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Who all should be mad that Draymond Green was convinced to stay in the NBA?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 9, 2024 3:41 pm

Who all should be mad that Draymond Green was convinced to stay in the NBA?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 9, 2024 3:41 pm

Konata Edwards, CBS Sports, on Draymond Green staying in the NBA and how it all doesn’t make sense; plus we look ahead to the Charlotte Hornets season.

When does Steph Curry say “I’ve had enough” and what was Konata referring to? Where is THIS team when it comes to development? Which injury will hurt the Charlotte Hornets more out of these two players? Going to the other professional sports team in Charlotte, NC: Can Konata see Mike Vrabel coming to the Carolina Panthers? What about the LA Raiders hiring Antonio Pierce? In men’s college basketball, Duke or Pitt tonight?

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See terms and conditions, 18 plus. So yesterday I saw the story in uh on uh on ESPN or wherever I saw it that the Golden State Warriors were welcoming Draymond Green back into the fold and Draymond said that Adam Silver talked him out of retirement and my first thought was, is Steve Kerr mad about that? My friend Kanata Edwards, not of the scribe, on Twitter joins us on the Adam Gold show. Do you think Steve Kerr called up Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, and said, why'd you go do that?

We could have gotten all that money back. There's, there's him. There's Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Right. There's, there's the Lakeups. Like, there are a whole lot of people that should be very, very, very angry with Adam Silver right now and quite honestly. Like if I'm Steph Curry, I'm not too happy either. Now granted that team is not very good right now and they do kind of need him, but at the same point with the financial straits that they're, they're heading in between him, between Andrew Wiggins making too much money and being Minnesota Andrew Wiggins. I mean, I wouldn't have been mad if Draymond retired, but at this point, like the other big thing about this, Adam, that bugs me is that now we've seen the golden state warriors enable a guy like that, but now like the league is enabling him.

And why are we doing that? Like, I don't understand anything involving the situation. If I'm Adam Silver, it's like, yo, that may be a rash thing to do, but you know what? You're a grown ass man. So go do it.

Go do it. Uh, look, there, there will be another incident. I'm, I'm sure of it.

And the next one will be the last one certainly for this season. Uh, but look, are we sure? Are we sure?

Okay. That's a good point. That's a good point. I really can't fight you on that. Uh, I do think though, that the warriors sort of made their bed here. Sometimes you just have to recognize that it's time and it's been time with Draymond. They've sort of hung on, even though they weren't, they haven't been good since they won the title a couple of years ago, they've hung on and it was time to let him go.

It's I would put it this way with the golden state warriors did the same thing that every title team thinks that like, there's the, there's the older person that was, that had their heyday in the seventies and thinks that they could break out the shag and the disco shoes and all that. And they can still get out there and cut a rug with the young folks. And it don't work like that.

It never has worked like that. It doesn't help that they've, I won't say they've missed completely, but they whipped on the Weisman pick. Very much so. I mean, I could have told him that though. Yeah. Well, there's a lot of people that could have told them that had they talked to anybody in Memphis, they would have known, Hey, this kid not quite ready and we'll do whatever he wants. But at the same point, it was, for honest, it was a clash of the mellow ball culture and Steve Carr and the way that goes. So who knows how that looks, but at the same point, there have been multiple mistakes. And then on top of that, you've enabled this sociopath who basically decided that went away, might've gotten therapy via BetterHelp, and we'll have a BetterHelp sponsorship by the time he gets back next week. And there's all of these things that don't, that don't make sense. And at some point it's all going to end up leading to when does Steph Curry say I've had enough?

Cause that that's gotta be coming soon, right? I would, I would imagine he's, he should be the only one left. I mean, they really needed to get, figure out a way to, you know, shed Jmon Green on somebody else, Klay Thompson as well. Really the whole, just about the whole roster. It's funny, Gary Payton came back. Gary Payton to me is one of the guys who should have always stuck around because of the way he plays and sacrifices for the team. But they've looked for different ways to get rid of him.

But it really is really only about Steph Curry. Real quick, I know Jonathan Kaminga for the Warriors came out and said that he can't basically can't, he doesn't trust Steve Kerr anymore and whatever. He's a young guy that's having trouble breaking through, but I saw you tweet that this would be a good time to have the conversation. Hey, would you like Miles Bridges? We'll take Jonathan Kaminga. For me, Jonathan, it's a twofold question because the Jonathan Kaminga thing is more about his second contract, which is basically because you can't establish the value for him, which is part of the reason why you pose the question, hey, we have this gently used Miles Bridges in Charlotte. Would you like that considering you're needing older guys? Miles Bridges would probably play nice with Draymond Green and it would add another set of add some athleticism and would that be possible? The problem is I just, I do wonder if you're, if you're not willing to include Jonathan Kaminga in Pascals, the outcome talks, there's no way you're giving him up for a guy like mouse bridges, but also I have issues with the Pascals, the outcome talks. And I do wonder if that's just, no one's willing to give up anything of note for a guy that's expiring at the end of the year. Can I add, where's not to describe as joining us here on the Adam gold show, where is Charlotte right now in terms of, uh, developing into something because we're, uh, Charles Barkley said it a long time ago. Uh, the worst thing you can do is just be barely a playoff team because you're not getting better in the draft. You're not getting better draft picks, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Uh, and you're kind of delaying the inevitable. Where are they in their development? Hurt quite literally hurt. It has the most, the Memphis has the most games of myths due to injury. Charlotte is at last check, maybe 15 games behind them in terms of injury, total injury, nothing from the melon. You've gotten barely anything from Lamello who is battling with probably ownership and maybe coaching over whether to do these ankle braces, which you probably should do similar to Steph Curry. Uh, you have Gordon Hayward in the final year of his deal, taking his usual injury sabbatical, which granted largely is not his fault and has been really dumb luck.

Mark Williams hasn't played since early December. You've had PJ Washington in and out of the lineup, Brandon Miller's miss games due to illness, Terry Rose here's miss games due to ankle injuries and illness. It's one of those situations where you really can't effectively get a gauge on how good this team or is or is not because quite literally you haven't had a single NBA caliber rotation in almost two years.

But in spite of that, that's probably the answer. And you're probably going to end up having to break this team up in some way. That is a core of at minimum, Brandon Miller, Lamello ball and Mark Williams. That is a core of at minimum, Brandon Miller, which everybody else could probably be had with the exception of smart signings like Cody Martin, who has finally come back. But for the large part of this, I like if you told me that Miles Bridges was gone, PJ Washington was gone, and maybe even a Terry Rose here was gone. I would not necessarily be surprised because it's not blowing it up as much as it's taking a step, taking the team in another direction, hopefully one more towards sustained win.

Yeah, it's this has been a while now since they have been, you know, where basically where they are, which is hopefully trying to get into a play in tournament, which is not necessarily where you need to be real, real quick, which injury was more is more damaging. John Moran, who's out for the year in Memphis, or Tyrese Halliburton. The pack therapy podcast is in session. Tim Donnelly here, host of the drive in your guide for pack therapy. Every episode is your chance to score inside information on the pack. We set you up for Wolfpack games all season long, and we break down the ACC competition. What to watch for as we roll towards the tournament madness, plus special guests to keep your wolf pack hope alive.

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That's Tyrese Halliburton, sorely because they rely so much on him. The John Moran thing, it was going to take a Herculean effort to get them out of where they were to a playing position. Now with a top five pick, Memphis can probably move some salary, remake their team to be a little bit more, I'm not necessarily saying grown up heavy, but at the same point, like they needed a new direction as well.

Indiana, you start worrying because that the back of the East is kind of tight. And they were doing really, really, really well. They rely a lot on him. Now, granted, they did beat Boston, but at the same point, like this is going to be one of those injuries that probably keeps them out of the all-star game.

And also you're going to really want to take your time with this. This is a two week thing. So this may put them from like out of the plate, like out of the solid playoffs spot into the play in. And I'm not too sure that's necessarily where you want to be playing around with that roster and having to get all that rhythm back in time for the playoffs.

He's a, he's a, he's an absolutely great player. All right. So cannot Edwards is joining us here. You're in Charlotte.

Let's let me run through a couple of names for you. How would they, how would Jim Harbaugh play in Charlotte? He would play great in Charlotte, but I don't think there are people that say he really wants a job. I don't necessarily believe that because why would Jim Harbaugh take this job Bryce young and leave Justin Harvard out there? Like there are multiple jobs that fit Jim Harbaugh better than the Carolina Panthers, the Atlanta Falcons for one, the St the Los Angeles chargers for another, maybe even the Los Angeles Raiders for three. Like there's a lot of other teams that are like, we're getting to that blazing saddles point with the Carolina Panthers, where I truly believe that the coach is going to end up being a black guy because no one else is going to want to take this job. Is it, is it Cleveland little? Is he applying very much? So I love it. I absolutely love to see Cleveland little it's true. It's nevermind.

That's another, another story altogether. What about Washington? I think you'd be great in Washington. I think it was, I think Washington was the number two pick is going to be very, very interesting, especially with guys that know what they're doing. And then they're hiring the one smart guy that left Oakland before the ship sank and Bob Myers. So I do believe that Washington is going to be a really interesting squad to necessarily, to basically build everything up.

And it's not like the cupboard is barren Washington. They just need a quarterback. They just need some direction in defense.

I, I don't, I don't think they're that far away. I don't need a quarterback. They, they could be this year's Houston next year.

It went with the right quarterback and with the right general manager. I think Jim Harbaugh would be great. Would you take Mike Vrabel in Charlotte? Again, does Mike Vrabel really want to come here? I don't know anybody who would want to coach for David Tepper, but there right now, there are only six openings and I don't think the Raiders are really open. Cause I think Antonio Pierce is ultimately going to get that gig.

Let's not, let's, let's not put that out there. I don't believe they're hiring Antonio Pierce. Really? They did rich. Yeah. If Richard thought you, if what he did wasn't good enough, you mean to tell me that a black head coach that did what he did has the same shot as rich, but no, cause they hire Steve Wilkes. I'm just kidding.

Nevermind. Yeah, I know. I still think Antonio Pierce is going to get that gig because it, whether it was a mistake or not with rich, rich Passatia, right. It was a mistake to hire Josh McDaniel.

We can all agree on that. And I do think for half a year, I think there that Antonio Pierce certainly can command a locker room. They don't have good. They don't, they don't have good talent.

The fact that they won enough games with Antonio Pierce, I think may push him over the edge. It should have done that with Steve Wilkes in Charlotte. It really should have.

And it did not, it did not work out that way. Cannot Edwards at not to describe on Twitter, Duke or pit tonight. Duke, but it's close. Yeah. I think it is close. It was in number again, if you're putting any money, put pit within the number. And at last, at last sec, I think it was pit plus five and a half to take, take points. Yeah. That's what I've got. I've got a pit plus, uh, Duke wins and under 146.

I think this will be a little bit of a, uh, a difficult game to watch. Let's just, let's just leave it at that. Uh, not of course it is. That is exactly right. I'll, uh, I'll talk to you very soon. My man. Thanks.

Talk to you too, man. You got it. Canada Edwards. When we come back, Mike Felder, we're going back to Charlotte. Why are all of our best guests from Charlotte?

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