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But Concerning That Day, No One Knows, Not Even the Son, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 30, 2020 9:00 am

But Concerning That Day, No One Knows, Not Even the Son, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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June 30, 2020 9:00 am

In Mark 13, while talking about his second coming, Jesus claimed, “But concerning that day, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” But is it possible for Jesus to be God and not know everything God the Father knows? Pastor J.D. answers that question as he concludes our powerful series, The Difficult Sayings of Jesus.

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On Senate life with Jamie Greer if you know the world has in the end, and it could be soon when that make you rearrange your priorities like this if you want to talk and you know that the boat was sinking. Would you take time to rearrange the deck chairs look prettier.

You look like a set of course not. A lot of us are doing since they were coming to the end of the powerful teaching series here on the program called the difficult things Jesus any part of this study. You can find every today difficult thing were looking at comes from Mark chapter 13 where Jesus talks about his second coming. He says concerning that day no one knows not even the angels in heaven, nor the sun but only the father is Jesus implying that he's not home knowing I mean I thought it was God's answer that question here is Pastor JD door.

Lastly, we are almost from the Gospel of Mark, up 13 you have a Bible in all of our campuses. I would invite you take it out now open at the march of the 13 most of us have this misconception of Jesus at three years old like this cobbler survived, whose hanging out in the nursery lecturing. The other three-year-olds about the Christological implications of medical 13, prophesied about the world. That's not true. Jesus was perfect in Godhead with trees 100% and also perfect on her present manhood.

He was truly or fully God or and truly man, one person acknowledged in two natures confusedly which word unshakably and invisibly, with liberty and just not getting inseparably the distinction of nature by no means taken away the union, but rather the property of each major reserve golf course that works with SS that he was fully God did not take away from him being fully man and that he was fully man did not take away from him being fully God see the apostles did record that verse because it fit their theory about G they wanted Jesus to be. They wrote this down because he actually said it.

And even if it mess with some of their theories and created some problems for their doctrines. They wrote in their right so the reason that he didn't know was not ceased to be God and one daughter.

They made up the fact that he was God the reason he didn't know is because as the Savior was fully God and fully man.

He sometimes limited himself some of his about about. Is there another reason even if Jesus didn't call in that generation. Is there another reason why he might have told them to be ready like it could happen at any minute.

The answer is yes, because Jesus wants us to live in a constant state of readiness as if he could return tonight. Jesus then tells a story of the master who gave Reva servants large sums of money to invest two of them, Jesus says, invested, it made a good return. One of them evidently thought the master wasn't going to return quickly so he buried his money.

Jesus said moment that he didn't realize that this master returns and says to the server where the return my money I gave you to invest when the servant had nothing to bring forward, he cast the servant into outer darkness. All of Jesus as examples that he uses make basically the same point you are to live in a state of readiness with every part of your life like he might return today because it might be today. There's a quote of CS Lewis precisely because we cannot predict the moment we must be ready at all times. The soldier does not know at what time. The enemy may attack or what time an officer might expect his post. So we must be awake at all times, but it's not that we should always be running around in fear that the end might happen at any moment. We should instead listen be like an 80-year-old man who needs on the one hand, not to be always thinking about his approaching death.

But at 80 should always be taking it into account. It would be criminally foolish not to have made his will, and so on. By the time you're 80 years old, was this now what death is to reach person the second coming is to the whole human race. Let me give you four things that would change in your life if you believe that his return was eminent for things that an 80-year-old person metaphorically speaking, how they would view their lives. Here's number one spiritual alertness, spiritual alertness, how would you live differently. If you Jesus for coming back tonight.

Even now the night my wife and I laid in bed talking about the second coming of Jesus, and she starts saying it with darts is all will be awesome that one day you and I might just drift off to sleep together and then we awake side-by-side is restored through the clouds and while she's talking to slow slip out of bed finally lay on the ground perfectly still. She's like know what I mean. JD Jenny J so when you believe this grateful practical jokes, but I know that it's really easy for us to make fun of Paul that now I realize that but there is one thing one thing that my church had listen. One thing they had that I think were missing and that is the earnest expectation of his return for every prophecy in the Bible concerning Christ's first coming. Eight. Look forward to his second we have a whole holiday where we celebrate the first coming, but hardly anything ever gets out about his second the church. I brought them used in just about every service you help me understand you that you are set reach the end of the service thereby would say that the pastor was a mariner which means agree the Lord is coming, and then he would say that it might be today. Honestly, I think we could use a little bit more of that kind of thinking it might be today. This might be your last chance to hear the gospel and respond. This might be your last chance to tell that friend that neighbor that grandparent that child.

It might be your last chance to tell them about Jesus which leads me to the second thing your wife that will change if you believe his return is imminent. Number two mission urgency mission urgency. If you know the world has an end and it could be soon when that make you rearrange your priorities like severely describe like this if you were on the Titanic. And you know that the boat was sinking.

When you take time to rearrange the deck chairs so they look prettier and yet a more comfortable place, a set of course not know. A lot of us are doing. You will look at your life. We we devoted ourselves we consume ourselves vacations and hobbies and possessions in bucket list Yolo hashtag Yolo you want to see better you better get it all in.

Right now listen you guys know I'm not a God who believes God never once you have things you enjoy. I'm not a God who believes that every Christian ought to be in full-time ministry like me up and God is glorified to secular jobs of the void created many of you to do that. I don't believe that that hobbies are bad and that we shouldn't have times were we unplug and just devote ourselves something we really enjoyed now also know that life is painfully short and when the master returns I want to have invested my talents and resources my treasure, my time, I want to have invested it fully for his kingdom and not be found sitting on that resource buried in the ground and say what is it might think you will come about that quickly sliding invest what you gave me for your kingdom happen. I fear many of you think Jesus will look at you and say I gave you unbelievable opportunity. I gave you flexibility and mobility in the richest nation on earth you bought new cars you bought new houses you fill up your time with eternally speaking will have to be regarded as silly objects and you know you said you knew that I was coming back when you invest what I gave you your time your treasures in your time. Why did you invested for my kingdom is not nothing wrong with a little R&R. Nothing a little rest and relaxation of the moment hobbies are nice things. Listen many of you work so that you can have major things go on vacation. That's what the endgame. That is what you want to retire early on this one. Work hard now so I can have a woman on vacation. Listen this, a disciple of Jesus takes occasional vacations so that he can work more for Jesus kingdom you see some of your exactly flipped you're working so that you can have more night stop and take better vacations on earth. A disciple of Jesus takes vacations and has my stop so that they can live more for the kingdom. They know that is coming that is eternal in one of those parables of Jesus told that I refer to men to go and honestly, the scares me a little bit. He describes a God who failed to invest the talent the resources I got a given them. Jesus said when he returned That servant into outer darkness which means he wasn't saved is not really disciple are you a disciple of Jesus is the way to answer that. Are you investing your time, your talent and your treasures for the kingdom of God college students as you think about your future as you think about your future are you thinking about your career in terms of how it can be most greatly used for Jesus kingdom. I'm not saying you all become like me by any means, but are you thinking about.

In light of the kingdom is you who are working, what you're endgame, and it is in your job is just so you can retire wealthy and enjoy night stop for your few years on earth were you saying God I'll take a few vacations I can work more diligently for your kingdom number three here's the third thing that will change and you. When you believe that his return is imminent hope and suffering open suffering, we direct your attention back to us to the text for minute Mark 13 verse 26 then they will see the Son of Man coming with the clouds, empower great power and glory only point I will send you know about Jesus to earth through the clouds. That's actually a miss quotation of this verse.

Notice it until he comes through the clouds. He comes with the clouds. Why is that distinction important because the clouds to Jewish people were a symbol of having to what he's saying is I'm to bring heaven back to earth and I am going to restore paradise as I intended it because our sin brought Kirst Carson brought sickness and pain and death, and one day he says my return guarantees that I want to set everything right again and that all the pain you're going through now is just temporary. PCI can endure just about anything if I know it's temporary.

If I know it's not a last that long. That means when I'm in pain. I can look up and say it might be today. He's coming.

It might be tonight, and he will come with the clouds and when he comes, he will wipe every tear from very high there will be no more pain, no more sorrow no more crying because he will restore the world the way that God created it to be in the situation is just temporary.

It will be like.

As Lewis says a bad night in a cheap hotel you can lift your eyes because the return of Christ is eminence is not gonna last forever, and it could be tonight is your life just has not turned out like you always hoped it would be you thought at one point life is to be different.

You were going to obtain certain things and get to certain places, but it's not working out like that on the marital status you're not a career status level to friend of mine says the promise of the second coming shows us that the good old days are always ahead of us never bind us some of you John if you look back you think those were the good old days had so many dreams that turned out the good old days of the second coming is true the returns in the good old days, right ahead of you to show number four is your power to forgive the return of Christ is the power to forgive Tim Keller points this out when they'll be able to say and Tim Keller was wrong, but that's not today. Tim Keller says believing in the return of Jesus gives you the power to forgive you know over the years of counsel number of people who were had difficulty forgiving somebody because of something they did to them. Believe it or not, this idea of the imminent return of Christ. Sickness actually help people tremendously. Why, what happens when somebody really hurt you the person you want to jump up on the judgment seat of Christ, to make sure they get what they deserve in your will you be God's instrument to be used in that. I got her my Simi. Even if you know you should do that your chair got along as you know, God just to get going a little harder.

God I don't go started out you you want to start your forgot there's a problem. Listen, you were not created for the judgment seat. You're not big enough for it and when you try to sit in the judgment seat.

It works a little bit like that ring in the Lord of the rings it destroys.

It feels so good going on.

It feels so good to get binges but it corrupts and destroys your soul because you were made with the capacity to give judgment piercing bitterness really destroy somebody. You probably have. Maybe it's destroyed you.

What happens is you see this person unable to forgive somebody else.

Maybe what it was really bad.

What happens is they have so much hate in your heart for that person to begin the color everything the person does nothing they can do is ever good because everything you see that person through the lens of hate and benefits really bad Bill start the project item that person on every person is like. So you got I got I was been hurt by his wife and he hates all women you have a person who's been treated badly by somebody of another race it so they hate everybody from that race that's happening in your soul because you want created for the judgment seat. The doctor the second coming helps us stay off of it because he know we know he's coming back will bring justice so I can endure injustice for the time being I can live in a world where evil is not always pay back because I know the real judges coming.

His return as soon and he's in a set things right. Those four things. Those four things are what change in you when you begin to understand the eminence of Jesus return you say well what is return to be like when to gonna happen.

Unfortunately, that's a bigger question that I have time for you probably already heard several people you should do all series on that maybe okay Jesus please come back for us to do a series they schedule look like eight years for positions that people generally gravitate toward on-site request.

Once home free. Tribulation will tribulation is that seven year.

This the seven year period where of the antichrist is battle for Cameron for seven years and then these people believe that God will rapture out believers right before that takes place the second position of difficult post-trip push tribulation will, which believes that it will tribulation and then Jesus will come back afterwards with after the tribulation. One of the problems people's and that's when out of that is, it doesn't feel like it that imminent is how you know for the jubilation of what I would know it then there's the post-millennial and millennial positions which they don't really believe this can be a tribulation at all.

They think is all kind of metaphor and sunlight would use it to return whenever the problem is there's a lot of things in the book of Revelation, but don't we seem to fit well with this model and then there's my favorite position that I call the pan tribulation is position which means I really have no idea, but I know it will all pan out in the end it's okay so I coming here very like that's where I am right now. I one thing that I think we cannot dispute one thing you should not dispute we ought to be expecting his return today that is the consistent teaching that ought to be true no matter how parse that last stuff Charles Spurgeon said in this way, the hour of his appearing is not revealed in order that we may always stand on tiptoe, expecting the return to be today. Which leads me to the last question. When asking do you yearn for his return. Are you on tiptoe to see your supposed to be and actually listen the degree to which you yearn for his return is like a thermometer in your heart tells you, your spirit spiritual temperature and amoebae all judgment on condemning.

But for many of you never think about and that tells you little bit about where your heart has made its home. Do you John for his return.

When I was in college are a true story of a teacher who taught kids with special needs. So she taught him about the return of Jesus. She said that after she taught them about the return of Jesus.

Whenever her kids are special needs kids would hear a commotion or a loud voice that all jump up and say he's come back metal run to the window. I made it look out the window to see if Jesus is coming by the Christian band new song, and she turned that story into a song, and she just can't keep them in their seats there. All the windows, straining to see its fingertips and noses pressed to the window panes, longing eyes expected hearts for him to come again.

All they know is that they love him so he said he's coming he's coming all they know is that they love them so he said he's coming in is coming for them.

So the first thing you know they're out of their seats back of the windows, straining to see yearn for his return like that again.

Let's be honest, most of us don't you two reasons why that's true reasonable one is that we are so at home in this world. We spent so much of our lives try to make life good here, the second coming is good news for people's lives are filled with bad news. We spent our entire life trying to create good news for us here right CS Lewis again so make it up and says wealth has a way of knitting a man's heart to this world. Wealth has a way of knitting a man's heart to this world, we don't find ourselves longing for his return because we have so much invested here you see the fact that you don't long for his return ought to be a thermometer that says you might ought to be careful to what kingdom you actually leverage your life for this reasonable one.

Reason number two. The thought of Jesus's return for most of us this mystical figure maybe a lot of fear his union already standard form the idea stand before the judge of all the earth. For many of you have right now. We heard the voice from the eastern sky. He shouted, and Jesus is coming back. Yours would not be running to him to embrace the open arms of God, your father, it's fear because when the judge shows up. There is not ready to give an account the exodus of my kids when my kids think that I'm happy with them because they love to be close on the ravage of a mulatto diary this to mail them with a bezel that little pulled out my nose is whatever it is you like that look when I kids think I'm mad at them, whether they think I'm in a bad mood or whether they you know I should done something significant to avoid me. Though I go back I don't talk bad. Many of you that your heart is along the sea Jesus because you fear his anger.

It's kind of a well-founded fear is one that you will give an account for everything in your life every single thing. Maybe you know that you have in The 10 Commandments. Maybe you don't even believe in the 10 Commandments you're zooming on or about you if you don't believe in the 10 Commandments, the human heart understands that it's guilty is even people who are religious are terrified at the thought of standing before the judge check I tell you the last great piece of good news from this passage.

Probably the best part through March 13 and read this account of the last begin, you'll notice that when Jesus describes the judgment day starts using these odd phrases on that day the sun will be darkened and the moon will return the book when you get over to Mark 15 two chapters later, which is the story Jesus crucifixion you read the darkness came down utter darkness that settled over the whole land he says on that day the earth will be shaken begin to destroy the crucifixion it says. When Jesus died. Your silk and the rock split open.

See when you read the account of the judgment day in Mark 13, and then you get to the store, the crucifixion of March 15. You're supposed to say what's happening at the crucifixion. It almost looks like judgment day.

It was Jesus on the cross was the ultimate judgment day. He was judged in our place so that, for those of us who receive him.

All we have to look forward to this reunion with our father, never fear over facing the judge. Jesus faced the judge so I would not have to.

He received condemnation so that I can receive only commendation not because I deserve only commendation but because there is no condemnation for those of us who are in Christ Jesus because Jesus took it all in our place at the first coming.

Jesus did not come to bring judgment. He came to merit this is the gospel like credit, live ourselves Jesus death deserve.

We can live without fear. Pastor Jenny Greer concludes our challenging study called the difficult things of Jesus here on Senate life if you were here this series again or share with the friends you can find it for JD in your new but honest questions quick answers to some pretty significant questions and you put that in just a few words for each question like what my goals is always been. I have a PhD in theology while getting my PhD the majority preaching I did was to middle schoolers and always want to be like the illusion for middle schoolers and submittal scores have a pretty short attention span and if you can answer the question of temperature less than nothing to make it so really is a pastor. Now I try to do that with tough theological questions in the Senate you. How would you answer this question. Not if you had three hours to do a deep dive study, but how would you just talk somebody to coffee shop about it and so when she turned that into a podcast called ask anything. Now we've taken some of the best of this podcast turned into a book that just has answers to questions that you get asked about politics, ethics, leadership, ministry, theology, answers these questions haven't changed over the centuries, but the way that we talk about them is changing her contacts with try to take deep biblical truth and make it simple and accessible. Would love to get you a copy. This book right now. Just as a thank you for partnering with us you can get that, as always, but going to JD This new, but today the title again is honest questions and answers and you're welcome to request a copy when you donate to support this ministry suggested level at $25 or more honest questions quick answers when 866335866335. We can look online.

JD and Molly benefits. Thanks for being with us today and tomorrow start new series in the question everything she is a clear answer some of the most questions on questions that people gain from the beginning of time might be surprised by the answers next Wednesday on Senate your ministry

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