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The Mac & Bone show joins the Roundtable table!!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 15, 2023 3:31 pm

The Mac & Bone show joins the Roundtable table!!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 15, 2023 3:31 pm

Chris McClain and Travis Hancock, WFNZ Charlotte, join the Adam Gold show; who is now out in Charlotte on WFNZ from 7-9pm.

How are Carolina Panther fans in Charlotte dealing with the season so far after Week 1’s game? How are the guys feeling about the Panthers? What do the Panthers need to do to be successful? What’s their biggest struggle, in the guys opinion? What SHOULD their identity be? Now on to the NY Jets. What are the guys thinking about Rodgers’ injury and where the Jets need to go from here?


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It's only a model. Oh it is time for the round table on a Friday. And who do we have? The morning duo, the big cheeses on WFNZ in Charlotte. We have Mac, we have T-Bone. Mac and Bone in the morning 92.7 WFNZ. And this show, uh, when we get around to it, airs from seven to nine, uh, in, uh, in Charlotte, uh, when they, when they don't have anything better to do.

We're a last resort and that's okay. I'm happy to be on in Charlotte regardless of how often it is. Uh, so Mac, hi to you and Bone, hi to you. Uh, I was on the show a few days ago, didn't it?

Did I, did I, did I miss, did I miss an on air TIFF? A little bit. I mean, it wasn't anything that we haven't had before, but I, you know, we, uh, there was some yelling and there was some name calls and mothers got brought up, but all in all, it's fine. You know, he apologized. I think maybe not.

What was the subject matter? Uh, I thought South Carolina, some of these always sound Mac more ridiculous when you go back on them. I thought South Carolina uh, may be able to compete a little bit with Georgia tomorrow. when Mac uh that was talking really you guys had an argument over that okay uh you guys spent too much time together how about yesterday's argument bone yesterday's argument is that bone has uh apparently left me alone on the panther's wagon the panther's ten win express bone has left the panther's ten win express that got feisty too adam really what why was there even the eight win i dropped the eight wins down with mac is back just can't back is now throw me away completely why was there even a 10 win express i'm i'm curious why was there even a 10 win express uh okay it's fine you can have one you can have a 10 win if we're going to talk about the panthers uh and also i'm going to ask you this because obviously if you think south carolina can compete at georgia that's entirely up to georgia uh and that was uh that was you bone who thinks that south carolina can compete at georgia uh who's better who would win right now neutral site south carolina or app state uh well i would have said a couple weeks ago app state was at a little bit of a crossroads and last week they proved that hey they're they're still at state but you know they beat a and m last year on the road and it didn't translate to them having a great conference season so i mean yeah if you base it off of last week although gardner web played them well the first week i mean if you go by last week yeah then and the opponent and it's app state back but i think that you know app state's got to prove that that they are legitimately still abstaining it's going to come in the next couple weeks and when i get the conference play what do you think this one how about how about we ask tarheel fans who scared them more let's do this tarheel fan stress test i feel like they say app state i well i think i actually think app is better the south south carolina could not run the ball a lick on carolina at good i think that's to me that's the eye test right there i did i thought south carolina's offensive line was uh exactly where were you this morning when i was talking to bone about the game talks where were you i was i was trying to get 92 7 so i could hear the fight uh but i uh but i missed it all right so uh fans were jumping off bridges in the preseason after a loss uh how uh how are fans handling uh mac how are fans handling two interceptions one turnover uh and a 14 point loss in atlanta are they still i know you're still optimistic uh i know uh i know bone isn't uh but how are fans handling this and not his fans panther fans have not really handled anything well really since cam newton was fully healthy exactly it's been about it's been about five or six years since i think we handled anything well um it's been a rough week man uh bone should read some of his favorite text off the wF&Z text line from the week it's gotten it's gotten ugly i do think as the week's going on i thought panther fans are getting better but then bone we had the freaking little matters of the serious jc horn injury we didn't know the severity of that uh until a couple days ago and then brady christiansen going on ir and realizing that it'll be at least a few weeks until they have one of their starting guards so uh i feel like the injuries kind of threw panther fans for like a loop all over again in the middle of the week yeah for the i'm not i'm not saying things are a little bit difficult right now but we spent a segment plus today on should the panthers trade for hunter renfro of the raiders so uh that's uh that's sort of the state of mind the panther fans right now are in still in its array over what they've seen in the matt rule era and what you know it was bad but until this team starts to show consistent offensive production until they get that role in and i said it in the preseason there needs to be some eye wash the fans even though it's a different regime different quarterbacks until the fans start to see the the plan come together everything goes back to justice this dark place that we were in and last week and they got brought back to that again with the turnover so until these fans start to see i think consistent offensive play they're always going to go back to the hell that was matt rule in the last couple years we're going to bring up a matt rule sound bite here in a second victoria get this the short version of the matt rule sound bite because i'm going to get to that in a second uh no it's you'll love it you'll love it and i i want you to have it we'll send it to you uh so you can use it for the rest of the season uh bryce young we're talking with mac and bone from 92 7 wfnz in charlotte uh there in the mornings when we get around to it uh my show airs in the in the evenings uh on uh on fnz so bryce young wants chunk plays so bone how do we get chunk plays out of this offense well there's not that many options dj shark the wideout they signed from the lions was injured in week one and the falcons could play to that last week there was no threat whatsoever down whatsoever down the field so they're all pro safety jesse base could really do what he wanted to do frank gray called it cheating cheating but you know in the sense of the position where he could just play up and it was all in the middle of the field and there wasn't a lot of creativity without charts so once chart gets in there at least it gives them a semblance of a threat mac and i were talking today it's almost like a team that doesn't shoot the three-point shot well in basketball and last week was that where the falcons just weren't almost packed in in the football way and there was no threat deep once char gets in there and they have to hit a couple until they hit a couple no one's going to respect the deep ball game with a panda so i think shark can help that but if he's not in there it is going to have to be really creative really schematic they're going to have to really go deep in their bag with the run game and all these other things because it's really shark and hopefully terrace marshall but besides that there are not a lot of options deep great basketball analogy by by the way i like because it's true hey if you can't stretch the defense but you got i think you got to the way they can do it uh and mac i know we we talk a lot about well you run to set up the pass but dave doorham was talking about play action pass killing them against notre dame isn't that what the panthers have to do dig in lean into uh keep pounding the hashtag and get to your identity oh there's no doubt about it i don't think they have you know we talked to michael lombardi this week on the show here in charlotte and and he his point was he wants to know what the identity is he says he watched in the preseason he watched in week one he he wants this team to establish an identity he says he hasn't seen it i think what you're talking about adam is what they want the identity to be you know frank reich has talked about it as this you know quarterback guru former quarterback but they ran the ball extremely well with jonathan taylor and indy they were i think the top 11 running team three of his first four years there so i think they want to run first throw the play action off of that what bones talking about what you were talking about in the first question though is the problem too like the running game is obviously hurt by the fact that you don't need to honor that deep passing game with two deep safeties you can easily put that eighth man in the box and give and maybe give the running game a hard time that could be the next twist is that we struggle to run the ball because we can't throw it deep so i'm with bone i think dj chart coming back is is the one big hope to kind of open things up a little bit but yeah i think the identity should definitely be run first no doubt about and they ran it pretty damn well last week even without the deep passing game and maybe maybe bryce young running a little more maybe not necessarily designed runs because that's not where he's best but bryce young out in space like russell wilson used to be think bryce young's legs can set up like it did against the lions in the preseason i thought bryce young's legs and throwing on the run and moving and it got him going can bryce young's legs open things up as well a little bit for the offense that is part of i think every nfl team's repertoire at this this time you know tom brady's out of the league everybody else can make plays with their legs speaking of tom brady um mac should the jets sign him hey carolina panthers fans chris lee and dennis cox here we're excited to offer you all the inside information on your team with the newest member of the capital broadcasting podcast network panthers playbook twice a week we'll keep you updated on your carolina panthers we're talking about lacquer room insight exclusive interviews and of course in-depth looks at all of the panthers wins touchdown carolina panthers playbook download and subscribe today at wrel sports or wherever you discover your favorite podcasts wait are you gaming on a chromebook yeah it's got a high res 120 hertz display plus this killer rgb keyboard and i can access thousands of games anytime anywhere stop playing what get out of here huh yeah i want you to stop playing and get out of here so i can game on that chromebook got it discover the ultimate cloud gaming machine a new kind of chromebook is this even a possibility he owns another team right nobody's talked about that i feel like the media is trying to like make this happen and and there is like zero chance of this actually zero because he owns part of the raiders it's the dumbest thing in the world that it's even been brought up it's nice as a jet as a jet fan how if that worked actually happened in your right deck the raiders thing it's almost like he owned a team just to stay retired in a way i wonder if that's part of the news was coming i want to avoid the jets i think as a as a long-time jet fan and trust me be nice to me here i've been through a lot in my last 39 years um do you know how many how much that guy has ruined most of my adult life and how much pride to the side i'd have to put to root do you guys think i just want to root for tom brady to win the jets yeah i'd root for him that would be weird though wouldn't it if you won a jet the championship how weird would that be hey darrell reavis didn't he win a super bowl with the uh with the patriots right yeah right forget that one too but thank you adam we talked sorry we talked to mike greenberg yesterday because legitimately when air rogers went down the first thing i thought about the very first thing was i hope greeny's okay i really wanted them to take these belt and shoelaces away because anything was on the table at that point given how much greeny had talked about um rogers and the jets and the offense and the super bowl which i don't even think the jets were a playoff team with aaron rogers i thought they were a contender for a playoff team but i didn't pick them to make the playoffs uh but greeny it was like being in a therapy session yesterday he he talked he talked his way through it he didn't want to hang up the phone he knew i was a sympathetic ear he did uh he did not want to hang up the phone by the way i'm getting a lot of we'll just say uh love letters air quotes from uh from some some fans in charlotte uh who don't like the fact that i have uh at least pointed some of the hypocrisy out about how north carolina argued so vehemently for restriction more restrictions on second time transfers and now this has come back to bite them i'm not saying that the ncaa was right they were they were wrong tes walker should have been eligible even by the new restrictions but is there an element of you get what you look for kind of thing mac by the way adam i yeah i'm glad that you i'm glad those love letters got directly to you because our text line was blowing up i thought you came on and said uh said go they did it let's go do chan or something i thought you had they were star heel fans were so mad at you really what a day that was send those to me i want to hear those i want to hear those we'll read them off to you next wednesday on your weekly spot i would absolutely love to hear them i mean what what why why are we afraid of all of look it's a very nuanced uh situation why are we afraid of all of the elements of the story we can't just pick and choose the things that we like i mean some of the like it wasn't just because mac brown in north carolina argued for more restrictions because they weren't the only ones there was like a hundred coaches that wanted more restrictions but i mean there were a whole bunch of stories written because mac was vocal about it like i feel like they wanted some restrictions though but i felt that they wanted maybe this was the problem i felt like they wanted restrictions with situational logic but maybe they should have known that situational logic is not going to come from the ncaa that they would just give you your restrictions and say nub letter of the law you asked for it i i just i just like david hale from espn made this i think he sent it out in the tweet adam and he made this analogy and i don't know you might you might not like this analogy but he said basically this would be like so you know someone asking for speeding laws but then when somebody does get caught for going like 10 miles an hour over the speed limit you you put them in prison for it you know what i mean like it just feels like yes they wanted more guidelines but it feels like like the ncaa always does there's no common sense there's no logic when it comes to enforcing your guidelines it seems like they just suck at that but maybe that's part of your point maybe your point was you asked this crappy organization you know what i mean to legislate this maybe that's part of your point i guess right because there's no there's no way you can know what the threshold is to meet the mental health uh benefit for tes walker to be granted eligibility based on the new rules based on the old guidelines which were in effect the time tes walker transferred and enrolled at north carolina his coach leaving would have been good enough right that your coach leaving for another school would have been good enough for you to get that second waiver when uh when the new guidelines went into effect and every school was told every school was told in march by the way just a reminder that were nobody's grandfathered in and these are the new rules every every school was told the only avenue unc had was the mental and emotional well-being of the athlete which i believe that tes walker meets the criteria but the ncaa clearly never bought it they were the only time they've ever been consistent was within this case they clearly never bought it i don't know why but i feel bad for the kids question is why in all these cases we've seen over the years why does it take them so long to get around to these cases as walker was in camp with the tardials and you know why why is this not done a month prior two months prior why do we do all these media days for all these conferences and then it's decided we do the voting and the media votes and all this stuff and then you take a player away why is this stuff not done in the late spring early summer why we see the basketball too once in a while where a player in november will be deemed ineligible or late october why and then you brought up the fact that and matt did about the charlotte tarheel fans being mad at adam hey welcome to my past 18 years fellas and look it's just a sign that you're doing it right that's all it is it's a say you have if you can get all of the school all of the local schools mad at you at the same time oh that is fantastic well that's that's that that's back them up is that what's going on it's it's beautiful no i i want state fans to think i'm a carolina fan carolina fans think i'm a duke fan and duke fans think that i'm a state fan or that i just hate duke because all of those things happen at the same time which means that i guess i'm just telling the truth which is apparently a sin uh in uh in many cases uh all right who wins or we'll get no this is the way we're going to close this matt rule had this to say after they lost to colorado by about a thousand like this this is kind of this is kind of what you get when you hire me you know i'm saying like this is what you kind of get do you have any problem with what matt rule just said no it sounds about right losing losing is what you get when you hire matt rule i see totally factual i when i you don't need the rest of that where he explains no our foundation is going to be built on rock no it's not what what are you talking about i i i can no longer tell the difference between dennis cox and the actual matt rule so i don't know if that was dennis if that was uh that matt rule i talked to dennis the other day uh his his impression is almost not you can't make up what matt rule might say next it's unbelievable this is what you get when you hire me you get you get beat you get beat by 28 or whatever that uh that score margin was uh by the way i've got northern illinois plus 11 at link in lincoln this weekend kind of like the uh kind of like the huskies to keep that one close uh but nebraska probably there you go uh that is uh chris mcclain travis hancock mac and bone 92 7 wfnz in charlotte from the morning show i'll talk to you guys wednesday if not before thank you very much for coming on and uh and having fun with us all right all right brother all right see you both all right man we'll see you it's a good thing these guys are talking again that would have been that would have been really icy i know save it just for us you know do you remember the point you you don't you're not old enough to know this for 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