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Is NC State football or UNC football more interesting right now?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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October 7, 2022 3:36 pm

Is NC State football or UNC football more interesting right now?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 7, 2022 3:36 pm

Is NC State football or UNC football more interesting right now? Luke DeCock of the News & Observer joined the show to talk college football, including NC State football vs Florida State football, and UNC football at Miami football.

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This is the Adam Gold Show. I think they could play the same way they want to play, which is run, be conservative, let their defense do the heavy lifting, still beat Florida State because Florida State isn't quite there offensively. So that's my read on this. Normal State wins. I feel that NC State needs to show that they can make adjustments during the second half, not just after halftime coming out of the locker room, but during the half because we saw Clemson counter to what they were doing in the first half and NC State wasn't able to adjust. So I think that's something we need to see more from them. Both teams need a win.

They're desperate for wins. I'll take State in this one. All right, UNC at Miami. A lot of people, I hate going to the quarterback discussion, but a lot of people were high on Tyler Van Dyke. I was. I was with my preseason ACC player. And you weren't the only one who made that selection. I don't know with Cristobal if he fits that system because we saw Justin Herbert when he was at Oregon when Cristobal was there. It was okay.

I had the talent. That's the reason why he went number six, but now we see him flourishing for the most part in the NFL. I don't know if it's a fit. Might not be.

Might not be. Actually, even if he's good, he's the second best quarterback in this game. I think the team that establishes the run better wins the game, but I'm not sure either team will. So I'll take the better quarterback. Yeah, in Drake, May, and I just think that it's a North Carolina is going to figure out a way to score a bunch of points. Yeah, I think they won the game. This might be a defense optional game.

Aren't they all for you? It's a pretty much. All right. Duke is at Georgia Tech. The Blue Devils are road favorites. Somebody find out the last time Duke was a road favorite in an ACC game. Goodness.

It's gotta be six years has at least maybe more Blue Devils are good. They have an identity. They know who they are. They have roles. They have go-to players.

They can cover they can pursue. I think Georgia Tech has spent it all last week at Pittsburgh. I think Duke wins this game. I think Duke wins it comfortably and I can't wait for next week against North Carolina. I was at the Duke North Carolina A&T game earlier this year and the vibe around the team and just at Wallace way would just felt different than it had in quite a while since honestly since Daniel Jones was was that Duke. The vibe around that team is different. I like the direction. This team is headed. Now. I'm not going to sit there and tell you they're going to win the ACC, but they can win the coastal.

Well, I don't disagree with you. Yeah, they can win the coastal. It is frightening. All right army at Wake Forest. If this game is anywhere near like it was last season expect just nothing but fireworks because here's the thing last year Wake Forest played what like 45 minutes of defense or something along those lines actually maybe more than that because they're often scored every three plays.

It felt like yes, so the defense had to go right back on the field and army was able to move the ball themselves just because they had so many plays. It was a fun game last year. Wake should run away with this one easily. I think I think wake will as well. I think their offense is just going to get better and better.

Remember the all the time that Sam Hartman missed kind of set him back in terms of timing and whatnot. I think the best is still to come for that offense. They've got great wide receivers. They are dynamite.

They are fun to watch. I think I was completely wrong about them at the beginning of the season. I didn't think they were as good as state.

And I think I frankly think they're better than state. All right, East Carolina is at Tulane. How did East Carolina lose to Navy a couple of weeks ago?

We get we I need an investigation. Anyway, Tulane's good, but here's the weird thing about Tulane. Tulane has been better on the road than they have been at home. They have a win at Kansas State. Not that Kansas State is great, but they have a win at Kansas State and they have a win at Houston.

Also, not that Houston's great, but Houston supposedly is the class of the American. They have not had a great year, but wins at Kansas State at Houston lost at home to Southern Miss. Interesting, interesting team to lose to at home. East Carolina, they both both these teams need wins. I think East Carolina is going on the road to New Orleans to win this game. I'll take you on that.

Honestly, I'll agree with you on that. I think ECU, if they want to continue to grow with Mike Houston as their head coach, these are the games you need to win on the road, my opinion. Yeah, the loss against Navy stinks, but these are ones that you need and I definitely think they can win it. I would like to see them kind of bring the magic back that they have when they played NC State at the beginning of the year.

That would be very nice. Alright, App is at Texas State. I don't know squat about Texas State. I just don't. Nor do I care to know anything about Texas State. If anyone out there listening is like, well, you're not going to give me a Texas State breakdown, go find your own Texas State breakdown.

I ain't giving it to you. But I would like to see, much like ECU, I'd like to see App get a win on the road, a game that they obviously should win. They're favored by nearly three touchdowns. Actually, more than three touchdowns. Touchdowns are only worth six points, Adam. That is true. We just assumed the extra point. Here's the thing.

Even in a 49-0 win last week against Citadel, did you see the Citadel at one point ran 30 of 31 plays? Yeah. Okay, so no good. You can't do that to your defense, but yeah, App's going to win this game and I hope they win it going away.

Alright, moving on. Let's blow it up. 49ers are at Panthers. Second straight week, the Panthers are at home playing a four o'clock game. Why are we being accommodating to a West Coast team?

I don't know. I thought the penalty was the West Coast team playing at one o'clock. 49ers have a great defense and a suspect offense. The Panthers have a good defense minus Jeremy Chin and a terrible NFL worst offense.

By almost every measure, they are either the worst or almost the worst. I think this game is actually going to be close and I think the Panthers might actually have a first quarter lead for the first time. That is my analysis. I think the 49ers will win this game. I was going to do a wager that had three 49ers scoring touchdowns and I thought, are they going to score three touchdowns? I'm not sure. I think if the 49ers score 17, they win the game. That was it?

That was yes. I'm sorry. You have a clock in front of you.

Give me something. I wasn't looking at the clock. No, it's fine. I'm just saying it's going to be ugly.

Very much. Alright, Padres at Mets. I even gave you stats here.

I know, but I'm going to leave them to you. Padres at Mets. I don't know. Is this time where Juan Soto goes into post-season mode like he did a couple years ago? That's dangerous, man. That's the key for me in this series. That is dangerous. Soto and Machado back to back, man.

That is good. Padres are dangerous. They have good starting pitching. Look, in spite of what we talked about with Elliott Johnson, the Mets have to put behind them the fact that they gave back a 10 and a half game lead.

Look, the Braves owned that. The Braves were amazing. Mets weren't bad.

They just weren't as good in the second half. Max Scherzer versus Yu Darvish. Yu Darvish in the regular season against the Mets was lights out.

Scherzer was just okay. Post-season Max has to be post-season Max. If the Mets win today, I actually give them a chance to take a swing at the Dodgers in the next round of the playoffs.

Obviously, the Mets need to win the series, but I think if the Mets win today, they will win tomorrow and wrap this up. And finally, last one, because you know we're going to throw one Premier League match at you. Arsenal hosting Liverpool. It's at the Emirates. Gunners have not dented the scoreboard once in their last six matches against Liverpool. Zero goals in six matches against Liverpool.

That ends in a big way. I think the match is Sunday. Sunday. Arsenal is the second most leading scorer in the Premier League. They're going to score on Liverpool.

Flat. I think Arsenal wins the match. Is that enough for you? Yeah, that's fine with me. Give me a 4-3 final score.

I don't think it's that crazy. No, I'm going 4-3 final score. I don't know who's winning, but I'm telling you it's going to be 4-3. I actually have Arsenal 3-2. I expect there to be goals in stoppage time. And the Arsenal game-winning goal will be late. 85th minute or later to beat Liverpool. Give me 90 plus 4. Game-winning goal.

4-3. It's Friday. Luke Tkach of the News & Observer stops by and we talk about whatever it is we decide to talk about.

Let's start here. Wednesday, sir, the Hurricanes open up their season. I just want your thoughts on how this... Are they going to keep two extra defenseman and one extra forward or vice versa?

I don't know. I think definitely they're going to sign Derek Steppen. I think that's more than clear at this point. He's earned a contract. I think it's going to be a question of are they going to play waiver games or do they perhaps make a trade? I don't think that's out of the question that one of the guys that they like, that they don't think is going to make it through waivers, whether that's Chatfield or whoever, gets moved for an asset or some kind of waiver protection.

But I honestly, Adam, I don't know. I will say this. I think this is probably the most competitive training camp the Hurricanes have ever had for jobs, for positions, for playing time. There have been decades where lip service was played to the idea that, you know, guys were really fighting for roles or this rookie had to earn his way onto the team or this rookie had a shot at making the team. And I think when you look at Steppen being given an honest chance, and honestly, he looks quicker to me. I don't know what he did over the summer, but guys like Jalen Chatfield, Derek Coughlin.

And all this stuff. There are guys legitimately fighting for roster spots. And that just that's what you see typically with good teams, but that typically for a long time and more and more recently, but still not entirely, hasn't been the case with the Hurricanes. I think they are going to play waiver games and I think they're going to do that initially so they can get all the way to the roof, if you will, of the long term injury relief for Jake Gardner and get to push their salary cap number, I think, to eighty six point five five million. And then once they do that, then you'll see some of those moves being made.

But I guess it's Monday. They have to submit their roster to the NHL. And then after that, because I don't think that if they were going to sign step on, I mean, I think they're going to sign him.

I agree with you, but they would have done it already and they probably would have done it the same day. They they signed Calvin DeHaan. I could make the argument to step on was their best forward in the put in the preseason. Yeah, I mean, I think the timing, I think, has more to do with with cap issues and roster issues. But there's no doubt in my mind that he gets signed.

It just seems like a no brainer. You can't bring a guy in, have him play that well and then say no. Right. I don't know why anyone would want to PTA with the hurricanes anyway, since they have like, you know, this guy's competing for positions. But that said, Eric Steffen's done everything he needed to do it. Look, and if that means Jack Drury starts this season in Chicago. Yeah. You know, the world's not going to stop spinning for Drury or the hurricane.

I don't know that that's the only option. But, you know, the but with Drury not having to go through waivers, that's the easiest one. I'm not sure it's entirely fair to Jack, but that's part of having competition is part of having guys fighting for roster spots. And I do think when a guy like Steffen has earned it, you want to make sure you reward him because it does send a message to everybody else. No, there's I don't think there's any question that there was there was tons of competition. And yes, Jack Drury is probably going to start in Chicago because of the waiver situation, among other things.

I don't think he was great either in his last two starts. All right. Let me ask you this. What who is the most interesting local college football team? I think if North if NC State had beaten Clemson, it would unquestionably be NC State, because now you're talking about an undefeated team with a primetime win over a powerhouse program, talking about the CFP, talking about an ACC title, talking about breaking that drought.

There's a lot going on there. I don't think with that tiebreaker now out of the out of the picture and that horse out of the barn that that NC State is quite as compelling. I'm certainly events elsewhere could could lead that that sort of back in a full circle, especially assuming NC State beats Florida State on Saturday.

I think it's North Carolina. I think you can make an argument for Duke. You can certainly make an argument for Wake Forest if we're including them. But the fact that UNC defense played well enough against a terrible Virginia Tech offense, if UNC can get it together, there is absolutely zero reason why North Carolina can't win the coastal division in the last year of the coastal. And wouldn't that be something if in the year NC State was supposed to be that season that North Carolina ends up in Charlotte and not the most backup? Maybe that alone makes North Carolina the most exciting or interesting or dramatic team. But the imbalance between North Carolina's unbelievably explosive offense with Drake may exceeding all expectations for him as a freshman and the defense, which has just been so, so, so bad is is is fascinating. And I think probably the most compelling, most compelling team that way, just because you never know what you're going to get. I mean, they're my pick to win the coastal and primarily because when they don't go up against athletes that are obviously bigger than them, you know, so it does it. So it looks like, oh, they both of these teams look the same. Then North Carolina is really good when they go up against teams that are significantly that have that edge. I think they just get pushed around off the bus challenge. Yeah.

And as long as they don't lose that. I like North Carolina. I also think May is one of many.

This is not I'm not going out on a limb here. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the country, not just in the ACC. So, yeah.

Hey, look, I think I'm back in July. I said I think it's going to be a state Carolina title game. I guess that's still in the cards.

But one of those teams has lived up to its end of the bargain more than the other. Yeah, it's only in the cards if Clemson somehow manages to lose twice. And I don't see that happening.

I do not see that. I don't see Clemson. Like I'm this probably a loss for Clemson in the league because Clemson isn't great. But I don't know who's going to beat him now.

I mean, they do have to go to to Tallahassee. And that obviously will not be will not be all that easy. But holy cow. All right.

Luke to cock of the News and Observer is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Is Russ washed? Man, I don't know.

That's not a good team to start with. But yeah, I mean, these guys have a shelf life. I mean, even with all the nanobubbles, time remains undefeated.

I don't know, man. You think he's still drinking? I don't know if he's still drinking nanobubbles. You know, the nanobubbles are the key to everything.

I I'm glad that my livelihood doesn't depend on him. Let's just put it that way. Like I know the last couple of years weren't as good in Seattle, but a lot of factors went into that. Offensive lines weren't as good. They didn't have the same kind of talent on both sides of the ball. Seattle was not the same outfit as they were. But as we're watching Geno Smith play well, and we're watching Russell Wilson, who went to a team that had an established running game and has two really good wide receivers and a theoretical offensive mind, albeit a rookie head coach and Nathaniel Hackett. A lot of people thought Denver was going to push Kansas City.

I didn't. But that doesn't mean that I thought Russell was going to be bad. But he looks bad through five games. Yeah, I mean, I think, you know, his entire career, he's been a guy who's who's been excellent, but he's always been on the margins, right? He's not tall enough. Everybody's told him his whole career, things he can't do. But he's been able to do that because he's been able to get across those fine margins and excel.

And maybe there is a point when you get to a certain age and there's enough miles on the odometer and enough treads off the tires that, you know, those fine margins start to catch up with you a little bit. And when you're his height and you're his stature, and maybe you lose a couple of miles an hour off the fastball, you know, those things can all pile up very quickly on you. You've seen it happen with with other athletes. You know, Russell Wilson is six eight. Maybe we don't notice that. But for him to play the way that he has to play to be successful, there can't be much slippage on your, you know, and then the physical department. And if that's happened at all, that may be what we're seeing. Final thing for Luke to cock of the news and observer.

You can follow him on Twitter at Luke to God. You're you're a Cubs fan, correct? Yeah, laughs a little bit, probably. I've probably taken the same approach with the Cubs that I urge people to take with the Panthers last. As a Cubs fan, can you are you rooting for Albert pools?

You know, I don't hate Albert pools. I I'm a Mets fan. I hate the Cardinals. I hit the Cardinals more than I hate anybody. Yeah, no, there's there's no doubt about that. I'm rooting for the card. I would root for the Cardinals against very few entities.

Any in the history of the world? No, you know, I guess I would say it this way, Adam. I wish him no ill will. If he wants to go out there and do things, that's fine.

I would still prefer to see the car. The Cardinals get smoked. So go Phillies, right? Well, you spent you spent obviously plenty of time in the city of Philadelphia. So maybe you have a warm spot for the Phillies. Maybe you spent a lot of time at the vet.

I did spend a lot of time at the vet. I would not say I necessarily have a warm spot for the Phillies, but I have at least one nephew who would be happy. So we'll take that. And look, and the kid hates the Cardinals because he's a Phillies slash Cubs fan. So it's a it's a no lose for him. Very good. Oh, if Phillies slash Cubs fan, he must have loved that game.

It probably wasn't a lot back in the 70s when the Phillies and Cubs played a game, which I think Chicago won 2221. His parents weren't alive. So Luke, the cog of the news and observer, I thank you very much, man. Have a good weekend. We'll talk to you next week. I by the way, Adam, you didn't ask me this, but I'm not going to the Panthers game Sunday.

I'm taking my own advice. Gosh, it's they're unwatchable. Unbelievable. There's nothing worse than bad NFL football. And this isn't even good, bad NFL football. I got what I said Monday was if they improved, they would get to bed offensively.

Yeah. The thing is, they should probably be for now. And they may end up, you know, they may end up three and three or four and three or three and four. They could still make the playoffs in that division.

Why do we do this? No, no, no, no. They're dead. They're not. They're there. They should be winless.

I mean, they played bad teams and they yes, by relatively small margins, despite self-inflicted wounds. I we agree. It's unwatchable. Let's go with that. Look to God, give the hand a note. Thanks, man.

Talk to you later. Here's my whole thing about they should be this, right? Why do we assume that the other team, right? Like, I'm sure the Saints are sitting around going, how the hell did we lose to that team? They're thinking the exact same thing.

Oh, yeah. How did we lose to them? Well, they're in the Giants probably thinking why were we that close to them? Giants aren't good. Exactly. The job said this after the game like the Giants. It's funny. We the the networks want the Giants to be something, right?

I get it. The New York Giants storied franchise. Some success that won Super Bowls twice in the in the 2000s beat the Patriots both times. So I get the yearning for the Giants to be good. But the Giants admittedly beat what people thought was a really good team in Tennessee in the opener on the road. Tennessee is not that good.

And then beat the Panthers and frankly could have easily lost to the Panthers and we were somehow assigning the job. Oh my gosh, the Giants not the Giants are not good. They're not good at all.

Now they stink. So I'm a fan of day ball though. Yeah, I think the guy can coach. Yeah, like when I think about Brian Dable, I think he is a good offensive mind. I don't know if he's a good head coach, but I think he is a good offensive mind. So time will tell whether or not Dable as a head coach like it took Andy Reid a long time before he was recognized as a good head coach. What Andy Reid has been recognized for for a long time has been his offensive brilliance. Yeah, and then all if they finally win a Super Bowl and now it Andy Reid is second to Bill Belichick. A modern NFL coaching second to Belichick.

There's there's I don't think there's anybody else in the modern time. Maybe slight argument to Pete Carroll. Maybe Tomlin. No, I think they I think we're I think reads ahead of time. I love Tomlin, you know that man Tomlin's on a very short list, but I just I think Reid is this he is the closest to Belichick in terms of you know, head coaches in the last 25 years. Yeah.

Okay, but read for so much of that. Well, he's great offensive. Oh, but he can't manage a clock which frankly is true. He has had a lot of trouble managing the clock at the end of halves and the end of games, but brilliant offensive mind. There aren't that many coaches that are the like there aren't that many of the tacticians who are also great head coaches.

It's kind of hard to find those two. All right, we got halftime. Now your halftime entertainment. All right, Seattle Mariners are in the playoffs first time in 21 years. 2001. By the way, the game that sent them in to put them in the playoffs was a walk-off home run. Do you know who hit the home run? What in this year for Seattle? Yes this year.

I'm going to say Rodriguez. No. It was guy by the name of Cal Raleigh.

Oh, yes. Yeah played at Florida State. Yeah, not from Raleigh.

Nope, but he's our favorite now speaking of the speaking of the man's name is Kate. I think his full name is Caleb. But he goes by Cal, which is great.

Cal Raleigh. Great name Mariners gave out permission slips to people will read this guy to whom have a concern. Please excuse blank from blank today as they will be busy watching Mariners post season with SCA. Capitalized postseason baseball as a marriage fan blank will be hanging on every pitch of the game and is obsessively glued to the TV.

At this time. The Mariners require their immediate attention and focus and we embark on our postseason run. We understand that you need your employees last student to focus but to be Frank today's game is simply more important. We rely on their full support and good vibes. It's time to hashtag see us rise and hashtag embrace the chaos love at Mariners brilliant.

The Seattle Mariners won social media. Yeah, we see teams sometimes do this the permission slip out there. I love it, but it was actually a full-on like image that you can print this out.

Yeah, you can print it out as the letterhead and everything. It's almost like a mad lib. Wonder please excuse blank name from blank beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful. Good for them. By the way action in Cleveland, Seattle rather Tampa took a one nothing lead in the top of the fourth with a solo home run. And I believe Jose Ramirez just hit a two-run home run for Cleveland to put the Guardians.

Gosh, it's a terrible name the Guardians up to one. Are you are you fan of Mario Super Mario Brothers play it? Do you play now? I don't know. Okay, what's the answer when it comes to a video game is probably no, but I'm not against them.

I just don't play. All right. Well Super Mario Brothers. We actually had the official trailer reveal for the movie. Oh, okay Pratt doing the voice of Mario. Okay, Jack Black playing Bowser Jack Black is Mr. Voiceover.

Yeah, and so many movies where he and Alan Tudyk. I don't know if Alan Tudyk is in this movie or not. But nevertheless, we have the official trailer now of Mario debuted at New York Comic Con. If I wasn't here, I'd be at New York Comic Con right now.

Who are the stars that who are the what other stars are going to be there? Oh in the Mario movie? No, no in the New York Comic Con. Oh, everyone's there. It's just like San Diego Comic Con, but it just it's in New York City. Okay, it's massive. So did you ever hook up with Kevin Smith?

No. Well, I mean I did meet him when he was here in Raleigh, right? But I thought like when the has the movie opened the movie has premiered but it has not played in Durham.

Okay, so the Clerks 3 movie is playing in Durham Carolina theater in Durham October 31st is when it's taking place. Okay, speaking of films Lindsay Lohan back in the film really? Yes, Lindsay Lohan back with a new holiday season movie for Netflix called falling for Christmas. Oh gee, so Netflix Netflix Netflix has gone the route of Hallmark with these cheesy rom-coms. I know our good friend Brendan wood. It's probably all over this by the Hallmark Hallmark Channel is a joke. Don't tell Josh Goodson that I understand.

I understand. No, they're terrible, but I'll give you the description of this movie here real fast. So in the trailer Lohan seems to be getting kind of going back to her comedic ways a little bit. So it features Lohan playing Sierra the spoiled daughter of a hotel owner who was about to get the proposal of a lifetime on a snowy mountainside only to instead have a big skiing accident that leaves her lost alone and without clear memory. The Christmas loving guy cord over Street plays this guy who runs the ski lodge takes to this mysterious woman, but it's gets complicated when Sierra's old life catches up with oh no coming this November you the trailers out now.

So we got that going. Why don't they just re-release Parent Trap? It's a great movie. Parent Trap was so good. Parent Trap was a great movie.

Just let us watch that again. It was a good movie. I'm not going to lie, props to a young Lindsay Lohan having to play two roles at that age.

Look for all of her issues. I mean, I think a pretty good actress. Yeah, I mean earlier this week was Mean Girls Day on Monday. Oh was it? Yeah.

That's right. I didn't see the movie, but I have seen Parent Trap. No, I've seen Parent Trap. I get no credit. Wait a second.

You give me a hard time. I get no credit for seeing Parent Trap? No, I gave you Parent Trap.

Parent Trap's a great movie, but you haven't seen Mean Girls, which is a classic. Is it? Yes. All right.

If you don't think it's a classic, you can at me and I'll tell you you're wrong. So FanDuel yesterday, I think some of the other sports better sports books did this yesterday. When Nahim Hines went out with a concussion yesterday, they basically refunded all bets that included if they were just single prop bets that included Nahim Hines only. Right. Or if they had a same game parlay that had Nahim Hines as a prop bet and that was the only losing prop you got refunded your money just because he went out with a concussion.

We saw this last week with Tua when he went out with a concussion. So we saw this yesterday with a lot of sports books as well. So I don't know. I don't know how I feel about it. I kind of like the fact that sports books are going to sit there and say, Hey, look, we understand what happened here.

It's I don't know. I kind of my thing is like injuries happen during a game. So what line do you where do you draw the line? For example, like if if Jalen Waddle goes down with a with an ankle injury in the in the second quarter, are you refunding prop bets because he goes out with an ankle injury? I would just wonder where the lines that sports books are going to draw when it comes to this. First of all, it's a very interesting point.

And I think if you went to the casino and if you went to a sports book in Vegas. Yeah. I don't believe they are as amenable to this. Yeah. However, I think it is great business. Great PR. To refund money for those types of things.

Well, I think they're also refunding in the form of just credit as opposed to actually just getting your cash back. So you still have to make those bet. You still have to bet that money eventually.

I think that is great PR. And look, the house always wins. That's true. The house always wins. Just to use the casino example. They keep building hotels and they do that for a reason.

So yes, I think that's just good business. Speaking of bets a guy someone in New Jersey bet a thousand dollars yesterday that no touchdowns will be scored. Walked out with a hundred thousand dollars.

That is amazing. Hundred thousand dollars. Hundred to one odds. No touchdowns. No touchdowns scored. It was a beautiful night in Denver. How is that even possible?

Although the Broncos came close twice. Gosh, they're so bad. Alright. That's a great bet.

Couple more things to hit here. Alright, first one is speaking of betting sports books and such. It looks like ESPN and DraftKings are on the cusp of basically an exclusive deal.

Oh, very nice. This is according to our good friend Darren Revelle over at the Action Network. ESPN was looking for a partner reportedly hoping to get about three billion dollars over a period of time. That would kind of go with rebranding not only with DraftKings and ESPN. So some sort of partnership between the two.

We haven't seen any details or anything like that yet. But nevertheless, it looks like DraftKings and ESPN are going to be getting into a partnership together. And I'm curious as to, is that just going to be, is that just going to be stuff involving their shows? Like on NFL Live? Or are we also going to see stuff during live games? So for example, on ESPN and ABC, we're seeing baseball being played right now. Are we going to have live betting lines up there? Like, hey, this is this at bat, the percentage, you know, the line for someone to get a base hit, whatever it might be. I think that could be really good and I think it's going to start to really enhance a lot of product that comes what we see on screen with ESPN.

Not only that, I'm curious about this. Pat McAfee has a relationship with ESPN. Yeah, he does College Game Day.

And he also does the stuff with, he's doing a half dozen college football games through Omaha Productions. He's got a FanDuel. Big time FanDuel deal. I'm just curious if there's going to be any conflict there at all.

I don't know how it gets in the way or DraftKings has to stay away from McAfee in some cases. But I just think that what ESPN is definitely going to do is within all of their shows on TV, during games, halftime, they're going to use DraftKings odds. And so that's going to be all of their odds. All of their stuff is going to be hammered by DraftKings, which is fine. Yeah, and that's okay. Well, they already have sports betting shows.

People gamble. Yeah. Hey, North Carolina. What's up? How about us?

How you doing? I don't even bet. I just want you to be able to. Exactly. All right, one last thing here.

You're going to find this fascinating. A high school golf team down in Austin, Texas. Golf team was forced to cancel practice after students ran into a, into lewd strippers playing in a tournament sponsored by their, well, let's say by their establishment.

Okay. Where is this again? In Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas. So the, there's an adult entertainment club was holding an event. What's the name of the club? Do we know? I don't know. I can't, I don't know if that my head.

I actually, I was looking through the New York Post article that was on, might be the, is it the yellow Rose? Maybe. Do you know what they're doing? Sure. Yeah. Yes.

The yellow Rose entertainment club in Austin was hosting a golf event at the course where the high school team was supposed to practice. They do it all the time. Well, let's just say they're entertainers are out there entertaining. Sure. Yeah. I mean, they're not, they're not naked. No, but they were, let's just say they were out there entertaining the people that were participating in this.

Absolutely. And well, the high school kids, they had a call, call their parents to come pick them up. They had to cancel practice. What I mean. They're all out and about on the course. Are they like for lewd, are there like 28 groups of, from this, uh, I don't know. Yellow Rose. I don't know. All right. That's a little prudish man. Just, just go have your practice, man.

I'm just wondering like who's, who called their parents and really was like, I'm just going to sneak over to the driving range. I'm working on my short game. I'm just going to go hit balls. Is that what you're saying?

Is that what you're saying? Pause. Uh, all right, before we, uh, before we do place your bets, before we actually get to the wagering, uh, Dennis Cox, because you do this show enough, you're, you're total is still here. I'm like a guest star now.

You sort of are back by popular demand, uh, by popular or demand. Yeah. I'm not even going to argue, but you're probably wrong. Uh, so let's go place your bets, place your bets. I bet you slice into the woods. A hundred bucks gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slide. Okay. I owe you.

I'm looking at some of your futures bets. Yeah. They've been around for a while. NC state ACC. Champs. Hey, you know, there's, yeah, it's not over yet. They haven't been eliminated.

Panthers win Superbowl, but Hey, they're going to win state. I haven't met second in the division that plus two 75 is looking good. I actually have to have a couple that I need to put back in. Uh, only one of these futures bets I did Hayes per Mar was responsible for, for the other two, but there's a couple of, uh, premier league futures bets that I did not, but one is already a loss. I should just take that out. But that's fine. Let's go and dock them. Uh, Liverpool, Liverpool winning the league and not going to happen. Uh, all right, sir. No, no, it's not going to happen. Okay. They'll be, I think they can still finish top four, but I think that's probably kind of an outside shot.

They're just not that good. All right. You go first. All right. There. Thomas touchdown catch tomorrow. Plus one 25. I like that. There. Thomas touchdown.

Plus one 25. I like that. Uh, all right. We're going to do, we're going to start this off with a big four college football parlay. Okay. Florida state.

I'm sorry. NC state to beat Florida state. All right. Carolina with an upset at Miami, at least on the money line. It's an upset.

Okay. Duke to win at Georgia tech wake forest to beat army. All of those happen plus six 25.

All right. Steelers upset. The bills tomorrow. Plus five fair Sunday.

Plus five 50. They're 14 point dogs. I don't care. Give me Kenny picket.

It Kenny picket era begins with a win. Here's the thing. We were talking before about coaches, right? Yeah. I mean, Mike Tomlin is an elite NFL head coach.

Sure. They have a good defense when TJ Watts playing is TJ white back? No, no.

Whoa. I think they have a good defense anyway. True. They don't have a great defense when TJ Watts not playing, but they have a good defense. They have great wide receivers. Yeah.

They just need to be able to take advantage of them and their door. It's all about can their offensive line protect pick their lines actually been okay. It's amazing when picket went in George Pickens all of a sudden started catching a lot of passes and that so but if you lose it home to the Jets, I'm just saying but I appreciate the the odds there at plus 550. All right, let's let's go to the let's go to the Panthers and the 49ers mid of 49ers to score either a defensive or special teams touchdown. Oh at plus 550 only a plus 550.

Yeah, that's all it was plus 550. So that's the same as what was the way G just made the Steelers to win Steelers to win the same odds same odds. I don't know what that says more about the Steelers or says about the Panthers. Yeah, it's more about the Panthers.

I know gosh, what a disaster. All right Arsenal Liverpool. Give me Arsenal to win this one plus 155. Yeah, I am stunned that this is essentially a pick a match.

Yeah, but here's the reason for that. I think is more about history than today. Arsenal has not scored a goal against Liverpool in the last six matches. No goals in six matches against Liverpool also in the last 14 Premier League matches Liverpool has nine wins four draws and one loss. The last time Arsenal won was 2016. The long time ago.

Yeah. Oh, no, no, the last time Arsenal was during the pandemic. They won during the pandemic when no there were no fans zero fans now, they're going to be at the Emirates. So it's an Arsenal home match. I am also doing my last wager on this but I have Arsenal to win but both teams to score again and that is that plus 320 I try.

I think the final score is going to be Arsenal three to the winning goal comes late 90 plus four probably and it'll probably go right through the legs of Virgil van Dyke course who has been just so mid I'm using my my son's terminology now, I'm trying to sound younger for the kids. Yes, I Virgil van Dyke has been very mid or as he also says sus very sus suspect by the way back to your 49ers defense special team scoring a touchdown draft Kings will just look here has it at plus 425. That's better odds for them to score than Baker Mayfield scoring a touchdown or shy Smith scoring a touch Baker was it like plus 800 to score plus 550. I thought about that. Here's the other bet. I almost made.

Oh, the other prop. I almost took D Debo Samuel George Kittle Jeff Wilson and Christian McCaffrey to all score. Okay, all score touchdowns except I all I could think of was like it seems this is going to score three touchdowns. I think so, I don't know man. I a lot of games where they're not going to score three touchdowns. This is the Adam Gold Show.
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