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Panthers got their first win vs the Texans!

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October 30, 2023 3:23 pm

Panthers got their first win vs the Texans!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 30, 2023 3:23 pm

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, on how big this game was for the Panthers, what’s next for them, do people feel better about picking Bryce, and more.

So did the Carolina Panthers officially win the draft after their first victory over CJ Stroud and the Houston Texans? What kind of trouble are the San Francisco 49ers in, after losing 3 games in a row? What analogy does Will use when talking about eating “bad meat” and THIS football team/player??


Okay, round two. Name something that's not boring. Laundry?

Ooh, a book club! Computer Solitaire, huh? Ah, sorry, we were looking for Chumba Casino. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chumba! That's right! has over a hundred casino-style games. Join today and play for free for your chance to redeem some serious prizes. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chumba! But first, as we bring in Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,, Pick 6 podcast moderator, we can definitively say now that the Panthers won the draft, right? Because before the draft, it was all about the Panthers having lost the draft, or before this game, the Panthers had lost the draft last year, now they have won the draft, right? Well, I mean, I think if I'm a Panthers fan, or anyone supporting the Panthers, I'm far more concerned about how badly will they lose the 2024 draft. And if you look at the schedule, I mean, you've got a Frank Wright Revenge game, you've got the Colts coming up with no Anthony Richardson. They're up and down, they can, you know, John and Taylor's look better. Gardner Minshew is, you know, just, I don't know, you never know what you're going to get with Minshew. The Bears too, so like, there's, maybe the Broncos, there's, there's, and then like the division games of the Bucks and the Falcons, like, I'm not saying the Panthers are going to rip off a bunch of wins and make a playoff push here or anything, but I mean, the Falcons are, the Falcons are going to force the NFC right now with a 4-4 record.

They look up and down like crazy. The Bucks, I don't think anybody's terrified of it. There's just nothing scary in this division, and I think if you're the Panthers, and you can find a way, and I'm, you know, thinking, I mean, I'm not, I'm not sure there's a path. Should I stop you right now? No, no, no, no, no, no. Really, should I stop you right now?

This happened last night on the podcast too. I said, there's a path to, they're like, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, just, no, no, no. There's a path to the Panthers only giving up a top ten pick. Oh, okay. And then a top three pick to the Bears.

Okay. And I think that's important. Like, if you give up, if you give the number nine pick to the Bears, it's like, all right, you know, that's not great. It's not giving up the number one pick. And I think before that, before that, before that, before Eddie Pinheiro's 43rd field goal since the final, on the final play, went through the uprights that he celebrated, like he had just won the Super Bowl.

Yeah. I think, I think it did feel very much like the Panthers could beat, I mean, you know, we're going to give up the number one overall pick to the, to the Bears. And they still might, by the way. I'm just saying, like, that's a little victory here, Adam, where you, you just heard me do the Panthers, you're not the worst team in football. I'm so glad that that's where you went, as opposed to even mentioning winning the division, because, yes. They did carry, did they carry him off the field?

I mean, it isn't that much, right? I don't think they carried him off the field, but they definitely lifted him in the air. He was on, he was on somebody's shoulders, for sure. I'm like, okay, but you know what, when you're 0-6, I saw, I think they handed out t-shirts and hats after, after the game. Good for, good for them. Look, they needed a win. It'll make everything about watching the film and saying, why, why did Bryce Young take six sacks? All of these things that they couldn't do, they couldn't run the ball.

Iki Konuk still got run over a bunch. They have to get, that has to happen. That has to get better.

But good for them. But I was just tired, and I want to move on to other games. I was just tired of hearing all the definitive statements about how the Panthers lost the draft through six games of what is likely going to be a couple of 10-year careers, maybe more, for C.J.

Stroud and Bryce Young. I realize that we are asked, it's part of our job, say something definitive, be, be out there. And so we get, I just can't do dumb. I refuse to do dumb.

And to me, that's dumb. Look at Tua, look at Tua and Harper, man. I mean, they've grown, it was like, well, the Dolphins really saved the Chargers' bacon and the screwing up and taking Tua.

And then like two weeks ago, it was like, wow, all those takes for three years, stupid. These things are judged over a long, long period of time, not over six weeks, and not based on like something that some press conference that Frank Wright gave where you were technically inferring something that confirms a prior that he likes C.J. Stroud more than he likes Bryce Young. I mean, I think it's like, it's, it's very Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman, you know, won what, five Super Bowls combined and, and, and, you know, both Hall Famers. Peyton, you can, I mean, argue like, you know, one of the greatest, what he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and like those guys want to combine like six games in their first year. So, I mean, it's, it's, it's way, way, way too early to assume that anybody's won or lost an NFL draft based on six games of the season. All right. 49ers, Will Brinson.

What kind of trouble are they in right? This is three in a row. I do think that the first two were self-inflicted wounds. I'm not sure this one doesn't also fall into this category, but I give the Bengals credit for simply being better than the other two teams they lost to. Well, the big ones are just good.

Yeah. Like burrs, burrs back in a hundred percent of this is the Bengals team that you're coming out of the buy. He looked even better. He was, he ran for 48 yards.

He was really mobile in the pocket. Um, you know, they got the ground game going a little bit and this is just, and Lou Anna rumors defense is fantastic. Really adjusted to what San Francisco does, uh, particularly when the, the big ones had a lead and kept, you know, pushing that lead and being aggressive in terms of attacking Brock Purdy. Um, I think you can make the case one that Purdy maybe shouldn't have been starting this game. He's the only player in the NFL this year to enter concussion protocol the same week within a, within a week span of his, a week long span of his, um, always, always playing the NFL to play within a week of inner concussion protocol. Like everyone else has skipped the game afterwards or, or, you know, the end of the year, whatever they enter the protocol, they didn't play the following week. Purdy's the first try to clear and. I mean, Tim has him.

I say it makes a ton of sense. Like you're playing this position that requires you to think really quickly and process information really quickly and make decisions really quickly based on that information you're processing. And if you were still, I mean, I don't, I don't want to get into the minutia of like, of, you know, of what kind of concussion is a concurrent, like types of concussions, but I mean, like, you know, I think if you're, if you're in the concussion protocol, especially out of it, it's really hard to do that. But if you really gets a good defense. Now, the other thing about Brock Purdy is we've seen the big goals. I mean, excuse me, the 49ers and Purdy struggled last week, Purdy struggling from playing from behind. And I don't think that should be a surprise because one you're, you know, you're asked to do what you're being asked to do when you're, when you're front running and you're playing from ahead is completely different as a quarterback than what you're doing, what you're being asked to do when you're playing from behind. And then two, the play calling is completely different. And so like housing him, you know, it's just like, I think he can dial up whatever he wants when he's got a lead with Brock Purdy.

And I think it's just way, way different from what he has to call and what he has to do. And Jermaine Pratt, shout out NC state, shout out High Point, North Carolina made a great interception, incredible pick, you know, that you usually don't see from a linebacker like that. Purdy, you got Logan Wilson sort of tricked him with a, he sort of baited him into making a bad throw later in the game.

And like, I don't think it's like the Cinderella story ending. It's just maybe Brock Tober is coming to a rocky close. Well, also how much of this is no Trent Williams and no Deebo Samuel, right? So look, it shouldn't look that different, but Trent Williams is one of those guys.

And right. And Deebo Samuel is another one of those guys. And we saw how different the offense looked at Cleveland when they lost Deebo and Christian McCaffrey. So when you're, when you're, and Deebo's do, and I'm not sure what the blitz percentage was for the Bengals. I know that the Vikings, you know, I can do the heaviest blitz team in the NFL with Brian Flores. Deebo is a big time blitz beater, you know, and that's in California had talked about that. You heard, uh, Joe Buck and sure. You know, Kyle Shanahan was lamenting to them that Deebo wasn't available for that game against the Vikings because Deebo, you get it Deebo's hands in short yardage, wherever he is, you know, out of the backfield lined up with these bubble screens, et cetera, et cetera.

He's such a, he's just a blitz killer because he can, you get the ball out quick into Deebo's hands and he can take off and pick up yards at your catch. All right. So let me move on to another game because I mean, the 49ers have lost now three in a row. You didn't, nobody saw three in a row coming.

I think they are fine. In the three straight losses versus like, okay, you're eight games in, five and three is, you'd probably rather be six and two, but five and three is fine. But here's the other thing. I've always believed that there are three parts of the NFL season. There's the start, which tells us something. There's the middle, which lies to us. And then there's the end. Weird things happen in the middle of NFL seasons. Like there are mirages in the middle of NFL seasons and that's how we'll, we will chalk up Denver at home, shutting down Kansas city.

Or maybe it's that Taylor Swift was not there. Yeah. I feel like that, um, that, you know, a bunch of crazy shit came to an end. I think it was 19 straight games. Um, it was 16 Patrick Mahomes was 25 and oh, against teams who were two games or more below 500 coming into this game. So that ended that streak.

The craziest one that I heard, I like, I like kind of rewind it because I didn't believe it. Patrick Mahomes was 16 and oh on the road in his career against divisional opponents. That is insane.

Yes. Never lost a divisional road game in the eighties. I know they've lost to the Chargers in Kansas city, but he's never lost the divisional road game. That's amazing.

Yeah. And we lost the Raiders in Kansas City as well. Remember John Gruden boss around the stadium several times honking over and over again. And then the, then the chiefs beat the Raiders by 300 points.

They match up, um, smarter, younger and do that to your old, your old buddy. And you're, uh, but the, um, yeah, the, uh, you know, first time losing a road game to a divisional opponent. Um, Robert Russell Wilson, you know, Russell Wilson has looked, looked better. He's looked, I did Bill Barnwell's pod last week.

Did he have a hundred yards passing? Judy was boring. Hello. Then Judy discovered

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18 plus terms and conditions apply. See website for details. I think so. Maybe, I don't know. It's close. Well, we, we, we, Bill described it when I thought it was just, it's like, it's like, you know, you go to your fridge and you open it up and there's a, um, you're like, ah, you gotta cook dinner. And there's like a, a steak in there. It's like one day past its expiration, but it's like, it's not, it doesn't look bad. It doesn't smell bad. It just, it looks, it looks fine. You feel like you can eat it and deal with it, but you don't really want to. Um, but, but yeah, it's fine.

Right? It's not, it's not bad. It hasn't gone bad. It's not bad meat. So, um, I mean, it's not particularly appetizing.

Very nice. To figure out. I'm just saying it's like, like Russell, is it like, you don't open it. You're like, ah, there's a piece of lobster that I caught in the ocean yesterday. You know, it's like, it's like, all right. Like it's not, it's not, this isn't rancid meat.

It kind of was, but that's fine. Well, I'm just saying Russ has been, I mean, I think that like, I think that this sort of little mini run, the Broncos are on, and maybe it is a lie. Maybe it's a fabrication that we're being taught in the middle of the season. I just think it's like, we were, when they, when they gave us 70 points to the dolphins, it was like, people wanted to fire Sean Payton and like, like excommunicate Russell Wilson to Siberia. It's clear the defense, the defense is better. Uh, has played better and, or maybe it was that Taylor Swift was not there. Uh, Russell did throw for 114 yards, but I will, uh, I'll fall on it.

I'll, I'll take the zero. He did have three touchdowns. So good for, uh, good for Russ. And I feel like I can, he's passing a little bit better than he has than he did last year. And, you know, sometimes it just needs a win, by the way, Javonte Williams was very good, uh, in the game and it's nice to see him. Uh, you know, based on, he missed almost all of last year with the ACL injury, much like Breece Hall for the Jets missed a ton of, uh, time last year with the ACL injury.

It's taken him, what? Yeah. Week two. It was like week two, he got hurt.

Yeah. And I mean, like, you gotta remember too, like sometimes with these ACL injuries, we're like, ah, everybody comes back from him now. It's like, sometimes we've seen running back and wide receivers. I remember, remember Julie Edelman tore his, um, in the preseason and it was like, he really didn't get, get back until like week five or week six. And so sometimes it takes a little bit longer.

No question. And look, everybody's different. So, and, and not all ACL tears are the same either. I mean, some are, some involve more ligaments.

Who knows? I don't know the difference, but, um, yeah, it's good to see Javonte Williams playing well, uh, and that, uh, that's important. The Dallas Cowboys are five and two. Hey, I just got somebody from Carolina. You always just gotta win, you know what I mean? Like, it's hatred. Well, just hold your North Carolina joke.

I'm about to make a North Carolina joke, uh, in like two minutes. Uh, Dallas Cowboys won. Part of me, I thought the Rams were better than the Rams obviously are, but, um, the Rams are obviously not good. The Cowboys are, I think the greatest front running team in the league. When the Cowboys have an opponent they should destroy other than that inexplicable loss at Arizona. When the Cowboys have a team they should destroy, they destroy them.

Everybody else they seem to lose. So the Cowboys are what, five and two and they've beaten the snot out of the Jets, Giants, Rams, Patriots, and, uh, the other way. Chargers. And they, they, they beat the Chargers in LA by three.

Yeah. And that was, that was a close game. That game Cowboys charges, like on Sunday, it was like Sunday night, right? It was like, just fast forward to the 10 minute warning and let's get over with, get it over with the dagger. Herbert's got the ball and they're either going to like kick your field goal, miss a field goal or throw a back break interception. The first take talks about Mount top tomorrow. So it was just a fast forward to that.

Yeah. And so the, um, the losses, you had the blood bath Sunday night off a couple of weeks ago to save assistant was now is like even more confusing because they've lost their next three since then. Um, and you've got the loss of the Cardinals. It's just felt like the Dallas is reading its own headlines too much and stumbled into that one. Um, I think the thing that, yeah, I think the Cowboys are probably a big front runner. I also think it's possible.

And I know that you have plenty of justine for Mike McCarthy has, you know, I just think he's overrated. That's all. Yeah. Well, but I do wonder if like, maybe, I mean, I don't know, like the opposite. I mean, maybe dad started to find something in this offense, sort of get comfortable. Like, well, I just think it takes a little bit longer than people give a good, like, feel like, well, come on.

More is gone. Mike McCarthy's in town or might become these colors of plays. Now it's like, I mean, this would just be a flip switch moment. And I do think, you know, that's a big difference going from, um, you know, Jack's entire, like all of us, all of Jack's career is like dealing with Kellen Moore versus now he's got, you know, Mike, that type of play color shift is a, is a huge, um, is a huge shift for a quarterback here for the coach to sort of do up that report card plays, what you're comfortable with, what you like, et cetera. So I think it's possible things where they're starting to kind of get cooking on offense.

And there's still, there's still a big gap between them. I think it was this week, he was a three point favorites. I kind of like the Eagles in that spot. Um, and I think that game will tell us a lot because remember we thought we like, uh, we, we crowned out and put them in the elite club of the NFC and then San Francisco, toss them out. And then now I'm not sure if San Francisco's in there. It might just be Philly. And it's like, all right. I have my questions about Philly. Philly allowed too many points to a terrible Washington offense, uh, to really, yeah. So, all right.

Dallas, Dallas, her road splits are wild. Yeah. Yeah. Again, at home against the bad team, they, uh, they flex their muscles and they, and, and they have parades. Um, a couple of years ago, Dak Prescott tried to spike a ball. They tried to set the ball and Prescott tried to spike it, but they had to give the ball to the referee first. So the referee could set the ball.

So here's what I'm going to do. We have like maybe a minute left here, maybe less. Um, the Jets and Giants combined for 445 total yards, which is about 200 yards less than Georgia Tech had. Against North Carolina on Saturday night.

So, but the Jets spotted the ball themselves and Zach Wilson spiked it and they were allowed to kick a field goal. Yeah. Why? Well, Graham, you better just make the kick. It's irrelevant.

And Brian Dabble, poor clock management. Um, yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, but still the giants, but at least the giants weren't like number 12 in the country. With the Heisman trophy candidate and undefeated and lose as a 21 point favorite at home.

And then there's a 12 point favorite on the road to down their luck coast. It's a very good point. It could be worse.

It's a very good point. It's just, I mean, look, the, the Brian Dabble has got to be mad at the fact that the referee didn't take the ball to spot at first. And then the Jets would not have been able to kick the kick, kick the field goal. Yeah. Four of 35 combined on third and fourth downs between those two teams. It is. It had to be the worst football game ever played.

Had to with that. That wasn't weather. This is the best football game you'll ever see. And then Bob was choosing on the jets radio calls like, and the jets have won the game.

And I'm not even really sure how I think Bob was choosing is probably correct. Well, Brinson, you are the man. I appreciate your time.

We'll talk to you again next week. Judy was boring. Hello. Then Judy discovered Chumba It's my little escape. Now Judy's the life of the party. Oh, baby mama's bringing home the bacon.

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