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Canes play the NY Rangers again tonight.

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March 23, 2023 3:20 pm

Canes play the NY Rangers again tonight.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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March 23, 2023 3:20 pm

Are the guys on a “one game at a time” mentality? The Staal line has had some injuries, so how have they adjusted? How has this new player paired with Chatfield so far? What does Rod like about this pairing? What’s the adjustment, being off the ice, for these guys who have to move to a new area? Plus, what’s the goalie situation going to look like tonight?


The head coach Rob Brendamore joining us here. Now, Rod, I know us in the media and a lot of fans obviously look at the standings. We're all human. But, obviously, I know you all say, you know what, you got to focus one game at a time.

But, again, we're all human. How much do you actually pay attention to the standings and what's going on behind you in the metro? Well, I mean, like I said, we don't look at it, but we don't, you know, it's not up in our locker room or anything like that. We, we know that if we focus on our games, it's going to take care of itself. So we know we're in a race.

I can tell you that. And we know how tight it is and all that. But, you know, it doesn't really affect anything we're doing. We're trying to win every, every night. So that one game at a time mindset, you just played the Rangers two nights ago. Does that make the pre-scout and all that pretty easy for today? Well, it makes it easier when you play any team back to back. Just essentially, you know exactly what needs to get done and how you need to improve and all that and what they're trying to do.

So, it makes it a little easier. We kind of already knew this team anyway and we know what they're all about. So, I don't think there's a lot of secrets between both teams, but it is a little easier when you play a team, I mean, like I say, back to back.

Carolina Hurricanes, Hurricanes head coach, Rob Brindamore joining us. Now you're lying with Jordan Stahl, Jordan Martinook and Jesper Fosse as probably your most consistent line all season. But because of injuries, you've had to break up that line a little bit. How hard is it to make that decision to, to, to separate those three because of the injuries and having to rework your lineup?

Yeah, it's a good question. I mean, it is, you know, the one thing you do is we kind of know what that line's all about and what we can get out of them, what, what, what, how we can use them. We've done all year, done it really for a lot of years in a way. So, but at the same time, you got to kind of, you know, like you said, we had injuries and it kind of forces us to do some other things or look at other things, look at other options. I know I can put, you know, that line back together at any time and I know what we're going to get.

So now we're just kind of looking at other things and seeing how the chemistry flows and, and you know, how it all works out. We've seen Shane Gosset spare for a few games since his trade coming over from the, in the Arizona coyotes, how much more comfortable is he getting day to day and game to game? I think he's looked really good.

I don't, that's probably a better question for him, but he looks comfortable in what we're doing. You know, it's been a, it was a good, that was a good pickup for us. He's got some offensive flair for sure. And yet he competes on the defensive side of things really well.

So it was a, it was a good pickup. And I think, I think he's fit in really well. How's the, this from what you're, you're, you've seen on the bench and at practice, the, the pairing with him and Jalen Chatfield, because the two of them both have great skating ability, but also offensive ability as well. And not many NHL teams have a quote unquote third pair that can contribute offensively like those two can.

Well, that's a good point. And, you know, like I said, that was why it was a good fit, I think. And, you know, chatty has really, I think, blossomed this year. You said he's got offensive abilities, but he can skate so well, he closes on the gaps and he is able to defend really well. So I think anybody you put him with is going to help is going to be, you know, helped out. And like I said, we added that and goes to the real offensive minded player.

And, um, I don't, we definitely liked it there. So from your experience, this is kind of going to a gossip spare and pull your, your RV are going through right now, being a new guy, new city, new team from your own experience, having gotten traded before. What's the adjustment like off the ice, the things that we don't see as fans, how, how difficult is that being in a new city and a new area and around new people? It kind of depends on where you are in life.

You know, if you're, I think, you know, yes, he's a single guy. You can pack up your stuff and leave and there's no big deal. You know, it's, I mean, it's tough because you got to get to know new people and whatnot, but a new system, all that on the hockey side, but as far as the living side, it's, you know, you're just picking up your clothes. And so that's easy when you have a family, that's where it gets to be a jammer and real tough, especially if you've got young kids, which most of these guys, you know, they're in that stage of life. So now you're uprooting everybody and that can be real, real strained. And, and that's the way you play.

I mean, this does, and you're worried about it, kind of other things. So we're, I think we're kind of lucky in a way that, like I said, yes, he's just, he was a soul trade. He didn't have family to bring.

And I know Ghost has a wife and a dog. So, you know, he was trying to figure that out and get them there. But I think when guys have kids that just, you know, they could be in school.

It's just, there's just a whole world of other issues that get brought up that can really make it tough. But I think we're lucky in this, in this instance where both guys don't really have that. Final question for head coach, Rob, Brendan bore the Carolina hurricanes. We sticking with the goalie rotation between, between Anderson and go check off. Well, we are, and we will, but not tonight.

Okay. I'm going to go back with Freddie. We, you know, we had, you know, off day yesterday and he really, he didn't have a ton of work and didn't feel too gassed after the game. So we're going to go back with him, just keep them in a rhythm. I see if that, you know, does anything, obviously moving forward after this game, definitely be a rotation just based on this amount of games that we have and the way the schedule worked out.
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