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Is this Dave Doeren's last game at NC State?

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November 25, 2022 2:19 pm

Is this Dave Doeren's last game at NC State?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 25, 2022 2:19 pm

Luke DeCock of the News & Observer discussed with Hayes Permar about the future of Dave Doeren as NC State Football coach, and if he'll leave after this season.

Also, talks about UNC vs NC State football, USA vs England, the Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins, and more.


Other than the usual working on holiday stuff, the biggest downer of working right now, currently, is that I would be eating leftover lunch. The day after Thanksgiving sandwiches are just incredible. However you make them, we can debate about what should or shouldn't be on there. Mayo or cranberry or stuffing or gravy or no gravy or whatever. However you want to do it though. I like to add a little cheese in there actually that wasn't part of the Thanksgiving meal.

It's not a bad deal. However you get it done, the day after Thanksgiving leftover meal is so good. You know what I thought about doing some of my leftover turkey this year?

What's that? I make a pretty solid chicken pot pie. Just make a turkey pot pie.

I want to make, and it's a little ambitious because as we established in the last segment where I admitted I cannot and will not fall victim to the spatchcock trend. It's okay, we're sous-viding turkeys. We're not sous-viding turkeys. I'm not going to sous-vide any turkey.

I'm frying it and I'm cool if you want to roast it or put it in the oven. But we're not doing anything else. We're not spatchcocking. Actually someone's going to be like, well actually, spatchcocking is older than whatever.

I don't care. It's people, it's cooking nerds, cooking elitists trying to separate themselves from the rest of us. Every time we catch up, they're trying to do something else. I learned how to fry a good turkey and now they want to do something that I can't do.

That's how it's going down. We were talking something else about Thanksgiving meal. Leftovers? Lunch? Sandwiches? Yes.

I am trying to get ambitious. Okay. And I want to make like a turkey, either a turkey noodle or turkey rice soup afterwards.

Okay. And like in my head, this involves taking the carcass and like putting it in boiling chicken broth. But I don't even know. I have no idea what I'll be doing. But I just know at the, I can picture what I want it to be at the end and I feel like it involves boiling the carcass in chicken broth.

But that may be an absolutely terrible idea. We'll see how it starts. It is a huge day of rivalries. Huge weekend of rivalries, really.

Including several today that affect us here locally, nationally, and even internationally. There is but one way to break down some of these rivalries. And that is with minute takes. Let's go from the bottom up on these. And we take 30 seconds each, right? We combine for a minute on these. Who's going first on the first one? You take it, sir.

Okay. Notre Dame, USC. I mean, I guess you got to pull for the ACC here. No, one of the things that's holding Clemson back is they're lost in Notre Dame.

Seemed to look bad. But Notre Dame, much like Florida State, is surging here late. So I think you want Florida State to continue to do as well as possible. If they can put a beat down on Florida, that'd be great. And if Notre Dame can put a beat down on USC, that would definitely help Clemson two-fold, be a good win for Clemson, and it would bump USC back out. So let's go Notre Dame. Let's go ACC. I'm with you on that 100%. Also, knocks USC out, which again, would help one lost Clemson.

Yes. Just hope LSU also loses at some point because the committee seems to love them. I don't know why they love LSU. And what's his name? Lincoln Riley. I like him.

He's got the former ECU offensive coordinator. Yeah. But like, I don't need to see him going to his college football playoff in his first year at USC, okay? No, I don't need to see that.

You got to earn it a little bit. So there we go. But yeah, hashtag go ACC.

Let's go. All right, Michigan, Ohio State. Loser Lees Town match. That's basically what this is because both teams are in the top four right now. One's going to get knocked off. They're not going to go to their conference championship.

And the way the committee loves LSU, we've got these other one lost potential conference champions, potentially USC, potentially Clemson. Loser Lees Town match. Get out of here.

Which, by the way, hope it's Jim Blunt. Because I think he stinks. I agree with you that I do want Michigan to be the loser. And I agree with you that it's a Loser Lees Town match if Michigan loses. But I don't know, Ohio State, they're not quite Alabama. But they do have that national appeal, that big draw. And something like half a million people graduate from Ohio State every year. So like 15% of the American population is actually Ohio State graduates.

So the committee loves them. They'll find a way for them to just have one loss, not play in their conference championship game. And they'll be like, well, I still think they're a really good team. Let's get Ohio State into the college football playoffs. Might as well go ahead and pull for Ohio State and knock Michigan out and try to get Clemson in there. Next up, Panthers vs. Broncos.

This is a big matchup for me, personally, that's all that matters. Because I own both of these teams on defense. These are actually two really good NFL defenses that have never been helped out by their offenses. Now, every now and then they can still have a great game on defense alone. They've been scoring touchdowns. I saw a stat, it was almost similar to, remember the Matt Ruhl stat, where he was like 1 in 30 in games where the other team scored more than 17 points or something like that? It was something ridiculous where it was like, kudos that you had so many games where you held a team under 17, but it's the NFL, you got to score. That's similar to the Broncos. If they had scored 18 points in every game this year, they'd be like, not undefeated, but like 9 in 2 or something like that. Instead, they can't score.

Russell Wilson is kind of a shell of himself. I don't have a prediction for the game, I just know whoever I play on defense is going to be the wrong one. So I've got the Panthers in there now, let's bet on the Broncos. Sorry, did I take the whole minute myself?

You did, actually. Sorry, I had to take them out of my fantasy team. No, that's fine. It's late in the season, and I feel like this is true in a lot of fantasy leagues right now, Dennis Cox. There's a lot of parity in fantasy. Yeah. Like, nobody's going 10-1.

Nope. It's a lot of 7-4s and 6-5s, so I'm like technically in first place, and I swear I'm going to lose my final two games and not even make the playoffs. That's where we're at in fantasy.

I know that wasn't a part of a minute of takes, but I just had to share that. What do we got next? Oh, you're done? Yeah, did you want to chime in on Panthers Broncos?

No, not anymore. You don't want to talk about Sam Donald, the quarterback? I have no more takes. That's all right. Gosh, we're at that point in the season.

That's all right. It could be two-minute takes if we need to. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, if we need an extra minute, you can talk about Panthers Broncos for an extra minute. That also might be a loser-lose town match. Like, the losers. Well, we already fired our coach, who in what other ways? Nathaniel Hackett? Yeah.

Yeah, he might get fired too. All right, big one this afternoon. USA, England, baby. Let's go. Look, U.S. has actually only beaten a European team once in the world, or sorry, twice in the World Cup. Okay. 2002 against Portugal.

Okay. 1950 against England. I remember that Portugal one. That was sick. Yeah, that was pretty awesome. That was pretty fantastic. And then, yeah, 1950 against England, which means history is on our side.

History is in our favor, Hayes Permar. We're taking down England. I don't know what it is, and maybe I get too caught up in the moment, but there's, I got a vibe about this game. For some reason, I feel like the U.S. national team is, now they're probably going to lose 4-0 or 4-1.

Yeah. But I just got vibes about this game for some reason. Don't count out the U.S. Obviously, even a draw here would be a great result. So maybe I could just hedge my good vibe feeling and just say, let me predict a draw. Let's say 2-2, an exciting draw. Okay, alright, 2-2. I could see us getting up, getting down 1-0, taking the lead 2-1, and then giving up a stupid penalty late and having a tied 2-2.

See, I was hoping for the more dramatic, in the third minute of stoppage time, like 90 plus 3, getting that game-tying goal. We get the game-tyer? That would be sick.

That would be pretty awesome. But no, I feel like a tie game would be great, but yes, I feel like we get ahead 2-1, ends up being a tied 2-2. That's my prediction.

Alright. Next up, we got Canes Bruins. I predict that nobody scores in the first 20 seconds of this game, because I'm watching it right now.

Yes, we are underway. Like I said, we've got to start seeing goals from people not named Svechikov, Natius, and Aho. Although there's part of me that says, I've been saying this year, the only thing that matters is postseason results, right? And maybe it's time to establish that, hey, we need three heavy hitters in the postseason, and that matters more than balance scoring, right? That's when the refs start giving you calls, because it's like, well you can't do that to one of their, you're just trying to mess with one of their best goal scorers, right? And we need those guys to be seen as dangerous. So I don't know, as much as I call for balance scoring, I kind of like having three dudes who are just pouring it in at all times.

I feel like in playoff time, that becomes actually an advantage, whereas regular season, as the Canes have been doing the past few years, it's more of a spread out the scoring game. Well, I only have a second left. Get your takes in, man. Okay, well. Faster takes.

And once again, I need faster takes. Is Boston any good this year? Oh darn, they are. Yeah, they're 17-3. Yeah, they're actually really, really good. My only thing is, I'm actually okay that the Canes are struggling now, because last year they started off hot and then they struggled as the season went along.

Yep. I'd much rather have the inverse play hot come the end of the year. Maybe Brad Brendamore intentionally sandbagging. He's like, we've done the thing where we play great, you know, before the turn of the year.

Now let's do the thing where we give ourselves room to grow so it feels like we're growing up to it. Alright, and finally, a minute take on UNC NC State. I have no idea what's going to happen.

Yeah. It's definitely an anything could happen. The stakes are low. It is just bragging rights stakes. The one thing that I'm going to go with the most obvious thing to take. Drake May versus Ben Finley.

Big advantage, UNC. Let's take the heels in this one, Cox. My gut tells me on this one. Dewey, hold on. No, no.

Dewey? No. No, they waved it off. Come on. We do not. We do not. We have a pocket of net.

We do not have an actual goal. It seems like play was called off. My take on this one, NC State versus UNC, this is Dave Dorn's last game at NC State. What? Yeah. I think that he is going to move on somewhere else. What? I think he's going to move on somewhere else after this one. Extremely hot take. I think he's going somewhere else and he won't coach in the bowl game because he's going to get hired somewhere. So my prediction is this is his last game.

Oh my gosh. I can't believe they stopped this. Goal disallowed by the Canes. It's a bad call. I don't really know the rules, but I just know it was a bad call. The puck was floating there.

It was not held by the goalie and they blew it dead and Jesper Fosse came and poked it in. It's going to be that type of night. We will ask our good friend Luke DeCock to step away from the Canes game for a little bit to join us to talk a little bit of Canes, a little bit of football, a little bit of hoops.

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See additional terms at You can't complain that it's too early anymore, it's post Thanksgiving, it's officially Christmas season. Throw them trees up, throw them decorations up and turn the music on. We'll ask Luke DeCock where he stands on starting his Christmas season and we'll ask him how he's handling the sports viewing day as a columnist for the News and Observer. He's a multi-time winner for North Carolina Sports Writer of the Year. Probably some AP awards that would be too numerous to list, but yeah, let's start right there.

How? We've got locally UNCNC State, that could be your main column. We've got the National Hockey League with the local team playing today and kind of slumping the Canes in Boston, that game's playing right now. And then we've got the international story, the US at the World Cup going off at two o'clock. How is columnist Luke DeCock handling today's viewing day? I've got to commit myself to one thing and it's the Black Friday UNC NC State football game, which isn't quite the stakes maybe that, I mean I said in August that this game would be a preview of the ACC Championship game. I really honestly thought both teams would win their divisions, but I got to stick with that.

I'd like to see Chapel Hill be physically present for that one and write about that. I honestly think the more important question is that it's too early for Christmas and I think you and I are on the same page here. Anything before Thanksgiving to me is an infamnia.

After that you're good to go. All right, so do you throw up the tree this weekend too after the sports are done? No, the tree can wait a little bit, probably a little later on the tree side, but I'm not going to cast any side-eye. I saw somebody like 10 days ago with the tree on the roof, I was like are you going to get two trees? Like is this the first of two trees because I can't keep a tree alive that long.

Yeah, very true there. All right, another important question. Have you ever spatchcocked a turkey? Have not, but I will say this, I respect it and we are a turkey breast only family. So I don't know if that counts as sort of modified spatchcocking, I mean we are taking a specific part of the bird and flattening that out, but no, never done a turduck and never spatchcocked a turkey. See I think the spatchcockers are coming on strong now because it's like the smoking meat people who are trying to separate their elite culinary skills above them.

Like I learned how to fry a turkey and now they're trying to run away and make something better and more complicated that I can't do. That's what I don't like about it. I feel like this is the year of the spatchcock. All right, you may not be watching all the games, but that doesn't mean we're not going to ask you about all the games as the Carolina Hurricanes break the power play drought in real time. The canes are on the board, I don't even know who scored the goal, Lukacock, but my question for you is, is there any concern for you at the canes right now or is it anything right now looking too much at the trees instead of the forest of the whole season and more importantly the postseason?

There isn't for me. I understand why people find this team hard to watch right now. I understand why people would be concerned, but I do think as I wrote the other day after a really dismal loss to the Coyotes, this is a 100 game season for this team, 100 games plus. It's very difficult to bring your best for all 100 games and you know who loses on a Monday night in Winnipeg?

Good team. I mean, that's how the Hurricanes for years got most of their wins was catching good teams on bad nights and bad teams. They weren't equipped for a long time to say to go toe to toe with the Bruins when the Bruins were at their best, which they are now.

So I some of this, you know, it is inevitable a little bit of pacing obviously nobody will admit to that. It's not even conscious probably but it's a very long season. It's only November good teams find a way to manage their workload and and look nobody wants to lose for nothing to the Coyotes and that's ridiculous, but the way they played in the first period they should have had two or three goals and then it's a completely different story. So as long as the style of play remains consistent, which they got away from their game the other night in the second third periods after you know out of frustration because there is a lot of frustration right now and this is a team that scored 18 goals in nine games seven of those came in one game.

Another three came in the final five minutes of a game with the goalie on the bench. So it's not a team that's particularly efficient offensively right now, but they do continue to pile up chances and they do continue to create chances and the shooting their shooting percentage right now is almost impossibly low. I mean, this is not a team that has the talent to be the worst shooting team in the league.

So some of that's going to regress to the mean eventually. I'm not worried. I get why people are I think whenever terrible table terrifying and comes back to power play will get better. Obviously they've got one that the drought is over and these things are not fun to watch. I mean, I would not have been happy to be at the game Wednesday night and see that second and third period but the first period they did everything plus score.

So no, I'm not concerned. I think the team is going to be fine, you know, there's areas of concern it is the power play. It's the goaltending has been a little erratic at times. I was ready to cut Brent Burns a lot of slack in October because it's much harder to adjust to a new team in a new system than fans and media and even even people in the game think about sometimes but I do think he's got a he's got to get his game stepped up a little bit here. He's better than what he's shown lately points aside. I mean the turnover against the Coyotes was grade school stuff. So he's better than that he can get there but those are the little things that concern me.

I don't have any big concern. I like the phrase you used there's probably some pacing even if they're not conscious of it because like yeah nobody's ever gonna say well we're not gonna go as hard as we might you know for certain games but like yeah no I think that describes it well. I also appreciate you not calling me out and why I could probably never be a play-by-play man not that quick on my feet.

Yes I went with they've broken the drought there that's the phrase I used to describe it as they scored a goal so I appreciate you not calling me out for that. You are on your way for UNC NC State. NC State had to disappoint in the season based on the preseason expectations. UNC will have the returning quarterback with a lot of hype. Is it UNC's turn next year to be the preseason top 10 team that then falls short of expectations?

I mean it seems like it's a rotating operation around here. It's crazy I mean basically UNC is having the season NC State thought they would have this year and NC State last year had the season UNC thought they would have last year. I think what it says is and this is true for everybody not just North Carolina and NC State it's true a little bit for the Hurricanes in 2019 and 2020 and 2021. You never really know when it's your moment until it's too late you can't say hey next year's our top or you know the next two years are our window because you know realistically last year even with the losses at the skill positions North Carolina said look we've got Sam Howell our defense has to be better it wasn't our offensive line has to be better it wasn't. You have to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and that's why the Georgia Tech loss I think was such a killer for North Carolina because the chances of the targets getting into the CFP were slim but they existed they were extant and to lose to a team that fired its coach a month into the season is just a dismal way to go about it and look you know we don't know that the Tar Heels are going to be this good next year. I really believe that as good as Drake May has been and this takes nothing away from him there is an argument to be made that Josh Downs is the best player in the ACC and he's going to be gone next year and who knows you can't separate Drake May's performance from Josh Downs performance they've both been outstanding but it is going to be more difficult for Drake May next year without the safety net that is the best receiver in the league and I'll put Josh Downs ahead of Zay Flowers.

Roddy Jones and I got in a disagreement about this. I will put Josh Downs number one as much as I respect and appreciate Zay Flowers to me Josh Downs is arguably the best player in the ACC so Drake May is going to win all the awards that's fine he deserves them take nothing away from him it's just very difficult to separate how good Josh Downs is from how good Drake May is because they're their success is so you know interlinked. There's been some discussion about Dave Doran possible candidate for other jobs. I think anybody who's saying fire Dave Doran is being a little bit of a loony fan but there is just a question of you know is it has it been a good run and both sides should look for something different. I'd like to ask you how do you evaluate the decade of Dave Doran football at NC State? Yeah I mean I think the people who think they're going to go out and fire Dave Doran and find a better coach are not living on this earth but that said I do think and this has come up a couple times in other conversations and Andrew Carter and I did more or less a whole podcast about it I do think we're in a modified herb situation with Dave Doran where you've had some success you've rebuilt the program from a dark time not as dark for Dave as it was for Herb when he took over but still you've never been able to get quite over the top and last year and this year certainly are kind of like Doran's versions of Herb's ACC tournaments and you've got an unquattably good coach who's been around for a while and maybe it's just time for a change on both sides so I think firing Dave Doran would be ludicrous but I do think if Dave Doran has the opportunity to go elsewhere whether that's Nebraska or Iowa State or somewhere like that that might throw money at him I think there's a chance that you know he will take it and NC State won't fight it not that anybody's unhappy not that anybody's disappointed but sometimes you know a change of scenery is going to be good and you have to factor in that NC State's not likely can't talk about these things in absolutes but it's not likely to be very good next year when you look at the absolute truckload of talent that's going to walk out the door after the season 30 something seniors guys who were just generational leaders like Grant Gibson and Zaymor and Peyton Wilson Drake Thomas I mean these are guys who were among the best character wise at their positions in NC State history that's not easy to replace so yes if there is a time for an amicable parting of the ways this is it that said if Dave Doran stays at NC State there's absolutely nothing wrong with that this is a guy who's proven he can win eight or nine games there's going to be a little bit of rebuilding but there's no reason why with the program that he's built he can't win an ACC title at some point you don't look at that and say well they're they're never going to win one they've had chances they'll have chances again so you know this isn't a situation where there's an absolute need for it but it does start to feel a little bit like that that herb dynamic where there's a little restlessness and and look I don't know that I would have made that argument before the Boston College game but that Boston College game really soured a lot of people and I think it sort of opened that for debate.

It probably also you know that that same vibe can something that can be the last two games matter for Dave Doran I think like you beat you beat UNC and you beat a respected team in a bowl game and all of a sudden you're like well we didn't seize our opportunity but this was not a terrible season right but but yeah but if you go out and lose this game and lose a bowl game against you know an opponent that doesn't even look that great then the the the taste in your mouth is like I said shifts a little bit like it did after the Boston College loss and finally we hit you with hockey we hit you with college football we've got all kinds of college basketball three triangle teams played yesterday they play again today there seems to be a trend repeating from last year where whether it's reliant on incoming players for either freshmen or transfer players seem to set up a scenario where the ACC takes a little time to settle into who they are last year turns out they were playing pretty good ball at the end of the year this year that the records are still fine for UNC and Duke and even NC State you put them in there but not not the performances that they hope to be seeing at least later in the season is this a actual problem or is this just something that we happen to have seen two years in a row where they need to figure out a way to not get stuck in a certain place in the polls and the metrics that they need and then you go into conference season just playing other teams with not great poll numbers and not great metrics and then coming out of it with bad NCAA tournament seeds is this something the league needs to look at or is this just a thing that's happened recently see I don't even see it as happening again I mean people look at some of the games that teams like Florida State and Louisville and Boston College have lost they're like oh god it's happening all over again but the teams that were losing those games last year were like you know Virginia, Notre Dame, you know Miami now this year Florida State's been unexpectedly bad for reasons that are relatively apparent you know the Boston College hasn't been as good as people expected them to be which is still not great but there was some hope that that program can turn a corner Louisville is on pace to be the worst team in ACC history maybe worse than the Dennis Clifford going out to eat team that didn't win an ACC game but the bad losses are by and large concentrated in the bottom three or four teams in the conference and that's fine that's not what happened last year if Duke and Carolina continue to win win ugly whatever they're going to be fine Virginia Tech's only loss is to Charleston which gave UNC everything it could handle that's fine NC State lost to Kansas that's fine like these things are those are losses that are not going to hurt you in March what hurts you would be NC State losing to Campbell it would be Virginia Tech losing to James Madison you know those were the kind of losses that were happening last year there's a lot of ACC teams that have not looked impressive but they've piled up W's whether it's Notre Dame or Miami or whoever the losses have been to power conference teams they've been to good mid majors they haven't been those terrible wash out your eyes losses even if the winds haven't been pretty in the end the Nets gonna worry about the games you won and lost those are gonna be what kill you in the quadrants and what killed the ACC last year was a lot of bad losses now here's the nightmare scenario Florida State opens the season two and eight whatever gets Bob and Miller back from this ridiculous NCAA suspension get some players back from injury gets hot goes 14 and six in the eight yes single-handedly yes that's definitely going to happen that is absolutely going to happen because like they're Leonard Hamilton does not stink as a coach and he usually hasn't playing pretty good especially gets like top ACC teams he's gonna like go two and three against Duke State in UVA and then like beat bad teams and they're gonna be a good ACC team and people are like oh this is terrible that's the scenario described was the exact one I was seeing in my head when I asked this question I'm so mad Jim Phillips is gonna have to pull Leonard aside at some point for the good of the league because the reality is six or seven good NCAA tournament worthy teams and another two or three that can play their way into that conversation look Virginia is really good this year Virginia Tech is good Miami is good Duke and Carolina are gonna be fine I think NC State's a tournament team I think Notre Dame's a tournament team so that's seven right there I think yeah and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting someone and there's no reason why Clemson can't play its way into that conversation so as long as you don't lose to Pitt and Louisville and BC and Florida State as the rest of the league just beats up on each other and doesn't lose any bad non-conference games the ACC is gonna be fine that's not what happened last year last year everybody was losing bad games at this time of year and it killed everyone now it's really just Florida State lurking out there as the kryptonite I got like 15 seconds you give the USA a chance at all any chance absolutely 50 all over again that's all I wanted to hear Luke DeCock enjoy NC State UNC I have no idea what to expect give me the team with the better quarterback I'll take the heels we'll read what you write about it after the game appreciate the time as always enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend my man you too we are 90 minutes into the show we got just under 90 minutes to go it's halftime let me update you on the score the Carolina Hurricanes still up one nothing over the Boston Bruins who had the goal for us there Dennis Cox Stephen Nason on the power play from Ajo and Svech look at that you know you know if the points are involved Ajo and Svech are also going to be involved even if we've got no name guys scoring by the way it was Brent Burns who kept the puck in at the blue line like full extension keep like keeping the puck in and it barely stayed in barely stayed in that was well done okay so that this worked out perfectly Ajo and Svech still adding to their monster point totals so they go into the postseason scene as like guys that the refs have to watch out for and guys that'll be feared but also we get the goal from somebody new and that's what we need some more scoring for the other people so all around good start for the Canes and it was on the power play it was and they're about to go back on the power play boom let's go don't worry if you hear the goal sounder it means they scored here in the next few minutes all right what else is happening at halftime all right your man Billy Dee Williams Lando Calrissian himself is coming to Raleigh in July for Galaxy Con Hayes Permar now you have to go he's a gambler card player scoundrel you would like him how much is it gonna cost me to get a one-on-one private moment with Billy Dee Williams I don't know but ballpark it for me like got him like you don't have to tell me what you have paid but like are these things that are like 200 or 500 or like 2,000 like a photo with him it's gonna be a thousand bucks no no no I'll probably like 50 bucks really yeah oh I'm doing that well they like your ticket to get in as well depend on okay so he's gonna add up but I'd spend a hundred bucks but it's gonna be yeah but for a couple hundred bucks I can get a picture with Lando less than that well I would have to pay for him to like go to dinner with me can we go to clouds brewing and yes pretend cloud city yes I've ever told you this this is also a great a great American especially if you're an American you know my age or younger probably or a little bit older than me if you're 50 or younger my Twitter avatar this is why you specifically bring this up to me is Lando Calrissian he's my all-time favorite Star Wars character one time I was the land director at a summer camp okay so I went by the nickname Lando because I did land and so I wore a Lando t-shirt and all this stuff so I'm big Lando fan right but my avatar on Twitter is Lando Calrissian and one way I've been able to almost without fail distinguish between a person that I don't know if they are a black person or a white person it depends on how they've referenced my avatar okay white people say oh it's Lando Calrissian and black people say oh that's Billy Dee Williams that has been true almost exclusively throughout like black people be like I love your avatar Billy Dee Williams and white people be like I love your avatar it's Lando Calrissian so that is a two Americas moment as Bamani Jones my good friend would say yeah I guess I got to go in and pay for to see Lando when does this happen it's July I think it's last weekend in July so I think you're looking at the 27th somewhere around that time he was oh that's usually what I'm at the beach that's no good he was also the mayor of Gotham right yeah in the Batman with Michael Keaton he may have been I believe he was yeah or he wasn't Commissioner Gordon no I think he was the mayor though I think he was the mayor so July 27th which is a Thursday through July 30th which is a Sunday is Galaxy Con all right you have to find a day do you know anybody else anybody else that's oh oh on the power play baby who has who's got power play problems who who has power play problems not us not this team nope not this team no power play problems here the six million dollar man kokunyemi I believe it is right kokunyemi yes berry kokunyemi yeah our man KK snuck it in there yes that's another goal carolina arcades up two nothing is this a sign the power play goals baby let's go rivalry week I mean rivalry day is gonna go well for us can the USA follow on the heels of this great start for the Carolina Hurricanes another power play goal who has power play problems not us not us couldn't be us so yeah along with Billy Dee Williams who's actually gonna be there Friday Saturday and Sunday he's already been announced jaleel white that's right Steve Urkel himself is also gonna be there I was listening to a podcast with Bamani Jones and Dominique Foxworth okay and they were talking about how the the the origins the roots of family matters love it was a show based off of the the mom mama Winslow she was the elevator operator in the newspaper that the guy worked at in perfect strangers right it's a spin-off of perfect strangers yes so they were a blue collar Chicago family and that it was gonna be about them and I don't remember what episode it was that the nerd from next door Steve Urkel showed up but as soon as he did and and whatever it was the the ratings or the feedback or whatever it was was like we want more of that guy all of a sudden everybody else became second tier like Carl Winslow thought he was gonna be like you know like dr. Huxtable from coffee he thought he was gonna be holding down mama Winslow thought she was going to be a main character everybody became minor characters to Steve Urkel after he hit the scene it was hilarious to hear Bamani and Dominique talk about that all right so we got Urkel there Billy Dee Williams William Shatner and he's always there yeah he is Will Friedle from boys boy meets world oh yeah Cory Matthews his older brother yes Eric Eric Matthews is gonna be there well now I'm now I'm definitely going to get if we've got Lando and Eric yeah I'm definitely in all right well done next up on half-time entertainment Guardians of the Galaxy holiday specials out right now on Disney Plus everybody's trying to get five minutes of fantasticness if you watched it is it like legit good or is it like it's legit fun cheesy like Christmassy good it's it's both the crazy thing is it is all-in leaning on Christmas Star Wars had that Christmas special back in the day the first appearance of Boba Fett that was so bad they like buried it yeah but then it became like cult classic then everybody wanted to see it and now like can you even stream it now I don't know idea I can't remember it didn't didn't Star Wars also try and do another Christmas everybody makes a Christmas special now everybody's just trying to get that money get that coin what's it it was it was straight to Disney Plus did they have everybody all we're all of the Guardians of the Galaxy there they were like half of them are like animated so you don't even need them to show I guess you need the voices of the raccoon yeah the Groot what is other people are actors the big guy that's like a real person racks yeah that's the tea stuffs a cartoon that's a cartoon it's the one white guy everybody else is a cartoon okay that's right they're all cartoons I'm not watching that sorry okay I did watch spirited with Ryan Reynolds and wait watch that yeah was that fun it's decent but it's a musical okay and like I would have rather than done same thing everybody's just trying to get paid they're like well if we do a movie and a musical then maybe one of our songs will catch on it'll be a music hit for years and we can get royalties off that right it's like no you have Will Ferrell you got round Ryan Reynolds maybe you put one comedic song in there just for fun in the middle of the movie light like Will Ferrell's done in other movies you know but don't try and make it a whole musical I did not hold up as a musical I was I was excited and let down maybe Guardians of the Galaxy would be the opposite where I would be not excited and it would surprise me so that is the halftime entertainment on the other side I placed one big turkey day parlay yesterday I'll tell you how it did and I got another one for you to play today it's next it's here Peloton's best offer of the season get up to $300 off accessories when you purchase a Peloton shred choose from accessories like a heart rate monitor non slip grip dumbbells yoga blocks and more if you've been looking for a sign to join Peloton this offer gives you everything you need to get going hurry Peloton's best offer of the season is here but not for long visit one Peloton calm to learn more all access membership separate limited time offer cannot be combined with other offers see additional terms at one Peloton calm the venture X card from Capital One gives you more of what you love like premium travel benefits and access to Taylor Swift tickets I do love her earn five times miles on flights and 10 times miles on hotels through Capital One travel enjoy your stay in sweet 13 whoa 13 that's Taylor's lucky number plus get access to Taylor Swift the era's tour presented by Capital One maybe I'll see you there the venture X card from Capital One what's in your wallet terms apply see capital for details see Adam Gold show trying to cheat us up in Boston we're getting too good on the power play now they're trying to take power plays away from us I think we have some four on four also we got a great third hour of the show planned from two to three but just as a note I'm gonna be watching two games at the same time I'm doing radio so just deal with it okay holiday radio you're not on your normal commute either you're not participating you're not calling in at the normal rate you're not tweeting at the show you're not participating in the same way you would so you don't expect a 100% performance from me okay I'm doing the best that I can bringing some good Christmas tunes but I'm watching the canes and I'm watching Team USA I hope those are just warm-up shirts these splotchy I don't know what they are those that are actual shirts so those are jerseys I don't know I have a cane I only have I have one less TV than you do hey wow that's your loss there yeah canes look like they're going to take well it's not being pretty mature canes look like they're gonna take a two nothing lead into the first intermission Team USA preparing to start against England that game about 12 minutes away yesterday I went for the hard strings okay I don't like to place my bets too much around here because I don't like to use other people's fake money and some days I'm not here the following day to like come clean on my bets right but since I was in here Wednesday and I was gonna be back on Friday I said I'm gonna place some Thanksgiving Day bets and I gave people one parlay I said here's what you got to do people it's Thanksgiving and the Lions are playing and you have to take them so we had the Lions plus nine and a half and guess what they got the job done even when I thought it was going overtime it was like you know what unless you try really really really really hard to stink it up you can't lose by nine and a half and overtime so I was feeling good about that one they ended up losing by three Lions covered then and here's you have to trust me on this one when I checked the line on Wednesday for Dallas New York it was seven and a half apparently by the time it kicked it was like 10 points okay but when I took it when I put it as part of my parlay I took the Cowboys minus seven and a half they won by eight they covered so I was two legs in now all I needed was for Bill Belichick to beat Kirk Cousins in game three and in fact the Vikings were getting three and a half points and of course that didn't turn out if I could have gotten back on the air I would have hedged the bet and taken the Vikings for a small amount and at least you know made sure I won something but it said that that didn't happen I did also want to point out I've shared this before but I feel like with the World Cup going on it's a good time to point out this bet I mentioned the overtime game between Dallas excuse me Detroit and Buffalo and how it wouldn't have been affected it wouldn't have affected the line because the the spread was so big was a nine and a half point game one thing that soccer absolutely gets right betting is done on regulation how frustrated would you be let's say if you're the New England Patriots and you're getting three and a half points yesterday and the game goes into overtime well you've bet that the underdog is going to keep the game close right that's what you've done when you're taking a point spread in almost any NFL game very rarely do you get over touchdown favorites I guess it happens more often you know when a very good team plays a very bad team whatever but usually you're talking about one two three four five point spreads in the NFL so if you take the underdog and the points and it's tied at the end of regulation it feels like you should win the bet instead you go to overtime you can end up losing by six points a touchdown or whatever and you were the underdog by four points you don't win your bet and soccer not how it works now obviously that makes sense because right now in these knockout round games I mean in the now group stage excuse me they they don't play overtime so like you've got it if you bet if you bet the US today and they're getting a goal and they tie England will you win your bet because the US was the underdog they were getting half a goal or a goal or whatever it might be but that's not the case in football I think all NBA NHL NFL all of it should be bet on the end of regulation whatever you want to do even the over-under I feel like should be it's a college football game you could have a really low scoring game and all of a sudden they play four overtimes and they put another 20 points up at the board where you bet it on being an under and it was all right today I'm giving you another holiday parlay okay I'm not going deep in I'm not taking any futures not taking any props we're going straight up with the heart yesterday we bet on the Thanksgiving teams the Lions and the Cowboys and in fact I should have left the night game out of it I should have just gone with the parlay on the Thanksgiving teams we would have gotten it today we're going with the ACC teams in the triangle all right all three are favored now this is not necessarily basketball yeah in hoops yes three games of the holiday tournament two of them going out of the Phil Knight classic Duke favored by three and a half against Xavier I like the Blue Devils they're gonna they're gonna coast on that one the one I'm actually most worried about NC State minus four and a half against Iowa State who's undefeated I don't know if they've beaten I haven't checked their Ken Palm score but I do know that UNC has not looked very good this season I'm not worried about UNC making the NCAA tournament I'm not worried about them being pretty good when the NCAA tournament starts I am very worried about UNC covering a four and a half point spread against Iowa State seems like the type of game they'll let a team hang around or even be trailing by six with like three minutes to go maybe squeak out the win and win by two and then ruin my holiday parlay okay yeah and then finally NC State a two and a half point favorite against Butler and much like yesterday NC State probably has the most to gain they come out of the Bahamas with a hard-fought ultimately pretty close loss to Kansas and a win over Dayton and Butler again I can't tell you at the end of the season how good Dayton and Butler are gonna be but I can tell you traditionally Dayton and Butler are two of the better mid-major programs and two teams that are often competing for NCAA tournament spots so the NC State were able to get a win today this would be a wildly successful holiday tournament whereas UNC and Duke lackluster starts in their first games against Portland and Oregon State Portland Oregon State only get invited to this thing because they're right there it's like bring in all these big schools and like and then here's Portland Oregon State there was another local school can't remember who it was but like they're supposed to be just fodder for these like first games and instead Portland and Oregon State both gave Duke a pretty good challenge so there's your day two your Friday Black Friday holiday parlay Duke minus three and a half over Xavier UNC minus four and a half over Iowa State NC State minus two and a half over Butler we're playing with the heart we're not gonna touch USA UK give me USA plus 650 give me USA plus 650 to win on the money line on the money line also give me NC State over UNC on the money line plus 205 this afternoon all right and Florida State minus 10 Clemson minus 14 and a half parlay that together plus 265 I didn't even know you had that yeah we got some sound for you next. But not for long visit one peloton dot com to learn more all access membership separate limited time offer cannot be combined with other offers see additional terms at one peloton dot com.
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