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Will Brinson joins Adam to discuss just how AWFUL the Carolina Panthers looked yesterday and is there any hope for the rest of the season?

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October 17, 2022 3:54 pm

Will Brinson joins Adam to discuss just how AWFUL the Carolina Panthers looked yesterday and is there any hope for the rest of the season?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 17, 2022 3:54 pm

Will Brinson joins Adam to discuss just how AWFUL the Carolina Panthers looked yesterday and is there any hope for the rest of the season? Plus, who are the best four teams in the NFL right now, in Adam’s opinion, that Will doesn’t necessarily agree with?

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All right, Will Brinson, senior NFL writer,

My friend, pick six podcast moderator. Man, we had two great games yesterday in the NFL, and it's a shame I could only watch one of them because it was on opposite the Panthers Rams debacle. So let's start. Let's spend four minutes on that, sir. If we could just... You could have watched Bill's cheese instead of Panthers Rams. I can't. Physically, you could have. Yes, I could. It was on, it was there, it was teasing me.

Every time I had to go somewhere and I come back and turn it back on, because I have YouTube TV, it would give me the two options. Panthers at Rams, Bills at Chiefs. And I'm like, you're screaming at me. The pro tip move there is, grab your laptop.

Yeah, I know. I can't. and put the Panthers on the TV.

You have to I could have, I could have, I could have done two screens. I'm a professional and professionally watching the Panthers in the Rams. I'm not a two screen guy. It's hard for me.

I can't multitask. Okay. So, all right.

We got to start with this. Is it fair when I say that the Panthers simply are not trying on offense? They're just the worst team in football. That's all.

Yeah. But, um, you on third, I just went through, there were six consecutive series where basically they were three and out the last of the six, they picked up a first down on first down and then went three and out. So we delayed the inevitable by one play. And in each of the third downs, they didn't even try to pick up a first down. They didn't throw past the sticks.

They didn't come close to the sticks. I just, I mean, they had PJ, like people were like, what if PJ Walker's an upgrade over Baker? It's like, no, he's just not going to be like PJ Walker. I've watched PJ Walker play before he was never this unaggressive. Uh, probably how to do their Donald, probably to do with the offensive line.

I mean, I, I don't, I don't know what the philosophy would be. They're a terrible football team. They should be being so aggressive.

Well, that's the other thing. Second, second drive of the game. You actually, you had a good drive, uh, for your first opening drive. Of course they accepted a field goal, but that's fine. Uh, they had a three yard run on third and short. Uh, they weren't even again, not trying to pick up the first down, accepting a field goal. Uh, it actually wasn't third and short, but they say penalty, penalty moved them back.

Right. Um, and then the second drive, they pick up a couple of first downs. They gained 44 yards. They get to fourth and three at the plus 43.

Why not go for it? Well, what are you protecting? Nope. They've they tried to draw them offside and then they punted. I just, I don't know. Here's the Panthers drive chart from Sunday against the Rams. Field goal, punt, punt, punt, end of half, punt, punt, punt, punt, interception. I've been so pathetic. I mean, if they didn't run a bunch of plays in their first two drives, I mean, we're, we have to be approaching the record for fewest plays run in an NFL game.

Nope. So the, there are their drives from there's a set of six consecutive drives here where, uh, including the end of half. So it's a knees we'll take that one out. So it's a five drives, uh, you know, booking the half right. Four yards, four net yards, nine net yards, four, four net yards, seven net yards, five net yards, or actually just making six, 10 net yards. They had three drives that went longer than 10 yards.

The, uh, the, the first two and the last one. And then, then of course they, they punted on, uh, for fourth and what I don't, it, it, it, it, it, yeah. And with six minutes to go, right?

Nothing. You are, you're playing, you're playing with an interim coach. Who's in his first game. You got the team a little inspired. Like they came out with a little bit of energy. They were leading, weren't they leading 10 three.

Yeah. They picked six, Matthew Stafford, who by the way, is now tied, uh, with Dan Marino for second most pick six is all time. Dan Marino hall of Famer. Number one, all time, Brett Favre also hall of Famer. Just don't, um, I guess that puts you in the hall of fame.

That's all you got to do to take it in the hall of fame. Um, I mean, LA was lethargic and early on, you know, Stafford wouldn't play well. They were, they were, they were, you know, the Panthers going to have them on their heels.

And it's like, when you've got that, you just have to be better than whatever this is. Yeah. I don't know. Look, I know the, uh, the excuse, I guess the reason is that their offensive line isn't good, but I would just point to the fact that the Rams have an entire offensive line that's on IR. And if, if I heard this correctly during the game, their starting center was in the police academy, like two months ago, the movie, the remake.

No, I wish, I wish. So I mean, the Rams have serious offensive line issues and the Panthers have a good defense. So I don't know what the excuse is that the Rams are capable of running. What looks like an NFL offense and the Panthers are not.

Yeah. Well, the Rams have NFL like caliber offensive personnel. I guess the Panthers have CFC. And they have a quarterback too. Uh, and look, they have Sean McVay as well. I think it's coaching.

Sure. The other thing too, is on the defense where I said this, I didn't say to you, but I said it leading up to the, this week, it's like, yes, the papers, David has been good, but they fired. They gave Steve Wilkes a job and he fired Phil Snow because he has completely fundamental differences between what he was on defense and what Phil Snow and that rule wants to do, want to do on defense. So if you, if you have that situation is, is it, is the defense be able to prepare for what Steve Wilkes wants to do on a short week, like in one week? It is a short week. He's got to get fired on Monday. Yeah.

I don't know the answer to that. It certainly didn't look, I'm not even saying it, it looked good for half. I think that defense was really good for half, but if you're always on the field, I mean, that's what happened to them last year. You're always on the field. If your offense runs through a span of six drives, 19 plays, I mean, you're going to get beat. I mean, there is, it's been a long 12 weeks for Panthers fans.

We, we still have what, how many get? I was just, I was thinking about how I might come on here and protest this, having to talk about the Panthers by simply answering every question with the Panthers stake. Panthers are the worst team in the national football league.

And I know it's margin. Yes. I don't think it's close. And I know people are salivating in certain circles about, Hey, top three pick, get a chance to get, get that quarterback. No offense.

I think there is one quarterback right now that would make me excited. Well, I mean, he's not available. Right. He's not, he's not available.

You could not say his name right now. Right. So, um, and Ohio state quarterbacks do not have a great history in the NFL.

And I'm not saying that that has to be the case all the time, but none of us are, I was thinking about this. Arch Leister is the best Ohio state quarterback. I don't know. All right. Who? Craig, national champion, Craig Krenzle.

Uh, all right. Kurt, Kurt Harbster, Jim Harbaugh is the best one. Went to Michigan. Yeah.

What am I talking about? I don't, he did, but he, I don't, I don't ever remember him playing at Ohio state, let alone playing in the NFL games. He does call NFL.

He's the best Ohio state quarterback in the NFL. All right. We are going to talk about the four best teams in the sport. And I still think they're the four best teams in the sport, regardless of what happened yesterday with will Brinson next Panthers fan, just kind of getting through it barely.

Yeah. Just like most Panthers fans, if not all Panthers fan, I will, will Brinson, senior NFL writer, without getting into anything that is happening today. This is the final thing I'll say about the Panthers, their approach, their ineptitude is exactly why I stopped being a jets fan and why the Panthers don't, don't deserve fans today. Only geography is making Panthers fans today.

I like my buddy, Matt gray, usually text me during the Panthers game on Sunday. And, you know, with some complaint, I think it happened the first six weeks of the season. Last week was like, we got a fire like last two weeks. We were like, we got a fire rule. I just like nothing yesterday, which is fine.

Like, you know, like I, you know, I wouldn't, my feelings weren't hurt at all. Like, like that's, I think that's where the fans are getting. They're just going to give their, like the apathy is going to set in their temper.

They're not going to, you know, the stadium's going to be empty. It reminds me of, um, how a year was it when David Carr was the court? Mr. Mittens. Yeah. I don't remember. That's the, uh, the root of your, uh, your, uh, feud with the Carr family. It is actually, I can't remember that.

That's right. I always remember those Cause he was wearing those dainty little gloves.

Hey, look, sometimes sometimes you need gloves. All right. Let me talk. Let's talk about, uh, the four best teams in the league. And I believe that they are, I believe, uh, Buffalo, Kansas city, Dallas, and Philadelphia are the four best teams in the sport, regardless of record.

Uh, to me, they are, uh, let's, uh, let's start with the game that I was unable. What? Dallas. I still think Dallas is one of the four best.

Yes, I do. Okay. That's fine. We'll talk about Dallas at Philadelphia in a second. I want to start with the one I didn't watch because I was too busy watching, uh, a tire fire, which can be, I'm a company man when that game, when the, when the bill's chiefs game is on CBS.

All right. So, um, tell me, tell me what happened. I mean, I know what happened, uh, Buffalo coming back and, uh, two defenses that played very well to defenses around 4 25 PM. They could, they kicked them all off.

They did shortly thereafter. Uh, no, I mean, I think it was, it was a, it was a testament to the fact that these are the two best teams in football right now that the score was so low. It was so low, like 24 20 is not a huge shootout, right?

I mean, that's, you know, that's, it's way below the, the, the, the, the total was just 54. Um, we saw the Devin Singletary and ran fairly well. Uh, Josh Allen outplayed, outplayed Patrick Mahomes. He's now the only quarterback in NFL history to beat Patrick Holmes twice in airhead stadium.

Um, and he should have been three times, but sure. Sean McDermott happened. And I mean, the big, I mean, the big takeaway is that now unlike the last four years, four straight years, the AC championship game has been in Kansas city. The AC championship now goes through Buffalo. If the bills can hold serve and not do anything stupid like they did last year with, uh, losing to Jacksonville and whatnot. Um, so, I mean, I don't think it's like a, it's not a sky is falling situation for the chiefs.

You're still for it too. They've looked good. Their, their defense. I mean, you know, the numbers don't show it with what, with what, uh, Buffalo put up, but, but their demons did play fairly well, at least in terms of limiting Buffalo's explosiveness, you know, Stefan Diggs had a huge game. There was a moment there at the end of the second half or the first second quarter, excuse me, right before the halftime where Buffalo had a third and 13, like basically in the shadow of their own, uh, end zone and, or their goal line goalpost. And they, um, converted on a really great throw from Josh Allen to Gabe Davis over the middle. And then shortly thereafter, uh, I think just a couple of plays later, maybe a couple of plays later, they, uh, Allen hits, um, Gabe Davis for a long touchdown, you know, and, and it was sort of like, you know, the, the teacher ended up coming back and getting a field goal. Uh, they, they got them all 16 seconds left by the way, he's still got a field goal, which do you know about bringing back bad memories, no questions. Uh, but you know, the, the fact that Buffalo was able to get that momentum, they come out and score a touchdown on their opening drive in the, uh, uh, after the chiefs, the chiefs missed a 51 yard field goal to open the second half.

Right. Harrison bunker made a 62 yarder to close the first half. This is a 51 yarder to open the second half. And that gave the bills, the ball on their own 41 at midfield.

And that was where, you know, when Casey kicked the field goal from the 33, I mean, it's a field where the bunker can make sure, but it's like 51 is makeable for anybody in the NFL. Now, of course, of course. Yeah. It's the new 41. Oh, I know. Right.

Yeah. 40, 40 is the new 30 as we can, as we all know, um, the, uh, but the, the, the, the chief said, I mean, I'm not going to be killing you read from picking it. Cause he just made a 62 yard.

You feel comfortable with it. But if you go there at fourth and six, if you pick it up, you really kind of, I think it changes the tenor of the game. And even if you don't get it, it's another 10 yards that bills have to go.

I don't know that it necessarily matters. Um, but, but certainly that kind of, that kind of flipped things a little bit and, uh, you know, she should come back and get a touchdown in the third quarter. And, um, and then, you know, they'd have a field goal and that, that, that was the rest of what they would get offensively. So, uh, credit to Buffalo, a huge drive, 12 place, 76 yards, you know, the, you know, with, you know, four and a half minutes, I think, and, you know, minute four left on the clock, they scored a touchdown to go four points. And that was, that was a great game. It was, it was a great game between two, the two best teams of football. And we better get another one in January.

Kate, uh, can't wait to watch it at some point this week because I didn't get a chance to watch it, uh, watch it yesterday. Uh, all right. To, uh, to the other game. Um, first of all, I think Philly is just better than Dallas, especially if Dak Prescott is not the quarterback. Uh, I, I think Cooper rush was fine. I think the Eagles were just better. Uh, certainly the second interception was a hundred percent about being hit, not about anything else.

If, uh, if he can get it away a little bit quicker and maybe that's a Cooper rush problem, uh, it's probably a touchdown to CD lamb because the defender fell down or had a missed assignment, whatever. Uh, but I think Philly's defense is excellent. I think Dallas's defense is exceptional and it's really why they've been in the game. And I, I thought Dallas really ran the ball very effectively more so with Elliot than with them with Pollard. Uh, and I get why they're sharing time because they're trying to preserve Zeke.

Uh, but Elliot looks like he's running like the stud that he was four years ago, as opposed to the player that we have seen today. But I just think Dallas's offense doesn't have to be great. Just has to be good because I don't think there's enough good in the NFC. I think Dallas, because of that Dallas defense is, I think I was like the, I'm trying to find the team I would pick that would be like, ha ha gold.

You're wrong. They aren't the, but I mean, the Eagles and the Cowboys, I don't like anybody else. I think the Vikings are pretty good. I mean, the Vikings are really good. They got a really good offense. They have some of the little like, don't play.

Yeah. Don't get me a prime time at one o'clock by the car game. Um, Tampa Bay lost to Pittsburgh. They didn't look great. San Francisco was just really banged up. I mean, the giants are giants are five and one giants are five and one. I don't know what to make of them. I think the giants make other teams stupid.

I don't understand what Lamar Jackson was doing. I think, I think that is a testament to Brian dable. I think right.

It was a really good coach. Yep. I agree.

And I agree. You know, that's, I don't know what that means for like the long-term viability of the giants in terms of like how, you know, how many games they can win this season. I know they're going to win 12.

I don't know if they'll do that. They are at the home Depot. We have the tools to make your holiday magic in the easiest way possible with our easy to assemble artificial trees. You can have a fully shaped realistic tree up in your house within minutes. And you know, your holiday look wouldn't be complete without our classic animated Santa that collapses for easy storage. Get free delivery on over 2 million eligible items, and you can spread holiday cheer to the whole neighborhood easily.

The home Depot, how doers get more done. Yeah. They're fine. I, there's just not a lot of losses left on their schedule against good teams. Well, if they're well coached, they're going to win most of those games. Yes.

I mean, I don't mean that that is possible. The one thing sort of find the stat here. The they're all six of their games have been one score. And, and they, and they've been trailing in the fourth quarter in a lot of them. They didn't, they trailed to the Panthers, right? They trailed to the Packers. They trailed to the Ravens and they keep winning. I, I, like I said, I think there's something about the giants that makes other teams dumb.

And Daniel Jones career high for game winning drivers this season had just three in his career prior to this year. Look, Bill Belichick likes to say that more games are lost than one. And Brian Dabel is putting the giants in position to take advantage of other teams, losing games, former Bill Belichick guy.

Yeah. So again, it speaks to being incredibly well coached and there is something to that. Um, but we think the Ravens are well coached, but John Harbaugh, I mean, they have a terrible defense.

Can't stop anybody in the back end. I mean, and they have blown leads, three double digit, like second athletes. I just don't know how the Ravens beat good teams.

Cause I don't think it's that, that they're losing their focus. I just think they can't cover. And I don't know how you beat good teams.

If you can't cover in the secondary. Well, I mean, they've gotten, they got a big against Buffalo. They were a big against Miami.

They're a big against the giants. I mean, those are the three games they lost and it's like, God, like you just got to close it out. I mean, Buffalo, I kind of get Miami, Miami is a little fluke ish just in terms of, and you sort of wonder, is it something like where they need to do it? I mean, I mean, maybe go in and adjust what kind of defense you're going to run when you've got a lead or, you know, then you get, you get criticized for playing prevent defense.

Maybe that's what they're doing. Uh, the, the Miami things is definitely fluke ish because I don't think Miami is great either. Although they're doing, they are losing without two at this point.

Um, but the truth is, is that Tua who isn't, I don't think is great. They just shredded Baltimore's defense in the fourth quarter. I mean, they couldn't stop Tua from completing passes. Um, the bills was a little bit more understandable because the bills are great and the lead wasn't that big. It was 20 to three at halftime, 17 points.

Isn't that much at halftime. And, but what happened against the giants was, I mean, Lamar Jackson has to throw that ball in the stance and he doesn't, he throws an interception to give the giants short field. I just can't do that.

No, you can't. And it's, and I don't understand that, but, uh, you, you, you, you did allow the giants to drive, uh, the remaining what 30 some odd yards to beat you. So I, again, I think there, I think the giants are incredibly well coached, uh, real quick before we, uh, before we break.

And I ask you about which coach is actually on the hot seat tonight. Um, are the jets good? Cause I don't think they are, but they're foreign. I think they're well coached. I think they have a defense. It's kind of coming together. I think they have a good defense.

I think their offense is still trapped. Williams looks like an opera right now. He does. Carter is so good that he's tossing cheese heads on his head. He said a jet fan threw him that, and he put it on and I don't even mind Allen Lazard. First of all, if you're a sauce gardener, know which tunnel you're supposed to exit. Yeah. Maybe you should do that. Maybe you should know where your locker room is. He went the wrong way.
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