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March 25, 2020 9:00 am


Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 25, 2020 9:00 am

When you’ve messed up big time and done something that you can’t take back, how do you move forward? What’s the next step? Pastor J.D. shows us how King David responded when he was called out on his sin with Bathsheba, and we’re discovering the steps to true, biblical repentance. It’s part of our series in 2 Samuel called Search for a King.

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Senate life with Jamie Greer before God saves you from sandwiches. No big deal he's got a Savior from religion would seem to be the more difficult the past. Our sin separates us from God, but our religion and our self-righteousness keeps us from God. God has a budget mercy for sinners.

If you're self-righteousness that keeps you from members to life with Jamie Greer. We are discovering how King David responded when he was called out on his sin with Bathsheba and were learning the steps to true biblical repentance part of our series called search for a king, and if you've missed any of the previous messages you can hear them online.

Jamie Now here's Pastor JD with the message he titled repentance. I heard a story from a guy area got Danny, who always couched it in the area in his mother was coming to visit him little nervous because he and this girl named Allison and we been together and he try to explain his mom's mom is purely platonic.

This will be will be due nowadays it's just to save money. She was in her room. I live in my room is just we happen to be. You know all opposite genders in the same house is not a big deal, just like it was when you were a kid. Everybody's different is mom was totally suspicious because she was like I understand times are different, but things aren't that different because the guys and girls. The girls in this world really pretty and yes you live in the same house is like he just kept your mom is purely platonic. I promise, no worry about it so mom comes over for dinner and asked three of them are eating dinner is mom looks at that. Allison says you know I really like your watch, because NIH is really pretty and I been wanting one like that myself a look at it. So Allison said sure to cover watching to Danny's mother and and they go along with and couple days later Allison comes back. Then she said then you can't find the watch. You obviously I'm not saying that Bob stole it or anything, but your last time I saw was what she had and I just wonder if maybe she dropped her purse or maybe she just got to get back to me or something. But you mind could you ask. Or maybe she knows what is so outdated since his email to his mom and email reads basically like this is you and your mom obviously I'm not saying that you stole the watch but the fact remains that watch is missing in your last person the risk of never having answered that email to respond well. Couple days later he gets back an email from his mom that says dear Danny. Obviously I'm not saying that you're sleeping without but the fact remains that had she been sleeping in her own bed. She would've found the watch of a pillow right where I left right so that's right totally made up, but I will well know will know what it's like.

I think to be caught in the midst of some embarrassing sin. Anybody know what that's like you been about that same situation, but all of a sudden you feel exposed in that moment, regardless what is you feel what type of nakedness because your sin suddenly has been broadcast. Everyone and I know that you probably didn't do that bobbing on the same wave, at least in some kind of set up, and similar to that when and what you're going to see again this weekend is something we left off with last week and that's basically this is what I want you to get everybody sits. Everybody says this is the reality will again this weekend everybody sits.

It's what you do after you send that determines the difference between life and death. Everybody sends it's what you do after you sin after you were caught in your said that makes the difference between life and death. Here's the bursa we left off with last week I told you we didn't have time for all. We got it okay this is the bursa left off. Proverbs 2013 whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy. That is a promise on both sides of that one who covers his transgressions will not prosper, but the one who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy. That is a promise we are going to delve into deeply this weekend, you have your Bible, and I hope you do second Samuel 12 is where were going to begin second single 12. This is the story of David being exposed in the sin that we saw him go into last week which was adultery with Bathsheba and then the consequent murder of her husband and covered it all up. You see, that exposed you to see how he responds to that I say much up to 12 working again in verse one, that chapter 12 one were about a year. By the way, after David and Bathsheba. We know that because the child that came from their adulterous affair has just been born and in those days it took nine months for between when a couple had sex when the baby was born. Okay that's all we know. It's about a year I went to seminary learned that okay 12 one. The prophet Nathan see him in the first verse number Nathan. He was like David's pastor requested audience with David and he comes in verse one is a David, I heard something recently that really bothered me and I thought you should know that now I get at this point nobody notes nobody knows about David Bathsheba's affair except David Bathsheba, maybe a couple of accomplices but nobody else knows Nathan continues verse one. These two men in a certain city here in Israel.

What was read together with poor Bridgman had very many flocks and herds with the poor man had nothing which you bought was all muddy and it grew up with him and with his children.

It was like a little pet used to eat from the table and drink from his cup lives are it was like a daughter to him, which is a little sketchy. I realize, but the point okay so Nathan continues verse four. This rich guy who had more see that he knew what to do. It had some relatives from out of town stop in for a visit. But instead of preparing one of his own sheep within the he went and sold that one little lamb from this little poor family. Just as he could get away with it and it have any power to stop verse five.

Then David's anger was greatly kindled against the rich man said to Nathan as the Lord lives, the man who is done. This deserves to die and he shall restore the land for full because he did this thing and because he had no compassion. Nathan looks back at David and in the most direct application point from a sermon said you are that always wonder how long the pause was between that line and the next one got an awkward moment right your CFI coverage without a right to me was only one of the roof. Okay so you talk to him. The conviction was inescapable. David's actions are inexcusable. David has condemned himself to death and of his own mouth. Nathan then says verse seven. Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel I know is you king over Israel and I delivered you out of the hand of Saul and Yvette up into little giving you much more widely despise the command of the Lord to do what is evil in the sight David and said back to Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord may consider David Lord is put away your sin, you shall not die. Verse 14.

Nevertheless, because by this deed you bodily scorned, despised God a child.

It was morning you shall die. Everybody since it's what you do when you're confronted with your sin makes a difference when life and death know it's what happens next that makes David a man after God's own heart.

David is going to confesses sin and all of its ugliness and throw himself on the mercy of God. That's what makes him different than Saul, David and Saul had both sin and quite badly I and is not bubbly like Saul Sims and worsened David's of anything David Sims a lot worse than Saul, but would Saul was confronted, he rationalized his disobedience and he refused to embrace his role but David confessed his sin and all its ugliness and throw himself on the mercy of God. You see when we are exposed in our sin you know somebody confront you a friend.

Maybe a boss maybe your spouse, your conscience reveals whatever we almost always react in one of four different ways you jot these down one we hide by that I mean we just deny that we might we might emit you know that that we had supposedly had trouble with in the past, but not anymore. Number two, we rationalize it we we explain why, since only the bad but we don't really hurt anybody.

Just a little thing. A small private or maybe this everybody else is born nowadays is was back in the 50s you have any college students alike you have any idea what the rest my friend like you would not think what I was doing was a bad habit this I can't help it but desires it is too strong I was. I was born this way we rationalize number three. We blame shift. We blame shift.

It's not really my fault.

You have no idea what my situation is like you have no idea what's been done to me is not really my fault other people and made me this way. My parents, we rationalize, we blame shift before the option we repent we were that which is what David did. We acknowledge the full extent of our sin, we throw ourselves in the mercy of God.

Thankfully, David recorded for us his repentance. The motions of his repentance and the song. This song is probably the clearest picture of what true gospel centered repentance looks like listening to this man or woman after God's own heart is not somebody who never sends man or woman after God's own heart is somebody who knows how to repent so I will walk you deeply through this passage the Scripture this long Psalm 51 is for the rest of our time there this weekend told you a few weeks ago that many don't know how to repent this Psalm Psalm 51 gives you the anatomy the internal workings of the true gospel centered repentance six actually 55 essential elements of gospel centered repentance five essential elements of Gospels and repetitive.

So what you said but I think Samuel don't you all the way to somebody wanted us to spend the rest of our time somebody one verse one, have mercy on me. Oh God, according your steadfast love. According to your abundance overflowing mercy stop. I what is the sole basis of David fully the mercy of God.

Mercy, according to what God's steadfast love like this down one gospel centered repentance makes it sole hope the mercy of God, gospel centered repentance makes it so hope the mercy of God. Notice what is missing from David's opening statement.

What's missing is all the things I usually say when I confronted my sin David doesn't bring up any of his past accomplishments here.

I think God I will have been a pretty awesome thing. Bill Goliath. Yeah, that was me case you forgot, I thought I got a nice track record. I thought I got some capital. The bank I think you can probably let me off on this and say that the rationalization were David tries to lessen the badness of his God, you have any idea how hard it is beginning. I got your mother.

Marriage is not going to well anyway for three straight weeks every single night. Everyone of our lives been complaining that they've all had headaches. I got needs right. That's why when for Bathsheba, you'll see that there's no there's no bargaining with God were David makes about the promises about future audacious and dangerous as it makes his soul all God's mercy. There is something instinctive in us that says that's not enough. You gotta show God why he should be merciful to you, as opposed merciful other people you go to separate yourself in the pack. You gotta show God, why he owes you mercy. So here is the question is God's mercy great enough that you can throw yourself entirely on it and nothing else. David says my only hope is the mercy of God, according to nothing about me according only to your steadfast love.

There is nothing about myself that makes me more worthy of it. Then my neighbor lots of religions teach you, teach you that you be the mercy of God, but only the gospel teaches you that you throw yourself entirely on the mercy of God plus nothing else. So again is God's mercy great enough that you could make it the entire basis of your hope a good news for you no one who ever made the mercy of God.

There sole basis of their plea and their hope and turned away life of Jesus shows you that the mercy of God is the one thing that you seem to be able to take an unlimited risk on Gentiles prostitutes, adulterers, the unclean, the diseased murderers. The thief on the cross.

All of them fell mercy abundant and overflowing from Jesus. The only ones who were turned away, and there were many people who were turned away from Jesus, but the only ones were turned away are those were those who still held onto some reason that God should be, or that God was obligated to be merciful to them. You see, according to the Bible being delivered from your sin is easy. It is being delivered from your self-justification that most people fail at before God can save you from your sin yes to save you from all the reasons that you think he should save you from your sin before God saves you from sin, which is no big deal he's got a Savior from religion would seem to be the more difficult the past.

Our sin separates us from God, but our religion and our self-righteousness keeps us from God.

God has abundant mercy for sinners. It's your self-righteousness that keeps you from that mercy. Why do you think God will be gracious to you why. If I said why will God be gracious to you that you have anything to do with you.

If you think that it does, you will not access the mercy of God. But if you cast yourself entirely on the mercy of God, you will find that he abundantly pardoned, and there is no limit and no into his mercy. That's good news.

God save us from our sin. Yes, that's the easy part. God save us from our religion. That's the hard part.

Verse three for I know my transgressions and my sin is ever before me.

Number two, gospel centered repentance owns the sin we commit is deeply inherent in who we are gospel centered repentance owns that the sin we commit is deeply inherent in who we are to have somebody confront you about something again that your boss or friend or spouse, parent, whatever you feel yourself resisting what they were safe even though you knew that what they were saying was true that you go to other stages I described earlier you start the blame shift promise her, but it works on my cage got no idea how much pressure I'm under all this is my fate. When she turned around on them you want to confront you about my simple talk about your sin is the best way to avoid my sin is a talk about yours that you favor strategies you can tell, the conversation is going to change the conversation just avoided you think a cell phone call that I do not let my life what does is completely the opposite of any evidence is enormous is right in front of my face.

You can't see you it's here. I don't hide any of it back. Verse five David takes out about as far as it will go gold. I was brought forth pretty and send my mother conceive me. In other words, you know the half of it. I was born like that seen a whole it comes natural to me. This of runs in my family. I come by not hiring that the practice I'm just good at it. The truth about all of us.

We never admit it. Nobody ever taught me how to be a lying, cheating, manipulative, selfish jerk. I just naturally good at, as my wife comes natural to me autopilot. That's well and I wanted him to be. I even see it. By the way, in my own precious ridiculously cute kids. They are cute but they are depraved.

I've never had to send a single one of them to send Never natural. If your kids on immigrants and let my kids come visit them for a while. Teach them how to how to send their good common word that I use in my house is the word no you think about what lies that my most common word it would be awesome if you I got up at 5 AM my five-year-old said their having tidied up the living room. You know your Bible on her lap in her journal out saying that I was your heart to be more surrendered to the Lord. That doesn't happen.

I like it for 10 minutes and I like to burn the backyard down there like you know they will support your blame and it's a pretty awesome as a parent of my natural world that always did like it. It's yes yes yes yes but that's not what I say right in the world they say back to me most often is the word no. I put my one and 1/2-year-old down for now and his body blows up in anger wanted to have all the same no not, nor will my sleep.

I will not do this. My two-year-old support from older sister and says what you know my she knows that's not true, but she said I want this I want what I want all kids are born naturally as rebels there brought forth in iniquity and send it.

Her mother conceive them. Every kid is naturally rebel against authority, including God's a lot of people question how Original Sin got there and how it works but nobody really denies that it's there that Ernest Becker when my favorite atheist or Jewish agnostic actually 20 centuries dead now. The EE started out his career trying to explain that all the problems with men and women today are all sociological factors their environmentalists is lack of education lack of equality and all that kind of stuff. The last book that he wrote the preface of his religion because he came out and basically said all my theories at this point been wrong. This is quote I'm now looking to humanity for the face for the first time in my previous works. I felt asleep how truly vicious human behavior is high been caught up trying to sustain the Enlightenment myth that mankind is basically good. It's just not true. All of us are naturally self-centered rebels. I realize that people have sinned against you. I know that I don't know if he will contributed to your sin but you never going to get anywhere until you. You are not deprived.

You are depraved. That's what you are like you are yes other people. Done things against you, but it's your heart that is essentially the problem. My problem is that I hung out with the wrong crowd. Your problem is you are the background which is what you hung out with the wrong ground. If you been right crowd you found the right crowd, but you won't problems, what your tight little brother driving to begin with right to put blame everybody else and only you are brought forth with the very problems that have led you to the place you are right now. David says my problem is not that I committed adultery in a weak moment problem is adults are and I just did and I acted out all the things which were my heart. The next verse, verse four gives you. You only have I sent done what evil in your sight question is true is that true, take off your mindless Bible For minute okay.

Is that true against you and you only have eyes to see about the likely setting is our how about Uriah my favorite thoughts is the fact that I just I am convinced that when David finally died and went to heaven that God had Uriah out front heaven waiting on him rise like yeah going to the pearly gates.

There's no violence, but we've been there yet and I had a few things I want to talk to Dave David city gives Uriah so what was David me to get you and you only have I sinned.

This is a little deep but it's the heart of the whole, the whole matter. Okay, so what is that of the three gospel centered repentance is directed personal God, gospel centered repentance is directed first toward God. Consider two very important reasons. A. David says against you and you only have I said I give these in ANOVA. He realizes his sin began as a sin against God's sin began as a sin against got David to say why is it that I needed that feeling of power that came from Sweden with Bathsheba. Why did I need that.

Why did I run to Bathsheba as a refuge, why not crave Bathsheba's beauty soul had this incredible suction power directed at her I needed her arms.

He says because I did not have yours. God I needed her beauty. I craved it because I was not captivated by your God. All of our sin. She starts in a broken relationship with God were not satisfied with what God is given us. We don't trust God to take care of us so we go around God outside of his boundaries to get what we want, what were you jealous why is it that you get jealous is because you look at somebody else that God has given to them what you wish he'd given you so you look at somebody else's car is girlfriends nice job site looks like talents and your like I wish I had that in that moment what you're saying is God I don't trust what you gave to me and I am not satisfied with you and your plan.

That's where sin begins.

The question for all of satisfied with were looking to something else to fill a void that are subject today on Senate life with pastor and author JD Greer cell pastor Janie we have a new resource very timely to what's going on in our nation right now. It's called one nation under God.

Christian hope for American politics.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions that Christians have about politics today Deborah?

Comes politics.

Most Christians I think phone want to ditch us on either side of the road here.

On one side of this people who just cringe when they hear the word politics. These are the people who say things like, yeah, politics might be necessary in today's world, but it's a necessary evil and you the best thing to do was stay as far away from it is possible I can certainly understand the frustration coming from that side. In fact, it becomes conferencing Christians who phoned the other ditch which are Christians who put all their hopes altered her dreams and the politics we believe here at Summit life based on what we read from the Bible.

That's the followers of Jesus should pursue 1/3 way we can and should care deeply about politics, but all the while caring more deeply about the gospel profitable throughout the series. That is going to go into a lot more detail on that topic.

The book is called one nation under God. A Christian hope for American politics. You can get a copy. JD

I would love to have you partner with our ministry and show you how we can do that, Mr. BRI. Thank you gift.

We like to get a copy to our thank you Tony ministry one nation under God by calling 55 24 online JD I'm glad you were with us today should learn more about Thursday on Senate life

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