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How to Actually Pray, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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August 23, 2022 9:00 am

How to Actually Pray, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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August 23, 2022 9:00 am

Pastor J.D. continues walking through the familiar passage of the Lord’s Prayer. He will specifically show us how we can cast our anxiety on God.

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Today on Summit life with Judy Greer in your life should cause you anxiety. That's of your love and pray about everything about everything in your life, letting your request with thanksgiving let them be made known unto God what am I supposed to pray for muscle to look to God for everything after theologian JD Greer. I'm your host Molly bench excited to be jumping into God's word with you today were continuing to walk through the familiar passage of the Lord's prayer where Jesus actually teaches us to pray.

Pastor Judy Greer will specifically show us how we can cast our anxiety on God and pray with confidence that he hears us and will answer.

If you missed yesterday's program where we began this teaching sure to catch up right away. JD but for right now let's rejoin Pastor JD Luke chapter 11 continues this teaching, how to actually develop the habit of listening listening prayer prayerfully talking is a two-way conversation whether some talking and there's also some listening while you break. I know I know we gotta be careful here because WE would like to hear the God of God. But here's what I know there are 59 times that the Holy Spirit of God shows up in the book of acts that do not. Of the 59 times he shows up a notch and 36 of the 59 he is speaking here was frustrated for me is is is it doesn't usually tell us how he speaks just that he speaks on how he speaks to export into the Holy Spirit, said to the church. Separate bonus was all for the work of ministry, like I don't work on the phone at the same time, like will you always were so yes that will be awesome is not what happened right. I don't know. I think the ambiguity is intentional because I think are supposed to be a great deal of humility about what we think we are hearing from the spirit because more havoc has been rigged in the world. Following the words God just told me than any other Frakes jugular supposed to be some humility about how we think the spirit of speaking to them when we said thus says the Lord. We had a chapter and verse to prove it. But you can't therefore use that to say that God no longer speaks to his people on earth because that's the theme of the entire book of acts, and I'm sorry your will open to different maxima are now you cannot convince me that the only book that God gave us.

That is has stories in it of what looks like a walk with the spirit is filled with a bunch of stories of people whose experiences have nothing in common with us.

The spirit prayed to the church in the book of acts he supposed to pray through us today so here's my my suggestion for you.

What if you begin your prayer time by just saying this God I don't want to just pray to you today I want to pray with you today.

I want to pray to the father with the spirit, the whole Trinity but Be above your prayer to the father the son with the spirit. I want to print soon, you would pray to you father, but I want the spirit to move in me, as I pray so. God move in me, as I pray I want to listen. Maybe one last observation about that phrase.

Your kingdom come, and will be done before I go on the next phrase that phrase your kingdom come, will be done. Eugene Peterson says that that phrase points to it points to two different kinds of prayer that believers are supposed to pray that he calls morning prayer and evening prayer.

It's a concept you get from the Psalms, he says, morning prayer, morning prayer is where your praying for something to change God. Let your kingdom come here. God heal this person got into this paradigm change a situation, it's a morning prayer as active as petitionary evening prayers are where you rest in the will of God, trusting that the heavenly father is giving you what's best, even if it didn't look like what you thought it should look like and he pulls it out of the Psalms and shows you that often the Psalms a morning prayer is this frail to kingdom come and evening prayer is God I trust you and your will. Both prayers, he says, are an important part of the Christian experience and both of them ought to be a part of your prayer life. God change the situation and I got.

I trust that whatever you're giving is the best is our rest and you hears and x-rays. Give us this day our daily bread. Most of us never never think to pray this phrase my daily bread because most of us don't want to were next meal is coming from, but the point here is that we develop a posture of dependence on God and thanksgiving to him for everything is the first cause of all the things in our life is the essence of sin essence of sinlessness is independence and autonomy. The direction that sin is going to take you every time is independence and autonomy and self-sufficiency.

This phrase to use. Though it is a very simple phrase it goes the opposite way and back in Greek, the phrasing is literally today bread. Give me today bread. It is intentionally short-lived because it means that day by day. I'm looking to God as the ultimate source of everything not of course not just bread that's more of a metaphor, but anything that I need for any role that God is giving me, give me the bread of being a dad give me the bread of being a good pastor give me the bread of being a good student.

Anything I need for any role that I have nothing is off-limits. Not every request.

In other words, has to be spiritual. Anything you need for any role that you read bread is not spiritual bread is very practical everyone. My favorite promises on this. Philippians 46. Don't be anxious about what that word anything is nothing in your life should cause you anxiety.

Nothing only that can be true though. That's if you're allowed to pray about everything. Pray about everything in your life, letting your request, with thanksgiving, let them be made known unto God what am I supposed to pray for muscle to look to God for the been unable everything, everything, literally anything. I'm worried about. Just for fun with the Scripture and I made a list of some of the various things people pray for right is not exhaustive list, but you simply know what you listen to some of them are really spiritual as a member really not my. For example, Zacharias and Elizabeth one the family when they couldn't have kids so they prayed for a son Solomon. Pray for wisdom and his new job. Eliezer Genesis 24.

Pray that he could make a pretty girl so that he could set his buddy Isaac up with her Sampson pray for water when he was thirsty and superhuman strength to accomplish a task. Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still, so he could finish the battle. Daniel had a weird dream. He did know what it meant to ask God to give him an interpretation. Gideon thought God was calling to do something, but he wasn't sure to ask God for confirmation. David pray for forgiveness after committing adultery with Bathsheba.

Pray that God would give them a clean heart that God will repair what is been destroyed and would give him a renewed steadfast spirit. Elijah prayed that it wouldn't rain. Paul prayed to some thorn in the flesh was bothering him will be taken away.

The disciples pray for boldness, fathers in the New Testament. Pray for the little girls get better. Peter asked Jesus for financial help to pay a tax bill. He wouldn't expect him. It showed up in the mail. Jesus told his disciples to pray to get out of temptation.

Jesus told us to pray for lost people in the workers to get the gospel to them all the apostles pray for Jesus to come back quickly. Here's the role if it matters to you, it matters to God and you were supposed to pray about it. Paul says don't be anxious about anything but pray about everything. But he request things to be made known to God and what will happen when you do the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus you see those who depend on God learn to rest in God because they have the confidence Almighty 411 that no good thing will he withhold from those who walk up rightly before him under the God will supply all of my need and I know that there literally is no assignment he has given me that he will not also give me the bread that I need for that assignment you one more verse of Psalm nine that I love this verse. I pray this all the time.

This you know your name trusting you because you have not abandoned those who seek you, Lord.

In other words, I'd never let you down or disappoints you. When you look to him for something he always delivers high had been disappointed by all kinds of people and the number one person who is disappointed me in my life is named JD Greer is disappointed me bitterly. Many times, but the one who is never disappointed me and always deliver is when I see God in us a God ultimately arresting you for provision to do whatever you want me to do is rest that you want in your life is can arrest you want in life is found in one way is found in prayer. Paul Miller an offer us a less busy life that offers a less busy art in the midst of her outer business we can develop an inner quiet spending time with her father in prayer we integrate our lives with his with what he is doing in us. In other words, you will need a little water fountain in your thing, the trickling down the rocks to give you that feeling of serenity and in a little whatever uses smell like cinnamon or whatever it is you do to make you feel calm. You just need to learn to pray frequently because that give you the rest of your sick peers and x-rays. Forgive us our sins we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us. Now you honest try be transparent here looking there with you. This is the part of prayer that I usually forget, and I tend to skip in my personal life, but it's there for a reason.

Confession is an important part of our lives because it helps us clear out sin so that sin does not grow and spread in us. He sin loses its power when it is exposed if it's like mold, like mold, nearly mold is grows in darkness. The moment he put some light on it boom goes away. That's always sin works in your heart and the moment you begin to confess it, it loses its power, so you confess it first to God and then you begin to confess it to other people. If appropriate, the people in your life that that need to know these things, and when the light of God's countenance begins to look at that sin, that sin will lose its power. Why is it that I was like why is it that this is a part of this prayer.

I tend to skip over most what's the big obstacle here. What keeps me from confessing his focus sometimes in the moment when I come to this phrase. I can't think of anything forgiveness of say I can barely remember what happened yesterday, much less you know like like the sin that I committed yesterday.

Maybe that is because I have a dull conscience is probably at. But this is where I find myself limiting a couple suggestions that help me in this three areas of my life that I tend to stumble most often in and sent three condescends that I tend to gravitate toward Natalie on what are the not tell you that okay I don't want you front point out any time you see me struggle with one number in the mall you like to see the material was misfired up again. You know I and what you doing that bites when I confesses I saw this arrears because I know that every single day. I've got something that were my heart went toward one of those three usually all three in us are there, and as I'm doing it.

It's amazing how much the Holy Spirit source to bring about the things that are just connected to this.

Please make a list of the two or three things that you most often struggle with and start their level Holy Spirit shine the light of God's countenance on the sin of your life and let them break its power in your listening message titled how to actually pray.

One thing that we are learning right now is that we have the ability to embrace and communicate with the living God through prayer are trying to equip you more in this area by offering a new bundle of resources designed to boost your prayer life includes three short books on prayer meant to help you grow with fresh ideas and new understanding. Each chapter takes a passage of Scripture and it looks how it can influence how we pray for a specific issue.

Pray for your city and the people you love more actively studying during the wisdom in these three bucks. Give us a call today at 866-335-5220 or go online to JD to reserve your bundle. Now let's get back to her teaching. The other thing the confession does that Jesus indicates here is that confession changes our attitude toward others. God forgive me as I forgive those who are indebted to me. You see, when we confess our sins, it produces compassion and generosity in us toward others as we embrace how gracious and compassionate God has been toward us. I am a man who's been deeply loved and forgiven, and God is not asking me to love people were more unlovely to me than I was to him and he's not asking me to be generous to people and to any greater degree than he was generous to me. If you can't be loving and generous to others, it's because you are unaware of the generosity that God is given to you and thought Jesus even applies here that how God relates to offset a day by day basis is directly proportional to how forgiving and how loving and generous we are to others. If you're not forgiving those in your life who have wronged you are not loving them. The God says, day by day that's not how I'm going to relate to you and in how I work in your life.

We love we love because he first loved us. We love God we love others because of the embrace of his love for us one last little thing I want to point out here. It's a little bit off topic but I think it's important to point out one of the commentators on the study and pointed out that this prayer the Lord's prayer model prayers written as a communal prayers.

You notice this, all the pronouns in the Lord's prayer are plural our father forgive us our sins, our daily bread. We point that out because at that. We tend to think of prayer and confession is primarily a personal thing and it is but there's also a corporate we element to all these things were supposed to pray this together.

We as a church must lead in confessing saying God forgive our sins and heal our land and so this is a communal prayer we ought to pray together from time to time. Find the last phrase here. Lead us not into temptation is not into temptation. This is one that I find myself praying a lot these days for me for my kids bar staff team for you because you what I realized is that lurking inside every single one of us are the temptations and the sins that will destroy us and listen to this, left to ourselves, we will all self-destruct. Scripture is clear. The natural man does not think the secret things of the spirit of God. If God's grace pulls back from you, even a second you well self-destruct because your heart is inclined toward evil and so I'm saying God deliver me for my temptations God deliver my kids from the temptations God deliver this church. What temptations don't pull your grace back to pull back even a little bit and we will wander off into darkness is really become a very personal real to me when I realize I'll just begin to be totally upfront with you guys if you asked me five years ago five years ago to name eight most influential young pastors who are knights in her mid-20s.

Okay, if you asked me to name the eight most important passenger in the country of the eight that I would mention that in five of them in her lumbar ministry.

Five years later they're not even in the huge churches great ministries books and teaching and baba but not even ministry know why what's not having actually everything one of those. I would maybe was a better preacher than I am more capable of ministering.

But I would say they were better men than I am, is not that there categorically different from me. I asked getting Paul Tripp is a Christian counselor us of why why isn't he so well as to patterns of sin in all their lives is one as they get separated from authentic community.

People can we look into their lives and say that's bad and you should change that is of the second language along with it. He says they all forget the power of indwelling sin. The power of indwelling sin, which means that when you become a pastor or you become spiritually mature that that indwelling sin is just as present in you as it was in the beginning, and they forget to keep putting that the death and so it overcomes them and it destroys them. You see, when I come to that phrase. Leave me not attend temptation. I'm calling out to God, saying God is not that I'm a better man, I don't have to worry about this.I know left to myself I will self-destructs of God give me grace and I give my kids grace and God get this church grace that only a great sermon. They don't need great leaders. They need the grace of the Holy Spirit.

So lead us not into temptation, deliver us on the evil that is inside us and all around us, not only in that really discouraging with you feeling overwhelmed because here's the good news. While it is certainly true that there are temptations that will lead you astray destroy you caught. As promised, prayers like this one that he will deliver you if you just asking one of the verses that I that I memorize and I pray for strength is 1013 God will with every temptation that you encounter well always make a way of escape, all matter how overwhelming he feels he always with the back door and there for you to get out of you and I think of I'm a child of the 80s when videogames were awesome and pure and simple. There were dots on the screen and you would eat them.

There were missiles that came down in straight lines and you would shoot them. How donkey would roll barrels at you and you would jump over then. It was simple, right foot. One of the greatest ones was Batman I member this has a pet man your unit.

You move around the Bangor Eagle dots then you find yourself in trouble because you're out a little you can be the ghost and you're like I'm trapped by member was a little gay if you're one of the corners. You could always just drop side. What would happen.V Osama goes can go through it your all by yourself again to talk about. And when I applied again like that Promise in first grade at 1030 dear.

I am overwhelmed by Satan. I would want. I probably should get where we were in the board there would know the little trapdoor, but in God's promises. There's always a door and when I feel for this temptations come in and little overwhelming. God always has. Just go to the door by their new come out scot-free and it will be a single ghost anywhere around you, what God is promising you is that he will deliver you.

He wants a delivery tied to the liver use of you wouldn't destroy your life, you should ask him when he tells you to ask him every single day.

Let me in this land this claim. I give you a few really practical suggestions in light of what we talked about that I think will help you either start a daily prayer time of Eli, wander jumpstart one if you got into a right my first suggestion riff on the Lord's prayer don't mean by that, I go I'm easy to word Richmond's are riffing in jazz is not a musician, little but I really jazz you don't play the melody, but the military there in the background. They play around the melody right so they're just taking a melody and they're doing our own thing around it. You want to use the Lord's prayer like a melody and you riff on it. When you start. If the last two years at least the first five minutes of every prayer time that I have every day is me riffing on the Lord's prayer Ragu through phrase by phrase and then I let the Holy Spirit apply it to certain ways in my life. God, you're my father and I just want to rest and that God, the daily bread that I need is a dad that he revenues up after the summit.

Your tinnitus riff on the Lord's prayer. That's my first suggestion to you riff on the Lord's prayer is the second thing you could do it similar to that one and and that is a little acrostic called acts. A CTS and it's it's an outline very similar to Lord's prayer that you could work through a safer adoration ceasing for confession defense for Thanksgiving right. You see, these are father Lord and have a holier name and forgive our sins and they can put in red S supplication which is a fancy word for ask. So acts is a way that you could just pray through and then uses an outline for your prayer right I would. I would commend that to you. Here are some other ones take a morning walk with no devices and pray out loud. The reason I'm telling you to take a walk is because I know that's how some of you. The only way you will develop the courage she pray out loud and you really should pray out loud every prayer that Jesus prayed in the New Testament. He prayed out loud when he was by himself not to do it home as you think your family members or your roommate think you're weird. So just take a walk at myself and pray out loud leader devices all okay subtitle walk and pray out loud set reminders on your calendar to pray for specific needs at specific times. You have a long walk the other day know that it is time I will pray for this situation or this person use a prayer at like echo prayer or prayer mate or Evernote that can help you organize and keep track of your prayer needs.

This is one that I use Diablo prayer of the good will without prayer cards prayer card is card about a specific request for you to jot down low things the Holy Spirit says to you why your brain about subject cards for different people my life. There were situations and on all these cards about Scripture verses of specific things and I'm praying and you can build that into one of these neatly furnished by the way you do all the things you missed this like a Grab Bag, take a few of them. Another pray in the moment with people don't just promise to pray for, pray in the moment somebody's talking about in the uterus.

My choice of asking the right to stop right minute break. Just like right there, but it feels weird, you should do it so often that it until weird and more eligible toward you. If you don't do it to stop right in my there.

There was pray about that right now. Go to following up. By the way I do this sometimes waiters and waitresses. I did the other day on the come up to the table know I do this on my came about. Pray for food that God is everything. Pray for you about not not out of 10 times. I get health and happiness.

They were somewhere look okay, does not in.but 1/10 times. I get the mother load rights and I get the 10 minute really tell you about my life and it always thinks of me being able to share the gospel with them and abide in here the summa churches stop right in and say hey can I pray for you right in reducing the pray about when I pray prayer walk your neighborhood or the office or some part of the city.

Now it went out.

Don't be weird. Please don't be weird okay if you're in a prayer walk your office don't walk around the cubicle with your hands raised. Okay leave the oil at home to not annoy anything for torture worked. What was the watercooler greasy. It should not be no oil.

Just leave it at home. Don't be weird okay here's one try try two or three short times of prayer instead of one long time of prayer this were so, you get torpedoed every single year you will tried our you make it 10 minutes and you stop just five minutes maybe do five minutes right in the morning maybe five minutes right after lunch maybe five minutes right for you go to bed just start there, rather than one long time. Pray regularly with your kids like your kids here, you pray, use a kids version of acts. The kids version of Federation confession thanks giving supplication is wow. Sorry. Thanks. Help which hopefully spells was okay. So you can use that use a prayer contention in your daily time with God. The Valley of vision aborted Remington now when the songs of Jesus as a book by Tim Keller returns all him hundred songs and prayers, and I've use that is been fantastic.

Daily light is one I've used the last several years is just a group of scriptures collect around one thing that they can jumpstart my prayers and it's fantastic. It's been around for 150 years. Above all possible Johnson start. Prayer is a muscle that grows when using start great reminder for all.

Today we'd like to get in theory, encouraging resource into your hands. It's a set of three guides that will help you to pray for three specific areas in your life praying for your kids for your parents and for your community.

Each prayer suggestion is based on a passage of the Bible you can be confident as you use it that you are praying, great prayers, prayers that God wants you to pray because they're based on his word. You can request this three book bundle when you get a one time gift today. When you make your first donation as a monthly gospel partner gospel partners commit to regular giving in any real sense of this ministry you been going through this program. Diving deeper into the gospel. Why not join the team that made this happen. Give us a call at 866-335-5220 and remember to find things to pray bundle that never once again 663-3552 24.

You can get online don't want to forget to follow Pastor Jeannie on Facebook and Instagram more encouraging my Molly.

Even if it's inviting you to join us again tomorrow. Age-old question actually change God's mind back Wednesday for more solid on the

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