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Unless We Are Sent

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 11, 2020 9:00 am

Unless We Are Sent

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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June 11, 2020 9:00 am

If Christians really believe we know the only way to salvation, then what are we doing to share that knowledge with the rest of the world? In this message, Pastor J.D. looks at four important verses from Romans 10 that show us why, as the ones who believe in the gospel message, we owe it to those who have not heard to take it to them. Are you ready to say “yes” to whatever God asks you to do?

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Today on the MetLife with JD Greer. You understand that God may be working in.

Somebody out there because he intends to raise you up and send you to them. The reason he stirs his people. It is because he is people that he is preparing around the world. People can only be saved by hearing about Jesus, he can only hear about him. The witness of a believer like Jeannie and Molly benefits Christians really believe that we know the only way to salvation, and the greatest news the world has ever known, and what we doing to share that message with the rest of the world today.

Pastor JD looks at four important verses that show us why is the ones who believe in the gospel message we owe it to those who have not yet heard and take them. Are you ready to say yes to whatever God asks you to do. If so, listen.

Romish opportunity you have your Bible this weekend and hope that you brought them Roman shepherds and is about our role in the salvation process for Paul, God's sovereignty of man's responsibility exist together in a mysterious tension that we may never fully resolve at least reset on this side of eternity. We may never fully resolve. It may maybe not even on that side is no guarantee will be as smart as God the first 13 verses of Romans 10 focus on how we believe that's all part of the salvation process, we are believing and it shows us what we are to believe and how that happens. Starting in verse 14 were going to be today. Paul shifts his focus to the role that we play in helping others believe the listen.

Today we are going to get at the heart of Christian mission before verses that we are going to look at are the culmination of Paul's so we caught his relentlessly building logic right fervor for 10 shoppers. Now here's as big Billy. I've explained you this logical case premise by premise that he's going to tell us what all this gospel theology means for how a serious follower of Jesus who takes the gospel seriously sees his or her life. Here's what he says for 14 how then can they call on him that they have not believed in and how can they believe without hearing about him and how can they hear without a preacher and how can they preach unless they are sent. As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. Verse 17 so faith comes by hearing you see in hearing through the word of Christ because there is only one way of salvation, faith in the finished work of Christ. And because we the church are the ones who have been entrusted with that gospel message we owe it. Paul says to those who have not heard to do whatever it takes to get the gospel to those who have not hurt right that makes sense right that there's only one way to be saved and we know it. How could we not be doing that. And if we knew the cure for cancer and we did nothing to get it to others. What kind of people would we be. But you see, this brings up one of people's primary objections were Christianity. One of problems with it. I want you probably heard is to Christians really believe that they have the only way of salvation. What about those that have never heard that I've heard this objection raised in gospel conversations I've had some pretty much anywhere in airplanes on college campuses in my office and even once in a waffle house I'd stop one day at the waffle house to feast upon what I refer to effectively as cuisine of the gods and I just ordered my hashbrowns scatters for the coverage I and pepper with a light dusting of jalapenos in the way that everybody should order them. I and as I'm sitting there about to enjoy my seats there. I overheard this conversation taking place about two booths away from me between the guy that was in the booth and his waitress caught on pretty quickly that they were having a discussion about God and so my ears perked up, they go back and forth for a while and I hear this guy say to her is his eyes like the most important question that you need to settle in life is whether or not you are right with God. All that sounds pretty awesome but the problem this guy continue. The problem is that there's all these opinions out there about God and how we supposed to know which one is right wheel and sitting there with my mouth full of hashbrowns thinking you people are so in luck. Talk about a divine coincidence.

I have a master of divinity that makes you a certified expert on God actually put my hand up to enter the conversation together to put my hand up and was starting to speak when the waitress jumped in back to his comment and said yeah you're right you're right but you know who I hate the ones I hate are those born-again types, when they come in here because the moment you start talking about God. They just take over the conversation telling you while there right and you're wrong. They don't care about you. All they care about is showing that that their right and shoving what they believe down your throat. Then she sees my hand kind of race and I believe in Jesus honey can I help you, and I said I need a refill on my tea and totally after I know now the good news is a conversation actually turned out fantastic.

I was able to explain to her that you know Christians are like that. Sometimes I'm like that Jesus would like that you really cared about people so much that not only did he die for them, but he also was courageous enough to tell them the truth on so turned out great but but I sure that because that's how many people see Christians gallivanting about forcing their religious preferences and perspectives on everybody else, but people say what about those those who didn't grow up as Christians are not familiar with the Christian message and how would it even be fair for God to condemn somebody for something they've never heard the sounds arbitrary and none of us can see that as being just, it's unfair will remember that what Paul is saying here in chapter 10 is built upon 10 careful chapters of gospel logic obviously will have time this morning to go through them. Chapter by chapter.

But the logic goes like Bessemer laid out for you. Really. Click okay. Premise number one premise from the one Paul established that all people have heard about God, and they have rejected him for this. In chapter 1 verse 18 for God's wrath is revealed from heaven against all godlessness and unrighteousness of all people member. We showed you that godlessness met a corruption in our vertical relationship with God rather than being trusting and submissive.

We tend to be unbelieving, and rebellious unrighteousness.

Paul is referring to a corruption in our horizontal relationships rather than being truthful in carrying with one another and rather than loving toward one another.

We are manipulative and self-centered, and proud to one another. So he says we buy our godlessness and unrighteousness.

We suppress the truth by buyer unrighteousness. We suppress the truth.

We explained that suppress the truth is different than ignorance of the true and suppression some things in there that you're trying to keep down. I compared it to a beach ball tunnel before the water keeps on a pop up and out of the knowledge of God is like and every single person we can keep it. Now you can keep it down, but it's always try to pop up and it shows up in the form of conviction or yearning along if that's what Paul says next because what may be known of God is manifest in them, because God is shown it to them. We said that points to two different ways of God reveals himself to all people.

The first is in them, and that in that that yearning that you have for significance in each analogy. What you may feel after the death of a loved one, or the death of a child read to say I know there's more than just random biology and chaos. God has revealed in them in it in the way that that all people have a sense of moral accountability even if they are not religious, they have that Paul says God is shown it to them.

That means the way that God has revealed it to them from the creation and from things that you see it points to creator and design. Verse 20 for since the creation of the world his invisible attributes have been clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that all people are without excuse.

Other words we may not of ever heard God's name, but our hearts in think the bully know that he is there, but our hearts are so corrupt that rather than submit ourselves to that knowledge and seek him.

We suppress it, and it comes out in one of three forms. We either rebel against it by you know what God wants and I just rather do it my own way or number two we distorted we we shake God into IDT that we can manage or manipulate. That's the history of all false religions or we just deny it altogether. That would be atheism you see people so what about atheist. I knew an atheist and then he or she is seems to be genuinely convinced that there is no God. We guess they may have been intellectually convinced themselves. There is no God but their heart still know the truth, Paul says, and the reason that their minds convince them that there was no God is because that's what their hearts wanted to be true. They know, but they don't know because they don't want to know. So Paul concludes verse in chapter 3 as it is written, there's no one righteous, not even one religious irreligious from any culture at any time there's not been a single person who's ever responded the right way.

There's no one who understands is no one who seeks God.

All have turned away all I can become spiritually worthless.

There is no one who does what is good, not even one. In other words, the innocent native that you hear postulated he was on a deserted island somewhere pure in heart and spirit that just wants to know God and is obeying all the truth. It that he or she has that person simply according to Paul does not exist. All have turned away all of all of us have become spiritually worthless without exception you meet our children. Everybody there is none who does good non-who seeks God.

In case you don't know what the word no one means Paul says not even one. No one is premise number one premise number two therefore God has rightfully condemned all ball reasons that suppression of true deserves the wrath of God coming right if our hearts are so wicked that we suppress the knowledge of an all-powerful really God that Shirley would deserve his wrath.

If you put your fist in God's face and you say no God.

I want to be God and that's why I wanted to start this truth about you. You God you get off the throne I belong on the throne when we deserve his wrath.

Paul says is exactly what the human race is done you may never have uttered those exact words but how do you live says that the God you live with with you wanting to be in charge and you live with you wanting to be the point what your needs are and what your happiness is rather than God's glory. That means pay attention to this are all guilty. This Paul's reasoning not because what we haven't heard were guilty because of what we have heard and rejected to get that is a very important premise.

God does not condemn people for not hearing about Jesus is not condemn people for not being Christians, he condemns them for suppressing, distorting and rejecting the knowledge of God that we have which everyone has done all of us have turned away all have become spiritually worthless. There is no one who does good non-who seeks God not even one. Premise number three God has made a way of salvation for all God is made a way of salvation for all into this darkness and death. Jesus is, he redeemed us. Paul explains in chapter 3 from the curse of the law. He does so by grace which means something we did not deserve to live the life we were supposed to live and by dying on the cross he died the death that we had been condemned to die. He now offers that freely by grace to all who will receive it as a gift now ready for. Premise number four which falls going out to get introduced in chapter 10 back in chapter 10. Now to get your Bible over premise number four. People have to hear the message the benefit from it. Ball reasons. How then can they call on him in whom they have not believed in and how can they believe in him of whom they have not heard there were to receive the gift ball reasons that the hear about the gift like Martin Luther said it wouldn't matter if Jesus died a thousand times. Nobody ever heard about 50 hear about it to receive it.

Carl FH, Henry used to say the gospel means good news the gospel is only good news if it gets to somebody in time you say well wait what if somebody's never heard about Jesus, but they responded to what they saw of God in creation and are poor in their conscience and their heart. Maybe they obeyed the good and true parts of their religion. Maybe they did their best.

Maybe they said old God. Oh great Spirit in the sky. Whatever or whoever you are, I don't know everything about you but I want to know you and I want to surrender to you, and they obeyed everything that was in front of them. Wouldn't that be enough or member Paul's conclusion. None of us apart from the grace of God would ever respond that way. None of us, not even one.

Look at verse 17. This is an important thing Paul introduces their chapter 10 verse 17 Paul says faith comes by hearing faith is necessary without faith it is impossible to please God. My survey comes by hearing and hearing through the word of Christ. The only way for faith to grow up in the heart is through what you hearing and hearing only comes out by the word of Christ. You see the preached word of the gospel has a strange, shall we say life-giving power to it. The word of God tells you not only what you are commanded to do the word of God also gives you the power to do it. We compare it to the words of Jesus when he would do a miracle and he would say to somebody who was lame, no rise, take up your bed and walk.

That's a command, but in that command is not just something to obey in that command. If you believe it is also the power to obey it. So the lame person is hearing the command, but Jesus is also his words are giving them the strength to do what he is telling them to do.

Here's the analogy that I use when it comes to preaching the gospel. We say that when you preach the gospel. I thought just like you walk up behind somebody who's sitting on top of a 30 story building and they are clinically insane. They think their bird because they think the rubber they think they can fly and you know they're about to jump to their death and see you go behind them and you just recheck same in don't do this, but come back down with me. Don't John come with me now their insane every single time that you give them that free choice.

What are they going to choose every single time to choose a job. Why could they think their bird. Now let's say that I know it doesn't work like this will it say that you had some antidote. You know in a violent you could give them a shot that would restore their sanity. So as you are telling them to come back down. Recheck the stigma that he only put to the sanity's man also may regain their their sanity and you offer them the same choice and I don't do this coming down with me don't jump to death.

Come with me to safety. Now their sanity is been restored now are they gonna do every single time there to choose to come back down with you. You NASA question differently right even offer better arguments is the exact same limitation.

You just were able to restore their sanity before you did it and now the command actually makes sense to them and that's what Paul explains the word of Christ does faith comes by hearing in order to have faith grow up in your heart.

You gotta hear the word of Christ without the preached word of God, there can be no faith is they will hear.

What if somebody responded positively to what they saw of God in nature and they just wanted to know the God that they see revealed in nature and in their conscience well. Very interestingly, the book of acts tells you just such a story.

You hang the room still take you to it and asked him for just a minute ago there was a certain man named Cornelius is a sensory names a Gentile and the Jew of the Italian Regiment. It was about man, one who feared God with all his household. He gave almost generously the people he prayed to God always sounds like a good guy right something to God was doing the best with what he knows does know the gospel and heard the gospel but he's doing the best in obeying God and seeking God and bit me and generous.

Watch what happens once it about the ninth hour the day about 3 o'clock in the afternoon he saw clearly in a vision, an angel of God, who appears to him and says to him, Cornelius I and when he observed him when corneas observe the angel he was afraid. So what is it, Lord.

The angel said to him, your prayers and your arms have come up for a memorial before God. Now send for Peter, who was across the city on mother Ruth have his own dream and vision.

He will tell you when he comes to you what you must do so. Peter comes and Peter explains the gospel to him. And here's where it's something crucially important is here's how Peter ends the sermon gives the very end of the sermon acts 1043, he tells Cornelius and his band of soldiers to Jesus all the prophets give witness that everyone who believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins through his name not pay Cornelius God is notice that you're a good guy and God is already accepted you because of how you responded to what you know and I'm just here to announce to you that you are already saved know what Peter says is you must now believe in Jesus you responded the right way to what God showed you humans now believe in Jesus and then you will receive the forgiveness of sins through belief in his name, what we take away from that lesson is that it is necessary to hear the message of the gospel and believe it to get forgiveness but if there is somebody out there whom God has enabled the respondent a right way to what they know the book of acts indicates that God raises up one of his people to get the rest of the message to them, which leads me to premise number five. We are the only ones who can preach that message that it really only ones Paul reasons you can preach that message November 14. How can they hear without a preacher and how can they preach unless they are sent this to me take a very sobering truth in which you get your mind around this.

In the New Testament. The gospel is only ever preached through human mouth search the book of acts from start to finish. You will not find a single example of the gospel being shared. Apart from the human instrument, even in the story of Cornelius the angel doesn't share the gospel would not of been much more efficient. The Angels already there is already a got 20s attention to guy came in. When you gospel ears out a belief but the angel won't do it because seemingly it's against the rules. Only a human instrument and share the gospel. The gospel can only ever be proclaimed through human mouth to. Here's my question. Do you ever think that God might be stirring in some of you because he is stirring and someone over there overseas someone that doesn't know God or Cornelius. I say that because I once met a Cornelius was last conversation that I had before I left Southeast Asia as a missionary for two years I had shared the gospel with him. Y'all dozens of times every single time it within the same.

He look at me smile and present my shoulder. He's a JD. My brother you are a great man of faith and honor you make your parents very proud that you're a Christian because you were born Christian and Muslim because I was born Muslim and that's just how it is and how will always be. We before I left to come home and get together with him and go I lead with him. I want you to be with me in heaven so badly. I can even stand it and I meet you did that to pay attention to what Jesus said and I could tell just looking at his face and we talked for about an hour and he was a little uncomfortable but you can at the end the conversation should regain his composure and he said JD my brother and he puts his hand on my shoulder and said you are a great man of faith and the reason you believe this is because your parents taught it to you and you do them honor. But I'm a Muslim and assist. This is the way that I I approach God. He got his moped drove home.

I thought I never see him again today that I was leaving to come home. The United States showed up on my porch couple hours before I left and yesterday smile you are you okay that could tell something he said yeah we need to talk. And so to back in this back room, and he said he said so after we talked a week ago.

He said I I do what always it I just know thought you know I love JD my friend but I just quit thinking about your words you said but I couldn't stop thinking about that.

I went to bed that night and had this what you call it EEGs were mean P which means like vision or dream. I didn't need to eat and he said he said in my visit my dream I was standing. I walked outside my house and all of a sudden between my feet. This road just grew up in what he called the July movements which means in their language. The straight and narrow path. The road to heaven and sure on it because you get all the way up to heaven's gates. Just when I thought your journey was over somebody inside heaven called your name they knew who you were his and the doors opened, and you went in and they shut behind you and he said all my heart was set.

It broke because I wanted to go with you. He said when I thought this whole dream was over. He said the doors of heaven opened again as you walked out heaven.

You want all the way down the July delusion. You came all the way back down my front porch. Can you offer me your hand. You should come with me and I said no and you reached out and you grab my hand with your right arm with your hand and you pulled me on your back and you carried me all the way up in heaven with you, did you tell me what my dream means now go. I went to southeastern Baptist theological seminary. We did not have a class on dreams and visions and the interpretation thereof, but I'm happy to tell you up to the moment I had to leave us walked into the gospel and I would love to tell you that he became a Christian. He did not. And to my knowledge, he has not, but I reason I share the story with you is because what he said to me next is again words that point me and that are defining reality in my life. He said JD what this dream means I don't visit you were sent here by God to show me the way of salvation. That's why you're here, he said, but the JD this afternoon. You were going home and you're the only Christian I have ever known. You understand that that that God may be working in somebody like Ishmael out there because he intends to raise you up and send you to them see what we see from acts 10 is that God works in Cornelius's and Peter's at the same time.

The reason he stirs his people. What he's doing in our church is because he is people that he is preparing around the world. People can only be saved by hearing about Jesus and they can only hear about him.

The witness of a believer, Linehan not heard me here what responsibility and privilege we have to share our faith with others. You're listening to Summit life Bible teaching ministry of pastor, author and theologian JD Greer were so glad you joined us today. If you missed any of our theories through the book of Romans.

He can catch up free of charge and you message transcript JD and if you're finding our theories there.

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I don't think he will give us time to go.

Next step is for letting on.

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