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Carolina Panthers and ECU Football/NC State football with Anish Shroff

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September 1, 2022 5:13 pm

Carolina Panthers and ECU Football/NC State football with Anish Shroff

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 1, 2022 5:13 pm

Carolina Panthers play-by-play voice Anish Shroff joined the show to talk about the Carolina Panthers after the team trimmed their roster to 53 players. Shroff is also on the call for NC State football at ECU football on ESPN. Shroff got into a conversation about how NC State football can manage their expectations this year, and how to avoid what UNC football did in 2021.

Plus, talks about Serena Williams at the US Open, Baker Mayfield, and more.

Also, sports betting picks for the way.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Dennis Cox chose to play Ice Ice Baby here.

I guess it is the cold tub. It's very good. It works. But this is not just the original version of it. It's like a remix of it, right? Well, I give all credit to Rusty Helser on this.

Rusty put this together. But you were bopping along to Ice Ice Baby. Yeah, who wouldn't? Really? Yeah.

That's your response to Ice Ice Baby? Who wouldn't bop a lot? Yeah, seriously.

Who wouldn't? I'm not going to argue. It's probably a time and place for everything. Alright, so at 1 o'clock we do this except on days we're talking to Chip Patterson. We give you choices. We ask the listeners, the Twitter followers, to decide what we will discuss at 1 o'clock. And then we discuss that at 1 o'clock. So it's 1 o'clock.

So let's do it. This is what happens when the audio production thing I have freezes up. Uh-oh. We have no audio? Things don't get played.

Well, I just had to slightly reboot something and then now I can actually... There it is. There we go. There we go. It happens.

I mean, it happens. What are you going to do? What are you going to do with that? It's live radio. And TV, actually, as I'm looking into a camera. It's live TV. You can follow us on... You can watch it on TV. E-S...

Sorry. W-R-A-L Sports Plus. You get the app for your Amazon, for your Apple Fire Roku TVs. You're local to Raleigh on the antenna, 34.1.

Or Spectrum Cable 1257. So what should we talk about today? Give you four options. You can always write in.

The precincts have closed. Coming in number four, Russell Wilson's contract. I mean, it's Russell Wilson's contract.

What are you going to say? I could say that... Really? $165 million for Russell Wilson seems like a little much. Yeah. Seems just a little much. Five years? I don't think he's got five years left in him. Not that he's going to play all five years, but it just seems a little steep.

But that's fine. That's Russell Wilson. I'm not sure he's a top ten quarterback. Well, he probably is a top ten quarterback because once you get past five or six, there's a little bit of a drop-off.

You've got Mahomes, Allen, like much shore after that. We're like Rogers, but Rogers is 100. I know Brady is in there, but I think Brady is probably closer to seven or eight than he is three or four. But that's just me. I think he's sort of been a product of his environment, which is fine.

And he certainly does not get in your way. So we've got Russell Wilson's contract that came in fourth. Should Baker take it back?

The answer, of course, is no. Baker should not take it back. In fact, if I were Baker, I would double down on it. Lean into it. I didn't say it, but hell yeah!

I want to blank them up. That's what he should say. Because that's what we want him to say, and that's the way he's probably approaching a game anyway. Does anybody in their right mind believe that Baker Mayfield doesn't have a little extra for Cleveland? Does anybody in their right mind not think that there's a little bit extra for Baker?

Come on, stop pretending that this won't mean more. All right, college football playoff might expand sooner rather than later based on a story I read today in ESPN or on ESPN. So, the whole reason to pump the brakes on playoff expansion, from many people's perspective, was to get it outside the exclusive window for ESPN. If you do that, then other networks, CBS, NBC, FOX, who knows, streaming service, get involved and there is more money coming in. Unless ESPN is going to throw so much money at it, which maybe, that an expanded playoffs all on ESPN would be okay for everybody. But I don't believe FOX is okay with it. That's the Big 10's television arm. I don't believe CBS is okay with it, and I don't believe NBC is okay with it.

I think they would like to have a chance to at least get part of the package. And that was part of the reason to pump the brakes, other than to stick it to the SEC for taking Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12. But we all know I'm against playoff expansion and maybe that just makes me weird. I'm against it.

But I'm also smart enough to recognize that it is an inevitability. It is going to happen because there is more money involved. And the only thing that college football, college athletics, prioritizes is money. They don't give a damn about their athletes.

Nope. Just read up on Florida A&M players versus Florida A&M. Just read that and you see they don't care about the players. You know what they did in Florida A&M? They basically cut by 75% support staff for players. They went from four academic advisors to one for football. Yeah.

Excuse you? Like, wait a second, what are we doing here? Because they don't care. They just don't.

And this is not just at Florida A&M. And the reason why a lot of the other schools can provide multiple academic advisors and have these education centers is because they have to spend the money. If they had to spend that money on other things, they would at the expense of the stuff that should matter, but the only thing that matters is money. Therefore, they're going to expand the playoff. Again, I'm not in favor of it and I'll tell you very quickly why I'm not in favor of it.

Simply because it's not going to achieve the goal you think it's going to achieve. It's not going to give us different teams playing for the championship. It's going to give us the same teams playing for the championship. It's just going to give us more games. Yeah. So teams ranked number 9 and 10 can say we were in the playoff.

Okay? You were. Can't deny that. You lost in the quarterfinals by 28. Yeah.

But congratulations, you got to the playoffs. And so it's just going to give us more games and like bigger is better, right? I guess.

I guess bigger is better. A legend. Alright, the number one thing that people wanted us to talk about, so let's get to it as I wasted everybody else's time. Serena, bless all of you.

42% of the vote for going Serena. Did you watch any of it last night? I did not. It's not something that's on your radar screen, is it?

Not really. Okay, that's fair. That's a hockey game.

It's not forever. Oh, you played hockey. I did. Good for you. Cardio. Excellent.

Lots of it. What, you have like seven players? No, we actually had 11 skaters. Whoa, look at you. Big. Still got top six minutes.

Everybody has thumbs. Alright, so Serena's playing last night to second straight match under the lights. Like I looked at it, it says 11, but I don't think they've set the schedule for tomorrow yet. I'll be stunned if Serena's not playing another night match. Stunned if she's not playing another night match, especially because she's playing tonight in doubles with her sister. Anybody who has followed major championship tennis over the last two decades, especially as we have gotten into places that have night matches like the US Open, like the Australian Open, and now they can do that at the French or at Wimbledon because they have roofs. They have domed their main stadiums.

They could, but they don't necessarily do that. They could just play later. There has never been a doubles match, let alone a first round doubles match, played in prime time. But we're getting Serena and Venus playing together. Who cares if they win or not?

I mean, I care. I'd like them both to win. But they're playing in prime time. An adult first round doubles match.

It's awesome. So Serena's now into the third round. Last night to watch that, it was a great match. It was a match worthy of a semifinal.

It was that good. Annette Conovate was the second seed. She was a pretty big favorite over Serena. And I guess Serena said this last night after the match, how did you do this?

She just went, I'm pretty good at this. We forget. Serena hasn't played very much tennis. I think she's played before the Open three matches. Three matches, four matches in a year. She heard her achilles at Wimbledon last summer.

Came back. Her first match was, other than a doubles match, was at Wimbledon. And she lost in the first round. So she played two hard court tune up matches, tune up tournaments. She lost in the second round and won in the first round and another. She's an unseeded player here. So she was in the part of the draw where if she won her first match, she plays the second seed in the second match. She played much better against Conovate last night than she did in the opening match.

But I don't know, man. I still have my doubts because it's hard when you haven't played. I think there's a fitness level that she probably can't get to, but she doesn't play a seeded player. No seeded player in a way until the quarterfinals. I'm not saying she's going to get that far, but she might. She's, I think, the sixth betting choice right now at 14 to 1 to win the Open.

She was 50 to 1 when it started. Really cool. And it was fun last night. Absolutely fun last night. Speaking of fun, we hope to do this every week like we did with Mick Mixon, the former voice of the Panthers.

Aneesh Sharaf will join us when we come back. He is not only the Panthers play-by-play voice. He also does college football for ESPN. And he's got NC State at East Carolina. We'll talk Panthers. We'll talk Baker. We'll talk State.

ECU with Aneesh Sharaf next. Adam Gold in studio with my friend Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, how does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan?

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Would you like financial independence into your retirement? And beyond it, 800-661-7383, that golden ticket is a one thousand dollar value. Or you could text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. Double barreled action for our friend, Anish Sharaf, who's the play-by-play man for the Carolina Panthers. But also on the road to Greenville because NC State's playing at Dowdy Ficklin on Saturday.

So we are going to hit both. Let's start though with, I guess, the day job, if you will, the Panthers. Baker Mayfield has apparently thrown shade at the Cleveland Browns. I don't even, I know Baker said today that he didn't say it.

Here's my point about this, Anish. I don't care. He should want to blank, he should want to fry the Browns up. Because they treated him like crap. So what's the big deal even if he did say it?

It's the dumbest non-story out there. Listen, he's a fiery player, he's a fiery character. It's what you want, it's what you like about him, it's what makes him fun to watch. And from what I gathered, he had essentially parroted what the reporter had said to him without actually saying the same thing back. And she took it to mean, he said this, take that part out of it for a second. That's a private conversation that you probably shouldn't air anyway, but I just don't get the outrage over it. What would you want him to say? Well, I hope they walk all over me.

Yeah, I think if you're a Panther fan and you see that, that's my guy. I don't think anything of it, but this is 2022, this is the world of feigned outrage and everyone's got to get worked up about something. Otherwise, it's not a day on social media. So it fits into this current warped news cycle that we're in. David Tepper apparently thinks that everybody on Twitter is from mom's basement, which look, he might be right. I mean, I'm on Twitter.

I'm not in mom's basement, but I understand this. I understand the sentiment. We clearly pay way too much attention to what people say on Twitter or Instagram or whatever brand of social media you use. But again, look, I like what Baker brings to the table just from a presence standpoint. Has that stood out to you over the preseason?

No doubt. You know, he has done, I think, a really good job of just not taking the bait most of this preseason. And you could tell he was a little perturbed that this thing had come out and this thing had become a story when it was really a non story. It was just a conversation that he thought he was having with somebody who seemed to be giving him encouragement. And he just said, yeah, OK, like, you know, Adam, you've done this a long time.

I've done this a long time. I think the one thing sometimes we in the media forget. Everybody here is a human being, including us. Yeah. And it's OK.

It's OK to be a human being and a media member at the same time. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. And so I look at Baker. You know, I've had, you know, off the cuff chats with him. I'm not going to share that publicly. A lot of times it's innocuous stuff about, hey, man, how are you settling in? I should dog like that.

Be a human being. And I think with Baker, he's come here trying to win this job, which he did. He's not trying to be, as we like to say, that guy. And I think when you look at a Christian McCaffrey, a D.J. Moore guys who don't really make waves and headlines, you sort of get the sense Baker's taking his cues from those guys.

The established stars on the team. He hasn't really made any waves. He's gone out there. He's played when we've seen him in the preseason games. He's looked pretty good. He's looked pretty good in camp.

I feel for him in that sense that, you know, this is now something that not only he's got to deal with, but his teammates have to answer for. I'm actually looking forward to the first insurance commercial where he's moving into Bank of America Stadium. I need that.

I need the sale of the old digs in Cleveland and the movement into BOA on Mid Street. That's another story altogether. Anish Sharaf is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. You mentioned Christian McCaffrey. I had completely forgotten about Christian McCaffrey because we hadn't seen him play any preseason games. I mean, all I can ask is he must look great in practice, but they've got, what, ten days or so to get him. I'm sure he's up to speed.

What are your thoughts on the 22 car? Adam, I've gotten a chance to be in pretty much every practice since the beginning of training camp. And boy, he looks good.

I mean, I sound like Ron Burgundy here. I mean, real good. He looks, he looks really good. He looks like the star that has regained its shine. This looks like the Christian McCaffrey from a couple of years ago, free injury. He's making guys miss. I give credit to the staff.

They've done a nice job managing his workload. But, you know, probably the number one question I've been getting from friends in the last week or two is, hey, should I draft Christian McCaffrey in fantasy? I have to find time with yes in all caps and seven exclamation points. I have a draft Monday night.

I might, I might rank him right near the top. I haven't played fantasy football, Anish, in, gosh, it's 15 years I haven't played fantasy football. Are you like me?

You don't have time for it anymore? I just, the first fantasy leagues I was ever in, baseball, which is my first sport. And I sneaky like NBA fantasy. Right now I'm in a fantasy Premier League league. Oh, okay.

You may have a problem. Yeah. Wait, I'm a new, I'm a new Premier League fan though. So I'm, I'm... Okay, so that means running the league just wants your money. That's all that is.

No, no, no. It's just, it's really just me and my son. It's, it's, it's fun. And I'm more into it than he is.

And he's the reason I'm a, I'm a soccer fan. So yeah, I'm probably going to put McCaffrey very high on my list. All right, let me move on to, to what you're doing on Saturday with NC State visiting East Carolina.

I talked about this a lot yesterday. I'm trying not, and I have great respect for what Mike Houston is doing at East Carolina. That's a program that is, they have great culture, great tradition, passion for football, all of that.

Dowdy Ficklin is going to be absolutely loaded for bear coming up on Saturday. But I just look at this game being entirely about what NC State presents. I don't, maybe that's unfair, but I think this game will be dictated by NC State's offense.

How do you see this now still two days out? So I would agree with you, but I put a little asterisk at the end of that. Because, you know, if NC State was a team that had the history of a Florida State or an Alabama or an Ohio State or a USC, yeah, it becomes entirely about NC State. But you know as well as I do, the historical record of this program when expectations have been on the table.

And that to me is the story here. And when you look at ECU, these teams again, and I know these stats have no bearing on what we'll see Saturday. ECU has beaten NC State 13 out of 31 times. 13 and 18 against NC State. They're not in the same class when it comes to football programs.

So, Dowdy Ficklin has been a house of horrors. Boneyard's got the Wolfpack skulls. I mean, they do. So I'm not going to go out here and say, well, you know, ECU, you know, if they play their A game, they could win. NC State's really good.

And I kind of look at it from the if not now, then when for NC State. This is a team that, especially on the defensive side, I mean, shoot. Not only are they talented, are they experienced, but they're too deep in pretty much every position. They check off every box. They're old as hell. Five and a fifth and six-year guy. You've got a quarterback in Devin Leary, who is a top ten quarterback in college football.

The questions that I do have about NC State, though, are on the offensive side. I think they'll be okay absorbing the loss of Iki Iquanu, which sounds funny to say, just because, you know, they returned four other starters who were all very experienced on the O-line. But who's the guy in the skill position group that steps up? Omezi wasn't flashy, but he was solid.

He's gone. Devin Carter was flashy at times, but wasn't consistent. We kind of know what Thayer Thomas is at this point in his career. Donovan Knight and Ricky Person, again, two guys, not super flashy, but they were productive enough and they were solid.

You take them out of the equation. Who steps up in the running back room? And this is sort of how the narrative around UNC was framed last year when they had the expectations. Oh, we got Sam Howell back. The offensive line is back. But remember, UNC lost both of its starting running backs, 2,000-yard backs from a year ago. They lost their top receivers, and we saw how the season unfolded. Now, I'm not saying it's apples to apples, but NC State will need a playmaker or two to step up from the skill group.

There's no question. I think, for me, the questions about NC State are about mindset. And I think this comes from the coaching staff. I think if they allow Devin Leary to be aggressive in the passing game, I think, to me, that's their avenue to becoming dynamic offensively rather than just let the defense win them the game because that's not going to work at Clemson. They're going to have to be dynamic and aggressive offensively to win at Death Valley.

And if they want to truly get the most out of this team, which could be, I don't know, 11 or 12 wins over the course of the entire season, they have to push the envelope. I keep using a golf analogy. They have to go for the green on the par five. Don't lay up to 100 yards and try to make birdie from there. They have to go and try to push it a little bit.

I just don't know if it's in their DNA to do that, but I think if they want to get the most out of it, I think that's what they have to do. You know, you brought up Clemson, and I'm glad you did. They could be 4-0 going into Clemson, and that's a game where you might be better served with caution just given that Clemson is built in a similar way. The defense first team, that could very well be a 14-10 kind of game.

I don't expect that game to be high-scoring at all, frankly. But Clemson, to me, is a really good litmus test for NC State in a lot of ways. I look at Clemson's trajectory, and you go back kind of right around when Deshaun Watson was taking over as the starting quarterback. Remember all those years where Clemson was not a big game program? Anytime they had an opportunity in a big game, they'd lose to Florida State.

They'd stub their toe. They'd lose to South Carolina. They'd give up 70 in the bowl game to West Virginia. And then all of a sudden, that narrative turned, and it kind of turned toward the end of Deshaun Watson's freshman year where they started winning these games, and all of a sudden, they're beating Ohio State in a bowl game.

They beat Oklahoma in a bowl game the next year, and Clemson now transformed into a program that plays in big games and wins big games, and if they lose, generally they lose to a team that is on par with them in terms of talent, losing to an Alabama or an LSU. NC State needs to get to that point. You say nine wins, right? If NC State wins nine games this year, to me, that's a disappointment.

I agree. They've only won 10 games in their program history once, and that was with Phillip Rivers. And when you look at the quarterbacks they've had in the last 20 years, Rivers, Jacoby Brissett, Mike Clennon, Russell Wilson, Ryan Finley, those are all NFL guys. Devin Leary is an NFL quarterback.

It's mind-boggling in some ways that they haven't had more success, so I'm with you. You know, to me, this is a season where you've got to win double-digit games. You've got to play for an ACC championship, maybe win an ACC championship, and then there will be games where I think they're going to have to be aggressive offensively, but again, you need dynamic playmakers around Leary to do that, and that's my big question going in. Do they have that guy? Do we know who that guy is?

I don't think we quite know who that guy is. And when you look at ECU, you know, the one thing that ECU has in this game is a lot of returning experience from the playmaking group. Keaton Mitchell, Roger Harris, the two running backs, those guys are studs. I mean, Mitchell is fast as a photon. I mean, this guy can go, and then Harris gives you that boom who can soften up the defense. C.J. Johnson is a terrific proven receiver.

He is now back in the fold after a suspension. They brought in a receiver from Georgia, another transfer from Toledo. They've got some guys in that skill group. Now, they've got questions up front, which, again, as we know how the game is played out, it's one of the trenches. Maybe it never works out that way, but ECU's got some knowns in their skill group. NC State has some pieces. I just think we need to find out about them. Well, we're going to find out.

Noon on ESPN. Anish, you're off. I appreciate your time, and then maybe we'll hook up again next week and talk about the Panthers and the Cleveland Browns and why Baker Mayfield.

It's just kind of milquetoast about the game, even though we both know otherwise. Thank you very much, my friend. I appreciate your time.

Safe trip, and good call. I appreciate it, Buck. And now, your halftime entertainment. Cool. I needed some orange wedges.

That's what we eat at halftime. Oh, orange wedges? Yeah. Okay. Was that one point mango slices? Well, mango slices are always good.

Okay. My wife has a mango guy. Manuel... I've not told you about Manuel's mangoes.

No. They're tremendous. You have not told me. Bigger. Bigger than anybody else's mangoes that I've seen.

Oh. Real big mangoes, huh? Huge, huge mangoes. Huge mangoes. I respect huge mangoes.

Yeah. They're very good. They're delicious. They're juicy.

They're... Also give you a little, like a little shot of adrenaline. Something about a mango. Oh, very nice. Just works. Sorry. Oh, it's okay.

It's fine. All right, so I know we've talked a lot about different streaming platforms and where people can consume media. Right. Well, we have more bundles. We already have the bundle we know of Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu+.

I've not done that. HBO Discovery, they're going to be combining since they merged. That should be coming in 2023 at some point. So, some HBO stuff is going away because of that. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what all the details are going to be because of that. And I'm not sure why. Do they lack storage?

Maybe server's not big enough. Something like that. As long as the wire's still there and I can watch it, I'm cool. Okay. And all the DC Comics stuff, of course, obviously.

Yeah, of course. So, we've seen the HBO Discovery is going to be coming. Obviously, the Disney, ESPN, Hulu bundle. We've seen WWE actually move their network over to Peacock, so that's kind of a merger deal as well. We have another one, Paramount and Showtime, bundling together. Okay, same company. Exactly, same company. Viacom, right? Viacom, yep. So, it's all same company owned, so why not combine it into one thing? $7.99 for ad supported, $12.99 for ad free.

Okay, that's fine. Well, Paramount Plus is actually also in the live sports game, I guess you could say. Yeah, they get a lot of Champions League. They get a lot of Champions League, but also the NWSL is on Paramount Plus. Now, here's the one thing that actually I think Paramount Plus does not do a very good job of.

I'm going to call them out right now. You don't promote that you have live sports. They don't. They do not promote it. They do not, yeah. They do not go on the leagues as well, especially the NWSL. You got to promote where your product is. Well, their championship match is on CBS proper, isn't it?

It will be, yeah. But the regular season, people got to know where to go watch games. Like, if I want to go watch The Courage, the NC Courage, because I can't get there, where do I go? There's nothing out there that says go here. Any of the social media posts, nothing.

No promotion of, hey, this is where our product is, go watch it. Get with it, people. It's not that hard.

It's all right. It's just very frustrating when I see leagues that I want to be successful never actually tell you where to go find their stuff. Yes. You know, how hard is that? Are you saying that that would be helpful? Is that what you're saying? Yes. I think you're right. I think you're right about that. Hey, this thing that we have over here that you want to watch, you want to consume, this is how you do it.

Would you like to watch us? Yeah. Not that hard. Anyway, the bundles I think are here to stick. I won't be shocked if we get more of them. Kind of like cable. Oh, bundles have been here for a long time. Well, yeah, but I'm saying of these over the top platforms. Okay. Yeah.

I'm okay with that. There's tons of over the top platforms. There's too many. I know. Right?

I mean, we don't do a ton of them. We have Netflix, and we have Peacock, and I think that's basically it. ESPN Plus? Yeah, but to me, that's part of ESPN, but yeah, I guess it's added.

It's an additive, if you will. Sure. So yeah, I have that too. That's how I watched the hurricanes last year when they were on the road.

When you were in Wyoming. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. All right, so last week, we saw in a joint practice between the two teams that played in the Super Bowl, whoever thought that was a good idea, the Bengals and the Rams. We saw Aaron Donald swinging a helmet.

Yeah, we did. No suspension because the league said, hey, this is part of practices, teams control this, we have no say. Well, he was with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports, and he was asked about this. Well let's just say someone interjected during this, but I'll let you listen to it. What happened last week in joint practices, because we all saw the video of you swinging helmets and people were wondering what was going on there. It was just a practice, you know, obviously people got phones out and things like that, but I'm not going to sit and talk about negative stuff that happened at a practice.

My main focus is Buffalo, so. Was there any internal punishment? We thought, we thought so.

Were you thinking maybe you were going to get suspended or anything? Hey Zach. Yeah, we're just going to focus just here because Aaron's here today to talk about Dr. Teals. So you do have two minutes left if you want to pivot to your last question, please. Okay, just one more thing, Aaron, on this and I'll get to Dr. Teals. Like what sparked it, just wondering, because I think people are curious about it.

Well, being a guy that's 31 years old, my main focus is football, obviously, the physical part you do, but it's more about the recovery things that I need to do and being a partner with Dr. Teals and being able to use Dr. Teals twice or three times a week to help my body recover. So, yeah, then you get to the Dr. Teals and stuff, but the fact that the PR person just jumped in and was like, yeah, you want to get to this real fast? Bad look on the part of the PR person. So, Aaron Donald wanted to let everybody know that Dr. Teals Epsom salts are awesome. And I am not here to question Aaron Donald and his love of Dr. Teals Epsom salts.

Again, he mentioned three times a week. He is a user of Dr. Teals Epsom salts. But let me explain to the PR person how this works.

And maybe this was a communication error at the beginning. And this is a common thing when they will send an athlete out on a junket sponsored by Epsom salts. If you think that me as a radio host or better, all of the people listening give a damn about your Epsom salts, you're kidding yourself, not saying we're not going to mention Epsom salts. The whole reason we're talking to you, Aaron Donald, is because Dr. Teals wants people to know that his Epsom salts are sublime. Yes.

So here's how this works. Hey, Aaron Donald joining us, thanks to Dr. Teals Epsom salts. We talk about helmet swinging, winning a Super Bowl, how big the ring is, that you have to lift extra weights because the ring is so heavy. And then at the end, man, Aaron, how did you stay so limber?

How did you stay on the field so much? And then he can spend two minutes at the end lauding Dr. Teals Epsom salts. This is the way this is supposed to work because let's be honest, the people listening don't care about a five minute commercial for Epsom salts, they don't. Too many PR people don't get that. I know they have jobs to do, but I am not agreeing to an interview with Aaron Donald that is solely about Epsom salts. Nobody cares.

Nobody cares. If that's all they wanted to do, make a YouTube video and push it out. Just do it. Do it. Promote some tweets.

I'm sure people will watch it. Donald can have put a 30 second clip of him working out on YouTube or on Twitter. And as you click on the video, you get 30 seconds of him talking about Epsom salts.

Or he can wear an Epsom salts t-shirt or he could be soaking in an Epsom salts bath just holding his ring. Matt Harvey was on, a former Carolina pitcher, was on Dan Patrick's show a few years. I don't know when it was. And I think Harvey was still with, I'm pretty sure it was Harvey, was still with the Mets. And he was there to talk about whatever the ad was. And Patrick was going to ask him questions about pitching and life on the road, all that first. And Matt just said, no, I'm here to just talk about this. And they just ended the interview. Well, we're not just talking about that. That ain't the way it works. Nobody, again, I'm not saying that, I'm sure these are amazing Epsom salts. I'm sure they are.

All right, a couple of quick things to touch on. So the NBA 2K covers have come out, 2K23. There's a Dreamer edition. You know who's featured on the cover of that?

Casper the Friendly Ghost. I wish. J. Cole. Oh, wow. Awesome. Yeah.

So J. Cole, North Carolina's J. Cole, featured on that. I don't play 2K, but still, pretty neat. Neither do I. I don't play any video games.

That's unfortunate. So it looks like, I'm sure you've heard of Fortnite though, the video game, Fortnite. Your son play it?

Yeah, he fades in and out. He's playing FIFA now, depends on who he's playing with. But yeah, he knows, he's played Fortnite. Little Fortnite, little Apex, a little 2K, he plays a lot of NBA 2K, occasionally gets into baseball, but whatever. They just talk stupid online to each other.

Well that's fair. Now, it looks like Lady Gaga's coming to Fortnite. Oh my gosh.

That's right. There's a popular Twitter account called FN Leaks and Info, and they regularly actually leak some different Fortnite events and collaborations. So apparently, there's what's called an emote in Fortnite, where you can kind of do some fun stuff while you're playing the game. Well, if you get a group together apparently, that's all hit the proper emote at the same time, you get this, basically this jug band of playing Lady Gaga's poker face, but it's like a fiddle cover of it, and literally they pull out the instruments and everything, which I think is actually really kind of fun.

So yeah, congratulations Lady Gaga's of Fortnite. Man, can I get the meat suit? Remember her meat suit?

Is a skin. Can I get that? That would actually be great. Yeah, absolutely. That would be wonderful. All right, final thing here, because I know you love soccer so much. I do.

I'll give you a chance to address this here in a moment. The UEFA estimated that roughly 365 million people watched some part of the UEFA Women's Euro Championship this year live. Phenomenal soccer. It really was.

It was great soccer. Again, that's a worldwide audience, and 2017 is estimated at 178 million, so you're looking at roughly twice. Awesome.

Actually, probably more than double that. And the women's game is exploding, exploding. I'm not surprised, man. It was good soccer, and I watched it. Yeah, I watched some too. I watched it.

I also wonder, especially here in the States, you can bet on it, how much people were watching because of that too. I didn't wager on it. I mean, I didn't have any action.

I had units on some of these matches. Did you? I did. Well, you did. Absolutely.

During the whole thing. It helped me get my... I'm back in the red. But it's good. It's a quality product, and it's incredibly undervalued. The franchise values of NWSL teams has gone way up, way up. So I think they're going to end up with 14 after the next wave of expansion. Yeah. I think they're going to end up with 14. You know what helped the NWSL? If you told people where you could watch it.

That would help too. Off of the crossbar, and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move, presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now, find Canes' 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts. We got to get Dennis back into the black. Should be an album called Back in Black.

Maybe. Should be probably a song maybe. By the way, how is your collection of albums going from people? I've actually got a pretty decent list. Dennis wants you to send him albums that you want to hear as bumps, like play the entire album, different cuts of the album as a bump.

I do need some more. For example, someone actually did submit the black album by Metallica. Okay, good. Look at that.

Which makes sense. Paid in Full by Eric B. and Rakim. I'm very much looking forward to playing that one.

Escape by Journey. No, I rejected that. Okay, well, got to give the people what they want. It's fine. It's fine. I've actually had a couple others send me some DMs as well.

Elvis is Back by Elvis Presley. Nice. I know where that came from. That came from Texas. Maybe.

Maybe it did. Three Plus Three by the Isley Brothers. Oh, look at that. Yeah. Old school. Very nice.

Picture of Nectar by Phish. Will Brinson chiming in. Somehow he wants that.

Alright, so you can hit him up at the fan rookie and tell him what album you want to hear as a bump. We'll collect those and spit them back at you. Alright. Alright, we place bets every day. Serena Williams got me basically to break even yesterday.

I think I was plus $15. Thanks to Serena. Go grab a lunch. 15 units. So, let's place bets. Place your bets. Place your bets. Do it. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks.

Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir, and I never slice. Damn it! Okay, you can own it. I owe you $100. Alright, sir. Where you going? Alright, EPL.

Big day, by the way. Chelsea. Like, Todd Boley, who has purchased Chelsea, his owner of the Dodgers, one of the owners of the Dodgers.

He is going all in. Chelsea, to me, has been a bit of a mess, and I love it when Chelsea loses. They pick up two players. Barcelona is selling everybody because they have money problems, and they brought in a lot of players that they haven't been able to register because they can't do it financially. Their salary cap issues are like what teams in the NHL have to do. Like the Vegas Knights.

Right, exactly. So, Memphis to pay out is still a really good player from the Netherlands. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who they got from Arsenal last year. He's out.

I think he has a broken jaw, though. Both go to Chelsea, and they also picked up Edison Alvarez. Chelsea has been very busy, but they still have Thomas Tuchel as a coach, so I don't like them. I don't like them. I root against Chelsea. I don't mind Chelsea. I don't like Thomas Tuchel. Okay.

I don't like Thomas Tuchel. I don't know why that matters about anything, so what do you want to talk about? What do you want to bet on? All right. EPL. Okay. These midweek games are weird, by the way.

Big fan. That's why I gave me a Leicester-Mangue draw plus.275. Are you going to make me cross that out, since that's what I had? Oh, you did? You can still take it?

Look, I don't want to do the same thing. It's a match that, honestly, man, you should win. I love their signing of Antony. I mean, a 21-year-old dynamic player, I love their signing of Antony. They've been pretty good in the back, which I think has been the key to everything. They beat Liverpool a week and a half ago. So it looks to me like Man U's going to compete for a top six or seven spot the way they have kind of developed.

I'm surprised Ronaldo has not been kicked out yet, but maybe Ronaldo's just going to be a super sub. Their captain, Harry Maguire, is on the bench. Liverpool did add today they got Arthur Mello a midfielder because all their midfielders are hurt. So they needed somebody. They called me, and I was not available. Oh, sorry to hear that. On a free transfer. All right, so I can't do the Liverpool match.

That's terrible. We will do the AC Milan Internazionale, or Inter Milan. We will do that derby.

I'm so excited for that. The Derby di Milano. Give me AC Milan plus 175 to win. Now they're a little bit further down in the table from Inter, but I think AC Milan. This is a neutral site game every year.

Or twice a year. They play it at San Siro. Sure.

I'll take your word for it. I'll take AC Milan. Who, by the way, just got Surgenio Dest from Barcelona.

Another player that Barcelona got rid of. Give me WVU to win plus 250 over Pitt. Very nice. All right, Freddie Freeman. I think he leads Major League Baseball in doubles.

That's nice. Freddie Freeman. Mets and Dodgers play at four o'clock today. Give me Freddie Freeman to get a double. Mets at plus 300.

All right. Well, speaking of Mets and Dodgers, give me the Mets at plus 115 to win. Mets are plus money at home. Good pitcher, Chris Bassett going.

But Clayton Kershaw making his first start in a long, long time. All right, I am going to do a five team college football parlay. Give me Oklahoma State to beat Central Michigan. Pitt to beat West Virginia. Missouri to beat whoever they're playing. Virginia Tech to win at Old Dominion. And Penn State to win at Purdue at plus 250.

Total plus 250. There you go. This is the Adam Gold Show. Over the crossbar, and the Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move, presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. You can find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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