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This Light and Momentary Marriage

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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May 6, 2022 9:00 am

This Light and Momentary Marriage

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 6, 2022 9:00 am

As we begin a series called "First Love," we’re getting a biblical perspective on the purpose of marriage and singleness. It’s a drastic shift from what our culture usually portrays!

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Today on Summit life with Jesus Greer.

Could you go through life without a happy marriage still feel happy because of the answer is no. The marriage is probably: I don't I don't mean do you want to be married because that's a God-given desire what I mean is it so significant to you that you will see how life would be what would be without light Pastor author and religion JD Greer.

As always, I'm your host Molly that events today we're launching a new teaching series here on the program called first, let we will be dealing with some common pitfalls and struggles in relationships, whether those are romantic relationships, friendships, or anything else today were kicking it all off by getting a biblical perspective on the purpose of marriage is a lot different than what our culture usually portrays and songs and movies. If you miss any of the messages from earlier this week from her teaching series rest and distraction.

You can find them online anytime JD but for now it's time to get started with a message that Pastor JD titled light and momentary marriage. Today we're watching out on a new six week series called first love building gospel centered relationships. The one area whether you are a Christian or not. The one area that provides simultaneously the joy in your life and the most heartache is relationships and that's good to be true whether you are single or whether you are married.

Our whole study of the next six weeks is going to come out of Ephesians 5 verses 22 through 32. All the messages are to come out of there considering a lot of things that relate to romance and marriage. What the Bible says about those but Leviticus very clear.

This is not exactly a mirrored series really a lot of principles about ourselves that apply to all relationships. Only one of which is marriage you see here is what I have found after being a pastor for 10 or so years and married for 13 years is that there are really many married people issues. There are individual people issues that just get worse and marriage.

Marriage generally create problems. Marriage usually just reveals that another some of you don't really want to admit that, but it's true the majority of problems that marriage specifically creates a relatively minor what in the squeeze of toothpaste out of and what about you make a bed morning I got a stuff. What makes these issues major or problems in this that would be there whether we were married or single, and marriage just really is the arena in which these problems come out socially regardless of whether you're single what you're single and content with your singlet seeking when your days where you're happily married with unhappily married single again, hoping to soon be singlet in whatever your marital status is of the time. The series is going to have a lot in it for you because you shot a window into your soul.

So this first week today were to ask the question what exactly are you looking for when you yearn for love and romance to deal with expectations that we bring to romance in it, and that weeks at things we we carry in the marriage were also going to discuss what God's plan is for singleness 65% of the adults listening to me right now are single in our church. I found that out this week.

Masonic County high school students not getting kids 65% of the adults that come to our church are single, what God's plan is for that. During this stage of your life. That's today week two to look at one huge principal, one principle that if we got it. This one principle I will give you one question you could ask if all of your relationships that would fundamentally transform all including marriage week number three is really all about principles of communication because you know the relationships live or die and your ability to communicate. I was having dinner and I with one of our elders and I you got to get to know somebody pretty well. They can let their guard down. You can list with their families like and bit him and his wife are having this discussion at the dinner table and God turns out that she had miscalculated their budget for the month and she'd overspent the account she bounced a check and you know how frustrating that is.

And he looks at her and he said he says we are, I just don't understand how God could have made you so beautiful and so stupid at the same time as she said God made me beautiful so the you would follow with me and stupid. So I would fall in love with you, so will you learn about how to communicate that way.

That's week three we forwarded we forwarded a look at conflict and forgiveness for some great recent stories about how Veronica has really wronged me and how I forgiven her that I'm going to share with you and so you want to make sure that you're there that week week five talk about principles of decision-making and what that looks like. Specifically, relationships in week six are to tile these things together and we'll talk about about building intimacy in it in a relationship. Now I'm trying to encourage my wife Veronica to join me up here for some of this but she is really stubborn and hardhearted about it. So maybe if you see her to give her a little encouragement. Maybe she will get up here and join me for there is, for there is some subdominant future here okay Ephesians 5. Hopefully by now you got a chance to find it there in your Bible. As I mentioned all the messages are to come out of this formula today. Just the last two verses 31 and 32 were Paul sums up all the things he's been teaching on on relationships miss messages titled the light.

This light and momentary marriage right. Verse 31.

Therefore, Paul says, a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. This mystery of marriage is profound as I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church. Paul in these two verses explains to us that marriage was given to us not as an end in itself. It was given to us as a sign of something higher.

It wasn't that God looked at marriage and thought wow that could be a great analogy for what I've got going over here.

Note know God actually created marriage for the intention of giving us a tangible demonstration of a different relationship a higher reality and that is according to Paul, Christ relationship to his church CS Lewis reflecting on this verse describe marriage like a ray of sunshine when the rate hits your face. It warms your face you look back up along the array and you could see the sun from which it emanates so that's what marriage is. It's a ray of God's goodness, but it's never to be an end in itself.

It's supposed to teach you about the goodness of the sun from which it emanates. There are millions of the sun's rays.

Only one of them is marriage CS Lewis and what you should never do is you should never ever ever mistake the thing that symbolizes God's love for God love you should never replace in your heart.

The thing that God gave us to point us to himself should never let that replace God in your heart. Here's number one, you should write this down this is deep is pretty radical unless you get this. Nothing else from your announcer makes sense right to write this down one marriage is not ultimate is a sign and a shadow of a higher reality marriage is not ultimate. It is a sign and a shadow of a higher reality. Christ. Paul says, is the source of all love and joy. He is the son.

The love that you were created for is not the love of another human being the love that you were created for Christ love in the church, he says, is the ultimate eternal family.

According to Scripture. Elizabeth according to Scripture relationships in Christ are more permanent and more precious than even your relationships and your families really blow your mind for a minute. It sounds like I'm dogging on marriage here for the next few minutes, but hang with me. I give you several verses opulent screen here should also try to turn to Matthew 2230 in the resurrection.

Jesus said they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but like the angels in heaven who evidently are single about Mary in heaven, I will not be married to my wife. I'm not really sure what it's like a bear, but it will not be like the relationship that we have here. I've often thought want to go to be like when I see her in heaven is a go to be like. I got to give her a wink like a remember you know if that is out of I don't know. And sometimes, to be honest with you I'm tempted to let that make me sad but I know that whatever God has for us. There will be better than what we have here if anything will be closer there than we are here. I'm not really sure how it works.

But the point is, Jesus said that marriage is not eternal and marriage is not ultimate in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, Matthew chapter 12, when his own mother and brothers watch this asked to see him when Mary, his biological mother and his half brothers were Mary's other son. When they asked to see them.

Jesus said, was my mother and who are my brothers and stretching out his hand toward his disciples, he said, here are my mother and my brothers John Piper who are preacher couple weeks ago, said this about that verse. Jesus here is turning everything around. Yes, of course, Jesus loved his mother and his brothers, but those are only temporary relationships. His focus was on those whom he called out for himself. He was calling out a new family were single people in Christ are people who are not really in biological families are full-fledged family members on par with all the others bearing fruit for God and becoming mothers and fathers of the eternal God, his mother and his brothers.

He said, are those who obey his word. That's his real family. That's his ultimate family that's eternal family would Chapter 11 Jesus is speaking to a group and the woman yells back at them from the audience. Evidently their status will be like it is today.

In some cultures that when the preacher preaches about it was the face of the back.

I like that I think is great Piper. Here's what the woman yells back at Luke 1127 Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breast at which you nursed which has to be one of the weirdest things ever said that from somebody in the audience right.

I'm all about using a mill get on it.

Preachers like Abbott do not say, Blessed is are the breast at which you nursed by voice. I still remember this verse from the King James version from when I was a kid. Blessed is the one that bore the and the paps which gave me suck. I am still traumatized by fearing that as of a logic somebody is like editing diversity delivers usury. I just like Luke 1127 years when at the me and we'll talk. I Jesus turned and he said to this woman. Blessed rather are there to hear the word of God and keep it. Those who obey the word of God are more blessed than the mother of God 13 career will get right back to today's teaching and just a moment but first let me tell you about our latest resource created exclusively for arsenic like listeners. The 15 day devotional for all of us who live distracting lives. It covers the topics of relationships they rest and even parenting, daily devotions offer a chance to dig deeper into Scripture regular Bible reading this resources a group setting and can share with those closest in fact in the conversation cards that come with it perfect for a group study setting up whatever that looks like for you. We would like to encourage you to reserve your copy today by calling 866-335-5324 visit us for being with us today. Now let's get back to the final moments of today's message ascertain Martin Jesus said, truly, I say to you, there is no one was at house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel will not receive a hundredfold stop what he means there obviously is in heaven when his family so much better because you followed his only means basil metaphorical, haven't know you would not receive a hundredfold now, at this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children lands, with persecutions and in the age to come eternal life.

He is saying when you get this, but you really didn't know how you get that. That's the church. The only way that verse is true is going to be the church. What you say this to Mrs. radical is revolutionary, we must renounce the primacy of our natural relationships and follow Jesus and the fellowship of the people of God whether we are single or married to John Piper says take a deep breath and reorder your entire world. Marriage is temporary and will finally give way to the relationship to which it was pointing all along Christ and the church. The way that a picture is no longer needed when you finally see face-to-face a picture is what you use when somebody is not your presence.

Look at him because you missed him going there in your presence. You'll talk picture look at you look at them. They said that marriage was given to us as a sign of something better something more ultimate something eternal, and it will finally give way will put away the picture will experience a thing of the picture represented marriage only gives you a side and a foretaste of the future kingdom of God that I do not want to dismiss the importance of the side for the very best of all God's gifts to us and it is an in dispensable part of the created order. But listen, this is so crucial was life goes wrong when you make the symbol ultimate life goes desperately wrong.

When you take one of God's good gifts and you let it begin to replace God with the thing that is the symbol replaces in your heart. The thing that it symbolizes.

Write this down a bit. Underneath this point. Marriage gone wrong when your happiness.

For example, in yourself or other dependent on be loved romantically when you think that marriage or good romance is the one indispensable key to being happy so you feel like you couldn't live without marriage you thought there's no way I could be happy. I can have a fulfilled life. If I'm not in good romance and I'm not in a good marriage. This is the most widely accepted myth in our culture. This is the most widely worshiped false God. We think that romantic love completes us and yes I realize a bunch of you just thought of that heart touching scene in Jerry McGuire for many vomit inducing scene dependent on your personality were Tom Cruise looks at Renee Zellweger and says you completely right and that's what we think I am incomplete until you love me and I'm everything I am because you love me.

Q Celine Dion I can hear the songs you know nothing of illustrations of this I go back to my school days.

I am a child of the 80s and everybody knows that music was at its pinnacle in the 1980s right so that's on so I don't know, more relevant music today, but that's is what I think about that for you know our love was meant to be the kind of love that lasts forever and I want you here with me from tonight until the end of time you should know. Everywhere I go you're always on my mind and my heart in my soul. What is it now you're the meaning in my life you're the inspiration ceiling so my life you're the inspiration want to have you near me. I want to have you hear me say it would lead to more than I need you right under the policy. So I checked out there but that's when the songs it spans the ages. We all know that's all like to quote from one that's more recent map Belson same thing all day right here the meaning in my life nothing without you and everything in my life begins when I met you in my life on its fullness. When I met you are everything to me that I was reading an interview recently with Matt Dillon the actor. He said people in Hollywood are relationship jockeys and I thought this really good, especially good deep it brought you high offer relationship like a drug that last. By the way they save about 18 months as a solo psychologist.

I infatuation last you for about 18 months and then and then you go off of him and you got going to get another hit from in front from another would think Kesha has a soulmate literally says that because you love you love you love is my drug. Monica met up have not heard that at the mall you love you love you love and I know right yes it is a drug is like all drugs it done work because you were created to be completed by the love of another human being. You were created to be completed by the love of Christ. The thing that symbolizes the ultimate thing replaces the ultimate thing if one a good thing because a God thing turns into a bad thing that's outside website you before like this, lonely, insecure, unhappy, single people become lonely, insecure, unhappy, married people. The drawing of a new relationship fixes it for a short time, but then it wears off and just leaves you craving more problems like loneliness and insecurity and unhappiness are not cured by another humans companionship.

They are cured of the love of Christ, the Gary Thomas is like this marriage does not solve emptiness and exposes it if somebody can't live without you here.

She will never be happy living with you either.

You are not designed to meet the deep soul needs of another human being. You were supposed to reflected you were supposed to be a ray of sunshine but you were not the son, and a good thing becomes a God thing. It destroys the thought idle works. I am it if I you got to West Virginia and like to see these old bridges that will have a little sign on them. It's like you know more than two times what it means you got a cooperative little brother Mack truck got a Mack truck and hold it.

I told couples that I have been in the past and their marital counseling or their than the wedding declaration to others. I would tell them alike if you would let me. This is what I will do in your wedding night never had one thing up on this.

I will take a sharpie am going to write on your four head a little sign like little ones on that there's bridges and what it will say is warning will not support the weight of your soul so that as your spouse goes into this wedding ceremony. They will realize that what you can be an incredible blessing to them the deepest needs of your soul are never to be met by another human being. Those things are only going to bet my God, and if you try to put the weight of your soul on that person. You will destroy them because they were never designed to do it. They were never designed to do it. They were not designed to be the ultimate thing Christ and the church are the ultimate thing. Life goes wrong when something God intended to point you to him, starts to compete with him in your heart to Gary Thomas's counsel Mrs. Goody tape is the bank you gotta marry somebody with a solid core somebody who does not depend on you for those ultimate things somebody was happy and fulfilled in Jesus. Because if they're not happy and fulfilled in Jesus there thinking that you're the meaning in their life and you're the inspiration never to be able to sustain that in there to train you try the second wave of mayors goes wrong under this one.

When you make marriage.

The measure of a significant life unit mirrors the measure of significant life we have this assumption that the man or woman who does not leave or have a permanent family is of no real lasting mark in the world there incomplete. They die alone and insignificant. Now you guys filming. I'm into family.

I have a bag with, but according to Scripture ultimate family is not biological.

According to Scripture ultimate family is equally theological, which means the church. It's not produced. Ultimate failure is not produced by procreation ultimate family is produced by spirit regeneration disciples of Jesus are the offspring that endure forever got us a life that does not produce biological offspring is not a failed life. A life that does not make disciples of Jesus is a failed wife, you will know spirit was sterile in God's book is not the people that only kids behind. If the people that don't produce disciples of Jesus because that's the real family. That's the eternal family of course it's great when your natural family are also part of the permanent eternal family.

My wife, this is my first pastoral responsibility. I get that my kids are my first mission field, but my biological family is just temporary. The church is eternal so you would never say to somebody in an ultimate sense. You complete me know Christ and the church complete you a gift of God to matter how good should never replace in your heart.

The thing that symbolizes here's my question for you to be honest, could you be single your whole life and not feel devastated. Could you go through life without a happy marriage and still feel happy and fulfilled. Because of the answer is no then marriage is probably become an idol to you.

I don't mean do you want to be married because that's a God-given desire will say that a minute but I mean, is it so significant to you that you don't see how life would be worth living without it. You say I don't see how life could be happy or fulfilled if I didn't have good and satisfying romance. So let's leave their first Corinthians 7 or Paul go back three books you get about a foot over three books. The last three or four books and annual fine first Corinthians, Paul wrote both Ephesians and first Corinthians, so he is going to take the concept that he got here. Ephesians 5 is you apply it in first Caribbean seven to a church that's made up of a lot of single people to city of Corinth that he's writing to the Corinthians courses with a fast growing cities in the ancient world a lot of single people moving into it to try to try to start is replacing a good job right first Caribbean 77 Paul says regarding marriage. I wish that all were as I am myself and McNabb barely speaking multiple notice singleness right, but each of us has his own gift from God.

When one kind one another years never to write this down singleness is not an inferior state meeting related to the theory and word from the Lord. Be encouraged and be sure to join us next time for the conclusion of this message here on Senate life.

Well as Pastor JD showed us today. Relationships aren't actually about ice and our happiness in the end about advancing the gospel. You know it's not enough to simply go through the motions of Christianity. Most people in church know how to act the part. There's no real in their faith, our newest resource is focused on helping you and your closest community dialogue about your faith.

For whatever reason, talking about our faith with our family or closest friends can be awkward at times. So in addition to the blood of 15 devotionals will also include a set of conversation cards. These are simple parts to keep the dinner table or around the kitchen island have a question or a prompt on them to kickstart Thailand around important topic both resources and our way of saying thanks for your financial gain $35 more ministry to send and I opened the door from across the country around the world message through this program. All of our free online resource doing this mission. Today we give thanks, 335 24 go online to get copies of it here resources again next time she your ministry

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