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Does My Life Have a Purpose?

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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July 9, 2020 9:00 am

Does My Life Have a Purpose?

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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July 9, 2020 9:00 am

Everyone wants to feel that their life has a bigger purpose. We try to find meaning in our careers, our families, charity work, or special talents. But at the end of the day, none of that is going to last into eternity. So where is true meaning found? Pastor J.D. explains how to start living out your ultimate purpose as he continues our series, Question Everything. 

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Why God created, and he wanted a creation that was centered in love. So he gave us the price and that you put in the center. This creates and so we took the brush and we painted in not God. We find it in ourselves with the one will be the center to be the boss to be the point I'm to be in charge. That's what we now call sin know if there's one thing that everyone wants to feel like we have a bigger purpose in life like were part of something important beyond ourselves.

We try to find in our careers and families charity worker, special talents, but at the end of the day in Alaska in our lifetime actually does any of that really make a difference today. Pastor JD explains what we were really created to do and how to bring meaning into our lives as we find this ultimate purpose to grab your pen a Bible and join Pastor JD now in a message titled, does my life have a perfect ER at the very end of a four-week miniseries on the book song called question everything in which we are seeing how an ancient collection of Hebrew songs engages some of our most pressing questions yesterday how we number one would look at the question cannot be happy and we saw Psalm chapter 1's answer to that a week number two is something wrong with me. Psalm 32, said most definitely, there is something wrong with you and told you how to deal with that week number three. The question was will life ever get better.

I would look at Psalm 88 and 89 and here our fourth and final week, our question is does God have a purpose for my life. I want you to try to think about that question in a very personal sense, not you just got have a purpose for the world. But does God have a purpose for use specifically for your life and if so how do you figure out exactly what that purpose is a know that you are accomplishing it. I see few things in life are as important as you find your purpose because when you understand something's purpose. You can put up with all kinds of pain and inconvenience in pursuit of it. For example, say your boss ask you to come in one weekend on a Saturday morning to open up a bunch of envelopes 10,000 envelopes you want you to open up and sort through the contents.

You know he's not a pay you overtime.

Is this something you gotta do because your job well every envelope you open is your resentful about it. Your complaint in this like the worst we can ever say that he or she your boss tells you that in one of those envelopes is $100,000 bonus check for you while at that point. Suddenly it becomes an adventure no longer is it tedious and mindnumbing. It is everyone's excited applicable he walk the adventurer redefined up figure out what I golden ticket is same tedious job. The difference is solely your perception of purpose or him or her about this.

Try being a doctor who tells a woman that she is going to increase her waistline by 10 inches and gained 30 pounds over the next few months and and should probably punch you in the face yet.

My wife has heard that from a doctor four times and every time she rejoiced because that meant she was pregnant same conditions. The difference was entirely in the perception of purpose knowing that God has a purpose for you, would transform how you see everything in your life. It would transform how you see the resources and the blessings of God is given you transform how you interpret your pain and your difficulty inconvenience. So the question is how can you discover the purpose that God has for you got a Bible open it to put Psalm 57 Psalm 57 got your Bible fully open their little thing like the beginning of Psalm 27 that usually we do skip over. I don't know what you call maybe an epitaph or something but I want to switch it, which I will highlight this weekend.

It says this to the choirmaster to the tune of do not destroy, which I guess is a popular song during the day like they think this without the table. Swift taken off all the accounting David was Mormon Eminem dive anything, it was a Mick Tam of David when he fled from salt in the cave that's very important context for the song David wrote the song as he is fleeing from Saul king Saul who is trying to kill them. How you see, David had been anointed the new king of Israel, which is awesome except that the current king of Israel. Saul was not too happy about it.

So Saul drives David out of the country and then has several thousand soldiers scouring the countryside trying to find David to unearth him from this cave he's hiding in the wilderness and again I think kill. So in short you to say everything has gone on for David. It's been a really bad week. Verse one.

David says be merciful to me, will God be merciful to me, for in you. My soul takes refuge in the shadow of your wings.

I will take refuge till the torrent storms of destruction passed by. Here's your key verse, verse two, I cry out to God most high God, who fulfills his purpose for me. He will sent from heaven and save me. He will put the shame and tramples on me. God will send out his steadfast love and his faithfulness.

My soul is in the midst of liens yet. I lie down amid fiery beasts. The children of man whose teeth are spears and arrows whose tongues are sharp swords. Members five. He's going to give you a refrain that need to come back to a couple times. It's the only real request of the whole song be exalted old God above the heavens let your glory be over all the earth. My heart is steadfast, old God, my heart is steadfast. I will sing and make melody away my glory awake all harp and lyre, I will awaken the dawn. I will give thanks to you, oh Lord, among the peoples.

I will sing praises to you among the nations for your steadfast love is great that the heavens your faithfulness to the cloud being exalted old God above the heavens let your glory be over all the earth. Psalm seven is a pretty remarkable Psalm because in spite of all the things are going wrong in David's life in spite of the fact that he is suffering innocently. Not one time in this entire song that he asked God to change the situation.

The only thing that he asked throughout the Psalm is God glorify your name. In this situation. Not one time does he ever say Lord would you vindicate my name would you make people know that I didn't do this you know I don't deserve this.

Would you fix the situation.

Could you please give me some nicer accommodations how this cave is is adult. It's dark, it's bank it stinks. Could you make Saul get hemorrhoid so he's not comfortable on his horse and he has to go home, David. David probably wanted all these things, yet in this Psalm, he seems to perceive that something bigger is going on. So rather than asking for any of those things, he asked twice be exalted God above the heavens let your glory be over all the earth. In other words, God use this situation to let other people see how majestic you are. Through this situation and David exudes incredible confidence about God answering that prayer in verse two. He'll say I know that God is going to fulfill his purpose for me that's not a request by the way statement of fact. Verse 40 says I will lie down to rest in the midst of fiery beast, you'll typically think of fiery beast or surrounding your house is not the time to take a nap but David says I'm confident enough in others light on the kidnapper seventh he says I'm arise early in the morning and sing and make melody to the Lord instead of cowering in this cave in fear. David get a good night sleep and waking up early in the morning to sing songs of joy.

I really did me three things from this Psalm that I think you can learn about your purpose from how David talks about his own encourage you to. As always, to take notes. I realized it wasn't you learn and in different ways but I'm pretty sure there is a notetaking gait in heaven that would either. Maybe just a little bit faster. I can't prove that, but I think it says somewhere Deuteronomy, which is where preachers always quote from and are making stuff up is nobody ever looks in their right.

But anyway, I think it would help you number one number one God has a purpose for you, but it's not about you. God has a purpose for you is not about you.

You can see that in the refrain today because back to again and again. The only request that he makes God. Would you be exalted in and through the situation.

The ultimate purpose of your life is not about you superseding David's desire to be rescued is his prayer for God to be glorified.

You and I David exist for God's glory.

And that's a hard thing for people to get sometimes. But the ultimate center of everything that happens on earth and ultimately everything that happens in your life is the glory of God. What why did God even create your well I David himself answered Psalm 91 the heavens declare the glory of God. God spun the world into existence.

He created the galaxies and the mountaintops in the oceans of the water molecule on the created as a demonstration of his power and his beauty and his glory. Sometimes I feel like you and I are like flies walking on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with no idea majestic masterpiece that is underneath our feet.

Why did God save Israel, why did God choose to save Israel will Jim let David answer. Psalm 106 verse eight God saved Israel for his namesake that he might make known his mighty power. Isaiah agrees.

Isaiah 48, nine for my namesake. God says, I will defer by anger for the sake of my praise, I will refrain you from you. Ezekiel concurs.

Ezekiel 36 verse 22 thus says the Lord God is for the sake of my holy name that I'm about to act. The nations will know because of what I do in and through you. They will know that I am the Lord. Paul says in Ephesians 16 that God chose to save us in the way that he saved us so that we would be a demonstration. The Angels and the entire creation of the glorious grace that God has in his power that we would forever be trophies of his grace. David says that the reason that God continues to work in his life is for the glory of his name. Psalm 23 which we quote a lot of funerals is a little phrase in most people never really looked at Psalm 23, three. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. What is the ultimate purpose that God has for us now bringing him glory. That's why he created you. If why he saved you. So Paul would tell us that in everything we do.

Even something mundane like eating and drinking.

We should do all of it, to the glory of God, you say well voiding minutes seems pretty self-centered of God. Please come unloving if you asked me, let me answer that with an analogy. In order for life on earth. The work the earth has to rotate around the sun. If the sun were a person and it loved the earth the sun would insist that it remained the center of the Earth's orbit because for the earth ever to lose the sun at its center would mean certain death for the earth and everything in it was a that's how we are with God. Our world was created to rotate around the sun. You and I were created for God to the most loving thing for God to do is to insist that he be in the center of our lives.

Psalm 1611 verse we quote a lot around here says in your presence is the fullness of joy and at your right hand are pleasures for evermore.

If God wants us to have the fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore, and he will lovingly insist that we build our lives around him as a sinner that's most loving thing that he can do. The essence of the father you see is love and God wants us to share in that love, so he can fifth that we put him at the center will a theologian and JI Packer said in a little book that has to have the worst name of any book I've ever read hot tub religion says this.

It's a good save. Nonetheless, he said if it is right for man to have the glory of God as his goal.

Can it be wrong for God to have the same goal. If man can have no higher purpose than God's glory.

How can God if it is wrong for man to seek a lesser end in this minute will be wrong for God to the reason it cannot be right for man to live for himself as if he were God is because he is not God.

However, however, is not wrong for God to seek his own glory because he is God. Now the reason that so hard for us is that you and I are born into the world a completely backwards mentality on that we are born into the world, thinking that we are the center of everything, but let me walk you through a little brief history of mankind. WCS I heard Andy Stanley talk about this years ago and it's always stuck with me on the reason God created us. As I explained, was for his glory. He created everything is a demonstration of his glory, and then kind of at the height of his creation. He creates his masterpiece, which is a man and a woman that he created in his image. Only time he'd use that phrase. He greeted man and woman is image. It is crowning piece and the Angels are watching everything God creates like wow how did you get better. Awesome. They got creates the man a woman in there just in all and then God does the unthinkable.

God takes the paintbrush before the painting is finished and he hands it to man, a woman, he said you paid the center now why would he do that. Why would he do that because he knows what every person who's ever been in love knows and that is that it's only loving a person freely chooses you and he wanted a creation that was centered in love. So he gave us the brush and said you put in the center of this creative and so we took the brush and we painted in not God. We painted in ourselves. We so will be the center to be the boss to be the point I'm to be in charge. That's what we now call sin I told you the way to understand sin is simply how it's spelled SIN make the middle letter really big SI in is when I do what I want to do is that what God wants me to do. I don't gotta be the point I want to be a point unlikely about his glory won't be about my glory. I don't want him to be in charge.

I want to be in charge and every child born into the world. Since then, arrives with that problem.

Thinking about his needs. Thinking about her will.

The two words I had never had to teach any of my children are the words know and mine.

I do not know where they learn those words, but I never had to send them to rebellion. I never had to have them stay after school to be tutored in selfishness. They get those things honestly from their mother, our default setting or default setting in life is self-centered, but that's what that's what you look at a picture is got multiple people in the first thing that you do is you look for yourself in that picture.

And if you look God then it's an awesome picture right and everybody else looks terrible but you look good.

It's awesome everybody else. It's great you look bad. It's a terrible picture and it kind of a metaphor for how you think about life. If life good for utilize good like a good for everybody else were not human life is not good in God's not fair. Even in our religion, even our religion how we approach God were self-centered to summarize some of your prayer lives didn't didn't didn't didn't didn't to be to God, help me God heard her God smite her.

Would you please help everyone to behave the way that I need them to behave.

My life is also a God you listening to this on the center on the point you make it work for me and got Doug do that we get angry right we get angle resourcing got understand what's wrong with you what's what's wrong with you. God, how come you're not doing this so that you can make me happy. Don't you get it. God, it's about my glory and my happiness when you give to God you expect God to make it worth your while my son offered but it comes by like you want to miss God you see what I put in your plate you better piggyback for this. This better not be a sacrifice, you better multiply the temple give it back to me will creator the universe.

You see when I'm given you better be grateful.

And then we live is of God exist to glorify us at the center of the universe. So we put bumper stickers on our car that say God is my copilot as if it's our car, going to our destination, for God to ride along that was get there and we talk about how God is the best means to my best life now and it got done behave were like And we start saying got understand how much of to defend you. Everybody else I must tell everybody your good God. When this is what you're doing with me God what's wrong I just don't understand you.I'm confused.what are you up to got to swim out to come up to my glory and I will put on my glory I know is concerned about yours. So I still feel like it's not loving for God to seek his own glory well is talk about how God pursued his glory. After we rejected him. What you do what you do with your prize creation hijacks the rest of your creation and makes it about damage that you you do we know what governments in Jesus's day. Had a really simple answer that question, you crush the rebels. So when Jerusalem rebelled against Rome. Rome's anatomy Army.

They obliterated Jerusalem port on the walls from admin women across his for miles around and put a big market triumph in Rome that celebrated their victory of the Jews call the ark of Titus in the middle songs of everything for the next hundred years, but how they destroy the Jews.

What did Jesus do when we had flaunted his glory that he come down and crush us set up an arc of triumph in heaven and have angels sing songs about how quickly he destroyed us that what he did quality so you Philippians 260. Jesus was in the form of God, didn't count equality with God a thing to be held onto know he made himself nothing, taking the form of a certain he did what what what you and I would never do. He showed up on earth not born into a palace window stable as a servant and not one time in his life to be able plate the God card, which is what I would not from day one in restaurants usually can I get some service over here I'm God as she and I think you're in my seat. After all, I'm God. He didn't play the God card. He lived as a servant, and he humbled himself by becoming a be the point of death, even death on a cross. Instead of crushing the traders he offered himself out to be Christ by threadbare sin for their treachery as they taunted him most of us would have a hard enough time dying for a friend, but now here he is dying for his enemies the traders as they spit in his face and they mocked him.

In other words, God says you paid in the outer picture you shove me to the side rebelled against me and so here's what I'm gonna do, so you when he gets on his warhorse and he brought down from heaven to earth, but as he comes, he begins to lay aside the garments of his deity and put to the side of the privileges of his divinity and he is born into a stable, not a policy lives as a servant. He dies a criminal's death. Please doing in our place so that he could save us so that we forever can share in the joys of his glory, his glory was not a selfish glory.

His glory was a giving Sherry glory. Therefore, verse nine. God has highly exalted him, and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father is glory is not a selfish glory, his glory with the saving glory can almost hear Paul yelling is not worthy to receive glory from you. He's twice worthy of your glory is why, for the record want to sort creator and secondly as your Savior is glory was not a selfish floor that crushed us when we rebelled.

It was a glory that sacrificed himself to save us impulsive.

How could we experience that kind of outpouring of glory that saved us.

How could we not take every second of our lives every resource we have not offered up and say God is about your glory and not mine. King David gets that that's why he says this whole thing is not about me it's about you God.

In this situation, the primary objective is housing to bring you glory, listen, you will never understand your purpose until you get that that is not about you with the sickness it's in your life. But it's not about you. What that missed opportunity.

What if it's not about you.

What if that difficult relationship is not about you. What this chapter of singleness is not about you.

What if it's about giving God glory see many of you are at a place where you want to get God back into your life. You started come back to church that you realize some was missing in your life maybe got scared to death and you like I want to be on the wrong side with God when you not die maybe just had kids. This happens a lot here. The summa church people have kids and I got back in a family so they come back to church and that's awesome. I'm so glad you're here. You are very welcome, but I want to keep you from a mistake that I see a lot of people make and that is a come back just to make God a part of their lives like I need him to be happy and live.

I need him to have a good family.

Of course I want to go to help you do not come to God to make him a party your life you wake up to realize that you were created for him. Some of you need to have what we call around here a Copernican revolution of the soul never seventh grade science class. Copernicus was the guy that figured out that the earth was not in the middle of the universe.

Up until that point I looked up the sky and soul moving bubble clearly work the middle. Everything rotates around us and Copernicus said not so actually the son is in the middle of our solar system.

We rotate around it you need is called a Copernican revolution in astronomy. You need to have a Copernican revolution of the soul. We realize that Jesus did not come to be be a very important planet in the orbit of your life. He came because he was the center and you're out of orbit. That's why your life is falling apart and you'll come back to him by getting into orbit about putting at the center health center. Thankfully back to our apartment here on Senate right to listen to this message again to catch up on previous messages in the study of Psalms JD while you're there, take a few minutes to browse around.

You'll find previous messages, blogs and articles, resources, videos, and so much more. It's all available free of charge.

JD Senate life. Our mission is to help you dive deeper into the gospel every day I were committed to bringing you these messages on the radio and online at no cost to you, but that's only possible because of the painful voluntary contribution from committed people like you when you get today will say thanks by sending you a new book from Pastor Jamie called honest questions and quick answers about 2010 theological, ethical, and leadership question answers them quickly and simply reference, but to give you some language to talk about and understand questions like that. The Bible condemns slavery and how should Christians engage in social media. This is the last week to get to ask her honest questions quick answers when you get today by calling 866-335-5220 866-335-5220 request of an online JD you can also write to request this new resource JD Greer ministry, PO Box 12293, Durham, NC 27709 high-minded events for joining us domestic violence. Pastor Jamie is our series of question everything in the Russian clot getting the kids to soccer getting dinner on the table. Join us for answers Friday on my

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