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I Am, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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August 11, 2022 9:00 am

I Am, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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August 11, 2022 9:00 am

We all have days when we feel insufficient. Like we’re not strong enough or smart enough. But the Bible says that in our weakness, God is strong.

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Today on Summit life with Jeannie Greer. I'm not trying to make you feel small. I'm trying to tell you that you are small little difference in preacher. The single beer drugs motivate you by making you feel big is actually be against what the gospel tells you once you see that you are you want you to see that he is, and that's what he said my name is I am not going to hear. As always, I'm your host Molly benefits all have days when we feel insufficient feel smart enough not strong enough talented enough ever the case may be, but did you know that the Bible says in our weakness. God is especially strong. That's good news and that's our subject today as Pastor Jenny concludes a powerful study. We've been in column name. If you missed any of the previous messages you can hear them all free of

Now here's Pastor Jenny with the second part of his message title stories regarding Merrill explained that three opens up with Moses is a pretty discouraged defeated man. Insecurity is a voice inside of you that whispers I am not blank enough. Here's a question for you. What is most often go to that blank for you.

What was all about. Not like I'm not good looking enough. I'm not athletic enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm not young enough. Funny enough, spiritual enough in the age of Instagram.

These feelings of insecurity are heightened because no matter what you do.

It's always easier to find somebody doing it better. Here's a statement by AW toes are that we look at every single week.

Sorta kinda been a courier for our our series. What comes in our minds we think about God is the most important and the most defining thing about us the most determining fact about any man or woman is not what he or she is a given time, I say or do but what he in his deep heart conceives of God to be like the most shaping determining factor on the trajectory of your life on your emotional stability on where you go and what you do is what you conceive of God to be like. It's not how much you work out it's not how much education you have.

Not even a family that is around you. It is what you think of God to be like you're going to see that that phrase is especially true when it comes to how Moses is going to deal with these insecurities that he has.

Notice how God pathway deals with Moses insecurities not reinforce Moses with positive thoughts into nothing. Moses you underestimated your doubt Moses. Here's a mirror looking to the mirror and we got for me my name is Moses, I am a bad man, now close your eyes Moses and visualize yourself walking in the Pharaoh experience of feelings of taking Pharaoh that none of that pop psychology garbage simply I will be with you because real confidence in life comes not from competence. Real confidence in life come from the assurance of God's presence. You want to know how you can go comparably. The next phase of your life is not that your awesome is that God is on my present verse 13 Moses said to God, suppose I go to the Israelites and they say I say to them, God your brother sent me to you and they say well what is his name. What will I tell verse 14 God said to Moses, I am who I am, that's what you're to say that your delight. I am has sent you. He was there before it started to go back to the beginning of the universe.

However, it began, you would see that he would be there. He is eternal is unchanging. He is always and forever is the source that gives life to everything else is there in the middle of it holding it all together and he will be there when it all ends told you every once in a while we just need to try to wrap our minds around. We can do it try to wrap our minds around the size of God and I believe that God not accidentally gave us an open theater. We can think about it every single night, the I am the God of your fathers a God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob Sent me to you. This is my name forever. This is an angel. Call me from generation to generation never ever just call God I am hello is you are you will be you always are. Moses said to the I am, but I am.

I've never been eloquent, either in the past nor since you have spoken your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue with this image of Moses be like Charlton Heston, a Christian Bale. He speaks of the deep Val Kilmer-esque voice on that is not true that either means to be a speech impediment, he stuttered, are you really small mousy voice like on Pee-wee Herman for you children of the 80s.

It was not impressive and the Lord said to him, who gave human beings are mouse Moses, who makes them deaf or mute who gives insider makes them blind is it not I the I am the revelation of God's name is I am sure you three vitally important things about your relationship to God first, explain if it shows you how you encounter God say that the second thing is the I am the name I am is can give you a ground rule on important ground rule is very countercultural for American and how you know God, and the third thing is I am shows you what knowing God will actually due to your sense of self identity. Okay number one. I am shows us how we encounter God. Typically, we do not encounter God to a lifetime of philosophical reasoning. Instead, we encounter God doing experience that we have were simply confronted by the fact that he is and that he is speaking EEE deceivers. This many times that encounter begins as it did with Moses light with an unanswered question. Moses had it with the burning bush, he turns aside, it says to investigate it. God did not resolve the mystery of the burning bush. Instead, God spoke out of the bush and says I am I a burning bush today is an unanswered question that leads you to ask questions out of which God begins to speak and say I am some people it's the mystery of the cosmos. That's a burning bush that asked the question that you didn't go to is not enough in itself, but it leads people to ask a question, the God and said, I will necessarily resolve the issue, so you I am brother people.

The question is less philosophical.

It's more longing they feel something like the birth of a child and you look at that and you said it's not just a group of colliding chemicals.

That's a burning bush that suddenly he speaks and says I a.m. here's my question for you.

Have you had this kind of experience. Maybe it wasn't this dramatic see the book of Ecclesiastes says that God is put eternity in your heart which means she's put a restlessness. He puts unanswered questions those rest feelings of restlessness, those questions there burning bushes fueled upward and you have questions you look inward you since long.

That's him and you know there's more to life than just send love and consciousness. It is biology and colliding chemicals. When you turn aside like Moses did you listen you'll find him, the great I am speaking out of that so it shows you how you encounter in years, and he speaks, there's a second thing, I am the name I am gives us the ground rule for knowing God gives the ground rule for knowing God. I am who I am, means, by contrast, I'm not who you to find me to be. I am who I means this is who I am. I'm not who you think you want me to be is what kids do much and not my daughter. My second daughters of the more imaginative variety on site and when she was five or six years old week. She had will withhold Allie's world is at any given point. She was just, you know, kinda in her world.

Everything was perfect. Revivals got up at our house and he was content messing with her and he says I hey I'm in Allie's world just by results.

You accept them. She says how did you get in here. I everything in her world is like she wanted to be, but it's what kids seizes rights, not real, it's not real that's you are kind of like that with God as you got this God that makes you feel like oh I'm comfortable not, but is not real. The theology from above means I am who I am and that God who is cannot be reshaped or edited or debated or refashioned you to receive him for who he is a rejected right. Third, knowing God's name.

Knowing God's name is IM number three transforms your identity as I mentioned to you.

Moses was really insecure for personal disabilities you had a speech impediment to personal failures killed an Egyptian been rejected because of those things he a lot of personal doubt that scholars say when Moses says in verse 11. Who my they said that in Hebrew.

You can see that that is a reflection of the same question that the Jewish people through back in his face and Exodus to the first time he can deliver them. We should avail to you Jack, we tell us what to do right answered their doubts about him when he repeats that question shows that the doubts they have put upon him. He is now taken into his own identity has somebody criticized you for so long that you've actually started to believe it about yourself.

Maybe it was a mom or dad. Maybe it was a sibling.

Maybe it was a boss or a friend but you started to believe it. And so you are someone who feels I am incapable and I am insecure.

Interestingly Moses his insecurities kept him from seeing the God actually prepared and quite well for this task that was in front of him anything about Moses had spent the last 40 years in the wilderness leading sheep that was the same wilderness. He was going to leave the children of Israel through American act like sheep and he was going to know every waterhole and every danger and he knew that plays like the back of his hands. Plus he spent all that time an Egyptian palace, which meant he knew about laws and codes. It is, you gotta read and write.

That's up to the first five books of the Bible, God done a pretty dog on the job get Moses ready, but most could see that because he didn't realize that the I am God had been with him every step of the way there. Some of you that are so consumed with your failures in your disappointments and doubt because you're not sure the God is been with you that you can't see the got is actually work very carefully in your life and every disappointment, every pain, every tragedy because he's been preparing you for something in my challenge to you is what if you look back to the rest of your life, and said everything that happened, for good or for bad weather. It felt wrong or right that there was a God in that it was shaping me for something he had prepared me for you thought it would change you. But here's what's interesting.doesn't use a lot of reasoning with Moses.

It's true, it doesn't bring up all God says of Moses. When Moses says what God, who am I got to such a Moses says who are you in a matter who you are not is who I am but instead but I'm not eloquent, I'm not smart am not successful. God says I got enough alders thing for the both of us. I did choose you because you were those things that I don't really want the guy who says oh I know I got yours me because I'm awesome, because euros, called line God wants an open vessel that he can pour his power through an open vessel that would give him the glory so he chooses people that are broken.

The chooses people who feel insufficient because they're the ones who will allow him to work through them and they're the ones who will give them the glory of our titled the name here on MetLife with G3 or if you've missed any portion of this teaching series. Be sure to visit Judy and catch up right away and while you're there, you can check out a daily email devotional from Pastor Judy that's delivered straight to your inbox can use encouragement first thing in the morning to remind us of God (and the busyness of life can quickly check out any joy we feel in our walk with God. So one does need to wait each morning with the word from the Lord. The devotional even to follow along with our current teaching here on the program you can stay plugged in. Regardless of your schedule.

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Right now Jimmy now.

Let's return for the conclusion of our teaching series once again here's packaging also in the book of first Corinthians is not many mighty, not many wives not many, many wealthy that God chose to build his kingdom through the chose the mighty and the wise and the strong and the wealthy. It was all done, they say, look how awesome we are. Look at what we did for God I got that I'm having none of that.

I want somebody who's going to give me the glory so I am the God of very unpromising material feeling inadequate is a prerequisite to being used by God which means you feel adequate you feel awesome you feel like I'm confident I congratulations you just earned yourself a seat off the boss of the people that God is going to use as God chooses the week he chooses the unpromising material you may not be but he says I always am, and my MS will overcome you're not next to God.

I'm not very good. I am God. I'm not very skilled. I know I am God. I'm not sure about a confident inner-city person I know I am God. I'm not able to live a victorious Christian life. Nasty to Doug was only one person in history who ever lived a victorious Christian life and he was so good. We need a for and now that one is going to take up residence in you.

It is not about you live in it for him. It's about him limited through you. It's not about who you are. It's about who he is.

I know that you bring into this place all kinds of inadequate season deficiencies and worries and insecurities and Scripture says yup and you know what you even know the half of all you know that you're so weak.

You cannot even guarantee that you will be around tomorrow so we can so small and so frail. The book of James says that's a sin for you this week over confidently about tomorrow because you like a wisp of smoke James up for your like a blade of grass, James happy James up to five the slightest shift in wind direction.

The slightest change in temperature. When you're gone, and the scope of the universe. You are so small and insignificant and frail and pitiful that you don't amount to a grain of sand on the ocean floor and are you thinking man, I'm so glad I came to this talk, Ginny. Thanks for making me feel like nothing. Thanks for making me feel small.

I'm not trying to make you feel small. I'm trying to tell you that you are small. Okay.

And that's a big old difference in any preacher. The stand up here try to motivate you by making you feel big is actually being against what the gospel tells you even want you to see that you are he wants you to see that he is, and that's why he said my name is I am not you're going to be enemies also means you will need to sweat anything because the one who's calling you was named I am who could possibly be smart enough to figure all this out. I am how my supposed to know which way to go. I am who can I trust I am I'm not really sure who's on my team. I am nobody's listening to me. I am my marriage is crashing and I don't know where to turn. I am not always hope for marriage and kids in the family by this point in my life, but it seems like at times passed me by.

I am I'm 50 years old. Not like I'm starting all over. I am but he thinks I can't do it. I am what if I fail again I am I'm not sure I believe anymore I am doing all I can give is not enough. I am on board and everybody nobody important to me. I am I can hold on I am.

I'm tired. I am, I quit. I am I need a drink. I need to fix any that had him I need a lover. I am I need a fresh start. I am I just need somebody told me and tell me it's good to be okay.

I am I in the gospel of John. You see Jesus are the most curious thing with the name I am he takes any sort applied to himself and all the strange ways mix things that simply don't make sense for you, before Abraham was, I am but then draw the gospel. Johnny take that same name and he starts declaring it whenever we have a point of weakness and starts attaching something to it. So, to those who fill in darkness. He says I am your light to those who thirst. I am the living water to those who feel lost. He would say on the way to those who feel confused on the truth to those who feel under the curse of death. I am a life to those who feel insufficient on the good Shepherd. Those who need a fresh start.

I am the door to those quest by guilt. I am the resurrection and the life. So to the unrighteous. He says I am your righteous covering the powerless. He says I am your defense to the empty I am your fullness to the dead. I'll be your resurrection into the defeated.

He says I'll be your hope not listen. Knowing that you know now what God's name means knowing what it is I want you to think about a command or the 10 Commandments that you've always known, but you probably never have applied in the full sense of what God wanted you to apply it is the third commandment were God commands us not to take his name in vain.

That was always taught to me growing up as don't say oh my God, why don't geeks we know that means both a good Lord owns a Jesus Christ as an exclamation. And that's true, but a friend of mine points out that this is not just a command on how to use God's name.

The command specifically is about how to take God's name.

And here's the example. In times past, there was a girl named Veronica Marie peters, and on the greatest day of her earthly life. She became a career in which she took my name, she became a part of me. She became one with me and everything that I had became her sole possessions I have became hers. My future became hers. My earning potential, or lack thereof became hers. My future family became hers. Everything that was mine bypass my present my future became hers so there was no more door and Monty was simply hours when you became a Christian. Think about this. You took God's name. I am which means the properties of the I am became yours because you became one with him and I met the what he has. You now have you became literally Peter says a participant in the divine nature itself that nature is now inside of you. You became the apostle Paul said, and inheritor of all the divine promises all the promises of God. Paul said yes in Christ Jesus. Jesus earned them all and he became one with you with me.

They all became yours.

And that means that when you feel fear and when you feel insecurity you say no to God or falter in obedience or cower before to sign it because you think, but I am not blank you are taking his name in vain because though here you are not.

He always is and you are one and when you say but I got I'm so stupid.I'm a loser.I'm such a failure.I know I'm a terrible mom. God says I'm not any of those things and if I am in you that you are not either. What I am. You know are because you and I became one. And there's no more your mind is just ours on Mother's Day. Take my name in vain. When you feel fear.

When you feel insecurity when you feel insufficient you are violating the third command because you are trampling on his name, and you say I am not. Therefore, you must not be either got is yet you are not. That's why chose you.

But I am disabled God, I'm so dysfunctional.

He says yet.

I am so complete, you say I am so defense it he says, but I am so sufficient. You say I am so doubtful he says but I am so faithful you say I am so simple he says I am so graceful. I am so weak, but I he says am so strong. Whatever you're not. Whatever you need whatever you didn't get from your parents or your teachers or your boss whatever you're not getting from somebody else. He says to you, I am not means that when the pharaohs in your life say to you who do you think you are say I don't think I'm anything but I know the great I am when the haters in our own hearts whisper to us. You are not, we shout back. You are right you are right, but he is and now I am in him which means that all the promises of God and all the possibilities are mine in Christ Jesus, so my challenge to you is name your secure in your your insecurity and write it out.

I am not Blake but then you right right and that but in Christ.

I am blank and you put the opposite of it. I am sufficient I am fully supplied. I am more than a conqueror. I am undefeatable.

I have everything on the eve of the tacit is ahead. Which leads me to one final correction I want to make in the series on the statement of given to you every week. Restarted this message with the statement data because you made it what you think about God is the most important thing about you CS Lewis read that about 50 years ago read that statement that editors are made.

And he said this is never seen this run. Mom pointed out to me what the best sales. Lewis I read in a periodical the other day that the fundamental thing is how we think about God is talk about it. It is his cloak is a tomatoes and him were more your parts. There can never by God himself. It is not so. Not every day you CS Lewis ETA because Magnum wasn't how God thinks about us is not only more important, it is infinitely more important in the how we think of him is of no importance, except in so far as it is related to how he thinks about us. I'm not telling you that it's doesn't matter what you think about God is just the whole series Benson most important thing that you understand about God is not just two years, but who is to come to you.

The fact that his glory is not just in the heavens, but he is and I am that is giving you all the things that belong to him and united himself with you that when you are a sinner and you had no righteousness, and you deserve to be cast out of the presence of God.

He said I will be your righteousness. And Paul said the same God that gave us his righteousness. When we were his enemies will now give us the power that we need for every assignment he puts in our path which means that if I'm not a great dad. It's okay because he is and will be that through me. To me that if I'm not a great moral Christian it's okay because he's gonna learn to live that victory through me. It means that if I'm not a great preacher and teacher it's okay because he takes a willing and the weaker vessel reports his power through it. The gospel is not that you are awesome. The gospel that you are lost in the gospel is that he is so his and this overcomes you're notbecause the two of you unite what it means to walk with God is not that you become somebody that is Superman. It means that you learn to yield yourself. The I am begins to work for you. So Paul would say, even when I'm faithful is he is faithful because he cannot deny himself. Because the work that he is started in me is his work and he will do it and I'm not dependent on the awesomeness of ball. I am leaving on the grace of Jesus Christ, the great I am, and this important study, the name you're listening to some at length with student career. If you'd like to hear any part of the series again. You can find all the messages We'd love to send you a very encouraging new resource today. It's a set of three small guides that will help you to pray for your kids, your parents or your community in 21 different areas and situations. There are five different things to pray for. In each of the 21 areas so you can use each of these booklets in a variety of ways you can pray through the set of five things each day.

Over the course of three weeks and then start again boring you can take one of the prayer themes for the week and pray one point every day from Monday to Friday will be glad to send you this resource bundle to express our gratitude for your financial support. When you get to Summit life.

You make it possible for us to deliver daily Bible teaching all of the other resources on our website donate by calling 515 28 663-3550 T training. Remember, you can also request our resource. Get online career where you can also get a variety of digital resources including downloadable resource can get instant access to print just by signing up for our teacher to join with us and subscribe right now by visiting I might leave it eventually will see him again. Picking up a short man, don't miss Friday on my G

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