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Has Mitch Trubisky been supplanted by Kenny Pickett in Pittsburgh?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 23, 2022 5:05 pm

Has Mitch Trubisky been supplanted by Kenny Pickett in Pittsburgh?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 23, 2022 5:05 pm

Has Mitch Trubisky been supplanted by Kenny Pickett in Pittsburgh? Former UNC football QB Mitch Trubisky currently holds the starting QB spot for the Pittsburgh Steelers, though rookie QB, and former PITT Football standout, Kenny Pickett is looking to take over the starting role before the season begins. Brooke Pryor of ESPN joined the show to talk about Pickett and Trubisky, and how things have changed for the Steelers after the retirement of Big Ben.

Also, Adam and Dennis discuss a guy drinking beer through a straw that was made out of a hotdog at the New York Yankees-New York Yankees Subway Series game on Monday.

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This is that the Adam goals you have financial advisory through capital financial This is the Adam Gold show what good times. The Jeffersons noted also. So we do a call every day we read the results of 1 o'clock. What should we talk about so your choices were in reverse order. Mr. Bilski could he be surpassed by can effectively talk to Brooke prior of She covers the Steelers for the worldwide leader will talk with her about that and about 15 minutes so believe that I came in third and fourth anyway will do that in just a little bit subway series Yankees beat the Mets last night plus money at all. I believe there favored tonight because there is no Jacob McGraw. I'm pitching tonight. Grommet was the original scheduled starter will go to go Thursday for the Mets take on the Rockies in a four-game series.

I believe a chase stadium circuit city field. I've never been the city field. I've only less than I was at a Mets game was a World Series game ice real subway series game in 2000, so it's been a while.

When the be somebody who was at Shea and think there's anything there. I know working on now exactly why it apart play in the parking lot. I spent a lot of time at shaped not only from active for Jets games and then at the other side of that parking lot is the National tennis Center, where the U.S. Open starts. I believe next week so it's that's a great complex Flushing Meadows so subway series error judge homered like the first time in what 10 games are some like that yesterday Yankees have won back-to-back games for the first time in August and they will go for three in a row today can Tiger save the PGA Tour.

We just talked about. That's will kick that aside and we had talked about it but will bring it up again.

Thursday May Baker may feel the starting quarterback what's next for that, and what's next for them is to simply get better on the headsets yeah that rule is coaching staff. They have to be better. My my big concern is Adam for us was let's talk about now quarterback situations been settled, not what's there to discuss what we talked about the first of all front for the most part over the last couple weeks. Here's what we talked about when it comes to the starting quarterback. We all know big Ben start really wasn't a debate like you didn't hear anybody lobbying for Sam, Donald, did you send Arnold's family was even lobbying. We all knew we all know the Baker Mayfield was not traded for two backup Sam that would've been an indictment on Baker said earlier in the program that he had to be in a full body cast to not be the start so it was sort of an issue, but it really wasn't an issue we talked about what I thought the real issues were with this team who starts at left tackle. They can't be a truly good offense of line if Brady Christiansen has the play that position because ideally their best line is probably with Brady at left guard with Vicki Quan, who being at least competent to start at left tackle and then growing in a with each week and then you hopefully they get Bozeman back and Pat F line provides in depth and you've got Jordan, and I think it's Davis in the middle to come to help at left guard. Maybe some center and you've got the right side taking care of with Corbett and Tillamook if those interviewees got Kim Irving to provide some depth if you have those things. If you have a good good depth behind some potential in your office line you have a chance. They also need to improve wide receiver and tight end. So somebody for Baker Mayfield, the producer, the entire offense is not predicated on whether or not Christian McCaffrey is dominant that day and I know a lot of people say well he's injury prone.

I will say that he has been hurt.

The last two years give you want to say he's injury prone.

I get it. I can't really disputed because he had played much the last two years, but I don't see him as an injury prone player but my drove. He might get hurt again.

But any player can get hurt if the NFL is a war of attrition and I use that term. I don't like to use war terms when it comes to that, but ultimately you that's what you need so much debt because so physical and there are so many games it's hard to not be hurt at some point for any click so they need McCaffrey to place their offense is to be run through it. So those issues on offense and whatever their verdict talked about their defense, but ultimately the head coach has to be better to find out if that rule could be that guy over the course and we might know five weeks in five weeks, and we might know I was not getting by heart this season.

I pity it won't be about wins and losses is just going to be about they waste time do they commit to many pre-snap penalties. What's their game plan look like is it to is it no tailored specific for success against a certain team. All of that is a lot of things will have to will pick out during the course of the year. They could be better and lose if they don't have a great team. There were few writing votes or pulverizing I saw that so I'll give you the three euro factor of the another poorly kept secret as the canes uniforms for this upcoming season right so someone tweeted asking about that.

Also someone basically want to know your thoughts on the Liverpool menu Metro yesterday yeah and our good friend Brenda waited once talk about Kevin Grant staying in Brooklyn Liverpool at old Trafford yesterday was rubbish not predict them fall my tuneup and I will first of all, Liverpool has conceded the first goal now in seven consecutive premier league matches seven in a row now. They one. Most of the others true and they drew the two this year they conceded the first goal at full drew 22, they conceded the first goal at home the Crystal Palace last Monday drew 11, but they were always second best to ban you yesterday.

Now credit to Eric 10 hog change their formation change their lineup didn't play Rinaldo did either. Capt. Harry McGuire didn't start sending played center bacchanal believe so. It was a different looking man you team but ultimately Liverpool's problems are right in the middle of the park. They have yet they are getting nothing out of midfield. Nothing where teams separate themselves I think is in the midfield.

Yet unity finishers you need goals were like the men's national team needs goal scores right now. Liverpool has nothing in the middle of the park. Iago's heard Harvey Elliott's not ready to be an impact player Jordan Henderson is sorted not hundred percent healthy is not doing anything in the middle. So when that changes will take advantage of their great goalscoring but it happened right now. Plus early down one center back just van Dyck.

The other two guys are RM, that's my analysis of Liverpool's issues, but never know.

That was pretty impressive. That takes a lot of guts to tell Rinaldo EA playing today. Interesting Friday what we should have been talking about.

You have to get to this after Brooke prior did you see the guy at Yankee Stadium yeah borrowing out a whole of the dog is going to be discussing what to use his hot dog has a strong going to discuss second personal. Did you notice on the video. We've all seen the video by now on twitter or on sports innards but on the bit they been children everywhere he looked like he thought he might have to hide from people he was sort of slouching low and sort of quietly borrowing out the hole in the hot dog with an actual straw yeah by the way using a straw to make a strong regular straw very, very meta-very meta-straw to make strong that I have thoughts on this that we need to explore and will do that at halftime entertainment, but it was disturbing on many many levels and I think people are missing the larger point here, but we will get. But yes, that was a very disturbing disturbing video, I'm not surprised Kevin Durant stand we like there was no market for Kevin to Wimbley have not like what the Mets bought in return for Kevin to rent.

They were never getting ever had no chance to get it. Once the Andre was moved were actually ended up re-signing with Phoenix. Was he signed an offer sheet with Indianapolis I think was the Pacers. Yeah Randy the Indiana Pacers said as he signed the offer sheet when it was matched. He could get traded for until like January, so they that maybe it happens in January, but there was just no market. Nobody wanted nobody wanted Kevin Durant. Nobody was willing to give the debts what the nets demanded for Kevin to read, who's in his mid-30s and doesn't have a lot left probably is also thought about injury prone.

He is about saying he is but he has been hurt a lot and as you get older you don't come back the same way studio in my Mancos pizza road with a capital financial advisory group were talking retirement coach. I'm a simple guy but I like colors. Tell me how I can colorcode money and get ready for retirement. I like colors to lectures. I like graphs I don't like just buzzwords what we try to do is we try to break down all those words on your statement. All those numbers into three colors red, green, yellow people amazingly come in and most of the money is in the red cat again. I want that a red means high horsepower potential is high loss potential.

You have to do. It's a give-and-take you can want to do that or that yellow means liquid money and get anytime stuck on anything green.

If you safe growth but also dig a lifetime income as we get closer to retirement. We need some green accounts. We have greens only: Baghdad result was important appraisal support for you to next and people out of the thousand dollar value: ticket put together for you very own total plans as agreed.

So it's a traffic light. I hope it's green for you 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000B through I mentioned earlier that Sonny Jurgensen, longtime Washington quarterback Hall of Famer will have his number nine retired by the commandos. He went to New Hanover high school before going to Duke and according to our friend Dan from Texas. The quarterback that succeeded him at New Hanover was Roman, Gabriel. That's a high school Rex Jurgensen the Roman Gabriel that is fantastic is very similar to the quarterback room right now for the Pittsburgh Steelers where Mitch Stravinsky was brought in as a free agent from the Buffalo Bills thought to be the starter may be, will be the starter by Kenny Pickett.

According to ESPN's Adam Shafter hot on his heels. Brooke prior, who knows more about the Steelers other than than anybody other than Mike Tomlin joins us from ESPN and It's good to see you.

Good to catch up with you what I appreciate. I want you on TV yesterday Mike, I want to talk to Brooke prior to so let's talk about quarterbacks is Mitch Stravinsky about to get Mitchell because he did the same thing to Mike Glennon about five years ago in Chicago on Friday, I would hold you know starter start require an on you that I'm not quite as adamant about it. I do think that Stravinsky will the number one quarterback for the Steelers. They have only practiced once a week and nothing changed in the order of their rapid bill Mitch at the wine Kenny with the two making it up with three by ticket please like he did in the and the lack repeating game where he had that 42 second touchdown scoring drive right before half if you done that for a full half in the final preseason game against the lion. I think it becomes even more of a? In even more of a conversation within the Steelers building and maybe maybe still in with each starting week one, but I think his lease has become a lot shorter because of how quickly we've seen Kenny Pickett, on if you would ask me to question we want to camp. I would've told you it still Mitch Stravinsky but it it has changed throughout training camp prior is joining us here on the go to Houston.

Think about this particular conversation is that sometimes it's about the guy like not being good enough, but in this case Mitch look like he's done everything the Steelers wanted him to do is just that may be Pickett is getting to where he needs to be quicker than anybody anticipate a great way to not have walked the starting job. Pickett is about is what it feels like I'm or at least he is closing the gap on them to get done everything right.

He's been a leader that huge topic of conversation throughout He has played well in the preseason games in the in the limited action guy you been five.

Total was pretty limited in what he could do to start the Jacksonville game because the offense of line in front of him was still terrible and he was running for his like it felt like every play. But even in those moments you want making a huge mistake. He felt the pressure. Pickett felt the pressure to you and that drive that he had, but he think it just be a little bit more poor ways or at least the offense of line, you know, didn't give up quite he didn't get back I see playing a it just seems like Pickett is developing meaty factor, then the Steelers thought or maybe what anticipated because when he was drafted think that you can look and already quarterback. It had an opportunity to watch them for a number of years at Which shared facility with the Steelers 24 years old and I just think that they're going to think more resources, and the guy that they track in the first round that and sleep it to your rental trying to restart his career before asking more about the quarterback position prior from ESPN covers the Steelers is with us the offense of line has been well just say a work in progress for like the last year and 1/2 like last year.

I thought they called young and developing I'm not I don't I don't know the answer to that. How would you term their offense of line great about what you can put I mean, Mike, and really ring them out yesterday and talking with the line in the locker room before practice any anywhere they were pretty honest that Tomlin Pinot reviewed the film and particle team and pointed out instances where they did not play up to his candidate standard is the standard network well below that. I think it's discouraging that they're playing like that in the preseason, specially when you know they tried to overhaul it in bringing in Mason: Jean Daniel and moving kindred green jacquard because last year at center that didn't go well but you'll been Rob Berger said he can dream to be a really good guard. He did not look great in that game.

Kevin Dotson came in and played pretty well, but you've been hampered by ankle injuries. This camp in the camp before how much can you trust him. Dan Moore left tackle kind of seems like a project he would kinda thought to be the left tackle of the future but you haven't made a leap yet so I think it's very discouraging that this line once again. Cannot seem to get its act together, even though they changed often to blind coaches. They brought a new faith in helping. Like somehow they've even taken a step back from where they were a year ago. In the offense of line is everything for them. The defense should be amazing. Again, the star players basically at every level, and now it's just a bit like they just have to be able to keep the ball they want to be great.

They just can't be a train wreck and if there offense of line is any good than it it certainly headed towards that. What is the transition been like post-Ben Roethlisberger. We have it. Note especially early in camp when when Rob Berger talked about how know one of the reasons they did make the playoffs or did not play out exactly an influx of me first layer and then back at them chirping back by campaign work is still on the team that was definitely a major instance where you noted in Rob Berger isn't here.

What is astringent, transition like, but since then. I mean, I think that that the new quarterbacks in Pickett and Rybicki and even McMurdo and I got a nice job setting the tone for the offense.

He doesn't feel like oh no it so sad that been Rob Berger isn't here, especially because he was really a shadow of himself in the last event, with not playing like the been Rob heard that when you called on E you lack the mobility he know he would clearly at the end of his career and night to have the confusion a quarterback to know are not getting much because they have the mobility to rollout pressure, something that been Rob Berger would've been on his back several times already in the 3D then if he was playing for anything that happened really nice to see and have a breath of fresh air and there was a time back in the day were Roethlisberger was that athletic mobile quarterbacks who could escape the problem or I final thing for Brooke Pryor.

This is about the head coach Mike Tomlin. There was some dispute as to the circumstances surrounding all those kids that showed up at practice and were put through drills with technology. Harris, what's that dynamic.

Like with the head coach and just being a part of that community. Yeah, I know we haven't talked with him about the logistics of how those kids got there and Jake later tweeted something that that organization, but with an accurate right but in general Mike Tomlin is is very present in the community working with this group the Chapman campus to bring these kids you He's very big on actions and you know that the big thing in the locker room as he is very much players first coach you like that we can and I think that it's something that you necessarily talk about with the media because he feels like while you guys what I'm doing. The let my action for me so he's not someone to go out and network a charity event donate money donated time, whatever and then come and tell us about all the great thing right done doing things like bringing you get to Seeing them run through drill. I think it's especially cool that they were doing that with nonadherence to I thought earlier this summer at his camp in the Bay Area that was free for kids to come in and register to like they are both very much cut from the same clock it's hard they want to give back Tomlin talked about how the local organization I in North back in that area helped him growing up so same thing with Nike with the Boys and Girls Club. Things like that in the Bay Area until it cooled even have that common ground and want to help get them want to help here.

Mike Tomlin made a sizable donation to Lavelle Mouton's charity here and I know Lavelle Mouton put that on Twitter because Lavelle is a prolific social media presence, but so we appreciate Mike Tomlin doing that for this community. We appreciate your time. Brooke Pryor from ESI at BET prior. I'm so glad you still remember us because your are now so go, go, continue killing it on ESPN will be watching you on TV. I think I will never forget how much any time you stop. I think that coverage is Brooke is good.

She's great. Does a super job aren't real. Before we are before we get to have done the remember this goes back now about two months three months. The Brooklyn Nets were kind of a circus act.

Let's go back even further with the Brooklyn Nets had Kevin Durrant Tyree, Irving James Harden right that house three that it was supposed to be studs and with all three of those guys got the court together.

How do you possibly beat that team well they were on the court together a lot. Durrant was hurt.

Tyree was unavailable for a lot of it and hurt sometimes as well, and James Harden had decided he had mentally had enough. I mean it couldn't of gotten worse for that trio in Brooklyn. Harden is part of the Ben Simmons trade again.

I still can't figure out why you trade for Ben Simmons but I'm not the expert. Tyree was still unavailable. Kevin Durrant was still in line up with some injuries and that team just kind of went nowhere. Tyree wanted out. Kevin Durrant demanded trade Tyree is picking up his player option, which means that there was nowhere for him to go and Kevin Durrant still wanted out and Kevin Durrant just now said he is here the organization are going to move forward together. Yes and in hand.

This was always going to happen to Stephen a Smith have any thoughts on something like this.

Dennis Cox said Steve Nash, and remember to rent one of them go. According to reports. If so, he said Steve NASA. Next we went to the red light to let you all know when the place is all US right..

$198 million. What you have no idea if you can't read between when you want to. When will we all three top 40 man it's it's it's the Brooklyn you know what couple years ago before they got all the star power there, like the headman plucky little Brooklyn pretty good. And then they went out and got all that star power have been plucky little Brooklyn. Of course, if Durrant wore like a size smaller shoe then maybe they beat was at Milwaukee the year than the box won the championship. They win that series as Durrant shot would've been three not to.

It would won that game losing an OT every Brooklyn would won the championship.

It's all changed arts are we ready to half time burning question Jim drink beer out of his room. No problem with this issue. Can you two questions are I see what you will drink a beer out of a straw will with you which ever make a straw out of a hot dog. I mean, I wouldn't. But I don't think this is the again I don't think this is the real issue on the little story on Gartner yes or no. Would you ever make a straw I went out to you when you use a straw to make a straw out of a hot dog. I don't believe the implement use the tool used. To create the straw is important in any way shape or I will just kiss somebody up on my twitter timeline used a drill to make a straw out of a hot dog. Good for them. I use ideas like 1/4 inch bit drill and make distraught about the 5/8 maybe find a long bit one sided and still you get deep enough well move on. So you get in trouble so you won't drink a beer out of the straw.

Well fine, you won't make a hot dog, straw would you ever drink a beer out of the hot dog straw though. Well, this stooge did in New York. So I've lost a bet well there's a lot of things about this video for people have seen the video okay, it's all good. I don't know. I'll bet you if you could find the original video. I'll bet you that that is been viewed a million times already. Maybe more sure here's the thing about the video.

First of all, it's clear the guy is hiding. Yeah, he's got a ducking low and just slowly working the straw he's making the hot dog straw using a straw to create the straw down the center of the hot dog so is going to ducking low right so there's that he did not make the beer better right know there's no way sucking beer through a hot dog, straw makes the beer better. The way now eating a hot dog and drinking a beer I'm going to guess that you would swallow the hot dog before you drink the beer right to guess this is not like milk and cookies which you could argue that the milk makes the cookie batter. You could argue that vice versa. So, this also could be an indictment of the beer maybe the beer was so bad that he needed the hot dog straw to make the beer better life you right is but I like jalopy Bobby is a five so using a straw to drink a beer in and of itself should be a felony. Yeah right. I don't drink anything straw baby fire soda right off like a fun drive yet drive through the water.

That sure then that that's acceptable, but anything else uses all do that and the other part that really struck struck me is that the Yankee game at Yankee Stadium. Did you notice the Yankee hat was not Yankee blue, but no more of a blue green tartan plaid Yankee hat. Pretty sure I want to assure that look like that absolute or pants I wore pants look like that that I can that would be a sporty like sport jacket like to wear a pair jeans offense you handle I'll bet you that guy was beaten up on his way out of Yankee Stadium. I have major issues with that video I may be many things read through my head.

I ride by the way, so if you go to at jumbling media on Twitter if you haven't seen this yet is where you see the video. 8 1/2 million views.

Yet God straw dog. I like to sleep what I don't get this. First of all, you were taking two very good things because two things are very good, doesn't mean together make some great hot dog point beer. Most of them pretty good together. What are you doing you like you like shrimp would you put peanut butter on shrimp.

No see also bet. Maybe.

End of discussion.

You could make a straw out of the shrimp are you big jumbo shrimp. You can make as you know we should do. We should find things tomato draws out all other food. I know you asked all the snow foot long hot no love meant the same thing. I know how long your hot dog is making a straw out of it is still. I mean why say moving a capacitor strike shrimp.

Let's take a straw out of the shrimp by King of the well if I was actually gone back last night and I was so that I like to try and do every once in a while Lexi trying go back and listen to some old radio bits like old radio shows if I can, for exactly low God and says Opie and Anthony Howard Sturgis because it's only place you really can go back and listen the things because now everything for the most part, talk radio was essentially living on podcasting go live it anytime you want to pull it's hard to go back and listen to some of those things well is actually on Lisa Phelan's bona fide assure where else is available.

There is actually a Howard Stern basically like past shows podcasts okay so last night I was listening to a past Howard Stern episode on to spot a five. This is from December 28, 1993 and there's a sports update the spelling on a rock station out in Southern California. 97 one FM KL SX and I listen to the sports updates and this is what I heard scored 21 points and grabbed 15 rebounds, helping the Clippers 96. Six when they did something God doubled the 15th of the Clippers solid website absurdly again scored 21 points and grabbed 15 rebounds, helping the Clippers 96 six when we will need to bring back bottom of the hour, sports guests, I'm I'm okay with it. By the way. Three things stood out in this one. It was the Los Angeles Raiders fear that was mentioned there fully.

Los Angeles ran the LA go back a long way. So Danny Manning down the fact the Clippers won a game in the 90s like this thinking stood out to me. I mean they were bad but they weren't there terrible. They were pretty awful.

Manning was in great that is so funny Los Angeles Raiders. I just got to get off on a tangent real quick.

The when the NFL made the decision to expand back to LA there was talk about Oakland becoming Los Angeles, but they later said the league wasn't going going to do anything for the raters franchise.

No, but the name of of the options to move to LA the only slamdunk they got all because the raters are LA state they are and what Sophia is beautiful and there to sell because the rams are good, but if the rams and the Chargers aren't good they'll struggle the raters they would sell out all dahlia all the time. LA is raters country.

You just always has been with you on that, by the way, the NWS L announcer championship on October 29 can be in prime time on CBS EPM NWS L you see what franchise values have done. They've got a tenfold nice. Yes, good for that.

There is no expand coming up in the two years, Utah's coming back. They also might have some franchises relocate okay.

I know believe that the North Carolina courage are in danger of that. So they are also dead last in the league yeah but one multiple championships. They recall the roster they have won multiple championships at some point. It's not just about attendance, but the organization here needs a little bit of an infusion yeah maybe week we already know that nearly Osaka is part of the ownership group, but they need a little bit more.

They can't he be selling off players can't be said to Chris about you going you want to live in Portland here go to Portland. The main they got two wins yeah not having a good year. By the way our different job is to show me two packs of hotdogs. I can only imagine whether to be drag this out that's gross. Yeah, that's gross. I would never do that. One pack was turkey obnoxious by the way turkey hotdogs.

Trust me, they are all I've had a turkey on thunder for the ones that he show me. I've had those before you can, may or may not have them last night. They're not as good as actual nitrate filled hotdogs. I better eat a lot hotdogs when I'm going to eat a hot dog. Don't forget to go were going to have a real hot tub just to shoot the moon.

Maybe you can drink Bluemoon out of the slab.

My wife made me a carrot cake for my birthday, but she made a potato recipe Quito Quito Cato cuticle Decatur okay I voice her TW I think you're right think it's Quito, here's the thing.

The icing was good. Okay the icing is good take spot.

I got no problem. I have no problem fun, save myself, probably 250 cal.

I'm alright with that casino. I'm getting up there in age can't be indulging overdone it is for June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became 25th anniversary of the presented by the Carolina listen visually but word is believed that the Carolina hurricanes will have their primary whole jerseys switch from red to black and getting some positive press really yes like personally I do what I don't love about the black uniforms made. We have an unnecessary silver shoulder right in there like silver on the shoulder a little gray necessary thing is unnecessary. What I don't like is that the numbers are largely not easily read. I like bigger, bolder numbers personally me, but I like the logo I think it's clean look and I endorse going to black as your regular every evening home color Delaware Reds. It during the time where they were black.

This year there were red I think was Friday's right thing on his right so I don't wear red on Friday is my guess.

And that's cool. I like the red uniform soup, but both uniforms are kinda getting panned and I'd I saw that you had suggested that red will be what they would wear for the stadium series. Yeah. In February know something like that. They've already there have a stadium series uniform which is black based.

But then it has older red numbers which I like, and unless they decide to change from that.

Like I think there are other stadium series uniforms pretty good.

So why are people hating on the fact that the were black uniform.

I know they don't like the. The two flag logo look for Gregor Sharansky from ESPN doesn't like the book the red crest on the red uniform. The like the eye of the hurricane. Yeah, because of the thing you referred to it as a toilet bowl swirl okay well that's good. Now I want to say that I don't know why people love the black uniforms they do.

I do. Are you ready placement is all right, sir, could you anything is no I lost all three guys Liverpool was so bad they will your putrid putrid terrible. Let's see, I am going to go see English football league EFL right up There is little the one that last year. Good for them to beat Chelsea in the final election penalty against I love seeing Chelsea was no offense.

I friends were Chelsea but I love seeing Chelsea lose more than I want any other team any other side to losing the premier like Walsall is playing Charleston. Draw close to 20 deserted this interesting will also see Emily to the fifth tier of English soccer yeah link to the fourth year, though I think they play fifth in Trenton plays a low a level above so I won't, but Walsall was hosting. I believe good luck to them. Champions league qualifying as the second leg now and I will go back to the a copy. Haifa well I have been to win and they did. They covered they 132 overs as the and I'm to say a copy. Haifa draws at +300 okay on the road and advances into groups that I believe were going to have their going to draw four groups next week for the champions league qualifying beliefs and so hard to track. We have three matches today three matches tomorrow to wrap up qualifying right getting that's over the Yankees to win outright +110 Messer Messer plus money today.

Yeah, I'm taken +1.I totally totally understand. All right, Cubs, Cardinals given the Cubs a +16 comes a +160.

I look ahead into the weekend.

Tier college football. Okay, I think Charlotte the 49ers want upset against Florida Atlantic +235 that's hysterical. I'm looking for Albert pools to get an RBI today. I can't find an Albert pools prop to get an RBI for Albert pools got to do something today, right but it's all right. I haven't I haven't seen the plus but give me a Quito Alonso homerun for the Mets that you Pete Alonso paper on whatever weather it's it's plus probably in the neighborhood of +300 but I'll take Pete Alonso anytime on a question for you or your Cubs Cardinals left the game want to get to their plan in 125 minutes on another point of the letter I got the God like this while we said okay just give me the Cubs had +1 6220 this afternoon as we are not what you Alonso homerun is all I'll find you 65+265 Mets and Yankees play later but Yankees beat back surgery yesterday.

They do not have to deal with Jacob ground today, but Mets are thrown a pretty good picture Adam in a long walk. This is the atom gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became fifth anniversary of the Senate by the Carolina listen

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