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Self Destruction

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 23, 2020 9:00 am

Self Destruction

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 23, 2020 9:00 am

King David is one of the greatest Old Testament heroes. He’s known as a man after God’s own heart, the one who defeated Goliath and saved Israel. But even he wasn’t perfect. In fact, he messed up big time! And as we learn about his greatest failure, we’ll discover the importance of fleeing from sexual sin.

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Hey everyone. So before we start today's program. I wanted to share how much we like here for you and are thinking of you during these challenging days. I know many of you perhaps know someone who's been affected or fearful that this virus will touch you or your loved ones and here's the MetLife we describing encouragement you to lead you to faith and not to fear. So email us or call us with your prayer request. Visit the blog for teaching and guidance on navigating tough waters dive deeper into the online archive of biblical teaching to help build your faith, but most of all listen when I say this, keep your eyes on Jesus.

He is the healer.

He is the provider he is the sustainer we are so glad you've joined us. Let's get into today's program today on Summit life JD Greer talks about a relevant issue. I think you are a great picture of the differences between men and women and help both of them get into trouble with sex different ways. They would get caught up and said because he doesn't keep himself rushing to get caught up exhibit she wants to be noticed.

The application for you guys stay away from the face. It is easier to avoid some fish about as a result Summit life, pastor, author and theologian JD Greer. I'm only bit of edge you're joining us today for a series called search for a king where we're learning from the life of one of the most famous Old Testament heroes is known as a man after God's own heart, the one who defeated Goliath and saved Israel but as will see today the great King David wasn't perfect. In fact, he must big time, and as we learn about his greatest failure will find wisdom for our own lives about avoiding the trap of sexual sin. JD titled this message self-destructs 11 so you can begin to make your way there to accomplish something today the life of David that is relevant, I believe, for all of you that is sexual sin to see David in this chapter make a devastatingly bad decision that just about ruins his family and just about dismantles his kingdom sexual sin. As you probably know, has brought down some of the strongest and the very best of people would you just think about David was permitted. David was the shepherd boy that God chose out of the past related king. He was the one that God said is a man after my own heart. David was the one whose courage and character was forged in those pastors when he fought a lion and a bear and killed them with his bare hands by the power of God. David was the one of such courage that he charged onto the battlefield face Goliath all by himself when everybody else is terrified to do that. David was the one whose confidence in God was so strong and trusting God was so strong that David refused to take vengeance on Saul. Even with all of us would've said he had every right to. David resisted every opportunity that was given to him to make himself larger in the eyes of the people that God David resisted every opportunity to draw attention to himself. He was generous, the most beautiful Christian worship song songs that we still see the church today. He was in every way. One of the greatest men of all history that here he is about to do something so bad so deceptive and so twisted that before it's all over. He will have conceived a child with a woman who is not his wife killed her husband and then covered it all up sexual sin is so powerful that it is so distraught and yet it is so easy to access. Sometimes it feels like an overpowering urge that you just can't say no to is usually more involved in it. By the way, the just physical urges are usually psychological, and emotional and deep soul elements involved in by the way, when I say that I'm not just talking about women either.

There are psychological and emotional elements in sexual temptation for guys to for a lot of guys, sex is way power to waive establishing her self-worth. They say that there are three major stages that a guy goes through in his life and how he gages his manhood compared to other guys all you cannot set himself on the on the scale. The first of the high school you do about your athletic ability. You measure your you measure yourself as a man, but how athletic you are in college to become your sexual prowess is are you measure your manhood by by how well you do sexually compared other guys in there when you get out of college he turns into earning potential. How much money you make. And that's how you measure your manhood about one quick rejoinder. I realize there are many people who think the idea of talking about suction church is an appropriate and honestly I respect your opinion.

I really do and I specially respect responsibility to know when your kids can handle certain ones to be streusel so I respect your opinion but to be totally truthful with you I think that is crazy. I realize that makes it so I can really respect your opinion but you will never change nobody to pornography now is 11 sex.the average age when I looked at pornography is 11 such dominates the airways and the television screens and second Samuel chapter 11 walk to the store were to begin in verse 111 verse one in the spring of the year.

The time when kings go out to battle David sent Joab and his servants with him and all Israel out to battle.

But David remained in Jerusalem stop there for a second because there are two things that happen in these two verses that on the surface look like they have nothing to do with sex at all, but they are integral to the plot of the story line and I would encourage you to write down because there how the author setting up this whole account.

Write down one David was blessed to David was disengaged one.

David was glass number two data was disengaged on the breakfast bar one at a time talk about the number one, David was blessed.

Things are going really well for David. Did you know there are two major times with sexual sin is really appealing to you the first time a great stress in a time of great stress, such as like a Savior. It's an escape at the place but you feel like you can retreat to, as a guarantee place of pleasure that overcomes the stress and pressure you fill in other areas of your life. But the second time that you're really tempted is in a time a great blessing because when things are going well for you. You tend to forget how dependent you are on God.

And when you forget how dependent you are on God. You tend to think even subconsciously that you can go out your own and you're not as worried about breaking the rules, see what happens is when you're blessed you begin to get a false sense of confidence that you really are on top of everything your charge of everything.

You and I when we are blessed us when we're right in the place where Satan can most take us out number two David was disengaged.

David was disengaged in verse one decent show at up to fight the battle itself that is the first time that ever happened in the life date David.

The warrior has become David the vacation is lack of engagement makes him susceptible cheap thrills like this down the way to successfully resist the enticements of this world is to be busy with a higher purpose. The way to successfully resist the enticements of this world is busy with a higher purpose for a lot of people their lives were so empty so pointless that the excitement of sex promises a fulfillment that they desperately crave. That's why you're so driven by it's not just the physical lust thing. It's a miserable soul thing.

That means the only way that you can break the power of sex you is to be involved in something higher, to be more excited about God's plan for you, then you are enticed by the lust of the flesh.

Men won't be controlled by sex when you're actively engaged as the spiritual leader in your family. That is why some of your social supplement for you not living the life of courage and ministry that God has designed you to live another spiritual leader in your family are sitting on the sidelines.

This indicates from the battle. It's a lot more difficult to take your pants off when you're in a battle that is when you're lounging around on the couch all agree on that night ever try to take off your pants in the middle of a rugby match. I let that be a metaphor, you okay verse two verse two.

It happened so what happened late one afternoon with David Rose Roche McAllister was walking on the roof looking South that he saw the rueful woman who is baby than the woman was very beautiful Hebrew word therefore beautiful is the work to obey, which literally means fine, exact translation of it and it also usually right people, by the way to the fact that it note for Bessie but was fine and I just find it very fine reason she was not your mama hot okay write this down number three. David was in a place where he could be tempted.

David was in a place where he could be tempted is walking on the roof of the Old Testament version of browsing the Internet alone late at night he points he clicks he clicks again many 12 is feeling start to overpower them.

So invite your upper drinks. One thing leads to another and then switch with like yourself to. It's easier to avoid temptation than it is to resist.

It is easier to avoid temptation that is resistant like a come back to about 15 times over.

Done today to develop better first forgetting that, let me show you Bathsheba's role in all this because Bathsheba I believe is not entirely innocent in this matter by any means, but first she offers no protest to David when he sends for and elsewhere in the book of Samuel whenever a woman makes a protest against an inappropriate sexual advance. The author always reported to the fact that he doesn't record here means that Bessie was coming to him was fully consensual. She is a little starstruck but David back. I want to go out on a limb here and say that I think she intended for David to see her naked. David's balcony is within eyesight of where she's taking a bath late the president of the United States, lived right behind you. Don't you think you would know yes you what.

There's no way should realize this now. Was she trying to seduce them probably not. Maybe she just enjoyed the attention. At the very least, she was not being careful about what David could see. I think this gives you a great picture of the differences between men and women and how both of them get into trouble with sex in different ways. David gets caught up in sin, because he doesn't keep himself away from temptation.

Bathsheba gets caught up in sin because she wants to be noticed. So the application for guys staying away from temptation is easier to avoid temptation that is resisted told you before that quote by Martin Luther figurehead is made of butter. Stay away from the fire just makes sense, but are going out of the fire does not turn out well if you can't not look at pornography when you're on a business trip, call the hotel before you get there and have them turn the TV all they will do that if you can't control yourself and your wife goes to bed and you're on the Internet that have one of those things that was a filter that shows what website you been looking at all play with your family. It is easier to avoid temptation that is resistant Kaiser for guys. The implications of what you will limit here is avoid temptation.

Caesar avoid temptation and resist that for girls and now comes the most unpopular part of message would not run the application is quick wanting your body to be noticed or at least be careful about how easy you are making it for your body to be noticed right now starts. I wish that I could convince some of you girls just think a little bit when you put your clothes on. I know it's not like you're directly trying to seduce a guy get all offended when you speak sexually to you but it's clear you want your body to be noticed. I mean, why else would you have a plunging neckline to write notes for me to read on your rear end, it's a cheer or spandex fitting skinny jeans which I've already established it as ankle-length pennies right hundred three types are not pants two different classifications of unknown it's partially awful lust, but maybe you could think about dressing in a way that directs our attention toward God and not toward your body you I got what you want me to do were denim jumpers and munchies a Bible verses on no okay I think my wife dressed stylishly and modestly.

I just would you take some precautions and how you dress like knowing that when a guy is consumed with lust for you. He cannot simultaneously be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. I love for your brothers were so fragile in this area you can help them in their relationship with God, just by how you dress it's just compassion for us.

Yes girls I know it's our fault. We strike the match to light a fire last but for God's sake you want the pile twigs at our feet and douse the gasoline okay you help the friends we also friends are doing it is easier to avoid temptation is to resist sand. That's my point. One more thing by the way on this one. Move on. This is about more than just porn and dress you guard yourself emotionally. There is a right and a wrong way for married men and women to interact with each other who were not her spouse. Very emotional needs that are to be fulfilled by your spouse. It should not be filled by the other person married women.

If you are pouring out your soul to some old friend on Facebook.

You are setting both you and you up for disaster. It is easier to avoid Tim Tatian and resist verse three and David said and inquired about the woman once said this is not Bathsheba, daughter of Elian, the wife of Uriah the Hittite or other phrases on the Brandon kind a like genealogy is the author set up without you to somebody's daughter so my wife from his mother why she doing it because you see sexual sin almost always objectifies someone they become an object of your pleasure and you forget that you're doing somebody's life. Usually multiple people's life. Some of his mother. Somebody's daughter is white or future life, not just enjoying somebody's body were tampering with their soul you are sabotaging the life of multiple layers of people same server.

Bathsheba, she wouldn't haven't just having a night of pleasure with the king, she was destroying a man, his family and doing great damage to God's kingdom. God's rules for sex are not arbitrary people sometimes act.

I got a minute sex and really enjoy that I need to fix that in a little bit that's not how it went down. God created sex, which is the unity of body to be accompanied by a unity in every other dimension of life, so that when two people's bodies come together in sex that is accompanied by Union of souls union of emotions union of futures and a lifelong commitment. Union of bank accounts oneness of the body should be accompanied by oneness in every other area and when sex happens like that is a great blessing to a relationship and something that furthers the relationship, but when you have oneness of body apart from oneness in the other areas rather than being a blessing to the relationship, it becomes a curse is not just having another pleasure in her life and his as well. Verse four today and sent messengers and took her and she came to me lay with her she can purify herself or her uncleanness, not phrasing which try to show you something.

That's true human nature backbencher now she's taking time make sure she's religiously pure yeah because adultery is not impure at all.

God just understand that if you think somehow God is more impressed with ritual religious observance like coming to church or typing when you're living in outright rebellion to him. You understand that God will not be mocked.

That's what she was doing and that's I wonder sometimes how many people are sitting here thinking this is what God wants me live in rebellion him all week. God says he will honor their lives with their hearts are far from me, and their show of religion sickens me to bring their bid. She returned to her house. The woman conceive and she simple David, I'm pregnant now starts pretty complicated somewhat ingenious cover-up. Davidson's word to Joab and says general to say how to write components.

Her husband Isaac briefed me on the war. No dry gift bag grassroots explain what's happening in the war there is a gay or whatever, whatever is great what you hold dry. Get a good night sleep you married Uriah all you are really okay once your wife misses you to let you go on down your house. David is of course thinking that your eye has seen his wife in a while and well established that she's pretty hot today begins in the Hebrew version of an aphrodisiac, which I was a razor gay presenters and where does the work. Back then, and I sent him to his house. Thinking that you Bathsheba will get it on and everyone will assume the baby is Arius. But here's where the real drama starts. Uriah refuses to go home. Verse 11.

Look at your eyes like a all my brother soldiers all sleeping on the cold in danger, and the ark of God's other two are not to go home and have a great night my wife and my brothers and thoughts are out there in the cold in danger of convicting that was for David.

By the way David hatches Plan B. He bites Uriah out for dinner the next night just in Hamburg because you think the drunk guys almost always lose their nobility. So Uriah, who is noble gas but also loves a good Corona gets hammered buddies as he is going home back to his house. He passes out his front yard and spend the night there and everybody sees that David is like well-planned seat but this time he's desperate to Joab general that says put your binder in front of the battle you chart line everybody pullbacks for the tither. She will even out there all by himself and he'll get killed and the rights of the note seals up putting your right hand and has right. Back to the battle Uriah carries his own death warrant back to Joab with no idea what it sets Joab opens. It follows instructions in your eyes laughter. Uriah dies. David especially before his wife takes her into his house. She bears a son. Everybody assumes that she got pregnant on the honeymoon's are making jokes about how you might want and David rushes this whole thing under the rock that's almost how Chapter 11 ends as if you rushes on the rug and it's done, but the chapter. The last verse of chapter for these chilling words verse 27 but the thing that David had done displeased the Lord is a bad lady in the chapter. Chapter 11 marks a turning point in David's life. His family starts to fall apart his newborn son dies later his firstborn son will die after having slept with one of his daughters. Another one of his sons lead to rebellion against him and he dies five things I want you to have gleaned from the story, five things reported that over some of them sums hit some of them briefly but I would encourage you write these down number one sin can destroy your life.

I want you to understand because I realize that there are some of you that are here this weekend. I don't know many of your story, but I know that in a room the size there are some of you here this weekend that are on the brink of and maybe just maybe God sent you here because I am supposed to give you a message at San will destroy your life you have an enemy that wants to take everything good that God wants to give Redbook several years ago called the purity principal by getting Randy Alcorn in which he talks about reflecting before he got in the ministry on the 25 or so things that would happen. Had he it with you committed adultery. It inspired me to make my own list will have 25 of them only got 10. Let me share this with you because I think about this from time to time because I know these 10 things I am positive would happen if I committed adultery. They are the one I would bring untold hurt and shame on my wife Veronica number two I would have to endure the loss of her respective trust and might possibly lose my entire relationship.

There I would shame number three, my father, my mother and I would shame her mom and dad as well. Number four I would seriously empower, perhaps irreparably damage the confidence of my children Karis Allie Ryan and add would probably never understand why traded them for a thrill. Number five I would cause Shane to you my church family member. Six. I would give an easy punchline. All the skeptics and atheists in the area who already mock God number seven. I would, judgment, and in most problems on the girl that I committed adultery with number eight.

Most importantly, I would grieve Jesus number nine and another one day I'll have to look at Jesus in the face at the judgment seat have to give an account for why I did it. After all, the blessing that you put my life and I was following the footsteps of men I know whose immorality forfeited their ministry and humiliated themselves and their families. All things I know would be the result that Cindy forgiven.

Yes, of course, did God make all things new. Of course he can't, but send tell you this tells us why the Puritan John Owen said be killing Santa Rick will be killing you one of those two things always happen in your killing center killing you. You killing seen in your life today managing it destroying a challenging thought from Pastor Jeannie Greer here on Senate life and to take this study deeper. You can access urban transcripts, and other

As you know where in the middle of primary season during this election year and we have the perfect resource for you at this time. It's called one nation under God. The Christian hope for American politics. Jeannie explained that title to ask what the authors mean by one nation under God. What you might be easier to point out what the writers do not mean that phrases that mean that the United States is to tomorrow.

Pres. Lincoln's phrase, and almost chosen nation that were certainly proud to be Americans but one nation under God isn't meant to imply that God is looking to America with special favor as his favorite one nation under God is a misstatement of patriotic pride, even it's it's it's really if anything is patriotic humility. We stand under the watchful eye of God.

We recognize that government gets its legitimacy, just like marriage.gets it from the design of God. And it means that not only does God give us the best instructions about how to pursue things like marriage and in politics, but it also means that will help be held accountable for whether we were faithful to Christ in the political realm.

One more thing it's it's it's also a statement of hope for all of our failings as a country we have something that very few nations have and that is that we are a country founded on a philosophy or heritage or genetics.

It's simply we are united our government united around a way of looking at the world and one of the biggest shapers of that worldview was the Bible we are unashamed and claim that Christianity can act as one of the greatest benefits to our society. Love to get you a copy. This really helpful book. I think you will be encouraged by having to be provoked and challenged, and certainly won't look at the election the same way. After going through this book and get a copy go to JD instructions about how we think so much stating so dear clear politics really get the excitement of campaigns and debate know this book will help inform your decision-making here for the book titled one nation under God use any tenant like everything found by calling 866-335-5228 524.

Give online Katie clear you so much for partnering.

I'm only human. And be sure to listen again tomorrow.

Instead, he called search for Tuesday on Senate life JD Greer

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