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Roundtable Time!!

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April 21, 2023 3:40 pm

Roundtable Time!!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 21, 2023 3:40 pm

Alright, who do the guys think the Carolina Panthers are picking #1? Why do they believe this? Who would they take at #2? What do they now disagree on when it comes to QBs? All three guys are going in different directions with THIS question? What about Lamar Jackson and where they see him being by the time the NFL season starts? What are Josh and Adam debating when it comes to college games? 

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All right, let's get right to it.

We do it on Fridays. It's the Roundtable. Camelot. Camelot.

It's only a model. Shh. From ESPN, Asheville. At ESPN, draft nerd Jeremy Green and Josh Graham.

At Josh Graham Radio, sports hub triad. There's Josh. We're still waiting for Jeremy. There's Jeremy.

All right. Gosh, I'm so excited. I am so excited. We're gonna start with you, Jeremy, because you are yours. If Josh had a better Twitter handle, I would have started with him. But ESPN draft nerd wins. Who would you take number one if you were the Carolina Panthers?

Bryce Young. And I wouldn't even think about it. And the minute that they made the trade. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you say CJ Stroud the last time we talked?

I thought they were going to take CJ Stroud. Oh, OK. I just want to see. I just want to see. All right. That's me. And that's OK.

Either way, he's got the better tape. And then the I always get nervous when the week of the draft, you start hearing all of these negative things about guys, because it means that teams are floating them kind of to position their fan base of we're not going to take this guy. Indianapolis is who I think is doing a lot of this because they want Will Levis. There's nothing negative about Bryce Young other than he's too small. And in the league now, I'm just not sure that I care. The line's pretty good. He takes a does a good job taking care of himself. And to me, he's just a superior prospect. I couldn't have said it better. Josh, who would you take first?

Yeah, I'd take Bryce Young as well. God, we are we going to agree on this. But I have to figure out a way to make this an argument. But going deeper into what he's talking about there, he's demonstrated a special ability to deliver when things break down. And when you look at what really succeeds, what teams are really looking for in the sport today, creativity is at the heart of what makes Pat Mahone special and what makes Josh Allen special. And aside from the Georgia game, that was a question. That was a problem when things were off schedule for CJ Stroud. And I think it was really good tape that you had for Bryce Young this past year, because it wasn't a special Alabama line.

The leading receiver for Bama last year was Jamir Gibbs, the running back, the former Georgia Tech running back. So he always delivered. And the thing that he does that I always love is that he keeps his eyes downfield.

And when it breaks down, his first thought isn't just to run it like you. The LSU touchdown pass that he had, that is going to be the first thing they show when they announce the Panthers making the pick. When that highlight tape plays, I'm sure it's him keeping his eyes downfield constantly, creativity's at the root of it. And that's what you have to pick. I mean, if you want to if you're picking number one, you're taking somebody that has a skill set that is special, that is different.

That is to use a buzzword. And when you look at CJ Stroud, I don't see anything that really jumps out in that regard. And for Bryce, it's that creativity. It's that special ability to when things break down, make a play. I know how I'm going to make this an argument.

It's going to be fun. But here's the thing. I've been saying this about Bryce Young from the beginning.

A couple of things. First is that he is the modern quarterback. He is the guy that when it breaks down, he he doesn't like there's no amount of chaos you can put around him that is going to throw him off. He's he's used to it. We spoke to his high school coach yesterday and that he was doing that back in high school and they let him do it. He was this guy was telling the assistants, like if Bryce does stuff like that, it's OK because he can do it. He understands he just understands how to play that way. If Bryce Young were.

Six foot and 200 pounds. Then this would have been a no brainer or this is the better way. If C.J. Stroud were as good a quarterback as Bryce Young, this would also be a no brainer. There's just too big a gap in terms of how they play the position. And this is not a knock on C.J.

Stroud. Too big a gap between these two that. It just bright, bright young to me is the only choice for number one.

But let me ask you this, ask this question and I'll start with you, Josh. Let's just say the Panthers traded up to two. Right. And Bryce Young is gone because he is the first pick. Which quarterback would you take? Oh, man, I watched the movie Draft Day last night. Who's to say they want to go all Kevin Costner and just take the edge rusher and then trade back in the top 10 and take a run back?

That's not the that was not the question. It would be C.J. Stroud. It'd be Stroud just because you have you have the physical tools and you have the Georgia game. So the Georgia game, nobody against that defense really demonstrated an ability to move the ball on them. And also C.J. in that game showed the ability to elevate when things weren't working his way.

Like everybody talks about the receivers that he has the two best games that C.J. Stroud had at Ohio State was the Rose Bowl, which is the biggest stage he played on until the college football playoff. And it was the Georgia game.

And in both those games, he didn't have his full complement of talent. Like in the Rose Bowl, Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave had opted out. And it was the Jackson Smith and Jigba show. Jackson Smith and Jigba did a first round pick. Yeah, he's first round draft pick. And Marvin Harrison Jr. is going to be a top pick. Marvin Harrison Jr. is going to be a top five, top 10 pick a year from now. He got hurt early on in the game and he still was able to move it. So just because we saw it in that smaller sample size and he has the tools and you have an offensive staff that some were saying is like, oh, the offensive Avengers staff that David Tepper helped together. There's a salary cap on players, not on coaches. And David Tepper took advantage of that. You would hope those physical traits and what you saw in the Georgia game would be enough to be the second quarterback on the board behind Bryce. Let's see if Jeremy has the right answer because Josh didn't. I could not disagree with you more vehemently if I tried. And I'm going to answer your question with another question.

Sure. If Will Leviss had played at Ohio State with Marvin Harrison, Jackson Smith and Jigba, Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson. It's Macy's friends and family.

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It's a roundtable. He was already in the Big Ten and couldn't see the field. He transferred out. The freshman behind Sean Clifford has started for 18 years. I think Sean Clifford started at Penn State when I was still in high school. He was in Ohio State.

He'd be Joe Burrow before Joe Burrow. Decided he couldn't hit the field and had to transfer out. So who made that? Who did that?

Right? Joe Burrow went to LSU. Wasn't that the mistake of Ohio State?

I don't think it was because Ohio State still followed it up with pretty good talent out there that turned out to be top. Who did Ohio State choose over Joe Burrow? Justin Fields. Who would you rather have? And Jeremy answer the Joe Burrow. Not close, right?

Well, I don't know. Joe Burrow, not close, but I'll be honest with you trade letting letting Joe Burrow walk away for Justin Fields is like wrecking your car and and getting a pair of roller skates. This is like who said that Tom O'Brien really messed up by letting Russell Wilson.

He had no choice. I was a really good player in college. Like Justin Fields took him to the playoffs. It's not like wrecking a Porsche. He did a pretty good job.

I'd say that he's fine. Look, I've been raked over hot coals about everything I've ever said about Justin Field. So now I just do it to poke Bears fans. Gotcha. I look I think if if Bryce Young were two inches tall three inches taller, the Bears might keep the pair.

They would have kept the pick and the hurt the Panthers would not be on the clock. All right, so your answer is look so Jeremy your answer is will of this, right? Your answer is will of us. Oh, no doubt.

Okay, so you guys both got it wrong. I was at the Kentucky game last year and watch the do or the Kentucky, Tennessee game last year watching him throw three picks against a terrible secondary. He looks like Sam Darnold 2.0. Yeah, this is not normal to in fairness.

It's not a knock on will of us will of us may be good. Not a knock on CJ Stroud. If you have if you're trading up from 9 to as far as you can trade up because the the Bears aren't giving up the pick and they're taking Bryce Young. If you are trading up to two to get the next best quarterback. You're going to take the quarterback that you think has the chance to be the greatest and there is nobody who can even Bryce Young who can touch Anthony Richardson ceiling if he hits no, I know it's a long shot because there are a lot of moving parts with Anthony Richardson, but that guy if he hits is going to blow all for all the other three out of the water one minute retort one sentence retort. Okay, he lost to Vanderbilt doesn't matter. It doesn't he's played no football. He's had one year his physical tools destroy everybody in this draft.

I think Bryce Young is going to be great. So it's an easy call for me. But the only other guy I would consider is Richardson because of the potential can I give a short retort there?

Sure. I am a lifelong Florida State fan that walked into a Florida Gator bar during the Florida State Florida game last season and the only way I could have been decked out in more Florida State garb was if I wrote a horse into the bar because I had absolutely no fear that Anthony Richardson was going to beat us doesn't matter. None of it matters not 53% completion. None of that matters. It just doesn't I'm not saying he like when Cam Newton came out of Auburn Cam Newton had already established himself as oh my gosh, this guy is great, right? We so that's not the comparison clarify.

Are you saying floor doesn't matter? Like for me Jared Goff seems like the low end of what Stroud is going to become if it doesn't work out and that's like the safety of that the safety be safe. Are you kidding me?

That's Eric. Why would you want to be safe? I mean that you want to win afraid of you trying to be great. You're afraid of what you're afraid of what happened.

I would be afraid of that too, but do I mean, but hold on one second Josh. Do I want to be great that that is what you're striving for. I don't want to be nine and eight in the NFL.

I want to be great. There's a reason why in the NBA draft, right? There's a reason why everybody is looking for the next great thing as opposed to well, because if you were just looking for somebody who was safe, you would take somebody like who you could get it number 21 because well, you know, he's a little older player. He knows who he is. Then we can plug him in. He can help us right now. That ain't what they look for.

They look for somebody who can be great because who wants to be just okay. And that's the reason that I would take Anthony Richardson. The only other quarterback I would consider over Bryce Young would be that guy, but that's okay. See I turned it into fun.

Yeah, that is fun. All right next you also taking that high-upside guy in the NBA draft is how you wind up with Nikolai skiti should be Lee just throwing that out there maybe but I mean, I'm a Nuggets fan. That was a bad time in my life.

Quite all right. All right Lamar Jackson. This is a poll question. I have asked already on the show, but I thought since we're close to the draft, let's do it. Most likely Lamar Jackson starts game one for Baltimore starts game one for a team not named Baltimore does not play in 2023.

Jeremy starts for a team. That's not Baltimore. Who do you think maybe that's where it gets tougher because the I mean Tennessee is the one that makes the most sense, but I'm not sure they wouldn't get eviscerated behind that line. Atlanta has showed less than no interest. The thing with Baltimore that I can't stop focusing on is when you get the list of visits, you should always pay attention to who the last visit is and Anthony Richardson's last visit was with the Baltimore Ravens, which means they're doing their due diligence on him because they think he's going to be attainable and I'll know I'll elaborate on what you think about Richard. Well, they would have to trade up for sure, but going to trade up to who I think they could get into the back end of the top tenants to get him which is a lot less capital to give up and I'll kind of piggyback on something that Adam said earlier.

I would rather have Anthony Richardson on a rookie deal than have to pay Lamar Jackson. And Baltimore never over pays guys. No, that is so I will say Tennessee.

I'm not sure that it's not really clunky, but I will say his next start is with the Tennessee Titans. All right, Josh answer the question most likely Baltimore another team nobody Baltimore and it's because Jalen hurts his contract that he just received this week. The big hanging up point is that the last big reset of quarterback deals with Deshaun Watson and Lamar feeling like he deserved all that guaranteed money the fact that Jalen hurts got 50 million less and guaranteed money while being two years younger and doing more in the playoffs is going to give the Ravens an opportunity to negotiate and do something that's a little bit more reasonable and I disagree with the fact that Baltimore never over pays they overpaid for Joe Flacco after he took them to the Super Bowl and won it. I think because they won the Super Bowl, right? Because they won the Super Bowl and Joe Flacco never won an MVP last I checked. I know but what choice did they have and also Lamar he the day that OBJ signed in Miami. They were together and they went to dinner. They went out to clubs that night.

They know each other. That is a piece of this negotiating discussion as well. I think the jaywin hurts contract really helps. I think the OBJ signing helps and I also think the fact that they probably should have won that playoff game in Cincinnati with Hunley at quarterback and the realization that Baltimore is probably his best chance to win is going to lead us to a place where Baltimore and Lamar hammer this thing out question on that because he said something there that's really interesting. How much do you think Lamar cares about winning? Oh, I think he cares greatly about winning. I don't I'm not so sure he does. I know I think he does I think Lamar Jackson and this is why logically the jaylin hurts contract matters, but Lamar Jackson wants the Deshaun Watson contract.

So the jaylin hurts contract doesn't matter and it should but it doesn't and this is what I a hundred percent believe that Lamar Jackson not playing football this year if he does it will be for another team but the and I think the only team that can and should do it that not can't not should I think there are a lot of teams that should I think Houston this is the smell of the leftover tuna fish sandwich you left in your lunch box over the weekend in a wimpy trash bag and this is the smell of that same sandwich in a hefty ultra-strong trash bag. Smell the difference hefty ultra-strong has arm and hammer with continuous odor control. So no matter what's inside your trash, you can stay one step ahead of stinky and for bigger jobs. Try the superior strength of hefty large black bags. It's Macy's friends and family get an extra 30% off great gifts for her just in time for Mother's Day when you use your coupon or Macy's card and take 15% off beauty essentials or shop specials.

She'll love while supplies last Plus Star Rewards members earn on every purchase except gift card services and fees at Macy's sign up today at Macy's comm slash star rewards savings off regular sale and clearance prices exclusion supply. If I'm Houston, I'll make that deal. I'll give myself immediate credibility by putting Lamar Jackson on the field without that with a new coach unplanned last two questions three possible answers three different choices selected. How about that by Jeremy yourself and myself?

All right next next topic Josh, you're you're up for and then I guess the last question if we have time for is really kind of a softball to Jeremy. What are your thoughts on the NCAA? Well, whatever committee it is that is going to do this saying yeah, we're going to let the clocks run after first downs aside from the final two minutes of each half that's going to happen urgency matters when these games are getting way too long from a television perspective three and a half four hours long. We're seeing a great effect. We're seeing a great effect on baseball how they sped things up with the pitch clock. I think it's going to be received positively speeding up these games a little bit, but I'm going to focus more on the health element of this where everybody's talking about how does this, you know, the schedule.

Yes, the season being expanded to a 12-team playoff starting next year, right? So why even bring up health? Well, because I'm telling you why can we stop pretending that there's any health issue here? No, no, no, I'm saying don't care. They they are.

Yes, they do. The people on the committee are talking about no, no, no, no, please Josh. I'm begging you.

I'm begging you don't fall for it. Anytime they tell you it's a health issue laugh. It's not a health issue.

Oh, but let me argue for it 21. They don't they're just they're lying to you if they cared about the health of the players. We wouldn't have a 12-game regular season plus a conference championship game plus a 12-team playoff. We just wouldn't we wouldn't have Thursday games. We wouldn't be playing Tuesdays and Wednesdays. What are we doing? And let's just say it was an unintended positive health impact the fact that you limit games they're averaging that this would affect a game being 20 snaps shorter than what we've seen with the clock being stopped after first downs conference commissioners are just writing down.

Oh, let's get on Josh Graham show in sports hub triad because he will he will carry our water about it. This being a health issue. How can you argue that? This is not care every single day they prove to you. They don't care. So you're so stop carrying their water.

Stop carrying the water. See just because you're arguing intention. I'm arguing what it actually does that I think is a positive thing.

If you have 21 fewer snaps a game and it's extrapolated across an entire season that actually is a good thing players playing fewer snaps. So you're asking me if I like it. It's something that I like because of this even if it's something they didn't intend to do it all way to back your way out of that Jeremy.

Do you like the you like? Why don't they just time it like the NFL? I will say that there was definitely no intent to make this a healthier because the NCAA is basically just Ebenezer Scrooge and Mr. Burns from the Simpsons and every evil wealthy guy you've ever thought of this just trying to find new ways to make money now from the football perspective. It never made a whole lot of sense to me that the clock stopped on a first down anyway, so I think that's going to make it more watchable. It's going to make the clock make more sense. And we have to build in the 17 replay stops that we have in every game.

I'm really glad now. We don't at least stop the clock and have to look at every play on replay for two and a half minutes. All right, we're way over time. So we're going to make this I need a 15 second answer for both of them. We're saying goodbye Jeremy Green ESPN Asheville at ESPN draft nerd FSU or Clemson football this year Florida State John.

I'm gonna get real good cut and dry because they're to me. They're one of the best teams in the country. I do not disagree with you at all at Josh Graham radio sports hub triad. You're on the air soon Florida State or Clemson this year Clemson, Florida State hasn't beaten Clemson since 2014 hasn't been within double digits until this past year. It's in Death Valley this year that they play every year. There's a trendy team in the ACC last year. It was Miami the year before that. It was Carolina made that team every time appreciate you arguing history as opposed to I said this year appreciate you arguing history. You take a Florida State in Death Valley. Yeah, I think Florida States better. I think I think offensive line is the answer and I think their quarterback is better.

But the offensive line is the answer for Florida State when Clemson gets a good offensive line and good wide receivers Clemson will get back to being Clemson my opinion. I'm wrong all the time. Josh Graham sports hub triad at Josh Graham radio Jeremy Green ESPN Asheville at ESPN draft nerd my favorite Roundtable that I've ever done right now. Thank you guys. I appreciate it. So, you know, oh that was fun.

I need a rest. It's Macy's friends and family get an extra 30% off great gifts for her just in time for Mother's Day when you use your coupon or Macy's card and take 15% off Beauty Essentials or Shop Specials. She'll love while supplies last plus Star Rewards members earn on every purchase except gift card services and fees at Macy's sign up today at Macy' slash Star Rewards savings off regular sale and clearance prices exclusions apply.
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