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Nata Edwards, Eye on CBB Podcast/Locked On Hornets, joins Adam to talk about what in the WORLD is going on with the Brooklyn Nets?!?!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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November 2, 2022 5:34 pm

Nata Edwards, Eye on CBB Podcast/Locked On Hornets, joins Adam to talk about what in the WORLD is going on with the Brooklyn Nets?!?!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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November 2, 2022 5:34 pm

Nata Edwards, Eye on CBB Podcast/Locked On Hornets, joins Adam to talk about what in the WORLD is going on with the Brooklyn Nets?!?! How far back to we trace the disfunction of the Nets? Are they going to be ANY better off with Ime Udoka versus Steve Nash, after the recent firing of Nash?


If you thought the Lakers were the biggest mess in the NBA The Brooklyn Nets almost called them the New Jersey Nets the Brooklyn Nets would like you to hold their beer because the Lakers Look like a well-oiled machine next to the Brooklyn Nets our friend Canada Edwards not a describe on Twitter from CBS Sports comm.

All right. I want you to Follow me here They can't trade Kyrie Irving KD wants out Kyrie opts back in KD reluctantly stays Ben Simmons still refuses to shoot Kyrie might change his name to Ray Oh, I'm sorry re sort of like yay if you understand that And he is not Absolutely not promoting an innocent and a Semitic book or film and Steve Nash was fired yesterday Did I miss anything in the last four months? Well, did you have we forgotten about the I'm a youdoka stuff. Oh, I yes Look if you were trying to calm the seas This is probably not the way to do it Adam this is my problem Joseph sigh is truck is making James Dolan look normal Do you have any idea how hard that is to do? Yeah, well James is probably playing music. So Yeah, but still like James Dolan out there has been out here blocking media from going to media events for the entire summer and Joseph sigh is probably gonna have to introduce I'm a youdoka in the next 72 hours and he may take that playbook of yo You know what? We're gonna introduce. I'm a we're just not gonna have him talk to the media a coach I Don't I just don't where's the heart? Yeah, the the what? Where did how far back do we trace the dysfunction of the Brooklyn Nets?

Do we trace it all the way back to? Kyrie and Katie and he happens. Well, yeah getting Atkinson.

Okay. Well that Didn't that all happen at the same time or dead or were Kyrie and KD there for a year with Kenny Atkinson as the head coach That's what happened. He was there for a year and he was no he was there for most of the year they fired him in March and Then they went through the season and remember this was a situation if I remember correctly where we're talking about Kyrie Irving saying there's no real coach when Steve Steve Nash was hired Right that anyone could be a coach on any different day and mind you current Hornets head coach Steve Clifford was an advisor on that team last year Like so there was no real coach you had at any point.

I'm a yudoka was there for a couple years Mike D'Antoni was there over for a couple years. You had a Mari Stott am I are coaching over there It was just a just musical chairs of coaching and there was no function And at some point we have to blame the owner for this right like we got to always because this is the kind of dysfunction that should not happen at any like This is Daniel Snyder level dysfunction. Yeah, and they keep inviting more in in their actual business the truth is is that in Professional sports these days the only sport that would be different really is the National Football League which has still has family ties in in several ownership groups, but for the most part in professional sports All of the owners made all of their dollars doing other things and they would never Tolerate that they wouldn't have been successful Tolerating this type of dysfunction So I don't understand how you can look down from the top of your Organizational pyramid and not see it you can smell it And this is not a case where you can't let Kevin Durant Tell you who the head coach is But you have to have people in place that put the right coach Doesn't have to be a great coach.

It just has to be somebody who's not gonna be a complete mess How do you entrust Steve Nash? You'd never been a head coach To this I have a better question for you. Okay, how do you entrust how is Sean Mark still employed? Yeah, but a hundred percent my question hundred percent How is he still employed because he got to fire Kenny Atkinson and bring in Steve Nash at the behest of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving he got to fire Steve Nash He got to fire Kenny Atkinson He got to make all of these deals and mind you the Brooklyn Nets over the next five drafts of the Houston Rockets for the James Harden trade by the way, that's the other reason they can't tank Like so there's a lot of this to where if you're Sean Marx The fact that your key card still works and probably will continue to work up until probably the end of the year is a blessing Yeah, but if you're Sean Marx, wouldn't you like to get away from this as fast as possible? You're not getting another job after this.

Anyway, you're not still I still want to be away from it I'm gonna get paid either way Yeah, but it's the last time you'll be in the end it guys like Sean Marx will probably enjoy being Somebody because at this point the only thing you might trust him with is being a scout next year Yes, that's it be be the best scout you can be Sean Marx All right, so, uh, I don't even I don't understand in there Doka. I know he's a good coach He did a wonderful job last year. I just don't know how Brooklyn can bring in a guy who was Unceremoniously kicked to the curb at his own doing So let me just ask you. Let me just ask you about Kyrie if you're the Nets is Your first move to cleaning up your own franchise Simply getting rid of him.

I Would have waved him first thing Monday morning. I Don't think he needs to be there if you are currently having discussions with the Anti-Defamation League and everybody from Sean Marx to Joseph sigh to Kyrie's father to Kyrie's aunt who are both his agents last I checked and Then on top of that like everybody's had a meeting with the Anti-Defamation League except for Kyrie Yeah If he is going to be that way and you have to coddle him as to where Sean Marx said We're not putting him out in front of the media because hey, we don't want him ruffling more feathers He's got to go. Yes, there's like this is not a oh this will blow over No, this is not you're talking about the second largest Concentration of Jewish American people in the neighborhood that Barkley Center sits They're not going to forget this nor should they yeah, I grew up things have been hurt I grew up basically in that area and the the percentage of Jewish people the percentage of Orthodox Jews in that area is unprecedented around the United States and the thing is It's gonna hurt their business It's it's simply going to hurt that team's business in New York City if they don't really make a statement about Kyrie Irving I think Kyrie might have made a statement about Kyrie Irving During the game last night.

He was Essentially, yeah, that was obvious very his head was not there completely. He loved he loves Kobe He he gave a perfect tribute to that game seven With with that coat that Kobe game seven where Kobe refused to shoot in the limiting Elimination game against the Phoenix Suns. I remember that game very very well Kyrie did the perfect imitation where he just didn't want to be there and then he gets his skate away Don't do any media anything like that meanwhile at the same point We're probably looking at us at a spot where there will be protests outside of Barclays. Mm-hmm this is only going to get louder and You need to get rid of this person as soon as possible For some kind of functional normalcy now granted This is the Brooklyn Nets and there hasn't been normalcy for at least three years now I'm curious what I know Kevin Durant's part of the problem too, but I'm They kind of have to trade him. It would be best for Kevin Durant to be traded And I'm not even sure the Nets should be that concerned With the return. I mean the return is important But I they could have moved him in the offseason and they were asking for the moon which I understand but I I think for they just have to Tear it down and deal with it It's easy to say tear it down and deal with it But if you give up like remember, this is the same franchise that gave the Boston Celtics basically the two pieces to their title in Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum Do you really want to do that for Houston as well? Because if you're known for being the franchise that built two title teams Like that's what that'll be on Joseph side Like right at this point you can't when you owe the next five drafts this is what comes with it like you have to get a superior package for this and Unfortunately due to pick swaps and the James Harden trade where you got 30 cents on the dollar on the return from Philly Hey, what do you do? I can just build around Ben Simmons. Keep them just build around Ben Simmons Here's the thing before they got KD and Kyrie Irving. They were like this scrappy hard-working Team that surprised everybody and then they went the other way By the way, why does the NBA Players Association have to condemn anti-semitism? I didn't under I don't know I mean, we don't need to do this I think it this is sort of one of those things that yeah, we kind of all agree that That's not a good thing You have to win the league offices in New York City Like the especially the Players Association offices also in New York City You kind of have to do that and unfortunately you have to put the statement out But you can't say that one of your VPs was involved like you could that's right.

I'm out there. That's right I forgot the Kyrie was part of leadership there. That was so They went when he went flat Earth Society, even though I have always thought it was a goof When he did that you probably shouldn't have included him in the board Let me ask you one quick actual basketball thing. Canada Edwards at not of the scribe on Twitter Are you concerned at all that both the Warriors and the Heat are three and five? Much less the Warriors than I am the heat the heat are a very old team that is relying on old Kyle Lowry Getting old fast Jimmy Butler and then bam out of bio who's good But is limited in what he can do Tyler hero you just committed a hundred and forty million dollars and we're not sure that man can play me or you on defense Um, they're like, I'm much more worried about the heat when it comes to the Warriors They're still a pick like if they feel like they can't get enough out of comminga They can trade him for a young vet on our decent decent contract If they're feeling like they can't get enough out of Wiseman They can deal him because he's shown enough to where he's going to be worth the investment I'm not worried about them because I still have a couple of them I'm not worried about them because they still have a couple of moves and they still have flexibility I'm not sure where the flexibility for the Miami heat comes from because there's not much There's not much trader tradable on that roster outside of bam out of bio.

And if you trade him, what are you really doing? That is that is true on the flip side of that is Portland's five and one the jazz are six and two. I thought the jazz were tanking and San Antonio is five and two. Excuse me We forgot that these teams have pride and we also like I think what went also unnoticed Is remember Adam Silver told those folks in Phoenix. Yeah, I've talked to everybody I've talked to all these teams and like there will be no shenanigans talk to me about Specifically Utah and San Antonio after New Year's Day, right?

Right. I feel kind of like This is we have to make a good showing of this just in case the frozen envelope is actually a thing Like I get it. I like I get it. We have to make sure that there is no gambling in this establishment We have to keep this above board for as long as we can and then the shenanigans will start As soon as the ball drops for New Year's Day Canada Edwards my friend man.

I appreciate your time, dude We'll talk to you later. This the Nets are just in my my my kid became a Nets fan and he just doesn't even want to talk about it You did what you I what he can do You look look I grew up a Knicks fan I still can't believe that and I was not really into it at the time. I can't believe having especially having watched the first Three weeks of the season that they turned down Donovan Mitchell because they didn't want to give up RJ Barrett. No offense to RJ Barrett But that was dumb. I I get it. I get it not dumb, but now Now now just like at least the Knicks have hope.

What do you have with the legs right now? The Knicks have hope not even sure I think the Knicks can Knicks have play and play in tournament hope I think they're scrappy and at least charismatic. We don't automatically hate them we kind of like We like like the that's the thing with the Nets you see them and you're no they hate go away Yeah, we we hate the Nets. We hate the Nets.

Yes, we I don't I think we hate the Knicks too. Uh, Canada Edwards my friend. I'll talk to you later Talk to you soon, man. You got it If you love to travel you love cool experiences You are gonna love Viator Viator is the world's leading travel experience marketplace And for me Sun Valley skiing is huge on my bucket list So I just opened the Viator app searched Sun Valley and boom custom ski and boot fittings and tickets delivered right to our condo Pretty unbelievable. Just download the Viator app now and use code Viator10 for 10 off your first booking one app over 300 000 experiences you'll remember do more with Viator
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