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Hope: The Greatest Chapter in the Bible, Part 6

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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June 2, 2020 9:00 am

Hope: The Greatest Chapter in the Bible, Part 6

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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June 2, 2020 9:00 am

Are you going through a season of suffering? There are a lot of untruths we believe as Christians about why we experience suffering. Pastor J.D. continues in this message to draw from the deep well of gospel truth in Romans 8 to remind us of how God is working in our suffering and the fact that, even when you feel like you’re barely holding onto God in the midst of your pain, he is still holding onto you.

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Today on Senate life with Jeannie Greer here is your assurance friends, not one second of your suffering is wasted not one thing happens in your life that the goodness of our God will not transform in the glory and one day one day you will be able to look back over your life and your ministry and you know there are a lot of countries that we believe as Christians about why we experience suffering today pastor JD continues to draw from the well of the gospel truth found in Romans eight to remind us of how God is working in the midst of our suffering, and the fact that even when you feel like you're barely holding onto God in the midst of your pain. He still holding onto you. We spent quite a few days.

In Romans chapter 8. So if you've missed any of the other messages you can listen now free of pastor JD titled this message of suffering is the number one reason why people stop believing in Christianity. What people stop having faith in God are following Jesus. Maybe Emily you struggle to feel close to God's ways you just cannot understand, so I want to talk to you about what Romans 828 actually means not want to give you a handful of mystery in particular that Christians believe about suffering that Romans chapter 8 addresses one if we live well we can avoid suffering. Many Christians believe that they live other supposed to live.

They can avoid or at least minimize suffering. There is nothing in this passage that assumes that if you are God's child, you can avoid these realities. In fact, it says quite the opposite. Jesus in fact told his disciples in this world you were going to have tribulation and if anything it could be worse for you than than those who are God's children because because you also have Satan that is gunning for you that Smith number one is that if we live right.

We can avoid suffering. Myth number two is that suffering always points to some sin that we need to confess. The idea here is that of suffering God always try to get your attention in order to correct some error in you to expose some sin that you need a creek you need to confess to be really clear.

Okay, sometimes that's true. Affliction is one of God's choice tools to wake us up. Maybe that's happening to you this morning but the point is, that's not always the case, the suffering.

Paul talks about here. Romans eight there is no indication that it is in response to anything wrong but some of the number three will always be able to find the silver linings behind our dark clouds. This is where everybody uses Romans 828 the wrong way is a well you know the Bible says all things work together for good. So where's the silver lining behind this dark cloud work. What's a good course.

Listen sometimes you can see it when the shopper Paul indicates that what's this much of the good that God brings out of our sufferings is to be manifested only in eternity. A lot of us say that we want to live by faith. But the moment we can't see or understand what God is doing. We throw up our hands and we say God are you even there are three myths that Christians tend to believe about suffering that we will resent. Let's turn that around. Now it's okay what those of the myths. What hope does God actually give me in suffering. What is Romans eight really promising to me before things okay verse one verse 28 God promises A. These promising that he is using all things all things ultimately make you more like Jesus. We know that all things work together for good for those you love God, who are called according to his purpose.

What is God's purpose in you. Well, verse 29. What is for those he foreknew he also predestined that means purpose to be conformed to the image of a son. God's purpose that he is working for in all things in your life is to make you more like Jesus but good that he is working all things toward is not so much about giving you better circumstances as it is making you a better you that painful chapter in your marriage. That setback at work that chronic illness, all of it was for this purpose. There will come a time. If you submit to God in faith. When you see that all the painful chapters all the heartaches all the tears all of them were used by God for one purpose and it is to mold you more into the image of Jesus. What that means is that when you're in the midst of some kind of pain or boredom.

Instead of asking God to get you out of the trouble should also be asking God what you should get out of the trouble is nothing wrong with asking God to get you out of the trouble that's natural, but you should also be saying God for the reason that I go through this is to make them more like Jesus not only my interested in getting out of this trouble. I want to know what you want me to get out of this trouble, there's a second thing second promises my story can animate the redemption of my body. My surgeon and with the redemption of my body. Paul says in verse 22 that all of creation, of which I'm a part has been groaning together with labor pains and so now we also grown within ourselves, eagerly waiting for adoption the redemption of our bodies in the over 40 crowd said payment right it's the body's groaning waiting for redemption, but one day this body. Paul says it's going to be redeemed, not just back to the days of my youth, but it's going to be transformed into a body like Christ in his resurrection, and that's a body that's not an acre get sicker struggle with weight gain back. I'm pretty confident I haven't done this in the Bible yet but I'm sure it's there combat in heaven. When you eat broccoli and cauliflower you really gain weight and ice cream and bacon make you lose weight on that is what God has one day. I can't wait to get there.

I saw it coming. Redemption is coming in both of you got away for then you got a hold for Joni Erickson, Todd, who is elderly. Now that she was she was a teenager. She had a diving accident left her as a quadriplegic.

She's written alive very helpfully about suffering.

She has this one of my favorite quotes about her. She says this when I get to heaven. I want to push my wheelchair up to the throne of Jesus. Notice I'll be walking I'm I thank him for every character refining work he did in me and through me. Because of this wheelchair. Then I want to ask Jesus to send this wheelchair straight to hell because it was only needed and relevant because of the wreckage is left by sin. I know that one day this redemption of the body is coming and God will wipe away every tear and take well the heart ache and the relational disillusionment God is going to make all things new, along with my body.

All of creation itself is going to be redeemed. I don't even know exactly what all that means to be honest, but it at least that means of the best part of nature and creation are going to be redeemed. Transform without the curse of sin.

Revelation and Isaiah both indicated heavens will be full of animals. Good animals where there are poisonous or the predatory nature is been removed the lie and lays down the lamb Isaiah says the child plays with the snake. I know when I say that the make some of you wonder about individual animals like your dog that died. Honestly, the Bible didn't have a lot to say about that.

Specifically your dog. Of course, didn't have a soul. But honestly, who knows.

I would not put it past your heavenly father to reunite you with the beloved dog.

You might see your dog again and haven't you want to see your cat property to go the other direction. So to say that your moneymaking choice. I don't understand I don't understand everything there is no what's weight, not us. But I do know Paul says verse 18, that what is waiting on us is so glorious that the painful most of the worst pain here can you compare the glory of that glorious notice there also is a Corinthian's eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor even entered into the heart of man will gotta prepare for those who love him. Which means if you could even imagine it. Whatever you and I came up with our imagination would not be sufficient. The Bible says Daniel chapter 12 verse nine. You and I will be glorified like the sun. S you in which we could even look at it right now. You could even look at it would be too harmful for your eyes they be like to describe it to you now will be given a Rembrandt or a Monet to a kindergartner you still have the receptors to comprehend that and Paul says that in light of that glory experience there. Even the worst things we experience now even the worst things you can see my just the light and momentary affliction. But when Paul says that he's not being glib about your pain. Paul knew pain.

Paul knew relational breakdown.

Paul knew he had chronic illness. Paul knew injustice.

He knew it was like to be slandered know what it was like to be alone.

He knew what it was like to be torture. He knew it was like to be martyred, even when he was innocent.

He's not trying to minimize your pain.

He understood pain. He was just saying that, compared to the glory that is going to be revealed, which is you becoming like Jesus in you being in God's eternity with him in light of that, even the worst pain is seen widen and momentary. I had a friend who was diagnosed with brain cancer is actually alive but they thought for a while that he wouldn't make it past five years in a season wrestling with what this means for his young children. Someone asked him one time they said you know you thought when you get to have in your VOC like oh this happened to this happen is that you know honestly miss the water in the Bible. When I think when people get in. We didn't have a start talking about the pain. I must say what pain you can talk.

I can even remember that Paul is saying in light of what is coming. There is a glory that is so overwhelming that we will hardly even remember the pain, it will be worth it all. When we see Jesus here is your assurance friends, not one second of your suffering is wasted not one thing happens in your life that the goodness of our God will not transform into glory. And one day one day you would be able to look back over your life and your to see it. The Christian group.

Shane and Shane had the song. I told Bill use lightning written by one of the that the two Shane Shane Bernard was written when his dad unexpectedly passed away this pretty young man in the middle of the song they splice in part of the sermon from John Piper on Romans eight I love what John Piper says here not only not only is all your affliction momentary.

Not only is it light in comparison to eternity in the glory they are every second of it is totally meaningful. Every millisecond of your misery in the path of obedience is producing a peculiar glory that you're in again because of that suffering through that suffering. I don't care if it was cancer or criticism, slander, sickness, it wasn't meaningless was doing something. Of course you can always see what it's doing.

Don't look to what is seen when your mom dies when a child dies when you got cancer at 40 when a car careens in the sidewalk and takes her out. Don't say that's meaningless. It's not meaningless it's working for you and eternal weight of glory. Therefore, don't lose heart. But take these truths.

Romans eight and day by day. Focus on them presenting yourself every morning get along with God and preach his word in your mind into your heart sings with confidence that you were no and that you are careful. This is the hope that believers have not done Lissa Mr. Domenico in the meantime the spirit perfectly intercedes for me in the same way the Spirit also helps us in our weakness is willing to know what to pray for us.

We should never been there but the Spirit himself in that moment we don't know what to say.

He intercedes for us with unspoken groanings.

These are searches all hearts knows the mind of the Spirit because he intercedes for the saints according to the will of God the Spirit crowns in us. So what does that mean exactly.

Well, they are not totally sure what I can tell you is that Paul uses that were grown to mirror what creation is doing what you were doing in your pain you grown to the spirit groanings in you even more deeply than your running in your pain that communicates at least two things I want to commute each emotion the Spirit has united himself to you so that what this pain hurts when you work, he feels your pain with you one of those new moving scenes in Jesus's life is where he shows up at the tomb of Lazarus, Mary and Martha's sisters are just beside themselves with grief.

We counter that the shortest verse in the entire Bible. John 1135 Jesus wept.

Person never makes sense to me because Jesus knew what he was about to do the knew he was about the resurrecting within 60 seconds Lazarus become out of great, why would Jesus weep in that moment, if he knows Lazarus is about to resurrect when you stop Brian watch this but in that moment even though Jesus knows the joy that is common in the moment.

He weeps because Mary and Martha were weaving what showing you is that your pain even though from the perspective of eternity is rather light and momentary that pain is real and your heavenly father feels it with you.

And in that moment were you hurting your feeling the sting of insult and injustice when not moment where your body is in pain. He is weeping with you and he is groaning. By the way, there are some believers like the pain didn't matter because comparatively speaking, is not that that right.

Sometimes we even tell stories to each other to try to him like to make you feel better. Like well you know, at least, this is not happening as pastor Brad says suffering is not a competitive sport. Just because someone else had hit by a truck that mean your knee surgery hurts less discuss somebody else's terminal cancer that mean getting passed over for promotion is any less insulting to you were not competing with Auschwitz for God's compassion, your pain is real and Jesus feels it when you feel it in the spirit. Paul says groans in you even more deeply than your running in your pain so there's emotion. The second component. There is wisdom spirit praise. According to the will of God the praise the will of God perfectly over you. You did not moment where you do not know what to say.

I don't know what's trying to do here God of the widest happy life much out of my marriage on what is happening my body. I don't even know how to pray your kingdom come in in that very moment the Spirit of God rises up and he began for the will of God perfectly knows exactly what God is trying to do the comfort for a believer in the midst of pain because there is a sphere that is feeling it and is bringing with you my pastor growing up. You said this great statement using dozens of times people come up to him and say pastor would you pray for me. Yes, I will and he said I will pray for you, but even more importantly, the spirits going to pray for you and when I stop praying. The spirit will continue the comfort that you can have is the spirit of God.

If you are a believer is praying in you and over you right now we groanings it cannot be uttered in wisdom you cannot comprehend last one last one D what God started all promises he's going to finish verse 29 Paul brings out the P word predestination those he foreknew he also predestined know why does Paul bring a predestination in it's not to try to start a theological argument. He's not like you guys on the Calvinist is what you know here for John Calvin comes on the galley not saying that the reason he brings it up.

What's this is to give you assurance Judy says that verse though she predestined will is going to call you know your predestined well you called once you called those who want to just about no one to justify hey glorifying, which means that if your life shows evidence of being called.

You can have the confidence of what God started he's going to finish God put you on the calling train he's going to take you all the way to the glorification station and the good news is, if you feel like you're barely old 9 AM. You can be assured. Paul says he still will not you, because God didn't choose you because your righteousness and if God didn't choose you because your righteousness. He's not going to drop you because of your unrighteousness right when my daughters my daughters were younger, they still say the same room and some times when I was put down for bed. I took a Moana not microblog agreement say I love you and I had to select serious questions that they eventually got used to like pay steady love you because you're beautiful that I was in no more than what always got yeah but you know that we are beautiful on like absolutely right. I do love you because you're smart now because like five or six things I'm in DNS it will do my said lucky. Eventually, they learn to say. Just because just because your daughters face Easter beautifully seems to be pretty. They ceased to be smartly ceased to be good leaders of the season to be good.

I would love them just the same effect maven of more because my love is not conditioned on the quality of my love is given to them because what Paul says almost mind-boggling way is what God is done when you use adopted you and to his family didn't choose you because your righteousness. That means he's not despise you for your lack of it, didn't choose you because you are right, this is not old.

Nine you because your righteousness and because he saved you a great hold you and Gracie love you like a son or daughter now seemingly confident he started he's gonna finish the predestined you would call it.

You got the invitation to glorify you go to the four pillars of hope in a world that is consumed by pain and corruption in futility to close all Best Buy talking individually. Three for at least three different people here wonder some of you that are in pain cannot persuade just to withhold judgment for little while. I don't declare the verdict and just believe, based on the character of God that God is doing something amazing like he said he would.

You can't see what the hand of God is doing. You can trust for the heart of God is about the hymn writer was thinking about when he wrote these words.

Great is thy faithfulness old God my father.

There's no shadow of turning that they now change is not by compassions, they fail not, as thou hast been forever will be pardon for sin and a peace that endure dying own dear presence to cheer and to guide strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

Blessings all mine, with 10,000 beside what I can offer you a string for today spirit in you.

Praying for you bright hope for tomorrow.

That's a promise you to be like Jesus and the redemption of your body. Blessings all mine, with 10,000 beside yesterday's he veteran suffering to those of you number to the wall. He was somebody going through suffering and pain that I encourage you just take a cue from the spirit of God. Hey, maybe you should not try to explain everything to them and you are trying to explain the unexplainable. Maybe what you ought to do is with the spirit of God does, you should to sit with them for a while, sit with them in their pain and we with them as they weep and pray along with the spirit over the Valley wants to some nonbelievers as you never guessed or maybe just checking Christianity outer radius was struggling your faith in your mind, I'm sure why you're here this morning about this conversation before. Sometimes somebody's nonbeliever will sell. This must be awesome to live with her, comfort and love that kind of assurance. These things are only true because Jesus is says he is an only true for me because I have given myself to him.

I don't mean this to be harsh but if you have not given yourself to Jesus.

None of these promises are true for you and you should not flirt with Christianity because it's comforting to borrow the words of CS Lewis here don't come to Jesus because he can comfort you don't come to Jesus because they can encourage you don't come to Jesus because it's exciting come to Jesus because he is true and you'll find it because he threw all these other things are true. The question is, is Jesus who is is Jesus who says he is usually says he is always promises are true and not none of them are true for anybody you got asked that question, but I will tell you that the hopelessness of our suffering apart from Christ is certainly a wake-up call for you to consider his claims as you understand that, apart from Christ is all hopeless is all going to futility. Paul says that in Christ the worst pain the cries of pain is like the cries coming from the labor and delivery ward. Yes, painful intensity of payment shrouded in joy is without Christ, there is cries of pain like the ones coming from someone's deathbed. The pain might be the same, but this time it's a cry of despair with Christ you know that he is working all the pain for good without Christ, you know, this is just the beginning of the end. Yes received. This is an invitation for you to consider if Jesus really is the resurrection and the life than those who believe in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.

That is an invitation for you to consider the one who overcame the grave and overturned sin and death I did for you if you will receive just rest in the faithfulness of God right now. Let the spirit prayer for you strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. Blessings all mine, with 10,000 beside great is thy faithfulness old God my father say the words that to him from your own heart. If you're route number two you're walking through thought it was suffer maybe just join.

Right now the spirit and pray for them. Number three of your nonbeliever babies. Blessings can be yours but only Jesus is what he says he is only if you're willing to surrender to him if you want to do that I would sound something like this, Lord Jesus, I know that I'm a sinner and I believe I believe that you came to earth to die for me.

I receive you right now is Lord and Savior. Father I pray that you would open our eyes to the faithfulness of our God and the redemption that is working through the finished work of Jesus's saying in the resurrection and the light. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet he shall live. He is the only one to overcome the great now that is. Hope you can cling to your listening to the roaming series on Summit life with pastor JD Greer if you'd like to be challenged further and praying for those around you, and specifically your wine as JD has been encouraging us to do. We like to offer you a free 40 day is your one devotional today on JD you can sign up to receive it right on the homepage and it will be emailed to you immediately on the website.

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