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NFL playoffs, college basketball, and the national championship...

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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January 9, 2023 3:50 pm

NFL playoffs, college basketball, and the national championship...

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 9, 2023 3:50 pm

Panthers win a game they were clearly not the better team.

-How the Saints didn’t lead by 17 at halftime is a mystery.

-Panthers finished 6-6 under Steve Wilks.

-Am I the only one who saw the irony in the Panthers mobbing Eddy Pineiro for the game winning FG when his miss in Atlanta led to that loss?

-Sam Darnold was awful, until he needed to be good. He was better running than throwing. 5/15 43 yards w/half of that on the Terrace Marshall catch on the final drive!

Give it up for the Wolfpack, winning at the Cassel

-Would have been easy to have a letdown after the thumping of Duke.

-wire to wire, 73-69 win over Va Tech in a game that was only that close at the end because of awful turnovers and a couple of last gasp 3s…

-Smith, Joiner and Morsel did the heavy scoring lifting. State’s going to need a little more efficiency from Smith, but Joiner and Morsell have been really good.

-Pack off until Saturday for the rematch with Miami at PNC

Carolina cruised over Notre Dame…

-Irish actually led by 3 halfway through the 1st before Carolina ripped off a 28-10 run to close it out.

-Bacot 21-13

-Love 18

-RJD 13

-Puff Johnson 11-6 off the bench

Duke limped to the finish line, but got there first at BC

-1 FG in the final 11 minutes as they blew a 13 point lead but won it on a pair of Kyle Filipowski free throws after an offensive rebound.

-No Jeremy Roach.

-Tyrese Proctor is having a rough time

-Dariq Whitehead appears to be the real thing

-15 turnovers still too many

The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold
The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold
The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold

That was an incredible start to that football game.

Yes, times two eventually. Incredible start to that football game and And yeah, then Nahim Hines decided to do it again later You don't wanna. I didn't think Buffalo was that good, but they won the game Good for them. I mean they really were I didn't think they were that good at all, but they didn't have to be I guess and And the Patriots missed the playoffs, which America wins. All right, I'm Adam Gold.

This is the Adam Gold Show V to the Victoria producing the program. Oh boy. We got a lot of things to do It was an emotional football game there in Buffalo I thought it was an emotional football game from what I was able to see in Cincinnati, too Let's not forget the impact that what happened on the field Monday night had on the Bengals and And they were able to do the thing and they actually had some Incentive to play well, yeah because of that whole coin flip Garbage that was you know laying out there in the weeds if the Ravens had won that game and then Cincinnati went nah wait, we ain't here for your BS and They put their foot on the necks of the Ravens early I know the score doesn't look like it at the end, but if I'm not mistaken Cincinnati was 17 nothing ahead Yeah, they were not losing that football game So Bengals are obviously going to be a problem for a lot of teams and they will meet again Every single playoff game is a rematch of at least one in Some cases two. Yep games this year Bengals and Ravens is a rematch See Hawks and 49ers Division two divisional opponent, but they're all rematches the Chargers lost to Jacksonville the Cowboys lost to Tampa earlier this season all the Cowboys I mean I know a lot of people think we were just joking but There's a phrase that I like to use and I it actually might even be in In my Twitter bio, okay, right? Every there there is truth in every bit of sarcasm Mm-hmm. Otherwise, it wouldn't be sarcastic.

It wouldn't there is some element of truth there and I joked. Oh does the game mean something to Dallas? They'll lose They got stopped Embarrassed by Washington and though I was gonna say the worst part, but I actually think it's the best part. Is that? cuz I had that game on to mm-hmm and Dak almost throws a pick six and They're like, wow boy. Did he just get away with it?

And then? He throws the exact same pass and it is a pick six and I thought Wait a second Did the other one actually get returned for a touchdown and I like I I don't know. I had a flashback, right? Nope.

Yeah, he threw the pass again didn't learn from your first almost day. Yeah, it's sort of like Everybody has done this everybody has done this You're doing something in the car as you're driving that you shouldn't be doing and And Like you almost go off the side of the road. Mm-hmm. And then you go, okay, I'm not doing that I'm awake now. I'm good. I'm not falling asleep or Looking at your phone. Nobody ever does that right and then you go. All right, I'm not doing that and Then you do it. Yeah Didn't take the hit.

He ran off the side of the road right after checking his phone for the second time in two minutes What a dope. Yeah that team. Well, they can say oh look, they're super talented No doubt about it. They are super talented So I won't be surprised if the Dallas Cowboys find their way to the Super Bowl.

I won't be surprised You're too they have too many good players But boy, they look like they don't really know what the hell to do. Yes, exactly and I find that good. I Find that just adorable So, all right. We got a lot of things to do. So let's do it What's the record for spam phone calls received in a day Setting it. Okay. I'm setting it. It is a Monday.

So let's start the week off very very upset about this amalicious to make sure that my Audio and my laptop is off since they all show up there too. All right, let's let's get to it the Panthers won a game in which they were clearly not the better team. I Don't know how the Saints didn't have 17 points at halftime. Yeah but they only had seven and It just sort of opened and they scored on their first drive They did we're right down the field even zero and they were going down the field again I was listening to the game in the radio, right?

And like Jake Deloam and a nice Sharaf were Basically go. Oh man, they're just kicking our rear end, right? I'm paraphrasing here, but it it made it seem like the score should be 30 to nothing and it was still just seven and And This is professional sports, and I don't care who you are when you allow a team to hang around in a game you are asking to be beat and Based on the way the first half played I thought New Orleans was begging To be beaten the Panthers are now six and six under Steve Wilkes Here's what Wilkes said to his crew after the game how much I love those guys how much they persevered through so much And it was glorifying to see the last element of our DNA today, which was finished particularly which in a matter in which we you know struggle pretty much most of the game and found a way to come together to end so That was glorifying alright now The question was asked of Steve Wilkes after the game.

Do you believe you should be? the head coach on a Non-interim basis, you know, it's not my call and you know Again, Joey as you talked about or just mentioned. It's not it. It's not about me. Yeah again It's about those men in that locker room. It's about this organization the the coaching staff support staff Everybody pulled together this year.

All right to endure all the things that we had to go through So it's just not just me So I just commend everybody in this organization the way we just rally and pull together Alright to paraphrase hell. Yes, right. I just paraphrase It's just the way I read that of course, of course, he should be ESPN com has a coaching carousel Generator where they have all these candidates and they're all good candidates, right? And they have all the teams that are likely going to have openings we either already have openings or probably will have openings and It's funny how Steve Wilkes obviously is an a opening is an a candidate for the Panthers and I Wouldn't be against even though he completely flamed out in Indianapolis I wouldn't be against Frank Reich as the head coach. Okay, I wouldn't be against it I don't think he's better than Steve Wilkes But if David temper in his brain is never going to hire Steve Wilkes, which I believe to be a possibility Then I wouldn't hate If Frank Reich was the answer but here's the thing that really gets me is that they seem like The a lot of the candidates are defensive D'Amico Ryan's Dan Quinn. They are if you're going to hire one of those guys Then you were never hiring Steve Wilkes Ever because Steve Wilkes is a defensive guy and he goes back to your best era Where he was either the secondary's coach or the defensive coordinator before he left for the one-year stint at Arizona and by the way another one-year Blackhead football coach Lovey Smith.

Thank you very much. Here are your set of steak knives get out. Yeah Two years in a row Houston did that what I mean, I feel bad for Lovey Smith Lovey Smith's a good football coach. Is he a great football coach? Probably not But he's a good football coach and you you took a losing team I don't know why I'm going off on a tangent here. You took a losing team You took a losing job and the basically the organization showed you how big big a loser they are Collectively and they fired you what was he gonna do and maybe he got fired because they won a football game maybe right? Cost them the first overall pick by winning a football game. I always say this Coaches and players don't tank Organizations do yeah, maybe Lovey Smith was too good a football coach.

They won four times With that roster they won four times good for good for them. I guess back to the back to the Panthers I just don't understand why any defensive Candidate would be better than Steve Wilkes I just don't know if you're gonna bring in an offensive guys Frank Reich's an offensive guy. I would be okay with bringing in an offensive head coach Right, which the Panthers need work on offense, obviously, so that would be helpful Just get an offensive coordinator not named Ben McEnoo But I do believe that their identity as a football coach is a very important part of their identity I do believe that their identity as a team is going to be running the football. Yeah, so That's because that's that's what Steve Wilkes wants to do, too We have seen that a lot in the last hundred years for the Panthers When was the last time they had a coach that wasn't a defensive coach? I know I'm trying to remember Dom Capers defensive coach George Seifert defensive coach John Fox defensive coach Ron Rivera defensive coach. Yep, Matt rule Offensive coach And then Steve Wilkes Did anybody See the irony in Eddie Pinero making the game-winning field goal and then the team mobbing him zero to hero like that I mean, he makes the game winning kick.

They mob him. That was awesome. They gave him a ball at the end of the game. Yeah, man. It's all good It's all good. We forgot about the other time. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. Sam. Darnold was I Don't even know if awful is the right word. He didn't have time to throw now, right? He was best with his legs than he was with his arm or better with his legs than he was with his arm until he needed to make the one throw and Terrace Marshall Open across the middle Darnold put the ball right where it needed to be field goal range and boom We're in here's Darnold on his future Yes, I give I say 5050 Darnold is in the quarterback mix next next year Yeah, 5050. He's in the quarterback mix next year It all it all depends on You know which way the wind blows Outside of David Tepper's office. That's really what shiny really all it depends on I think I think dark of all the quarterbacks that they had I Think Sam Darnold gives them the best chance at a good NFL Backup quarterback. Yeah, that's that's the way I look at it Darnold can be a good backup quarterback He's athletic. He's big. He's got a big arm.

And if there's not a lot of Pressure on him to be the guy. I think he can be a good backup. Sure and Now you just have to go find your starter and he's got to keep his beard because that obviously is helping him Oh, yeah, I mean, why not?

Don't don't don't shave it off. Yeah. All right to to a little bit of hoops here This was always going to be a dangerous game for NC State, but give it up to the wolf pack winning at the castle in Normal times is not easy. And again, I know Virginia Tech is struggling.

I think they're one and four now in the league but I think it's a good basketball team asked Carolina who went up there and got beat and It would have been so easy To have a letdown after the thumping of Duke, but boy did they go and play ball? Here's Kevin Keats after the win. I want to give my team a lot of credit You know, I felt like I defense traveled Especially in the first half when you see how we played and you know, give Virginia Tech a lot of credit You know, they played all the way to the end and they made it a really tough game at the end And we ended up pulling it out You know, I thought our veteran guys stepped up and made free throws at the end when we needed to have them But it's a good win, you know any win in this league is really good But our road win is golden and so proud of our guys and we want to keep on building on it Yeah, look that was It's so hard It's so hard to back up a great performance with another even good performance unless great performances are what you do and I think we'd all be honest with ourselves and say that's generally not what state does but that was a really good performance coming off a great one and I know the state played good defense at Virginia Tech They played great defense at home against Duke now.

It wasn't always You know a stroll By the by the brook. It was wire to wire final score was misleading I thought it was an 11-point game with a little over a minute left and then I don't know what happened turnover turnover turnover three-pointer three-pointer three-pointer and I Mean it was a one possession game with 40 almost 50 seconds left. Like how did that even happen?

Right? How did it get to three points? So I go from 11 to 3 in like 25 seconds It's the beauty of or the curse of the three-pointer and here's Keats on how that all happened There's a game of runs and you know, we came out of the second half and you know They this team Virginia Tech has a lot of pride and they came out and they cut the lead to seven And it was a 7-0 run and we kind of wound up back of our heels We had to regroup Though we did a good job recruitment regrouping We played a good in-between game and at the end they surged again and fortunate for us that we made plays And we were able to finish the game. There's a game of runs and state had them it seemed like in the last minute gosh Terquavian Smith Jarkel joiner Casey Morsell, I think they were awesome I think state will need a little bit more efficiency from Smith Joiner very efficient more sell very efficient need a little bit more efficiency from Terquavian, but man they were good and Pac is off until Saturday for the rematch with Miami at PNC arena. I Actually wish they were playing again.

Yeah, I really do. I wish they were playing again It's fun when you put when you're playing well, man, go get him. Yeah, go out go out Keep keep the train moving forward Carolina cruised over Notre Dame last night Irish actually led by three at the midway point of the first half and then that was that Notre Dame isn't good at all and And Carolina I think the jury is still out on how good they can be.

I think everybody gets Over their skis when Carolina wins a game Convincingly like they did yesterday. I don't think Notre Dame is very good, but the At least Carolina did what they were supposed to do and they went into the game shorthanded Because Pete Nance was not gonna play here's Hubert Davis on the game. I did I thought they were fantastic I really do, you know, one of the things that we talked about that we just need is we need energy consistent energy and can consistent production coming off the bench and I Thought puff was really good DiMarco Jalen Justin whoever came off the bench. I just I thought they they brought energy they brought life solid plays on both ends of the floor and you know, that's what we need and They played extremely well today and I was really proud of them at Puff Johnson at 11 points and six rebounds off the bench They had a they had a game plan going in Hubert Davis's team executed it. Well, one of the things that We we thought about was how can we match up with them defensively like so in terms of my decisions on who to start the game which Doesn't for me really mean much, you know, I don't put a lot into starting at all.

But I What about what I was thinking was what could start us off in the best? position defensively in terms to match up with them and so Seth is a gifted defender. He played extremely well In the Wake Forest game and we felt like we wanted to start the game like that Yeah, Seth Trimble started they went three guards in lieu of no Pete Nansen Look, Notre Dame again. Notre Dame is not very good They're all in five in the league and I realized that Virginia Tech is one in four, but I think Virginia Tech it's probably gonna have a market correction at some point and I'll be surprised if the Hokies don't finish either at or above 500.

I think they're good. They're legitimately good All right, Duke went to Boston College. They limped to the finish line But they got there They had a what like a 13-point lead With midway through the second half They made one field goal in their last 11 minutes One and that came with two minutes to go Ryan young made a shot in the lane. I think that got Duke to was fifty one thirty eight and Then they made one field goal the rest of the way Kyle Filipowski also had a layup or a dunk with like a minute and a half two minutes left That everything else was at the free-throw line if it was anything Because Duke only scored 14 points in the last 11 minutes. It was and they lost the lead They lost the lead in the game No, Jeremy Roach is a problem for Duke Because Tyrese Proctor is having a rough time He he has not quite gotten his college basketball legs after Whatever brand of basketball he played growing up and remember he reclassified to come to Duke this year He has just not quite gotten there yet But Duke doesn't have another option at point.

I guess Jalen Blake's is the other option at point John Shire is gonna have to draw something up because Jeremy Roach had a recurrence of the toe injury and he has not been a hundred percent even when he's played and if he's not a hundred percent, I Don't know how Duke runs half-court offense unless they decide you know what? We're just gonna give the ball to Derek Whitehead and let him go. He was great again. Whitehead was really good and Filipowski was good.

I wouldn't call him great. But Whitehead was and Mitchell was good and Boy, that was a fight at the end. Duke could not get into any Offense at all. They turned it over 15 times. So after 21 against state 15 more against BC I'm a little bit a little bit concerned for For Duke and the Hurricanes lost a hockey game in over not I'm sorry a shootout to Columbus Max patch already did score twice. So that's good the max patch already scored twice But not good that the Hurricanes only got one point So as I said, I did a little hit for the WRAL sports plus overnight, whatever it said whatever the I know I should know the name of the show that I appear on every Sunday, but frankly, I'm in a fog understandable my my explanation is market correction when you win 11 in a row and you have points in 17 straight if You go back and you look at those games individually. There were probably three or four that they could have easily lost and They didn't or they got a point now They were better than Columbus yesterday not significantly.

So I know what the shot totals say They were better than not yesterday Saturday. They were better than Columbus, but Not awesome They were better than Nashville on Thursday night except the goalie and Carolina hasn't gotten great goal-tending three games in a row Kachetkoff Kachetkoff Ronta, it will be interesting Because Freddie Anderson practiced today matter as a matter of fact the Hurricanes had full Participation in practice today. Oh, it was Andre Kasha practiced not a yellow Non contact Jersey Freddie and all three goalies were there Stefan Nason was back Well, we'll see what happens with the lineup if now Kasha can't draw back in yet for a little bit because they put him on long-term IR so When they do that, he has to be out for a certain period of time after you put him on long-term IR So I think it's at least another week or so before he comes back But we are now getting closer to all of it and with Nason drawing back in that means somebody who's been in the lineup has To come out. My guess is that it will be Derek Stepan But we'll see how all of it looks and then we'll see what the lines look like Because that will be fascinating and if Freddie Anderson is ready to draw back in I Would not be surprised if we saw Freddie tomorrow night Against New Jersey that'd be exciting and well, yeah, it would be exciting and if he played well Mm-hmm. Now there are all sorts of decisions to be made because they can say it all day long. I Don't think they want to keep three goaltenders here. You can't get three goaltenders adequate work. No, you cannot do it Even in practice and there's not a lot of practicing anyway, so we'll see
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