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We’re changing things up a little on this Thursday, and Will Brinson joins Adam today to talk a little football before this Thursday Night Football game.

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October 27, 2022 4:13 pm

We’re changing things up a little on this Thursday, and Will Brinson joins Adam today to talk a little football before this Thursday Night Football game.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 27, 2022 4:13 pm

We’re changing things up a little on this Thursday, and Will Brinson joins Adam today to talk a little football before this Thursday Night Football game. With the NFC being such a mess, who does Will think will actually make the playoffs? ​

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Like, I have a hard time buying Minnesota and the Giants. They each have one loss. The Giants are six and one, Minnesota's five and one.

Maybe the record should tell me something, but I'm not quite buying yet. And I need Will to tell me whether or not those teams are legit or are they frauds? And here he is. There is Will Brinson, pick six podcast moderator. All right, my friend. We'll play a little fraud or legit in the first part of our conversation and I thought you just call him your fraud. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are.

You would definitely be in the legit category. And then in the second part of our conversation, we will talk about three possible, well, certainly two Definite Hall of Famers, probably all three Hall of Fame quarterbacks that it's just not going well for this year, but we'll get to that in a little bit. So I'm going to try and do this in terms of the loss column between the Giants and the Vikings. Who is who is are they both real or are none of them neither of them real or is one with give me who you like of those two one-loss teams. Well, I think the Vikings are a little more legit. I don't think either one of those teams is necessarily fraudulent.

You know, we're kind of texting about this last night. My theory on the so first of all the Vikings Vikings have been pretty good the last few years, right? They have been a little schizophrenic. I guess is maybe a way to describe them book and part and parcel because of Mike Zimmer's approach to offense, which has been I don't like it unless I have to use it. I guess throw it to Justin Jefferson's and right the other team scored some points against the defense that I thought was me good. Now Kevin O'Connell is in there and he's being way more aggressive. Kirk Cousins knows his system because they work together in Washington. You know, Sean McVay, it's a like these NFL systems, you know, if you have experience and it makes it a lot easier, they're leaning into Justin Jefferson using double cook in the receiving game.

They're more aggressive and defensively. They have the personnel there to actually be like fairly decent. The question was would Ed Donatell and company get them coached up as well as Mike Zimmer had at various points of his tenure. Yeah, I don't necessarily think that the defense is elite per se, but I do think that this is a very very good team and a team that's kind of flying over the radar in a pretty not questionable NFC, but like a down NFC where the Rams and the Packers in the box are three, you know, three prohibited favorites before the season are not quite as good as for the Giants who by the way, I'm believing my pal, Will Newman who just texted me this news could just trading Cadaries Tony to the Chiefs Newman.

I hope you're not wrong because you live in Raleigh. As for the Giants, I think that they remind me a lot of Sean McDermott's first year with the Buffalo Bills right and that season everyone agreed 2017 Buffalo, right finished 9 and 7 their expected win-loss based on their point differential was 6.4 wins. So like to win 9 games when your expected win-loss is 6.4 means you had a great you really overachieved, right? You want a bunch of one score games you you had you were probably you'd probably coaching probably elevated your roster to a better status than it would have been with average coaching or below average coaching and I think that's really important because if you look at who the Giants hired, it's Brian table and Joe Shane Joe Shane the GM table the coach of course both guys from Buffalo if the if the Bills were Panther bid the baby Panthers into the baby bills, okay, I think if you're being coached up by Brian table and you're winning games these one score games, maybe maybe you shouldn't be six and one or whatever, you know, like they probably shouldn't be there but the fact that they are means that they have a very good coach and and so I wouldn't discount them. They're going to make the playoffs.

They're expected to be lost by the way is 4.1. So they're already two games above, you know, they're going to win 12 games, right? I mean like they're going to win 12 games or they're going to the playoffs. I mean, yeah, I mean, I they're not going to win the division. They're going to finish third in the division. I think but they're going to win 12. The NFC East is going to look like the greatest division we've ever seen because the rest of the league is trash. It's just simulations had three NFC East teams going to the playoffs 77% of the time, which is wild.

I mean, I just if you look at that, I think I think two of the best areas turning actually, I shouldn't say that because everyone in my fantasy League. This is the show good. I'm glad they do. I'm going to become Canaries Tony before they get to me. They do it.

Maybe I'll do that too. Look, I I think the Cowboys and the Eagles to the four best teams in the league the entire NFL. I think those two teams are the two best teams in the NFC in my opinion, and I'll I'll be surprised if that changes between now and the end of the year unless injury sets in on both both teams. After that, I think it's completely wide open for who could be the next best team.

It might be the Giants because they're incredibly well coached and it also could be the Giants because their schedule is paper mache and I think that is driving a lot of these things. By the way, the Vikings next five games will find here's how we'll find out about the Vikings Arizona at home. I don't think that I don't mean that's a problem at Washington shouldn't be a problem.

At Buffalo home against Dallas. Those are problems and then I know it's going to sound weird but prime time for Kirk Cousins been a wasteland. I think it's a Thursday night game weird.

That's like that's a very factual statement. It is it's very very back-to-back revenge games for the Vikings you got Patrick Peterson against the Cardinals this week and then Kirby Cousins against we call him Kirby on the podcast when he stands here really. Yeah, but do you remember Bruce Allen the old the old president for the Washington football team the old w artists for me that is WFT president when they were doing the negotiations with Cousins on his on his friendship like the final like negotiations, but it just wasn't working out and he called him he called Kurt. He like purposely called him the wrong name, which is like so emblematic of everything Bruce Allen. He's like, you know, we think Kurt's a good player, but it's like I'm so just going Kurt. Yeah, he's been with your team for like you drafted him. He's been there for like five years.

You know his name unbelievable. Let me ask you let me throw a couple of more teams at you because I'm not sure anymore. I thought that the Ravens were really good. I'm a little surprised that they have given up more points than the Bengals.

They're both four and three. So what do you make of the Ravens? It's it's a it's a difficult sort of analysis, I think because they have been very good at times and then they like they're the first I believe they're the first team.

They last week. They were the first human NFL history to have double-digit leaves in their first six games and not be and not be above 500, right? Um, there's only 20 teams in their the 21st team. I think an NFL history to have a double-digit lead in all seven of their games to start the season. They are four and three the rest of those teams.

I believe are like 135 and five. So like that's concerning obviously, it's good that they can get out to these leads. It's concerning that they give up these leads. Now, you could point to their performance last week and say, wow, maybe the pass rush is starting to come along.

Justin Houston picking it up. And if the pass rush gets a lot can improve this team can be really dangerous. But also over the last four weeks, Lamar Jackson's been terrible. Like I think he has one game above 200 passing yards hadn't been above 60% completions. You and I were peacocking around three weeks in the season about anyone who questioned Lamar before the year and now I mean, he I mean, he was he was right there in the thick with Josh Allen, Mahomes, General Hurts, MVP race, and he is firmly not in the MVP race at this point.

Well, because they're four and three. I don't think it's a lot about Lamar Jackson, even though he hasn't played as well. Every player goes through these pockets of whatever during during the course of the season.

I'm sure he'll get on a hot streak again here. But even when he was playing well, the Ravens are that team there either great or bad within the same game. And that has been that has been their biggest problem. Like they're they might be the best first half team in the entire NFL and one of if not the worst second half team in the NFL. All right, the Jets are five and two.

I think they're just at best their meh. Tell me how are they five and two because their offense is terrible. Well, I mean, again, I don't want to by the way, if you if you're a listener to the Pixar podcast, CBS Sports Daily podcast, the best daily NFL podcast there is we are Brady Quinn three weeks ago said on the show you said that Jets fans a little annoying again that you're two and two.

Okay, like get out of my mentions. I'll tell you what I'll donate a thousand dollars to a charity for every Jets win the rest of the season. They're three and oh since then. So I'd be like, maybe that's why they're good.

If you're a listener or you haven't listened or you just start listening, you can tweet or DME or leave a pocket. We have like five more charity people leave a podcast review and we'll we're gonna give away a thousand dollars for every when they have and if you look at their wins and we're sort of talking about this, they beat the Browns with the Browns beat the Browns. Right. But that was like a once in a decade once in two decades win, right?

So that's a that's kind of I'm just that's a fluke. Yeah, blown out by the Bengals. They beat the Steelers. I believe in that game. That's when Trubisky got benched.

Yes. So there so you played a backup in that game. Mm-hmm. You beat the Browns on the back up into Kobe percent.

Mm-hmm. The Dolphins they played Teddy Bridgewater was hurt. It was out immediately. Right. So they played Tyler Thompson.

Yep. Blew out the Dolphins in that game. The Packers. Hey, you went into Lambeau Field and your offense dropped 27 on sort of well, I mean, it's got 27 points. No one's going to question the win over the Packers in Lambeau Field coming off a loss in London against the Giants.

Right. And then last week they beat the Broncos and Brett Rippon. Yeah, so like the only win they have that's not against a backup quarterback. Is in Green Bay, right?

Yeah, and so the Windsor wins you stack them you save your job. Yeah, but the Jets are probably a little bit of a paper tiger. I 100% and like they have a fairly good chance of making the playoffs. Although this will be a pretty interesting challenge for them against the Patriots this week. Do you remember the last time the Jets beat the Patriots? The last time the Jets beat the Patriots. I actually I actually don't know the last remember the last time the Jets beat the Patriots unless it was a playoff game. No regular season. Which I guess the last time the Jets beat the Patriots 2016 that's pretty far back and it's still not far back. Oh my God.

Good 2015. Yeah, but look Belichick hates the Jets. I know he hates them. I know he's going to and he just lost to the Bears. I'm under football.

He's going to throttle them. All right. We're going to talk about the Patriots.

We're going to talk about the Packers and we're going to talk about the Broncos three three teams that are not where they thought they would be at the beginning of the season because they have each have quarterbacks that are not playing the way they thought they would play at the beginning of the season. All right. Will Brinson senior NFL writer CBS

That's just part of the intro, but he is the moderator of the pick six podcast the award-winning pick six podcast. Have you won awards? We were nominated. All right. Good. You should win awards.

All right. We actually we actually almost won the award. I was going to get a tattoo if we won the award.

Oh, really? Yeah, I was kind of glad. I mean, yeah, you don't want a tattoo. Yeah, six or half dozen like the award helps my career tattoos permanently ain't on my body. And listeners were going to get to pick and they were advocating aggressively for a a UNC logo on my back.

Oh, that would hurt. So yay, or nominated not award-winning. Yes, that's good.

You're pretty you're probably all right. Let's let's deal with these three teams Rogers and Brady have both been critical of their teams without really being critical of themselves over the last few days. Only Rogers has taken flack. We're going to get to that in a second, but I want to hear I want you to hear what Keyshawn Johnson had to say about Russell Wilson this morning. Yeah, Denver by the way is going over to London. They're going to play Jack of the Jacksonville, right? It's the Broncos and the Jack and you can only watch it. Just so you know if you're listening to this and you're thinking man, I can't wait till Sunday morning. You can only watch it on ESPN plus really.

Yeah, first ever ever is plus only game. How about that? That's why they're paying all that money for the NFL. All right, here's Keyshawn Johnson on Russell Wilson and the team Dynamic to stop just stop with always telling somebody what you're doing and how you're doing it. Just be the quarterback of the team in because when I think about it, not like Russell. I like him a lot. I've interviewed him. I've been around him a bunch but I don't need to hear that you worked out for four hours on a plane and you studied up the film and why everybody else was sleeping like I don't need to hear those sort of things.

It's not going to make me think oh God, you're doing everything right and nobody else is doing anything. They're just sitting on the plane and sleeping while you're you're so in tune with doing everything because what's going to happen man is the things that's happening to him now. People think he phony. It's all an act and it shouldn't be that way because he's a good football player when everything is going right and I just hate to see this happening to him and eventually his teammates are going to start sidelining him if they haven't already. Didn't that kind of happen in Seattle to or no?

Yeah. Russ is a cornball and I mean like he's goofy and he's as he's become it was like sort of you know, like when he first got to Seattle was like like he like he I mean he goes to Children's hospitals every week. Like he is a he is philanthropic.

Yeah, it's no meaning but when it comes to the interactions with like I mean you're the latest thing he did right. He did put your eyes knee highs for four hours of a fight from Denver to London stretching and exercising including and this is not this is not like a like people are sourcing this or reporting this. Like he told reporters what he did on the flight over there. Yeah, including according to Zack Stevens, I believe of out of Denver, but on Russ said that he did was doing knee highs down the aisle of the airplane while while his teammates were sleeping. Yes one. Don't ever do knee highs on the plane.

No, but not anywhere with private jet your plane commercial certainly not a commercial jet. You do that. You should be thrown in like some kind of like NATO prison for a while to you know what you're doing when you say I was doing knee highs while my teammates were asleep. Yeah, you're you are accidentally or passive. Maybe you're just one of those guys who likes to like was the was my teammates were asleep necessary in that in that descriptor.

No, maybe only so you could like justify why no one tackled you. Right, right. It's almost like all I can picture is like Russ finally sitting down after exercising for three hours. He's like hitting the call button and sewers like oh my gosh, what is this guy want finally gets back to just exasperated. She's like, yes, mr. Wilson. He's like, um, hey, you know, I hate to be the bear of bad news here, but uh, Jerry Judy's not wearing a seat belt in aisle 14 doing like knee highs on the airplane.

It's just laid out a stretch of back out man. Like come on. This is ridiculous. Yeah, it's like when he did the when he was out last year for Seattle and he had the hand injury and they're playing on prime time and he goes out of the field and and does the like does the warm-ups like goes through the whole warm-up process. It's like dude, you're not playing. I'm fine. Stop it. Yeah, I think Russell we're actually we're barely going to have time for Brady and Rogers here.

So I'll just the Russell thing has been he genuinely is that this way and he has a hard time relating to teammates and that was the problem in Seattle and it's I don't know if it's problem in Denver. Kishon obviously thinks it either is or is about to be very quickly in 30 seconds, which of the which of the Packers or the Buccaneers we know the Buccaneers are tied first in the Packers are two and a half games out, but which of those teams is ultimately going to be the better team whether or Trent if you think the Bucks will be the better team. Yeah, Packers unless the Packers go out and trade for somebody in in before the deadline, like they just don't have the receivers to operate what they want to operate the defense isn't good enough and the run game hasn't been stout enough the box on the other hand if that offensive line improves, they've got a defense Tom Brady's got some receivers.

They can think it's still win games and and let's not forget that they're in a division that is substantially worse than the one in Green Bay because of the aforementioned Minnesota Vikings. No question about it. Will Brinson you're the man. I appreciate your time. We'll talk to you Monday my friend to him.
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