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The Dallas Cowboys earned a dominating 33-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers

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November 20, 2023 3:24 pm

The Dallas Cowboys earned a dominating 33-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 20, 2023 3:24 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, and Cover Six Podcast joined Adam to discuss the Carolina Panthers being unable to take advantage of a “sleeping” Dallas Cowboys team in the first half. The Cowboys' defense was the show's star, holding the Panthers to just 187 yards of total offense. Adam and Will discuss if the Panthers have one of the worst personnel in the NFL and other team topics around the league.

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Well, Brinson, thank you so much. Freebird. Yeah.

I think we're going to use for... We're using Freebird too. Yeah. That one was a curious one, but there's a lot of... There's some really good tracks. And then there's some, again, high comedy.

Speaking of high comedy. This is bizarre, man. Yeah, absolutely.

I can't get no satisfaction with Pink and Brandi Carlile? Sure. I think we're using that one too. Yeah. Okay. I'll just... Shh. Shh. I'll stop. I'll stop.

Speaking of high comedy. Just for a couple of seconds here, the Panthers, who did some good things. They committed to running the ball early, and it looked good. They just didn't get anything out of it.

And ultimately, I'm willing to die on this hill. There are reasons why the Panthers are where they are, and I don't think they're going to win another game. And I think if I ranked the reasons, the first is the owner who has a hiring problem across sports. It's not just the Panthers. He has a hiring problem when it comes to his soccer team. The Panthers have a David Tepper problem.

Yep. They have a personnel problem, which is the most glaring thing about this team, especially in the offensive side of the ball. And then we can get to the fact that the coaching staff hasn't really helped over the course of this season, but their personnel is... It might be the worst in the league on the offensive side of the ball, no? Yeah.

I mean, I think that... Certainly, I don't want to disparage the offensive line too badly on these airwaves, because especially this week, I want to keep motivation. You want to keep morale high on this, the most thankful of leagues. And as Dave Doran said, with that defense coming out salty. But skill position-wise, it's hard to find a group that's worse than the Panthers. I mean, Adam Thielen has been very good for what he's supposed to be. Right. He's essentially a tight end.

Yeah. He's a shorter, skinnier tight end, and he needs to be your number two or your number three in an offense if you want to be dynamic. Look at Minnesota, right? They let Adam Thielen walk and replace him with Jordan Addison. I realize it's a first round pick.

That's hard to do, but the Panthers did have DJ Moore on the roster. This is a seven point... My podcast colleague, RJ White, said he thought that we could see the teams who have Thanksgiving games, Thanksgiving home games particularly. San Francisco, huge favorite. Detroit, huge favorite. Dallas, huge favorite on Thanksgiving.

Sort of sleepwalk into these Sunday games. And you kind of got that from Dallas a little bit. I mean, it was 10-0 into the Panthers, 17-3. And then the Panthers come to the 17-10 late in the third quarter, and then it was just bang, bang, bang. And Dallas managed to just sort of take off and put it away, and it turned into a massive blowout.

I think that you got the sleepwalking Cowboys. You need to take advantage, and they didn't do it. They just don't have the personnel to do it, nor really...

They just don't have anything. And it's glaring and sad, and it's probably going to cost them the first overall pick. Oh, yeah. But they'll have the 33rd overall pick. Isn't that exciting?

Well, yeah. I mean, it's just like... Maybe 31 other teams will get in trouble with the NFL and lose their first round pick between now and May. They'll actually have the set first, give away the first pick and have the second pick.

And right. And who knows? Maybe Carolina can then trade that. Can they trade up? I don't know, because that's what they do.

With the Bears? That's what they do better than anything. It wouldn't surprise me at all if an entirely new group of people were in charge of the draft.

I think the fact that... And Joe Persson wrote about this for the athletic. The fact that Frank Wright went back to play calling after just three games would lead me to believe that he has heard something from his... Yeah. He's coaching for his job.

Suggesting that he will be... This whole staff will be cleaned out after eight games if they finish with the worst record in football. Oh, they're going to finish with the worst... I don't even care who they've got left on the schedule. Everybody they play is better than them. The only team that isn't better than you is the Giants.

Well, I mean, even Tommy DeVito behind a terrible Giants offensive line with just as bad skill position, guys, has looked sharper at times than... Yes. Well, this is not about... I am convinced...

Anyway, anyway. I am convinced that Bryce Young is going to be excellent. I am 100% convinced of it. He has zero help. He's not getting help from the coaching staff. He's not getting help from his teammates. His offensive line is bad. They can't pass protect at all.

Seven sacks, 20 sacks in the last four weeks. And it's just... They're helpless. I know he's making mistakes. I'm... We...

I'm... They need to look... They've got the Titans who are not very good at all. Titans are a really bad team. The Buccaneers have given up two of the biggest passing games.

This... Would the Bucks have Trevor Lawrence or... They had Brock Purdy gave up a perfect passer rating. And then the CJ Stroud game where he broke the rookie record for passing yards. They had the Buccaneers twice down the stretch. They have to... They have to look... Frank Wright can save his job if they look competent offensively. They haven't scored more than 24 points.

They scored more than 24 points or 20 points three times this season, all in blowouts. Go score 20 points against the Titans and the Bucks, man. Just go do it. Find a way. They're not going to.

Look, I hope they do. But I don't... Whether or not... See, I wouldn't even fire Frank Reich. I don't think he's the guy. I wouldn't either.

I don't think he's the guy that's going to get you where you want to be. But to be honest, if you're David Tepper, I would just let this... Let this coaching staff roll even another year. You just need better personnel. I wish that it would be better for Scott Fitterer, but man, three years of this, there's nothing.

There's really nothing. What have they successfully grabbed out of the draft in three years? Well, I mean, but aren't we... Don't we believe that David Tepper basically forced the hand of Scott Fitterer? And that's a Scott Fitterer choice too. He chose to work for this guy. Yeah, but he drafted the other players.

Yeah, for sure. I mean, look, Jonathan Mingo has not been very good. They just maybe need to stop drafting from Ole Miss. Matt Corral and Jonathan Mingo, what are we doing here? They traded off to draft Mingo. They traded off to draft DJ Johnson. It just, it's terrible.

It's terrible. Jalen Carter was drafted. Jalen Carter was drafted ninth overall. Just saying.

Yeah, I know. Jalen Carter, Jalen Carter, Andy Dalton, and your first round pick with a one and 19 would be pretty good right now. Yes, it would. And you'd still have DJ Moore. Yeah, probably wouldn't be one of nine, honestly. Probably not, but I also believe that DJ Moore is a number two receiver on a good team, but that's another story altogether.

Regardless of what happens if Frank Reich, if he does get got, he's not going to be alone. Brandon Staley, I think you can tell it's getting to him finally. And no, really, Ron Rivera, you're going to lose to the giants twice. Uh, do you know who the only team in NFL history to ever lose in the same season to Tyra Taylor and Tommy DeVito? Uh, cause Tommy DeVito is an undrafted rookie and probably the worst starting quarterback in professional football right now.

Shout out to Tommy, Tommy D, uh, Danny Danny DeVito's, uh, nephew who Danny DeVito's nephew. I like to pretend it makes it way more interesting. Um, yeah, he actually played really well. I mean, the dude has no business being an NFL starting quarterback and he beat, he beat Washington yesterday, right?

He wasn't a Syracuse guy. Yeah. He knows Daniel Babers is getting, uh, getting the exit.

I thought he got fired yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. He knew it yesterday. I think maybe he heard about it before the game. Oh yeah. Maybe he said, Oh yeah. Yeah.

Um, I should do fallen out for Dino planes guy Dino. Um, yeah, I think, uh, I mean, I think like with the Washington thing, it's, it's a matter of like, well, in the podcast, we read, uh, magic Johnson tweets after all of the Washington losses, which is amusing. But I think it's like, if you're Josh Harris and magic Johnson, this ownership group, and you've just come in after Dan Snyder, who's constantly doing things the wrong way. Don't you just sort of let good guy, Iran Rivera play out the full season fire and fire a coach. But I mean, yeah, this is, this is over in the middle of the season, unless you're trying to like, uh, resurrect a season that should be going differently. I don't know that Washington's any, any good, but you just can't lose twice in famous fashion to a bad giants team. Giants teams here. Well, yeah, you can't, you can't, you, you can't get swept by the giants.

It's pretty much like that simple, you know? All right. Uh, look, let, let Rivera play out the season and then maybe you, uh, you keep them in the organization. Any organization is better with Ron, but he wants to be, by the way, if you're, if you, if you reverse sweep the giants, you beat the giants, you beat Tyra Taylor, you beat Tommy DeVito, you are six and five, and you are currently, um, in the, in the playoffs. Right. And now the dolphin, now that, now the, uh, the, I almost called him the R word would have to put some, would have to put something in the swear jar. The, uh, the commanders would have, uh, they're at the Cowboys and verse the dolphins next. So good luck with that. No, they're good. I mean, look, this is kind of where they belong anyway.

They're not very good. And like, maybe I'm, I'm different. I talked to, you know, Chick Hernandez, uh, is now at the USA TV in DC. Uh, and I asked him a couple of weeks ago, Sam Howell is still the guy and they are all in on Sam Howell and no offense, but I'm not, I like Sam. I love, I love his enthusiasm and his energy. I just don't think he's a top half of the league starting quarterback.

I don't think he's one. I mean, if you have a really good team around him, I think, uh, he isn't going to hurt you. I think he's a backup, but they look at him as the starter and that is a mistake in my opinion, but I guess I've been around before with Washington. The one thing to watch about the end season firing, if it were to happen, they do have a week 14 by which, I mean, you know, if, if they, if they lose by 30 plus points, the Cowboys and the dolphins, which is totally within reason, uh, the Cowboys of course, on that Thanksgiving game. Um, I don't think it would be insane if, if Ron Rivera was, uh, removed mid season right now, although, I mean, like, I mean, maybe you wanted to play it out because you currently have the seventh overall pick you're four and seven, you're likely going to be four and nine. If the Patriots cardinals who were, you know, I mean, like at least frisky, I guess the bears have looked kind of frisky.

The giants obviously beat, you know, you, you have, they have a tiebreaker over you Titans ahead of you. I mean, like they could, they can definitely creep into a, Hey, let's, let's, uh, smash, uh, uh, let's, let's double down on, uh, these Carolina quarterbacks and draft Drake made it like three or four. And they get higher Mac Brown to be the, uh, that's yeah. I heard he's retiring. Well, who knows? Right. I mean, that is a topic of conversation for maybe even later today forever. Max should actually go to Carolina. Oh, you're such a state fan.

Will Brinson, uh, one of the many reasons I love you, uh, see senior NFL writer, pick six podcast moderator. Uh, this has nothing to do with what happened yesterday, but I talked about it on Friday. Are the Bengals as an organization in trouble for, for not disclosing the fact that Joe burrow was absolutely injured going into that Thursday night game, um, in the sense of like, they might get fined or lose. I don't think yeah.

No, I mean, they're in trouble. Cause now I think the bigger concern is what's the long-term injury prognosis for torn ligaments and a risk for a quarterback. I mean, that's not something you hear about that often. And I mean like Joe burrow, I, I, I, I have pretty good faith in to, to return from injury because we've seen him do it before, but you know, that's an ACL now.

It's a tour. I mean, like Joe burrow is a top tier, um, NFL quarterback. He's up there in the, the elite of the elite, as far as I'm concerned, especially when the chips are on the table and you need somebody to step up and be clutch, but it's several major injuries early in his career, he signed to a huge contract. I don't think you can know if you suffer an injury like that in the middle of November, exactly how you're going to return the following season. I think he's got enough time where it'd be fine for training camp and all that. But I mean, torn ligaments in your wrist is a concern.

Like that's, I mean, you've, and I know that this is not, you know, comparable at all, but like, you know, you play, we play, we play golf. You, you have a wrist, a wrist injury is a, a wrist injury is a debilitating injury, particularly when you think about like how you need to be able to throw the football. And so he couldn't grip it on the sidelines. I think that's my bigger concern than the bingles getting in trouble with the NFL. I don't think they're going to like strip them on a first round picker. No, no, I, but I, if I'm the NFL that to me, that's a million dollar fine.

Sure. Uh, especially look, I mean, the NFL is taking in million, hundreds of millions of dollars in gambling revenue. And even if they weren't, it's a, it's a fine because they've, the whole reason for the injury report is for gambling purposes.

The whole reason, otherwise who cares? Right. I'm with you a hundred percent. They wouldn't even have an injury report. I think teams should be hammered for violating the injury report. Yeah.

I mean, they have to. And Zach Taylor flat out lied in the post game. Was he, uh, boroughs, I guess, compression sleeve. And so, I mean, he had like, it looked like a professional bowler. He had one of those bowling braces, uh, on his hand.

Uh, all right. Two, uh, yesterday. So this is now two games in a row that the 49ers have had Trent, Trent Williams, uh, on the field. And it looks like the 49ers, uh, albeit, I don't think they were awesome.

Maybe it was the, uh, kind of getting, you know, knowing that you have to play on Thanksgiving day. Uh, maybe it was that, but the 49ers when Trent Williams is there. Yeah. I mean, it's to me, it's it might not even be about Todd Bowles. Todd Bowles is getting fired too.

Probably. I mean, I mean, he's a defensive coach. And like I mentioned, the Buccaneers have given up some really bad games too.

Well, okay. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not sitting here arguing for Todd Bowles, who I, uh, who seems like a pretty, pretty decent dude. Uh, but aren't in many ways, aren't the Buccaneers finally paying the bill for what they did? Yeah. Bruce Arians, Bruce Arians scooted out and Todd Bowles has the check.

Right. They, they paid out their salary cap over time so they could keep all those players. And now they don't have, I wouldn't lose. I wouldn't, I wouldn't, I wouldn't want to lose to the Panthers twice down the stretch of our top balls. They'll beat the, um, probably won't.

Uh, yeah. But as far as the 49ers go, I mean, this is a team that is, you know, they came out and stomp people for the first five games of the season. Now granted giants, Cardinals, Steelers in hindsight, not as great, but I mean, they like hammered the Cowboys on that Sunday night game. Uh, then you lose a two point game of the Browns. There's a five point game of the Vikings. We were just a wild, both of those. Yeah.

It could easily be seven to know at that point, the bingles. And that's what they do is you take those three losses and sprinkle them throughout the season, instead of having back to back to back, then like, it's not as big a deal. They get the buy, they destroy Jacksonville. They take care of business against Tampa Bay. Another gets at Seattle on, on, uh, on, on Thanksgiving night before a match up against the Eagles. And then another one versus the Seahawks Seahawks are, by the way, might be in trouble. Um, trip Williams will just make a huge difference.

Is probably the most, has probably taken over the role of most underrated wide receiver in the NFL now. All right, real quick, before we get to, uh, uh, just, we have to let, let you go because it, uh, you have a busy day. Uh, we all, it is, it is Thanksgiving. Uh, let me ask you about the Thanksgiving day games, uh, because we do now have three of them. And then we have the black Friday game.

If I were the jets, I would just go shopping and not even worry about the game. Seriously. Uh, they went from Zach Wilson's our guy. He's our guy. He's our guy.

Uh, we have, there's nobody else. And then all of a sudden here's Tim Boyle or whatever his name is Todd Boyle. Uh, Brian Boyle. Uh, I don't know.

Uh, here's the new guy and it didn't look dramatically different by the way. No. So what is, is that entirely about the offensive line?

Because there's enough skill. Yeah. Great running back. Garrett Wilson, Lazard is a decent number two tight ends.

Don't look terrible. Is they, they just cannot block and their quarterbacks are awful. Yeah. I think, I mean like Robert, Robert Salah is his, his, his issue is that he, you know, he's just put himself out there as like the Zach Wilson guy, like he backs Zach Wilson no matter what. And so it's like, even though the offensive line is the province, like you're still, you know, that's on Joe Douglas. I mean, it's just, it's an organizational wide failure there, but like, I don't think that, um, I don't think that I would be out there like, be like, Zach's our guy, Zach's our guy, Zach's our guy.

And they'd be like, Oh crap. Zach's not our guy. I mean, but they knew Zach wasn't, here's the thing. There's no way.

I don't think they're going to make wholesale changes. Just like, I think, I think the Aaron Rogers injury bought him a year. It's just like, you don't need to lay yourself out there like that with the Zach Wilson stuff. The, the, the real problem for the jets happened at the draft. They flipped picks with green Bay, right? And they basically moved themselves out of the offensive line sweepstakes.

Yeah. They needed offensive line upgrades and didn't do it. And they hoped that their line would simply either a stay healthy or B get better. And right now, who they reportedly wanted went, so they were at 13, they went to 15 with that flip with the Packers, Broderick Jones, they were, they were definitely interested in with 14th to the Steelers. Peter Skowronski with the Titans at 11, I think he's been okay. Don't know, right.

10 to the bears. I mean like, this is like the, those three guys, they needed one of those three guys. I mean like Broderick Jones would be awesome right now with the jets. They should have traded up to get one of those guys.

And that was the mistake. Look, they were hoping that Aaron Rogers would stay healthy whether that's smart or not. But they were, they just didn't want to like kick Zach Wilson to the curb when they still had to pay him. So they thought, well, Zach Wilson can be our backup and get us out of a game if we have to.

But obviously that wasn't the case. Packers, Lions. Lions are legit. I don't, I'm not buying green Bay. Oh, Brandon Staley is out. Correct. He's not going to survive the year. Not maybe Brandon Staley for the Chargers because they just, they just lost to the Packers. Yeah.

I mean, I think, I think that he will probably survive this season because the Spanish family is cheap, but I mean, okay. Good point. Certainly.

Good point. Lions are legit. Lions are our mid-season Super Bowl pick. They asked us to make our new pick. So I picked Lions over Jaguars just to be frisky.

All right. Of the four games we're going to see over this holiday season, the average point spread is about eight and a half. That's always good. There is one game that will likely be, I don't know. Is it going to be good because Geno Smith has a triceps injury and he's been playing poorly anyway? 49ers, Seahawks, the only game may be worth watching?

No, I think they'll all be fun. Commanders, I mean, commanders Cowboys will be explosive. I think same how you'll see put up a ton of points. Cowboys will put up a ton of points, be an aerial explosion and then like, you know, the Packers, the Lions aren't afraid to get into a shootout and Jordan Love, you know, I think it's a testament to the Chargers defense, but Jordan Love actually be a first 300 yard passing game last week. So I think, I think we could see a lot of points in all three of these games. Oh, look at you. Look at you shilling for the league.

We'll have maybe one competitive game there. I believe I think 49ers, Seahawks has a chance to be competitive, but you're the expert. Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,, pick six podcast, moderator, my friend and owner of the currently playoff-bound fantasy team named Snack Brown. Snack Brown, very good.

Smack Brown. But who do you like, State or Carolina and why? I mean, I think you know who I like. I think it'll be a close competitive game.

Both teams will play hard and I'm sure that, I'm sure that both teams were equally motivated to have an exciting finale of the season. Go back. All right, man. I'll talk to you later. See you, man.

Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,, pick six podcast, moderator. Have you done Fayetteville? Have you walked among the dinosaurs and then the roses?

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