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Potential impact on NC State with NIL.

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December 8, 2022 3:35 pm

Potential impact on NC State with NIL.

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December 8, 2022 3:35 pm

Boo Corrigan, NC State Athletics Director/ Chairman of the College Football Playoff Selection committee

How does he see the transfer portal impacting sports and NC State as a whole? And what does he compare NIL to? Seems pretty accurate. What’s the biggest issues Boo has with NIL? And now that NIL is front and center, what else has come to the surface? Does he believe it will fundamentally change who’s good and who’s not in college sports?

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The director of athletics at NC State, Boo Carrigan, a TV star. I saw you on TV every day, every week, for like six weeks, seven weeks. Was the whole process fun as the chairman of the college football playoff selection committee? Well, being in the room, first of all, great to be with you.

Being in the room is awesome. You're in there, 13 total members on the committee. You're dedicated to picking the right teams, right? And you think about the top four a lot, but it matters to every team that's ranked. And it's a big deal. And the opportunity to go in there and talk about it, the opportunity to watch game after game after game, and look at the statistics that are involved with everything that's going on. It's an honor to be there. It's an honor to be in the room.

As far as doing the TV, that's not my thing, man. Fortunately, you couldn't see my heart beating through my jacket as I was doing it every week. But we managed to get through it, and it's a great process. Well, I think that's where the bargain is with us. I think I joked with you when it was announced that you would be the committee chairman, that you're going to have to come up with buzzwords to just... Look, we have to defend our... And defend is probably not even the right word. We have to explain our thinking, and sometimes the thinking for one team or one set of teams runs contrary to the same thinking for another set of teams. So it's just all sorts of verbal gymnastics.

How did you deal with that process? Well, we talk a lot about it in the room. And the bottom line is, whenever we went on, whenever I went on, you're going to tell the truth about what it is and about the process and how you got to where you got to. And there was a lot of debate around Alabama and Tennessee and those games. And the close losses by Alabama, including one at Tennessee, that people are like, well, head to head. It's head to head or it's nothing. Well, that's one of the criteria that we look at. But we're looking at a full body of work. There's one of your buzzwords as we're going through this. And you look at the Tennessee-South Carolina game.

And people like to talk about Henan Hooker going out and what a difference that made. When he went out of the game, the score was 49-31. They go into halftime, it's 31-35. He goes out of the game at 49-31.

They get another touchdown on a short field to take it to 56. That was a dominant performance by South Carolina over a really, really good Tennessee team. As you're looking at it, when we went through a full evaluation of all the teams and total body of work over those 12 games, we came out with Alabama at 5 and Tennessee at 6.

Boo Cargan is with us. That was the next question. I understand that Alabama's two losses were by a combined four points.

I get it. So they were that close to still being really in the mix for the college football playoff. It's fair for somebody like me to say I still don't understand why Alabama was behind Tennessee. Head-to-head had something to do with it. But it was more that Alabama's two best wins were Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Whereas Tennessee's two best wins were Alabama and that thumping they put on LSU in the middle of the season. But again, I get to this point is that you can look at one set of criteria that holds here. It doesn't hold here. And I'm not even criticizing that because we talk about this in an NCAA tournament men's basketball context. Like at this point, everybody's got warts. And when you're talking about teams who might be number four or five, everybody, if they didn't have flaws, they'd be one or two. So like like Georgia or Michigan. So I do want to just get back to the fun aspect.

You know, there are people who will go, I'd watch football all day long for six weeks. Make that my job. It's great, right? I mean, I think I started off with that. Yeah. You know, in the simple Hamilton references, we're in the room where it happens. Right.

So what's better than that? And not only are you able to do it and to watch it and to share it with with 12 other people, there's 13 total people on the committee and be able to talk through it. But, you know, you get to have those debates on what did you see?

What did you think? You know, in total, you know, how do we how do we get to the right conclusion right on on where we are? And, you know, I don't know. Get 12 of your best friends in a room and start debating something. Right.

Whatever it is, you're going to hear it from multiple sides. But, you know, it's it's all about at the end of the day trying to make the right decision and believing in the decisions we made. And that's that's where we get to each year.

Do you think it'll be harder with 12 in a couple of years when we go to 12? You know, I haven't spent a whole lot of time thinking about that coming off of what I just did. Right. You know, because we've been in that room and we've been spending this time.

You know, I don't know what the total number of days was, but call it 30 out of 45 days I was gone and engrossed in football and making sure we got the right four. You know, at the end of the day, no matter no matter what you do and no matter how you do it, you know, five and six are going to be disappointed in this format. 13 and 14 are going to be disappointed in the next format. Right. As you go through the whole thing.

So regardless of what it is, shoot, I think what is NCAA basketball now takes 68. I think 69 and 70 are disappointed. Right.

So whatever you do, you're going to have some some form of disappointment. There is there is no question about that. Boo Corrigan is with us here. Chairman, current chairman of the college football playoff selection committee. So let me just fold this to a hot button topic of sports of college sports today. The transfer portal has I don't know. It's almost a thousand, maybe more than a thousand people in it.

There's seems like every ACC quarterback is in it, including former NC State quarterback Devin Leary. And a lot of this is, I think, tied to NIL too. So if I could just give you the blank canvas, give me your thoughts on where we are with the portal, the overflowing portal and NIL and how those two things intertwine.

Well, I think the portal's a challenge for everyone. Right. And you want to create an environment where people want to stay at your school. Right.

You want to create a culture that builds and rewards perseverance. Right. And rewards sticking together.

And, you know, a lot of talk about brotherhood. Right. And I believe in that.

And I believe in brotherhood and sisterhood and connectivity and in all those things. That being said, there should be the opportunity if you so choose to transfer to transfer. Right. So, you know, you look at the combination of it over the course of time. I believe the numbers somewhere between 30 and 35 percent of the people that go into the portal end up with nowhere to go.

On the backside of it, which is the worst case scenario for everyone. Right. The last thing you're looking for is some form of failure in this.

Do I have a belief that maybe, you know, as you look at the numbers overall, that maybe it will slow down the number of people going in the portal? Sure. Should with Devin Leary use him specifically leaving here? He was here for four years. And I think Devin will always associate with NC State, you know, and always be a proud member of Wolfpack Nation and the athletic department here.

If he feels the right thing for him to do is to leave, I think, you know, while disappointed, I think we should support that as he does leave. NIL, brother, that's a wild, wild rush right now. And it doesn't appear to be getting any more or any less crazy as you go into it. I think the biggest disappointment that all of us have, and I'm not big on speaking for other people, you know that. But my personal biggest disappointment is, you know, how many people are contacted before they go into the portal? Right.

And regardless of anything else, that's a violation. You know, once they get into the portal and you're able to recruit them and you're able to they're able to understand what the NIL landscape is. I think that's that's where we are.

Should students be able to capitalize and market their NIL? I believe they should. Right. But the way that it's going about right now and the situations that I think we all believe that people are contacted prior to going into the portal. I think that's wrong. But again, once they go into the portal and they have those opportunities, more power to them. Boo Corrigan is with us.

I know we only have a couple of more minutes. And so I don't want to just beat this subject to a to a pulp. But it strikes me as that was probably happening beforehand. But and this is really what NIL has done, too, is that it's bringing a lot of the things that were happening under the table against the rules beforehand. And it's brought them all above board, although this is not above board. Tampering before somebody is in the portal is as illegal today or as against the rules.

I don't know if illegal is the right word today as it was then. But everything is just so much more out in the open now. We're starting to see all the warts. Yeah. You really it's you know, the phrase I've used and I don't know if it's good or bad is, you know, the bag man's now in front of the building instead of behind. As you go into this. But, you know, it is legal if you do it the right way.

You know, in these opportunities, again, from a young person's standpoint, to be able to go out and capitalize on it is something that that, you know, I believe in that they should have the ability to. I remember talking to a group probably six, eight months ago. And, you know, it's like who likes to transfer portal? No one raise their hand. Who likes NIL?

No one raise their hand. And I'm like, well, it's the reality of where we are. So you can try to fight the system. Right. And go about it that way. Or what are we going to do to put NC State in the best situation we can? Right.

And what are we going to do within the rules to make sure that, you know, we're providing opportunities for young people to leave, young people to come in, young people to use our NIL and market to that and make sure that we're doing the best we can moving forward. Look, I think that's the right way to look at it. And I know it's crazy now. I my my feeling has always been that, hey, we never knew how the reaction was going to be. We knew it would be different. We never knew how it was going to be. But I also think that it's going to settle and we'll all kind of figure out how this is supposed to work. Do you think it'll fundamentally change?

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Savings off sale and clearance prices. Exclusions apply. I think it can. I don't believe I still think schools matter. I still think education matters.

I still think the the culture programs matter. Right. I think the idea of going out, essentially buying a team and the idea of, you know, we're going to pay more. Therefore, we're going to be better.

I still think it comes back to, you know, the time that you spend in the locker room, the time you spend with the coaches, the time you spend with the trainers and strength and conditioning and all of those things still matter. Right. The opportunity to get a great education matters. The opportunity to you know, it can change not only a household, it can change the street.

It can change a neighborhood. Right. If you're the first one to go to college and you complete the mission, if you will, of graduating from college. I still believe in my heart of hearts that matters. I know that's old school. Right.

And what everything is. But I do think it still matters. And again, we've got to do what's in the best interest of NC State, what fits at NC State and take our chances. Final thing. And I appreciate your time. Boo Corrigan, love catching up with you.

I really do. Army Navy Saturday. What an easy one, right?

Who you got and why? I got Army because I had a life changing experience for us to be at West Point as a family. And the opportunities that we had at West Point, our children will always get when asked, where did you grow up? They'll say West Point, New York, which creates an old story. What the young people do when they leave there, you know, to defend our country, when they take that time in service and then take it to the corporate world. And the the ethics and character that they take with them is just extraordinary. Again, you can say both those things about both schools.

Yes. But brother, we were at West Point for about nine years. I'm always going to be black and gold in this one. Boo Corrigan, I thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it. We'll we'll talk to you soon.

By the way, you need to hit up Carlos Redon and Trey Turner for help with the baseball stadium. Do it now. You know what? The next the other thing I got to do, I got to be as nicely framed in my picture as you are in yours.

Mine's all over the place and you look perfect. Oh, wow. Thank you very much for asking that. You be well.

I'll see you soon. All right, brother. Appreciate it. Perfect. Yes, always. So you do.

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