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God's Laboratories, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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February 19, 2020 9:00 am

God's Laboratories, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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February 19, 2020 9:00 am

“Wives, submit to your husbands.” That may be one of the most misunderstood lines in the Bible that raises all sorts of questions for many people. As Pastor J.D. continues in this message from Ephesians 5, he helps us understand the biblical meaning of submission and how, when we use our relationships in marriage, family, and work to love and serve like Christ, we grow deeper in joy and unity and put the gospel on display.

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Today on Senate life with JD Greer to the way you honor your mom and dad when you are an adult is by becoming a man, woman, God created you to be in by obeying him. Which means, ironically enough, the best way for some of you to honor your mother and father, is to deny their wishes when they're at do something against God because the point of parenting is to obey God and what you're doing that you have actually honored your mom and dad, Pastor Katie, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina, just down wives, submit to your husband. Maybe one of the most misunderstood lines in the Bible that raises all sorts of questions. For many people. Pastor Jenny continues in this message from Ephesians 5 he helps us understand how when we use our relationships and marriage, family and work to love and serve. Like Christ, we grow deeper in joy and unity the gospel on display title this message besides laboratory men take that Christlike leadership role MMI's men I met on now to the wife. He says what you were like Jesus and how you submit that leadership, submit to your husbands in everything. So what does that mean first point out what it doesn't mean it doesn't mean the dominance of the man as if she exists as a servant is out to cater to his webs because like I showed you the husband is told first to lay down his life for nor does it mean ladies that you ever allow yourself to be put in the situation where you might be harmed in verse 22 and it says submit to him as to the Lord. What it does me to submit to him as a way of serving God not submitting to him as if he were God. That means that if your husband was ever telling you to do something that would make you disobey the Lord for his leadership ever put you or your family and physical harms way. It means you need to get out of there. You need to get some counseling that concept that mean that all women everywhere should submit all men everywhere as if women cannot lead in the workplace or in government follows only talking about the marriage relationship here. Finally, guys.

I may also point out to you that this verse is actually not addressed to you. It's rest are which means that you can use it as a tool to wield over your wife met her verse, not yours. If she's not doing it. The only thing you can do is to try to be the kind of leader that would be a joy to submit to you play your role in trust God with with her playing hers.

What it does mean ladies is that you allow him the space to steer the family guys I told you this spiritual headship is not licensed to do whatever you want to do spiritual headship is empowerment to do what you want to do wives that means that you don't only follow him when you agree with him or feel like he's making the right decision.

That's not submission. That's agreement what times won't come back from a conference in July, my mother, not a spiritual leader. What I do with that. They wonder you. What is that mean for how I follow him will notice the verse didn't say submit when he is a sufficiently spiritual enough leader in your eyes to something about me and as I'm sure Yorty know this will be just as you hear from the perspective of a man. If your husband is not a spiritual leader, your submission to him in this way can help call him up into that kind of leadership may explain some about guys in the union probably Artie know this but just hear from one of us. Every guy from the day that he is more from the day he emerges from the womb comes into the world asking the question, do I have what it takes and some of us were blessed enough that we got that affirmation from our father's, and so we became spiritual leaders but a lot of guys have lousy dads and so they didn't get that affirmation and so they doubt whether or not they actually have it and then they get married to you, and you can call him up into that by saying you do have what it takes and you can leave your submission creates a vacuum that serves as an invitation and when he does you need to encourage them. You need to say things like that's my man right there that's my man helping make me to see. That's my man. Leadership and watch him come alive.

Listen to both husbands and wives. Let me encourage you don't reject this just because you've seen this warped all relationships can be twisted, marriage, parenting work relationships, but that does just as her twisted and a bit in end and messed up sometimes deadening the frameworks are wrong in themselves. My friend Matt Chandler past Dryden Texas EE says husband sacrificially love his wife and a wife submitted your godly husband creates a relationship that the world would never look at and say how disgusting and archaic. A lot of people who say they are turned off by the Christian teaching on marriage are actually attracted to the Christian marriages that they see me tell you when you do the two of you start a conductor marriage.

This way you're going to find. I promise you that deeper joy that you been searching for and marriage. This is what happy marriages are made of good happy marriages are not about perfect romance. Happy marriages are all about fellowship with Jesus and at its core marriage.

First and foremost is supposed to be gospel reenactment. It's a laboratory where you can learn to be like Jesus and you learn to walk with Jesus.

In fact, when marriages fall apart. It's not because couples fall out of love. It's because couples fall out of fellowship with Jesus you see that relationship that vertical relationship ends up becoming the source of blessing in the horizontal relationship that you have with one another. So this is all about fellowship with Jesus and it's about being so in Manfred with him and walking with him that it then affects how you you behavior, marriage results, what you're doing it for him, not for them as you are single there other laboratories were God works on this also. Marriage is just one of laboratories.

Paul's main objective in all these relationships is not Dixon. The marriage it's it's actually getting you to focus here so there other relationships races.

You can learn the same thing. You can learn this principle submission and selflessness. So is your turn now to these other two relationships. But be encouraged by the way marriage is his main relationship is where he spent most of his time to trust them with my dad sorted his book as a reminder height lab superior children.

Children obey your parents. Paul says in the Lord because this is right.

Many quotes the Fifth Amendment in the Old Testament. Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with a promise and a promise was that it would go well with you and that you may have a long life in the land family is a lab, listen to this, where children learn to obey God by obeying their parents.

Paul's point here is not just the family.

Paul's point is the laboratory that teaches you to obey God.

You want to know how I know that because he ties this to this to the command obey your parents is tied the command to honor your father and mother that honor your father mother is the fifth commandment, which means the fisherman's right middle of the 10 is really right you like out. As you know, the study is right middle which means that there are four important five after the first four commandments watch her all about your relationship with God.

The last five Commandments are all about your relationships with other people don't kill though still to commit adultery right in the middle is this command on your father, mother, here's a question.

Is it about your relationship with God or is it about your relationship with other humans.

The answer is yes. It is about your relationship with another human who for a while stands in the place of God in your life and by learning to obey and respect and submit the them you actually learn to obey and respect and submit to him when were young, our parents represent the authority of God to us. That means for those of you who are living with your parents at home with your not like to retain how you submit to the authority of your mom and dad is how you submit to God means what I can think advertisement how you submit to the authority of your mom and dad is how you submit to God parents eyes right here. Do not be looking at your teenager. This is not for you to play. The Holy Spirit will write me how you respect and how you submit to mom and dad is really how you're ultimately submitting to God parents listen. That's one of the reasons that we take discipline around the house or seriously.

How they learn to respect me how they were to submit to me is other than learn to submit to their heavenly father. I don't demand my kids respect me because I'm me or because it embarrasses me in front of my friends when I don't I demand they respect me because of who I represent to them and I try to teach them that that ultimately this is not about meeting you this is about you and him and I care more about your heart and I do your behavior. Parenting is a lab. It teaches children to submit to God would actually such a printable question I get a lot about this commandment. This was a war not when you're over when you're older you don't leave your parents anymore. You still have to obey them because many of the command visiting to be addressed to this kid's address to everybody so you're already have to keep obey your parents and I know that we have parents in this church you try to control their adult children. We have at least what we have several couples on the mission field right now whose parents forbid them from going after they were adults make the core. The command will honor your father mother you go do what we say was that's where it really helps to understand that this command is given as as a way of teaching us to relate to God. Notice the command itself is not to obey the command is to honor, honor your father and mother because this is a way of relating to God when you're a child the way the that is by obeying what this when you're an adult.

The way that you honor your mom and dad is by obeying God because your parents forgiven you for a while to teach you obey God.

At some point in your life. The authority was supposed to shift from them to him to the way you honor your mom and dad when you are an adult is by becoming the man or woman, God created you to be in by obeying him. Which means, ironically enough, the best way for some of you to honor your mother and father, is to deny their wishes when they're asking you to do something against God because the boy apparently is a teacher obey God and what you're doing that you have actually honored your mom and dad does make sense to talk about honoring your mom and dad and then you are becoming what God wants you because it's ultimate about that now know me safely say this, there are still multiple ways that you and I need honor more moms and dads. By getting their advice on things of your parents have a lot of years of experience on you. They there. Nobody knows you more intimately. Nobody cares about you more so of course you to seek your counsel to live on, calling them sometimes. I've never had a parent look at me for my kid calls me too much.

I'm too involved in the last of them once but but usually that's not the case.

Another way to honor them is to just say thank you to them then. Thank you for the way that you represented God to me and what you communicated to me taking care of them in their older age you realizing that if they took care of you and got you out for the first 20 here's an of course by honoring their we want take care of them as they may grow old as well. That's honoring your father and mother under parents oddball terms of them and he says is what fathers don't stir up anger your children to bring them up in the training instructor or I start like you notice there is not a set I maybe there's one I have never found a single parenting instruction in the Bible. That's not address of the man, always address of the man in our society is always who lead to discipline the family. Mom, dad's dad. The whole book of Proverbs is where you buy more parenting advice and anywhere else.

It's written to a man dad talking to a son. You take the lead here you take the lead here bring up your children in the training and instruction of the Lord what that is showing you is that ultimately the purpose of your discipline is not about controlling their behavior. It's about shaping the heart shaping their heart toward God not controlling their behavior for you and usually when you're stirring up anger in them that shows you that you shifted from shaping of the heart to controlling the behavior, which is usually more about your convenience than their development is ultimately I'm trying to say there are not control their behavior.

There is a ton more. I would love to say on this. I would love to dive into it, but I just will have the space today. I would recommend a couple of books. If you're a parent that you should read immediately. If you have not read them. One is called shepherding the child's heart by Ted Tripp. The other is called gospel power parenting mean some of our other pastors here on couple years ago we did a study with lightweight published a study called ready to launch about parenting and you could get that into your small group. If your smokers got kids in it.

It just these things will will can explore what were talking about it so much more so than that, but we had to move. Number three work work third relationship to point out servants. He says, obey your earthly masters with fear and trim with a sincere heart as you would Christ not for the sake of these verses, I want you to we see the word servant and master what you read that as employee and employer your relationship. Some translations say slaves, but most translations don't use that because Paul is in no way here condoning what we in the Western Wall but think of them. We say slavery, Paul makes very clear and other places in the New Testament the wickedness of that practice. Paul here is referring to a practice that we would think of like indentured servant hood which was typically a voluntary contract that didn't last for a lifetime that you chose to enter into that was not based on race.

Now granted it was not a great working situation because you literally would sell yourself to somebody, but this is in no way a commendation of the chattel slavery system that we think of when we use the word slave.

So for the sake of interpreting this and applying this read those instructions as employees to employers and vice versa.

Because that's really what Paul is talking about here.

This is a Christian philosophy of work which a lot of you have asked about your guy what was the Bible teach about working on his never hear anything on it I get Baker's when you think of a Christian philosophy were you get these horrific images in your mind and we talked about before. Were you. You have a coffee shop called Jehovah job you know a movie you like. That's what it means or Hebrews that so these are actual logos that I found this is not made up or my favorite thing are boxes that that's how I'm to have a Christian God is for you open up a hair salon called his clips are a cut above eye on the Internet. Yet I was, a site that was giving 100 ways to be a witness at work I'll listen to me pretty good so I look it up on some of them were decent but a lot of them like this.

Number 61. I kid you not put up a sign if you have the store, put up a sign that says ask us about our exchange policy. When customers ask.

Let them know about your actual policy. Then ask if they would like to hear about the greatest exchange policy on the planet Jesus righteousness for our sin and like that's good theology, but I just don't. I don't see or does number 60 when a customer has paid his bill in full. Similar receipt that says paid in full. These are the same words, the blood of Jesus spoke from across about your said that's regular that my job remember me telling you about the young two-story 2004 American Airlines pilot who was fired this because he just got back from a mission trip. Any student in the captains deck whatever any good on the intercom for a take off, and he says hey folks, I just want to know how many of you in the plane here are born-again Christians raise your hand and he said those you are not born-again Christians.

I would strongly advise that you talk to one of these people about their lives goes on, the mission trip. How important Jesus is because I think this is a really important question because we don't anticipate any problems in the flight today, but you never know.

You know, and if you like.

I just don't think that I'm to live with that. My job and you're probably correct. You're probably correct. I admire these people zeal, but what policy to give you the better way.

A better way to be a witness and an input on Jesus on display at your workplace. What he says Christian philosophy of work, obey your earthly masters with fear and trim with a sincere heart like you would Christ not by way of thy services people pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart rendering service with a goodwill as to the Lord and not on some man. What I see in that is that Christlike submission at work has at least three characteristics actually in their characteristic number one or A a cheerful disposition toward obedience obey them like you would Christ notice is not contingent on whether or not he or she is a good boss then contingent on whether they reward you properly you like my boss is a jerk.

Yeah. And God could give him what comedy in one day you worry about that, but what you do is you look through your boss and you see that ultimately you're not serving this early master your serving that heavenly so you're going to do your work in a way that is glorifying to him. Even if your boss doesn't treat you the right way because you work for him you're working for him right to make sense.

Not him or her with him. Here's the second thing I see it. He says not by way of I service means you got a commitment to excellence is doing stuff so that you get approval or people when people say it means beyond what people see CS Lewis had the best example for this. He said he said you know when exports came to the New World.

They discovered valleys that as far as he knew no other human had ever laid eyes on before he did and then there's valleys.

They would find some of the most exquisite beautiful flowers. Nobody ever see CS Lewis's question was, he got thousands of years. You got flowers of exquisite beauty that no human eye ever sees. Are they wasted the God waste all his creativity and beauty on something that no human I would ever since. He also said now because for thousands of years in the human Psalm, God still saw and got ultimately creates beauty for himself was a he said. Lewis then took that and applied it to work and he said that means that we even when other people are not seeing the flower of my work. I still do it as a way of putting God on display. Because all toil not working for them on working for him so I don't is doing. People can see and affirm and I do it for Jesus to put them on display is 1/3 thing he says 3rd Way, Christ likes mission work shows up an attitude of servant hood rendering service with a goodwill. This may be the biggest distinction between how how people in the world to work and help. We as believers to work people in the world. See work as a means to an end awaiting you get money for yourself and if you ever get enough money you stop working. I just point work to get money. And when I'm done. I'm not Christian. See, instead, that God created workers way of serving our fellow man. God put us into a world of raw materials like a garden and we take the raw materials of the garden would create food out of that we create things that bless and serve others, which means that making money for me as a side benefit of what I do. It's it it's a blessing God gives me but I'm doing what I do. Whether that's building houses, teaching children, preaching sermons or adjudicating law cases I'm doing all that is way of serving somebody else.

They said that the disposition that you will carry into work that will put Christ on display to see friends, once again we see here that work is a laboratory like all these relationships were.

You learn to serve like Jesus lead like Jesus put Jesus hunts way for everybody to see if the best way that you can be a witness to him again. I have so much more to say on the subject, but I just don't have any more time if you want to go deeper on this on right now media. There is a study on their coworkers worship right now media is given as Netflix for Christians. They got little of the best Bible studies, thousands of them from around the world in one place.

There's one on there that we put together coworkers worship. That'll show you a little bit more about how to think and use your job like Jesus wants you to use. Okay right so listen as Paul nears the end of the book of Ephesians what he's trying to get the Ephesians to see is that in all their relationships, even the most mundane ones. Ultimately, God's focus is on the vertical relationship, not the horizontal. Once in fact if the vertical one is right. The horizontal ones will have peace with a lot of you the got just have disruption in your horizontal relationships and how to pick three areas of your life that are out of control at your marriage, your family and your work. One of the horizontal chaos was simply a result of the vertical disruption. What if you put so much weight on these relationships because you had so little richness in this relationship.

The reason these people here are so big to you is because Jesus is so small and instead of just giving you a Band-Aid on how to fix your marriage and picture home and fix your workplace will gotta say this is after something deeper and richer and better and that is for you to get this relationship right because when this relationship gets right. These relationships will to start taking care of themselves.

Ultimately, it's not a horizontal relational problem you have. Ultimately, usually it is a vertical problem and that's good news because God offers reconciliation.

He offers these things if you will simply submit to him and do things is way if you're securing Jesus if you're focused on Jesus. If you are rich in Jesus.

If you feel safe in him. When you become somebody that is able to be a good husband to be a good father to be at work. The reason some of you can't be any of those things is because this relationship here is damaged. So let me just ask when it is asking is that why God brought you here today.

Did God bring you here today because you got all this chaos in these relationships, and he is calling you. You say it's a problem here and work God laboratories that he uses to make us more like himself eliciting the Senate life with Katie Greer can access sermon transcripts, audio, and other resources free of

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