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UNC Football vs FAMU Football almost didn't happen // ECU Football vs NC State football

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 26, 2022 4:08 pm

UNC Football vs FAMU Football almost didn't happen // ECU Football vs NC State football

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 26, 2022 4:08 pm

Josh Graham sat in for Adam Gold. During the show, rumors began to circulate of academic eligibility issues at FAMU football that could've resulted in their game at UNC football for week 0 being cancelled.

Joe Giglio of WRALSportsFan & 99.9 The Fan, and Stephen Igoe of Hoist the Colours joined the show to discuss NC State football traveling to ECU football to start the season in Week 1.

Also, producer Dennis Cox continues the NFL City Tour, this time stopping at the home of the San Francisco 49ers, Santa Clara, CA.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Get to the roundtable in just a second. Alison Posey is the sports director for ABC 27 in Tallahassee, where Florida A&M is at.

And she just tweeted out in the last minute. Spoke with Florida A&M head coach Willie Simmons. There are 20 players that are ineligible for tomorrow, be it academics or transfer eligibility. He said only seven offensive linemen can travel.

That's not enough to safely play a football game. Joe Giglio, Steven Igoe of Voice the Colors joining the show. Joe Giglio from 99.9, the fan in Raleigh and the OG in the afternoons. Real quick, I'll just throw it to you before we get to the roundtable imaging and all. What's your reaction to that headline? We thought we were gonna have a normal football season, college football season. We got through the pandemic. No more cancellations. Igoe's not stuck in Landover waiting for a football game to be played.

But no, alas, we can't have nice things. We'll see how exactly this shakes out. But that is straight from Willie Simmons by way of ABC 27 in Tallahassee. Now let's get to the roundtable. Surrounded by ECU people. You're an NC State person. I am.

Steven Igoe, Voice the Colors 24-7 joining us from Greenville, America. So I hear a lot of people beating around the bush saying, NC State fans saying, we're so worried about this game. I hear folks saying, oh, well, upset alert.

Watch out. Maybe ECU plus the points. I've been on this beat for a few months and now I'm just fully ready to say it. East Carolina outright. I think East Carolina wins the game against NC State. I know Joe Giglio disagrees with me.

He's not making eye contact with me right now. So I'll start with Steven Igoe, who covers the Pirates more closely than anybody. What's your view on NC State, East Carolina as we sit eight days out? Well, I think it's going to be a dogfight. I don't know if I can say ECU is going to win the game outright like yourself. I think NC State is going to be more talented than ECU across the board.

Basically, at almost every position. I do think East Carolina may have the most electric player in the game in Keaton Mitchell, but NC State's got star talent at the quarterback position at linebacker. But the difference for me is ECU is playing this game at home. It's the opening game of the season. We all know crazy things happen in the opening game of the season.

And the Pirates, you know, we've just seen them so many times in their history kind of rise above maybe what their normal talent level is, normal execution is in these types of scenarios. And with them playing inside Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, we all know what NC State is capable of when the hype starts to come. I give ECU a definite chance to win the game.

I don't know if I would pick them to win it, but I expect it to be a four quarter battle. I know Mike Houston's motivated for this game. He's ready for this game. He was embarrassed by his first ever game as ECU's head coach in 2019. And I think he's had this one circled. And I do think it comes down to the fourth quarter. Why doesn't the law of the Wolf apply here, Joe? I think because it's the first game of the season, right?

Okay. If you played, the last time they did this, NC State opened up with a 1 AA team. They smoked them. They go to Greenville.

2016. Yeah, they go to Greenville and they lose. To Scotty Montgomery.

To Scotty Montgomery. And for those who don't quite know what that means, Stephen, the guy won nine games, right? And a third of them were against UConn, so that doesn't count. FCS teams like Western Carolina. And then you got Carolina and State, right? That's essentially everybody he beat.

Yeah, somehow he managed to beat North Carolina, NC State, and BYU and Cincinnati as four of his winners. See, roast the occasion. So what I'm saying to you is, why is it unreasonable? I don't think that game has any effect on this game. I agree with that. I think if you're ECU, you can believe because the last two times State was there, you beat them.

So I would be telling the players, yeah, it's possible. I think NC State avoided some of the hype that you're maybe thinking has become their way. Not in the top 10. We're not picked to win the ACC. I mean, they're basically a middle of the road top 25 team who's not expected to win their own division. So that's not a hype train, which we saw from Carolina last year.

This is a different situation, in my opinion, for NC State. They're also a really old team. You were really smart last year.

You picked Pittsburgh to win the division. Pittsburgh and Wake Forest were the two COVID teams last year, the old teams. I think State's an old team this year. And I think, A, they're angry they didn't get to play in a bowl game last year. B, they're not going to open the season by having their head up their butts. If they lose to ECU, it's going to be because of ECU's talent and ECU's ability. It's not going to be because they're scared of being number 13 in the country. And that's the piece that I think gets lost.

Steven, and that's the part where I rely on your expertise. I think this is the most talented ECU team that has been in Greenville since Ruffin McNeil was there because when Ruffin was there, they didn't run the ball, and they didn't really play much defense. These Pirates do, and you got Holt Nailers back at quarterback, too. So is it fair to say, best ECU team since 2015? I definitely think so.

I don't think there's any question. I think the biggest area of improvement for them is on the offensive and defensive line. They finally look like an American athletic conference team. And yeah, it's not power five football or whatever, but it's big boy football.

You have to be able to play up front in the tritons to compete in this league. We saw that finally happen last year. I mean, East Carolina really should have beaten UCF. I don't want to say should have, but could have beaten UCF and Houston on the road. Outgained both those teams, turned it over late, didn't make some key plays late. And those are two top 25 caliber teams in terms of talent. Houston clearly had a phenomenal season, made the AAC championship. And that was a game that, you know, sitting on the sidelines in overtime, like the Pirates feel like they belong on that field.

So I do think Joe made a great point. It's not maybe as much about NC State taking this game lightly or anything like that. I think ECU has a chance to be a really good football team as well. I still think NC State's a better football team. But when you have two good football teams going head to head, one has home field advantage. All it takes is maybe a big play on special teams or something crazy to happen with a turnover to really swing the tide of a game like this.

And that's why I give ECU a shot, not only because of the chance to play at home with a charged up fan base, but also because this is a really good team and their experience, much like NC State. Stephen Igoe, Joe Giglio, hanging out in the roundtable. This is the Adam Gold Show.

My name's Josh Graham, merely Josh Graham, filling in for A.G. A.G. will be back on Monday. I put this poll question out on Twitter at Josh Graham Radio. Who wins the national championship this year, Alabama or Ohio State or the field? Fifty eight percent of the poll thus far says Alabama or Ohio State.

What say you, Giglio? Only 58 percent think it will be either Alabama or Ohio State. Well, last year, I guess people are still, you know, looking at last year's college football, which might have been the craziest football season since 2007, where you get Cincinnati in the playoff and you get Michigan who never been there and were preseason unranked. Maybe people still think we live in this fairy tale world where the big guys don't win all the time. But I mean, you look at the championship game, the big guys still won. I would be totally and completely stunned if someone other than Ohio State or Alabama won the national championship.

Totally and completely stunned, stunned, floored. Clemson or Georgia? I would put the odds closer to 90 percent that the two of them would win. One of those two would win. Clemson, unless Kate Klubnick is Trevor Lawrence.

Klubnick. It's not Clemson. Georgia had a special, special, special season. Once in a blue moon.

Who could have saw that coming? You did. Yes, you did. I told you, though, everyone can be good once. You'd be lucky once. You do it once, you're lucky. You do it twice, you're good. So we'll have to get to that this year. I'm pretty good.

Pittsburgh and Georgia. That was pretty good. That's two. I know. That was last year. That's once.

Oh, that just counts as once. Yes. Got it. Steven, are you as bullish as Gillio is there?

I am. I think, you know, you just look at some of the top ten teams in this year's preseason poll. And like to me, there's such a big drop off after Alabama and Ohio State on paper that I just don't see.

And sure, somebody can rise to the top. Somebody can surprise. I just don't see another national championship team from that bunch. It feels like when Alabama and Nick Saban don't win it all, then the next year it really feels like they're almost definitely going to win it all. And then, you know, it just feels like it's Ohio State's time, too, with Stroud coming back. You know, they haven't been in the title game and I guess for them a while. But it just feels like it's a chance for them to get back as well.

And I'm with Joe as crazy as it is to say, like, it almost does feel like it's like an overwhelming favorite situation for one of those two to walk away with the title. I love Igo, by the way. You had him on your program thinking, this ECU guy, he's going to agree with everything I say. That's not what I'm thinking at all.

Igo's my guy. That's not what I'm thinking. See, all the ECU folks think I hate the Pirates.

No. Because I'm wearing an ACC. He's an ACC homer. I have the Rob Lowe hat on saying, I'm rooting for the league.

That's what I got on here. All the ACC folks are calling me an ECU guy. All the ECU guys say, oh, he hates the Pirates. No, I just, you know, I don't care.

You hate the Pirates? Stephen, tell them. I tell you what, in Greenville, North Carolina, there is a perception that Josh Graham is the biggest ACC and Closet UNC fan in the world. I thought I was going to walk into SupDogs and put it on Graham's tab. I thought he was the mayor of Greenville.

I didn't know. He might get booed out of the building. So I'll put it on your tab. Yeah, that'll work. We'll figure something out. The SupDogs in Chapel Hill might be receptive after my coastal pick this year.

Let's close with this. Carolina Panthers. They play preseason game number three tonight. They got the Buffalo Bills.

Okay. Matt Rule. Last time there was a home game at Bank of America Stadium. It was the day after Christmas and there were fire Matt Rule chants. Now he's here. He's on the hot seat. How many wins is required for Matt Rule to get off of the hot seat or at least to buy himself another year?

Stephen, I go. I think he's just got to find a way to make the playoffs. And we were kind of texting before the show. I don't know how many wins that is. Like eight or nine might do it. Yeah, nine was the last wildcard spot last year. So nine would do it this year. I think we're in agreement that nine, he's probably set because you're probably a playoff team. How about eight, Joe Gilliam?

Yeah, I think if you're eight and if you go into that last weekend in the season, you got eight wins. I think he's fine. I think he's safe. This is going to come down to David Tepper. Is he a Pittsburgh Steeler guy or not? Because I think most owners would have fired Matt Rule after last year. They showed no progress last year. He has shown no direction at the most important position in football quarterback. So I think 99 out of 100 owners would have fired Matt Rule after last year. This is where we'll see Tepper with his background with the Steelers. The Steelers have had four coach in 65 years. So if he's a Steeler guy, he'll take the progress of seven or eight wins this year and give him year four.

If not, probably not going to make it. I was always taught growing up, you are always sending messages out by what you wear, by what you say, what you do. David Tepper, by not firing Matt Rule, to your point, sent a message. And I think it was a good one when 2020 you had no shot after the COVID situation. New coaching staff, 46 percent of your roster coming back from the year before. That was dead last in the NFL. And you still win five games despite McCaffrey missing 13. I think he doesn't get enough credit for that. I thought that was actually decent what he did. Last year was a setback, no doubt. But it's two years and you gave the guy six or seven years on a contract. If you abort mission at that point, you're sending a message out there about what you are.

And what you are in that instance might not be appealing to the next guy you want to hire. All right, Stephen Igoe. That was fun. It's good to see you. It's good to have you on. Shout out to the folks in Greenville, America. Please don't run up a tab and put my name on it.

Sup, dogs. And Joe Giglio, good to see you as well. I know you got a show to get ready for.

As do I, which is amazing because I'm doing a show right now. Stephen, thanks for doing it. Absolutely, Josh.

Good to hear from you again, man. No doubt. That's Stephen Igoe.

Read his stuff, hoist the colors, and also 24-7 does a lot of stuff over there. And Joe Giglio, good to have him in here as well from the OG 999, the fan in Raleigh. I love it when we have guests and the segment continues and they're all trying to avoid the TV cameras in here. Got to be vigilant. We got good people around here. We do have good people around here.

And you're one of those good people. Ah, quit pandering. Not pandering. You're pandering. This is me.

You are pandering. Acknowledging the fact that on a solo show, I don't have to carry things all the time. This next segment is your alley rather than spoil what today's NFL city tour team is, okay? I'm just going to say, it's a hint, it's the same city the Panthers lost to Super Bowl in. That's next on the Adam Gold Show. We need to update this ongoing situation regarding North Carolina, Florida A&M tomorrow. This is a segment I'm going to call, let me read the tweets of somebody that actually knows stuff. That's all this is, right? That is it. This is a radio segment, Josh reading tweets from somebody who knows something.

Because I don't. Allison Posey. By the way, I'm Josh Graham. I'm filling in for Adam Gold. If you don't know that by now, you're only going to have to deal with it for about 25 more minutes in the statewide sense, okay?

If you're in the triad, I'll be talking to you in about 25 minutes and then for the next three hours, updating these things. There are a lot of rumors about FAMU in North Carolina. That's where Allison Posey started. I just reached out to Willie Simmons, FA, FAMU's head football coach. He says 20 players are ineligible. That's because of academics or transfer eligibility. He said only seven offensive linemen can travel.

That's not enough to safely play a football game. She added to this, coach said they've pleased the NCAA. They've pleaded, yeah, pleaded to the NCAA to appeal the circumstance. They don't want to see the game not played hopefully. They'll extend some grace and mercy.

That's the way she put it. By the way, grace and mercy in the NCAA generally don't go together. Then she said another quote from the coach, certification, certification. Right now, some guys are lost for the season. Ruling on others is four games. And he said the coach, she says the coach is leaving the decision to play up to the players. He and the coaching staff have talked to them about playing and not playing. It's ultimately going to be their decision.

Okay. Can we not leave decisions like this when it comes to player safety? HBCUs playing top-level programs who have a lot more scholarships and better athletes who are bigger and stronger. Can we not leave that up to the 18-year-olds?

Can the adults in the room make a decision? If it's not safe, it's not safe. I get the school probably wants to get the game in. Why? Because North Carolina is paying Florida A&M a lot of money that helps fund a lot of sports for their HBCU by going up there and getting drilled.

It helps the Tar Heels because they get a tune-up before they play Appalachian State. But you don't want people to get hurt, especially when the numbers are that low. And why are the numbers that low? Because what's the scholarship cap for an HBCU?

62, 63? AF4, all FCS schools, 63, I believe is the number. So when you lose 20 players, you're talking about like a high school outfit that you're throwing out there. Hey, we got 43 guys who's out for varsity this year.

My first job out of college was at a town of 2,400 people in Ray, Colorado. Hey, we had 44 kids come out for varsity this year. How many kids are in the high school? How many boys?

48. You know, that's what it feels like here. And it doesn't feel safe.

It doesn't. So it feels like to me, if this game gets played based on what the coach is saying here, if what he's saying is true, and I have to believe it's true if it's coming straight from the coach, this doesn't sound safe. And sometimes you got to take things out of the hands of the players and be an adult in the room and do it safe for the players rather than chasing a paycheck and perhaps sacrificing the safety of some guys to get a game in. As much as I'd hate to say that, as much as I hate to say that as somebody who wants to go to a football game tomorrow in Chapel Hill and planning to tomorrow night. Now I have seen some people that have said they are, have traveled from Tallahassee from people that maybe cover the team that have left. But I'm not sure if the team itself has fully left yet. I think they're waiting on NCAA ruling or maybe their wheels are up. I'm not entirely sure on that. But I know some people have said, Hey, wheels are up to North Carolina.

I don't know if they're talking specifically the team or if it's just people that may cover FAMU that might be on their way up to Chapel Hill. So that is maybe a little bit of misinformation regarding that floating around out there. So again, with these kinds of situations, sometimes there is a lot of misinformation that does float around. There are a lot of jokes that are flying around too. Make sure you don't fall for one of those.

Make sure you don't fall for one of those too. But I do know some people who cover FAMU who have said they are on their way up to North Carolina. Somebody tweeting out, I think it was Ben Swain, Player eligibility in Chapel Hill? Who cares? We kid. We like the kid. It's Friday. Do we though? Let's go to the next city on our NFL City tour.

The tease that I gave, I'm sure a lot of you figured it out. It could only possibly be two places. It's a city that the Carolina Panthers lost to Super Bowl in. Do you know both those cities?

I know one of them. The other that we're not doing is Houston, Texas. They lost in Houston to the Patriots in 2004-2003 season. The other city is? Santa Clara, California.

Not to be confused with? San Francisco. By the way, you are closer to San Jose than you are to San Francisco, by the way. Just want to give people a little heads up there. San Jose, if you actually want to go to Santa Clara, fly into San Jose.

Because that's the easiest way to actually get there. Now, Santa Clara, granted, you are located in the larger Silicon Valley in the Bay Area. Oh, Holmantec, breaking news. Let me interject in here real quick. By all means, sir. Pete Thamel has tweeted, Fam, you will play North Carolina this weekend, a school spokesman tells ESPN. Oh.

Now the school has announced, Florida A&M, that they're traveling and they will play North Carolina tomorrow. Alright, there it is. Okay. Alright, there it is. Settled. 815 tomorrow night.

Yeah! There you go. That game's going to last four hours. Can we do running clock in the second half? Potentially.

Please? I just hope everybody has fun. And more importantly, doesn't get hurt. And I know people obviously want to have this game played because think about- Football!

What? Football! Football! If I think as well of me as an athlete, as a player, you do all that time preparing to get ready to play this game. And for a lot of players who play at an FCS level, this is your opportunity to play a larger school in a larger stadium like North Carolina. Yeah, it's an opportunity to do that. And for me, be like, yeah, I'll play.

But that's just me. They are sending those boys out there to collect checks. That's what they're doing at Florida A&M. They didn't pull UCLA! Yeah, we'll go out there with 11. Hey! What? If Florida A&M can play in Chapel Hill, why can't we play a bowl game? Yeah. Line it up!

Week 0! We'll meet you back at the Padres stadium. They there? Are the Padres in town this weekend?

I don't know. But not too far from San Diego. Actually, it's quite a hike to get from San Diego and Southern California to Santa Clara, but this works for the transitional purposes. Back to our NFL city tour. Yes, back to Santa Clara. Again, the home of the San Francisco 49ers.

Which is really odd. Now, it is a smaller part or smaller city or smaller town inside the larger Bay Area Silicon Valley. Again, you're right next to San Jose. It's actually a little bit of a haul. Not haul, but the traffic and all. To get to San Francisco, it's a little bit of a hike.

It takes some time. But, while you're up there, you want to get outdoors, maybe have a little thrill ride. Enjoy California's Great American Amusement Park. Get outdoors a little bit. Or, if you want to stay inside, maybe the weather isn't super great.

Might be a little cool up there for your liking, depending on what time of day you want to go out. Make sure you head out to K1 Speed Indoor Go Karts. That's right. K1 Speed Indoor Go Karts. You have to wear helmets in those, which means you know they go fast.

Which means you know they go fast. I love go karts. Me too.

I'm all for that. I remember one time a friend of mine had a bachelor party that I went to and all he wanted to do was race go karts and go out to eat and that's all we did. Hey, nothing wrong with that.

It's kind of like the Boston College player that got emotional. What are you going to miss the most about BC? Going out to eat. Going out to eat. Go karts. Night out.

Hey, I love go karts. Fun time. It's your bachelor party. Go do what you want to do.

If there was no, if Carolina's game got canceled, Mac Brown would have plans on his birthday. I'd recommend him and Sally go karts and dinner. There you go. Head out to Frankie's up there. All right.

So also, if you want to get a little educational a little bit, you want to enjoy some, the finer things, Triton Museum of Art, as well as the Intel Technology Museum are a couple places to go visit, but are you into baseball cards? No. Were you ever into it?

No. Collectibles in any sort of way? I collected like Pokemon cards once upon a time.

That's fine. I had Pokemon blue and red and yellow. Ooh, fancy.

On the old Game Boy. There's a place called Mojo Break Baseball Cards. I know baseball card collecting has kind of gotten on the uptick once again. Oh, for sure. It's on that cycle.

So yeah, Mojo Break Baseball Cards. Also, if you are into trying different foods, like if you're into Indian, Korean food, the Bay Area is very much populated with a lot of restaurants that offer very authentic Korean and Indian dishes. So for example, Parks Noodle, apparently is the top place to go in terms of Korean food as well as Chungdum restaurants, another place to go to if you're into Korean food. Are you into Korean food? Korean food?

Not so much. Chinese food? Yes. Japanese? Eh. Vietnamese? Like it. Okay. Thai?

For sure. Thai? There's a couple Thai dishes that I enjoy. Spicy really doesn't do much.

I love spicy stuff. I'm the type of guy who asks when I go to a restaurant, what's the hottest sauce you got? And then they'll tell me, I'm like, is it hot enough that'll ruin my day? Always the question. Okay. And they'll say either yes or no. And if the answer to that question is yes, assuming they have a ton of choices, I take the next lowest and ask for the hottest one on the side.

And I get a thing of fries and I dip it in there just to see how bad it is. All right. That's fair. I even did that last night.

I'll take your word for it. You're a karaoke person. You mentioned it earlier. EMA karaoke bar. Oh, in Santa Clara?

Yeah, in Santa Clara. This is where I'm going? Yeah, this is where you're going.

This is where we look for it. Like on my bachelor party, we did karaoke at a place called Chinatown in Boston. They knew that I liked and enjoyed karaoke.

So it's your bachelor party. What song do you sing? Me? Well, naturally, I thought I'm going to sing I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan. Brought the place down. That's one of those songs.

There's like a dividing line between the people figuring out who's too young to even be worth bothering talking to and then cool people. And that line is established right at the beginning when you belt out into the microphone, maybe the best opening lyrics of a Disney song ever. Let's get down to business. Let's get down to business.

Take that, Jonathan Rand. Other people can sing on the station. Yeah, I mean, I can sing. Create some beat.

And I say it sounds really good, but I can sing. All right. Last thing you want to do, check out. I was going to give you donuts. This is actually where the donut list actually originated was because of Santa Clara. Stan's Donuts is the place to go to, by the way. Stan's Donuts is the place to go to in Santa Clara. And so this originated from when Adam and I were talking about doing this segment leading up to the start of the NFL season, we mentioned, well, we got to talk about the we want to touch on every NFL team, but we're like, well, we don't want to just talk about the team because how does that make us any different than what ESPN does 75 times a day? Oh, well, let's break down the 49ers and oh, it's Trey Lance, repeating the same stuff everyone else does. Like, well, let's talk about the actually cities they play in and went to, oh, yeah, so when the 49ers, we actually got to talk Santa Clara, not San Francisco, since that's where they actually play. And someone that I know said that they love a donut shop, Stan's Donuts in Santa Clara. I knew this going in. I was like, oh, I know someone who loves Stan's, a place called Stan's Donuts in Santa Clara.

So just turn it to, you know what? I'm going to find a donut shop in every NFL place. I wonder if you could get some donuts shipped from all these places or from Stan's, at least from Stan's. Apparently I don't deliver. I got to find someone who can give me a delivery out in Stan's Donuts. Yeah. Make it happen. That's a great product.

They got hats and t-shirts. That's great. I need to at least get one of those for Adam. For hashtag content. No, no, for me. I know. I started this bit.

You could get both. I'm doing it for myself. There you go.

By the way, they're great looking donuts, by the way. Do we have time to do a rewind today? We can do a fast one. All right, we'll do a fast rewind.

Resetting things. Hi, I'm Josh Graham. I usually host an afternoon show in the try-in. So I have another show that starts in about 10 minutes. Love being here.

Thanks to Adam and company and Dennis for making me feel welcome in this chair. Adam will be back on Monday. We had Ruff and McNeil on earlier though. Ruff, ECU alum, East Carolina, former head coach, now with NC State going back to Greenville for the first time, at least for a football game. This is what Ruff had to say about what exactly he's expecting.

Or excuse me. Once upon a time, he was ECU's football coach. After that, he was in Oklahoma with Baker Mayfield and company. So we figured with the Panthers playing tonight, the NC State ECU, that's still a week away. He has some Baker Mayfield stories. This is what he got on what he had for us on Baker Mayfield.

When we were at East Carolina, Lincoln and I both tried to reach out to Baker while he was in high school to try to get him to choose us. Okay. Hold one second.

Hold one second. We saw this as folklore, Ruff, multiple times from Lincoln, from other folks, that there was a chance Baker Mayfield could play for the East Carolina Pirates. How true is that? Well, we thought we'd have a chance, you know, because we had roots down there and coaching connections. But Baker chose to walk on the stand in the state for Texas Tech and then transferred to Oklahoma and walk on. But I think, you know, the fact that he has that passion, you know, the Oklahoma story was amazing because, you know, he left Texas Tech, you know, they decided to go with Mahomes and he goes to Oklahoma on his own. He had his mom drive up from Texas and he enrolls on his own. No coaches help, no athletic help. He gets his dorm room and everything on his own. And then once he gets everything loaded, and then he goes over to the football office and it suits himself to Bob Stoops and want to have a chance to try for the team as a walk-on. And he did it without any help, without any lead help from a coach or particularly just there.

And then went out for the team and then the rest is history. Good stuff from Ruffin McNeil. If you missed any of that or Steve Forbes on Today Show, you can find that by searching The Adam Gold Show. Wherever you get your podcasts, the best of The Adam Gold Show neatly edited together.

So that way, if you can't sit there and listen for the full three hours, that's cool. We'll give you some of the good stuff. Some of the goods, not all the goods, but some of the goods, the best of The Adam Gold Show podcast. Great stuff from Ruffin McNeil. We learned a lot today. Yeah. We learned that North Carolina is going to play football tomorrow.

They will. We also learned there's a class at the University of Texas that is centered around Taylor Swift song lyrics. We learned that East Carolina is going to beat NC State next weekend, but we learned because I said so. Oh, you also learned that Stan's Donuts is the place to go to in Santa Clara.

Apparently the maple bars are where they go to. Boom. We learned that as well.

So I feel educated. I feel like we've learned a lot and covered a lot of ground on this Friday. What time does Carolina, Florida A&M end tomorrow night? Probably going to be a 30 point wait, 815 kick. Take the over. Does it end before 1 a.m.? Yeah, it ends before 1 a.m. Okay. I'm doing my math wrong. Midnight.

So we're talking about three hours and 45 minutes. That's my question. Okay. I don't know. Take the over.

Okay. I hope it ends before midnight. Good luck. That's my hope. Better hope they just run the ball.

So I'll be out there. B's and P's, going to stick around for the entire thing, but football, football, back. You got the Panthers at 7 o'clock tonight against the Buffalo Bills. Carolina tomorrow, week zero, and Adam Gold back in this chair on Monday afternoon. So from all of us here on the Adam Gold Show, Dennis Cox, and otherwise, my name's Josh Graham wishing you a great weekend. Thanks for spending the time with us. This is the Adam Gold Show.
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