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The highs and lows of the ACC schools after Week 4

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 25, 2023 3:16 pm

The highs and lows of the ACC schools after Week 4

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 25, 2023 3:16 pm

Roddy Jones, ESPN/ACC Network, on which ACC teams are more promising after Week 4 than expected and vice versa?

College GameDay is coming to Durham! When Roddy looks at the Duke Blue Devils, what does he see? What has Mike Elko done a great job for the Duke Blue Devils’ football team?  Moving on to Clemson and FSU. Adam saw some interesting irony with Dabo bringing on a new kicker, so does Roddy see it as well or is there more to it? How good is Miami, in Roddy’s opinion?


Is it possible that Georgia Tech is back? We don't have to talk a ton about it, but last time I saw Roddy Jones in a football uniform, it was a Georgia Tech uniform. And are your, are your guys, I asked this of Anish Sharaf, the voice of the Panthers, and he did the state Virginia game on Friday night. I asked him if his Syracuse orange were, were real, and he just wanted to brush it off. Is Georgia Tech like a factor?

It depends on your definition of a factor. First of all, thanks for having me on, man. It's always good to catch up. Um, this is a Georgia Tech team that has really done a lot of good things this season, uh, but has not been able to overcome what, to be honest, were better teams, Louisville and Ole miss. Um, but also have not been able to string together a full game. I'm not sure that they did that against wake forest either, but at the same time, it's a Georgia Tech team that is validated in getting an ACC win. It's a really like, I won't say there are really good team, but they are a good team that is going to be in just about every game.

So I am encouraged by what, what Brit key has done. I think when you look at that offense and the identity that they've sort of established the speed that they have on offense, um, with Jamal Haines and with, uh, and with, uh, EJ Singleton, I think that you have pieces to really build. They don't maybe have, or they may have a number one receiver in EJ Singleton, but he's not like a senior number one guy, third down and seven, go get me one. Um, but he could develop into that guy, but they've got a lot of guys that can contribute the running back room. I really like Hanes King is playing quarterback as well as anybody.

This side of Drake may Riley Leonard and Jordan Travis in the league. So I w I'm really encouraged by what I've seen from Georgia Tech this year. I think they could be a bowl team at the end of the year, but even if they fall just short of that, I think you've seen some real positives so far this season.

Here's what the way I look at it. They're going to be a problem for some of the teams on their schedule that have higher goals. Uh, and I think if you're Miami, don't fall asleep.

And if you're North Carolina and you're going to Atlanta, uh, you better bring it because that is not going to be, uh, an easy one at all. Roddy Jones, former yellow jacket, joining us on the Adam gold show now is star at ESPN. Uh, all right, let's, let's start college game day is coming to Durham. I'm going to talk to Dave Hart.

I mean, it's just awesome. I'm going to talk to Dave Harding of the Duke radio network, uh, coming up in about 45 minutes. Uh, but when you look at the blue devils, what do you see? Uh, I see a really well coached team that has significantly improved from a talent standpoint in Mike Elko short tenure. Um, it is, it is really a team that defensively they fly around and they, they, they have established the fact that they're going to be physical, they're going to be aggressive. Um, and they believe, they believe they belong on the field.

And, you know, this is sort of the, um, the hidden side of the transfer portal. I was, I've done a bunch of group of five versus power five games this year, James Madison versus Virginia Marshall, Virginia tech, uh, being two of them. And when you talk to those coaches, they tell you, yeah, our guys aren't intimidated by paying power five schools because we have 35 guys on our roster in the case of Marshall, 35 guys on our roster that have been a power five schools before. And so when you get a place, like when you get to a place like Duke and you've got guys on the roster that have been through the transition, but then you supplement it with guys that have been at Texas A and M that have been at a Clemson that have been at some really, uh, at some power five schools that expect to win, they expect to win.

They expect to have an identity. They're hungry for coaching. And so I really think Mike Elko has done a great job of establishing a culture of establishing a way to play of coaching his team really well. They're an excellent first and second down offense.

A lot of that's because of Ronnie Leonard. They are an excellent defense in terms of, uh, bringing the football down, literally tackling the football. They're really good at that.

It has an underrated skill defensively. So I love that game day is going there. I love the excitement that Mike Elko has gotten around that program. And honestly, if it weren't for Colorado sort of stealing all everybody's shine, I think more people will be talking about the job that Mike Elko is doing in Durham.

Well, they were talking about it possibly in East Lansing, where Michigan State's looking for a new head football coach, uh, after moving on from Mel Tucker and Mike Elko is opening up a ton of eyes. I go back to the first game against Clemson and I know that there, you know, it was a weird fourth quarter and Clemson feels like they should have won all of that. But the really, the thing that really jumped out to me was that Duke looked like they belonged on the field with Clemson. They were not overwhelmed by anything the Tigers did.

Uh, they went toe to toe with them. They've got depth on the defensive line. They've got, uh, a number of good players in the secondary. They have depth there. Uh, and if you can be good on the defensive line and good in the secondary in college football, I mean, that's, that's enough to be good defensively. And I think they need to run it better, but I enjoyed what I saw. Let me ask you about Clemson and Florida State, um, because I did think there was, there was some delicious irony in Dabo Sweeney insisting that he hadn't lost faith in Robert Gunn, yet they brought a kicker in from, I don't know, some economics class, uh, who had walked on the last four years and was about to take a job in New York City and move, uh, but they needed a kicker to kick short field goals. And then he went and missed the 29 yard field goal. I feel sorry for the kid, uh, but there was something ironic about that.

And then Florida State wins the game in overtime. That's just, could be me being petty. Do you think that's me being petty? Oh, sorry. You cut out at the very end.

I do not think that's better. You know, the, I think the irony of it all is that he stuck with, stuck with DJ Urengo away for two whole years. And you know, it's kicker, uh, Robert Gunn who came in highly touted. He sticks with him for three games and then goes against the guy off the street for the Florida state game. Like that, I don't necessarily understand. I get it's a different position. Uh, when you're changing the quarterback as opposed to the kicker, like you barely notice as a player, when they change the kicker, everybody notices when they change the quarterback. Um, but in that situation, I don't know how you take a guy who had never kicked the college field goal before, uh, despite being on the team and kicking some extra points and you stick them in a Florida state game. I just don't know how you do that.

And it ended up biting them. You know, I think Davo has earned the benefit of this out in a lot of ways, but that doesn't mean we can't question decisions that are being made. Like, this is not the offense that Garrett Riley was running at PCU. Why is that? This is not, um, you know, this is not the Clemson team that we've become accustomed to at the wide receiver position.

Why is that? Well, I think both of those things that go back to Davos Sweeney, the there's talk about Garrett Riley, um, having to make concessions about running the air raid when he got to Clemson, because that's not what Davo wanted, which, you know, kind of plays to their strengths, the running backs are their strengths, but then the wide receiver position, the difference in that game Clemson outplayed Florida state in that game. You look at the statute, you look at play by play like Clemson was the better team. And yet Florida state had the best, had the best players on the field and they made the difference. Key on Coleman made the difference. He's a transfer from Michigan state Kaylin Deloach's play. Um, while Kaylin Deloach is in a transfer, all the guys around him trot into the end zone. We're transfers, take the buffoon transfer, break this transfer.

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K K Club. It made the right read. There were two guys for Florida state over there to defend three guys for Clemson. He made the right read the freshmen receiver and the junior receiver messed up the blocks or else item Randall gets the first down. Well, that could have been a fifth year senior receiver and a fourth year junior receiver instead, but, but they're not old at the receiver position.

So it is a costing. Yeah, it's, it's, it is interesting. Um, I actually thought I was never sold on Cade Klubnick, but I thought he looked like he was a guy that you could, that could take you where you needed to go. If the rest around him at receiver were better there, you're not going to find a better running back in the league than Will Shipley. I mean, he is, I mean, I, I actually am afraid for him because he's carrying a ball so much. I worry about a pro career. I worry about the tires having no tread on it when he finally gets to the NFL. But I, cause I think he's that good, but man, he is taking some abuse while he is still in college.

Um, all right. How good is Miami Roddy Jones? I think Miami is very good. Um, I think they're good enough to make it to the ACC championship game. Now they've got Clemson later on this year. They've got Florida state later on this year. So the schedule may prevent it, but they've gotten so much better on the offensive line. Tyler Van Dyke looks incredibly comfortable. They've established that they have death at receiver so that even if you take away one guy, you know, Xavier Restrepo or Colby Young or Jacoby George or brush on Smith, like all of those guys that made plays so far this year.

Um, Hey, heck Eliza Horton's made plays for him at receiver as well. So I think they're a very good team now. Can they survive it down the stretch and play well week in and week out that's remained to be seen, but they've gotten so much better on the defensive side of the ball and defensive line in that linebacker that I really liked this Miami team. And I think in a wide open ACC, like there's, you could legitimately convince me that Clemson, um, well, this is, this is Florida state. We're assuming for us, they get to the ACC, but you could convince me that Clemson, North Carolina, Miami, Louisville, Duke, and then maybe an outside flyer on like an NC state. You probably couldn't convince me of that yet, but, but I think you legitimately could convince me that five games could make the ACC championship game opposite Florida state, which is really great for the league and Miami's squarely in there.

Oh, there's no question. The next three games for them are, I think very interesting home against Georgia tech. They have a bi-week this week home against Georgia tech. Then they are up here in Chapel Hill and then they are home against Clemson. Um, there's, there are, Miami is absolutely one of those teams that could be opposite, uh, Florida state in the ACC title game. And if it's Miami, Florida state, it only took about 18 years to get here.

Uh, and that would be amazing. Roddy Jones. It's called playing the long game, Adam Gold playing the long game. Patience. We just needed patience.

Why didn't John Swofford tell us that then? Uh, Roddy Jones, I appreciate your time, my friend. I'll talk to you soon. Yeah. Thanks, man. Have a good one. You got it.

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