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UNC Football has named their starting QB

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 22, 2022 3:58 pm

UNC Football has named their starting QB

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 22, 2022 3:58 pm

UNC Football has named their starting QB in Drake Maye, who is the younger brother of former UNC basketball star, Drake Maye. Ross Martin of Inside Carolina joined the show to talk about the decision by UNC football coach Mack Brown to start Maye, as well as some other playmakers who could step up offensively for UNC football this season.

Plus, Elliot Johnson stopped by the show to talk MLB, including a two-game series between the New York Mets and New York Yankees, with Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom starting the two games for the Mets.

Also, Dennis Cox continues his NFL city tour, this time visiting the Mile High City, Denver, CO.

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Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Who knew Robert Plant would be the youngin' that I saw in concert this summer?

Unbelievable. Somebody who is far younger than I, Ross Martin. Inside Carolina at Ross Martin underscore IC joins us now on the Adam Gold Show. North Carolina has named a starting quarterback.

Mack Brown decided he wasn't going to play too, although I'm not saying that Jacoby Criswell won't see some time. But Ross Martin, talk to me about Drake May. Sir, how are you?

I'm good. What's up, Adam? Yeah, it was kind of weird. You know, he went through the whole depth chart before finally naming the quarterback. So the whole defense went through 2D, the whole offense, 2D, offensive line, and then named the quarterback and was like, and I'm not taking any questions on it.

And obviously, we still kind of ask questions or, you know, try to ask questions to kind of get him to talk about in a certain way that wasn't really asking about it. But Drake May will be the first quarterback out there on Saturday night against Florida A&M. I think we will see Jacoby Criswell at some point, especially in that first game win.

I don't know. But it seems like they're going to go with whoever can, you know, score and move the ball. And if Drake May struggles, I don't think they'll have a quick leash. But I think they have a very capable backup in Jacoby Criswell and they're more than willing to play him. And I think they will play him at least against Florida A&M, maybe out of state, and maybe Georgia State before maybe settling on a guy against Notre Dame. But Drake May is the starter is the news out of the press conference.

All right. So I have questions about why would Matt go through the entire 2D, leave the quarterbacks for last, throw that out there, and then say, I'm not taking any questions on it. Why even bring it up and still say we have an or situation?

Both guys are going to play. And then, you know, we're basically status quo. What? Well, that just seems odd to me.

Yeah, I have a couple of theories here. So I think they asked Mac that. Why are you naming a quarterback if you're leaving it kind of open in terms of situation? If if Drake struggles or something, he was like, well, we wanted to give the media we want to appease y'all.

Well, you know, Mac plays a media game like that. Right. But I think there's a sense of of wanting to keep a backup like Chris well on the roster, not wanting him to transfer. I think there's a, you know, sometimes if you talk too much, it takes me questions.

You know, you say something maybe you regret. And I think they really like to Colby and think he's a very capable quarterback. And I think in this day and age, that's the most important position.

If you need to, especially with how often, you know, they run quarterbacks in college football. So I think it's a sense of, look, Drake's the guy right now. We want to keep the Kobe happy and keep him around. We'll now straight, but we're going to give Jacoby maybe a shot if if Drake struggles.

Also, there's a sense that it was kind of weird. Both Phil Longo and Mac made the point of, look, the quarterback is one of 11. We're going to rotate. We could rotate them just like we rotate running backs or wide receivers, which is kind of crazy because obviously the quarterback is the most important position on the field and weighs way more importance than a tight end or running back receiver. Yeah, Steve Spurrier got away with it. But in general, if you do that with quarterbacks, it's because one, neither one of them has essentially demanded that they be the guy.

Ross Martin from Inside Carolina is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. You were, you were there for his recruitment. You followed him as a prep.

So if you could, for the uninitiated, explain the difference in styles between the two. Yeah, so Drake made your prototypical quarterback when you, you know, you kind of look at a quarterback made in the lab. He's more of a pocket guy. He's tall.

He's about 6'4". He has a lineage. His dad played quarterback at UNC. His brother, obviously, Luke May was a star basketball player at UNC. He's very accurate. You know, he's not going to be some athlete that's shifty.

Now he can run. He's athletic and mobile, but he is kind of a, you know, pick you apart, be accurate, stay in the pocket, you know, make your reach type guy. And look, we haven't seen these guys play. They played what, a couple of 20 snaps against Wofford last year.

Right. So the accuracy is a big thing coming out of high school about Drake May. And remember, he was a five star kid who committed to Alabama and Nick Saban before flipping to UNC. Once Matt kind of got settled and Sam Howe was flourishing, they kind of re-recruited to him.

And that's when he flipped his commitment to UNC. So a highly talented guy. I think he ended up being a 24-7 sports composite four star, but was a very highly talented guy. Jacoby Criswell, shorter, six foot, more stout, a very more physical in terms of maybe, you know, lower body, upper body, can run strong. Now, the big thing about him is every player says he has one of the strongest arms they've seen.

So has the arm strength. And, you know, they like him. Phil Longo recruited him for three years, you know, first at Ole Miss and then at UNC. He was the player of the year out of Arkansas. He was an SEC recruit on multiple levels. So they liked Jacoby Criswell. It was a very, very tight competition, which I think is why it's just like it's still kind of almost seems a little bit up in the air, even here Monday, you know, five days, six days away from the opener.

But Drake May is the guy, the name we got coming out of this press conference. Ross Martin, before we let you go, two things. First of all, Carolina playing in week zero against Florida A&M. I actually think that these would be good games to play as exhibitions, as opposed to actually having them on your schedules.

You can still have them. You could play guys you weren't intending to play, that you were intending to redshirt. Although even redshirt rules are somewhat relaxed at this point. I'd love to see every team play a game like this because there's no pressure on it. Doesn't matter really what happens. And you could also give a check because the argument is that we, you know, we cut a check to the FCS.

It helps them balance their budget. You could still do that with having these games not count. Josh Downs is certainly going to start at wide receiver, right? Yeah.

Yeah. Well, it's good because he was named second team preseason All-America by the Associated Press today. Who are the targets other than Downs? Give me an idea of who Drake May and at times, Jacoby Criswell are going to be throwing to.

Yeah, well Antoine Green out. The names to watch are Gavin Blackwell and JJ Jones, Kobe Paysauer. These are guys who have not caught many passes for UNC because last year it was the Josh Downs show.

And then Sam Howell ran the ball a lot and Ty Chandler ran the ball a lot. But I really like the freshman Andre Green, Jr. He may not be as much of an impact player in the first couple games, but he's going to be a stud at UNC.

So in a year or two now, when he's an All-American, Andre Green, you'll know where you heard it first. But those guys are going to step up and I think it helps to have Josh Downs and some reliable tight ends. A guy like Bryson Nesbitt and Kamari Morales. But look for a guy like JJ Jones, Gavin Blackwell, and Kobe Paysauer to step up behind Downs. And they need him. They need a second and third wide receiver to give that new quarterback somewhere to throw to. Also run the ball.

Just run the ball. Who's left at running back, by the way? The starter is going to be DJ Jones out of Fayetteville. He's been in the program now for I think three years. So he was named the starter today.

Behind him there's just a – they couldn't name a clear number two. So you've got Caleb Hood. He's been injured. You've got Elijah Green.

He's been injured. Two freshmen. Again, Amari Hampton out of the Raleigh area. I think is a Johnson County kid. And then George Pedaway out of Virginia. Those are two stud freshmen who I think will be stars if not this year definitely down the line. But those two guys, Pedaway and Hampton, are going to be the names to know maybe at the end of the season.

But DJ Jones is the starter. Ross Martin inside Carolina at RossMartin underscore IC. Thank you very much. On short notice, by the way, yeoman's work on your part. I appreciate your time, man. I appreciate it, Adam. See ya. You got it, Ross Martin. Good news for the Drake May family.

And we'll see what happens again. I love these games if you can play them without them counting on your schedule. Because if they count, and this is one of Carolina's 12, I hate these games. I get the charitable element here. We help – these games help schools like FAMU and others because they're buy games.

You give them a check to show up. I don't know what Carolina's going to pay FAMU a million bucks to come play this game. Especially in a season where you're playing twice on the road at Sunbelt teams.

I get it. What I don't really like is that these games count to your schedule. We shouldn't be playing these games. We shouldn't have games. A major league team isn't scheduling a triple-A team and counting it on their schedule. They could lose that game.

Potentially. But it doesn't count. The Canes aren't playing the Charlotte Checkers. Right, exactly. By the way, the Canes and the Norfolk Admirals re-upped their affiliation agreement.

ECHA. Their second team in the minor leagues. Chicago Wolves, obviously their top farm club. But the second one is the Norfolk Admirals. And they could just continue their agreement. But I love playing these games as long as they don't count. And I think that people will still go because you get a chance to watch at least some future players play.

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I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. And we are headed to the final six weeks of the big league season. There are some enormous leads. The Dodgers, if I'm not mistaken, have an 18-game lead in the NL West. 18 games! Didn't the Padres make a bunch of leads, a bunch of trades to stay close? Anyway, Elliot Johnson, my friend, former big leaguer with the Rays, with the Royals, with the now Guardians.

And of course, the Atlanta Braves joins us on the Adam Gold Show. Do you know how many times you've faced Max Scherzer in your career? Uh, no. I'm going to say 10 times. I've got you two for two with an RBI against Max Scherzer. I'll bet a thousand off of him?

That's what I have. According to Stathead on, I've got you two for two in your career. But I don't remember the game, so we'll just take their word for it.

Thank you very much for joining us. Let's start with the Yankees and Mets that are going to play two games. By the way, how does Major League Baseball schedule these games? All four games as midweek games, none of them.

Nothing on a weekend, but they are just two-game series. Yankees are eight games ahead of the Blue Jays and Rays in the East. But they've dropped 14 of 18. Aaron Boone's losing his mind.

Garrett Cole is coming out of the dugout when somebody accidentally hits Aaron Judge. What do you make of where the Yankees are mentally at this stage? Uh, they're fine.

I mean, I get all the theatrics. I mean, you probably, when you go through a schnide like they went through, Boone needs to get a bunch of pressure from above him, from Cashman, and Cashman's getting it from ownership. And so everybody's throwing it on, and it's like any other organization where it ends up, the lowest employee gets home and gets upset at their dog. Right. So, standard stuff, they're going through a little bit of the dog days of August right now. Not too concerning. They look like they're still in a great position.

They're going to be just fine. You know, especially because, you know, the Red Sox have been so disappointing. I mean, to the point where we're going to talk about how good the Orioles have been.

Yes. Orioles aren't even supposed to win this year, Adam. But the Orioles are playing carefree. They're loose.

They're having fun. Adlai Rushman's probably been one of the best additions to any team, including, you know, the Padres getting a Juan Soto. The Mets, your favorite Mets, getting DeGrom back.

Adlai Rushman has been every bit as important, if not more. And then Rugenet O'Dore somehow, every time there's a highlight, is scoring a run or hitting a home run or something. So, it's pretty impressive that they went through that reclamation project from the Rangers. You know, the Rangers are in the toilet with John Daniels getting fired.

Chris Young is going to assume the leadership. So, I think it's interesting that all these different things that are happening, and really the Blue Jays have been somewhat disappointing since firing Charlie. I'd be curious to see if they can limp into the playoffs or not, because the Mariners have an easy schedule the rest of the way, Adam.

So, I don't know what's going to end up happening. You know, and the Orioles, if they keep playing carefree, are going to be a great storyline down the stretch. There are six teams in the American League fighting for three playoff spots. Whoever finishes second and third, because the White Sox are close, too. So, right now, I think Cleveland is in first place in the American League Central. Then you've got Minnesota and Chicago are in it. The Blue Jays, the Rays, and the Mariners. Those six teams, and the Orioles, rather, those six teams are fighting for three playoff spots. You mentioned the Orioles. I know a lot of Orioles fans.

I'm amazed. They were not trying to win this year. They screwed up their own draft position for next year. But, because some of their prospects are here, wouldn't it be really cool if they could somehow sneak in, even as the last team, just to get some of these guys a taste of it?

Yes. I think it would be great. It would be great for baseball. It would be great for the American League East, of course. Just to put some of those folks on notice that you can't disqualify anyone. If you've got a major league team, they're all still professionals.

They're all still really good. I think it would be great. I think it would really upset, potentially, the Blue Jays. Really upset, potentially, the Rays. When's the last time the Rays have been on the outside looking in, especially as of late?

So, I promise you, they're creating a little bit of friction there. Wanda Franco is going to be out for an extended period of time. So, that hurts the Rays chances, unfortunately, for them. They're going to have to try and piece together some things here in August and September because right now the Orioles are hot and I think they're going to stay that way. Mets just went through an eight-game road trip through Atlanta and Philadelphia.

It came out of that four and four. That's not too terrible. We're headed to the final six weeks of the season. They've only got these two with the Yankees, a three-game set with the Dodgers, and a three-game set in Atlanta. Everybody else, it looks like they play the Pirates and Reds only, and maybe the Nationals and Marlins. There's like nobody left on their schedule.

What do you make of that type of a schedule the last six weeks of the season? It matters. It's less taxing to your guys.

It gives options to the front office, to the manager. If you need to kind of throttle down, you can. But, of course, it's not advisable yet. But, later on in the season, it can be. I mean, the thing that stands out to me, I think that the Phillies are 5-14 against the Mets. So, the Mets have already beat up all over the Phillies.

That's really what's hurt them. Losing 3-4 to the Braves, I think that's the first series that the Mets have lost this year. So, that's something that's somewhat noteworthy of how much that they've been winning series.

Because when you get in the playoffs, if you win every series the rest of the way, that's the only team that ends up standing at the end of the year. So, obviously, the Mets are proving they can do that on a consistent basis except for one blip against the Braves, which they're allowed over a full season. So, the easier that the season is down the stretch, but you can imagine Showalter's been there before. Scherzer's been there before. They're going to make sure that they keep the pedal to the metal until somebody, probably Showalter, is going to say, hey, let's pull back the reins on these four horses for a little bit and make sure we keep the end goal in mind.

So, if they can, they can go ahead and relax a little bit if they need to to make sure they're ready for the stretch. Elliot Johnson is joining us here on the Adam Gold Tour. I think the Mets lost one other series. I believe it was to Houston, who is sort of emerging, maybe as the best team in the American League.

Not sure. Albert Pujols, I can't believe that I am reading these numbers. In his last 28 games,.408 hitter,.829 slugging percentage, nine home runs. In his last eight, I'm sorry, nine games, I think it is, nine games,.556, six homers and 13 runs batted in. I thought he was done, Elliot. I respect Bumgarner coming after him, don't you?

That's one thing you've got to really respect. Remember all the famous home runs that have happened throughout history and how easy it would be for those guys to just go ahead and block them, right? He's crowsing in on.700. Are you going to go ahead and pitch around him?

Are you going to be cute or are you going to go right after him? So, I'll give Bumgarner credit for going right after him. I mean, it hurt him, of course, but still, he's going to go after everyone with his best stuff, which I really respect and appreciate. But, you know, Pujol is still doing it at this point in his career.

It's fascinating. I respect the heck out of it and he's been one of the greatest hitters of my lifetime, for sure, and one of the greatest hitters of all time. So, he deserves all the respect in the world.

I appreciate you bringing it up because he deserves more respect, not less, Adam. It is like his career, his St. Louis Cardinals career alone before he ever went to the Angels. He's a Hall of Famer for the first half of his career.

End of discussion. So, he was good with the Angels and whatever happened with the Dodgers, whatever. He was good with the Angels, but his body was breaking down. And this resurgence after the All-Star Game has just been remarkable. And you know me, I've said this before, I hate the Cardinals. I don't hate any other team of the Yankees.

But, I mean, I'm just amazed at what this guy's been able to do. Finally, in the three-team race for two wildcard spots, because the Braves pretty much have it locked up, with like an eight-game advantage over the next team in the wildcard race. It's the Padres, it's the Brewers, and it's the Phillies. If it comes down to Padres-Brewers, there are multiple things going on here. One, they engineered a trade to get Josh Hader from Milwaukee to San Diego. Hader's been so bad with the Padres, they demoted him from closer. The Brewers pitching staff is bummed because they traded away their closer.

What's going on here? It's kind of interesting, isn't it? So, you know, Hader, and one last point on pooholes before we move on to the next segment. But, pooholes showing in the home run derby was a lot of fun. I don't think he expected to make it out of the first round in the first quarter. And then, you know, I mean, it just made it a whole lot more fun for all of us that always had to idolize pooholes through his career.

So, he's going to retire regardless, but, you know, much respect to him and his career. So, Hader, I think everybody has that vision of what Hader is, who he could be for sure. But, clearly, it seems like the Brewers are on to something that they knew that he wasn't going to be the Hader of old that we had expected. So, I think they have found an opportunity to offload him at the right time to a really could be a team that ends up being the make or break. You know what's going to be the worst for the Padres? Is if the Brewers get in and the Padres get left out. That's going to be a double whammy. You know, heads are going to roll over in San Diego because that lineup is so amazing.

So, they're going to have to find ways to piece this together to get in. But, once you're in, I mean, they've got a team that's good enough to win. I just, I don't know if I see anybody beating the Dodgers. But, again, you know, playoff baseball is playoff baseball, but the Dodgers have been so much better than everybody else.

It's really hard for me to see anybody beating them right now. Yeah, the Dodgers still have some question marks at the top of their starting rotation. Final thing, so we had the Fernando Tatis Jr. steroid announcement, 80 games. So, it actually extends into next year. He wouldn't be eligible for any playoffs this year. Take me inside a locker room, if you can, when something like this happens and the dynamic between players.

Well, I mean, it's such a dumb, dumb idea altogether. He's already gotten paid. He's already one of the best players in the world. Now, all he's done is just created question marks surrounding whether all of his production was legitimate or not. He's still one of the younger guys.

Machado still, you know, is the leader, clearly. Because he's been called upon a few times to help correct him in the past. And that's going to continue to happen. So, he's got some maturity issues, clearly.

I don't understand the goal there. So, I mean, he's going to have to apologize to the team. He's going to have to apologize to everybody in person. He's not going to do it behind a press release, an agent release of any kind.

I was part of the team when Manny in 2011 ended up coming up with something. So, you know, we never saw him again. So, what really he's going to have to do is call a team meeting, apologize to everyone like a man.

Go to them face to face and own up to all these, you know, whatever he's done. Because that team is infinitely better when he's on the field. I mean, let's be real. He's a dynamic lightning rod for any team. I don't care what team he's on. He makes everyone better no matter where he is on the field.

He's incredible. So, he's going to have to do that. He's going to have to make amends. And then from here on out, he's going to have to play clean. So, you know, whatever that means, we'll see. But clearly, he's got a long ways to go because, you know, the other thing that embarrasses him is when reporters have asked him about his motorcycle accidents, he answered, which one?

Yeah, the Padres can't be happy about that either. Elliot Johnson, you're the best, my friend. I appreciate your time. And we'll talk again soon. Thanks, Adam.

Pleasure as always. Elliot Johnson, two for two against Max Scherzer in his career. None of us and no West Durham who was on with us earlier.

He's two for two lifetime against Max Scherzer. Off of the crossbar and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now.

Find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. But it's time to continue our tour of NFL cities. We are just outside of two weeks until the NFL kicks off. Bills and Rams will start us two weeks from Thursday night.

I think I don't know what the odds say. To me, the Bills are the best team in the league. If if the head coach has learned from some mistakes like allowing the Patriots to beat you in a 40 mile an hour win. Throwing it three times. Yeah, you allowed the Patriots to do that. And then whatever you did against Kansas City. When what Patrick Mahomes had like 13 seconds left after you took a lead and they needed a field goal. A. You kicked it through the end zone for a touchback. Wasted no time.

And B. Why did you rush anybody? Anybody. They rushed like four. Like, you're out of your mind.

Yeah, never mind. Sean McDermott, if he learns from his mistakes. The Bills are the best team in the NFL. Let's let's get right to our NFL city. We're going to Denver, right? That's right.

We are going to talk to me. So we're not going to Red Rock Theater. That's not actually in Denver. It's just outside Denver. Yeah, it's not actually believe it's west of Denver. It is just on the southwest side of them.

Yeah, but not actually in it. We're not going to Boulder. Boulder is not the same north of Denver.

It is. It is not the same as Denver. Buddy of mine went to college. I'm sorry, didn't go to college there. He lived in Boulder. He got acted like he went to college in Boulder.

That's fair. Yeah, play lacrosse at Boulder. Did you? Mm-hmm.

Very nice. I actually have a very good friend, a high school friend, who at last check was like one of the best volleyball coaches. Oh, really? Yeah, she was tremendous. Shouts to my friend Nancy Sorenson, if anybody knows her.

Shouts to Nancy. Yeah. One thing you got to do while you're there in Denver is to eat at the original Chipotle right there on East Evans Avenue across from the University of Denver. Really? I've actually eaten there. Have you? I have.

Did you get food poisoning? No, I did not. Good. Was I supposed to? No. Now I'm concerned. No, you're fine.

Okay. Also some other staple things you got to do while you're there. You got to drink Coors because, you know, the Rockies. That's right. Coors, you got to drink Coors and Coors Light. Now, it's Miller Coors now, right? Doesn't Miller own Coors, or does Coors own Miller?

That's a great question. I believe one of the, uh, one owns the other. What is that? Amheiser Bush that owns Budweiser. It's InBev. It's a Belgian company now that owns Amheiser Bush, I believe. Yeah, I wasn't sure if they've, there's another domestic beer that's with Miller, too.

Well, Miller owns Pabst. Maybe that's what it is. Maybe. Anyway, so you got to drink some Coors, and then, obviously, you got to hoist the Stanley Cup because it's there.

Yes. Yes, and drink out of the Stanley Cup, too. Oh wait, now it's Molson Coors.

Molson? Gosh, so it's Canadian. Who could keep track? So it's half Canadian now. Yeah, who could keep track?

I have no idea. Um, but yeah, go, go lift the, go hoist the Stanley Cup. Can't lift it, you hoist it. You hoist the Stanley Cup, you got to drink Coors out of it, or Molson out of it now, too. Actually, mix them both in there, enjoy yourself. Nah, just drink the Molson.

Okay. Molson's very good. Well, we got to drink the local stuff. Molson's very good. Well, Miller's Coors isn't local. I mean, if you're in Denver. It's in Colorado, yeah. Coors.

The old Coors high test. It was alright. I was okay. Can't say I'm a fan. I don't do the silver bullet, man. Can't say I'm a fan, but hey. I'll just drink a bottle of water, thanks.

That's fine. Hey, you can do that, too. Stay hydrated. Oh, also, key thing when you're in Denver, stay hydrated. Hydrate before you get there, big time. Yes, hydrate before you get there, and stay hydrated while you're there.

Because low altitude, low oxygen, high altitude, need your water, folks. No question. You were saying there's a particular story? Okay, Rio Grande Cafe, which is on Blake Street, it's like an old warehouse, an absolutely phenomenal, phenomenal place to spend an afternoon. They actually have incredible margaritas. Their signature drink is a margarita, not a frozen margarita. This is a clear, a clear gold margarita.

It comes in like a giant, like, it's almost like a champagne glass, not a flute, but it's huge. And they say on the walls, there's signs all over the Rio Grande Cafe, on the walls, three margarita limit, okay? Three? Three margarita limit. Okay.

And theoretically, they are keeping track. And I went, I was out there, it was the first day I was out there. I had hydrated, I was under, I was aware it wasn't my first time being out there, my second or third time being out there. So I drank my first one, my second, my third, I was fine. I was fine, three margaritas in, we were there for a while. And I thought, let me go for a fourth. And I'm telling you that I think they know. And on the fourth margarita, they put a sledgehammer in it.

A sledgehammer? I don't know, it just rocked. Okay. So yes, but clear, gold, beautiful, great margaritas.

Okay. Rio Grande Cafe. Shouts to, I hope it's still open. Who knows, who knows what the pandemic did to everybody, but it is a, Rio Grande Cafe is a very cool thing. But that area of Denver, downtown Denver, Blake Street, where the ballpark is, is just tremendous. Apparently it's still open.

Close at 10 o'clock tonight. All right, let's go. There you go, Rio Grande. Rio Grande Cafe.

Right there in Denver. Yeah, I can't tell you what happened afterward, because I don't really remember it. Well, you got hit with the sledgehammer. Yep, I swear, I was fine.

Absolutely fine. You had another place in Denver that you mentioned too? No, I'm sure. I don't remember it. That's fair. I think there was a restaurant across the street. All right. But I don't really remember eating there. Okay. Well, after your third margarita from Rio Grande.

I could have done anything after the third one. I'm sure. By the way, at Coors Field, we went to a Rockies game, I don't remember, they played. They sell something in Coors Field that they don't sell anywhere else, called Coors Red Light, which is sort of an amber Coors, and it was really good. Really?

Yes. Very good. I'm an amber ale, that's my go-to type of beer. Yeah, me too. Me too.

The fact that they don't sell that anywhere, what's the deal? My first trip to Denver, we weren't in Denver, we were in Breckenridge, Colorado, which is why this doesn't really pertain. My first trip there was, we went to a place where New Belgium is actually brewed. Yes. Right? I had a fat tire.

Yes. First time I ever had a fat tire was in Breckenridge, Colorado, and I went, this is a beer. One of my all-time favorites. Still one of my five favorite beers of all time.

It's a top one for me, for sure. Fat tire is tremendous. Also, while you're there, make sure you check out the Forney Museum of Transportation. So you have planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles, the whole deal to check out while you're out there in Colorado.

Like it. Also, you mentioned Coors Field. The National Ballpark Museum is in Denver.

Really? Yes. So you have different memorabilia and different items and stuff for you to check out about all these great ballparks from here in the US. So yeah, they have like turnstiles and stuff from old ballparks and everything too.

Nice. So if you're a baseball fan- Turnstiles. Yes, exactly. Turnstiles. Those do not exist. Those don't even exist on the subway anymore. Actually, they might. In New York City, they probably do. They do.

They do. I was up there for HC Tournament. They still have those.

Gosh. But yeah, the old turnstiles, they have those. It's really, so if you're a baseball fan or a sports fan, the National Ballpark Museum is pretty cool checking out. Obviously, being in Denver, being outdoors is a good place to be outdoors. The Botanical Gardens are a nice place to visit. Also, I recommend the Museum of Nature and Science.

I recommend that as well. But a great restaurant spot to go to, it's a place called Number 38. So Colorado being the 38th state in the union, there's a large outdoor venue.

I'm pretty sure this is like Tom Dundon's dream of what he wants to do over there. So they have bands that come in and play, both local and national bands. There's outdoor movie screens.

There's a sand volleyball courts, tap rooms, all kinds of stuff, but it's an 18,000 square foot patio packed with tables, chairs, cup holders, the concert spot, 18,000 square foot. Nice. It's huge. Yeah. Right there in Denver.

Excellent. I definitely highly recommend it. It's a great city. It's a great city. But also make sure you stop and get some donuts at City Donuts. City Donuts. City Donuts is the place to go to.

They have raised donuts, they do cake donuts, old fashions as well, and they also get fancy a little bit too. Plus, you can get breakfast sandwiches while you're there too. I like that. Yeah. Give me a good breakfast sandwich.

I'm like, give me a sausage, egg, and cheese, and I'll take two donuts. You going to Rise here in Raleigh? Of course. Which one? Ooh, ooh, ooh. Well, there's the one on Falls of the Neuse Road in North Raleigh is just- Well, there's that one.

On my way in. Okay. Well, there's that one. There's the one in the Village District.

Durham has one. Yeah. If I'm getting my car worked on, sometimes I'm drawn. I have to go there first. I don't blame you. Yeah. It's a good spot. It's a bad calorie morning when you're stopping at Rise Donuts. It's a great calorie morning. It all depends on your perspective.

All depends on your perspective. All right. We've ticked off another NFL city. Where are we going tomorrow?

We have. We, tomorrow, are next on our list is we're going to Arlington, Texas. By the way, there's a bowling connection to Arlington we're going to have to hit on tomorrow. A bowling connection?

A bowling connection to Arlington. Where are we headed the day after? Do you have your Dunkin' Donuts cup? Let's see.

I do have my Dunkin' Donuts cup. Let's see. We will eventually go to Charlotte on this tour, by the way. We haven't been to Charlotte yet.

Yeah, not yet. We're going to Atlanta. The Falcons. Right. Atlanta's going to be fun. Oh, it's going to be. Let's not go to the varsity. No. Let's get some of those. Let's not go to the varsity. Let's get some Lou Williams lemon pepper wings.

Yes, exactly. This is the Adam Gold Show. Off of the crossbar, and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move, presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. You can find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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