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Stop Sinning, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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May 15, 2020 9:00 am

Stop Sinning, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 15, 2020 9:00 am

The battle for holiness was won two thousand years ago on the cross. So why do we still struggle with sin today? And what tools has God given us to break free? Pastor J.D. is answering those questions and arming us for the fight against sin as he concludes our study in First Peter called, I Am an Alien.  

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Today on Summit life.

A wake-up call from Pastor Jamie Greer hears is like beasts over because eternity is real, it's close. Stop sending you know better now there's a limited amount of time you got a beer before you know it start living now. What you will have what yourself of what would their life, and Molly. That's thankfully the battle of her sin was decisively wine 2000 years ago on the cross so then the question becomes, why we still struggle with sin today and what tools has God given us to break free today Pastor JD arms us for the ongoing fight against sin as he concludes our study in first Peter called. I am an alien.

If you'd like to listen to the series again or catch up on previous messages to find them Now here's Pastor Jane everything she tells you what to 11, three things he tells you are the reasons you are to stop sending things. Remember the first of all, there was never the resurrection to remember eternity.

Three women were the both of these things remnant begin the one November the resurrection chapter 4 verse one. Since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh, you should arm yourselves with the same way of thinking whoever is suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin. Since Christ has suffered in the flesh. Christ suffered to the point of crucifixion. There was a point in Christ ministry. Toward the end where it looked like everything had gone wrong. It look like the bad guys and one it look like God was totally out of control, but we know Peter says, on the other side of the resurrection.

That just wouldn't seem that God was most out of control with the time God was doing his greatest work, so he says that these people are your selves with the same way of thinking because many of you are also in a time where it seems like life is out of control where it seems like God is not on the throne. Everything is like the bad guys are winning and I want you to think like Christ thought because Christ sold through the dark our resurrection and saw that God was in control and you gotta learn to think like that what Peter saying is essentially you arm yourself with the same way of thinking, the Christ, Because if you look at the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.

The things you want to know about your life one to suffer like you did. Number two God has the last word goes on verse two. Look at this verse two, he says, so as to live the rest of your time in the flesh no longer for human passions but now for the will of God for the time is past, it suffices for doing what the Gentiles want to do which lit which is living in sensuality, passions, passions, means craving at the Greek word that means epic to me at epic the meaning of a craving for something but drunkenness, orgies, drinking parties, lawless idolatry with respect to this, they are surprised when you do not join them in the same flood of debauchery and they malign you. Peter is talking to people that this used to be their lifestyle. This used to be some of your lifestyle is as now that you no longer join them.

In this they are surprised and they malign you because they can't understand why. What do those things anymore. Numbers five, but they will give an account to him is ready to judge the living and the dead.

Like it will have the last word. God has latticework you keep your eyes on back that's what fueled Christ in the midst of the cross, God has the last word goes on. Well here's number two.

By the late remember eternity. This is verse five and six. Remember eternity. Your belief in the resurrection, could, should cause you to live in a way to do things with your money that is baffling to people there goes on to develop this for six this is why the gospel was preached, even to those who were dead, but the judge of the flesh. The white people are, they might live in the spirit the way God's what he is saying is this, listen the gospel was preached of people who are now dead when they were alive. The gospel was preached to them when they were alive but they're dead now, and many of them died. Some of them in extreme poverty in the midst of persecution just like Jesus died, but now they live in the resurrection, like God does go to think people that believe the gospel been living in eternity.

Now, don't you think they're glad that they chose to follow Jesus and not follow sin. Fast-forward your life 100 years and live from that vantage what what would you wish you had done with your life what we wish you had done with your money. What would you wish you had decided about Jesus sort of think I would remember eternity number 70 gives 1/3 motivation to stop sending the end of all things is at hand.

Therefore be self-controlled and sober minded number three. Remember that both those things, the resurrection eternity. But the more eminent I two things that are eminent number one your death you'll know when you can adopt some of you maybe six years now some you might be this afternoon.

But there's another thing that he saved here and that is the return of Christ is eminent.

The end is near. So you ought to live like people who expect to see Jesus.

So even though we don't know if it's now 2000 years from now.

He says live like you could see him at any moment because it might be today.

The end is near. You just don't know what Peter is telling them as you want to live like Jesus could come back at any moment because he might, you have to maintain this posture of ready nests because it's only when you maintain that posture that you are thinking about life rightly see versus be sober. Here's the irony of this passage is living in light of the eminence of the yen that makes you live soberly, it's going to keep her priorities straight.

The irony is, we always think of people who think the end is near like crazy people right getting a Sunday dinner sounds more walk around the campus of NC State yell begin to smear you think he's lost his mind. No, chances are he has lost his mind.

But he saying that it is people who understand that Jesus eternity is eminence there. The only one to ever get the priorities straight. They don't want to live soberly, if Jesus were coming back tonight. How would that change how you live today if the knowledge that Jesus was coming back tonight would cause any change in your life and you are not living soberly. You are drunk right now on the world's instructions and peers is like these sober because eternity is real and its close stop sending will be drawn. Don't be distracted because at times past. You know better now there's a limited amount of time you got an eternity will be here before you know it start living now. What you will have what yourself to live with their if the gospel is true, it is the weightiest reality world. It means that you will stand before God.

Nothing you've done, except what you done for him for his glory and his name will matter it means that there is a destination for every person in the world heaven or hell. You and I got one shot to preach the gospel of them the gospel, belief in the gospel in the resurrection changes everything. And so Peter tells them in seven verses a predictable message says stop sending open your eyes to the cross and the resurrection. And if it's true that she change everything in your life. If Jesus died and rose again that changes everything stops it. Then Peter sits in part to his message, which is much more than part 144 traverses. He says stop sending and start leveraging your life for the glory of God is not stop something. What you start some polygamist pickup and over seven moodiness verse seven. Therefore be self-controlled and sober minded.

The phrase, for the sake of your prayers for the sake of your prayers as God's people. You have a role that you are to play on earth now your member I told you few weeks ago that one of Peter's favorite images for the people of God is a kingdom of priests eminence of the kingdom of priests. A priest is somebody who represents somebody else to God. You stand in the gap and you plead on behalf of this person over here to God and the church is a kingdom of priests, not a few of us, but all of and I introduced the concept you caught intercessory faith, which is what we teach at the summit church which is that you and I are placed in families, in dormitories at workplaces in our society to believe in God's willingness to save that society and ask on their behalf. Jesus loves the turn sinners to himself. Jesus loves to change society.

But Jesus only does that to a kingdom of priests, the image I gave you think about was as I go to the Gospels and look at the very small number of miracles that begin with Jesus going into a place and it is picking out somebody by his choices that you are more ill you that happens every once in a while your psyche is a short little dude I'm coming to your house that happens from time to time, but usually what happens is Jesus is going one direction and somebody comes and grabbed hold of him on behalf of somebody else and takes this power in this compassion of Jesus and directed toward this other person ask when US our role is you and I are in the place of a priest who comes to Jesus and says Jesus this family need your power. The reason that God is not working in your family has nothing to do with any lack of compassion and Jesus are for your family and nothing to do with any lack of ability. It has everything to do with that. The fact that there's not a priest in there asking God to do about the guy would do. Verse eight above all, above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. Why, above all, what we say that's a bubble. What is it mean to cover a multitude of sins. That doesn't mean weight hides sense because that would be out of the context of this passage cover here means takes it away when he saying this watch kindness and love for others is the single greatest power to convincing people of the truth of Christianity, but kindness and love.

We display generosity toward one another on display is the ultimate power that God uses to change cynical hearts to know him. Jesus said that right.

John 1335 by this will all men know that you are my disciples, I conducted that by your carefully articulated explanations of the resurrection. Why only the resurrection of Jesus could explain the phenomena of the first century. No right that has its place but what really changes the cynical heart is inexplicable love on display in the church and generosity is the secret of the church. Nobody gets the secret of the church is that the power to change cynical heart is in inexplicable generosity on display. Romans 24 says it is God's kindness leads to repentance is our kindness to one another that leads the world to repentance his watches. He says the givers not show hospitality to one another without grumbling again what it means were extravagantly generous to one another and that's what ends up waking up the world. My wife and I love running and I would love to give money to the Christian missions offering to give it away to poor people and sue him people around the world and hear the gospel, my wife and I realize that we realize that this Christmas that were to do that we do it every year but will let you know there's another group that were even more committed to and that is the people in the summit church you have needs because it is them that are to we are to take care of them. It's not that I'm doing that instead of giving to evangelism, get this, giving to the needs that are right here in our church is evangelism, because Jesus said this is how the community will know that you belong to me ask you love this asked to said that there they shared everything in common and there was no need and ask for, says that there was not a single poor person in the early church because they all shared everything in minutes. Is this a great sense of fear and all came upon every soul may have favorable the people and then got added to their number daily those that were being saved you and you know that means the greatest evangelistic tool that we have cynical community is just a healthy church that loves and takes it when there are no needs in the summit church because every one of our congregation members is meeting the needs whenever you get a can of somebody else, it wasn't. It's not even that want to send missionaries indoor community. The presence of a healthy local church is, in itself, but missionary. That is how we will wake our community out when there are no needs to just give extravagantly to the Christmas missions offering.

Let's give our money the way to take it around the world. But even more importantly, this is our family.

This is our family and their needs in our family we take care of those needs and report out show hospitality to each other without grumbling just pour out your life because when the church is the church is the beauty of Christ and becomes attractive and repulsive but retracted to that community first. As he does receive the gift now use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's very grace discipline. I cannot go off on each of these focus God's very grace that makes God's grace to the earth happens in various instruments. We always think of like God in heaven like going to work in the earth like zapping it with his light was only pray God thinks nothing of the sins that is power.

You and Mike would beam the Angels carried out that's not how God works usually right, Paul uses the instrument of the body. Okay this is what Peter is getting at here to a body I should think of the analogy about women. So you get Ginny's body appear. Ginny's body has an it's on the left elbow, right here so left elbow sensible message. You know, up to the brain and says I expect I so what does my brain do as my brain send out a magical brain juice down and like take care the edge note, my brain sends a message to Mr. right fingers and tells him to go alleviate the it's a brother, elbow so your fingers over there. Scratch the elbow. The elbow is satisfied and the right fingers are gratified. Okay that's how the body works in the same way each of you has received this deposit of grace. That's how God works on the earth. That's how God works. Which is why if you're not connected with church are disconnected from the power of God Semitism also complained about the disconnect from God that is making the church. I don't do. Sorry for like you refusing to eat and complainers are hungry for what I tell you that's how you get connected to God.

Each of you each of you means that God has given a gift to all of you and that you are to exercise this power in the church because whoever speaks, let it be. As the oracles of God you're speaking my speaking and I'm doing to you right now is not a talent I have, it's not something I do because I can make a living on it because I am pretty good at it. I can probably make a career on it. No, I take what I do very seriously because I am the mouthpiece of God go here that listen I need to get the long way.

I'm not saying I can be wrong, but I'm saying when I speak I speak as one who studies the oracles of God and I get you this is God speaking through you.

I don't even try to do is not even when I prepare message yeah I try to study the text to get it exactly right. But there's something else I'm doing and that is I'm saying God under this is your word but I want to know what you were to say to these people this week. That's why sometimes I would like to know what there somebody here that needs this because God is putting this on my heart yet is the word of God but is also becoming the word of God to you and I'm preaching is what he was preaching the oracles of God.

I do it.

It's very weighty to me but we just were whoever. She were whoever because it means is not just the pastor is a pastor speak the oracles of God you speak. The oracles of God is. We feel like there's one or two of us that speak the oracles of God and all you listen to the oracles of God. Peter says whoever because he means that the whole church. A church is a church when its people are speaking the words of God to each other. That's one reason is by the way we do small groups because in small groups. You have the place to speak the words of God to each other. First Corinthians 1425.that represents a small group 1425 says that when a church is a church unbeliever comes in.

Using this believer comes in the secrets of his heart are exposed and he falls down on his face and said, surely God is among you, because now the pastor preaches an awesome sermon because everybody is preaching the word of God to him what that means is this church ought to be characterized by people who speak the word of God to each other, good advice about what, what, when the spirit of God puts the word of God in your heart to speak to people to do the work of God in your heart. There are times that people come up to me and they will say something like JD I been praying for you and as I was praying for you.

I dislike the spirit of God put this on my heart I we you. God wants me to tell you that you are not forgotten. He knows what you're going through right now he is working this for your good.

You are blessed you are highly favored God has got a call in your life and God is working this out.

And God told me to tell you this now they do it humbly. They're not claiming to be some weirdo with her saying the word of God is alive in my heart and speaking. If you don't churches watch the spirit of God using the people of God to speak the word of God to accomplish the work of God church is the people of God for the spirit of God speaking the word of God to each other to accomplish the work of God. It's it's whoever it's all of us preaching the word of God, the God puts our hearts to one another because God uses that to do his work. Mix ranges as this is whoever serves, let them serves by the strength of God supplies in the same way there some spiritual gifts that we serve one another in Jesus actually surgeon touches somebody through us house thinking about how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples the house and that was and what it felt like when that happened and realizing that when people serve me in the body of Christ. In Jesus name I get the same message from Jesus through them were Jesus is on the Lord, the universe and I'm serving you your service to others. Your service to this body is not random.

It is, is God doing his work touching the world through you in order that in everything God might be glorified through Jesus Christ. Peter says the church is this body were people serve like Jesus in the power of Jesus for the glory of Jesus because to him belongs glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

This is look God is the one who when you had no hope. He came and died on the cross and rescued you in raising the dead peacock and what you could never conquer. So now, those of us who live should no longer live for our glory in our benefit. We ought to leverage with Scott city and start leveraging her talent, your money, leveraging everything for the glory of the one who died to save us best opening first. Are you in pain. Pain leverage her pain to bring Lord Jesus. Prosperity is not given you a lot leverage that prosperity bring glory to Jesus, if you understand the gospel that Jesus saved you and you had no hope that he resurrected and overcame an enemy you can never overcome. And of course you will live the rest of your life bringing glory to yourself or ported back on yourself will do it for the glory of the one who did for you. What you cannot do for yourself. To him belong glory forever and ever and ever. Amen. Appearances.

Thus, your point, that's what he says to you, leveraging your life to bring Lord Jesus. I told our staff. This this week is imagine. Imagine you're a wedding and watch the other will become stored in place by door slide open.

There's there's a beautiful bride watching the sky in his best Manson right here is that bride comes down the aisle right you notice the best man is making eyes at the bride, raises eyebrows we can matter making flirtatious ovations at this Brad imagine how ridiculous and how disgusting that it's that here's a best man trying to direct her attention away from the room onto himself about our staff is that that's the pastor or the worship pastor who is concerned more with what people were thinking about him or her than they are about directing people to Jesus I want I want the attention of the bride on me every one of you has been given a certain amount and if you understand the gospel. You will direct all of it, to the glory of Jesus because he died for you and God forbid you and I take 1 ounce of the talent below that the opposite the opportunity the resources and bring glory to ourselves and create kingdoms for ourselves.

Peter says none of this is if the resurrection of the gospel and the resurrection are true. This is all about to start living this way. Peter really believes in the resurrection Before that evangelical Christians which is people like us. We didn't treat the resurrection like a cool thing that happened we don't really know what to do with it, which we celebrate once a year on a survey right Jesus died here.

They rose again because I guess it was right nearby also is wrong and so IK we serve a risen Savior, mom and dad booted dad but our Savior's living so we celebrate on Sunday the talk at all about that's come the resurrection of rents.

Peter doesn't think the resurrection is one thing to celebrate one time to congratulate you the right pierces the resurrection changes how you see every subtitle. This epistle I would call it the epistle, the resurrection verse Peter the apostle, the resurrection, your whole life to the lens of what it means.

Jesus really wrote just my question for you.

You believe that Jesus first set was transformed many verse, Peter, I'm in a hearing on. You can find higher study never seen one of Jeannie sermons behind a pay wall, but not only possible because people like you make voluntary contributions to let me invite you today to become a gospel partner and join us in our mission to reach the world with the gospel. When you get to say thanks by sending you a specially created resource that companies are year-long teaching series program and we jump back into next week on the program, its volume to a three-part Bible study through the book of Romans Romans volume 2 today by calling five 866-335-5220 week online Jeannie on our website sure it is ministry day downloadable resource latest strength here in sign-up when you go to Jeannie and Molly minutes well hello aliens, I hope you can join us again Monday series next week on dating, sponsored by Jeannie

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