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What you may have missed in the sports world over the weekend…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 26, 2023 3:36 pm

What you may have missed in the sports world over the weekend…

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 26, 2023 3:36 pm


USMNT scratches out a draw with Jamaica 1-1

–fell behind 1-0, almost 2-0 on a penalty kick but Matt Turner made a save and then they got lucky

–Brandon Vazquez with the equalizer in the 88th minute off a bad defensive play

Six players made their debuts in official competition: Aidan Morris, Alan Soñora, and John Tolkin, and substitutes Cade Cowell, Jalen Neal and Brandon Vazquez.

–they got some Usain Bolt looking dudes on their team…Jamaica looked like they should be good

How the hell is Qatar in CONCACAF?

-how does Haiti have a team?

-we’re in a group with St. Kitts and Nevis and Trinidad and Tabago…but somehow that’s only two teams….next up St. Kitts and Nevis Wednesday night


Jordan Staal signed to a 4-year deal that could? take him to the end of his career

The Carolina Hurricanes signed captain Jordan Staal to a four-year contract worth $11.6 million, the team announced Sunday. The forward's new deal includes a no-movement clause for three seasons and a no-trade clause for the final season in 2026-27.

Staal, 34, was set to become an unrestricted free agent Saturday.


Dundon said (on this show I believe) that it was a certainty they would be keeping him

-Now we need to go get another Staal


Tony DeAngelo back?

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic reports that it is likely because of some hesitation from the NHL, over potential cap circumvention. DeAngelo was meant to go to Carolina with the Flyers retaining some salary, but since he was traded from the Hurricanes less than a year ago, it raised some red flags.

As LeBrun explains, this isn’t exactly a regular situation. The Hurricanes traded him as an RFA, meaning they didn’t sign this contract, and Daniel Briere, the Flyers’ GM, wasn’t in place yet when Philadelphia inked this deal. There’s no real circumvention here, just a player that has worn out his welcome and a team looking to create cap space.

The league is expected to meet with both teams in Nashville this week for the draft, where they will have to decide. Either sign off on it early, or force the teams to wait until July 9, when the calendar year since last summer’s trade would be up.


College World Series

LSU wins game 1, Florida puts up 24 runs last night

Championship tonight

-guy pitching for LSU best in college baseball…about to pitch for 3rd time in 9 days, over 110 pitches every time

-we don’t care how much dudes throw in college


Travelers Championship - Keegan Bradley -21 through 3 rounds

Rickie Fowler shot a 60

–this was one of those tournaments where you say “ok, maybe the game is too easy for the pros”


Goodson will tell you how many strokes you need to make a good score

Keegan Bradley faded down the stretch but holding on


The Rockies won their weekend set with the Angels with a minus-20 run differential for the series - the 2nd-largest negative run differential for a team that won a series in MLB history (1897 Louisville Colonels won a series vs CHI with minus-23 run diff.).

Rockies won 7-4 on Friday and 4-3 yesterday….but lost 25-1 on Saturday


And just so you know, that MLB game was the Angels and Rockies, 25 to 1. Oh yeah, I'm gonna come back to that. Brutal.

Yes, Rockies got womped even though they ended up winning the series, they got killed on point differential. But yes, our fearless captain, Jordan Stahl. Here's an interesting question. Which Stahl places higher in like the caniac pantheon of players, right? Oh, well now it's definitely Jordan. Jordan's pet. Eric has a cup. I know. Eric, I believe was Rookie of the Year, right?

Yeah. Rookie of the Year, had a cup. Jordan's got more years with us now, but I'm just saying, it's like, you forget the years where Eric Stahl was the show in town.

If he gets a cup, then for sure. And he was a hot rookie on a World Cup. I think he was a rookie on a Stanley Cup team. But Jordan Stahl signs a four year contract with $11.6 million. Let's let somebody who knows more about hockey than I.

Bob McKenzie telling you what the deal was. Jordan Stahl has signed a four year $11.6 million extension to remain with the Carolina Hurricanes. The 34 year old was set to become an unrestricted free agent July 1st. Stahl's new contract carries a full no move for the first three years and full no trade clause for the final season.

Yeah, that's right. No, he ain't going nowhere. No movement clause for three seasons and a no trade clause for the final season, 26-27.

Now, I thought it was obvious that this would be his final contract, but he's only 34. You got Brent Burns out there skating at 40. We'll get to Jordan Stahl on that in just a second. Here's, I'm not smart enough to break down hockey for you, but I have started to learn some of the beauty of Jordan Stahl. Specifically, this always comes up in the playoffs when home ice advantage matters.

One of the things that matters is you have the ability to dictate matchups more, right? And basically what Jordan Stahl does is he makes life very, very, very, very difficult for the other team's best scorer. He's a great face-off guy, and the more you have the puck, the more you can do with it.

The more the other team doesn't have the puck, the things they can't do with it. And he's always the guy who if, you know, when we ask the robot overlords to write our sports stories now, they'll be like, Jordan Stahl did not score any goals. And so it's like, oh, Jordan Stahl doesn't score a lot. He's not worth anything. And every teammate and coach will be like, Jordan Stahl might be our most important player.

I mean, not really. You obviously do get to score goals, but he just does so many contributing things that contribute to winning hockey, that he is one of the most important players that the Canes have. And he's just been like rock solid. He has.

He's missed some time, but I don't remember him missing any playoff time. You can just tell he's a good leader. He's just a good guy to lean on. And obviously, if you look at the relationship between, I think he's been a captain mostly the entire time that Rod Brind'Amour has been there. And that relationship has worked well. It's like how to disseminate the Brind'Amour culture within the Canes.

Jordan Stahl as the conduit is the captain. Obviously, exactly what the team needs and wants because it's been five successful seasons now. Getting, I like to make sure people know this, not just getting to the playoffs, getting out of the first round every single time. That is big.

Eventually, it'll break. They'll win a Stanley Cup. Let's hear from Jordan Stahl, who took some time out of his Sunday to hop on to Zoom. He was asked about his initial reaction to this new contract. Yeah, obviously, it's where I wanted to be. And I feel like we've got some unfinished business and just super excited to be part of the organization and this group of guys and just everything about it just fit exactly what I wanted to finish off my career with.

So I'm excited about it and it's going to be a lot of fun and a lot of good future memories. And hopefully a Stanley Cup. I would have liked to have promised a Stanley Cup.

That's not really Jordan Stahl's style, but, you know, whatever it would have been. Optimistic, though. All right. As I said, when I heard he announced a four year deal in my I was writing down notes like this. I'm preparing for the show, Victoria.

I'm on the Google Doc writing. Yeah. And I'm right. Jordan Stahl signed a four year deal that will likely take him to the end of his career. And then I went looked up his age and I was like, well, maybe not.

I know. Maybe not. I could sit for four years and start doing some one year deals after that. He was asked about how he envisioned if he envisions this as his last contract.

Talking to his family about that very subject. Yeah. I mean, there's not a whole lot of guys that keep playing after this contract, but we'll see when we get to the end of it. But obviously, you know, it's until the end of my career. But yeah, I'm ready to grind.

I'm ready to play. And I feel like I feel really good about my game. And I feel like I can help the team for the rest of this contract and I'm going to do my best, my abilities.

And if it doesn't work out, doesn't work out. But I believe I can do it. So I'm excited about the deal and where this team's headed in the direction. I'm just happy a part of it.

So there is obviously something about fiscal breakdown. Right. But that's I mean, I'm not being mean. No, you just age.

It's just life. That's begun. For a dude after 31, that's begun. And so the question becomes, and we talked about Brent Burns specifically, he's pushing 40 now, right? I mean, he's definitely 30. He's not 40. And we've seen other players.

I mean, obviously Tom Brady recently was playing football at 45. There is a physical aspect of it. It's a very physical sport. There's also things that you, you know, knowledge, experience you accrue can, you know, knowing when you know the bounce off the boards of every single inch of PNC arena, then that makes up for maybe a tenth of a second of skate speed. Right. Like you can bounce these things out.

To me, it really does come down to more mentally. I've heard interviews with athletes and retired athletes and the different, you know, the guys that as soon as the season's done or as soon as they take their week vacation, all of a sudden they're still fired up to begin that workout program in freaking July or whatever it is. And that first time that you're like, I knew I needed to start my workout program. And I was like, man, I would, I'd rather just play another round of golf. Then you're like, that's it.

That's how you knew it was done. So that time thankfully has not come for Jordan stall. And unfortunately there will come a time when he'll be done.

He was asked specifically about whether or not he thought about retiring after this past season. Yeah, I think, um, I mean, at the end of the year before, I guess you guys asked that question and my whole life thought process in my brain for when I signed that 11 years in Carolina was, you know, like I said, I wanted to finish that contract and, um, and, and still finish playing well and playing hard. And, um, and then obviously see what happened after that.

And, um, so I never really thought much of it. And, but once, uh, once it was done, obviously it, I mean, the way it ended too, and, and the way I was playing, I felt like I could still contribute to the, to the group and really help, uh, help a really good team win a cup. So, um, I wanted to, yeah, I wanted to keep going and, um, and, uh, I'm ready for it. My family's ready for it. We love Carolina. Like, uh, my kids love it there. And, um, it's just been, um, such a blessing to be a part of such a great organization for so long.

And, um, just happy to be, uh, still kicking the cannon and, and giving another, uh, undertake out, uh, trying to get another run here. The other thing that Jordan stall is doing here that he doesn't really know he's doing, and I'm trying to think of like a comparison. It's not quite the same, but like the canes almost are this like green becoming this like green Bay Packers type franchise where like, no, these guys growing up wanting to play in Toronto and Boston and New York and Chicago, like the, you know, maybe Pittsburgh. Right. Um, those are where they saw stars play, uh, or any of the Canadian teams and the 10, you know what I mean? That's where a lot of these guys saw things play.

And so I think, you know, people say, why would you ever want to play in Raleigh, North Carolina? Right. But when you start seeing dudes that are well respected and they've played in a lot of places and won a lot of places like Justin Williams, he's like, you know, actually I'd like to end my career in Carolina or Jordan stall is going to end up spending so many times, so many years here and basically probably not even look that hard to be go somewhere else. Right. I'm not saying he took a hometown deal.

I can't evaluate this contract on money terms. I'll let Adam gold do that for you. Um, but like, you know, just, I don't think he's looking at hard rod Brendan Moore, same way.

We almost laugh. I'm not saying that rod Brendan Moore, especially if he were able to give Carolina cup and feel like he maybe was closing a chapter, you know, and then the, the bright lights of Toronto or some glitzy franchise, the New York Rangers maybe would attract him. But him being a well-respected, well-regarded coach that kind of is like, nah, I don't really want to play anywhere else except here. Um, you know, and then, and then again, Jordan, guys like Jordan stall, that makes it more, uh, likely that guys like Brent burns who are like, you know what?

I don't want to deal with any of the BS. I want to go to a well-run organization. That's also probably doing well and going to get me to the playoffs.

Where's a good place I can do that. And then if you throw in things that the best fans, well, yeah, yeah, passionate, but also I was going to say things like things that players like, like. Barbecue golf courses that are close by. Uh, you know, you could be in nature, not like mountains, one direction beach, the other. Well, I think a lot of these depth, like a Brent burns doesn't want, I guess some mountains, but he wants like space where no one else is.

You can find that far somewhere. Um, yeah, not much left in Wake County. So, um, we will talk to either trip Tracy or my meniscalco or maybe both in the next couple of days, we've got the NHL draft. So we will invite those guys by to break down not only the draft, but, uh, but Jordan stalls new contract and what it means for the canes, obviously just a huge win for canes organization.

Um, so also a guy who, you know, brings no drama doesn't care if he's a first line, second line, third, he's like, whatever, put me down whoever and we'll make stuff happen. Uh, interestingly enough, there was other canes transactional news this weekend about a player that people like to talk about a very familiar name. Tony D'Angelo, it was reported was going to be traded back to the canes from the flyers, but then things got a little hairy. Things got held up and it has nothing to do with Tony D'Angelo being kind of a somewhat controversial figure. Here's nobody ever asks about take on these things, but here's, here's, I feel like Tony D'Angelo, he said some stupid, ignorant, ugly, vile things. I think as a, as a, as a kid, right? As a, I think he was a teenager and he should be punished for those and those are wrong and everyone can condemn the things he said.

You can read about if you want. Then one time he punched a teammate. That's an awful thing. And I think he's been punished fairly severely. If you go look at like what money Tony D'Angelo was making, he lost a lot of money. Right?

I mean, when you go look at how we punish people in society, like, yeah, we sent some people to jail, but like paying millions of dollars is a pretty big punishment for decent amount of people. Right? So I tend to see Tony and, and, and the time that since he signed with the Carolina hurricanes, I'm not saying I've paid close attention, but I feel like I would have heard about him doing something bad or ugly other than having espousing political views that you or I may not believe with, uh, agree with.

Right. Um, and so I, I've moved past Tony D'Angelo's past and I'm now judging him merely on his present and it seems like the Carolina hurricanes are too, especially, and I know this isn't the right way to think about it, but also in sports, especially when they think they can get a pretty good deal on him. So the first time they signed him for the Rangers, they signed him at a pretty cheap deal cause he needed to repair his image and get back in the league and he was looking for any place he could do it. So they were, they got good value out of him. I think he's kind of talked about as not a great defender and maybe it was helped by the fact that I think he was playing with Jacob Slavin, but he did a pretty good job of quarterbacking a power play and I think that's what the Carolina hurricanes won. Carolina hurricanes might also say, yes, we see he was not great in Philadelphia last year, but we know what he is and we think in our system he could serve a certain purpose and I respect the people making those decisions to see that. However, the league has stepped in and said, hold on a second here. Not so fast because what happened is we trade D'Angelo to the flyers, they signed him to a deal, then they were going to send him back to us and they were retaining a bunch of his salary and basically we've seen this now in the Dundon era and Dundon will probably give more credit to Waddell, but like Dundon's the owner. A lot of the hurricane's moves work out.

Now the Kokan Yemi one, maybe they'll take a little more time. Maybe he would still be seen as maybe not quite worth the contract we're paying him, but it was one of those things where we knew we were going to have to overpay a little bit and long term we'll see what the Kokan Yemi six year run with the canes looks like and how much we paid him and what it was worth, right? But we tend to like we'll trade nothingness and we'll get a guy who's been all of a sudden like contributing for us like we see him do pretty well and so it's going so well that the NHL is like, hold on, hold on.

Wait a minute. I think you guys are too good at trading. So D'Angelo was meant to go to Carolina with the flyers retaining some of his salary, but since his trade from the hurricanes was less than a year ago, it raised some red flags. Pierre LeBron at the athletic explained that this is not a regular situation. The hurricanes traded him as a restricted free agent, meaning that the canes didn't sign his contract.

And Daniel Brier, the flyers GM wasn't in place yet when Philadelphia signed him to a deal. So it's, I don't think that anybody's doing anything officially shady. It sounds like they're going to sit down and talk and the league is either going to say, yeah, you can do it or you can't.

But interesting situation. Nonetheless, I'd like to see like when they sit down to talk, I want the league to be there and I want it to be like a face off, like the owners who whoever have to like sit in a scrub. Alright, what do you trade? What do you trade?

What do you trade? So those are the reports. And again, we do have the NHL draft this week.

That's why a lot of transactions will be happening now. Next up, getting out the gate. We mentioned it already. LSU won the first game. Florida put up 24 runs last night.

So we get the championship game tonight. The guy at Pigeon Free LSU is like the best pitcher in college baseball. He's pitching for the third time in nine days.

I love how, you know, like in the pros, like if, if we signed some dude to a hundred million dollar contract, that's probably not even a lot these days, to a five hundred million dollar contract because he's so good. Like we count his pitches very, very carefully and he throws like 70 and we're like, oh, you're done. You're done. If he's like striking out everyone, we got a no hitter, perfect game on that.

Nope, nope, nope, nope. In college, we don't give a crap. We roll those dudes back up there. We're like, take, take six Advil, ice it up and let's go.

Throw buddy, throw. That's what they do. So the LSU guy is, I think LSU is a slight favorite cause he's supposed to shut him down, but I don't know. It's crazy that LSU played a game through 10 innings that was 0-0 against Wake Forest. And then they play a game with 24 runs.

I guess it matters who's pitching. And next up getting out of the gate, the Travelers Championship. Yes, that's what it's come to. We're breaking down the travel. I'm trying to stay true to the gold show, baseball, hockey, and golf. I mean, that is the essence of the Adam Gold show.

That's what we're doing here. The Travelers Championship, which is a noted, well attended, like a lot of the top pros play it, PGA Tour stop, right? It has been maybe one of the poster boys for the, has the game gotten too easy for the good people?

And should they be like playing with a restricted ball? Because it just looks like they're playing video game golf. They're just driving at 400 yards, then like dropping the ball with a wedge 10 feet from the hole and then making the punt. Not just the winner, everyone's doing it. Like you look at, Keegan Bradley won and he got, it only became interesting because he fell apart and shot a 68, right? And he still won by three strokes.

Rickie Fowler had a 60 at one point, could add a 59. You don't see a lot of those. I'm not saying that we need to restrict the ball. I don't know. I just feel like maybe there's other ways we can make the game harder. We start putting, could we put like put put elements on the green? It's like you hit the green, but oh sorry, you're you know behind the windmill. So this birdie putt's not gonna be as easy as you think.

I don't know what. Keegan Bradley, by the way, he set a 54 hole record at the Travelers Championship and it was kind of cool because he's from the Northeast and this tournament is from the Northeast. So apparently a bunch of Northeast pros went off.

It felt like he was, felt like Webb Simpson winning the window, right? Winning in North Carolina. That was Keegan Bradley, you know, their states aren't as big up there. So even though he's from Vermont, winning a tournament in Connecticut, that's a big deal.

Down here we have bigger states. We don't really know what that's like. But Keegan Bradley reminded me of my good friend Josh Goodson, who joined us on Friday and will probably stop by again. Josh, in many ways, he's a great golf partner. He pays for a lot of rounds.

That's always nice. He is a gimme master. He will knock your ball away from the hole and give you the putt many, many times. But the one way in which Goodson is a bad guy, and it reminded me of Keegan Bradley yesterday, is he is not afraid to, like let's say you got four or five holes left and you, you know, you don't know exactly what your score is because you're not, you know, you're trying not to pay attention, but you know you've been playing well.

You haven't had a lot of six, sevens or eights on your card. Just a lot of pars and bogeys, not a lot of doubles, maybe even a birdie in there and you're like, I got a decent score going. My good friend Josh Goodson will be a bad guy and start being like, hey, do you want to know how many shots you need to break? In my case, it's often break 90 or even sometimes he'll be like, do you know how many shots, you know, you know what you could do to break 85 coming down the stretch here?

Which of course, after he tells you that, is when you start falling apart and not doing the things you needed to do. That was Keegan Bradley yesterday. He's playing some of the best golf of his life. Certainly most recently through 54 holes, he's just crushing everyone. And then with like five holes to go, things start going bad. And literally he's so far ahead. You could start thinking like, do you even, should you even be trying to play regular golf or should you just be playing safe golf playing for fives every hole?

Because the only way you can lose is if you had sixes and sevens. But that was Keegan Bradley. Finally down the stretch, he knuckled down.

Change of topics in the middle of the thing here now. Now he knuckled down, hit a ball close to the green, safely got in and he still won by like three strokes. So, but it was, it's always interesting when you see professional golfers looking like average golfers. And that was Keegan Bradley for a short stretch at the end of the Travelers Championship. And finally, like we said, how do the Rockies feel about this past weekend? Because they won their weekend set with the Angels.

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And for bigger jobs, try the superior strength of Hefty Large Black Bags. They won 7-4 on Friday and 4-3 yesterday. But in between, they lost 25-1. That's the second largest negative run differential for a team that won a series in MLB history. The last time, the only time there's been more, was in 1897 when of course we all remember the Louisville Colonels won a series versus Chicago with a minus 23 run differential. Speaking of baseball, keeping it true to the gold show and the heat of summer, talking baseball.
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