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It’s Wednesday, so Chip Patterson of CBS Sports, joins Adam today to talk about the latest College Football Playoff Rankings.

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November 2, 2022 3:48 pm

It’s Wednesday, so Chip Patterson of CBS Sports, joins Adam today to talk about the latest College Football Playoff Rankings.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 2, 2022 3:48 pm

It’s Wednesday, so Chip Patterson of CBS Sports, joins Adam today to talk about the latest College Football Playoff Rankings. Which squares are they filling on Adam’s Nick Saban sayings bingo card?? And does Chip agree with Adam about the Carolina Panthers needing to wait for the 2024 draft, to get this potentially available quarterback?


It is Wednesday. It is Chip Patterson day and he joins us before he has to go on CBS Sports HQ. Well, look, all right.

So chips were at a bow tie and I know you're just trolling me at this point. Well, it's a tuxedo actually. And, uh, the reason why we are, we're going full tux here is because it is just such a fine occasion. I mean, we just had your favorite day of the year, the first college football playoff rankings release the day that Adam gold says, I can't wait to see what the committee says, what people say about what the committee says and what everybody on all the different platforms and all across the college football world have to say about these rankings that matter so much in the eyes of Adam. First of all, I got two things.

Uh, if you put a tuxedo on simply for that reason, uh, then I love you even more. Um, I listened to the cover three podcast, the reaction to the ranking. Uh, and I guess we got about two thirds of the way in and I think it was, but Elliott has said, you know, man, it just bothers me that we pay so much attention to this. It doesn't mean anything. But like, it got me. It got me. We have a bingo card of all the things that boo Corrigan will have to say.

You can I'm showing it to the camera. If you're looking at the camera of a bingo card, uh, here we have student athletes. I didn't hear student athletes. I test heard.

I test, um, settle on the field. A lot of foot. We got a lot of things here.

We're going to fill out the bingo card, uh, throughout the, uh, the next five weeks. Was there anything about this? Because I wasn't surprised by any of it, any of it. Was there anything about it that surprised you other than maybe LSU at number 10? No, LSU at number 10 is certainly a surprise. I thought that at the back half of the rankings, the UCF appearance, the Texas appearance, the Oregon state appearance shows what is essentially like to use the March madness term, a soft bubble, our top 25. It's, it could be very easily Kentucky, the old quality loss, Kentucky with nothing but wins to teams in the college football playoff that ended up cycling their way back in. I think we might've even discussed on the show, like does an eight and four Notre Dame team sneak its way back in there. It does, uh, in fact, you know, maybe lose to Clemson, but then beat USC at the end of the season. The, the, what it showed me is that we have a very, very soft bubble, which is significant because one of the things on the team sheet and as you and anyone who listened to the instant reaction, no, I'm firmly anti conspiracy here. Like if you want to think that they are not good at their job or they're not putting forth a lot of care, that's fine. I think that they enjoy the process because anyone around college football enjoys the process of talking about teams, who's better than who yelling about it, voting on it.

It is legitimately a fun thing to do if you enjoy this sport. But one of the things on the team sheet is record against the current CFP top 25, which is again something that they reverse engineer 25, but that soft bubble, I think it was probably my other big takeaway behind LSU at number 10. And then also, you know, this, I'm sure we're going to talk about Clemson, but there are a lot of the teams that are in the ACC in this college football playoff rankings are playing each other, which does not bode well for the same amount of teams from the ACC being in the final college football playoff rankings.

There is no question about that. In fact, Syracuse won't be there for very long. They could be out by next Tuesday if they lose to Pitt state and wake play each other.

So one will get stronger. Theoretically, the other will probably disappear from the ranking. Carolina has to play wake next week. I'm not saying Carolina will disappear from the ranking, but who knows what's going to happen. So there will be some, you know, eating of your own. And Carolina has to play state. Exactly. The three in the state of North Carolina all play each other.

And it's all concentrated, but I think we're going to see this happen in a lot of places. But yes, the ACC is going to lose. I think the ACC will ultimately have at least two teams in the top 25, not named Clemson.

But it might not even matter if Clemson is undefeated. If they are 13 and 0, they're going to be in the playoff, right? I would imagine so. I think that the... That doesn't sound very confident, Chip Patterson.

Well, I'd imagine so. Doesn't sound very confident to me. 13 and 0. 13 and 0 ACC champion Clemson is not being left out. 13 and 0 ACC champion Clemson might be a three seed behind some one plus teams, you know, but it's not going to be left out entirely.

No, I don't think so. What about an undefeated TCU? I also think that an undefeated TCU will find their way in.

I think there's been... And they can certainly reverse engineer that too by putting in some... And there are... They have two wins over the top 25 now, which is kind of hard to justify them as being seventh behind Alabama. If we're using the rankings as a measure of this, Alabama has one win against the top 25.

That was against number 24 Texas. But they have that good loss where they gave up, what, 52? They have that good loss. Quality loss. That's in the corner of my bingo card, by the way, of quality loss.

So it doesn't really make sense that TCU with no losses is behind Alabama with one. So they are... Another thing, again, that it's been incredibly informative, the more information I've gotten about the process and the information that's given to the committee members as they go into this discussion. And a company called SportsSource Analytics puts together this sheet and it overwhelms the committee members with information. Sure. So many numbers, so many rankings. Good.

What you were looking for as a committee member, essentially is just nothing really bad. And TCU's defense ain't great. And that was the one thing Boo Corrigan came back to, even though the way he explained it was to try to reference the way Alabama looked against Arkansas, Mississippi State, this, that, or the other. Alabama's numbers on the whole are pretty balanced.

Right around top 10 to top 15 in offense, top 10 to top 15 in defense. TCU has one of the best offenses in the entire country, but its defense is not spectacular. And I don't know what sort of game control metric they're using right now, but TCU is a team that has overcome double digits, second half deficits and two of its wins. I am with you undefeated 13 and O, TCU is not going to miss the college football playoff. It's not going to miss an opportunity, but I'm also in the position where I'm just going to tell you that every team that's currently undefeated, if they're the conference champion is not going to miss the college football playoff. Cause guess what?

I ain't going to happen. Even like Texas comes up ahead on TCU schedule and Texas, which could lose at Kansas state this weekend is also a good enough team that it could hand TCU its first loss of the season. There are a lot of pitfalls left for TCU compared to Clemson. There are a lot of pitfalls left for TCU compared to Michigan compared to Ohio state. Any of those other teams basically outside of Georgia, which still has its whole season head of it, Tennessee, which has its season on the line on Saturday. And then Alabama doesn't have a lot of pitfalls left, but well, we still got to see what happens. They have to don't they go to LSU and Ole Miss and back to back weeks.

They do. I mean, I'm not saying that either of those teams are great. And I don't think either of those teams are great, although they are 10th and 11th in the ranking, but Alabama gave up 52 at Tennessee. Alabama struggled to beat Texas. They struggled early against Texas A&M. Okay. I mean, I could see a struggle at some point you had game.

By the way, you have almost gotten my bingo card covered just in our conversation here. But like, I think Alabama will win out. I think Alabama will get to Atlanta for the SEC championship game. Does I think the answer is no, but does either team need this game coming up Saturday afternoon in Athens more than the other? Does Georgia need it more than Tennessee because Tennessee already has the win over Alabama and the win over LSU that even if they were to lose this, they could still get back in it with one loss. If Alabama wins the title, I think Tennessee needs it more, but not for the reasons that you're talking about.

I think Tennessee needs it more because Tennessee will not get the benefit of the doubt the way that Georgia will. Georgia grades out excellent on both sides of the ball, your balanced team. They are the reigning national champions. They are one of the standard bearers for the entire sport. If you look at Tennessee and then all of a sudden you start saying, well, all their wins are at home.

What did they look like away from home? When they were at Pitt, they didn't look like the same team. When they were at Georgia, they didn't look like the same. If you start to build out this argument, then you start to talk about a balance seems like they got a great offense, but I don't know if they've got a great defense. I think that Georgia can sustain a loss to Tennessee and find its way back into the playoff faster than Tennessee could take a loss to Georgia and find its way back into the playoff. Even though they've got that win against Alabama, it'll be about the home road splits. It'll be about the offense defense splits.

Yeah, I think I could have shouted bingo already in this conversation. Is there a pack 12 team that really has a chance at a playoff spot? My colleagues say it's USC and they are leaning a little bit more on number one. They're going to say if it is that one loss, it was away from home. It was by one point on a walk off two point conversion against another team that currently the committee thinks is very good. Then they would also say, and it's USC and it's Lincoln Riley and it's like all the conspiracy TV ratings theories.

Quality loss, but no quality wins. If Oregon runs the table from the season opener, it has been said coming back from a 40 plus point loss, it'd be very, very difficult, but first year head coach transfer quarterback. I think some context would give a one loss pack 12 champion Oregon team that clearly got better throughout the year.

A decent shot at this. I think that UCLA is almost a non starter in terms of the teams at the top. They're non-conference strength. The schedule is only slightly better than Michigan's, which is one of the worst in the entire country of any college football playoff hopeful.

When you play Bowling Green and South Alabama and Eastern Washington, you're not building out a resume that's going to be able to stand up. That's where I think that Oregon would almost be rewarded. Yeah, you got thumped by Georgia, but you played Georgia and I think that, uh, I think Oregon is my answer. USC is an answer.

I would accept. I think UCLA of those three teams is the one that has least likely to make it to the college football playoff. What if Ohio state were to lose?

Can Ohio or anybody, if they lose in the big 12, big 10 championship game to Illinois, let's say Illinois, a two loss Illinois team, Ohio state loses to a two cause Illinois still has to play at Michigan. Wendy's new French toast sticks are so delicious. Some are saying that they're better than their mom's breakfast. Excuse me. Did you just say Wendy's new French toast sticks are better than my breakfast?

Mom, is that you? Answer the question. I said some people are saying that because they're so crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and perfect in every way. Uh huh.

And what do you think? I think it's time to tell people to choose wisely. Choose Wendy's new sweet and crispy home style French toast sticks.

That's still not an answer. I participating us Wendy's during breakfast hours because there's nobody on that side that's worth anything. I don't think Illinois is worth anything. I like Illinois. Okay.

You know better than I do, but I know I freely admit that I admit that every day. Um, but if a two loss Illinois team of Ohio state loses that game, they're not, they're not going to the playoff, right? I mean, that's, that's the situation where that extra sec team or that one loss pack 12 team, that's your door in. Yeah.

That's, that's how you start to open this thing up. And I look, there's a scenario. We keep talking about these three sec teams and who's going to end up emerging.

There's you, you might only be one. We seem to be really fast forwarding to a, you know, two sec teams are going to have a shot here and I'm, I'm not all the way in there and thinking that that's, that's going to be the case. TCU undefeated, Clemson undefeated, Ohio state, Michigan winner has no blemishes also wins the big 10 and we are talking about four conference champions, right? Yeah. That's the way I see it.

I favor that there is so much breath about TCU. I think I know. Well, look, is it crazy for me?

And again, I listened to the cover three podcasts all the time. Chip Patterson is the moderator of that. Um, is it crazy that I think Clemson could lose at Notre Dame?

No, not at all crazy. I, Spencer Hall spit a demon into the universe when he started thinking he like off, I forgot exactly what the tweet is. I'm going to paraphrase it, but EDSBS on Twitter. He said, I'm sitting here thinking about Clemson hoping to secure its college football playoff hopes Louisville and Scott Satterfield trying to actively get rid of each other and the potential for Louisville to play spoiler to all of it. And I just sat there and I was like, Oh my gosh, what if Malik Cunningham has the game of his life in death? He could.

He absolutely could. Hey, I'll tell you what's not going to happen. South Carolina ain't beaten Clemson.

Not, no, not in death Valley. Mr. Five touchdown to eight interceptions. Spencer Rattler is not going to beat Brian Brzee, Miles Murphy, Tyler Davis, and this Clemson defense.

That is one thing. I am a hundred percent going to go out on a limb and say it is more likely that Louisville goes into death Valley on so on the, wouldn't it be hilarious results of the year and the chances of Clemson losing at Notre Dame, a hundred percent possible because I think this Notre Dame team is rounded into an identity where they are not explosive. But if Clemson plays a game down in the muck and it, you know, one possession at the very end in South Bend and yeah, it's possible the fighting Irish could win that game. Here's, here's why I think it's possible because when you, when you look at match-ups and okay, Clemson's defense can shut Notre Dame down. So Notre Dame's used to getting shut down, but if Notre Dame can run the football with some effectiveness and Clemson's offense, which we've already seen can be pretty mediocre. That game could end up getting pretty hairy. And if scoreboard pressure has anything to say about what happens in the fourth quarter, it could certainly happen. Look, the last time we saw Clemson play, they needed to bail out DJ Yoo Youngle Lele with the freshmen.

And if that happened, if they need to do that again in South Bend, I just think you're rolling dice. Do I think Clemson's going to lose? I don't think they're going to lose, but I mean, I don't give them any more than a 75% chance of winning and maybe not even that high. Would you lay the three and a hook? That number's still low enough where if I had to bet it, I would bet Clemson, but I mean, I'd stay away from it.

Three and a half over under of 44. That's Clemson 24, Notre Dame 20. And that sounds perfect. Yeah. I mean, that's exactly like what's going to happen. We saw the playbook for Marcus Freeman in the season opener against Ohio State where Notre Dame played not to lose. Right. They don't, they know that they do not have the offensive skill to be able to win. And former defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman coached that game like a defensive coordinator, played a lot of field position, didn't take a lot of risks, sat back and said, we are not going to let CJ Stroud and this offense tear us up and CJ Stroud and that Ohio State offense only put up 21 points against Notre Dame on that night at home. And this is Clemson's offense, which is not Ohio State's offense going on the road. Brandon Joseph, the Northwestern transfer, former All-American had a pick six to open the game against Syracuse. If DJ gets a little loose with that ball, the Fighting Irish get a defensive score.

No question. That's how things, I think Clemson wins. I'm picking Clemson to win and I'm not also super confident to the point where I will say, nah, they got this thing locked up. This will be a game that they will have to earn. I 100% agree with that.

Let me ask you about North Carolina. We had a couple of more minutes left here. Is there any other reason you were in the tuxedo, Chip Patterson? We handed out our cover three superlatives today.

Player of the month, team of the month, bunch of the month, game of the month, and a bunch of special awards called the Fresnelis that we do at the very end. So yeah, I had the, the tux for that. Good for you. Please tell me you're not wearing the tuxedo pants. Tell you we're in shorts, right? No, I mean, it's, it's a little chilly.

I got on joggers. Is there a chance that North Carolina runs the table and finds themselves in a playoff? Yes, but I wouldn't. I mean, it's a small chance.

Yeah, it's a slim. I mean, Wake Forest and NC State or two have been since the beginning of the year, two of us, two of the toughest games on the schedule. Yeah. And for all the like, look, the, the coastal, they got control of the coastal. They're getting these coastal winds and that's terrible.

You know, that, that's good. There are no, there are no good coastal winds, but if Carolina goes 12 and one, that would mean let's kick, let's say wake beat state. So wake's going to be a top 25 one and Clemson would be a top 25 when 12 and one, if you just took down Clemson, which at that point we assume would be somewhere in the top five, it would make an interesting case. I mean, it just, it would be part of the conversation.

It would be a fair debate, right? Yeah. I think that right now, if we want to talk about end of season, you've got more momentum behind Drake may getting to New York city. Then you do the possibility, like a greater chance of that. Then you do the possibility of North Carolina making the college football playoffs. Oh, there's no question about that. He's, I think right now the bedding fifth choice.

I think if you were running it out, I saw plus 2,500, I saw plus 2,000, uh, 20 to one, 25 to one. It's pretty much right now, Hendon hookers award to lose, but he could lose it Saturday afternoon in Athens. Let me ask you about quarterback real quick. Who's the best quarterback in this draft? Is it Stroud? Is it Bryce young? I think I might've asked you this last week or the week before.

Uh, but I don't know if maybe something's changed. Who's the best quarterback in this draft? I'm going to say Bryce young, but I need to like tag it with, I hate what NFL people do to our college evaluations. NFL draft brain.

Yeah. Make college football talk dumber. And I, and the success of Josh Allen has only made it worse. And, um, I, I have like pulled myself from the mock draft world. I've pulled myself from, you know, saying anything about, Oh, I evaluate his ball, right? Oh, I evaluate is this that no, like I can just tell you what he did in high stakes competition against good teams on a college football field with college players, what he does in shorts, what he looks like in these measurements and all of these other camps. Sure.

That's fine. I'm gonna let the scouts and the draft Knicks handle that. And I will tell you that I've seen Bryce young throw a team on his back with immense amount of pressure and take on incredible challenges and single handedly lead his team to a victory. And he's got more mobility than CJ Stroud does. And I don't know, man, I kind of think he's that dude. He's always so calm all throughout that Tennessee game. He was getting thrown around like a rag doll.

His running backs were missing blitz pickups left and right. And that guy was so cool. He was like, Oh, it's all right.

Don't worry about it. I'm going to, you know, my ribs might be cracked, but we'll just get up there and I'll go scramble for a first down. I've been so impressed by the talent. I've been so impressed by the resiliency, the way he carries himself. Bryce young is the Alabama offense. And if Alabama makes it to the college football playoff, it is only because they have an immense talent like Bryce young at quarterback. Yeah. I just feel like he's going to get broken in half in the NFL.

That's my, that my one fear about Bryce young is that he's just not big enough to withstand. Well, enjoy you and all you bro. I don't like any of them. I really don't. I'm not, from a Panthers perspective, they need Drake may to be in this draft, not the next one. That's all I'm saying.

I chip Addison, you clean up well. So 24, I'll pull it up next time. You know, it's not just, uh, may it's the entire 2020, cause I think Quinn Ewers is in the 2021 recruiting class. Drake may is in the 2021 recruiting class. Like if you go back and you start to realize like, Ooh, that, so I guess that would mean it's the 2024 NFL draft. He's actually, you know, Hey, I'm sure an NFL fan loves that.

It's like, don't hold off now. Go and get yourself another Matt Ryan, then we'll go and we'll go get the quarterback the next year. We've already assumed that they're going to sign Gino Smith, the Panthers.

So he's having a big year. So they'll sign Gino Smith and put off drafting the quarterback for one more year, which, um, you got to get, do you have to get the right guy, but you can't reach for the wrong guy. Cause that sets you back. People think that, well, you know, you're not paying them a lot of money. Like not man, it's time.

The investment of time is bad. And the player you also don't take because you reach for a quarterback, uh, go out, find just find a hack. Just let Sam Darnold be your co let PJ Walker be your quarterback for another year. Uh, Caleb Williams. It's Quinn Ewers, Caleb Williams, Drake, may studs better than better than what's coming out this year.

I think significantly better than what's coming out. All right. You look great. Chip and a bow tie and a tuxedo. Sounds good. Jack joggers on. All right, man. Bye.
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