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More than Conquerors: The Greatest Chapter in the Bible, Part 7

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 3, 2020 9:00 am

More than Conquerors: The Greatest Chapter in the Bible, Part 7

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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June 3, 2020 9:00 am

You’ve probably heard and repeated the verse that states, “... in all these things we are more than conquerors ...” But do you really know what it means to be more than a conqueror? How is that even possible? In this message, Pastor J.D. takes us back to the greatest chapter in the Bible, Romans 8, to show us how God not only delivers us from our suffering. Even more—he makes our pain and suffering serve his purposes.

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Katie Greer, because God paid the highest price to initiated the blood of his son and then supplied the greatest power to accomplish it, which was the power of the resurrection. Through his indwelling Holy Spirit because God swore by his sovereign purpose to finish it. You can be sure that he is now working all things together for good in fulfillment of that purpose. Katie Greer's probably heard and repeated the verse that states all these things we are more than conquerors that you really know what it means to be more than a conqueror house that even possible today.

Pastor JD shows us how God not only delivers us from our suffering. But how he makes our pain and suffering serve his purposes, which are for our good to grab your Bible and a pen and let's join Pastor JD Bible this weekend as you're trying to run a separate I'm not sure if you ever heard the name Peter day Mecca, but he was a Russian immigrant who fled to the United States around 1910 1911, in order to escape the looming communist revolution when he moved to Chicago. He became a Christian, just a few years later in 1914 he became a Christian. I then went to the Moody Bible Institute, and was then powerfully used by God in both the United States and the Soviet Union in bringing a lot of people to Jesus how well he tells us great little story about his escape from Russia said my family was very poor exit with actual moderate means, but in the revolution. We started to lose everything. And so we we had no money and am not my parents sacrifice literally everything they had in order to get me a ticket on a boat to America. I said I got on that boat with no money, just a knapsack and a few articles of clothing. He said my mom and stuffed a few pieces of stale hard bread into the bag for me to eat on the journey, he said, throughout the week longer so journey I would often find myself looking into the dining hall and just longing to have just a bite of what look like. These lavish meals that these passengers were eating, he said. Eventually I befriended a few of the sailors there on the ship and they told me that if I would if I would do the work that they would do alongside them. They would slip me and allow me to eat with a 80's that which is still very meager portions grueling hardtack and that kind of stuff but at least it was better than that moldy brevity out of his knapsack. He said it was not until the last day of the trip that I realized somebody explained to me that three full meals a day had come with the purchase of my ticket because I could not read what was written on the ticket.

I didn't know what I was entitled to assure that because what the apostle Paul does in Romans chapter 8, as he explains to you that many Christians live out their spiritual journey. In the same way we know that receiving Christ gets us a ticket into heaven, but we don't fully understand all the benefits that are included in the price of that ticket and that's what Romans eight is all about how to pick up again right in verse 29 where we left off because that's where Paul lays out and really concise form. The purpose that God is pursuing in our lives right here is verse 29. Those that God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son and those he predestined he also called those he called he also justified those he justified he also glorified my mind. We got some big theological words and their sources take them one at a time here for new foreknew doesn't simply mean that God new facts about the future is if he could simply see into the future see when Scripture says that God knows somebody it means he has a relationship with them.

For example, for example, in Matthew chapter 7 when Jesus says to a group of people apart for me. I never knew you needed means never heard about them. It means you know any facts about them. What he means is that he had no relationship with them so inside God says he foreknew us.

It means that he set his love on us before we even existed. Those that God foreknew.

Paul says those little ones he pre-destined to predestined means to determine the destination beforehand.

God has predestined those that he foreknew to end up looking like Jesus not realize that just bringing out the P word brings up all kinds of questions for some of you for now I just want you to understand why Paul is bringing this up. You see, Paul is not bringing it up to try to start a theological argument with you. He's not even trying to launch you out on a theological excursus for you to to start musing about the sovereignty of God. Paul is bringing this up in order to give you assurance he's trying to say before time began before you were even born before you ever done anything even good or bad, God foreknew you and God determined that he was going to make you more like Jesus. That was his purpose and nothing now can deter him from that purpose.

Those that God foreknew in predestined those of the ones he call right the first time that God's foreknowledge and predestination really broke into your life was when you experience that call.

That was the first time. It manifested in you, which basically means that you were drawn to want to know God denies people say to me. Will Pastor, how do I know that God foreknew me.

How do I know that he predestined me. How do I know how do I know that I'm called life. Maybe I'm not really call.

That's a very easy question.

If you had any desire to know God at all.

That's evidence that you were born in predestined goal.

John 644 this no man can come to me. Jesus said mother bothers them. He draws which means if it if you were coming to Jesus all any desire to know Jesus. That's evidence. The father is drawing you in Philippians 213, is what Paul explains in another place, it's God. He said, who works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure, which means that God is not just the power in the doing of God's will is the power and the desiring of God's will, we see that sometimes will we understand of course that God gives us the power to obey. But God also gives you the desire of the will to obey.

Which means if you had a desire to know God to be close to him. That was evidence of a call you one more year.

Paul explains this first Thessalonians chapter 1 bosses. For we know, brothers and sisters, loved by God. We know that he's chosen you to know that because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction. Paul says we know that your your chosen because we preach. She didn't really like idle words and it came with conviction of sin. He felt conviction of sin. Your school persuaded about the truth of Jesus and your need to come to believe the gospel. That was evidence that you were chosen not, of course, I realize there is some mysterious interplay between our choosing of our own volition and God's sovereignty. Some of you when you talk about your spiritual journey you feel like you got drafted in the God's army.

Others of you feel like you voluntarily enlisted at the end of the day, both elements are there if you belong to Jesus, it's because you voluntarily chose him. But if you chose him. It's because God was drawing you Thursday foreknew and predestined those he called. Those are the ones he justified accepting God's call means accepting his offer to save the when you believe that Jesus died as a substitute for your sand when you believe he took your place and you claim that sacrifice. As Sharon Paul explains in Romans three and four. That faith is counted as righteousness.

You are justified, which I told you. Some people explained by saying it, just as if I'd never sinned, justified, Paul said when you're called in your justified Thursday foreknew and predestined a call to just about those of the ones he glorified. This is the final destination that the train is taking you to to be glorified means to have all your sin eradicated to be made perfect in body and soul and become just like Jesus, which is for Paul, the ultimate treasure now talk about this last week my wife came to be back at the sermons. He said I will be honest with you, she said it may be some people that are just not sure why that's such an exciting destination become just like Jesus.

Maybe as I talked about that yet how to do something that awesome just like use and maybe that's because because you wrote the same image of Jesus. I didn't Sunday school writer were based on the pictures we had of Jesus at all of the same thing all windmills Jesus member with his perfect Rick flared his perfectly trimmed beard. His oily face, always looking off in the distance with this pensive, too spiritual for this world. What you don't talk about. I literally every picture us all. Jesus is off 16 years old have the same expression on his face as a middle school thinking like I'm not sure someone I want to grow up and be like not even sure I want to hang out with that guy I so why is becoming like Jesus. Why is that why is that Paul's ultimate treasure wedges because you and I are thinking of it the right way. Jesus said, John 1010 I came that they might have life and have it to the fullest. Psalm 1611 in my presence is fullness of joy in my right hand are pleasures for evermore. Joy means joy that could not get any stronger pleasures for evermore means pleasures I could not last any longer to be like Jesus is to be fully alive, free of sin and corruption. Everything physically, emotionally and spiritually works like it is supposed to is a fullness of life.

You don't even have the capacity to comprehend. Yet that's what Paul says the ultimate destination is for us the Martin Lloyd Jones the 20th century British pastor is maybe the most astounding thing about this passage is that Paul speaks of this future glorification in the past tense those he foreknew and called in and and and and predestined and justified. Those are the ones he glorified past tense. The glorification is is past tense as before. Knowing is, in other words, y'all, if you're a believer it's as good as if it's already done.

It is as finished in God's mind is for knowing you is that is God's unalterable purpose. That is the place that he is working. That's what he's doing in your life did this or Paul's logic because God paid the highest price to initiated the blood of his son and then supplied the greatest power to accomplish it, which was the power the resurrection through his indwelling Holy Spirit because God swore by his sovereign purpose to finish it. You can be sure that he is now working all things together for good in fulfillment of that purpose. You can put a bagel fat. Right there and in the chapter and in the sermon the ball knew that because Paul just can't help himself. He's gonna take just eight verses, hence just start exploding in praise because he can't help himself. He just overflows in worship. There's no new content in here. This is all just him overflowing in praise. It takes the form of five rhetorical questions. These are five questions on which you should build your life. The Martin Lloyd Jones calls these logic on fire burst 31 years. The course question.

What then are we to say about these things.

If God is for us who can be against us? Want to take a note of an all-powerful God's purpose for our good. Why would we fear opposition not be very clear here.

He's not saying that nothing dangerous will ever oppose you. I noticed some of you coming into this place would say nothing can oppose me are you kidding try a bad boss try and antagonistic spouse.

Maybe an inward struggle or an addiction that you just can't shake may be a chronic health problem may be a difficult kid. Maybe it's somebody that just seems bound and determined to make your life miserable. Paul is not saying that the Christian will not experience opposition. Quite the contrary, he is living with the expectation of struggle. Jesus had promised in this world you're going to have tribulation what he is saying is that no opposition ever overcomes the believer, because while the struggles the believer faces are big but God behind the believer is even bigger. Growing up I always felt so safe around my dad because I just assumed as a young kid that my dad was omnipotence in my mind he was the strongest, smartest man alive, but I told you the man could fix anything with a pocketknife matter what was wrong outgunned pocketknife. A few minutes later to be working again didn't seem to be scared of anything these snakes, robbers, none of it seemed to deter him at all and the man I thought was just unbelievably strong. I was positive he could within a year, dad's rights that might've been wrong, but that's with the confidence that I live in back.

I think he still can't. The bottom line was that any time I was around him. I feel safe now because there were no dangers that was often dangers that drove me close to him. It was just in his presence. I assume he was bigger then the dangers that would scare or threaten me the way to remove fear from your life is not to isolate yourself from all dangers your way to overcome fears to believe the promises of a God who is bigger and better than all the dangers combined those reading women's Bible study.

The other day for study had a line in it from that famous description of the godly woman in Proverbs 31. You might've heard it.

If you been in the ladies Bible study. Proverbs 31 the godly woman has no fear the future to just trust me on like is that even possible in the 21st century has no fear the future. Why would the godly woman.

Have no fear of the future. The shipment fear the future, because all she's been smart.

She did financial peace University.

She's got enough savings in the bank right now that she can face any contingency, and she can live comfortably matter what the future holds. It is a because she's in great shape and this discovered that miracle anti-aging cream that always keeps her looking fantastic and she's in perfect health. She's in perfect marriage with a doting husband was also a great help.

She's got perfect kids you have no issues at all.

She's surrounded by perfect friends and a perfect community that also has no issues that she have no fear the future, because all the right politicians are in office and because everything seems to be trending the right direction. If that is your idea of the fearless life will good luck with that right and and we cannot yet but but that's how all of us think estimate the reason I am afraid, because when these things and more can I get a did in the right place and I can live without fear. The godly woman has no fear the future because she knows a God bigger than anything that threatens or whose presence and power are always with her and who promises. Listen to this, to transform any of the things that she's afraid of into an agent of his purpose. That's where you release from fear any of the things that she fears in the future. God has promised not just to be with her through them, but to transform those things that she is afraid of into agents of his purpose. That's what David was going after. In Psalm 23. Yay though I walk to the valley of shadow and death I will fear no evil. Why dive huge words for thou art with me because you're with me. It's not that I like the valley of the shadow of death I should want to be here, but I can live here and I can even dwell here little bio because I know that your bigger than the death that threatens to surround me you to transform the valley of death into a value for your to do something amazing in my life has line go through if you go with me at some point you can go to that valley, either literally the valley of the shadow death or metaphorically.

Some relationships don't fall apart some unexpected diagnosis is going to come some tragedy that's going to face you at some point you just can't isolate yourself enough and when it comes when it comes the only way for you to overcome fear is to know that you got a God that is bigger than the valley of the shadow of death, and what you may not want to be there to turn that valley into a valley where he does some amazing things in your life which ties into question number two he who did not even spare his own son, but offered him up for us all, how will he not also with him grant us everything. Question two. If God gave of his most precious possession to save us. Why would we worry about any of the rest of her needs. If he accomplished the larger surely will accomplish the smaller they say the value something has is shown only by what somebody's willing to pay for it right you were going to yard sale when your neighbors and you almost embarrassed to tell them that everything there. The article was ridiculously overpriced. Like I know it just really precious to you but it's just a lamp to us and so I don't think the boys obey that for the opposite experience. You are to me. The only thing interesting on those shows like Antiques Roadshow or American pickers or pawn stars where the only thing interesting is when somebody has some object that they think is like a button for three dollars a yard sale and if somebody comes along and tells him $30,000 that I think that's like the only interesting moment to measure it actually happened to my family were on the show but my grainy when my my grandmother on my dad side passed away you're going through her house and transferable to new stuff and there's this lamp on this kind of antique looking lamp. It was in the family room you were taken the stuff to do and they take it to the thing in the habitable run is not as antique savers there any value in any of these things were thinking I five $10, the God antique store set this right here. I'll give you $25,000 for on the spot he was from depression era got a deal and suddenly remembered that my grainy had promised that lamp to me, and I also have needed to tell the family that does right then and there, but the voices played soccer in that room and one little kick the wrong direction and $25,000 thrown away. Had we known the price somebody was going to pay for that lamp.

We would have treated it differently. Paul's point God sacrificed Jesus to redeem you and that should change how you perceive yourself and how you perceive what God is doing with you.

Why would God. Paul would say why we put that kind of investment into you and then not supply what you needed to accomplish his will. Why would he put that kind of effort into saving you and then not help you. Why would he rescue you from sin, but not help you in your marriage. Why supply for you, the Holy Spirit, but withhold wisdom from you and parroting sometimes on counseling. People were worried about some decision going to the wrong college I'm going to take the wrong job woman to marry the wrong personal live in the wrong place and what am I going to do in God.

Are you always tell them I look what you need to understand that as you pray, listen, God has more invested in your life now than you do. If you're a believer he's for the blood of his son. Every year, which means he's got more invested in your life and you he's not going to let that investment go to waste.

And he's not a make it hard to you should start praying when I pray and to do this over the years. A call to see prayer see prayer as well. Look at God and a big decision and I do this literally every time God this is a huge decision.

A plug is a big ramifications. But God in your word you called me a sheet I told you some of that's good news and bad news, bad news. She pretty, it's and there really are cheaper mourners, helpless animals out there they cannot get to where they need to go if she'd get to where she go it's not because of their wisdom is sheet. It is because of the compassion of their shepherd and that's the good news. I can go to God in cicada machine but I'm cheap you die for and I know that where I don't have the capacity to understand your will. I want to trust that with your rod and your staff your disk in a make me get to where I need to go someone to make this decision as best I can, without worrying about fear, realizing that you're not going to let your investment go to waste as long as I'm trusting you with all my heart and not leaving my own understanding. In all my ways acknowledging you that you are going to direct my pass, that is the confidence you can have in the midst of in the midst of some of these difficult decisions on 23. Four. David said he will lead me in paths of righteousness for your namesake you got more invested in me to me right now. So for your namesake, you are going to leave me. Here's a verse of the meditating on recently my own life just for some things I'm walking through right now and I love every single word of this promise is a thought every single word is the literally chosen by Jesus to help me the time or exclude 1232.

Fear not, little flock is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. There's a ton of metaphors all packed together right there with her all. Specifically, Joseph.

Fear not first-person, little flock right.

In other words, your sheep, your idiots, you can't take care yourself and sometimes you go to God by God on task. I'm on my back hunting got here, but I do not get back on my feet again and got like I don't much like old receipt, but he's going to help you fear not, little by way not just regular size flock little flight is doing a gratuitous insult paid not just flock, little flock, little flock, it is your father's good pleasure. Not your employer's obligation, not your slave masters duty is your father's interest in his nature. He's like a dad with his kids. You just love to pour out goodness of his kids loved it. The lightest kids that your heavenly father to give you the kingdom kingdom means he's sovereign means he's controlling all of it and nothing is outside of his control.

Normally they tell you not to mix metaphors a lease with my professor told me that a this is Jesus, or back off the this is a really good one God is like a compassionate Shepherd is like a tender father is like all powerful king all wrapped up in the life amenities.

All those things to you every minute. What are you afraid of cluster questions report together. Here's the third and fourth? 33 who can bring an accusation against God's elect God.

God's order justifies verse 34.

He continues the thought there verse 34 who is the one who condemns Christ Jesus wanted died even more. He's been raising is also the right hand of God, and he now intercedes for Rogers questions three and four. If God accepts me as disapproval need not fear any longer. Member number four, verse 34 and Jesus. The judge was judge them ablaze. How can I still feel guilt from anywhere you believe in the matter anything like the residents.

His presence and his power bigger than any Valley more than conquerors is the title of our message today from Pastor Jeannie Greer on Senate life yet and Jeannie have always found a REMIC to be a pretty intimidating look in the Bible because of the heavy theology that it has and I don't think I'm the only one that you're not getting a really as I didn't preach on the book of Romans for two decades here because I was intimidated by, but it also has been one the most rewarding things for me personally over the years and so I thought it's time for me really just trust God and jump into it. The book of Romans changes people. It really is historically the book that is probably led to moral world transformation since Jesus rose from the dead, and I think any other. I think you could vouch for that, historically, what we did is we thought it would be better than just listening to sermons when you give your Bible study to go along with that so yet you didn't report JD and get the first part of you will have it.

The second part of the way to September for the third part get these and begin the study along with us deeper into these truths that really can transform not only your life for the people in your life and the one we talked about Romans. It will be key and in and how they transform London's request knowing you are roaming again. We donate today to string takes friends like you partnering with us Senate life so that more people can hear the sinners Bible teaching on the radio and usually not mission today. The suggested donation is $25 and when you get in touch.

Remember roaming Bible study, eight 665-5228 665-5220 we can get online Jeannie I'm only inviting Thursday. Romans chapter 8 on Senate life dictating

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