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Packers road to the playoffs hits a Tommy Devito sized detour

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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December 12, 2023 5:00 am

Packers road to the playoffs hits a Tommy Devito sized detour

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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December 12, 2023 5:00 am

In a game full of twists and turns, the Giants find a way to escape with a 24-22 win over the Green Bay Packers. Not a great night for really anyone in the road uniforms as the Packers amplify the legend of Tommy DeVito

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My camera's like broken. This is. There.

Maybe that'll work. All right. OK. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler.

This is the Bart Winkler Show. The Bucks won. They had a weird overtime game against the Bulls, so that was nice. I'm not well. I don't like I'm not kidding. And I don't want to I don't want to I don't want to like make light of anything, but I don't I don't like this. This loss really bothered me.

A lot of things about it bothered me. You know, there was a game. It was the NFC championship. There was a game. It was the NFC championship in the Packers lost. It was the game that Lawrence Tines hit all those field goals. I believe that would have been Farve's last game.

Was that that the one? And I remember being up in my room. And so maybe this is something to do with the Giants.

I don't know. I remember I was up in my room and like I couldn't breathe like I just couldn't breathe over a sport game, you know, and. I don't I don't know, I don't feel normal. I felt off all night because of the sport game that really bothers me. I think a lot of this bothered me tonight. I think the whole Tommy DeVito thing is really upsetting me. I'm really upset about it.

I am very much upset about it. I'm tired of us doing this, of the Packers being the team that like makes these stars. Who is the guy one year against the Bengals? The Packers gave up like seven sacks to this guy and essentially got him into the Pro Bowl and got him a big contract. It seems like there's a lot of guys that break out against us.

Colin Kaepernick broke out against us and we're like the only team he's ever good against this. This was upsetting. This was upsetting. I'm very upset. I'm not like doing it or anything. I'm not. I'm not.

I'm not trying to. I'm just very upset. Packers lose to the Giants 24 to 22. Let me just say everything that is upsetting me the most. I'm very upset about Jaden Reed two-point conversion.

I think that was an awful play. All these tosses and reverses and somebody. I was in like nine text threads tonight. That overwhelmed me. I'm very overwhelmed. I was watching the Bucks game.

I'm trying to make sure Tyreek Hill doesn't score too many points. I'm just extremely overwhelmed and this game was very overwhelming this game. This is a this is a really in the grand scheme of things. We are a young team in a rebuilding kind of year where we do have the playoffs in our grasp and we're against the Giants team that just you know, they're kind of going through it too. They've got a backup quarterback.

They're not great. It felt bigger than this tonight. It felt bigger. I don't know it felt playoff-y. Maybe it was the Joe Buck Troy Aikman part of it. It just felt like there was a lot going on and it really I'm really not dealing with it. Well, I don't know if I should be broadcasting. I like need to lay down.

So that all being said, let me read some comments and then I'll kind of go over some more stuff. Mason says quite frankly fuck special teams. Nixon had that shot on DeVito and I saw that my jaw dropped.

I'm like, oh my God, we're screwed. And then I guess ball don't lie because not only did he fumble he laid on it like a grenade which is what you're supposed to do. Little Steve Rogers, you know Captain America in the in the Navy base at Camp Lehigh and then he got back up with it. What are you doing? Why are you getting back up with it? Get back up with it because then he fumbled again. Freedom Boner says, hey, we haven't heard from Freedom Boner in a while.

Welcome back. He says sloppiest game all year. Balla says thought the pack should have ran the clock out more at the end when they had the ball in the red zone. Yeah, by the time that that was going to happen, they had only four downs to work with and the Giants had timeouts maybe. That touchdown to Heath, the first one that did not count was unfortunate. He had some great plays. I thought they could have given us the touchdown there, but we already kind of got like a lucky one with Saquon and I think that was the right play to fumble. I think that was the right call.

It did look like he was establishing so, I mean, he barely established himself. So it looked like we were really totally going to steal one. Craig says very, very, very, very best defensive coordinator in the league.

Right boys? I think that Joe Berry has gotten a lot of positive praise over the last few weeks and I think some of it's been earned, but I think that when we had a one point lead and we kicked the ball back to him, you knew exactly how this would go. They would give up the game winning field goal. I think a lot of people knew that. I'm not sure what they could have done different.

Do you send more pressure? Do you not? But what had happened was the Packers were going back for the big play and DeVito just picked us apart a little bit and then we finally creep up and then he hits Wandale Robinson. The Tommy DeVito thing. I am so upset about it.

I really am. It's like they are the first people to ever be Italian. Like if I'm an Italian, which I am. My grandpa was very Italian.

His dad, Arturo Bernelli. And then he married a girl from, I think my grandma is from Missouri or some bullshit. And then my mom married my dad who is all the white countries. And then me. So what percent Italian does that make me?

I claim it. And I married into an Italian family that's a little more Italian. Much more Italian.

My wife's maiden name is an Italian name. But I think even Italian people have to be like, they're making fun of us. Like what the fuck? All this, all this, this stuff. You know, the dad and the kissing and the agent and whatever that was like.

It looked less Italian and more like the Italians are getting made fun of. But I guess that's part of, I don't know. We made a superstar.

I don't like the whole thing already. The, Hey, he lives with his mom. He loves his family. Guess what? They love to eat.

They brought food for everyone. His agent. And as soon as you saw his agent, you're like, Oh shit, we're losing this game.

Tony's in Texas. I'm trying to calm down. I honestly, like I, I don't feel right. This I'm bothered.

I'm very bothered. I do like your rants on the Italian Americans, Bart, us fellow Pisons. It was just, it was embarrassing to watch.

I don't know if I was watching like an NBC sitcom from the nineties, but that was, that was some bad stuff. You know, let's go back to our Packers. The giant margin to win is it's so small. It's so small to win.

And the Packers margin to win is small, but not as small as the giants. And we fucking kept on giving them more rope and more rope and more rope. And finally give it back to us.

And we gave it back to them. Oh, and by the way, Bart, the turnover we got on the Saquon Barkley was a complete gift. It wasn't because of the defense. It was on a long run and he stumbled a trip and fumbled the ball props to Valentine for running it back and keeping the play going. I'll give him that.

But that was a gift. And honestly, we didn't deserve to win this game. We played like shit.

They didn't come mentally ready to play. I thought Jordan love was kind of like Jordan love this year. He had good moments, bad moments. Overall he was bad. He was awful. He was bad, but it's two halves of football.

Right. And what I like to see from him and from the floor for that matter and good call on that two point call, cause that was a garbage call, but to get to the end zone on that last drive, which was about what, 35, 40 yards, maybe I didn't think they were going to score. And he did.

And especially after that Heath drop. And I was glad to see Maliki repping the number 18, former Randall Cobb Jersey. Get that touchdown.

Good for him. But I want to ask you this part. Name me one thing that you came away with this game. Like, yeah, the Packers are good at this.

What are they good at? Or what do you feel good? I've got one thing I like, I want to know what you think. One thing I thought like, okay, this is, this could be something. Is there anything that stood out craft at a nice catch?

Okay. I was going to go with that one. They are set with tight ends moving forward. They're tight ends. That room is a good tight end room. There's nothing like I feel better about this team than comes in. When we came into the game, I don't necessarily feel worse.

I mean, this is pretty much who they are. They're a young team. They were looking really good.

Somebody put out the tweet. It might've been the Hermanator Andy Herman. And it's been stuck in my head all week that how football would it be?

It could have been Bekowski. How football will it be for the Packers to beat golf, beat Herbert, have love, I'll play my homes and then lose the Tommy DeVito. And where the game I think was super lost was Tommy DeVito was doing such a nice job running the football that then they could use that read option on us the rest of the second half and every Saquon run.

And yeah, he fumbled the one time, but every Saquon run was like a guaranteed six, seven yards. It was just, it was awful. It was, it was the game. And again, to go back to what I was saying, like this, did this game feel bigger than it was? Was it the weird Monday night to part of it was, it felt like playoff kind of, and maybe it's just so much bullshit going on that it, you know, magnified, but I don't know. I don't, again, this game I'm, I'm a hot and bothered, man. I really am.

Should be. And it was, you know what it's like to divisional round playoffs, you know, that Saturday night game you get, we've lost the game like this bigger stakes, but we've lost the game like this hundreds of times. Oh yeah. And the quality of play was that their green Bay either. And I thought we got kind of punched around on the offensive end of defensive line a little bit. I don't think we got any sacks. I don't remember us in the backfield that much.

You know, I got the guys up front. Weren't very good. And then when it came down to crunch time, we got no pressure.

I didn't know what Joe Berry was doing there on that coverage. I Keesha Nixon, if there's going to be one goat, he's the goat of the, I don't mean the greatest of all time. I'm talking like a goat that blew the game. That's such a Freeman line. That's such a Freeman line. He would always say like goat realize how we say goat now. And then it's such a Freeman line. Yes. Yes. I had to, I had to change up that vernacular. But yeah, Nixon was bad, which goes back to your point about football Bart, who was the guy at the key turnover last week, Nixon with the, the great play against the homes and the Nixon this week was terrible.

I'm getting torch. And with that fumble, you know, when he jumped on that ball and you got that split millisecond to think, I thought to myself, Oh, good job getting stuck. Jump on the ball. Good job. And he gets up like, what are you doing, man?

What are you doing? He knew that was the game. I, there was one comment that said like if Matt Leflore and Shanahan or whatever, the pieces of paper, like the plays that Shanahan's like, ah, fuck, this won't work that he throws away. Matt Leflore scurries to pick it up and then runs those plays. Oh, Jayden Reed touchdown was a great start to the game. And maybe it was the worst thing that could have ever happened because they kept running it Jayden Reed. And then there's double reverses.

Like, what did we think? He's Deebo Samuel four for 38 and then the two point conversion to have him on the two point conversion. If you want to run Dylan, fine.

If you want to do some kind of play action, fine. Don't do that play. That was such a bad, that was such a bad ball. You got to pass the ball in that situation. And you're right about the play calls. Leflore is, you know, the defense of the giants Martindale and his staff are telling the D lineman, the outside linebackers, hold your spot, stay in your lane, you know, cause they got burnt pretty badly. That was an easy touchdown by Reed.

And you know, the giants were looking for that. I didn't understand what they kept on trying to do that same damn play. And, and the play calling was a little bit uneven, kind of like the Packers season this year, Bart and uneven season. And it's just wacky Carlson up and down again, the kicker. This was a microcosm of the season to be honest with you. The resulting in a loss cues here. A couple more comments.

Daniel says gadget plays equal uninsured. L Josh says every aspect of the Packers game can be described with two words, dog shit. Captain Koolsman. Leflore and Barry burnt all the credit. They built up real fast. Unbelievable. How incompetent they both look. Patrick, you have a fuck.

I'm reading what it says. You have a fuck 250 LBS RB and you do an end around with one 80 WR MLF is a bitch. Hey, can I respond to Patrick? Just because his name's Patrick, I think Patrick Taylor has fucked up the out of bounds play four times this year. And the floor finally blew a gasket at a player. Did you see that? No, I missed that part. Oh, okay. So Patrick Taylor had a chance to get out of bounds right before the half. And he doesn't. And I think it's the fourth time he's done that.

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Tony in Texas is here. Q. You stay there.

But if I can get a grand Phil's appearance, GP, a gentleman. Grant, did you get a haircut? Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah.

Grant was in Milwaukee. Got a haircut right from right by my house. Really? It was a couple blocks away. Yeah. Did you drive by my house? No, I didn't.

I was. I didn't want to be like, Hey, can we drive by my like my is literally two blocks away. So, Grant, when you get your hair cut today, do they mess with your mustache to know I don't like other people shaving me. Yeah, I let him do my eyebrows but not nothing else.

I don't think my hair hair, let alone my I hate getting my hair cut. I just want to say you guys, you know, when Cone gets in here and tells everyone to do. I love when he provides some pushback. The two point conversion. You're like, Oh, terrible call.

Terrible, terrible. Well, it's just because how many times can you run read tonight? Yeah, he's not debo. You know, he had to hear Bart. I mean, grants thinking he's watching the big 10. No, I'm just saying he's he was probably our best offensive playmaker tonight. You got him in space out on the edge.

I don't know. You just can't be like it didn't work. I don't I don't like the play like that.

Look, Laura, you eat near the we'll have to wait for the all 22. We'll have to wait for the ultimate you but I thought matter of floor there were guys open early. The plays that have been working the last couple weeks. Love is just missing them. He had a couple touchdowns was just slightly late with the ball like I'm out floor is fine. Jordan Jordan love needs to deliver some of those throws and the Jaden read it didn't work. Jordan reads first half was like first half of the season. Jordan, did I say Jordan read Jordan love was better in the second half he I mean, one thing that we've liked about Jordan love since that Saints game.

There's poise you have no doubt that like mentally he won't be able to do it. It's just finding the right guy and then getting the receivers. Heath I thought very close but then that touchdown was beautiful.

The tight ends the plays the catches. It was a really nice drive. Unfortunately, with how the game went, there was too much time Carlson had missed that field goal. You know, they missed their own field goal. Sure.

So maybe horse apiece, two point conversion doesn't convert. I really, I like I was on my couch with about four minutes left Barkley had that run. And I'm thinking, I just want to escape and crawl anywhere but here. And all but all season long, I'm watching these games as if they're like independent little games.

And I'm not even thinking like playoff picture really, I just I didn't want to lose this game this way. And the Tommy DeVito thing I think is why I'm really fucking upset about that. Um, it's not I don't know how this content is good for people. It's not entertaining.

It's not funny. I think sometimes like you can be like, again, and I'm part Italian, so I can say any of what I'm saying. But sometimes, sometimes you're like, so much the stereotype that it's almost like, as an Italian. I'm offended. Are you saying he's a meatball dad doing the kisses in the agent? Are you saying he's a spicy meatball Bart? I'm offended. Yes, I am offended. So I have a question. I didn't become Italian for the food.

I came I became Italian for the jokes. Did Detroit did Detroit win yesterday? They did not. And what's Kansas City's record over the last five games?

It is one in four. So I guess maybe just maybe you all convinced yourself that this team was good again. So I'm just gonna say like, they're probably still gonna make win the playoffs. This was the biggest trap game ever.

And that's why I went to support Wisconsin's actual good team. And so what did I tell them to make a fucking free throw that I mean, I was frustrated at that game, too. But I'm just saying that game's going on on and that's gonna OT I'm telling it and I'm in way too many.

I'm in what I'm never watching a packaging with my phone ever again. I got text threads with my family. Great. I got text friends with close friends.

Good. I mean, I'm in some of these text threads. I don't like half of the numbers. I don't even fucking know.

It's like, they're like, Oh, fuck touchdown. And I'm behind. And I'm like, Jesus, even is this person? I don't think I sent you a text tonight. Did I?

I don't think I did. That's good. That's good.

That's good. We are our group chat wasn't going by the way. No, I sent you one. What did you send me? I said I am upset. Oh, oh, stop showing this fucking family.

Do people like this content? Hey, I got I got a take from the Bucks game that I just realized tonight. I didn't realize that we're using the blue and white because it's the Greek colors. Am I like the last person to figure that out? I don't think that's true.

No, it is. I've never once thought about that. I guarantee you, they're selling the the blue and white jerseys a lot in in Greece. And that's why they do it. Because it was Greek night tonight at Pfizer form. And just blue and white everywhere.

Charles wants to know how's the floor meter needs to go. I think Barry's back on that. They're they both need to go. This is why I didn't want to actually I thought the defense was playing pretty okay.

Neither of them will ever win a Super Bowl in Green Bay. We just can't stop. It doesn't matter if it's very or petting or Larry.

Oh, very. He can't stop a running quarterback. Let me the read option to us is like it's like a caveman. No, wait, clapping a caveman in fucking 2023. He'd be like, Oh, you were they literally had to run it once and we were fucked. And I know I'm gonna caveman caveman you need to freshen up take a shower and then we'll and then we'll like tell you what's going on.

That it's you control the rain. Oh, I mean, what the fuck everything busted and I'm gonna leave but it sucks so much part because it felt like every championship game loss we've had, including back felt like felt like a playoff game. It's like Oh, like the our NFC Championship game losses there have been like signature plays of misery like signposts through the whole game and this one had it like the Nixon fumble and this if this was an NFC Championship game. I got worked by them two years in a row. Yeah, the Giants beat us last year.

And I think I'm mad because someone said, and I'm getting there and if I added like 30 pounds, someone says I look like Brian Dabble. No. Like if you well, and they're acting like they want to Super Bowl today too. I mean, this was their Super Bowl.

Well, let me go back to what you said you want the floor fire and I know Bart did at one time too. But in your logic, though, your mind you think Adrian Griffin has a better chance of winning a championship than Matt Leflore does. Is that what you're?

Yes, absolutely. I totally look at the records. I'm not looking at the records. I just look at the records not their skin color, Tony. Well, that is just an asinine statement there. I think Bart and I should be offended with the Italian American types out there today queue. I don't understand the Adrian Griffin hate when he has a winning record and this team never quits on him.

And look at Leflore over and over again. Who leaked the Portis? It doesn't matter. Does that want Griffin out or do they want Portis out?

Can't blame Alex Lazri on that one. No, I, I'm gonna I don't want to keep bad mouthing the Packers because you guys know where I stand. I don't. Well let me ask you this.

I can't figure you out. You are like two different people. But you can watch it close. You're not the same queue. He can't. I need to watch stuff. I need to rewatch. You watch the box game.

That's fine. Yeah, I was on I was watching the Packers game on my phone. But I went to the game because I figured we're gonna lose it felt like a trap game, especially after Kansas City loss. And Detroit lost to the frickin bears. Anyone who thinks that that Thanksgiving win was a big deal is like they lost to the Bears.

That was a big deal. And the Bears have been playing better football. I don't know. Alright, when it's lines cheese in the Super Bowl. I'll come back at you with this comment. Hey, you know, it's me know about this game though is Tommy DeVito can look good against us and then we can contain Justin Fields.

I don't get it. It's just weird. It's like when they that's because there's no threat of the pass. Fields has been passing better though.

I really like fields I think more have the top completion percentage in the week. Brew Crew says I think the fake turf messed with love. feet were planting right in the first half. A lot of it seemed off. There was a play that he had that outside of Desmond Ritter shitty throw to vision Robinson that should have been a touchdown Sunday was like the worst throw of the week. So there again, it was a little there was some for everybody.

When it comes to the Jordan love palette. There was something for everybody. There was a little bit of under throw. There was a little bit of perfect throw. There was a little bit of let your receiver too far. There was a little bit of beautiful play.

There's a little bit of look deer in the headlights. There's a little bit of calm, cool and collected every single thing that you can say about Jordan love at any point in the season. You could say about some play here tonight. Yeah, but I do like I'm gonna drop out to you guys.

Thank you. I do like part that he got the winning not the winning touchdown but could have been the winning touchdown. I didn't have much faith in that last drive and they did score in which I wanted to see love have that two point conversion in his hands instead of doing that end around where I don't think I don't think Grant's opinion is right on that one. I think he's way off. I think you and I are right about that. They went to read too many times that end around I get it.

He's their best weapon. But the Giants had had read that play over and over Viking fan. So maybe this is why he says are we done with the Aaron Rodgers comparisons already?

I don't think we've started so I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, I mean, if we can get him to play like Dak Prescott, I will be happy. If you're feeling as a Viking fan like, oh shit, they have another Aaron Rodgers.

That's your own insecurity. We're just trying to see what we have in Jordan love. I mean, we're excited. We think he's good.

Tonight again was all over the place. But I don't think that anybody thinks he's prime Aaron Rogers. I mean, Jordan loves the top 15 quarterback in this league right now. I don't think that's outlandish. I think we can safely say he's a middle of the road quarterback.

He looks really good and has his moments where he doesn't. KJ tells me not to go there with the ethnic bullshit. I am an Italian. Hey, I am too.

You're talking to the right guy. I I don't want to say I was offended. It was just stupid. It was just dumb to watch. I'm saying as an Italian, I was offended. I just thought it was old shtick. It was just stupid. That says this was a very Rogers performance actually brought him back in the fourth quarter, but then the D gave it up.

This was this was the exact kind of oh, eight. I tweeted definitely 2008 special right there. John as a defensive coordinator, you have to realize you can't play my homes in DeVito the same way. So another great tweet this week that that's the problem. The defense is built to stop Patrick Mahomes.

Everybody else can have their way. Tommy DeVito. We made Tommy DeVito a thing. There's Giants fans tonight. I don't know if they were joking or not.

I think we're gonna find out tomorrow. There's Giants fan that think they found their guy that touchdown he had in the corner of the end zone. They think they found their guy. They think he's their guy. They we we did that. So maybe long play good for us to trick them.

But they think they found their guy. Yeah, and you made a good point on your podcast, the Bart Winkler show, which I listened to. You said that today. That's what we're on right now.

But thank you. Yeah. And and you mentioned that today we Joe Berry scheme is very much like, hey, let's play cookie cutter defense. Play my homes like backup to the backup quarterback like DeVito. And you know what that reminds me of Bart is is kind of like the box when they go against hot shooting three point teams when bud coach bud would play the same type of defense against these hot shooting three point teams. You just you got to mix it up.

And I think that's what did in bud as a basketball coach with the box is you got to change it up against certain personnel. And I don't know if Joe Berry let me ask you this part. Do you think we're a smart football team? Because I don't think we are. I just don't think we are. And I don't think the code you must take. Well, but the bucks are not a smart basketball team at times.

But the Packers defense I just maybe they're just limited with their I don't just grasping how to like read things. I don't know. You know, I should have taken I'm gonna quick plug here for happy place have I have to take a gummy. I absolutely am going to you got to calm your ass down. I really am like I'm still kind of like this game. I think I had a lot going on. I had a lot going on. I first of all, I worked tonight.

Very hard to work while the games on. So that was the first half drove home. That's when I saw the fumble. Then watch the rest of this game on my couch was very not well, which fumble which fumble the Nixon fumble Nixon.

Yeah. And then I I was monitoring a guillotine league and fantasy. Then I'm trying to watch this Bucks game.

Then then I'll talk about this. So first of all, have you placed hemp? It's going to be gosh, it's going to be the Delta eight tonight. I'm gonna take it No, you know what I said Delta nine, I'm gonna go delta nine, heavy placed hemp promo code is Bart 25% off every order that you get the gummies. I mentioned the balm that's worked wonders. I mentioned the tinctures that work very good.

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Oh, God, well, you got who you're talking to the masses right to mainstream media. Ah, man, I'm gonna I'm gonna have him say what's a Tommy DeVito? And why did he beat us? Will the Packers make the playoffs? Are they still in the seventh seat? Are they did they get tiebreaker out of it? Like four teams tied? And and I do want to comment on what Q said, we're not saying the Packers are world beaters. We're not even saying they're gonna win a playoff game. But for this team in a transitional year to make the playoffs would be a good accomplishment.

Whether it's 10 and seven or nine rates. That's I've got big news. According to the NFL calm playoff pitcher, the seventh seed in the NFC would be the six and seven Green Bay Packers. Hey, we'll take it. It's that win over the Rams. That was you know, looking back, I know Stafford wasn't playing but that's a big win. So right now we're six and seven as are the Rams, Seahawks, Falcons, Saints, and the Buccaneers. The Giants improved to five and eight. The Bears are five and eight. So nobody's like out out of it.

So it could get weird. Our schedule still is very favorable. And if you took the last six games or so, you had the Chiefs, the Giants, the Buccaneers, Panthers, Bears, and Vikings, the consensus or the thinking was, go four and two in that stretch. Well, you lost to a team you shouldn't have. Did we lose because we played in Aaron Rodgers new building? Was he at the game?

I don't know. I thought he had that game. He's dressed up incognito. I guarantee you might have been at that fucking game. He's probably the agent. Shano says this was on coaching this week. Major coaching blunder. This was on coaching staff to have the team ready as everybody knew this was a clap not to have the team ready. Everyone knew this was a classic letdown game.

So what is he saying? They weren't playing hard. I mean, where was Rashawn Gary today?

I didn't see him. Alyssa says I don't feel right either an upsetting game all around. Thanks for going live misery loves company. Tommy DeVito and his stupid family are so corny.

Again, I don't feel like I feel like it's not right to rip on their family. But who wants that content? I with you. I don't want the content. We made it content.

You're not going to get a debate for me. I said the same thing. It was just ignorant.

Stalice Tom says craft should be starting over Musgrave permanently. I don't know about that one. I mean, back in the day though, let's go do a little history lesson here for Stalice Tom. You remember back in 95 96 and Mark Shimura, Keith Jackson.

Hey, I'd love to have a situation like that. We got one a one b man. Scott says let's not forget we are injured. No Jair tonight. No Aaron Jones. Who else didn't suit up in this game? No Christian Watson, who adds a big component to that office.

He does. They probably win with him tonight. Maybe we're running the ball five times the Debo Samuel Jaden Reid, who did very well but that was not the right play at the right time. Yeah, Jones Watson.

Those are big ones. But Jones has been unreliable all year. Watson same thing unreliable all year. Lisa says I'm with you Bart man sad felt like we finally made a turn last week tonight we went full in reverse. Patrick says I'm back to fuck this team. I'm not like that.

Hey, here's, here's the deal, man. They were down eight. Yeah, they played like shit, but they came back and got the lead.

And if they make that two point conversion, at worst you got overtime. So certain plays here and there, I think they can learn from. But there, there's a couple of things to, to take from this game and I think one of it was the tight end play. The other was Jordan love is able to bring a team back down by eight in the fourth quarter.

That's something that we hadn't seen before. I mean, we saw it against the Saints but you know Jordan started cut this is I think bright this was the fourth comeback he's had in the fourth quarter and I think you know they didn't win them all but he's brought him back. I think it's Steelers game Saints game. This game. Well, their game was there, but he's, he's had a history of doing this now so he doesn't look the greatest at times but he's not a bad quarterback. I totally disagree with Q. They're there this mat the floor thing.

You got to stick with the floor because who is developed Jordan love mat the floor. I see it in Dallas here with Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy, how rules. Yeah, in Dallas, and I like, well, I didn't kick Tony off on the where he went I bet you his phone died. That's happened many times, at least once freedom boner. Let me get back to the Dan Cheney YouTube comments. Freedom boner says, wasn't Versace is supposed to be a special teams wizard.

It was so bad this week that I accidentally got box wine drunk. So Malafleur I think will 100% be back next year. He's getting coach of the year consideration. He will 100% be back. Barry.

Barry I would put like a soft 65. I think he you notice deficiencies are and you know what his positives are. It's just like, why don't they work on the deficiencies?

Why are the same problems always the same problems? That seems like that seems like that should be fixed. Versace a freedom boner says wasn't. Oh, I already read that. Yeah, Versace might be the scapegoat. But he is not. I mean, any of these guys. Ron Zook.

Slocum. Who is that other crazy guy with the crazy white hair? Special teams coaches I can like never remember their names. Mo Drayton.

We had Mo Drayton for a year. Sean Menenga. Am I thinking of no, I'm thinking of who am I thinking of? Mike Stock. I don't think I've ever heard that name before in my life. Who am I thinking of?

I don't know. Frank Novak. Johnny Holland was a special teams coach in 1998. Who knew? I got his autograph once. I snuck into the Packers facility. I was there for a special day and he was riding a bike and I said, Can you have my autograph, sir?

But I asked for his actually. The fact that the Packers almost won this game is a total indictment on how bad the Giants are. That is a comment from Tom. Absolutely. Jerry says fan reaction is predictable.

The end of the world with the loss. Regardless, this is a great building year. I think what's a bummer is the teams you beat and Q's narrative that we actually beat bad teams. That's worth commendation. That's a nice way to attack that.

I give you points for creativity. But the Packers are, they were beating good teams. They were beating, they were all Jordan Lovell played Patrick Mahomes who that team is falling apart. He walked back all of his comments. He absolutely did.

You can't, you can't not call a penalty just cause a play looks cool and the chiefs have to learn that lesson. Patrick Mahomes is not on the sideline mad at the refs. He's mad at Canarius Tony. When I first saw that, I thought he was attacked. I thought he was yelling at Canarius Tony. I'm still a little bit behind on the comments. Catching up. Bart called the DeVito win earlier in the week.

No, I just, I referenced that tweet that we could beat those guys and then lose to this. The big question from Jaylen is why are we not using a big body like Kraft in the red zone? Because the jet sweep looks cool. Like at some point you got to realize the jet sweep's not working anymore. It worked.

And then they were using Yara. I can't believe Matt Lafleur thinks that's the best play that he had at his disposal. That was a half to get a two point conversion.

I can't believe that he would think that. Jordan Lovell threw a pick. Jordan Lovell fumbled. He said after the game, the first half was not up to our standard. I'd like to see, as we're live here after the game, I'd like to see, and if anyone's seen anything from Lafleur, if he says that. Tim has a comment online. It's hilarious.

The entire internet sees Barry for what he is. Matt Lafleur does not. Oh shit. This is the first loss Lafleur has ever had in December.

And it came at the hands of Tommy DeVito. I'm going to play, this will be a quick little pivot. I'm going to play a voicemail from Vincent in Anaheim. That's about the Brewers. I'll play that later.

We'll get it though. He's listening to the show late, so I'll play his voicemail late. Vincent in Anaheim, leaving a Carl's Place voicemail. Carl of backslash Bart.

Golf simulators and more. 402915BART. Bucks look like shit too. Let me do give a shout out to the Bucks. They won tonight. It had to go to overtime.

DeRozan, frozen DeRozan hitting a shot at the buzzer. And then the Bucks, where last time they played the Bulls, the Bulls took over in overtime and just steamrolled these guys. The Bucks at least were able to keep things more in favor of them.

So I wasn't really too concerned about that. Also the Titans beat the Dolphins and they came back to do it. So not a good night for the favorites tonight. Dolphins had a chance to be the number one seed in the AFC tonight and they bungled that.

So lots going on. Bucks win 133-129. Giannis, 32 points. Dame, 3 of 17.

You gotta be joking me. What? 14 points. Portis, 17. AJ Green off the bench, 4 for 5 from 3.

So interesting night. Again, Dame, I saw some of you guys after that Pacers game trying to turn on Dame. Like, he doesn't want to be here. Bucks are not, again, it's early.

I'm upset we didn't win the in-season tournament either. Adam says Bart say hi to my grandma. She doesn't believe this chat is real.

Like it's taped or something. That was 20 minutes ago. So I hope Graham is still with me. Us. You. A lot of backlash on Q. I'm convinced Q is a Bears plant. I have an unconscious bias towards Q. Alright. Mike says I'm done with this pathetic team.

I'm just trying to catch up on comments here. Apple River Jason says I can tell Bart had a handful of extra beers tonight. No beers. No, no, no drinky. No beers. I don't even have like a soda by me. I got nothing. Hot Take Jake says the Packers are so many's first time.

They always find new ways to disappoint and break your heart. I guess. Tax here. Under the name Charlie Cutlets. Great.

What's up? God, I hate that guy. I don't even know him.

He scored a touchdown against the Badgers a long time ago when he played for Illinois. I mean, whatever. He is whatever. It's fun, though. I think it's fun.

You and I have literally the opposite takes on everything. I think the whole Tommy Cutlets thing is fun. I want it to be fun. I would. I would want it. I want to enjoy it. I think because it came against the Packers, I never can and never will. I mean, what about weeks prior?

I still I hadn't like seen him play and I wasn't too into it. And I'll tell you, I. I don't work in New York or live in New York, but all those CBS guys. Like I see all what they do and say and the fan and stuff.

Just love Tommy Cutlets. Well, they're all fucking Jersey boys or Northeasterners. It's like we've never seen a guy act Italian before.

Yeah. Also to say that you are Italian is a fucking travesty. I'm Italian. Whatever, Mr. Winkler.

No. And that's actually not a German name. That's English.

I don't care what it is. It sounds like you're Italian. You're not Italian. What about, what about my great grandpa Arturo Brunelli was that his name?

Yeah. My mom was a Brunelli. That's an Italian name. Cool. I am Italian.

I'm talking with my hands. You're right. Yeah. I love Italian ice.

Your mom could definitely pass as Italian. Sure. Yeah. Thank you. What else? I'm just looking at more comments here. Yeah.

All right. Oh, Monday night football. Yeah. Doing a split screen thing. They did it last time that they had those two games at once. They were staggered. This was different.

They've never done that before. They wanted to try a little bit, which I don't mind, but it'd be nice if they were on channels that weren't owned by each other because the Packers they're doing something. Then you got to watch like this Titans drive. Who cares? I get it.

If you're like a impartial viewer, it might be cool and neat, but I wasn't looking at it from that perspective. I just wanted to see all Packers. And if you wanted all Packers on the full screen, you, there was no way to get it.

There was no way to get it. Brute crew says nobody's anything. Everyone's a little everything.

That's right. If you go back in the annals of the Bart Winkler show, you will also hear me have said the following things. I can get as drunk as I want. I'm Irish. I have also said, uh, I've also said I'm English. I've also said I'm German, Swedish, Norwegian, so I can celebrate.

I'm happy for you. Uh, the chances of the Packers have a winning playoff game are about 0 0 0 1%. Yeah.

I just want to get in. I just, it's not even about that tonight. I didn't view as like wind to get into playoffs. No, they got an easy schedule. That's what you say coming into tonight. But also if they, if they don't miss the player, if they miss the playoffs this year, my world's not going to come crashing down this, this game. I really wanted this game.

We would have potentially been in contention for the NFC North had we won this game. I think we're out of it now. Right? Three games back with what five to play. What are the lions? Nine.

I think they have nine. Yeah. Well, we were never going to win the NFC North. I know a lot of people were starting trying to think that, and that was just crazy luck.

It could have been real close tonight. We have a really easy schedule. I think the lions do play the Vikings twice.

Yeah. I don't, I don't think the lions is that hard. I can break down schedules between saints, Falcons, like saints, Falcons, Seahawks, Rams, Packers, Vikings. Nobody's got an easier schedule than us. It's just that you have to win those games. And tonight we played, I mean, we played the second worst team of all those. We got the Panthers coming up.

They're awful. We've got the Buccaneers. Giants are worse. Bears. Giants were worse.

Vikings. Giants were worse. This was the second worst team that we're going to play. And we lost.

Yeah. It was an ugly showing to say the least. Not a lot of redeeming things to take away from the game. Jordan Love did not play good.

Jordan Love gave a little bit of everything to everybody. Overall, this is not one of his better games. The first half was very bad.

The first half was very bad. I, I did not retweet any anti Jordan Love slander tonight because why would I, so I'm going to be on the news in the morning. What should I have them ask me? Oh, I heard this earlier. I was listening on YouTube. I don't know your favorite dish at Tupelo honey. I got to get the chicken and waffles. Somebody did ask me, they're going Friday. They said you had that promo in November. Is it happening in December?

As a matter of fact, it is. And they're Friday, which is the start of their 10 days where you can get a free appetizer or dessert starts on the 15th through the 24th when they have a Christmas Eve brunch. If you need the discount or want the discount, take the discount 20% off. Put Bart Winkler show 20% off in the reservation at Tupelo honey downtown Milwaukee, great Southern food. And uh, you can also tell your server well done.

Good set up there. It's a, it's a good deal too. Cause 20% off is, uh, it's not an insignificant amount, you know? Yeah. It's not like I'm going down and saying 5% off 20% is pretty close to 25%, which is actually pretty close to 50, which is almost close to free. I was thinking about 25% off from a different company. Are you talking about happy place? Stylist Tom says Packers will play down to the Panthers and lose hearing it out. Game book it. No fucking way.

They're so bad. Uh, so I'm going to, I'm going to have the news, ask me, I'm going to have him say, all right, and Bart Winkler and for the Bart Winkler show part, um, what the fuck they should just ask just that. Just be like, Hey, what the fuck day? Does it have to be like Packers centric or can it be like NFL wide or what? Well, I was on this, I was on Monday morning talking some NFL and now because they played Monday night, they want me on Tuesday, which is a great honor.

Why wouldn't they? So now I got to break down. Uh, now I got to break down. I think no sex is something to talk about. No sex. No, no, no. I mean, well, yes, but also no, no sacks. Jordan love 25 at 39, a pick and interception took two sacks. That's it.

It felt like he took more. The offensive line. They were talking about that on the broadcast, how they shuttle out the, uh, the guards and tackles.

And I don't know, I guess it's nice to get them experience. I don't like that. I think if you can just get a consistent line again, I'm a dummy when it comes to the line, all those years, I said that I love the trenches.

I was actually kidding. I hate the line. I don't even look at the line. I never, I couldn't even tell you who plays.

I literally never, I don't even notice the numbers. I don't even care. Joe Buck was talking about how we rotate our offensive line.

Like no other team today. And I was like, all I could think, all I could think about was freedom boner, Bart Winkler in the trenches. And now you're telling me that was all a lie. I never liked the trenches. I don't like them. The big uglies. I don't like them.

I don't even know what to think about my life anymore. Yeah. Don't like the trenches. Huh?

I don't think games are won and lost there either. Believe it or not. Oh my goodness. Do you also not like the G force that I love? I fucking love. Okay.

Okay. At least we have that going. AJ Dylan, 15 to 53. I'll echo what I said last week. Every time he used to fall, it looks like a 40 yard runs coming in. It's four yards.

Yeah. Sometimes it's like eight yards though. I wish they would have given him, given him the ball a few times, uh, in the red zone. Jayden Reed had four carries, eight receptions, yet 11 more yards on the ground. Then he was eight for 27 different Bart.

How can that be? We lost two fumbles. We threw a pick. Yeah.

That's how we know the giants are so bad. Who's 70. Fuck. He ran for 71 yards, dude. Oh, we talk about a quarterback. Yeah. Oh yeah. He was all over the field.

I'm surprised he didn't break a hundred. All right. Um, if you got any, I'm going to go to bed.

Yeah, no, I have, I have nothing. I came on here with nothing. I just came to say hi.

Cause you were, there were no other callers. No quiet night. A lot of people here, but nobody really wants to talk. Maybe you guys are all watching in bed. That's fine.

I'm in my basement. Me too. Me too. Well, it says love needs a running game. We need Aaron Jones. We need, can we get Derek Henry to come back and play with Matt? LaFleur.

Cause the last time they were together, LaFleur never played him. So maybe never. Perfect.

Maybe nevermind. Ben wants to fire LaFleur. That's been his thought, uh, chef him battle five Oh six was Oh five Oh five taken. He said, he says the turnover battle always dictates the outcome. Yeah.

The fact that we were still in the game, considering all of our, we did also get a couple of lucky ones, but like we played so poorly and we had turnovers and we stayed in the game. I don't. Yeah. At this point, I don't know.

We should make the playoffs. You know, he's probably already home by now. He's probably in his bed. He lives 10 miles away from the stadium.

Do you know a lot of traffic? Oh yeah. It could be some traffic, but he probably knows the back ways cause he lives there and he won a state championship there. I doubt it.

Yeah. He probably took the back ways. He did. He only, did I, did I hear he had like 175 and one tuddy in his championship game?

Like pretty shitty line for a NFL quarterback. Uh, Matt says he would jump on, but it sounds like I'm done. Yeah. I'm going to go to bed. I, I got to get up and do the news. Do you post that on your channel? I haven't seen that channel 12. Yeah.

Uh, no, that's their content. I'm not going to, I saw, I saw Dario at the game tonight. Dario went to New York. Yeah. Um, so you're going to be out with him tomorrow morning. Is he no, that thing is running back.

Sports guys don't get up in the morning. Correct. That's why they have me on for some reason. Oh, so you're just like with the normal ass like talk show hosts. Yeah.

Or whatever. News anchors. They're talk show hosts, but yeah.

Yeah. I'm just, I'm just the guy who was like exposure for my podcast. I'll get up four days a week at five 30 to come on your show. Oh no, that's good. I like that you can provide some, you know, Bart Winkler isms to channel 12, not CBS 58 with Tim Shea.

They never asked me. They put, they put Snell season on, they put Marzian on. I don't want hits from me. Where's my Tim Shea connection.

Like how is he that like plugged in? Oh, uh, because we're doing this note, no Tim Shea Tuesday today. Oh, that'll make all very happy. What about a Tim Shea Thursday? That could be in the cards.

Just saying. So I'll have Grant and Paul on, uh, for this week. And then bucks Pacers. Ooh, revenge match.

It doesn't matter. It's a regular season. We'll go live after that.

And then, uh, hopefully I'll grab Horvat. There you go. There's your week. Taylor says, what did I think about John Rom joining live golf? I think that at some point when you get offered that much money, I mean, what are you going to do?

Agreed Bart? I have something to say to you about, I don't know what live golf's goal is. It's like, they don't even, they don't even give a shit. They don't even care. They just want to end BGA. I think they don't want to be good. Their format sucks. The team suck. Nobody knows when they're playing. Nobody knows when they're on the courses they play out are like rolling Meadows would be an upgrade. Okay. That's not true.

They play elite course. I think shut the fuck up. Bart. I had a hole in one there. I faked it. You know that story? No, but I don't care to know it either.

All right. I guess I won't tell it. I've told him, I've told him before.

Um, actually I do want to hear standing ovation. I saw the wall. I told him to tell the story. Oh, 15 had a ball in my hand, picked it up. And then the Marshall came at the exact time.

He goes, did you, did I see what I just think I saw? I go, I hit a hole in one. I got back to the clubhouse after we finished.

Everyone had heard about it. Standing ovation. When I come in, I talking to my friend's parents, they go hole in one.

Wow. What was your round? I go one 50 and they're like, you know, one 50 with a hole in one. And so everybody, then I told my dad and I had to apologize and Sal Cacero yelled at me. Oh, you like, you like went that hard with it. I went fucking hard. As I went to apologize, I walked by a sign on the wall that said Bart Winkler hole in one.

You're kidding me. I went hard. That was eighth grade, eighth grade.

Bart, you are a menace. And then I self banned myself. I didn't go back to rolling Meadows for 10 years. Well, there's no reason to go back there. Cause that course literally sucks. I love it.

I love that first hole on the left where there's like two holes and you never know which one to play with. All right. Were you going to say something? I'm going to bed again.

I was, I don't remember what it is because we started talking about this other shit. What are you going to comment on my DC defenders, XFL shirt, brand new. The fit. It fits. Don't ask me after I wash it.

Yeah. That's why I hate washing shit like that. Well, that's, that's the level of fat on I am at. I'm at the level where extra large fits me.

I'm very happy with it. I wash it once and then we're in a little danger zone. So now I'm thinking, fuck am I two X and I let myself get up to two X. I can't get two X. I hear you. Um, I just blame it on the washing machine.

I blame it on hot water. Oh, Tuesday's a big day. I'm going to a gym for a tool, right? And I'm going to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. You could just walk outside. I know, but it happened.

Paying for a gym is like, Oh fuck. I gotta go. You know? Okay.

You got to trick yourself. Get in there before the New Year's rush. Yeah.

Well, right. I'm leaving for real. Thanks everybody for joining. Um, Oh my God. Please join my splash sports.

$20 college bull pick them please. Oh, Bart, uh, the guillotine league. Are you checking fucking the final life fusion is, are you still alive tonight? I cannot believe that I lost in that league. I was fucking dominating that shit. And then I just got chapped. Couldn't believe it.

Final four. Yeah. Uh, yeah. It seemed like it tonight when you were excited about checking your guillotine league, dude, cause Tyree kill got hurt. But then he came back in and I was, I was again, the guy behind me had to and reek and I had hurts, Goddard and AJ Brown and they all fucking did shit. Yeah.

I might, when I got chapped, I had like $580 worth of fab. Matt says I was ready for Clifford at halftime. Oh shit. We are ending.

We are ending the show. Sorry. Yeah, whatever. Good luck. Win the fucking thing. Thanks buddy. Bye again.

Grant Paul in the next episode and uh, another live on Wednesday. What a shitty loss. This did calm me down. I really was not. Yeah.

Good spot. So take a gummy fall asleep. Do the news. Hey, rinse and repeat, right? Respect the grind.

Go to the gym. Tomorrow's a new day. I'm a fucking new man. Fucking Tommy DeVito. You fucking piece of shit. Agent.
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