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I Came Not to Bring Peace, but Division, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 22, 2020 9:00 am

I Came Not to Bring Peace, but Division, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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June 22, 2020 9:00 am

In our culture, it’s a common belief that every religion leads to God, as long as you’re sincere. It seems like a kind, accepting worldview, and even some supposedly Christian churches have started teaching it. But that’s not what Jesus taught! Pastor J.D. brings some biblical perspective on what Jesus actually said about salvation.

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Today on Summit life with Jeannie Greer.

Tim tells us of this way, Jesus did not come to earth. The first time to bring justice or sword detained the first time, to bear justice and to receive the sword came out with a sword in his hands became with nails through his hands.

There was a choice to God the father date Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane when a motivation to give everything to Jesus. That said, in her closer to the common belief that every religion leads to God year in what you believe and on the surface like a really kind and accepting worldview and even some supposedly Christian churches have adopted this teaching, but the problem is just not what Jesus taught today were getting some perspective on what Jesus actually said about salvation and it's a lot more offensive than you might think. So grab your Bible and let's get started. Here's Pastor JD made what they're going to do is reveal to you what side of the line that you're on the difficult statement the real look at this week comes from the chapter 12 of you have a Bible about you take it out and opened it up or turn it on and I go to verse 40 not a blue jumper 12. This is what Jesus says is that I've come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled but I have a baptism to undergo first and what constraint I'm under until that baptism is completed then here is the divisive confusing statement.

Do you think that I came to bring peace on earth. No, no, I tell you, but division is not PC came to bring the vision I thought Jesus was the Prince of peace was on verse 52 from now on there will be five in one family divided against each other three gifts to give three they will be divided father against son son against father, mother against daughter Darius mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. Jesus is going to divide some families.

Why does Jesus divide certain families because of the absolute allegiance that he demands his claims are so absolute and so dramatic that it divides families as to whether or not they are fully on board him or not, the straightest Gospel of Matthew. After recording the exact same statement of Jesus made adds these words to the end of what Jesus said in Matthew 1037 see anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it. Whoever loses their life for my sake will find it hard so he came out to bring peace with the vision that he will end up separating people within the same household. Unless you love me more than you love your own kids. You can't even be my disciple, not like the triple threat of difficult statements. Here's what I want to do four things today I want to firstly, I want to deal with the widely held myth that a lot of people bring into this bill. The widely held myth and secondly I want to try to expose for you a staggering claim three reveal an incredible motivation that Jesus puts within this passage a minute before I want to ask you of you a few very practical questions about where you are with what he said here. You may want to widely held myth here is the myth. The myth is that Christianity, the claims of Jesus are more divisive than other viewpoints.

The assumption is that other viewpoints are tolerant and inclusive Jesus message is uniquely intolerant and exclusive but you see all viewpoints when you really get down to the roots of them are are ultimately exclusive to see it as a new myth to say that Christianity is unusually exclusive. The truth is that all claims the Lordship are exclusive and you got an aside, is the Lord or is he not there's number two.

A staggering claim staggering claim for 37 anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Here's what staggering Jesus puts himself right at the center of our faith.

He does not say notice it is nothing here love and obey God's love and obey me, and unless you love me more than you love.

Everything else you generally follow me, which means that he's either the worst cult leader ever read something different than every other religious leader and that is he is God himself. The object of our faith is also staggering because he is talking about a commitment that trumps our most precious relationships, a commitment that can have no conditions at all, remembers against anybody who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me you little other son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me can ask you a very sober serious question you love your kids more than Jesus. You cannot be his disciple. I do not want any of this to imply that coming to Jesus gives you some kind of brazen and loving attitude toward your family, I just say that for many of us our kids and our families have become idols that we put ahead even of God.

Your kids are good things that become God.

Things that intern and the bad things is an idol is rarely something bad in and of itself.

An idol is something good you always just give too much in wait upon many of us are basically using Jesus is to get a good family, which is the ultimate thing for us in Jesus will not be used as a means to anything else. Number three. That's a pretty severe claim is your pretty incredible motivation. Luke 1240 not have come to bring fire and earth, and how I wish it were already kindled a baptism undergo first though what constraint I'm under until it's completed.

Once the fire come on the earth.

God, since fire in the earth never works out well for the earth right it's judgment you see a really clear picture this, by the way, when God gave the law.

In Exodus 19 is a symbol of his righteous justice. The penalty for those who would break his law. He covers the mountain that he reveals it on and fire and the smoke and there's earthquakes and visit a horror hurricane surrounds of the below border around the mountain. Seven anybody crosses border God said them that they will be killed. That's the fire of judgment that God will bring to the earth one day and Jesus said you see me in the heavenly father we want to see justice. We want to see holiness. We are sick of sin.

But first, I've got a baptism undergo, but you see, there was a dilemma. If God's righteous wrath were to destroy all wickedness, who here in this room is good to be alive. It got to say God destroyed all wickedness of 12 AM later tonight. Anybody can be here 1201. Not one of us.

So to Jesus. I have got my own baptism undergo first.

It's a baptism of fire is talking about the cross and what he means is that when he would go to the cross, he would actually be baptized in the fire of judgment that God put on the mountain in Exodus 1900 simulation read Exodus 19, and reading on the crucifixion of Matthew what you find is there's a direct parallel Jesus died in darkness, just like the mountain there was earthquakes. There was thunder there was the fire of God's wrath burned to Jesus body so that none of it would come to me.

Tim Keller says it this way, Jesus did not come to earth. The first time to bring justice or sword became the first time, to bear justice and to receive the sword became not with a sword in his hand.

He came with nails through his hands. The center of Christian teaching for 2000 years has been this Jesus bore the fire of God's wrath in our place.

Taking the full punishment our sins deserve to that one day you can return to earth deacon and evil and not destroy us all in the process. There was a choice that God the father date to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. You can avoid my wrath, but you lose them. But if you can again then bear my wrath in their place.

You want to motivation to give everything to Jesus. That's it.

You start lingering there you linger there you think about the great love of God for you until that produces love for God in you, you think about the commitment of the creator God to you and let that produce commitment to God from you is the love of God for us and commitment God to us that produces love for God in us, and commitment to God from us because he we are being asked to go in with a God who could not have gone more all in for us. You know it's never some you may not everybody, but you never what is like first time you said I love you that spouse or to the person that when you were dating a nurse your big moment right.

It's a bad day if you like I love you and there like what I was moving you, not minutes. This like you can fill it out there and I know you say what when working about talking water Berkeley campus pastor Todd is the first time I said I love you to Ashley's wife. He said we were in the Atlanta airport why you choose the most unromantic place in the planet to say I love you I do not know we set us in the love you and she said I've got to go to the bathroom and she went to visit she came out and did not say a word he said for the next hour since I had just like the citizen to just what the bathroom and it was the end of it and he said an hour later she said.I love you. She what God is inviting you to do is to step into a relationship where he's already gone all in he's asking is like putting there out there for you and said yes it is an extreme claim, but there is no more extreme claim than I have given to you. She would've thought you will never go farther for Jesus that is going for you.

You will never give up more for Jesus than he is given out for you. You will never love him more than he has love you. You got to dwell on that.

And guess what, this passage will not seem like a burden any longer is even Jesus. I always read that statement in Matthew 11 were Jesus said, my burden is easy and my yoke is light and I thought really I just told me that I do love you more than my kids.

I got a pickup across a ball. You and your call.

Not easy. In light the reason it's easy in light is because of what I've gained and what I've given up what you gained is so great what you given up seems rather insignificant machine order really to give up your life or something you got to trust the one that you give it up to make your investor you so I that you know you never invested in something you know that the one criteria you want to know you your money to something of the large sum of money you are know that this person is trustworthy this company to check it out you done your due diligence. Or they could not squander your money going to be a good return. Your stockbroker trustworthy before you hand him 20,000 50,000 hundred thousand dollars.

Are they trustworthy when Paul talked about giving his life to Jesus he used in vesting terms was in the second Timothy 112 I'm suffering for him.

Paul said it's bad but I know you see, whom I have believed, I'm convinced that he's able to guard what I've entrusted to him until that day.

Do you know you have believed. Because when you think about the glory and the love of Jesus for you then even putting him ahead of your sons and daughters and fathers and mothers is not to say Mike is that significant because you know that he will guard what you've committed to him. A lot of times our friends overseas have to make an actual decision regarding this, they have to choose between Jesus and the family. One of our church planters from Central Asia told me that he let Amanda Christ over there and when this family discovered that this man to come to Christ they his father discuss father locked him in a room, tied him up on them upside down and beat them on and off for two days trying to get him to recant his said.

Eventually he escapes he ran away and up enrolling in a college is several hours away discusses one day my brother showed up. He said I made my brothers. I can really from the light was on my side. He said in that after I get a couple days.

He said I is as I had to wonder. I think that my dad sent my brother here to kill me, what would Jesus, it means that I might never be safe in the presence of my family again.

So you gotta choose between Jesus or his family. Now there are some of you listening to me right now that have had to make, maybe not as extreme of decision or something similar was was a never to be a situation that extreme were your little dancers reducing the premise. Let me ask you a few very practical questions which is number four for prodigal questions. Have I own Jesus and all my relationships are what you asked yourself that I own Jesus and all my relationships. If you own in the front your family what you do in your family refuses let you follow Jesus I got asked a student recently by out as a question reason with a high school student. Here's the answer. You always follow Jesus.

She was asking about being baptized at our church.

We tell you if you're in high school for less than 18 years old. We don't do that without your parents consent. As we recognizes a certain authority they given you over this stage in her life. And so when I do have another consent to your 18 years old I we turn 18. You guys are making some your own decisions. And that's when you get to decide if you follow Jesus and things like baptism right it means when he tells you after college or in college would want to do.

You've got to choose to obey Jesus even a means to support your parents sometimes people say what about that verse. Honor your father and mother. I get this question often take two seconds here and deal with that honor your father mother is a commandment that's given in the 10 Commandments because follow this our parents are given to us for a brief time in our life that they cannot stand in the place of God. The first way we learn to relate to God. So when I grow up and become a man, I may transfer my allegiance from my parents to my heavenly father. NBI really is the way you honor your father and mother is not by being obsequious and subservient to them all your life. It is by becoming the man or woman of God that you were supposed to become. That's how you honor them. The irony is that you might honor your father, mother, most by disappointing them by doing what God tells you to do instead of what they want you to do a different stages of your life in my look differently, much less a professional student yes ologies of my wish all of them baptism and do not declare your parents if you're going on a mission trip in your intent. Great if they're not consented to write but but have you own Jesus over your family and have your own Jesus and where you work at our gospel were conference, I heard stories, heartbreaking stories of people who lost their job because they decided to do what was right and I have integrity maintain their confession of faith you own. Jesus in front your friends, high school student college student really everybody, but especially you guys. I will tell you this if you were going to own Jesus and his testimony in front of your friends and you go to any college in America you will be subject to bewildering criticism to the point that I like. I make sure you survive the way that you will survive is when you know the greater is he that is for you and you have more joy in the one stands with you than you do in the entire college campus stance against you. You own.

Jesus in front your all your relationships. Her second question, and I bade him of what's in front of me right now and I have a name or what's in front seats easy for us to talk about total sacrifice while we disconnect that actually the things that you know Jesus want to do right now. Here's a question are you a small group which Jesus told us, we ought to be in community with the churches. I was moreover going to be community. No you got up another way, I am not judging you.

I'm not of your small group fundamentalist. I'm just saying that for many of us not in a small group and there is not a community. You're just the consumer in the church. I'm not sure what were here doing talking about you be willing to have your throat slit for Jesus when you're not willing to get in the small group right everything that is would make a lot of sense. Are you obeying him in your giving how you can sit through a sermon when talking about you want to die for Jesus and you're not even honoring God with your finances in the richest nation on earth you see the disconnect there. I here's one for an article on Christian Why you ask is the unchristian over there often or ever one point assuming an article singles aged 18 to 59 were asked Christian singles.

Also in the survey identified as evangelical Christians which you have sex before marriage. 63% said yes.

What business do you have sitting through a sermon about dying for Jesus and then singing a song about how worthy is when you won't even obey a very clear thing that he said you say is always a Christians don't tell eyes they sing them when were talking about obeying God fully in your 63% like I might even obey him. There, being burned to the state were talking about being sexually pure and the clear command that he gave me a flat one of the way. I know people who are very sincere in following Jesus.

Maybe they really want to follow Jesus, but the work schedule precludes them.

Been really involved in church, neither a few of you that are in such extraordinary circumstances, there's really no way you can change and I'm not judging you, I promise. But I do for others of you. It's just that I don't want to rearrange my priorities to put God first and I can look and see what that's going is not really a surprise so much frightening happens. If you do not prioritize community and the people of God, you will not maintain your Christian confession very long so I can predict where this is going before we talk about you be willing to be burned at the stake that we should talk about. You simply prioritize and the things got up in front of you. Are you bade them right now C or the third question drive any conditions for following Jesus drive any conditions for following Jesus. What do I insist that Jesus provide in order for me to follow him what to sign the contract. The reason I say that is because I know the people some of whom have been in our church who have quit following Jesus because he didn't give me some that they really wanted hey you were supposed to monitor together and you didn't. So I met you and I'm out. Hey you're supposed to mean my kids grow up static trouble become doctors make lots of money, support, meet you, to make that happen. You were supposed to help me get married yet done is on that you Such happy let this tragedy happen to what you're showing that you had a condition in order to follow Jesus. He is his only commission. What you say is that you and asking for a lot of other stuff, but I have no other conditions. You're my only condition, yet any conditions.

Following Jesus. Here's the fourth thing where I am, causing division and I doing alike. Jesus said, I want to be really careful here for some of you have the personality they use cause division everywhere as a new Jesus has to do with the fact that your self-righteous jerk and I normally give you license to continue to be a jerk, is you're just a bison person you cut that out where you are causing division to do a lie. Jesus, how did Jesus do in first Peter 223 when they hurled their insults at him.

He did not retaliate when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly, to give you a few ways that your you're like I know you're not being divisive like Jesus. Whenever you force things on people.

Jesus never did that Jesus would tell people he would tell people, clearly. And then he is not every dinner conversation is bringing this up so you force how you feel about Jesus and other people and just cut it out because that's not what Jesus does. Jesus that he recognizes a certain a certain dignity to an individual and he will stated but he doesn't enforce on people seeming to cut that out. And here's another one when you get angry whenever you are and defend yourself. That's a sure sign that I'm no longer defending Jesus on defending me when I get angry because when Jesus suffered, he didn't retaliate when I get mad and it happens frequently at somebody and my guess is this with him about me not about them and not about them. In Jesus, are you being divisive by Jesus which absorbs the insult and refuses to retaliate when people say the most unkind vicious things about you. You just take it and try to give them love for evil desire, what you do. Lastly, here's what do you judge people. That's a way to be divisive. Unlike Jesus teachings never judge people. She judging does not mean you don't say things clearly, Jesus really cleared a lot of people.

They were condemned that that's not judging.

Judging is when you dismiss the person after telling them what God says is Jesus really clear about what God said and then Jesus drew his close Jesus was the friend of sinners, so he was clear. Many drew the person closing and cast the person away your divisive unlike Jesus when you speak a word and then push the person away and say you're not even really worthy to be my friend. We respond to who are struggling with.

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