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Is this better for the Jets or Packers?

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April 25, 2023 4:04 pm

Is this better for the Jets or Packers?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 25, 2023 4:04 pm

Did either team come out winning more than the other? Can the Jets become the team they want to be? What’s something that’s going a little underrated in this deal? What are the predictions for the Jets winning the AFC now? Does this create a sense of urgency to get THIS person signed?

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Will Brinson, senior NFL writer, CBS pick six podcast guy, man who invented the format.

He joins us. So the Jets are now the greatest team in NFL history, correct? Yep. Your favorite quarterback. You people know that. I mean, I know you quit Aaron Rodgers, but are people aware that you quit the Jets for Aaron Rodgers several years ago? And now in what can only be described as, um, you know, a fate or something, something larger than fate, maybe, um, you know, Aaron Rodgers and the Jets reunited. It's wild to me how, uh, do you, I mean, do you have a specific question you want to ask about the trade package? Cause I was going to offer an opinion, but I'll just go, no, just go, go, go.

You're you're on a roll. I mean, like, well, I thought that, yeah, I figured that was fine. I thought, I thought that, I mean, personally, the deal was, is great for the Packers. I can't believe what they got. Um, you were talking about, you get a second round pick this year.

I believe it's number 43 overall was reported 42, either way, either 42 or 43. That's a really good pick, particularly in this draft where there's not a ton of top end talent. There's a bunch of meat, like, like middle-class meat, if you will, probably a phrase I should abandon using. Um, but there's a bunch of, like, there's a bunch of good players in that like 15 to 60 range who you're going to get a good player there. If you're green Bay, wouldn't be surprised at all. If they took a wide receiver there, of course they may just take a wide receiver, a tight end at 13, which they got from the jets and they swapped 13 and 15.

That, that, that in particular feels like, like a point of pride. If I'm the jet, I'm like, no, I'm just not doing that swap. Uh, but then the biggest kicker to me, Adam, is that the patent, the jets gave up a conditional second round pick in 2024. There's not one like the Brett Favre pick.

That was a forest that became a third. If they made the playoffs a second, if they made the championship game and a first, if they made the super bowl, I believe this instead is a second round pick guaranteed to the Packers next year in 2024, that becomes a first. If Aaron Rogers placed 65% of the snaps or more for the jets in 2023, just for context, I believe only twice in his career as the starter has Rogers failed to play 65% of the snaps. And really the only way you'd see, um, like, uh, I think the culture that kind of tried to do this, of course, and whether or not, of course it was about Ryan was like, but it makes me like, we're going to shut Rogers down and make sure he doesn't get the 65% of the snaps is that they start like three, like one in five, you know, and they're just absolutely terrible.

And at that point, everybody's getting fired anyway. So this is very much a boom or bust proposition for the jets and a really, really good haul for the Packers who, I mean, quite frankly, I thought we'd be looking at a big time conditional pick, um, right. Followed by a, uh, a situation in which they, you know, they get some kind of, um, you know, like a, like a, like a second round pick from the, from the pack or from the jets, excuse me.

So first of all, I thought it would be two seconds and ultimately it's, it's, uh, it's a second and a first because it will be a first. I do wonder if the jets in conversations with Rogers, uh, have felt like they've gotten more assurance that this is not going to be a one-year deal. I would think so. Yes. That would be, that would be pretty foolish if not.

Right. So if they get some assurance that from Rogers, not, not that that would matter really, cause he could do whatever he wants and that's fine. Uh, if they could get some assurance that it would be two years, then okay, that you could stomach that a little bit better. Uh, but it, it really comes down to if the jets become as good as the jets think they're going to be, then that first round pick next year is still very late. You know, the jets hope that pick is in the thirties next year.

And that's the way they're approaching it is my guess, uh, just to, let's say high, let's say high twenties, high twenties, anything over 27. Right. Um, just to clarify, I think you made the case of the jets. Yeah. In the number 27 next year, if that's 20, 24, big is over 27, 27 or higher, even 26 or higher. Yeah.

Even 24 higher. You could make the case. That means they made the playoffs, man. The jets haven't made the playoffs forever. They are desperate to make the playoffs. This makes the jets relevant for a single season. And I think one of the things that's sort of underrated here too, is the fact that you know, Woody Johnson, according to reports and sort of some buzz around the league is not a huge Robert Sala fan and maybe not a huge Joe Douglas fan.

Remember these guys were hired while Woody was off. That's right. The Irish ambassador for one Donald Trump, whatever the that's right.

Donald J Trump. Yes. There's a J there.

Yeah. He was being a tremendous, tremendous ambassador. Um, the point being is what he was off cavorting around or like Europe doing ambassador stuff. And Christopher Johnson, his brother was running the team. And when Woody came back, Christopher had hired Joe Douglas had hired Robert Sala. They're a part of this rebuild. Woody is egotistical and stupid enough to want to have his own stamp on the jets when they win. And when he gets back and suddenly he's trying to get involved, of course he clashes with Sala and Douglas. And of course you end up with a situation where, you know, maybe these guys are on the hot seat, even though they're clearly doing a good job of slowly rebuilding the jets outside of the Zach Wilson debacle.

Um, so in that, in, in that sense, you know, you kind of really didn't have a whole lot of choice. If you're the jets, you had to make sure this Aaron Rogers thing's happened. Cause if not, you're trotting out Zach Wilson as your starter going to training camp and everybody's getting fired that way. There's there is no question about that. So, uh, look, I know they're like people like Dan Orlovsky have gone overboard. They have already put the jets in the class of the chiefs and the Bengals and the bills.

And I laugh at that. Maybe it's because for, uh, let's see, like 51 years of my life, I was, I was a jets fan, right? I went, that's right. I went, I went to games, home games at Shea stadium. And then at the Meadowlands, I never went to a home game at MetLife. Uh, cause, uh, I had already moved away and the jets weren't worth driving home or flying home to go to a football game. Uh, so, but five years ago I divorced myself of the jets because they're not worth the time. People should have that, that attitude about their favorite teams. If your favorite teams continue to disappoint you, get rid of them. Find another market.

You're preaching this too. I understand. I want everybody to be happy. And if your favorite team is not making you happy, find another way to be gold. So, uh, so I chose cause I thought Aaron Rogers was fun. I chose, Hey, I'll just be a fan of a player. I'm kind of fans of athletes anyway, so I'll just be a fan of Aaron Rogers.

And then Rogers became like what he's become. So I got rid of him too. So yeah, yes, I have no, I have no acts to grind with the jets. I just, they're any other NFL team to me.

You need to do what I do. People are like, Branson's a Panthers fan. He's bad.

I'm like, really? I don't care about the Panthers. One. I was a Philip Rivers fan. He retired Matthew Stafford fan. And then, and, and, but all along, like all I do is whoever I pick to win the super bowl for CBS That's the team I root for that year. Because if they win, I was smart. That's right. Just do that. Pick a team to win the super bowl.

Just root for that team every year. It is, it is as someone who has undergone some fall trauma over the last 20 something years. Yes. Although it's been better lately.

Shout out to Dave Dorn and his staff. Yeah. Um, I would, I would, I would, um, you know, occasionally it's nice to have a winner. So just, you know, mix it up. I mean, I wasn't getting a ton of that, uh, during my jets fandom. So I decided to ditch them and that's fine or any of that. Yeah.

It got a little, we had, we, there were a couple of years, man, to your point about her lofty and stuff though. I think it is. Um, if people are looking at the markets for the jets, I think that, um, minus one 50 to make the playoffs is kind of interesting. You have three wildcard spots. The AFC is loaded though. Um, you have a, the jets are seven to one to win the AFC, which is just a terrible, like that, that price is horrendous when you have Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, uh, you have the bingles, you know, you have the Jaguars who are on the up and up.

Um, you know, you have the chargers who are going to charge her, but the AC is so packed that seven to one is wild to me. I didn't think two to one to win the AFC East is very reminiscent of last off season when the chiefs ended up being plus one 60, because everybody was buying in on the Raiders and the chargers and, um, and, uh, the Broncos who traded for Russell Wilson in very similar situations plus like plus one 35 to, uh, you know, to, to win that, to win that division. I think Buffalo is still by far and away the best team in that division.

I a hundred percent agree. I think Buffalo's got flaws. Um, but every, every team in the NFL is flaws because the best team is Kansas city and three rookies to win the super bowl and just happen to have Patrick Mahomes.

I mean, everybody's got flaws. Can I bet the Patriots to finish last in that division? Is that, that would be an interesting bet. Look, I think, I think the jets will be, I think the jets will be good.

I really do. I don't think the jets will be, they're not going to be at the, at the level of those other teams. I think it'll be a wildcard team. I like, I, I, I will, along with everybody else in the free world, we'll probably pick them to be a wildcard team. I think they're definitely the second best team in the ASC East right now with the addition of Aaron Rogers and like for as much fun as we made about Nathaniel Hackett and man, was it fun to make fun of him last year at Russell Wilson debacle, um, as his, you know, like he, like he grew a goatee, I think at some point like Greg Williams during Downey gate or after boundary gate, um, just to try and like shake people off his tail. That's not me.

It's somebody else. Um, you know, this is a guy who was calling the place for Aaron Rogers or was the OC for Aaron Rogers at the very least when he went back to back MVPs. And now, so like, even if you think hack is a joke for what he did in Denver, you do have a situation where Rogers, it's not like Rogers has to go to a new building and learn an entirely new system. He's going somewhere new. He's going to, some of the same weapons are going to be there. You have to anticipate they'll bring in Randall Cobb.

They already signed Allen Lazard. You know, you have a, um, you have a system that is going to be in place that he's going to be familiar with. And so he's going to be able to like, and I also think that, um, a lot of times we sort of underrate the rejuvenation of NFL quarterbacks, especially older NFL quarterbacks when they get to new, like new spots. And Ross is kind of an aberration there really, because he, if his struggles in the sense that he, you know, he showed up and he like had his own, but he basically was like running the Broncos last year. Whereas you see like Philip Rivers goes to the cult and just sort of, you know, you just get these new surroundings.

You do a little, you know, you get a little, you know, inspired changing life can inspire you sometimes. And then add on the fact that Eric Rogers is one of the most spiteful Mofos on the planet. And he's going to want to, like, he's going to want to do really well with the Jets and shove it in the Packers face.

So, uh, a little bit, I'm, I'm not a believer in history that, that tells a story about what's going forward. Uh, but going back the last Green Bay Packer quarterback who went to the Jets, uh, after his career ended in green, right. Very, very similar, but until Brett Favre got hurt, like in week 11, the Jets were legitimately good and he was good. He was very good that he got hurt. He got hurt and they fell off a cliff very quickly.

But yes, you were, you're right. I mean, I just, I don't know why I distinctly, I mean, this is just such a big deal when he got traded, but I mean, I distinctly remember Farve playing well early on. I want to say they started like six and three or eight and three, I believe. I think they were eight and three and then missed the playoffs and they finished nine and seven that year.

He, he hurt his shoulder and he was not the same player the rest of the way. So if Rogers can stay healthy, um, the Jets will be good because I mean, if you have a good quarterback, you can't help, but be good unless they get decimated by under other injuries. One, one quick thing we have to say goodbye, but I want to ask you real quick. Um, does this kind of escalate the, the, the urgency to get Quinn and Williams signed? Um, I, I think that, I think that, yes, I think for the Jets and the front office and the coaching staff, as I mentioned with the ownership situation with, you know, you're shoving all in, you're putting all your chips in the middle of the table with Aaron Rogers.

Yeah. I mean, but, but, I mean, but, but you're going to get, if you don't make the playoffs this year, you're probably getting fired and somebody else is coaching Aaron Rogers. Cause it would be a very attractive job pointing is yes. I would think that the front office and coaching staff would be willing to, and this goes back to, you know, for years where Bill Belichick won because all the other NCE teams were desperate to like too aggressive at the wrong times. You're going to see that the front office and the coaching staff for the jets, I mean, look, they wouldn't sign Allen freaking Lazard. They hired Nathaniel Hackett. They're they're making moves designed to lure Aaron Rogers there to entice Aaron Rogers. And so you're going to want to be hyper-aggressive in the moves you make surrounding Rogers. For instance, that number 15 pick, it would be stunning. I think if it wasn't something to compliment Aaron Rogers, uh, look for that, um, Bro, uh, Broderick, the, the lineman out of Georgia, it's a guy that's going to be an offensive lineman.
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