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Self Destruction, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 24, 2020 9:00 am

Self Destruction, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 24, 2020 9:00 am

In our study of King David called Search for a King, we’re dealing with the uncomfortable but important topic of sexual sin. If there’s one area where almost everyone has regrets, it’s this one. But even in the midst of David’s greatest failure, God was painting a picture of the coming Savior. Pastor J.D. is teaching from 2 Samuel 11.

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Everyone, so before we start today's program. I wanted to share how much we like here for you and are thinking of you during these challenging days. I know many of you perhaps know someone who's been affected or fearful that this virus will touch you or your loved ones and here's the MetLife describing encouragement you to lead you to faith and not to fear. So email us or call us with your prayer request.

Visit the blog for teaching and guidance on navigating tough waters dive deeper into the online archive of biblical teaching to help build your faith, but most of all listen when I say keep your eyes on Jesus.

He is the healer. He is the provider he is the sustainer we are so glad you've joined us. Let's get into today's program today on Senate life Jeannie Greer addresses a common struggle. Only when sexual urges is not going to love them less learning to love God. When the passion that you feel for God and his plan is greater real sin.

That's when I I'm only bit of edge.

We are in a series on the life of King David called search for a king, and today were dealing with an uncomfortable but a very important topic sexual sin. If there's one area where almost everyone has regrets this one, but will discover even in David's greatest failure was painting a picture of the coming Savior. Pastor JD is teaching from second Samuel chapter 11. So let's join him there for the conclusion of our message titled self-destruction. Like David, that is relevant.

I believe all of you that is sexual sin to see David in this chapter make a devastatingly bad decision that just about ruins his family and just about dismantles his kingdom sexual sin. As you probably know, has brought down some of the strongest and the very best of people. Second Samuel chapter 11 wall of the store were to begin in verse one. In the spring of the year of the time when kings go out to battle David sent Joab and his servants with him and all Israel out to battle. But David remained in Jerusalem. The warrior has become David vacation is lack of engagement makes him susceptible cheap thrills don't like to spell the way to successfully resist the enticements of this world is to be busy with a higher purpose.

Verse two it happen.

So what happened late one afternoon with David Rose Roche Michalski was walking on the roof exhaust but he saw the rueful woman who is baby. The woman was very beautiful. David was in a place where he could be companies walking the roof. The Old Testament version of browsing the Internet alone late at night. One thing leads to another and then switch with like yourself. It's easier to avoid temptation, but it is to resist. It is easier to avoid temptation that is resistant like a dog back to about 15 forward on the day the application which will limit here is a 40 temptation Caesar avoid temptation and resist that for girls and Malcolm's most unpopular part of message would not run the application is quick wanting your body to be noticed.

Yes girls I know it's our fault.

We strike the match to light a fire, her lust for God's sake you want the pile twigs our feet dolls than the gasoline day you help the friends we also friends are doing it is easier to avoid temptation is to resist sin.

That's my point. Verse three David said inquired about the woman once said that she loved the daughter of Ellie on the wife of Uriah the Hittite.

What other phrases on the Brandon catalog orders genealogy is the author set up without you to somebody's daughter so my wife from his mother to bring here that she returned to her house. The woman conceive and she simple David, I'm pregnant and I'll start a pretty complicated somewhat ingenious cover-up. Davidson's word to Joab and says put your binder in front about your chart line everybody pullbacks for the tithers you will your mother all by himself and held until the rights of the note sealed up. Put your right hand and has you like. Back to the battle Uriah carries his own death warrant back to Joab with no idea what it sets Joab opens. It follows instructions in your eyes laughter.

Uriah dies. David especially before his wife Dick's writ was house she bears a son. Everybody assumes that she got pregnant on the honeymoon's are making jokes about how you might want David brushes this whole thing on the rock that's almost all Chapter 11 ends as if he got away with brushes on the rug and start the chapter of the last verse of chapter 4. These chilling words verse 27 but the thing that David had done displeased the Lord is a bad way to jump Chapter 11 marks a turning point in David's life. His family starts to fall apart his newborn son dies later his firstborn son will die after having slept with one of his daughters. Another one of his sons lead to rebellion against him and he dies five things I want you to have gleaned from the story. I would encourage you write these down the one sin can destroy your life. I want you to understand because I realize that there are some of you that are here this weekend.

I don't know many of your story, but I know that in a room the size there are some of you here this weekend that are on the brink and maybe just maybe God sent you here because I am supposed to give you a message send will destroy your life you have an enemy that wants to take everything good that God wants to give to God make all things new course you can't but tell Joseph what appeared to John Owen said be killing Santa Rick will be killing you one of those two things always happen.

Your child-centered killing you. Number two, you should be actively engaged in God's plan. Number two, you should be actively engaged in God's plan to tell you. Avoid the stanza brought aboard did many of you are susceptible to sexual sin because you like is no higher meaning for you right in the middle of your life come from not being in my relationship to God. So I instead of your oil once they don't commit adultery but change anything because God is in the wrong place in your life. That's what the problem is companies write down a only a vision for what God was to do in your life will give you a sense of purpose from and after for you from the board of at least a cent was a fast screen okay only a vision of what God wants to do in your life will give you a sense of purpose strong enough to free you from the board of at least be the word about the book on only a vision of what God is done for you and the gospel will keep you from giving your body away like trash, only a vision of what God has done for you in the gospel give you from giving your body with a piece of trash was one of talk. I want you to get a vision for the great stuff. God is doing in you and wants to do through you. There are people all of you that God wants you to impact your children or future children, your children's children their people. The only way they will ever hear about know about God through you all way. I don't know the plan is for my life that would be caught up in boredom and an pointless will maybe that's why you're here today because maybe it is time for you to start discovering a plan and having the kind of life that God intends for you to have you not driven out of boredom into a life of materialism and sexual sin. Man, you need to realize that your addiction to pornography is to keep you from having a great marriage you guys. By the way, you're not married yet, you're probably pornography now in college is going to keep you from ever being able to be intimate with a woman in the right cutaway to keep you from becoming a respectable leader to keep you from being used by God because God cannot abide were sexual sin is about God's power cannot flow through a body that you would constantly said you cannot charge hell with her pants down on your ankles will be cheaper. There is you sexual sins of the past make you feel worthless.

Sexual sin has this vicious cycle to what happens is commit sexual sin and that makes you feel like trashing the worthless cause you to give your body weight even more because is not worth anything anyway right. I want you to get a vision for the gospel and I want you to see that Christ has purchased you with his blood. The universe is most valuable possession and washed.

You may choose in its image that a break power of despair and re-create your future. Number three flee temptation flee temptation.

I just can't say this with enough it is easier to avoid temptation is to resist sin is time for some of you take this seriously, whatever help you need. Getting Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was a martyr back in World War II German brothers will call temptation and, in that he is a paragraph that I think perfectly describes my own path temptation. Listen this work.

He says quote in our members. There is a slumbering inclination for desire which is both sudden and fierce with irresistible power desire seizes mastery of the flesh all at once a secret smoldering flame of fire is Kindle.

The flesh burns and is in flames.

In this moment God becomes quite unreal to us. Satan does not here fill us with hatred of God, but with a forgetfulness of God.

The last bus aroused envelops the mind and the will in deepest darkness. It is here that everything in me rises up against the word of God else been on this path.

Don't talk about everything in your rises up you forget got altogether resist the word of God. Therefore, look. Therefore the Bible teaches that in times of temptation to our flesh. There is one command flee flee youthful lust flee worldly temptation if you're feeling under pressure and on the verge of something any motion is welling up within you.

What does the Bible say no human being has within them the strength to resist such overpowering emotions easier to avoid temptation that is to resist sin, but I asked this of you is why well girls were my wife. I will go to lunch with them.

I don't hang out with them. Why possible theory that I developed years ago and that is if I was never alone with a girl can never have sex with that is not is handling a social lunch of a social yeah I can handle it probably will play Russian roulette with my family only loaded guns were around my house. My kids like to come to each other. I will write a dog run around the house that might bite my children something. The stakes are too high to even play with this one of them for me there.

Some things just were saying you want to pick up that gun I want to pick it up as I couldn't handle it for Wendell never starts realizes it never starts with the moment of seeing it. Start the roof instead stay off the roof. Number four most important point become activated by God's beauty therefore be captivated by God's beauty data was seduced by Bathsheba's beauty because he was not captivated by God, was seduced by Bathsheba's beauty because it is not About God in the next chapter 1, page 12 God says to David Burstyn look at the problem, David.

With all this is that you despise me today not despise. Like David, like I you God that note, despise me that he loved the pleasure Bathsheba more than he love God so he was willing to trade in God why God's glory in the dust. For sake, God's plan all to get the pleasure of an I would Bathsheba that is despising God in the same way that a man with three little kids come home to his wife and family and tell them that he's leaving all them or his secretary despises his family somebody started to hate them. It's just that he despise him and said that he didn't love them enough to turn down temptation for them. We trade them in a relationship with this woman that is despising David despise God but be willing to separate himself from God to get a night of pleasure. What that means. What that means is that the way you can avoid sin is to increase your delight in God, to the point that you love him more than you do sit like you only really be free from sin when the pain of what you lose is greater in your heart and the thrill you receive you'll only really be free from sin when the pain of what you lose is greater in your heart and the thrill that you receive see a lot of people going about trying to conquer their lust in entirely the wrong way they think they can overcome their lust by lessening it by painting it by dampening it or bring it under control now. That's not true. The only way to overcome sexual urges is not, by learning to love them less, but by learning to love God more.

It's when the passion that you feel for God and his plan is greater than this thrill that sin can give you. That's when the power sin is broken life is that we become less human like you can lust sexual lust tempted God is never about you becoming less human. What happens is, those desires are strong as they are brought into captivity by an even greater desire, here's example I always use. If you been at our church. For this, but the Sega people had been here. This is how I think about I tell college student guys all the time that they could turn their sexual desire on and off like a light switch when I tell them that they never believe me you guys are Christmas like you're crazy. That's not possible, you can turn your sexual desire on and off like a light switch like gold. Now is over motors like college or 37 that you old and therefore you would like, you know, we turn on all lights which you write so girl your house, your loan accounts around first second base where you're calling out to them according on.

I don't know. I when I was in college he never turn what you get past the point when you're everything in use on fire and there's no way you could say no if you wanted to wherever the point is you cross that point me a train has left the station. You know exactly where this is right like there's no possible way you could stop and at that moment walks that girl's army ranger father off like a light switch know what happened in the moment.

Was also your desire for girls, no medical issues that your desire for her in that moment was math class less than less than the fear that you have of her father, and it's not you quit desiring girls. It's that that desire for her was overpowered by your desire to stay alive. You Dragon the way that you will overcome sin is when your captivity to God when the passion you have for who he is what he is doing in your life. The value that he is to you is so great that it brings all of these lesser patches under control. It's not the dampeners that the pay lesson is that you learn what a treasure God is and you would never give up something that great. Just so you can have cheap thrill to the way that you learn to bring these lust under control is not by loving last but by loving God more severe that you live a great passer.

How I increase my love for God metal to press a button do that great question you learn to love God by seeing mortgage beauty you learn to love God by seeing more of who he is, which is why the most important thing in this passage and every passage of Scripture is not that you learn some techniques that David used the most important thing in this passage of Scripture, every passage of Scripture is that you see how it point you to the beauty of Christ watches usually up in the series now. Usually it is David that pictures Christ for us is when David was a shepherd. He was like Jesus. David was like Jesus when he fought Goliath. David was like Jesus when he forgave Saul here.

David is not like Jesus. But there is another Uriah Uriah is innocent. Uriah is her work heroic.

Uriah dies in absolute loyalty to David Uriah won't enjoy pleasure at the expense of his people. Uriah carries his own Delport to the battle guy is faithful to the end and because of his faithfulness dies for David sin against like Jesus.

Jesus was loyal to us. Jesus put our needs above his Jesus.

His own Delport to the cross Jesus refused to enjoy the comforts of heaven when we were suffering to die. He was for us to begin and because of that faithfulness to God for ourselves against him. But there is one crucial difference between Uriah Jesus. Uriah had no idea that David had done any of this against Jesus to do it anyway. But even listen. Even with that Uriah gives us a picture of the steadfast love of God which God promised David would never depart from. Yes, David made a bad mistake. Yes, there will be plenty bad consequences. But God would never depart from David and God would ultimately take the death penalty for David's see that God is what captivates your heart to the point that you are willing and able even to Cyrus to say no cannot tell you make this really clear what the gospel says to your sexual sin is really clear you and I have made decisions that are not only harmful to our families and shameful you and I have made decisions that are worthy of our eternal death. But Jesus took the penalty for us you might've made a devastatingly bad sexual decision which should run your life and your eternity. Jesus has taken the penalty for that and now because of that he specializes in resurrection and repair. That means that even after you made a mistake like David did.

God can heal that and even use it for good in your life and the life of others I know of to at least two store 33 beautiful stories in our church when there's been unfaithfulness that tore apart a marriage and God not only granted forgiveness. God granted healing where that marriage came together stronger and more demonstration of his grace it was before she right now. Maybe some of you are feeling that discouragement in your soul that comes from sexual sin is pushing you down spare listening. That's not the voice of God that is not the voice of God is pushing you into despair. God called you always told you upward in the hope in Christ, he is given you steadfast, never stopping never to depart for you kind of love Jesus went to the cross so he could erase your past and within raised from the dead, we can re-create your future, the God of the cross can cleanse your past God of the resurrection can re-create your future and believing those two true will fill you with the Holy Spirit which will redefine your present. He says I know what you done. I took the family whole thing a man or woman is in Christ are new creation the old news, given babies sexual sin is great.

Yes, God's grace is greater.

Don't gradually take steps, bring yourself closer to God. How it works you all at once embrace the billion steps he took to come close to you cross it's a gift that he offers and when you receive it you believe God in that moment with his blood wash, re-create and redefine it as a gift that you received only higher self-esteem. Jesus, the last thing I don't wear any time at all to just retype it right there okay five. Don't cover a person from 2013 says River concealed his transgressions will not prosper, but you confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy don't cover & understand, you are hereby divided healing can re-create gift receipts his failures.

Christ means you no matter your darkest this divine appointment here on Senate life today might be your greatest victory if you want to really stand or share today's message with a friend or loved one find it online by visiting JD, you know, most Christians I know really want to relate their faith to politics that they just don't know how others are pretty passionate about politics that they seem to hold their faith in one hand and their politics in another. We have the perfect resource for this particular topic is called one nation under God. A Christian hope for American politics by Drs. Bruce Ashford and Chris R down now for those political experts out there. I'm confident that you'll still learn a lot from this button will challenge you contradict you at times and it should open your eyes to new perspectives is equally relevant for people who just want to move from here in a wine people don't consider themselves political at all. We want to help Christians see the political round for when it is not only our means of impacting society but also not an evil arena to avoid that Christians reading one nation under God will feel equipped to address controversial and often confusing public issues, and perhaps most importantly, we hope to see Christians start engaging in politics with the truly Christian attitude with both courage and compassion, grace and truth for your gift of $25 or more today will send you a copy of this one nation under God as our way of saying thank you for your generous support you can also request about when you make your first donation is a monthly gospel partner partners commit to regular giving in a real sense of this ministry. Give us a call 865-5220 and remember to ask for the title one nation under God.

Never again six 335-5224 you can give online Katie Greer today tomorrow. David response to his sin stepped in.

Molly benefits reminding you to join us again Wednesday Senate life

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