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Fear, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 2, 2020 9:01 am

Fear, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 2, 2020 9:01 am

Have you ever felt like a deer in the headlights, paralyzed by fear? Anxiety has unbelievable power over us, both emotionally and physically. It can even trigger heart palpitations, panic attacks, or asthma. But worse than its physical effects, fear paralyses us spiritually. As we continue the series Home Wreckers, Pastor J.D. and his wife, Veronica, explain that the cure for unhealthy fear is learning to fear the right things.

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Jamie Greer talked about the true purpose.

Here's a reality it's given to you is give because you have a sense that you can run away from something that you want to run the perfect love of God, you got a sense of punishment, God gave you that Christ has absorbed a punch is nothing to fear. Theologian JD Greer I Molly and I'm so glad you joined us today.

You question have you ever felt like a deer in the headlights, paralyzed by fear, anxiety has an unbelievable power over us can trigger heart palpitations, panic attacks, or even asthma, but worse. That's physical and next fear can paralyze us spiritually today. Pastor JD explained that the cure for paralyzing fear is learning to fear the right things to help them in this discussion. He invited his wife Veronica to join. Let's listen in on today's teaching fear is the whole record we are going to discuss this with your brother. Fear is often what people from being able to enter into some say the blessing of God intends for them. It is fear that keeps you from experiencing what God wants you to experience so that you know what the most often given command in the Bible is almost often to become a lot behold your or Abdul have sex or read God's word and those are all united in their place unify different commands for the most often bitter commanders. You're not first John 418, listen, there is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment. Whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

There's two things are to make this talk this week yet unusual. The first is that each of you truths from this verse, spend the majority were taught applied it specifically to marriage and singleness.

The second reason this is a very unusual time this weekend is because I'm going to have my wife help me do this is to try to help you define fear for a few minutes will do for you two ways that we fear in marriage on the second of his ways. When my wife is going to help me out.

If you take no cheers.

Good thing right down we fear something we think it can really damage us. So what you try to do as you try to control your environment so that you avoid these things. Which leads me to the second thing I was gonna point out here that is, the fear is usually a type of worship you worship something whenever you give something wait in your thinking, like I gotta have this for happiness. I got have this for security so you fear the loss of that thing.

That's why by the way the Bible so repeatedly tells you to fear God, to be clear goal of the sermon is not that you don't fear at all the gold. The sermon is that you fear God, three birthing will point out about fear this verse here that is fear comes from a sense of punishment when you are afraid you know you will run from something the city issued house we will know what you want to week. We are on the punishment of God before Adam and Eve sinned, they were naked, but it didn't bother slavishly because they were closed and the love and the acceptance of God.

Three. Three important things about fear that we give you two ways that fear affects our marriage number. What we did our spouse holds the key to our joy. Our security are significance so we fear them letting us down the same kind of fear that ends up coming into our marriage is the sense that that we are unable to maintain control of something that matters to us a register number two we feel powerless to control the future. This is the point where I thought you probably Artie said too much so I'm going to ask my anointed eloquent life to come up here on our stage, and asked her to just let you women have okay so if you come up is really ironic I might get to talking about being afraid because I'm terrified that that's not the rich irony. I don't know what is email.

I did he said on fear really is something that can take over every aspect of your life and dominate. If you let it time that the fear of things you can't control and the fear of people laying down some and talk about on that person first when God says, and that I won't miss it if I hurriedly says I don't read it on and slip into not be anxious and Matthew.

Do not worry, and I say I do not be afraid. It wasn't just something that was a rhetorical flourish that he said is inelastic saying that awkward minutes.

He said it because he knows our weakness and he knows how remains and he knows that not just women, men, you can operate in our lives on as if we have the responsibility and the power to control our lives and we don't.

And that is the source of true deep anxiety. Women deftly have a tendency on more than men pressure to let our imaginations run away with us. Here's a great one from Spurgeon on this.

Many of God's people are constantly under apprehensions of calamities which will never occur to them and they suffer far more in merely training them and it would have to to enjoy if they actually came upon in their imagination their rivers in their way and they are anxious to know how they shall wade through them or swim across them.

There are no such rivers in existence when they are agitated and distressed about them all the same, they stabbed themselves with imaginary daggers a starve themselves an imaginary standings and even bury themselves in imaginary grades when you have got to range imaginations and first and second when you are actually called to enjoy a great trial when not before realized this one truth that will save you God's presence is very actual spirit will be with you through it and even make it to turn out for your good.

Romans 828 in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who been called according to his purpose. We are afraid of things that we think would be too much for us to bear, is because we put our hope in something that was never meant to withstand the weight of your help and when you get just a taste of that presence of God.

The smallest taste you are able to see how you can go forward without fear.

It's easy to that second point on the Jason talk about we call it the fear of man that's in the Bible because in a few places. Now this is where I live all man this is kind of embarrassing actually. But I think it's like in the title of my life. Sometimes I call people pleasing, but that is just a euphemism how I got. Like to call my kids high-spirited euphemism when I first came back to God.

Never ship college.

My church asked me to sort of tell my story.

And so I did get L and about how when it finally brought me to my knees and back to God was realizing that I didn't have to please everyone around me and try to like make and like you mean and be this person for them and all the stuff and that God already knew who I was.

You knew how bad I was exactly how that I was, and he approved of me because of Christ's no matter what. And so it was just like the most free. There's no words for them is freeing experience in my entire life. I found it easier. I saw like I was flying to my liking and walking on air. This man visits me afterwards great Elder in my church very revered for a long walk with God and said thank you for sharing and encouraging to the Lente seismic clashing after years of the Lord. One thing I say says don't think that just because you flying this victory, this one time but you can put it behind you forever if fear of man will probably perceive you and you will probably have to fight again. Will thinks did you excuse to kill my thighs that okay I really didn't believe in. I remember thinking he's wrong. I will never go back to trying to please man again well. Two years later I found myself with an exercising disorder stemming really all from this desperate need to please the people around me and make them like me and think that is pretty or whatever it was, so when the battle again.

Thank you Jesus.

Three years later I found myself miserably married to JD miserable.

Probably more miserable irony, for it really was coming Lord help me see the turning point was when I began to see that was the sphere of man because no matter what Janie did or didn't do. If I ever felt like he was disappointed in any way in me. Then I scratched it can go on. So when I began to see that that was on things and change press. I have also come to things in a double Titus as I was afraid even ask for help or tell people because I thought what will they think of me. They find out when it likes getting tremendous together hand-in-hand, so that also complicated is still that fear of man. There is this point I will share with you before I go minutes by Angela Thomas. She says here's one thing I can say with great confidence. The man that you love is just a man, he may be Studley and finding an surprising and strong that he will never not in a million years not get the therapy twice a week and keeps every promise ever written be enough to fill your soul.

He wasn't made to be enough.

He couldn't even if he tried, he is just a man and he can only give and love as a man, he was not designed to fill the depth of a woman's longings anticipate every need and jump through every hip those deep places inside you were made for God thanks you sweetheart you were leading up to first John 418 and so what you will want to show you the two things we fear most in marriage or the lack of marriage are the things that the gospel addresses the gospel answer version 14. There is no fear in love, not our love for one another.

When you fear that there is no fear in God's love the perfect law that's your perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment for years is not been perfected in love.

Fear has to do with punishment or fear goes back to the sensor so you been vulnerable, but we have a sense of nakedness. The sense of overexposure and so watch when somebody rejects me the reason that hurt so badly is because it reminds me about sense of rejection that I since all the time because muscle was naked before God, and it ended.

Punishment is the sense of being rejected before God that causes that to be so devastated because what what happens is that other person's approval of me for walls like a covering is or will they approve of me naked a little sudden when they don't approve of me perfectly. Guess what, that's also not stripped away, and I start to feel naked again when things about life start going, not according to plan a sharp a few years. What happened you start to feel alone will abandon nobody's my life is spinning out of control work out right but I'm being forsaken. That's the feeling that you have. My life is is hard. You know that you can go to pay if you know that there is a good and loving person standing beside you that is directing what's happening to me and if you had to go through a very painful surgery. If you know that you're the hands of the best surgeon there is in the world. This will be painful, but your your confident in the midst of that you're not in despair.

The reason we feel the reason that we get so worried about the things that are theirs was we had a sense of punishment, since it we been abandoned that we've been forsaken perfect love.

You see God's love is perfect for us in at least four ways you job is that I think about maybe discussing your small group of the week one.

God's love is perfect in its intensity toward us. God could not love us more than he did what he gave Christ to sold the wrath of God for our ship. God gave us love beyond anything that anybody had ever noted. Certainly nothing that Celine Dion, a very wide service on about God's intense love for us. It was perfect and some intensity was perfect in its security because Christ removed any threat of God were taken away as well for me everything that God could've held against me everything that could separate me from God's love Jesus Christ absorbed on the cross, God's love number three is perfect in its ability to satisfy us. You were created for eternal love. You were created for the love of God which legacy before but those arms that you were seeking in marriage, as were his arms. You know it that's security you are looking for that significant.

You were looking for. That was found in knowing God number four God's love is perfect in its oversight of all things in our lives because we know that the God who controlled all the universe loves us will never leave us of his controlling every molecule of the universe, according to his good plan. There is nothing that could be greater or more complete than the love of God for you. There's no way to God's love to be stronger. There's no way to be more secure.

There's no way to be more satisfying region will look at our lives and if you ever believed that I would drive out fear. How could it not drive out fear of the greatest gift of the universe, and I know that God is directing all things according to his love with God for the globe. What else is there to be afraid of first portable backup of U-verse verse four judge is greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world could damage you happen, the Gothic, although I did know about that what they're all what no course not. Nobody interrupt the outworking of God's perfect plan for you.

All things as my wife mentioned Romans 828 are working together for good to those who love God I love this verse is what God said to the children of Israel before the wooden door to the promise legs are scared like old people like giants and the Canaanites is a world of witchcraft. The big time in the spells and demonically powers a lot of work people what all I can stronger curses or curses a little, you know.what there is part of the green things that you blow us up, number 2320.

There is no sorcery that can succeed against Jacob.

God just was like all you Lord Baltimore is called a versatile rollover dead there's no sorcery has no power that can interrupt God's plan.

Salt 611 a.I trust I shall not be afraid why men actually do to me what did men actually do to me. You trust that God is all-powerful, that is, right now, perfectly directed all things in your life and that nothing is outside of his loving control. If so, stop being dominated by fear is when you really fear God, you can stop. Everything else should understand that what I say fear me when you recognize that God's love is so weighty and goddess are significant and he is really the one that you only need to depend on these all that you need when you really put God in the right place and then you were assured that there is no condemnation for you in Christ. That is when fear evaporates. That's why told you listen, but the goal this message is not that you don't fear the goal this message is that you fear the right thing right on my kids are good example. If you're all things and don't fear the right things there there there there there there for the closet monster, but they're not afraid to play in traffic, closet monster, but stay there afraid of flies, but not afraid of snakes green mama could slither through our yard and they could try to pick it up then will fly lives look like. Don't be afraid of the right things easier all the wrong things you for your singleness you for your marriage fill that litany of things I listed you for your men. You fear women you fear things now. It's a wonder pastor told me to do so well in college when God brought me to himself is one of things God used as a started to think about the fact. What if I died, single be okay.I be okay if I die without Jesus would not be okay not totally changed everything.

Because when Jesus came into the right place and all the rest of it begin to fall into line.

She fears a reality it's given to you as a gift because you have a sense but you need to run away from something.

But you know what you want to run the perfect love of God, you got a sense of punishment, God gave you that Christ has absorbed the punishment is nothing to fear, no condemnation for those of us who are in Christ Jesus, and commence pulses of nothing can separate me from the love of God, how deep, how wide a wall. God is for me who can be against me show you the real beauty of all this.

Okay when you find that kind of security.

You can start to be real and authentic again in relationships start to open up yourselves and intimacy which legacy before, but the human quest is to be known and loved known and loved. Because to be known, but not loved is rejection, but to be love. While not really know what Simmons out you will be known and loved. There's a limit when people get to know you defied so much in you that's not worthy of love to you.

Keep yourself at a distance you won't let them see the real you, but when you've experienced the love of God, because Christ knew you fully and loved you through those things loved you greater than you could ever be love. All the sudden that gives your soul a security so that I can deal with your rejection of me because I have God's approval of me because of the gospel is of average oneness before the gospel is that you are simultaneously more wicked than you probably ever imagined and more loved and accepted by God in Christ than you ever dared hope at the same time, the gospel is is that you are more known and more loved. At the same time and when that happens. See, then I can start to open up myself and I can trust you like and trust somebody again.

They let me down, but doesn't shatter my soul because muscles anchored in God and I can deal with your approval will not be perfect me I can do with my wife let me down should give me a look. Neither of us have our souls anchored in one another anymore anchored in God to begin to open up myself again register God's love is perfect and everybody else's love doesn't need to be better you write it down right if God's love is perfect and your spouses doesn't need to be if God's love is perfect in life doesn't have to be see you looking for perfection in your spouse looking for perfection in life never to find the perfect thing is the will of God. So, anchor your soul winning bets then you say something to 611 got a trustee is my rock and my refuge. I shall be afraid of what can man do to me. Did you verse your first on one socially hope.

John talked with so much at first John… If you live in the light as God is in the light, we can sure fellowship with each other. The world hears ironic groupings, intimacy occurs in the dark right does not have the light which is used darkness to hide our hurts or faults, our fears, our failures and applause, but in the light, we bring them all out in the open it and admit who we really are. That's the gospel gospel is that you are more wicked than you ever imagined and will love it except about God than you ever dreamed. So you bring out your flaws.

You are no because you're secured to the love of God that I can trust again.

I don't have to be obsessed about everything, having control of everything. I don't have to lay the weight of my soul on my wife and say your my source of approval. Significant security and happiness is there's things are given to me in God but I hope you see it messes up when I make just about every week without apology.

I will make it. If you come to church but at 50 years of Bobby Henderson in the next 50 years were the sermons will always be some kind of version of this point. Sphere is a signifier for unbelief in the gospel. Fear is a signal fire of unbelief in the gospel. Fear means running from something, but the greater question is what you running to fear is letting you know that your soul has not been covered in the perfect love of God because perfect love casts out fear the one who fears has not been perfected in love doesn't understand how much God loves them doesn't understand how valuable that is.

He doesn't understand that God is lovingly controlled all things working offers where would you fear you have the perfect love of God, the competence of the soul beers, a signal fire of unbelief know what you're running from when you run into the perfect love of God are you running around here or are you running God is the perfect blend of God is the only thing that can truly cast out here. You're listening to some MetLife with pastor JD Greer and today we had a special treat of hearing from JD's wife Veronica. If you missed any part of this teaching. You can catch it again We have a wonderful offer for you today that will be over at the end of the week.

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