happy place hemp dot com and they well happy place hemp you can check them out too they're in Muskego Wisconsin and they've got gummies that you can buy already at a very nice rate 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month trial today at Shopify dot com slash records all right Austin all right so Q what what the hell happened in in the box game tonight before I want to talk for like two minutes to Bart about baseball what what we were not prepared Toronto was prepared coach Griff is still figuring out rotations we said before the season started it was going to take some time for team to gel and this is one of those games I fully expect them to bounce back against the Knicks I think if I'm coach Griff I try and get my team to buy in on the in-season tournament and maybe Yanis will just go beast mode and and try and win the whole damn thing so after four games we got it down so bad that Griff has to sell the Bucks on the in-season tournament to get the team to play defense yeah I was gonna say what do you think saving we've been saving up all the good the good plays and rotations he didn't want to say I think the Suns are resting guys for Friday night for Friday night man I believe it that's what it all that's what all matters this Friday night huh so Bart I sent you a little a tweet like outlining the tournament so if we want to go through that at some point today it would be a good prep for the tournament so what do you mean outlining the tournament like what's happening who's in our group when it starts what the key dates are okay let me see if I can guess our group we have the Knicks yep we have the Hornets yep we have the Cavs nope I give up we got Knicks Hornets Wizards Heat in East Group B wow cool so games will be played on Fridays and Tuesdays in November we have one game against each opponent two games at home two on the road the knockout rounds will begin in December and they'll be played on Monday and Tuesday of the fourth and fifth of December semifinals and championship games will be played the that same week in Las Vegas on Thursday twelve seven and Saturday twelve nine Q you lost me buddy yeah I stopped listening also it's just I I don't know why it matters at all I'm excited maybe it's because I'm I'm a season ticket holder but like November and December basketball has not mattered and I guess maybe it still doesn't but I'm pumped I think it's gonna be fun well we'll see what happens Friday after the game because I'm going with my buddy by nine thirty nine o'clock we're going out we're going out for wings before I'll probably be pretty toasted maybe I'll do a quick YouTube yes Bart drunk YouTube's are my favorite I'll be there if we want to do it in an alley somewhere we can hey if you guys are gonna well yeah don't be saying yeah if you guys are gonna be I'm going to downtown I'm right around there I can get down there Q just propositioned me in an alley after the game Tim she's like I'm pretty sure Tim parks his car and lives there right did anybody notice that I did not edit that in post no I never declined let me get some comments here quick Isaiah says rough night again team looks disjointed on both ends of the floor will take a while for them to come together slim Lewis bucks looked old and slow tonight kind of weird feels like they're missing a piece or three Adam says I did not get to watch tonight but I heard through the internet that Griff sucks and we have no defense cam says the offense will come around I'm more concerned with the defense Brooke has been ineffective we can't defend threes or the paint we used to be able to defend a paint now we can't defend worries or the paint Brooke I did I guess again I didn't see the game but is Brooke cover in the three I'd is he trapping guards covering the three I don't think you should be waiting for drop coverage to come back Brooks just kind of chill in there you should be in the pain right they believe you should be doing something I don't think he should be holding down guards on the on the perimeter if that's what he was not worried but it's annoying in both losses they basically been beaten in the first quarter 12 that's not a trend in Jake who is here hot take Jake Jake says I googled earliest a head coach has been fired and the answer is six games that could not have been six games into their career though it would they would not fire him after six games into the career that out on graph already no I mean I'm not gonna say that they should fire him but I'm gonna say I wasn't a fan of the higher and nothing so far has really made me change my mind about that Brian on the comments is this a coach bud team or a coach Griff team subjects are for no we look old we are the oldest team in the league higher bud back as offensive coach to replace stats not a bad idea no I've seen everything all right couple things first thing says our WNBA franchise would be the Milwaukee Barts I said that Huskies sounds more like a softball team it's a Milwaukee team for sure I yeah I don't I'm Grant showed they've been talking about like the lacrosse softball teams I'm gonna write in lacrosse Huskies Wow hey if you didn't if you missed that comment from Jake here it is nine minutes ago as a YouTube comment yeah I'm getting all the press tonight on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream I also commented so is the Terry Stott's thing still not a thing or what I don't know I don't know I don't think we're complaining about the offense right now are we I am complaining about all the above although I must say most of what I saw tonight I want to thank the Bally Sports app I did when they finally got it up and running for me I was able to see in its entirety the lineup of the NASA's Andre Jackson jr. Chris Livingston I think AJ Green was in there it was a really really fun riveting stuff also what's that you got in the last couple minutes yeah well it just pissed me off more than if they would have just never gotten it running and Q's energy level reading or telling us about the tournament pretty much sums up my excitement level for the season and if we're talking about meeting in a dark alley somewhere as Gary Wolf will involved in all this I don't know got a time big boy and yeah allegedly are you yeah no I figured out the good setup we I think we had this at the last time I'm just in front of a black curtain but it kind of makes me look like a disembodied head and I enjoy it you look like a painting of yourself sweet I feel a little weird I'm gonna probably piss off the snowflakes that listen to the show I got jabbed twice at the COVID booster today and the flu shot so at those sweet sweet government computer chips running through my body feels great right yeah let's let's do this shit let's make it more entertaining than the actual game Bart it looks like you have a pack of school in your head or something I haven't what if I said what would be a good I've only got I got two COVID shots I haven't got any sense yeah I got one booster but I I bet you people think I got like needles still sticking in my body there was a time part when you were saying you would crawl in the dumpsters outside the hospitals and lick the back then listen sorry you're like Frank and and it's always sunny when he's got all the sanitizer I just want to be pure to be pure no I will say I've never had COVID I do have the I think this was my second or third booster I can't remember but I've never had COVID although I can feel the impending cardiac arrest just boiling up inside me here so it's trade-offs you know Adam real quick wants to know if happy place delivers to Green Bay they actually deliver anywhere free shipping habits right calm promo code Bart they will as soon as you make that order it will be out the next day hey no cap it comes so fast which you know probably would be the title of my autobiography but when you order from them seriously I feel like it was hours later I'm like holy shit how did this already get here it was pretty cool I'll don't make false promises but it is pretty quick well no yeah it's it felt like it I had Tony in Texas here and he may have froze as well he is wandering around on the street somewhere where are you Tony oh boy he's got the Bally Sports app yeah YouTube comedy hey can you guys hear me yeah where are you I'm at a bar in Arlington watching the Rangers oh watching the ground here Rangers they're up what's the Rangers like hockey based on the World Series right now oh that's still going I thought no yeah see okay I wanted to talk Bart was we'll get to that once we clear up Tony's thing yeah let's get him out of the way Tony say what you need to say because it's very happy is he slurring as bad as his stream is hey what you need to say say what you need to say this is the last time I want to be negative about our Milwaukee Bucks we got some issues though Bart I question that higher yeah me too oh boy t-bone I was hoping Tony would join Yanis does not have a bag got to work on his game what has got us gotten better at you guys tell me the last two years what has got us gotten better at free throws kind of free throws who the fuck said that Q no that was awesome Austin free throws holy shit you and I know shoot better blindfolded well probably but he's not going like three for 17 anymore well and can I just point out that two years ago Tony disappeared yeah well two years ago Yanis won the MVP so if he hasn't gotten better in two years I think I'll still accept who he is if he's just gonna be you know an MVP caliber player I guess that's okay so I I I hate to bring this up but the state of Wisconsin has really bad history with black coaches and the fuck yeah and I I think that they get they get a bad rap and I'm gonna give Griff more than four games to prove himself so I mean who's calling now you made me feel bad dude what the hell I'm just saying well I don't Jesus Christ can we just move on they're not Ray Rhodes in them here I'm just saying it's a history the state has no people fuck coach but nobody coach but is white Jason Kidd is like the longest tenured black coach that I'm aware of smacking fun maker around because he had an Android I'm just glad you said fun maker or not well yeah oh my god you guys let me go back to some comments well here says Adrian Griffin is Jason Kidd in more ways than one oh god it's from Kramer he says his all it's from Kramer fuel is so stupid with an old roster Terry stats was the warning bell everyone wants to ignore it keep going Kramer is his real name Michael Richards we know what he wants to say Eric's reference is having Brook trap guards Tony says if stats are so highly coveted he would be a head coach right now Taylor says if you actually think we should fire a rookie head coach you're not a Bucks fan you are either a troll or Gary woeful another Gary reference that really Taylor's picture there you have to give the guy at least 20 games to judge him I never said Kramer says fuck off cue I don't throw racism is real but if a guy sucks he sucks I didn't mention your name Kramer so keep my name out your mouth no I think I think I think we can I mean the problem the problem is through four games through four games we did lose drew but the problem is that they don't look like they know how to play defense at all or basketball in some cases hey since since Kramer commented I just want to know who's like your route mush Mount Rushmore of sitcom characters because I think Kramer's on there right I don't know can you save that for the summer I guess all right we don't really have much to talk about tonight do we well Austin wanted to talk about something that I brought up on CBS tonight Oh God well baseball it's about baseball and Cory is in the YouTube comments I know it's a world season World Series game and my baseball thought was that here you have this game tonight there's a couple of problems with baseball and I believe I put baseball in the title so this should not surprise anyone baseball the problem is we're watching speaking of sitcom characters imagine if you watched Seinfeld for eight seasons and in the ninth season it was like just Kenny Bania and the fucking librarian it'd be like well I sort of know these guys but they they're not why I watch the show when you watch baseball you're only watching your team who the fuck is attached to the Rangers and the Diamondbacks nobody but the bigger problem is Rangers and Diamondbacks is in a World Series soups not a meal soups not a meal but I honestly didn't know the Rangers were in the World Series until tonight literally the Diamondbacks work but but I'm not pinning these low ratings on the Rangers and the Diamondbacks I'm pinning it on baseball has all summer to itself when it's like the only thing and then when they decide to get real good and do their playoffs and make a champion we're watching football we're watching our hockey team we're watching our basketball team so I said they should shorten the season do the playoffs in August have the World Series end Labor Day weekend and then like your undisputed of the world are talking about it people care about it people are into it it's just baseball's World Series happens when nobody gives a fuck that was a fantastic take by the way Bart that they absolutely should shorten the season Mark Baden of channel 12 said I don't agree with Bart often but I agree with him on this when the hell does baited not agree with me just because I use the Apple weather app weatherman are on my shit list and women because I did not see this much snow coming I am in a that put me in a really shitty mood all the amount of snow we got not to mention that they said it was gonna happen in the morning and then it happened at a drive home time that I didn't care for that trick-or-treat time for some like all right so we could be much worse off so spring training starts in March February March in Arizona okay so if I recall opening day was like March 31 right it wasn't it wasn't in April okay so they can start they can absolutely start the regular season in March if you can play a granted we're in fucking domes right now but started in March ended a month earlier I'm I'm all fuck I'm all good with keeping it 162 games if you wanna knock off 30 games I'm fine with that it's a long ass season plenty of baseball games to go to I'm good with that I don't I don't see I think that would be great to isolate it's the same thing like okay tonight I didn't get to watch the Bucks because of the stupid Valley sports but like I'm not gonna sacrifice Sunday Night Football to watch the Bucks in October I'm just not gonna but wait a minute wait a minute would you pick like the Jaguars and like the Cardinals over a Bucks game if the Jags are playing absolutely oh god Trevor over over the fourth game of the season yeah it's still the Bucks though like yeah if the Bucks are on and there's an NFL game on then I put the Bucks on TV and I put the NFL game on my computer but that's not the point of the exercise it's like pick one or the other and I feel like yeah we have a finite amount of time to watch Giannis oh I pick NFL over anything yeah I'll pick especially this season the NFL blows this season my kid my kid could be getting you know the valedictorian speech and I if jaguars and Titans are on you know where I'll be yeah well Jake it's we're already halfway through the season of the NFL so I'm gonna pick my battles like if the Bucks land on a Monday night a Sunday night or a Thursday night I'm going to watch NFL and I'll pull well if Bally's allows me to I'll pull it up on the laptop and have that on the smaller screen which is fine but fuck I lost my train of thought the World Series doesn't even register that well I got the World Series on I mean I'm watching the World Series I don't even give a shit who wins well first Lakers on yeah no hard C well my other thing about all right so people were saying that like youth just has too many other outlets to give a shit about baseball but they just have more ways to like express it like okay you wanna you wanna be a dancer so now you got tick tock to do it rather than gymnastics you wanna be a video game or whatever you got twitch and you can't like I guess it's with reason that like you don't send your kids out on their bikes to go bike you know three miles to the baseball diamond to go train he's gonna have a tracker on him at all times well see exactly so that's the I'm not blaming the kids for this shit I'm blaming the parry vaccinated Bart my son yeah that's a very personal question all right then he's already got the tracker I was just saying oh yeah and also Kramer apologizes to tell you to fuck off wait did he say it again thanks Michael Richard no he says before okay thanks Kramer guys we need some stability to this conversation let's bring in Mike G Mike talk to me G are you related to Mike D no all right G and never never new ground rules to come on new ground rule never call this man Mike he is Mike G gotta be the G G Mike carries the G Mike is our G force I try oh yeah all right Mike G what's up uh yeah belly sport sucks I was pissing and more my wife was just telling me to just chill will they credit anybody back they won't credit anybody back well I got it somehow got it to work on my phone and I was able to airplay through the tv but it was like the half the third quarter and I was like this is this game's over because they're gonna be like three points did anyone think that maybe Bally Sports was doing us a favor tonight that's what I thought yeah I I do think that one day Bally Sports just there's gonna be no warning it's just gonna cease to exist like you're gonna go to turn on a game and everything all remnants of it will be gone well yeah as we all know many of the Bally's have gone bankrupt and I'm surprised the Wisconsin version is still here well there's a reason you can't contact support you know because of the small market I have no idea I I was having issues with Bally on DirecTV streaming so I don't know if they're having like bandwidth issues really because like no like right now I've got something else on and it's not grainy it's like perfect HD and there's it was kind of buffering and stuff I've never had that issue with any other channels so they might just try to get the NBA league pass but they black out your local game so I'm like why do that and then I thought I saw Wes Eden's talk about being on local like over the air but I did mention that in the preseason I would I would think eventually Bally's goes away the Bucks will produce their own games they will give most to like WMLW or whoever the fuck and then for 1999 a month you can watch the Bucks get your app but then like what Apple does is they have the MLS but then FS1 still airs some and nobody gives a shit but they'll have some so if you don't pay you can still watch your team and then they'll also if you want to watch every game you buy Bucks Plus or whatever that's what my guess would be in how this eventually plays out Bally's is going the way of the dinosaur which I did some research in did you guys know that the the meteor hit the Yucatan Peninsula that's where the meteor hit yeah I didn't know what meteor yeah the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs oh and it wasn't the asteroid that killed him it was the dust yeah no shit it was no such thing as dinosaurs everybody knows that I would entertain a theory that dinosaurs were made up for like kids I would entertain that theory because there's dinosaurs kids and that's it Shaq believes there's no such thing as dinosaurs I don't believe that fully but I could if you told me that there was a conspiracy if somebody said there is a conspiracy theory that they are not real no but if it was confirmed the rock had Stan's head on the man someone fucking NFT that shit and fleece the rock oh they used a 3d printer and printed that big ass motherfucker and he placed it no made of like dinosaurs I don't know man I'm pretty sure we've gotten isn't fucking isn't fucking chocolate candy made of merit merriment and wishes at Christmas time what are you talking about no that's this podcast Joe Rogan yeah this feels very Rogan II right now anything else bucks related for any of you I heard the other day that what was it was at least a bind and she's like come on Dame we need you to get going and I'm like dame wasn't brought here for that he was here to enhance well he wasn't the one to be able to rely on like in Portland makes us half of us sound high we tug at home yeah I gotta take mom my gummies are downstairs I can't even take one right now I think that's the fun stat of the day a lot of people are okay we're getting shit for our dinosaur discussion but a lot of people look we're just we're just here to talk Daniel says Joe Prunty is stretching as we speak hey can we shift GI Joe Prunty yeah hold on we'll get the Packers in a minute what the fuck was I saying god dammit dinosaurs hey I said something and you started reading credits sorry I just confirmed dinosaurs are the source of some oil all right dinosaurs are real but don't you think it's great don't you think it's interesting that they are marketed because fossil fuel kids are dinosaurs are marketed to children yeah you know what it is it's the damn big dinosaur companies that are just finally money into that Dan's like guys we fucking just lost to the dinosaurs tonight relevant nice yeah thank you Daniel catch Dan dinosaurs are really play the fucking raptors what was a raptor dinosaur right there is not real raptors had feathers though remember that that's yeah dinosaurs like turkeys all right final bucks thoughts I'll give you mine Damian Lillard 39 points game 145 in games two through four combined obviously they need to be better on defense but Adrian Griffin will motivate these guys to get an NBA Cup win on Friday night I have no were I I I am going to feel like I feel like long term they will figure this out but there is every bit the possibility that it will not work and they'll need a new coach eventually but again we are four games in and I feel I feel ashamed for even bringing it up but the defense has been that fucking bad where some people might we've got America's interim coach on the team already bring on jumping Joe Prunty smoking Joe Prunty he got I do want to point out before last week I brought it up and it was a clean sweep we were all asked you're you know you get to make the choice who are you more confident with to win a title this season Adrian Griffin or Mike Budenholzer and everybody on the show without hesitating said Budenholzer so I don't know prove me wrong Griff I yeah I I'm gonna give Griff more of a leash but I was a bud guy so how long did they give Larry Drew the leash when he was coming out one year again a season like mid-season fuck I hate I forgot he was our coach that was before that was the honest his rookie year wasn't that before kid like the guys yeah they essentially we were the first organization to ever have two head coaches at once because they they high hired kid before firing drew and got our draft picks taken for doing it yeah what do you think about the Raiders firing McDaniel's and we lost to them it kind of makes you wish at certain points that Green Bay really did have an owner because I don't I don't see the the hierarchy making that decision on anybody anytime soon up at Lambeau there so I got two voicemails here but one's from you mark Murphy is worried about and their helmet down and get all at once all at once hey guys all at once is there a player on her roster right now that could slam their helmet down and get the coach fired they did Davante that was all for the cameras I don't that was all to get his coach fired yeah that was bullshit and you Packer fans are soft for like feeling bad for Davante fuck him no shit he made his own but that's right Jake here's what I'll do I'm going to read your voicemail as the transcription that it gives me on Google Voice let's see how accurate this is this could be fun instead of playing it these voices come in on the Carl's place voicemail line Carla backslash Bart for your golf simulators needs when you think no I'll golf well it's fucking snowing already okay so figure it out I also want to right now give a shout out to Tupelo honey the newest sponsor on board the Bart Winkler show podcast Tupelo honey is downtown Clyburn and Broadway right near the public market you can make reservations Tupelo honey you have all gone to a brunch or you've had to wait so long I remember one time I waited like two hours for a brunch and I saw Stephen Watson there that's when I saw Stephen I said what's up Steve but I waited for a brunch for two hours and the food was not two hour wait was it at first watch no at Tupelo honey you can make a reservation at noon get in at noon open for brunch 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday they've got great mimosas they've got good non-alcoholic options as well the blueberry lavender southerner soda southern soda you can have how about this the sriracha honey chicken waffles the old school breakfast bowl their chicken and waffles are really good you had right yeah that place is right by my office in the third ward it's that place is great okay well I'm going down there to get the grits the grits yeah yeah I'm gonna try to go there next week with Rami but Rami doesn't know yet well if I would go Rami doesn't know okay well how about this I'll go to I'll go there with Rami to eat and then I'll meet you in the alley okay all right Saturday Sunday morning you think God I want brunch dang it I didn't make a reservation check out Tupelo honey cafe calm just take your butt down there and get in there and thanks to them for joining the show here's Jake's voicemail as a transcription oh wait we got an offer here Tim's Fork Mike wants to know how much for Q's hat I have the same hat I'll give it to you for a hundred bucks Mike G is baby G with him too hi baby G and then pass your bedtime kid look what's on his shirt Mike is it a dinosaur yes hey are dinosaurs real who dinosaurs do they must be real then yeah where's your dino he's got like a two stuffed dino somewhere did you know that for now yeah okay some people believe the t-rex was a scavenger and not a predator Mike you went to the you went to the kid well a little early I I didn't have a kid until I decided that people needed to I needed to be more empathetic people hate me on the radio so that's why I convinced my wife to have a kid so people my wife she tricked me she did like voodoo magic she said well if you don't want to have a kid don't do it this day through this day and I said challenge accepted bet so that I that's what happened shit Mike G just opening up the fucking book tonight all right here we go hello there Winkler verse been a minute since your boy hot take Jake has brought his truth to the sound offline or whatever we call this hound offline that was the throwback if you remember those who know now anyways I'm just finishing up work for this week got notes hopefully you can hear me I'm at the gym currently at love playing Drake I'd rather watch my eyes out what did you say I said I'd rather gouge my eyes out then what watching then listen to Drake at the gym he's such a pansy so I'm going to get this wrapped up quick so I can get my headphones back in all right first things first listening to your Packers discussion on do the Packers drive the quarterback Caleb Williams I was begging you pretty to scratch a little bit more deeper into the surface because if you did talk about quarterback wide receiver tackle are insanely deep this year meaning guys you fuck all of a sudden I like can't see it's hard to read with inflection you guys were giving me a hard time look at the pro here I can't fucking read and I thought I was having a heart attack earlier tonight do you think the two are related if you're gonna keep taking those two gummies you're gonna just die in your sleep is what's gonna happen well look how tiny the font is do you ever get readers I was gonna say do you need some readers hold on riveting no I got my email I gotta open my email this is too fucking tiny so what I think I know what I think could happen is if you do end up with that top pick or no yet because you want to put some pressure on love you want to new no put the heat on a bit there's gonna be guys early in the second that would going for mid to late first round at quarterback that'd be something to watch secondly this Brewers discussion on Craig council look in my opinion the difference between the greatest manager of all time and just a pretty good manager is so minuscule in baseball it is a sport where coaching matters the absolutely so maybe you have a number in mind say this is guys will go with council he finds a better number you know best of luck to your in your endeavors we can always find a pretty good guy that they could place lastly I'm going to start this I think weekly rankings number three Bart you had a rough week you weren't being very realistic with your I want to watch the Packers win now take when they don't have a team that's ready to win now number two grand but I think your youth is going to work against you here you don't know what suffering is yet so you got to wait to go last number one this week is Paul you're perfect no notes love you guys I like that yeah make that a thing I like reading this first of all should I read that okay should I read another voicemail yeah do it do it do it I'm gonna drop that bye bye Q you were you were a staple the whole show and can't handle another read if you play it I'll snap your ad reads are pretty good I don't know why the voicemail reads are so rough it's because he can't read he's like well as we all know Bart reads the ads the first time and well well rehearsed and that I'm reading them as they're printed all right yeah I thought it was a good call but it kind of I don't know I feel like you're here I'm not gonna J exception this here's a Carl's place voice voice the text mail from Dan hey bro I hope you're doing well I just saw Adam Sandler's tweet that bright and Brian goodykins not sure about Jordan love and I don't know if he's saying it too soon he might be but I think this organization is cursed it seems like it's Hall of Finger boss ever since of course the 70s and 80s we know what happened I was just as so of an organization Super Bowl Aaron Rodgers too but Aaron Rodgers might have caused this I was listening to your pad with all and grant and how Devante Adams left and this is all Rogers fault romanticizing the trade and I see how you know this is cause the domino effect to through cause to stuff I want to hear your thoughts I don't think it's giving him a chance I called a few weeks ago saying that giving up on Jordan love right now is like giving up a Peyton Manning I know he's not surrounded by talent by anybody you know that is going to get the ball hands on right now except maybe Jordan Aaron Jones you know a lot of young talent but to Vietnam about Jordan love I just think it's I don't think it's giving him a chance I think he needs to at least give him the rest of the year maybe even next year I don't know we'll see what happens but this shit is f-nuts I can't believe this all right see you I will uh I will turn that out dude it sounds like you just got called on in high school to read the paragraph that you had to count and you don't know where you're at in the book or oh shit what if you remember like you would go to church when you're a kid and they'd make a kid come up to the front and read like a Bible verse and he would just like be not paying attention just or it also reminded me of Kevin Malone on the office when he decides he's going to shorten all of his conversations and he's like why say many word when short word do good that's SeaWorld I don't know if you want to go to SeaWorld or you're going to see the world Adam Schefter had a tweet that said like Gouda kids not in on love and then you read the article and it was like he said the same shit we've all been saying where we don't know yet we don't know we need more time it's it's not whatever so once again Adam Schefter who always finds the least funny way to tell jokes ever is also a quick bait engage guys saw he is you look at these blue checkmarks and you're like oh they're just trying to get engagement for money Schefter I think Twitter might be his number one source of income the way he's fishing for engagement so I'm yeah I'm gonna say on Schefter if you watch the fantasy football now show on Sunday morning he gives a DFS pick every week and it's like somebody that'll be under four thousand dollars and they score 10 to 25 points every week is that the long shot of the day or something yeah him and him and fields the eighth year him and is that good do it they they kill it yeah well there's many instances of guys in the national media that the longer they're at the top the worse they get so like before Schefter was like mister go-to for everything NFL he was awesome he was like Woge or like Shams and now it's like we see so much of him I also think he also got some backlash because Rogers didn't like when he like put out the truth on him so there's a lot of Packer fans that don't like him for that reason Rogers leaked that shit to chef oh yeah for sure he's such a Rogers Rogers Rogers is totally pretending that he doesn't like Schefter and then and she'll really long for it because you know it's fucking that's what he does like a wrestling angle he creams for it all right I'm gonna go home and go to bed have some gummies final thoughts on anything cue see you at Tupelo honey's alley yeah can't wait uh Austin yeah I'll be uh I'll be in the alley okay uh Jake um I just want to quickly um kind of clear my conscience on something or come clean about something um I don't give a shit that Matthew Perry died um he was like a dick to everybody and he wasn't funny so maybe I'm an asshole but I don't care oh hold on you want to you want a Paul Henning tweet real quick before I try to pivot from that pivot that Paul that was Ross people forget uh Paul Henning West Eden's better keep sending those salary checks to Terry Stotts maybe there's a reason that 14 teams passed on giving Griffin a head coaching job this is getting ugly fast we've had a camp preseason and championship veteran roster to misuse the talent this bad is alarming I got it well I got a quote tweet that it's four games I have a real parting side that but like you can have those thoughts later you can have like the beginning of those thoughts now or when you know you know I don't I don't want to deal with fucking that shit tonight I'm gonna let Mike G go and then I do have a real parting thought I just wanted to kind of comment on that Matthew Perry thing yeah what the fuck no she was a douchebag to everybody I agree with part of it I agree with like why are we have to keep talking about it this is more important other people that die every day well I had a hard time today let's talk about him for two weeks Matthew Perry died and it was shocking I saw the news and I was shocked uh to the point where I text a bunch of like people that liked friends it was just insane um and then I thought fuck a lot of people die every day and friends wasn't funny so whatever uh friends is good it was good it's you gotta skip past the uh the relationship episodes the sappy shit oh everything I've ever seen I didn't even crack a smile but I love you guys all right well yeah I'm not gonna shit on the dead here no but no I like you're Mike don't g don't say your point is entirely different than Jake's well I agree with like why we don't gotta talk about it I don't care I care if he dies but I don't I just don't care we don't gotta talk about it every damn day that's what I'm saying well it's it's because you know when like people that have that much like people you see Matthew Perry if you watch friends you see him more than some of your family so they're like yeah but then a lot of us don't know Matthew Perry for a lot of us Chandler died and then I said that to my wife and she said something about how he was the advocate for what drinking drugs and stuff and I saw a video I don't know about advocate I would think more and very had a lot of it was but he was getting sober he has had a lot of addiction he was very helpful to a lot of people that needed it and I don't know where Jake gets his determination that he was a bad person he wanted to be remembered as the person to help other people but I'm like I didn't even know that you were an addict I just knew you as Chandler from friends well I think if there's any positive which is feels gross to say but people will learn more about Matthew Perry and then maybe maybe there'll be more people that say oh he was an addict oh my god there's got to be something that I can do for help yeah well I don't know I it's sad when a lot of people that what are we doing tonight that was Jake that's on Jake yes Seinfeld is greater than friends yeah I'll agree okay yeah anything else Mike G Caleb Williams pass all right not a good not I'm not sold especially for what he said on the ownership and I don't know how true that is if it is true well maybe that is a joke because he wants to be a packer because you just don't I did comment on it and I said well it costs $300 to be an owner for the Packers yeah you can be on here easy but I just it just sounds like that is like Rogers 2.0 in the making like but a step further I guess you could say when he's requesting ownership obviously Rogers didn't do that but he was yeah all right Mike G so yeah Bob Knight died do you care yep and I said that earlier yeah last thing about the baseball when I go down to St. Louis to visit my girlfriend's sister I mean baseball is very prevalent I think there's a lot of youth that do play it I don't see it in Wisconsin as much like how it used to be but there's obviously you know playing strikeout at Rosen elementary anymore but yeah they are man kids are still playing baseball bread and toast that says absolutely ridiculous episode hashtag fuck Craig council oh my god okay we're in there because he's going to get nothing because he's going to get what he wants six million dollars mark should never let it not this far mark's a failure okay over I'm ending the show all right council's gonna be back even more I'd love to make my word I get the last word here I take it you just did again bye guys see if you only have a 401k you're not getting the most for retirement wait what at a Robin Hood IRA on top then they'll boost it by 3% you can do that and if you transfer in any retirement account you get 3% on top of that is there a limit to the match no limit Robin Hood Gold gets you the biggest contribution match of any IRA on the market sign up for Robin Hood Gold at slash boost by April 30th subscription fees apply investing involves risk 3% match requires goal for one year from first match must keep IRA for five years match on transfer subject to additional terms and conditions Robinhood Financial LLC member SIPC.
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