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Mark Williams of Duke was selected by the Charlotte Hornets

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June 24, 2022 2:42 pm

Mark Williams of Duke was selected by the Charlotte Hornets

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 24, 2022 2:42 pm

Mark Williams of Duke was selected by the Charlotte Hornets with the 15th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Kanata Edwards of CBS Sports joined to talk about what the Charlotte Hornets did on Draft Day, including trading the 13th pick away, and what the team might do with Gordon Hayward and Cody Martin.

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And 3s and 4s and 5s. Duke had 5 players drafted. Wendell Moore, the 26th pick, ends up with Minnesota. He was drafted by, I don't know, drafted by Houston. Why the NBA just doesn't allow teams to just, hey, we made this trade, but everything has to get announced afterwards.

It's bananas, but whatever it is. Nada the Scribe, Kanata Edwards from joins us on the Adam Gold Show. Because my question is, did the Hornets do a good last night?

Let's work, let's work from the end back. Overall, did they do well? Overall, they did okay. I can't say a good or a bad. It's chaotically neutral. That's where I'm at with this one today.

It's a chaotic neutral. It really does depend on what you feel, how you feel about it. Honestly, the Bryce McGowan's pick, great pickup. Great pickup, especially at 40, especially considering you may be losing Cody Martin to restrictive free agency this summer. It's a great pick. And then the Mark Williams pick. I get it.

I mean, you've talked about this before. I hope that he can defend. I hope he can defend at an NBA level.

I hope that he can move his feet at a decent enough, his measurements are good enough to overcome some lateral quickness issues. The Jalen Durham pick, the Jalen Durham stuff is where you're going. Like if you have a problem with the draft and how they drafted last night, the Jalen Durham pick is or the Jalen Durham trade and how clunky it was.

That is going to be where if you have a problem with what they did, it's there. And I can't necessarily say, hey, I you're overreacting. You effectively traded a late first round pick, a late lottery pick. Right. For and for a pick in the 20s and three other second rounders. That is kind of inherently problematic because you are getting lesser value. Now, if you're going to get the guys that you want, cool. And at the same time, Mitch Kupchak has made his money and made a lot of people.

Again, the reason that there was a second first round pick was because of Mitch Kupchak's ability to draft in the second round with the Vontae Graham, which eventually became a first round pick. The problem is it just was so clunky. It was it just felt like same old Michael Jordan Hornets that it kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. All right.

I cannot. Edwards is joining us at not of the scribe on Twitter, a chaotically neutral. Yeah, it's a great way to describe it because first of all, when this deal was made, like I remember, you know, just following it online, the Knicks had made a trade a few a couple of picks ahead of time. Number 11, they drafted somebody, then traded him to Oklahoma City. They didn't even announce what the Knicks got back. It took like two hours to figure out what the Knicks got in return. I don't even know what some sounded like three first round picks. Whatever.

Don't care. But for to me, if the Hornets were going to do something and this is where I this is where they lose me. Is that if you wanted to trade one of those picks, shouldn't you have attached it to Gordon Hayward to clear that salary off the books? So you don't lose a Cody Martin to restricted free agency.

And that's a that's the fair question. But I also kind of have to wonder what the appetite is to lose a Gordon Hayward in that building. We know that's one of the owner's favorite players. The man made an offer sheet to him six years ago, even though it was probably not likely going to happen. And then when Gordon Hayward was introduced to this town, one of the big things was, hey, this is the one of the owner's favorite players. The owners always wanted this guy in Charlotte. So we have to question at some point whether or not there was a real appetite for to trade Gordon Hayward. And to be quite honest, I don't necessarily blame them for not really having the appetite, especially if it probably would have cost you both first rounders, because I think that's the big thing. We've never seen someone, especially and especially if it was going to involve Detroit. We've never seen a team not have to give up multiple first rounders to stash 30 million dollars or something more like that.

It's going to basically be the same thing if and when Russell Westbrook gets traded this year. You're going to see sweeteners like multiple first round picks. Maybe they might even be unprotected to take on that kind of money. It's not cheap.

So I completely understand why the appetite might not be there. I think it's going to cost you multiple first rounders in a small, not necessarily a small market, but in the mid market as well. I understand. Adam Gold in studio with my man coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group.

We're talking retirement and coach. I'm a simple guy, but I like colors. Tell me how I can color code money and get ready for retirement. I like colors, too. I like pictures. I like graphs.

I don't like just a bunch of words. And so what we try to do is we try to break down all those words on your statement, all those numbers into three colors, red, green, yellow. People are amazed when they come in and most of their money is in the red category.

Yeah, I don't want that. Now red means high horsepower potential. It also means high loss potential. So you have to, it's a give and take. You can be willing to do that or that. Yellow means liquid money. You can get it anytime.

It's not going to earn anything. Green gives you safe growth, but also gives you lifetime income. As we get closer to retirement, we need some green accounts. We need the green zone, we call it. And Baghdad green zone was important. Green zone's important for you, too. The next 10 people, Adam, it's a thousand dollar value, golden ticket we're going to put together for you, your very own, total plan that has a green zone. It's a traffic light.

I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. All right, so you're going to have to explain this to me. We're talking with Kanata Edwards, at Not of the Scribe on Twitter. How are the Hornets in salary cap, you know, in a bad salary cap spot with their roster? I don't think they're in a bad salary cap spot. The Warriors are going to pay seven billion dollars to their roster. How come the Hornets can't find money to pay Cody Martin and they're worried about keeping Miles Bridges? I think first things first on that, and this is the thing that I've because we all saw the essentially the clutch sports memo liner note that made it to Sean Chiron is thing about the Hornets not being worrying about paying a max to two miles bridges. I'm not sure anybody's paying a max two miles, right?

I'm with you on us. I'm not sure the appetite there for 35. If it's 30 to 32, I think the Hornets will match that.

I don't think anyone's willing to do that. But we also have to remember that it's only the Warriors that are not afraid of the luxury tax. That's the thing that I think we keep forgetting. It's just the Warriors that are like, okay, we're making money hand over fist in San Francisco right now. And so therefore we can pay for that. Charlotte's never going to be that team that's unafraid of the luxury tax at this point.

Unfortunately, it's a mid-market and it's not to be quite honest, it's not good business. I do think that they're going to move something around. I'm not sure it's actually going to be Gordon Hayward. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Terry Rozier, but I think what we need to remember is that almost everybody's afraid of the luxury tax. It's not just the Charlotte Hornets.

Kenada Edwards is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. I'm not even worried about the luxury tax. I know it's not my money, but I think if you're good and you make the playoffs, I mean, the Hornets are not going to be so far into the luxury tax that it's going to be really that prohibitive either way. What does this team need to add between now and, well, I'm not going to say summer league, but between now and the start of the season? Grownups.

That's the answer. Grownups. They need adults in the room that have been there before that can teach kids how to prepare for stuff. Because if we've, if we're honest with ourselves, there were half a dozen games at least where you could see that the team's completely unprepared, unfocused, and you need those veterans around the teacher how to prepare. I would love to see PJ Tucker here. I don't think he's interested in a semi re being the adult in the reboot. No, again, that would, he would be Roger Murtaugh for this team. Like, that's the thing. Like a guy like PJ Tucker would make a ton of sense for this team. Crash Davis.

Well, no, no, he's much more Roger Murtaugh, much more, much more Roger more, because he would be saying he's too old for this blank all the time. At the same time, I really do believe that we're talking about a team that just needs a bunch of veterans guys that know what to do that have been in this league that can teach these kids, because they have, I believe, at least six players under 23 years old. They're very young.

They're incredibly young. Let me ask you about Gordon Hayward real quick because I advocated, look, I said this yesterday, if I were the Hornets, I would have packaged both picks and Hayward and gone after a big man. I don't know if that would have gotten you Miles Turner or if that's too much to get you Miles Turner, but I think somebody like that would have been, I mean, I realize he's been around a while and maybe he's not the best option at that position, but I would have thrown everything to clear Hayward's contract off the books. But if Hayward can stay healthy, which is a huge if, are the Hornets better off just having it? Yeah, I believe they are because when Hayward's in there, he's one of, I would put it this way, he's one of the four or five guys that will put in the effort to stay in front of his man on defense.

That's in very short supply in Charlotte right now. Maybe that changes with the coaching, sir, with a new coach, which also is another thing on the to do list on their chaotically chaotically natural to do list. But at the same time, we're talking about a team right now that needs multiple things. I do believe that this team is better with Gordon Hayward on it. The record shows that, but at the same time, it's a matter of availability and whether that means you're limiting minutes. We're starting to load manage this guy or even better, maybe he's coming off the bench next year, despite the optics of it.

I think it's just they need them. It's you're just going to have to find a way to mitigate it so that he plays more than 40 plus games a year at this point. All right. I want to I want to float a theory about the head coach and Kenny Atkinson to you, Kenana, before I let you go. And I know it's a bad look for Kenny Atkinson, but for a guy whose career record is significantly under 500 and doesn't have a name that carries any gravitas around the league, except from basketball junkies.

I'll just say that. He's looking at his next gig as he better win or he's not getting a third crack. And maybe the Hornets when he had time to think about it, when he realized that maybe this is not the place for me to take my second stab at this.

Let me wait for a better spot. Now, we should have figured that out sooner, but maybe this was basically about where the Hornets are as opposed to anything else. I don't disagree with that, but it goes back to you knew what this was when you signed up. Like, that's that's the part that keeps coming.

I just keep coming back to it. He knew what this was. He knew that this was going to be a spot where, hey, I'm going to take some lumps while I'm trying to get these kids to figure everything out.

He knew what this was. I understand if he just if the light bulb finally clicked on. But after three interviews and then some coaching discussions and that, like, there's too much. It's almost like this train was so far down the road that, granted, he put the brakes on. He said no. And I'm I actually I'm kind of happy for him if he realized that, yo, I'm not the guy for this.

But at the same time, it's awfully late to be figuring that out. Like you would he had gone through so much of this process to the point where I'm not sure that he could have done this any later. He could have been. Now, mind you, he was short, basically short of being in Charlotte and saying, I can't do this. And then on top of that, to leak it through his agent to woe is like, I think the manner in which he came with it, the manner in which he did it is probably the worst thing about this. Everything else.

I think your theory does hold. Hey, Rory McElroy broke up with his fiancee over a text. Very true. Very true. And he's recovered pretty nicely.

Rory has recovered pretty nicely at not to describe on Twitter cannot. Edwards, you're the man. I appreciate your time. Have a great weekend. I'll talk to you very soon. Absolutely. Talk to you soon. Got it, brother. All right.

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That's d r i z l y dot com to start sipping with purpose. Steve King and the Rangers bringing us back. They'll be on the main stage tonight, right? I'm sorry, who'd you say? Steve King and that you said to me, Steve King, Steve King, Steve King. That's a strange first name. Steep King and I actually thought you said Steve King in my. No, not the author here. Well, there are a lot of people named Steve King.

I'm sure there are. Never mind. Main stage tonight. Yep. Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

It's really cool. The stage is basically right there above second base and low center shallow, shallow center field. So there there are three stages. There's one just in the the outfield, shallow outfield, second base area. Then there are two like alternate stages that they will have music going on at the same time.

So, yeah, I think they're kind of staggering. The the main stage looking at the time looks like it's a little. Well, there's an outside one, I think, just outside the ballpark, I think is where one of them is over the over the monster.

I don't think over the monster. I think it's actually the the entry way. I like where the fountain and stuff.

OK, very cool. It is. So there's a concourse stage and there's also where Jackie's Landing is out by gotcha. Right field is where stage is also very nice.

I think they are staggering them a little bit in terms of start times and everything should be fun. Great time. Go out there. What's better than refreshments and live music, live music?

You're outdoors and it's all North Carolina bands, which is also a great thing. It who who could who could find anything better? All right. When when we get to this point of the show on Fridays, we open up a mailbag. It's called in the mentions talking to me. Who the hell are you talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here.

All right. Did did you see the tweet that was circulating Dennis Cox that it was a home plate umpire? Doug Eddings earlier in the week who got twenty nine ball strike calls wrong. Did you see it?

Twenty nine. Twenty nine ball strike calls wrong. It was the worst performance by a home plate umpire rose in the major leagues this year. And I was watching this and you might not remember the name Eric Greg. But Eric Greg had probably the worst home plate umpiring performance in the history of organized sports. Like there were little league umpires who did a better job than Eric. Greg did in a World Series game where leave on Hernandez for the Florida Marlins. Might not have been a World Series game. Might have been a it might have been in a league championship series game. Anyway, he could not he wasn't even throwing the ball close to home plate and Eric Greg kept calling it a strike.

I mean, pitches were like eight inches outside and he was calling a strike. It was so bad. Anyway, Doug Eddings had the worst performance of the year statistically with twenty nine missed calls.

I wonder what the average is. Much better than that. So Al said, I think I know the answer, but are there any consequences for umps when they screw up this bad? Now, it really was it was mind bogglingly bad to the point where the the team that got hosed was the Blue Jays. The next game, their hitting coach brought the lineup card out and was ejected before the game started. I got tossed because he went to the he went to Doug Eddings and said, by the way, yesterday you sucked. And they had no sense of humor and no like, just let the guy vent because you did.

Anyway, the answer is, well, there are supposed to be. I've always said this about Major League Baseball. It is it is horrendous how they choose postseason assignments. You want to give the bad umpires who have been around a long time, some like a freebie, give them the All-Star game.

Who gives a damn about the All-Star game? Yeah, but you can't let those guys work playoff games. The fact that Angel Hernandez or Laz Diaz get postseason assignments or Doug Eddings based on this. Although I don't know Eddings to be a terrible umpire. I just know that this was bad, but I know Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire in baseball and there's no second place, but he gets home. He gets postseason assignments. How? That's where you should be basically put forth your however many umpires you need your highest rated umpires.

Longevity means nothing. Nothing. We want the best umpires end of story.

Simple as that. But Major League Baseball doesn't do it that way and that is that's atrocious. All right, let's let's move on. This is this is Chris responding to the the fact that North Carolina has not and will not by the way, that is a dead issue. Now will not put forth a sports wager wagering bill. They are they are I mean, could they be called back into session? I guess could Tim Moore the Speaker of the House keep them in session? I guess don't bet on it.

Sorry about the pun. Anyway, Chris says I don't know why I expected politicians to do the right thing for once Bible passages being quoted. That's true 1950s point-shaving scandal brought up when athletes can now cash in on their NIL. These people are so out of touch with the times. Yes. Yes.

Yeah for the people who voted no. You're I don't know what you're doing. I don't know what you're doing. This is not a morality play anymore. I mean cigarettes are legal. Yeah, you can buy cigarettes. We know what that does.

What are we doing there? That's how they try to ban alcohol. Yeah. Well, yeah, what happened? Look NASCAR NASCAR actually when Prohibition was enacted people still drink, right?

Yeah, the state received nothing from it. People are still gambling. It's unbelievable. Unbelievable. All right, Tim, Mike, this is in reaction to Mike my tweet after Rory McIlroy made about a 30-foot putt for a double bogey in the second round of the US Open. I basically said if there was ever a great double bogey, that was it.

Tim responded. I made a 15 on the par three sixth hole at Pinehurst number two by rolling in a 14-footer. Nice. By the time I played that hole I made it to take special golf talent to have the opportunity to improve 13 strokes on one hole. I also have made a long putt for a 15. Seriously, I bet I made a 25-footer downhill for a 15 on the first hole of a golf tournament. It was pretty pretty good. I did not win. This is The Adam Gold Show.
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