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February 21, 2021 1:57 pm

CBS Sunday Morning,

Sunday Morning / Jane Pauley

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February 21, 2021 1:57 pm

On this week's "CBS Sunday Morning," Ted Koppel sits down with community leaders and healthcare workers to explore the roots of COVID-19 vaccine skepticism. Seth Doane speaks to Paolo Fazioli. Chip Reid reports on the Columbian Harmony Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Nancy Giles interviews Academy Award-winning actress Ellen Burstyn. Nicholas Thompson of The Atlantic Magazine tells the tale of the man who went by the name "Mostly Harmless;" Lee Cowan sits down with Cindy McCain. And Steve Hartman tells the story of a Pizza Hut deliveryman who got a big tip.

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Learn Jane Pauley and this is morning were almost a full year into the coven pandemic even though vaccines are being rolled out some of those qualified to receive inoculations are actually turning them down for them it's a matter of trust or lack thereof as Ted Koppel explains booking an appointment for a covert short career challenge, especially for front-line workers don't have the luxury of bringing their leashes and sitting on a line playing on her laptop while you're waiting for vaccine and verb doesn't begin to address the underlying fear not right what it often comes down to, especially minority communities is a matter of trust, which like the vaccine is in short supply.

Next on Sunday morning. From there it's on to a most unusual piano man harvesting music from a very unexpected place as our sandstone has discovered high up in Italy's Alps we go in search of the tree used in some of the finest instruments on earth. This only something we can Skype and meet the piano maker whose impressing some of the worlds top musicians including Herbie Hancock started to play and well what is this come along on a magnificent musical journey later on Sunday morning & I profile this morning.

Ellen Burstyn Oscar-winner for home. The thrill of a good role never grows old with Nancy Giles. We pay her a visit which to a doctor. I asked her to just let it go at 88. Ellen Burstyn is still getting raves this time for her role in pieces of a woman. I never thought I would be acting at 88 never occurred to me, but on the other had never occurred to me to not conversation with Ellen Burstyn ahead on Sunday morning, Lee Cowan is in conversation with Cindy McCain went out on the late Sen. John McCain Chip Breen shows us the effort to recover and restore headstones from a historic black cemetery Nicholas Thompson looks into the case of the mystery hiker class a story from Steve Hartman humor from David Sedaris and more. Sunday morning February 21, 2021 and will be right back.

The decision to sign up for a covert vaccine ultimately comes down to a matter of trust and for some Americans that trust isn't there for a multitude of reasons as senior contributor Ted Koppel explains, sometimes you sure it's a little too close to home.

The same tone labeled divorce Baltimore, for example, does work like a war zone.

Most of the residents are African Americans means just here but nationally is that they are being hospitalized and dying of cold, three times the worst white America is a very depressed neighborhood right now. We still have massive unemployment within the community room director with his field marshal in the local war against poverty, disease and hunger church is located at 74 square. We have about 109 establishments that sell alcohol but we don't have one single super market 5000 families moments are getting the food of the first mount Calvary Baptist Church convincing those people to get vaccinated against covert is more complicated blame some of that on the crash circulating on the Internet. This conspiracy that Bill Gates is help them to design a ship will be implanting you as a result of the vaccination track crusher solely great. This headline claims to show government health workers. Clearly many years ago, injecting the southern rural Blacks with syphilis. Then the question Stillwater Corona vaccine.

The government didn't inject anyone with syphilis. But what did happen was in some respects even worse, the Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis in African-Americans began in the 1930s.

It was a study that was done without informed consent of the men and it was done in a way that watch to observe what would happen to those who already have syphilis and it was untreated what the effects would be Dr. we took some is cofounder of the black coalition against covert, 19 providing facts about the vaccine care about you and make you angry as it should. Make sure you know you have a drug it will save you from this disease.

Almost 50 years after it ended, the Tuskegee study remains an issue. What happened to those unfortunately two things.

Those men died because of the disease and became extremely ill for long long periods of their life. Number two because they were not told the disease they had spread that disease to the women in their lives to their wives and lovers who also got syphilis as a result was anyone ever punished. No one was ever punished or held accountable and that is a stain on America's conscience.

It has also had a lingering impact on the black community's confidence in the medical establishment talk to our employees was everything I don't know what's in the vaccine. I don't trust that they develop into fast, try to make us sterile. In addition to his ministry the river and with runs a nursing home that nursing home was started by a group of pastors in the city as the Maryland Baptist atoll for color in 1920 nationwide, more than 160,000 covert debts have occurred in nursing homes, all of which makes this nursing homes health record that much more remarkable how many people among your staff of God.

We know covert infections amongst our staff or our residents. Thank God. So we count that as a miracle and a blessing. It is also the mark of a tough discipline manager.

We were extreme in our measures because we didn't allow anybody in our residents didn't go out unless it was an extreme emergency.

But when time came to vaccinate the staff, while surprised even at my nursing home which has 42 employees are first vaccination clinic. We only had 11 employees take the vaccine the river and set the example. He was the first to be vaccinated.

He talked to his staff one-on-one. He prayed with them so that kind help and then we had to get down to the point where, for the sake of our residents and the type of facility that we are not sure that I can guarantee your job if you don't take the vaccine. All but two of his employees got the message and the vaccine you had to fire anybody. We have not had to fire anybody there is some discrepancy as to whether or not we can mandate the vaccine.

But what you're telling me is we know covert in this country for over a year and in that time, you have not a single case we have a single case, e.g. roads operates three nonprofit nursing homes in the greater Atlanta area over the past year. 26 of the residence of one staff member have died from covert Javon Harvey is marketing director at the flagship facility.

About 90% of African-American women.

The patient's first heard about vaccine. What was the reaction because they wanted to get back to their normal daily function and what about the same time they were excited to see the back residence where you're being very very diplomatic. Not only were the excited they were resistant. Yes they were. They were very say about 30% of the staff were prepared to take vaccine the company CEO recorded a video educating and encouraging the staff to get vaccinated. Javon was initially reluctant, but she got the vaccine and encouraged other staff members to consider it so you work out of the role model in some respects they could seem okay. I didn't have a reaction. I'm not walking backwards and speaking in tongues. I'm actually okay that help a lot.

Well, not so much the company even offered incentive paid time off, bonuses of up to $500 but as of now just 48% of the stuff that it's not great great start, Javon. We've been on the clutches of this pandemic for over a year. How much time people need. We've got 450 some odd sounds and now what's holding him back.

I just think his overall fear. Not quite sure which way to go.

Often, says Dr. Reed, Texan reaction is a function of generation we are seeing from the data that older African-Americans are much, much more willing to accept the vaccine than the youngest.

The population segment in the blackening that's most resistant are going to be our young people. These are young people that have grown up with the greatest level of distrust because of all the issues that they have faced in their life, particularly around the criminal justice and policing issues so they are the ones that are the toughest right now to reach the most intense concentrations of covert occurred at the intersection of poverty, black and Latino neighborhoods.

Los Angeles is a perfect example is really a tale of two cities you have the extremely wealthy Westside and then you have the extremely poor outside enemies June Mauger is Pres. and CEO of St. John's.

Well, child and family center their community clinics in South LA, Compton seen 100,000 patients a year, including 35,000 undocumented immigrant's thing that I've had my on events he has done in the vaccine that sitting up here regarding dispatching Spanish-speaking outreach workers into the Latino neighborhoods that thing you think the Monsanto some fears are common to every community health workers need to provide the undocumented with reassurance on two counts that the vaccine is safe and that they needn't fear immigration, what would you say are the biggest hurdle's in the way of getting the most underserved communities in California infection like a vaccine is a major issue, the arduous website and appointment system is extremely difficult to navigate, and many of our patients who are, day by the time they get home. All those appointments have been taken by folks from the Westside white young hipsters that spent all day searching for vaccine St. John's outreach efforts is starting to pay off with long lines at their appointment only. Vaccinations are patient have the capacity to take in going on for four or five hours asked me to come into a clinic at 530 or six or seven on Saturday don't have the luxury of bringing chairs and sitting on the line, playing on their laptop while they were waiting for preliminary government data confirmed Jim Mosher suspicion more than the 60% of vaccinations have been going to whites less than 9% of Hispanics less than 6%.

To be successful unless we figure out a way to bring the vaccine to the people with the 5000 people a month come to our church to get food and we can vaccinate doing a food drive. We list the faith-based community as partners in the vaccination process.

I think that it will go a long way to get the vaccine. You have to vaccinate. And that's how you going to really get hurt vaccinate the most the most honorable and then you can really start mass vaccination and get us to a place turn. I during this month when we focus on black history. To read story about the fate of the Washington DC cemetery is all the more disturbing is the tale of writing around Virginia state Sen. Richard Stuart and his wife Lisa were exploring their new farm on the Potomac River. When they saw something in the water that brought tears to her eyes and made him feel ill.

Lisa and I looked at each other. Both of us that we are willing to think that this person shoreline and where it belongs with her body where her family to grieve and mourn and remember her life.

That was four years since that time we've been working that long. They consulted with historians followed the trail of name the old Colombian Harmony Cemetery in Washington DC for about 100 years, starting in the late 1850s. It was the final resting place for 37,000 black residents of Washington including many of its most prominent citizens such as Elizabeth quickly, seamstress and confidant of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln Sgt. Maj. Christian Fleetwood recipient of the medal of honor during the Civil War and Marianne shad anti-slavery activist, and America's first black female publisher. So how did all these headstones from a cemetery 60 miles upriver in Washington DC end up here. Well, about six years ago that cemetery was sold, and all those headstones were either sold or given away as scrap a previous owner here, but truckloads of them to shore up this riverbank today. There's a Metro station headstones once only recognition a plaque that reads many distinguished black citizens including Civil War veterans were buried in the cemetery. These bodies now rest in the new national Harmony Memorial Park in Mayor but most were reburied without headstones so the precise locations of the bodies are lost forever. It's an ugly thing and it's ugly because cemeteries are Mark humanity I work with Prof. Michael Blakey, director of the Institute for historical biology at William and Mary says there's a long history in America of what he calls dehumanization of black cemeteries its casual beginning as a nation.

At this point, the kind of disregard. It has a lot in common. He says with the death of George Floyd the murder of George Floyd as I see it by officer Sheldon was casual sober and clearly did not see Mr. Floyd is a real complete human being Virginia nonprofit arts and science.

Action network has taken on the job of recovering as many of the headstones as possible but it is a monumental task so far only 55 have been recovered with thousands more are believed to be very in them. Virginia's governor, Democrat Ralph Northam put $5 million in his budget for the recovery effort and is working closely with his longtime Republican friend, Sen. Stuart Republican Sen. Democratic governor message. Here are some things that transcend this is what happened like all that's music to the ears of William Hart. Great grandfather, William Henry Harrison Hart was a civil rights champion and legendary law professor at Howard University was buried at Harmony has his stone been found in the river know it has not. I think that I would be overjoyed if I found a headstone admits he has every reason to be bitter about what happened but he says that's just not how he feels. I am overwhelmed that other people care so deeply about this issue. Even though this was a tragedy that people care today brings me great joy first nomination for her role in the exorcist here sometime yet another Oscar nod may soon be in the offing.

Nancy Giles has our Sunday profile.

During these challenging COBIT days burst and enjoys her solitary walks in Central Park with the ducks and geese. This company and the occasional human interaction. Frisbee came over the fence and landed near me and I went and got it gave it to the girl and she said thank you and I felt so much. She related to me that I was useful, reason to be on the planet still sees as busy as ever. Her latest film the Netflix drama pieces of a woman with you this time as a mother whose daughter played by Vanessa Kirby loses her baby after a home. If you have done it my way now. It's not easy relationship, but we go through something together that asset is not really bonded. It's wonderful when you get to work with another actor that it's like you're jamming jazz musicians which got to a doctor.

I stick to just let me go that I wasn't I wasn't strong to survive is exciting when you hear that you know your work might be Oscar worthy person's first Oscar nod came in 1972 as Lois Barrow mother to simple shepherds. JC in the last picture show.

It was her first big role in film with Peter Bogdanovich as director.

We had a scene where I hear my lover drive up. Oh my love is here and I just about to open the door and my daughter comes and then I realize it's not my never coming to see me. It's my daughter, I got to spend with my cell I said Peter eight different things to express here and I don't have a line and he went. I know that and he said just think the thoughts of the character and the camera will read your mind that was the most important acting for film lesson I just read it because that's next came the exorcist another mother with her daughter possessed by the devil and another Oscar nomination year later Alice doesn't live here anymore as a single mother trying to do it all in a story that mirrored her own experience in the 70s we all kind of woke up now and when I don't have to be a wife. I don't I could be a woman I can be a white woman I can be a woman without Alice was a lifeless and she raised her son by herself. Like I raise my son itself, and that was never dealt with yet you brought a real total sense of what being a woman was and is to all of your work that is my intention. This time she had the power and the moxie to choose her director of very young Martin Scorsese's first and third time was the charm, but on Oscar night. She was on Broadway, starring in same time next year people waited for months for their tickets to see that Ellen is played tonight in New York. She can't because she asked Scorsese to accept the award for her and I said thank yourself like myself got my space right. She's worked steadily ever since and mentor generations of young actors along the way.

This is probably some of the actors she credits coach Lee Strasburg in the actors studio for showing her how to become her authentic self. It's my creative home I just wouldn't be the person I am saying without space regularly grew up in Detroit during the depression, except for the two years. Her mother sent her away put her two children in boarding school until she got number three. It has been number three know you guys exist and not until she was pregnant with his, which did not make him like a mother daughter interaction almost everything that you do if you like your relationship with your mom was something that helped you in doing these roles. My mom and I had it difficult relationship and I remember sort of taking notes when I was. I miss that I'm not going that in my mind what a good mother. What's it like now for you as a mom and grandmother. Now that I did right by my because our relationship is so real. The last time Burstyn was nominated for an Oscar was in 2001 pills kind of pills, purple, blue, while playing a woman addicted to amphetamines Requiem for a dream.

People say to me will how do you feel at the end of the day after you punch out at torturous stop when you do something that's hard and you pull it off only feels good this year. If she's nominated yet again.

She'll make Oscar history in the category. You be the oldest nominee I think yes and I'm really want that and possibly the oldest person nominated in any category this year, but there is a Roth signer and she gets nominated a lot and she's older than I am.

Anything bad about hand but and if that really is it okay if she can just skip this year's take out with Gary this week. Stephen Long live Mitch McConnell in one of Washington's biggest midterm moneyman list for me to Senate races you think Republicans have the best chance of taking a democratic seed what Nevada not Georgia.

Georgia is right up there with New Hampshire's surprise, New Hampshire people really just kind of don't like you have for more from this week's conversation, follow the take out with Maj. Garrett on podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. This is intelligence matters with former acting Dir. of the CIA.

Michael Morel bridge Colby is cofounder and principal of the Marathon initiative project focused on developing strategies to prepare the United States for an era of sustained great power competition states put her mind to something, we can usually figure it out what people are saying and what we can know analytically and purely as our strategic situation or situations not being matched up follow.

Intelligence matters were ever you get your podcasts and online community of some very concerned people has proven that indeed no man contributor Nicholas Thompson who is just become the new CEO has the tail of the hiker believe he started walking the Appalachian Trail sometime around April 2017 from a state park in New York. He hiked south about a thousand miles and 10 months later crossed into Florida. Also let me know. Kelly Fairbanks was a so-called free angel offering help weary hikers to make an impression on you. I really miss joking and laughing with me a beautiful smile.

I handsome yeah Fairbanks took a few pictures hikers some, video you ask in his name, mostly harmless. That's what he called himself when he was on the trail, off the grid six months after in southern Florida hikers made terrible discovery on their calling from the big Cypress National preserve in Florida alligator Alley body. Okay you on the trail on the trail and noble noble side. The body was cleaned up.

We had a white male.

We had no electronics, no identification, no wallet, no personal information. There was nothing there that gave us a hand at the time, even harm as a detective with the Collier County, Florida Sheriff's office.

We just typically don't see people go to that links most people are not comfortable being completely off the grid like that. Sheriff's Department put out a sketch to look at Facebook at work, you open up the group. They are part of and you see a picture of this person you recognize how you react. Kelly Fairbanks was sure it was mostly harmless his real name remained a mystery.

Sheriff's detectives searched databases using his face fingerprints nothing. The autopsy could even pinpoint the cause of death over the next two years, the case slowly gathered attention like a lot of hiking and things like that and that's part of the agreement, as we all know that we look out for each other. You don't leave someone behind Mikasa Teasley manages a canoe and kayak company in North Carolina surfing online. She became fascinated by the case of mostly harmless.

She helped form a Facebook group to try to identify name for an alias. He sometimes used then ability the group more than 6000 members blown up all the time with people like this person or that person Teasley went through public records, including a government website called Nema's clearinghouse for missing and unidentified persons cases across the country.

According to name us 4400 unidentified bodies are covered each year you every white man. 25 and 60 who is listed as missing and there a lot of them there a lot of missing people in our country. I was not aware of their country searched, but a new high-tech tool held out hope were the only lobby on the status of those kind of advanced forensic testing in house is the founder just outside Houston testing that will cost $5000 money not in the Collier County Sheriff's office budget enter online sleuths. There was a dedicated group of folks that really wanted to see this case move forward so being that funding was the only bottleneck we encountered a situation we open it up. Crowdfunding this particular case it was so much pent-up interest in the case that we crowdfunding with the crowd in the truest sense of the word about eight days is really quick often receive some of mostly harmless his DNA from the Sheriff's Department went to work we do is we capture tens of thousands of markers hundreds of thousands of markers and we do more of a relationship search instead of a exact match will call the geological search results show the mostly harmless was probably from Assumption Parish, Louisiana articles appeared online one for wired was read by 1 million people still months went by, no positive ID. Then Randall got so Louisiana saw the pictures I knew immediately is like a it was his college roommate tingle ran out, spine two and half years after his body was found hiker had a name.

Today we know that mostly harmless was a man by the name of Vance Rodriguez. Thousands of people following the case soon learned that Vance read read as was complicated.

He indeed grew up in Louisiana and he moved to New York in his 30s, he was brilliant computer programmer whose notebooks found in the tent where he died, filled with computer code. Vance Rodriguez was estranged from his family had trouble even abusive romantic relationships sometimes disappear on his friends still. Why had it taken so long to identify partly is it a race distracts partly because no one was looking for wasn't entirely the answer that the people who been working on this case wanted to hear trail described him as friendly a ball easy to talk to real life described him as this little bit of a loner.

What's the difference how that happened. Difference is a difference in your talking to him when he was in a good mood.

He was very easy to talk to is very friendly but he would also turn off the trail people never saw that because if he decided he was talking to anyone he literally just would not talk to anyone and so no one would know and remember perfect was always a possibility for all humans and we all have complicated changes the value of what we think we came together out of humankind. So Latosha Teasley started the kindness project is to harness the online energy that helped identify Vance Rodriguez and to use it to identify the thousands of others remain missing unidentified is a postscript to the strange story of mostly harmless an effort names to the nameless. My hope is here.

Every single person who was a story in some way will at least carry away with the knowledge of like care about. These people are and have friends and family. They do not. This morning Steve Hartman delivers a pizza delivery man got a much bigger piece of the pie last month. The customer here in Tipton, Indiana to weigh more than 15% believe that it's almost like it's a real Robert peters has been delivering pizzas 31 years. Pizza Hut says is one of their longest tenure delivery people, which Robert admits is something most folks aspire to my family that were financially stable. It is my purpose in life trying to make people happy. You know when you're delivering to somebody you may be the only place they see all day. That attitude combined with an almost obsessive devotion to customer service Robert a real reputation in this town Tanner Langley is regular, he says, God forbid you pay for a pizza and Robert can't make exact change will drive three or 4 miles down the road just to bring you $0.15 in change anyway is the moral he didn't want to feel like you at because he did after so many experiences like that Tanner felt compelled to give Robert a tip commensurate with his job performance so you reached out to the community and asked them to pitch in to buy Robert a new car. Roberts 93 Olds was an ancient, but in just three days.

The good people of Tipton donated enough this well shiny red Chevy ballot plus insurance and gas money. $19,000 total to explain the impact that really makes me makes me feel really really good inside. A lot of people think certain jobs are more important than others. Robert proves the most important job that the only job that you know can make the world a better place is yours for later president trumps impeachment trial may be over for the Republican Party is Stella? This morning, Lee Cowan is in conversation with Cindy McCain, wife of late Republican Sen. John McCain. I still suffer from a little better feeling not adequate.

Sometimes you like all who would listen to me anything that they do. I know I know they do and I'm grateful for that stranger to the sway last name, bring most people say why is she the candidate. My wife Cindy McCain husband's life of public service. She was right, including two runs John McCain in 2018. Bring the man who was ever president mourned by several we miss most about L. I never thought I would say is I have missed the chaos in the house because his cat when he was locking the door and I mean that way, it's good. There is always action happening is always something that I miss the commotion and I miss his partnership and his friendship and love and now you just stay by day and with his passing, said the Senate lost its conscience to where is the moral center now without finding again. It swung right now.

Our site is one way to the right ill come back it'll come back to see just how far the pendulum swung, she says, look no further than former president trumps second impeachment trial is acquittal on the charge inside of the insurrection of the capital was proof she says is in danger of becoming a party to find by the personality, one may we have got to overcome this we have to not just as a party that as a country we cannot allow this. They think will be a split within the party probably I know something's going to happen. I know that are priced at 33% and 00 on certifying God the safe room. I'm not suggesting it was inappropriate not going to say from that that he was a fighter sent by Cindy McCain, wife of the late Republican Sen. John McCain is endorsing Joe Biden for Pres. months before the attack. She felt so strongly. She publicly urged her fellow Republicans to turn their backs, transporting a party and vote for Joe Biden for Pres. instead is a decision you didn't take lightly. No I didn't well like I thought about it a great deal and prayed about it and could no longer sit back and yell at the television set, like everybody else and just complain that doing something and so I did the only thing I knew analysis according there been whispers out there about a possible role in the administration something like I wanted to do what ever the president wants me. If he comes back and suggest that we need you here.

I want you to do something. Of course I well you can't turn down when you present says she we need you, McCain and Biden's have been friends. It was first lady Joe Biden who actually introduced John McCain, the then Cindy Lou Hensley back in 1979 in Hawaii. My parents yells over and talk to her as I guess he was looking my way.

I wasn't paying attention. I became would later join Biden in the same view across the I was different on so many issues there friendship never wave I watch my husband argue and fight with Joe Biden with Ted Kennedy and others that he did for the good of the country and that's what we have to do now and afterwards maintained my best friends and it was never personal, but her endorsement was personal for the Arizona GOP center became for her apparent defection supporting a Democrat doesn't mean anything. It's laughable. I'm sorry. There a lot of names in the Arizona Republican Party sensor so I can have T-shirts made with all the sonnet but she wasn't just the Mavericks. Why political life of working McCain Institute on human rights issues, especially human trafficking, but she's never had any desire to run for elected office herself.

She says still doesn't. She's found that rhythm of life without a spouse taking joy in her grandkids and spending time with family pandemic started creating recipes for what she called quarantine cocktails opposed on Instagram, took off all one of the most popular one. Indeed, they are. She does have a lot to toast despite it all, stroke in 2004 left both her mobility and her spirits in pretty rough shape. She returned will love she had for a long time car racecar special took lessons in the art of drift race car until 12 point know that you're about to lose it.

The rest of his blade, but not her that attributed to getting you passed hundred percent celebrate something that I can do in learning and everything to me. She confronted her fear of flying way 80s.

She bought a Cessna 182, and she learned to fly herself to be scared of flying psychologist did this to increase my confidence in at least I'll know what's going on and I wound up letting grief however is proven to tougher obstacle to overcome the Arizona home she shared about a house in the Phoenix neighborhood where she grew up fresh start and one just be here Sen.'s presence, though still looms long bits of his life are everywhere here by the fire became more during his first campaign for Congress. Back in 1982, she had them brought back Sherry will look at the holes in everything that John McCain was a warrior and a statesman for that history will record his achievements for Cindy became it's more personal politics, rooted in family and that she says is what still matters the most is her pressure to carry on the Senators legacy or if you like. You almost have to pressure is what I need to do for my grandchildren.

This part of it. I want them to know nothing ever well I like them to know some thoughts for Sunday morning. Now from contributor's my MacBook stopped working so I made an appointment at the Genius Bar where everyone was 23, someone named Jason helped me. By the time I returned home I received an email asking how the experience to answer. I guess he's fine.

I didn't doubt Jason when he suggested I buy a new MacBook. He agreed to suck the information out of my old laptop and put it on the new one, so I left everything with him and return the next day to talk to Reese who looked like Jason but with a beard. How was your experience with Reese was asked a few hours later rights the survey questions Apple sends out and then I wished that I could write a whole did Gilly make you feel this afternoon I ask this is relatively simple. Is there only two choices is age or be however old Mount Shasta is series B is not rude just fully engaged when you're a teenager and your mother yells from the kitchen. Your granddad's on the phone you think but he just sent you a check so you pick up saying granddad Genius Bar appointment I had last year young man named was poking at my phone when I noticed a white haired woman on the other side of the room. She was likely in her mid-80s wore the same dress shoes which might finally made how I said that woman over there is an using father. My gaze you should go for part walkover and chatter. I mean, hey man, you never now to point out that the which was a good 25 years older than me and I realized that she and I with the same both of us in a category simply labeled old payment. She eats soft food elite soft food invite you out for baked apples and see what happens so that's how my Genius Bar appointment was known was discourteous just patronizing, which I understand.

I was young once there a lot of people my age with computer problems.something along the lines of a with their Apple Store. The logo will be like the current one, but shriveled maybe with that were poking.

How was your appointment with Mabel. The survey will ask you now want to thank you for listening. Please join us when our trumpet sounds again next Sunday morning. Crazy time once final point is when people in the best way to protect people final season Millstream

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