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Julian Council, Locked On Panthers, is fired UP about the Carolina Panthers and has some things to say after the adjustments keep rolling.

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October 11, 2022 9:00 pm

Julian Council, Locked On Panthers, is fired UP about the Carolina Panthers and has some things to say after the adjustments keep rolling.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 11, 2022 9:00 pm

Julian is bringing big energy about the recent news with the Carolina Panthers and opinions he feels VERY strongly about.


Julian Council, Lockdown Panthers podcast joins us on the Adam Gold show. All right, sir. Nobody is surprised. I don't think anybody is surprised by the firing of Matt Ruhl. I advocated that it should have ended after two years.

I don't recall what your position was on this. Did David Tepper handle this the best way he could have? Yeah, I was fine with giving Matt Ruhl another year to try and get his staff in a better place. And I do think, right, bring back Steve.

Well, she's not going to serve as the interim. He did a good job and he brought in some veterans like Chris Tabor, who's really transformed a special teams unit to one of the better ones in the NFL this year after it was a weakness for the Panthers the last couple of seasons. And he had been an interim last year in Chicago and been back. It was often, hasn't been great, but he does have head coaching experience. I didn't think that Matt Ruhl deserve the opportunity to try and get his staff to the place where it could actually be competitive in the NFL.

But unfortunately he got quarterback wrong again. And once you start off 10 and 23, then start off one in four this season, you got to make a move. And I think David Tepper made the right decision as they looked pretty listless on Sunday afternoon against San Francisco. You could at least say that they lost close games in the first three weeks when they lost to the Browns and in the giants of week one and two, but that was not the case in San Francisco. And there is little reason to think that it was going to change moving forward. So why not go ahead, pull the plug, see what Steve Wilkes has, and start looking ahead to the coaching cycle in 2023.

Here, Julian Council is joining us here at Julian Council on Twitter. Here's the way I look at, I don't know if they got quarterback wrong or not. Teddy Bridgewater was better before he got here. Sam Darnold was better before he got here. Baker Mayfield was better before he got here.

So is that the quarterback? None of the three are great, by the way. I'm not suggesting that they are.

Sure. But they were all better elsewhere before here. So is the quarterback the problem or is what they're doing the problem?

Well, I saw Brian Ives, who is what a, what does he do, research, research network. He had put out the QBR stats in the past three years and only three or only two teams are below the Panthers as far as quarterback rating the last three seasons under Matt Rule once he's been here in Carolina. So yeah, I mean, quarterback was obviously a problem. I don't know if we can lump Teddy Bridgewater into that, considering like Teddy was never really thought of as a long-term answer in Carolina. We always saw a game of three-year deal though, right? That's totally fine. Like I never had an issue with the deal.

It's like, fine. Teddy starts for two seasons. You draft the quarterback at some point in time in the middle of that, or find someone else who can come in for Teddy.

And then you move off of it, which I was totally fine. Had he started in 20, 28, 20, 21, but then David Tepper got in the way and decided, no, we can't do this. Matthew Stafford fell in love and Cabo was shot at bay. I didn't want to come and lose in Carolina and he won a super bowl and they couldn't do anything other than bring in Sam Darnold, who had gone awful in New York and who would have expected anything other than that in Carolina, it got off to a great start, but it ended as it all has always ended. Since he's been in the NFL as him being bad, then Baker didn't get an opportunity, but the quarterback's got progressively worse. Like Bridgewater was the same guy.

He was in New Orleans and Minnesota. I don't think he got worse than Carolina. The offense had four guys over a thousand yards and scrimmage that you got season under Bridgewater. And then the offense has been awful ever since he left town. So I don't think Teddy was with any worse than he was. I felt like he was the same guy we had seen throughout his career.

It's unfortunate. You could never go down the field and lead him to a game winner game tying drive. That was, I think the bugaboo for Teddy, but Arnold just couldn't take care of the football and the Baker didn't get enough time to learn the offense, but even then he has just been awful. So I, yeah, the quarterback absolutely is a problem. If that rule had a quarterback, the defense is pretty good. Special teams is better. The office can't do anything because the quarterback can execute.

Right. I just think that the quarterback itself, the actual individual at quarterback is, isn't the real problem. I think the, the, the way the quarterback is utilized, like I give some credence to Teddy Bridgewater saying we didn't work on two minute drill. Well, yeah, clearly there's, there's some coaching philosophy there.

There's, there's something missing there. Like we look at the NFL, everyone's meant to go, I guess what, eight, nine, nine, eight nowadays, we have 17 games. There's a level playing field. It's not like college where, you know, Ohio state and Alabama, they're always going to have these inherent advantages because of the money, especially the TV money.

It's coming in through the FCC and big 10 in the next decade. It's not like that in the NFL. So the way you can differentiate yourself is with the quarterback play, which was God awful in Carolina and in by coaching, we saw how they lost a lot of close games. And then if they gave up 17 points, there were one in 27 in those football games, like the defense wasn't bad. So clearly there's something else going on and you're losing once four games, which is what it comes down to pretty much every week in the NFL.

So yeah, it's based on coaching, but no coach in the world, no matter how good or bad they are, is that Daniel Hackett looks in over his head over in Denver. So clearly he's a problem. Yeah. Russell Wilson stinks right now. So is it happy?

Sure. But it's also the quarterback's no good. So in here, Carolina, it was a double whammy. The coach was no good.

And the quarterback play was awful too. No, there's no question. It's not, I don't think either. Like it's a, to me, it's a 50 50 proposition.

Neither helped each other to their passion for homes. They're not, we're not having this conversation. Like, let's be honest. Well, yes. I mean, how many of those are there though? Right.

I think the core, a good quarterback can overcome like bad coaching, like Justin Herbert. I feel like it's kind of doing that with the charges. Nice.

It likes to be aggressive. What he did on Sunday was idiotic. I don't know. I can't sit here and praise that Brandon Staley right now. Like I'm more questioning him more than praising him. I know the nerds love it because analytics and computers apparently win football games nowadays.

No, no. Justin Herbert, I feel like right now is overcoming his coach. I think he can overcome coaching with a quarterback more so than a bad coach can, you know, or a good coach can overcome bad quarterback play. Like look around and be a history of the NFL. If you don't have a good quarterback, you have no chance.

I'm not trying to give Matt rule the benefit of the doubt because he was no good in his own right. But certainly if I'm going to look at one of the two, I'm going to say the quarterback play was the biggest problem for Carolina last three years. Julian council is joining us here. Locked on Panthers podcast here on the Adam gold show.

All right. Speaking of quarterback, Baker's in a walk-in boot. Sam Darnold not ready to come back. Matt Corral has got list. Frank PJ Walker experience coming up on Sunday in Los Angeles. Do we even know who's backing up?

Yeah. Apparently in the practice squad, they have a former fourth rounder out of the university of Washington. And he was at Georgia originally before Kirby smart fell in love with Jake from and stuck with them. Jacob.

He's he's six. It looks like what you would want to have a quarterback problem is no good. And the Colts gave an opportunity last year when Carson Wentz was out to begin the season during training camp. And I guess he eventually did come back week one. But even in that situation, Sam Ellinger had already beat out Jacob Easton and he was cut and he went back home to Seattle with the Seahawks. Now he's here in Carolina.

So he's the backup Lord. Let's hope it doesn't get to Jacob Easton unless, I mean, you want it to happen. Panthers already have the highest percentage chance of getting a number one overall pick. And Jacob Easton is a guy who could get you there. That's for sure. That is a fantastic analysis from J council locked on Panthers podcast.

I'm sorry. Have you already started to scout the available quarterbacks in the upcoming draft? Uh, no, I, I hate the NFL draft. It's it takes guys that we love back in college, like Baker Mayfield. And they just go out there and pull back every layer and try to find the absolute worst thing about it. You watch the ESPN broadcast. You talk about, Oh, hey, what a great moment for this guy's life.

But also, you know, his aunt had cancer. Okay. Why are we doing this? I hate the draft process. I hate that we're having to sit here every year and talk about the draft as a team's no good.

So no, I'm not scouring through it. I'm enjoying college football for the players actually being in college instead of thinking, Oh, what would it look like in a Panther's uniform? Cause as long as David Tepper owns a team, they're probably going to be bad anyways. So does it really matter into the draft now? You are, you are super down on David Tepper.

Why would I not be okay? So he's a new owner. He's, he's a young owner. It's not just that.

It's not like fine. He's a young owner and they're 27 43. Since you got here, both sides count the Rivera years. Let's count the last two years, 11 and 27. That's the guy he hired to be the head coach of the football team.

Okay. Let's go to the Charlotte FC, the MLS team here in Charlotte. He fired Miguel and hell Ramirez after 14 matches. And then he hired the interim, not the best coach available, but the interim who probably as far as continuity in a young club might make sense now, but is that the best guy you really could have gotten with all these riches?

No. So that's how that's where we're at with that. You had your president, your CEO of separate sports entertainment, Tom Glick, mysteriously leave. He's out Chelsea football club in London. You have the guy who replaced them. Nick Kelly mysteriously leave after three months.

We've gotten no explanation what's going on there. And he was considered by a lot as one of the young bright stars in sports business. And he's not here anymore. They've had multiple execs, including another person with the soccer team who worked in the front office who left to go take a job with another MLS team as their general manager. So it's not just, Oh, we got Matt rule wrong.

It's just, it's, it's a multiple multitude of things. Not to mention what happened down in Rock Hill and the loss that he's going on with that. I was waiting for him right in Charlotte, where he backed out of having the HQ there and also having the Academy there.

So there's no presence at that area. It's not just one thing with David Sapper. I don't want to hear. He's just a young owner. He's gotten everything wrong outside of putting a logo on a field, which does not mean anything.

He has not done anything positive outside. Okay. Fine.

He gives a little, a little bit of money. Do you don't care about that? What people care about is whether you win or lose games, the NFL team plays. I don't care about the concerts. He insinuated that we never had concerts in Charlotte until he got here.

Okay, fine. Maybe not at the stadium, but does it really matter? We get Billy Joel and we get Elton John. If the football team is a win, no people don't care as he's now seeing that people are very upset about how things have gone on.

Fix the football, dude. He invented concerts. I can't believe you're not giving David Tepper credit for inventing the stadium concert. I understand a lot of people like those acts, but Hey, how about you get somebody who's actually culturally relevant instead of some of these old acts that people can relive the glory days for. Oh man, you're on fire today, my friend.

I appreciate it. What people want is a plan. That's what they really want. They want, they want a plan. I agree with you. They do not have a plan.

They haven't had a plan. Everything I basically have likened him to a catfish. He is just, there's the lore. Let me go bite the lore.

Something shiny in front of me. I'm going to go bite that. What are your expectations for Steve Wilks in Charlotte?

Well, yesterday's problems are still today's problem. They still have one of the worst offenses, if not the worst offense in the NFL. You're now down to what basically equates to your four string quarterback. Let's remember going into training camp down at Spartanburg and walker college. He's here. Walker was clearly the odd man out. It did not become a reality that he would make the roster. And so Matt corral, the rookie day draft in the third round out of Ole miss went down the list, Frank injury that ended his rookie season without him ever playing a snap in a meaningful game. Then after that, Sam Darnold heard himself in that week three preseason finale against Buffalo bills. He's been out with an ankle injury. So then PJ Walker magically in a month time went from four string and playing somewhere else and possibly in a practice squad.

I think someone will pick them up. You have to pick up a guy like that. Who's won a game in the NFL. You do goes from being on another team to now being the backup. And now after five weeks, he's the starter and Jacob Easton is the backup quarterback. So I just have a terrible quarterback situation.

I get that PJ Walker's too. And I was a starter QB wins is not a quarterback stat. It's ridiculous. You really think Cooper rush is out there. Blighten up the NFL right now.

Come on, like Peter Walker. Hopefully he can go out there and do some things better than Baker Mayfield. But if that's in your quarterback situation or Baker comes back or Sam comes back, I just don't know how C Wilkes me expected that when at a high level, especially when we look at some of the injuries that they've suffered, like Jeremy Chen by our next four weeks, I know Frankie, we will miss on Sunday. Same thing with David would the other starting safety, JC horn.

Haven't heard anything about his hip injury that he's staying on Sunday afternoon. And there's talks that they might be looking to shop guys like Brian Burns, Chris McCaffrey and DJ more. So if you lose some of your best players, whether it's a trade or injury and PJ Walker or Sam Darnold or God forbid, Baker Mayfield is your starting quarterback.

You're not going to win very many games. So my expectation is they're probably picking top five and that the season is lost, which is unfortunate for Steve Wilkes, but it's certainly not going to be his fault. No, absolutely not be Steve.

Steve Wilkes fault. Julian council, uh, 10 out of 10 today, my friend. I appreciate it.

Talk to you soon. Julian council like fired out of a cannon. I loved it. I had, it was hard to keep up.
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