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Patience, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 12, 2020 9:00 am

Patience, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 12, 2020 9:00 am

Have you ever taken a shortcut in life? Maybe you were just a few points away from passing a class, so you cheated on the final. Or maybe you wanted a new car so badly that you took out a loan you couldn’t afford. We’ve all made little compromises like these because we want a better life now. But the truth is that God’s timing is always the best timing, and we can’t rush his plans!    

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Pastor Jamie Greer talks about patient released what God is doing is refining because his highest value in us is our trust in our satisfaction with him in the possession of a curable life is, and he often uses payments troubled life with Jeannie. I'm your host Molly benefits taking a shortcut in life. Maybe you are just a few points away from passing a class so you cheated on the final or you wanted a new car so badly that you took out a loan you can afford.

We've all made little compromises, believing they bring us a better life now and help us get ahead, but today pastor JD explained that God's timing is always the best timing, and there's no way to Russia's learning new series called search for a king and pastor JD title this message. Patient the Bible like the one we find King David study are there really for two reasons. The first is there. They are to point us to Jesus. A king is whatever you look to in your life that would guarantee you stability and happiness.

It doesn't have to be another person is you might be something like romance that could be something that you're searching for like like career stability. It might be success, it might be something that you turn to like some kind of something you enjoy something that adds stability and adds happiness to your life. That is what Kenya will today working to see David deal with an issue that almost all of us have dealt with at some point of the five major deal with her right now.

That is when you're in a situation where things are not going like you thought they would go and things are not going like you thought they should go, what you do when you're in a place to talk about huge temptation that many of us fall into when we get into situations like that one that can completely derail what God is doing in our life. So many of us all fall into this temptation and that is to take matters into her own hands to get ahead of God. I tension between those two.

What should you be doing in that tension is a huge question in my life that you see your David for single 24 chapter 26 consultant 3000 chosen men of all Israel, and went to see David and his men in front of the wild goats rocks. David got a handful of guys with a talk of that with 3000 people. And Saul came to the sheepfold by the way, whatever the cave so we need to relieve himself and David and his men were sitting in the fourth. Dave is very easy because of our desires to interpret our circumstances wrongly, as being something in the will of God when it is not. I hear this and how people think about making decisions to spend money like I want a flatscreen TV and the one on Cella Best Buy that day I got a new credit card application in the mail seriously point our desires are not a good guide to the will of God. I circumstances are not a good guide to the will of God is both good things can be so deceptive. The word of God is the only reliable guide to the will of God, your passions and your circumstances can really lead you astray. They really can't make you justify things that are just not right.

We need to know the word of God. We need to let it rule our passions and interpret our circumstances. So David relates somewhere in the midst of this approach has a change of heart. Saul puts us almost always are to grab some toilet paper something. David stealthily cuts off the corner of Saul's robe. He leans over and holds his nose for six but he said was men. The Lord forbid that I should do this thing in my Lord, the Lord's anointed.

The put out my hand against him, seeing he is the Lord's anointed. Even if Saul is wrong he saying David is saying that this is God's appointed king and these are God's appointed circumstances and it's not for me to take matters into my own hands. I cannot violate the commands of God to accomplish the purposes of God in my life.

So David persuaded his men with these words, he did not permit them to attack Saul. So Saul finishes up flushes is on the cave: Royal flush. By the way, what a read of their mobile charts so it was a whale away data revealed to David comes out of the cave and David comes out because after Saul, he says, verse eight, my lord the king, Sawyer looked behind him, David Balser, this face to the earth and pays homage and all the guys in his army back or fanning themselves. You get the breath of the cave. Verse nine David says Saul why you listen to the words of men who say, behold, a procedure arm in the ways little corner of his robe. He cut off is a 10% goal this day your eyes to see how the Lord gave you today to my hand in the cave and so I'm told me tell you, but I spared. I said I will not put out my hand against my Lord, for he is the Lord's anointed. Verse 11 see my father see the corner of your robe in my hand for the fact by the fact that I cut off the corner of your robe and didn't kill you. You should know that there is no wrong or treason in my hands.

I'm not sin against you.

But you hunt my life to take it verse 12 of the Lord judge between me and you. May the Lord avenge me against you, my hand shall never touch you.

Verse 13 of the proverb of the ancients, probably the agent says, out of the wicked comes wickedness, but only the officer that proverb would be the ends justify the means.

Missing what that means taking God to be taking matters into your own hands look like one of four things they are number one revenge number two stolen pleasure is a way that that we take matters into her own hands. Life as it turned out, do you find escapism stolen pleasure useful justify doing so. Here's 1/3 then compromise compromise. You got you got revenge you got stolen pleasure got compromise the girl who says I'm tired of being single and I know God wants me to be happy. So I get together with this guy was clearly not the kind I should marry, but you know it's going to be okay I is better me of single so compromise is getting to the purposes of God by breaking the commands of God. Here is number four getting ahead of God before getting ahead of God you force a career change. You manipulate circumstances you engage in self promotion makes it happen. Waiting on God means waiting on him. The way that that waiter at that. Religions of restaurant weights on me, meaning that the moment that he sees the moment that he perceives that there is something that's an intention. My mind is ready to do it, what it means to wait on God is that you are so tuned to what he is wanting to do and so patient that you're going to act when he tells you a little force to tell you but you not to get ahead of it's only by waiting on God by pursuing God's purposes in God's ways with God's timing that you experience God's blessing got underway. This is one of the most important skills of the believer waiting. You gotta wait on God because the biggest enemy to what God really wants to do in your life is you getting ahead of all employees.

You got to learn to wait. Here's a question where you the resources to wait. That's one thing I mean you will ever pass with them. Every time I had a marginal test to feel guilty because under so emotional grab all my kids as far as like going on Morse telegraphers where you find the resources the weight we lucky for us, we have a Saul but David wrote recalls that so hold your place there for several 24 foot boat assault 57 Saul 37 unit was the first part of salt of the seven the title is is a mixed home of David when he fled from Saul the cave David wrote this song in first table 24.

This is the tautness of David's soundtrack to what is going through, be merciful to me, will God be merciful to be pleading that God would help them out before he becomes king bring you my soul takes refuge in the shadow of your wings. I will take refuge. The storms and smells of destruction passed by verse to a crowd of God most high God fulfills his purpose for me. He will sent from heaven and save will put to shame him.

He travels me before words that characterize the patient heart.

Okay, forward to rest patient harmful all here in one sovereignty sovereignty verse two verse two in the cave. David said God will fulfill his purpose for me.

I want to break God's commands to get to where God wants me to go to know how to do it but he knows he will do it. David knows that God will fulfill his purpose and nobody nothing can stand in the way of that. David knows that God will give his best to those who leave the choices they noticed, but well server student. The David's prayer.

Here is a mixture you see this of humble pleading in quiet trust things not just sit around your Bible does predestinate, can't change it.

David is asking God to change it. I got change this. Please, I know you can change it, but after praying he trust in the sovereignty of God the ears. Here's a second very important word number two steadfast love verse three. David is confident in God's steadfast love toward him. This is not just resolution the fate it's a confidence that God is working all things in his life. According to a loving plan. The Muslims that I lived among Southeast Asia shadow believe the call talk dear talk dear is the idea that God is already kind of set everything and basically without is without a plan that he or he has arranged.

This is basically fate that's not what this is right here for a couple reasons one you see David pleading for God to do things so one we got you got responding to prayer but more importantly a lot of time something would happen in a Muslims life or their names are well just fate.

You know and back of their minds and think about was paying them back for something that they died that God was noted that there was there was God's evil intent in their lives to mess them up because of bad decisions they make you the gospel gives you something that is liberating on this regard is that I know that regardless of what is happening in my life. God is not punishing me for my sin. Now I know that because God is a report out all the Reformation on Jesus Christ.

Therefore anything that's happened in my life. Kennedy punishment is not to punish twice for the same sin, that would be unjust.

So I know that no matter what's happening Amy back for something to copy Jesus back for the things that I done wrong. So when I went in the gospel.

I have believe that Jesus suffered in my place for my sin. I did all that remains for me this goodness and mercy, not harshness and wrath even in the midst of difficult situations that I find myself in the middle of.

I know that God is working all things together for good.

There are certain things in your life if you like backward motion to you if something happens I want to get a promotion this turn got me why a marriage turn out like this.

Why was I abuse was not I'm not trying to minimize your pain.

I'm not trying to say that God was the one doing I am translating that I'm just trying to say that in the gospel. You know that God is a loving purpose that he was and is pursuing and you and every movement in your life, good and bad is working for that purpose. You believe that do you believe that it can you patiently wait for it doesn't doesn't pray for relief and what God is doing is refining because his highest value in us is our trust in our satisfaction with him in the possession of a character like his, and he often uses pain and struggle to produce that announce but he is always all things, and every moment working for our good. You believe that if you do believe it's you will take matters in your own hands you I was 80 must be awesome. Have your job different say about the stuff you know when you want to live. Got here with us. Like I don't have a real life to anything that but you know I'm going through.

Maybe I don't just listen to David for minute verse four muscles in the midst of Wyatt's. I lie down the midst of fiery beast.

The children of men who see their spears and arrows.

Tongs are sharp swords.

David's being chased by rabid kings try to killing people tried to devour me every night. He says my dreams they haunt me like on reliance yet I think Dave and I know that what you're going through.

We went to bankruptcy week we got an unexpected pregnancy.

I betrayed my friend been betrayed by a spouse got laid off get overlooked for a promotion.

David understands every day and pursued by jackals in at night.

I'm haunted by verse five. Be exalted, all God above the heavens let your glory be over all the earth. But what is that which they pray for their brew to be exalted God's word.

Number three selflessness. David pray for relief, then praise for Lee but his primary prayer for God to be exalted whether David's rescuer in his pain when he pray for me never move beyond personal relief. To God be exalted in your life beyond belief to God's exultation all praying for relief. Would you ever get beyond that recent God. Even if I suffer. The point is you being exalted.

This is one of the primary differences between David and Saul is also a concern about personal exultation thought. Think about his comfort in his name.

David knows that about him and his kingdom. So is willing for his reputation to suffer, and his body to take if it will exalt God. Verse 47. My heart is steadfast so got my heart is steadfast and I will sing and make melody not wanting what number four at his word and satisfaction of the more astute of you to say whether members will start with S. Yes, I grew up Southern Baptist and I can only get so far my roots.

I do have to liberate everyone so satisfaction is March.

What you knew my refuge verse one the midst of the wilderness in the midst nothing happened like I think it should your promises, your comforter enough for me to Mrs. important point. Perhaps that's the second time the Jews were steadfast this time you talk about him being steadfast toward God. The first of uses that were steadfast. What was he talking about God's feelings for him. Listen to this. You cannot be steadfast toward God until you're confident he steadfast were you is huge until you are confident that God's love is steadfast for you.

You'll never be steadfast in your obedience toward him. The backbone of obedience is confidence in the steadfast love of God.

If you are not top in the goodness of God. Do you that's where you get anxious. It's where you get to the sin, it's where you started. Take revenge before you start a compromise all sin. Martin Luther said begins with unbelief. All sin take revenge. Miroslav Wolf, Croatian people transfer the worst genocide in our century made the statement a few years ago Princeton University and him and I think his commencement address given. Graduation is it is that people often say that those who believe in God and those who believe in judgment will become very judgmental themselves what you believe God is not pleased what somebody's doing to become very violent, harsh griddle is exactly the opposite is those people who believe in a God of judgment that don't feel the need to take judgment on themselves. My people are being slaughtered and after, even after it ended and I was ending and he wanted to hate the people that had done so much to us. He said, knowing that there was a God would one day give justice that I did not have to take that justice into myself and I could sit back and rest, and be confident in God because God is the one who holds just as it is a hands that gave me the resources not hate the people that had done so much raw that gave me the resources even begin to love them.

If you don't think the God's plan is good for you then you're gonna try to sample some goodness from outside of God's plan. It's only when you're confident in God's goodness that you'll know resting wait on him.

Davis is God. All judgment is in your hands only to kill Saul purpose to fulfill my life and I'm confident your ability to do it.

My treasure possession only glory and power. I want you to be exalted in the earth, only to be exact that you your my possession when you are confident see in the goodness of God's plan for you. You won't sample outside of only when only when you're confident, steadfast love to you.

Will you be steadfast for him. Imagine you take a friend out to even think about was super nice restaurant sought by gas station on the way they are there is even a gas station stocking up on granola bars and beef jerky and taking you to the Angus barn, but there is not confident the drive to deliver cheap food like no buy you a meal of a lifetime directive and outings.

Barret and Bagley girls resident because are not confident in your goodness that they undergo to try to sample goodness along the way confidence in God. Steadfast is make you steadfast forward sovereignty, steadfast love, selflessness, satisfaction when you're tempted take matters in your own hands and your temper the sender failing orders for always.

You only believe God sovereign documents were steadfast love you still think what's all this is all about you self not satisfy the guns rule of you is always respect others things he is. CCE got a guy a girl is upset because of the war, recognizing how awesome they are really sensitive to criticism. There are sensitive not been praise it up really sensitive but not being given the right opportunities and promotions. I was like that. Sometimes I am like that when you feel like that.

Here's the question you asked yourselves what I asked myself why is God's love and approval. Not enough for me what I can either bounce his wife got for me because all of our problems go back to not understanding the gospel we don't understand how God feels about us or we don't value it enough is enough right is enough massive look what I want when out with this buddies got lapses of faithfulness, everybody. That's why we need community. Abigail speaks up in your small group is what we put you in small grass will encourage you to get into you, and how to know the will of God situation was due to things. God give you to know the will of God was the word of God was the people of God, made an exhibit that is certainly not just the dumbest decision that they make, and I look at them on the magnifying if you wish that this comes as a result might well to ask anybody about that for you made a decision now that I prayed about it to them and hope we don't exactly use of the more reliable the prayer the church. In fact, that's how God answers your prayer for wisdom is you get to the church you pray and then you after you prayed you go in and ask counsel from godly people who help walk you time. So your faith is a lamp to David's face last year's will to get ladies were making decisions about their marriage and you're doing it all by yourself because only people you're talking to your marriage about a people at all word of God and all their giving you worldly wisdom and you can get will the results by peers conclusion. Here's conclusion brings back to the beginning you find yourself in a situation were things are not exactly what you think it should be now be treated like ministries not taken off not relationally. We want to be what you do take matters in your own hands, revenge, compromise did have a God you trust notices it. This is a test of your life. This is really us.

So if you are on a precipice between disaster and blessing you want to be out of a situation right now so badly to compromise. You want to be single yet happy with your marriage struggling, don't do it don't do it do it God's way. God's time, God's blessing.

Trust the waiter and the resources to do this or the steadfast love of Christ. They always are, which is why the most important element of the story is that you see how it points to Christ to give the news every week you in the story you, David.

They remind you of you. Jesus is David like Saul were the ones you thought was all about us when you want you can trust God would want you to control the lives of lipid jealousy. David didn't kill Saul. You know, we had the chance to and frankly deserve to kill Saul.

Jesus didn't tell us when he had the right to David showed Saul grace. Jesus showed us grace David here turns out a shortcut to the throne that he would've had by killing Saul. Joe Jesus was offered a shortcut to the front to the temptation of Christ says that Satan offered him a shortcut to the throat. Jesus had taken him up on it. He would've sat on the throne because what all of us would've died going to hell because she is with a diverse and Jesus could have avoided death and gotten the throne because he chose death and turned his back on the throne.

Temporarily we got to live David let Saul live so that David did get to God's throne in God's way. Jesus let us live Jesus died, he turned his back on his right to the throne because he did that we can live all this is about Jesus. All of it were like Mabel who insulted Jesus, and Jesus refused to take vengeance on us dying instead of getting vengeance on us for what we done. When you believe that you receive Jesus as your Savior. You receive the strength to wait on God and trust in your life, discovering God's purpose for you. Like David starts with receiving Jesus support all Bible. Jesus is the king you're looking for.

He's got dissatisfying steadfast love that your heart rate, power and power only comes in surrender to the Savior who died you're listening to Senate life with pastor, author and theologian Jamie Greer get free access to Jamie's Bible study resources on our website you'll find sermon transcript blog post and more. When you visit Jamie Janie, we've just begun your series on King David called search for a king a little bit about what will be learning in a series unit. King David really was not sure much prominent characters in the Old Testament is also one was fascinating our prayer to the series is that in the life of David we would learn to see Jesus as the ultimate king that we've all been searching for you.

I think this is a particular good reminder during an election here in the United States when a lot of people thinking about what they're looking for a leader some us Christians can disagree on politics stay united in the gospel right searching and injuring the series in one things would like to do here. Some of life is to give a copy of a book called one nation under God.

Christian hope for American politics. Love the subtitle Christian hope for American politics and the something we loved to give you because we believe it would enhance not only your understanding of how to think about politics but also your love for Jesus. Let us send you timely resource now just how I think going online, you're going to church on the right to wonder whether or not they tomorrow feeling and describe how you really know where you stand with Molly benefits inviting you to listen on Friday, Senate life

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