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Who is Giving to Whom?

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 19, 2020 9:00 am

Who is Giving to Whom?

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 19, 2020 9:00 am

What do we have to do to be good enough for God? Some think it’s enough to just live a decent life and not hurt other people. Others think they have to give everything away, and they constantly worry if they’ve done enough! On this edition of Summit Life, Pastor J.D. brings clarity on this issue, as he explains what God really wants from us. It’s part of our study in the book of 2 Samuel called Search for a King.

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Getting your name, your name will world is not supposed to look at believers and say while what great and impressive things they have done they are supposed to look at believers while what great and awesome things God has done enough to just not hurt other people think they have to give everything away and they constantly worry if they've done enough today on Summit light pastor JD Greer brings clarity on this issue explains what God really wants from our series called search for a king and pastor JD title this message.

Who is giving to who out no how much is enough when it comes to giving you whenever you start talking about generosity.

There's a question that works inside of some people's heart especially if they have a certain personality type and that is how much is enough, you're asked that question like when do I quit feeling guilty when I quit feeling like there's always something else to be doing a lot of that I've given enough. Here's a confession that you will often hear from a pastor that is that I have spent a great deal of my life feeling guilty about various things go some speaker would come along with some new cause about what's going on the world and how real Christians to care about that because, you know, for example, when I was in college. It was missions 1.8 billion people have never heard about Jesus and so naturally people who really love Jesus and people who love lost people to be involved in missions and other core mission trips, and so I got involved in mission trips I went to 25 different countries.

In the space of 10 years, including living in a fundamentalist Muslim country for two years and then I later learned that real Christians care about the poor, and so you know I was like what I've got to give generously to the Department of Labor and I remember the speaker who was talking one time who said he said you actually love your material blessings or comforts you love those things more than you love the poor. They even point I said that the decorations you have on your wall.

How many orphans could the money you spent on the decorations you have a new hobby. Orphans could benefit from up in India you actually love your wall decor more than you love poor orphans in India, you fat disgusting overfed American did not actually say these words but I felt coming from you now and then MMM and later I learned that you know real Christians are aware of the adoption crisis in the world. Real Christians. Of course I love the fatherless to how many homeless fatherless kids.

Should you have living in your house you know at least one unit, maybe 15, you know, a real Christian should care about the problems in our inner cities yeah heard about people who, rather than living in the suburbs, though I know the real problems from inner cities of their families to measure neighborhoods and moved into downtown areas. That's real Christians to think maybe I should uproot my family without a neighborhood where he got into a ghetto downtown that you learn the real Christians love refugees people from Burma. Do you have living in your basement to dream to have a basement that you live downtown in a ghetto area and libations down there is your little 500 square-foot house does all the rest of what you gave away the mission. You know, I mean how do you know God's will for me was when I was in college reimbursement in seven or the apostle Paul says that you can be most effective in ministry.

If you were single as a couch. It also borders any if I love Jesus then and I really love ministry and I want my like that maximum impact should be single. Should I just quit. So I tried several rows and it was good I was to be single totally did not work for me was clean, unusual all women everywhere and so I quit doing that with the question is how do you know how you know what God specifically wants you and how you know when you've done enough.

This every priority in having this every single one had your name on it. I how much is enough. Some of you are asking that question. On a more basic level. This two times a year enough.

Should I double that the four is it 26 times a year. That would God really likes is going to come 52 weeks out of your element to do that. How much is enough. How moral is enough know what, what's the curb worth the cut off line. How do I know that I'm a good enough how much do I need to give what is it that I've got to do to get back into God's good graces and that's the question that I know that many people who come to church at this time are asking how much is enough. I want to show you that both of these questions that we ask are answered in the most profound way in the passage that were to look at this point. Second Samuel chapter 7 second Samuel seven is one of the most famous prophecies about the birth of Christ on anywhere in the Bible.

And here's one of the things I love about the set up here is that this unbelievable prophecy is given in response to David asking the very same questions that I just presented to you to let those people think that there's this slight dichotomy between deep biblical truth and in day-to-day life issues you like to talk about life issues you talk about biblical truth, but never the twain shall meet. That is totally not true. That's more the secrets of the Bible is the most basic pressing questions that you deal with in life are answered by the deepest and most profound biblical truth and effort you to see take a single chapter 7 were to begin in verse one Mr. Lemos to the shopper to you makes a comment to draw some principles out of it for you to apply and to interpret your life through your chapter 7 verse one now the king lived in his house of the Lord to give them rest from all his surrounding enemies. The king then said to Nathan the prophet see now I dwell in the house of cedar the ark of God dwells in a tent. David is now thoroughly established as the King, God is given him a stable kingdom is defeated all of his enemies.

The land is prospering and is at rest. Nathan is the nation's pastor Nathan and David are sitting together out on David's back porch. After dinner with a couple of decaf coffee's are overlooking Jerusalem the smoking some pipes and David's eyes falls on that tabernacle outside of his palace, the tabernacle was a tent that guided had his people built for him. It was basically a series of court was a tent that inside of it was the ark of the covenant were God's presence, what with his people. Now, by this time the tabernacle was a couple hundred years old at least.

And so it was getting rather threadbare. David says to Nathan, he's like you know this isn't right. I live in a nice house that smells like cedar cedarwood estimate Spencer stop and bed Bath and beyond recently and look good like cedar hangers 15 bucks each. That's an expensive stuff and David's side I live in a nice house made out of cedar God lives in a tent or warehouse or whatever know when Nathan responds like any pastor response when somebody is really rich comes them and says I've got a lot of money. I want to invest in the kingdom of God make is that the data verse three, and all that is in your heart.

That's all pretty standard stuff right there.

That's a natural reaction for a pastor next to the part that usually doesn't happen. Verse four. But that same night the warlord to Nathan verse five go until my servant David, this is the Lord you build me a house to dwell in God tells Nathan to go back until the rich got not to give his money that has never happened to me just so you know that the scene I would obey God is never happened. Verse six.

I have not lived in a house in today. One of the people of Israel from Egypt to this day I've been moving about a tent dwelling real quick.

This is a pretty awesome thing about God in the Bible is called the incarnational principle is the idea that whatever conditions God's people ran God must be in as well. So when God's people roaming about the wilderness, you know, living without a home that's what condition God wanted to be yet you wanted to run with them when we are suffering we are in pain wants to incarnate himself among us, and live among us and share our suffering and our poverty and our pain right verse seven and all the places where I've moved with all the people of Israel, did I speak a word, say, why not build a house cedar, it's me. There's a certain playfulness in here can hear it from God to build me a house even you think I'm worried about my accommodations down there, David. Have I ever said you I'm tired of this drafty old to you think I want to see your house. Cedar is for hamsters.

David my streets are made of gold, not cedar you got no idea what my real house looks like up here and if I really need is a nice place to live.

David, I would be coming to you asking you to spot me some money so I could build a nice place.

I verse eight I took you from the pastor shepherd boy, I took you from following the sheep, you should be prince over my people Israel, and I have been with you wherever you went and I have cut off all your enemies from before you, and I will make for you a great name and I will appoint a place I will point to place my people Israel, and I will plant them so that they may dwell in your own phone place to be disturbed and I will give you rest. All your enemies. Moreover, the Lord declares to you that the Lord will make you a house is the emphasis on here after the actor God says this is not about you give me David, this is about me giving you this is not about you build me a house. I'm building you a house. David is not.

I'm not sitting on heaven, Dr. David just bought me a little bit of money I could get out of the squalid living conditions in a minute and I have a real nice house and realize kingdom. I created this thing from you and the God who has everything in the God who needs nothing on the giver and the receiver. Verse 12 when your days are fulfilled and you lie down your father's. I will raise up your offspring after you come from your body and I will establish his kingdom. Now we're getting into one of the most famous messianic prophecies out of you, David, son verse 13 he shall build a house for my name and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. Now look closely at this next part is a little confusing. It's a little deep saying when verse 14 God says I will be to have a father and he will be to me a son. When he commits iniquity, I will discipline him with the rod of men. The stripes of the sons of man by step as well. Not apartment him from Saul my put away before you know something really get tripped up here because I wouldn't. I thought this was a messianic prophecy which means that it was fulfilled in Jesus. But how could this prophecy be about Jesus since it says if he commits iniquity, God will punish him since Jesus never committed any sin. That is a great question. It is a very astute question and I'm impressed you would ask. Here is the answer most biblical prophecies have a dual meaning.

There is an immediate meaning. And then there's an ultimate meaning. The first fulfillment of this prophecy was David's immediate son Solomon. Solomon would build the most incredible temple of God and the throne of David would be established through him. And even though Solomon would do some really stupid Saul like things like having 700 wives and worshiping idols. God would not strip the throne from him.

What you get from Saul because he made a promise to David. Here they never do that. But Solomon is not the forever king that God had promised Solomon would be a pretty big disappointment.

I can, but ultimately his sons with them so badly that God would ride Israel out of the land into captivity so this prophecy is pointing. Solomon writes going to Solomon but going for him, beyond him to another king that would come, he would also be a direct descendent of David back in the morning.

David's own hometown lamp, he would establish the real simple point to the Temple in Jerusalem and say. I think that three days now rebuild. You cannot rebuild of every days of the 40 years like 3000 men build that thing you cannot rebuild every day is that I will talk about that simple deductible was disassembled to you that Temple was where God came to dwell among his people. I God coming down one among his people on the real incarnational principle I'm really where I came down and took on your pain or suffering, living conditions and I dwell among you talk about that Temple will Temple you tear it down right you crucified three days. Always a backup in the beyond that, after resurrected him to come live inside my people and I would take the temple of God into them over here. This is just a symbol of the real temple which is me coming to live inside of you right verse 14 he would not need to be punished. Jesus would not be punished with the stripes of man. Never commit sin, but he would be bruised for our iniquities. He would be chastised for our peace and our price of peace will be laid upon him, and by his stripes we would be healed. Jesus verse 15 would assure us that God's steadfast love and never leave us taking the stripes we deserve for sin in our place. Jesus would rain forever. The real son of David that is being pointed to hear the real son would build the real temple of God and establish God's presence with his people forever would be Jesus he would not just be David's son would be God's son, born of a virgin and he would build the house of salvation for God's people on earth all by himself. He is the fulfillment of his own privacy look and so God concludes verse 16 in your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me to put in parentheses there by me before me, and by your throne shall be established forever now love this verse 18. Then King David went in and sat before the Lord. That's totally the opposite. Get busy for God and not a lot of building going on. They went and sat down and said well I'll Lord God and what is my house that you have brought me thus far and get this small thing in your eyes the Lord God. What more could David say to you because of your promise and according to your own heart. You have brought about all this greatness to make your servant know it's if you underline stuff in your Bible.

You're gonna underline the word sat know it because those are the two most appropriate responses to salvation. Salvation is not primarily about you doing something for God. Salvation is about you knowing something sitting in started on the presence of God. Realizing and being overwhelmed at what he's done for you. Yes in Christianity you will do things for God, but what you do will be a grateful response to what he's done for you. You can never out give God. Verse 22.

Therefore, you are quite old right. David's great also house that was awesome because with all the different.know you are great. Oh Lord God, you, because you gave me a house in the for me what I can never do for myself is nobody like you. There's no God besides you and who is like your people Israel.

The one nation on earth. And God wants everything to be as people making himself a name and doing for them great and awesome things by driving out before your people. You redeem for yourself of Egypt nation and its God your name not by your name will be magnified forever. The world is not supposed to look at believers and say wow, what great and impressive things they have done for God. They are supposed to look at believers and say wow, what great and awesome things God has done what is supposed to stand out about us as people look at us is God's grace and his power that is exuding from our lives.

That is so far beyond anything that we could ourselves accomplish that people stand in awe, not of us but of what God has done for us.

The example that God pointed to the David pointed to was how God delivered Israel from captivity. When you look at how Israel will deliver into captivity does know what you never look at that and say well what incredible political shrewdness that Israel had to get themselves out of captivity. What incredible leaders they had. What incredible soldierly skill that they use in overcoming Egypt now told you before. Moses is like the complete opposite of a good politician, is the complete opposite of a good soldier. We Moses walked into Pharaoh's court is a shepherd. It smells like sheep sandals on the stick he walks up to Pharaoh I told you we got a totally wrong image because we think of Moses as Charlton Heston, a big old, cannot you sit for five God says of the deep dear baritone voice. God says let my people go.

Pharaoh you know one thing we know about Moses is that he says he had a very weak voice which means that he stuttered. Or it was mousy or it was feminine. No. And so it didn't sell them at my goat cinema like you know everybody busting the laughter we talked like he was just got in Pharaoh's back was like all right what you what you want shepherd boy you and and and and and why should I do that what you got your nonbinding note what you got to stick all stick years in Egypt, awesome, not not Moses knows.

Remember Moses knows that his status was to do some tricks even though they are to take that step is like what here's like to go and take this ticket frozen on the ground, this one a talk for a moment I want to go back and watch it heaven because you know this is the moment of truth that stick to the ground and nothing happens. This is a really awkward moment for most domestic that's prompted when it turns into a snake and that unleashes the 10 plagues which have nothing to do with the power of Israel. The sun gets dark in the Nile turns the blood no time to stop as Israel is leaving Egypt, Pharaoh is not shaking his head on the lookout awesome Israel is the shepherd of the slaves will count awesome God is doing for his people what they could not do for themselves the house of salvation that is being built did not say being built by Israel for God said being built by God for Israel, they were supposed supposed to look at us like trophies, works of art and demonstrations of God's power.

Remember a few years ago, when China hosted the Olympics. They opened it up with that unbelievable fireworks display and all the commentators made the statement. This this was the reason that they did this as they were trying to show the look at that and say man lookout for charters, look at the technology they have. Look at the economic superpower. They called we were supposed to look at that pyrotechnic display and stand in all China's new greatness. Christians are to be God's pyrotechnic display.

Our lives are supposed to burn with evidences of God's miraculous greatness right now. There's your package.

There are a few absolutely crucial biblical principles embedded in that passage that you got understand in order to make sense of the questions we started this thing with. They are encouraged to write in them and they want the grace principal place most counter cultural Christian principle that goes in the face of every religion in the world. You gotta pay attention to this, the grace principal, David wants to go got a house that's actually a pretty common desire for kings in the ancient world when the king came to the throne. It was common for a king in the ancient world to build a house for whatever God they believe got them to death right and then they would try to through the building of the house make God happy enough that the God would establish their kingdom forever team. Todd is a great example after he came to power in Egypt to build a big huge temple for Ammon rock. One of the one of the wonders of the ancient world right in Ammon.

Rock said in response to what team tarted built for him and one of the Egyptian Oracle. He said that because the house you built for me was so beautiful and so glorious because you may be so famous in the land of Egypt.

I'm to give you a kingdom that spans the globe and last for millions of years, and not your King tut got his money back on that one but you probably should have right so every new order in every other religion. Ancient world was this team builds temple for God.

Beauty of the temple makes got famous in the land God thanks king by giving him a strong kingdom. This order, which is the order of every religion in the world is here rejected by God. God's order is my power establishes you people marvel at my grace and my power in your life right I build a house for you.

You live in grateful response to me. You will always the debtor. I am always the giver. I never stand in debt to you that you're not learning anything. When people look at you, they're not going to admire what you've accomplished for me to admire the grace that I've given you by again the house that I give to you is not to say built by David forgot to go by Dr. David the grace principal God's salvation is given to us as a gift, not something that we are.

This is the part of the gospel were most people stumble is a gift which means it is costly for the giver. But it is free for the recipients.

Salvation is a gift that God gives in which he paid the full and entire price. Your part is only to receive it. So people ask how much is enough.

How often money to come to church.

How much do I have to give for God to be happy with me.

Once the 12. How much is enough. That question shows you don't get the gospel, salvation is a gift that you received it cost him, not you say how much is enough.

Jesus has done enough, and gives it as a gift to all who will receive it. Christianity is not about you living a good life and giving your record to God. It is about Jesus living the perfect life and then giving his record, you as a gift. You live the life you were supposed to live. And then he died. The dead were condemned to die and get you that is gift if you would receive never out give God the freeing truth today on Senate life from Pastor Arthur theologian JD Greer any part of this message you can hear it again online JD why there you can also browse previous messages, download the sermon transcripts and search through our extensive collection of blog posts from Pastor Janie all available free of charge. JD Senate life is here for you every day on the radio and online team that makes it all possible and donate. We need to say thanks by offering one nation under God. Christian hope for American confidence and humility. So gift today and remember to ask for your copy of one nation under God, I 28 five online JD continuing extravagant generosity and Molly. Be sure to listen Friday

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