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Are any of these indicators of Carolina’s next QB?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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March 24, 2023 4:10 pm

Are any of these indicators of Carolina’s next QB?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 24, 2023 4:10 pm

Why is Carolina a perfect place for CJ Stroud? What does he like about CJ Stroud? People knock on Stroud for not running enough, so why are they wrong? Who does Cameron like more for the Carolina Panthers, Stroud or Young?


Christian McCaffrey, by the way, indeed, is selling his downtown Charlotte penthouse for $3.75 million, three bedroom, four bath, because you need that extra bathroom.

It's 3,800 square feet, fully furnished, it's got 25-foot ceilings, even has a rooftop terrace. It will be the most expensive per-square-foot condo sold in city history, and this is why I gotta ask Cameron Teague of The Athletic, who's joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Is this a perfect place for CJ Stroud to live when he gets drafted number one overall? Yeah, no, I think it'll work well for CJ. I think it'd be a good place for him. I think, Carolina, you look at a lot of the places where that could draft him. I think a lot of us are talking about it all year long, but I think Carolina is a perfect destination procedure. Why?

Why is it perfect? I think the organization is set up well. I mean, I think the city is good. I think there's going to be pressure, but there's not too much pressure. Like, he's used to pressure as Ohio State quarterback, but it's not like you're being thrown into being quarterback of the Jets, where they're ready to win right now, and you just know how Jets media and Jets fan bases are. And I think CJ handles a lot of that stuff well at Ohio State, and I just think he's a level-headed guy who just wants to come in and win.

Cameron, I think it's pretty ridiculous that people look at CJ Stroud and knock him for having some of the best wide receivers in the country this year and this past year. Do you agree with that? Yeah. Yeah, no, I do.

I do. I think you could run a lot of people out there in that Ohio State offense, and CJ would get them the ball as long as they know how to run a route. So, he's just so accurate, and that's the thing that just stands out for me. I think when I say he could throw the ball to anybody, maybe not anybody, but he's so accurate, he puts the ball in very tight windows that you wouldn't expect. Cameron Teague from The Athletic, who covers Ohio State, joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. People knock on CJ Stroud because he didn't run enough.

Why are those people stupid? I think you can watch the Georgia game and kind of see that that's a false narrative. I'll offer a counterpoint to that, though.

I agree with you, but I'll offer a counterpoint to that. Okay, he only did it one time. Just because you do it once doesn't mean you can consistently do it, but okay, anyone could do something great one time. What about CJ Stroud proves that he can actually do that consistently? I agree. I think you do it one time, but it doesn't necessarily mean you can do it consistently.

I will also counterpoint to that. He did that against the best team in the country. I thought he moved well. He wins the Northwestern game.

They couldn't throw the ball at all. They win Northwestern because CJ pulls a couple QB reads and gets some big runs out of that. I mean, his first touchdown of college was a big run, but he can run. I think it was Ohio State.

It's kind of philosophy was like, Listen, we want to keep you safe. He's the most talented quarterback in the draft, so I think they want to keep him healthy, keep him in the pocket and use his arm, but he can get out and move when he needs it. I know one thing, Cameron, I think people are going to say about this year's quarterback classes.

It doesn't have that. Joe Burrow doesn't have that. Justin Herbert doesn't have these high flying caliber quarterbacks, but when I look at what CJ Stroud and Bryce Young, I think they are one and two in this quarterback class. I think if you get either one of those guys, they're going to be great, but I think CJ Stroud has the potential to be that high tier two type quarterback in the NFL in his career. Do you see that?

Yeah, yeah, no, I do. I think he's the most talented passer in this draft, and I don't really think it's close. I mean, the things he can do with the ball are just really, really impressive.

And I love Bryce Young. I think he's extremely talented, but I think CJ has so much upside. I think when he gets to the NFL, he can show that he can move around a little bit. He can show his mobility. I thought he showed some of that in his pro day.

They got him out and moved him a little bit into some PA rollouts, and the ball came off his hand really, really, really, really strong. So I think when he can get there and prove himself, I think people will see that he is a top quarterback in his class. But Cameron, I thought Ohio State quarterbacks can play in the NFL.

Yeah, that's what a lot of them say. I still think the verdict's out on Justin Fields. I thought he had a tremendous year last year. Chicago just didn't get him any weapons. He's got some weapons now, obviously, as you guys know.

Yes, we do. I think he'll be really good, actually. So a lot of people, what is it about Ohio State and quarterbacks that, for some reason, there's this perception? Okay, I understand that Dwayne Haskins didn't work out in Washington, but I was also someone who went out into the draft too early. People look at Cardell Jones or Terrell Pryor, some of these other guys. But this isn't, CJ Shrout isn't those guys. I don't know why people, for some reason, equate other people in a program and just all of a sudden that's the assumption of what's going to happen. Oh, we had all these great players around him. We can't just assume that's going to be the case just because he played at Ohio State. Right, no, I agree.

I think you can look at CJ. Well, I go to your first point. I think, and I have come around to this way thinking probably four or five years ago. I'm a big Browns fan, born in Cleveland. Oh, that's unfortunate. Go on.

Yeah, me too. I think quarterbacks get drafted sometimes into bad situations. They stay in bad situations too long, and it kills their career.

So I find it hard. It's hard for me to judge quarterbacks to come out of the draft and say that they just didn't have it. I think you can look at CJ though, and see this is a pro-ready quarterback. The way he throws the ball, the way the ball comes off his hand, the reads he makes. I just think he's, I think he's really talented. I just, I don't see him fitting into that mold of like, he's not going to see the NFL because I just, I can watch him and I see the throws he makes, the reads he makes, and it looks like an NFL quarterback right now. Cameron, I look at, when I look at CJ Stroud and what he brings to the table, right?

You talked about it a little bit already. His anticipation feels next level. His leadership ability from everything I've heard is next level. He seems to be one of those guys that has the intangibles that you want at quarterback. Is there anything we're missing about what makes CJ Stroud, you know, probably the number one pick in the draft and future Carolina Panther? Yeah, I think what people overlook sometimes, and maybe not overlooked, I think we saw it a lot on the Ohio State beat is CJ, for what it's worth, Ohio State's streaming talented team. He has a lot of offense weapons.

I think Marvin Harrison's going to be one of the best receivers drafted at a very, very long time. But CJ has this knack when his team needs him to put a drive together, he just finds a way to do it. The Penn State game was one of those games that stood out to me that, offensively, they were stagnant the whole second and third quarter. They didn't score a touchdown until... They scored a touchdown in the first quarter, didn't score again until the fourth. But then CJ leads them on three straight touchdown drives to win the game.

Same with Northwestern. He can't really throw the ball. He uses his legs, finds a way to win the game. He just has a knack that, like, he can find ways to win games. Now, I know he lost to Michigan. I know he hadn't won a Big Ten championship game. And he put them in position to win that Georgia game.

So, I think sometimes that's a little bit overlooked. He's such a good leader, I think he finds ways to push people to a next level in those drives. Cameron Teague, The Athletic, joining us here on the Adam Gold Show alongside Luis Fernandez. I'm Dennis Cox. We're sitting in for Adam.

He'll be back on Monday. Have you seen an entourage, like the Panthers rolled up with for the pro day, like that 14 dudes deep? It includes Nicole Tepper, like 14 people just rolling in like that. Have you ever seen anything like that for a pro day for one team? Yeah, that was impressive. I was standing over there with some of the Carolina writers and they were pointing out the general manager and the owner. It was impressive. I think it shows that they really want to do everything they can to do due diligence on both these quarterbacks to make sure they know which one they're taking.

And it's smart. I mean, you got to get everybody there, but I've never seen an owner come down to a pro day. That's crazy. Were the amount of bro hugs and back slaps an indication that, yes, CJ Stroud is the guy? Because there was a ton for all the footage that we saw. There was a lot. It was Frank Reich, it was Fitterer, it was Tepper, it was Josh McCown.

I was like, wait a second, how many bro hugs we're going to have here in about two minutes? No, they like him for sure. I didn't see Bryce Young's pro day, but they like him for sure. Man, listen, I would be surprised if he's not number one.

Like I told you before, I think he's the best quarterback in the draft, but Carolina has a tough choice between both these quarterbacks. Well, you've got a chance to watch some good ones up there at Ohio State. And you know what? We'll probably see him in the college football playoff again, because you know why? It's Ohio State. And that's what they do up there. Cameron Teague of The Athletic, give him a follow on Twitter at CJ underscore Teague.

We're looking forward to the draft. Thanks for your time. Really do appreciate it. I appreciate it, guys.
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