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Accused for Me

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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April 8, 2022 9:00 am

Accused for Me

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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April 8, 2022 9:00 am

We are marching toward the cross in our series titled, Instead of Me. Our prayer during this series is that you will see these days that led up to Jesus’ death with fresh eyes.

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Jeannie Greer Jesus in his trial was identifying with every single one of us that is ever had to undergo injustice. Everyone of us who is ever been betrayed overload abuse discriminated against or mistreated. He knows what that experience is like. What this shows us is that he entered into it, to show us that he stood with us in it and that he was promising. One day, to redeem us from.

I'm your host Molly benefits we are marching toward the cross in our teaching series titled instead of me. Our prayer during this series specifically that you will see these days that led up to Jesus's death with fresh eyes feel the weight of the resurrection so that you can make Jesus the center everything in your life as a quick reminder today is the final day to give toward our goal of supporting our brothers and sisters in Ukraine right now. The needs are great and we can be a part of providing for them. In Jesus name.

You can make a or by calling 866-335-5220.

Now let's join Pastor JD as he takes us through the trial of Jesus in a message titled cues for me but open 2657 where we left off those who arrested Jesus took him to Caiaphas who was the high priest were the digital all the elders had assembled the chief priest of the whole Sanhedrin looking for false evidence against Jesus so that they could put him to death, but I didn't find any. Though many false witnesses came forward finally to came forward and declared this fellow said I'm able to destroy the temple of God and rebuild it in three days he have course made very clear that he was talking about the temple as his own body and they knew that over 62, the high priest stood up and said to Jesus, are you not going to answer what is this testimony that these men are bringing against you, but Jesus remained silent.

The high priest said to him, I charge you under oath by the living God tell us if you are the Messiah, the son of God, you have said so Jesus replied but I say to all of you from now on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the mighty one coming on the clouds of heaven in reference to a prophecy in the book of Daniel that indicates the deity of the Messiah, riding on the clouds of heaven as it is a Jewish metaphor image for deity within the high priest tore his clothes and said he is spoken blasphemy.

Why do we need any more witnesses look now you have heard the blasphemy may spit in his face and they struck him with their fists. Others slapped them and said prophesied to us Messiah who is it that hits you. 27 verse one when daybreak came all the chief priests and the elders of the people plot against Jesus to put them to death and tying them up. They led him away and handed him over to pilot the governor then Judas is betrayer seen that Jesus had been condemned was full of remorse and return the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders sinned by betraying innocent blood.

He said what is that to us.

They responded see do-it-yourself so he threw the silver into the temple on the part of any went and hanged himself.

Verse 11. Now Jesus stood before the governor. Are you the king of the Jews, the governor Pilate asked them Jesus answered you say so while he was being accused by the chief priest of the elders. He didn't answer then Pilate said to him, don't you hear how much their testify against you but you didn't answer him on even one charge that the governor was quite amazed at the festival governor's custom was released to the crowd a prisoner they wanted at that time that a notorious prisoner called Barabbas when they gathered together, Pilate said to them who is it that you want me to release for you, Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ. One was a murderer, one who taught you to love your enemies and raise little children from the dead because he knew he knew it was because of envy that handed him over while he was sitting on the judge's bench, his wife sent word to him.

Say you have nothing to do with this righteous man but today I suffered terribly in a dream because of him. The chief priest of the elders, however, persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas and to execute Jesus, the governor asked that much of it soon. You want me to release for you Barabbas. The answer, Pilate asked them what then should I do with Jesus. It was called the Christ. And they all answered, crucify him and he said why but what wrong is he done, but he kept shouting all the more, crucify him, crucify him. Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that a riot was starting. Instead, he took some water and wash his hands in front of the crowd and he said I am innocent of this man's blood see to it yourselves all the people answered his blood be on us and on our children.

Then he released Barabbas to them and after having Jesus flogging handed him over to be crucified. Father again. We have a sense I have a sense God that these are overwhelming things but not only was I not worthy for you to go through these things for me, but think of how casually I treat these things. Gotta think of our community neglects to ignore these things God that is a reason in itself to be condemned. A thousand times over some God have mercy on us to give us eyes to see and ears to hear and to feel the weight of these eternal things God may we be filled with holy fear and an overwhelming sense of your mercy and your love that we would see that there is a lot of it goes beyond even arsenic goes beyond her despair and just beyond the grave. It's a love that saves a love that redeems give us eyes to see. We pray in Jesus name, amen. Driving idea in this series has been that the events that surrounded the trial of Jesus are recorded to show us that we are actually the ones who were on trial here, I told you that any stories we really ought to see ourselves and the story should make us consider how we are responding to Jesus the first week. If you recall, we saw that we are Judas, Judas, meaning that we use Jesus as a means to an end for something else that we want to get from him and secondarily we are willing to sell Jesus out for a price. The second week we sold. We are also Peter were commenced that were one of the good guys and not so bad. But Jesus would actually have to die to save us were convinced like Peter, was that with a little good intention and a little good effort that we can probably save ourselves this weekend. I want to show you how the four primary characters that are involved in the trial of Jesus itself represent us and show us four ways that people today respond to Jesus. The first one I want to do is want to show you how Matthew tells the events of the trial in such a way to try to show us that this whole thing is a sham. Matthew was writing for a Jewish audience indicates at least six ways that I counted six ways the trial of Jesus was unjust even by Jewish standards. At the time you were a Jewish reader back in the first century would immediately picked all these things up. By the way just so you know this is not the only time that Jesus is been put on trial. I found that in history that there's actually been a couple times in American history were Jesus was put on trial release attempted to, for example, 1970 Arizona lawyer Russell Tansey filed suit against Jesus to the tune of $100,000 for damages done to his secretary's house when lightning struck it because insurance have refused to pay on that claim, deeming it an act of God answered Tansey so well that I'll just sue Jesus.

He said in this article that I was reading that he thought he had a strong chance of winning because he was pretty sure quote the defendant would fail to appear in court, but eventually and wisely. I would say the case was thrown out. I'm pretty sure that is the kind of case you don't want to win back. I'm pretty sure you don't want to find yourself on the opposite side of the courtroom from Jesus because of her. The cross-examination can be pretty brutal during the days, but believe it or not believe or not the trial that were to look at today is the biggest sham of all of them of all of them, one that actually took place. The six injustices of Jesus trial number one. The timing was unjust Jesus trial tells us a place in the middle of the night with the first phrase occurring in Caiaphas's house, Caiaphas and Courtney and I breezed sometime around midnight. Will Jewish walls of the trials could only occur during the day officially between morning worship and the evening meal and the reason was so that the trials could be public in therefore open to scrutiny. Furthermore, trials were not allowed to take place on feast days because people during these days.

Just like holidays today are traveling in their distracted and Jesus as occurs in the middle of the Passover in our day.

This would be like Jesus being arrested late Christmas Eve night and then Jesus is trial being held that same night unannounced privately at about 2 AM. You would know something sinister was a foot. If that is how it went down number two the due process experience was unjust. The Jewish Sanhedrin which was the Council of the highest-ranking Jewish officials of the day. They were like Israel Supreme Court they were supposed to be impartial judges in capital cases, they would listen to the accusations that would listen to the defense they would weigh evidence on both sides and try to make a fair decision what you see in Jesus's case, however, is that the Sanhedrin is the one that's making the charges. You can see how that's a problem right to me and imagine you're in a courtroom where the judge came down off his bench and led the prosecution then goes back up to sit in his chair and make the decision you would doubt and rightfully so, that that judge would be able to be impartial in the sentencing. Furthermore, official charges were never actually brought against Jesus from the very moment he keys brought in each just blasted with questions and then we didn't answer the right way they punch him in the face.

Number three.

Their use of witnesses was unjust.

You see, according to Jewish law. All the witnesses had to agree on the particular details of the crime and if not, then they would throw that they would build the whole case to be thrown out. And by the way, found out that of the witnesses were discovered to be lying in the witnesses would receive the punishment that the accused would have received had he or she been convicted of guilty which definitely raise the stakes a little bit while in Jesus is trial. The Sanhedrin keeps looking for witnesses, which is of course inappropriate since their first be the judge is not the prosecutor's and we can't really find any Matthew says that the country that they did fine. Keep contradicting each other, which means of their testimony really should of been thrown out. Furthermore, Jesus never given an opportunity to bring counter witnesses to his own defense because again this whole thing was done ad hoc in the middle that I even the assembled mob who shalt crucify when given the choice between Jesus and Barabbas is a stage mob. I know in Sunday school probably like you. I was always taught that these were the exact same people who would shouted hosanna in wave palm branches and laid them down for the donkey.

When Jesus came in earlier that weekend and they all change their minds by the time of this trial and it just shows how fickle human nature is I know that's what sister Ethel taught in our Sunday school classes. I heard it also. But that is most likely not true.

Several things in the Gospels indicate that this was a contrived mob.

It was a stage mob, the Jewish leaders of pull together this mob and manipulated them to shalt crucify really before the majority of everybody else even knew what was going on. It was early morning. That's what I did that I don't want to crowd to come in a mess everything up. Now you want to go home and email sister at them until I said that because the points you make, and still true that we are fickle, but that's at least noted him this whole thing is a set up number for the commission process was unjust.

The conviction was supposed to take place by vote did their practice there tradition was the youngest member, the Sanhedrin would vote first and then they would go all the way up to the oldest and the reason for that is laden with the youngest to be pressured by what the oldest thought that they should do to carry out an execution. The sentence had to be unanimous while in the case of Jesus. No such vote ever takes place, and we know that some of the Sanhedrin like Nicodemus actually objected to what unanimous. Furthermore, we see Pilate twice give a verdict of venison which both times was ignored career and a message titled, I just wanted to remind you that today is the final day that you are getting will be directly used to help meet humanitarian needs emerging from the Ukrainian war with Russia. 50% of your generous gift will go directly to our partners in the gospel on the ground in Levee give us a call at 866-335-5222.

Make your donation in their midst. Two people are stepping up to the plate to be his hands and feet be a part of something bigger and join with us today.

Now let's return to our teaching number five descendents scene is unjust.

Jewish law required that a sentence of death be carried out by stoning and the stoning was to be done by the accusers because of you thought that somebody was worthy to die. Then you had to show that you thought they were worthy to die by being the ones who actually killed, which again would raise the stakes a little bit will actually believe it that much. Furthermore, the judgment had to sit on the table for three days during which the Sanhedrin was supposed to fast and pray and make sure that they had made the right decision. They were supposed to give three days for any other witnesses who hadn't had time to come forward and that exculpatory evidence that would give them time to identify themselves. Then after three days no witnesses to come forward. They would they would bring the man to the place where when a stone him. It would read out his name.

They would articulate his crime. They would read the verdict. The sentencing they would read all the witnesses names and then one more time, they would call for any witnesses that might have exonerating evidence that full only event only event of none came forward with a carry out the stoning Jewish legal procedures. By the way art were actually very advanced for their time tilted decidedly toward the innocent in order to avoid unjust incrimination. So much so in fact, I read that that many of our own judicial procedures today are based on ancient Jewish practices that was number five number six pilot spinal consent was unjust.

Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent, but he was unwilling to act on it. He knows he knows he's being manipulated by the Jewish leaders.

First, we know that because he comes up with a pretty ingenious solution. He thinks that to unravel this thing. He appeals to a Jewish custom whereby they would release one political prisoner at Passover. Kind of like up one special unit gift that you give a Christmastime but the crowd back to the whole plan backfires because the crowd chooses Barabbas to 27, 24, says that in order to avoid a riot because he was convinced Jesus was guilty, but in order to avoid a riot. Pilate consented she historically we know that at this moment. Pilate was on very thin ice of the governor because Pilate had made some truly boneheaded decisions yet been governor and in Judea that long.

But just as a few examples when he first came in office and wanted to do so with a bang as we marched to Jerusalem with this huge parade with these large banners that were that bore the image of Tiberius Caesar, his boss, and then after he established himself in the capital.

He had all those images of Caesar displayed at the temple which you know if you know anything about Jewish custom, they are not sorted any images in the temple, much less that of a pagan ruler, and so that was blasphemy to them so they were enraged. So Pilate agrees to meet with them in the amphitheater to discuss their concerns once they all get there. He surrounds them as soldiers and he threatens to kill them all the Jews there. Call his bluff many minutes as they lay down on the ground and they bear their necks and said you go ahead and kill us and so Pilate caves take down the images shortly after that Pilate needs the money for a new aqueduct so he extorts a huge amount of money from the temple treasury, so he is a Roman range. The temple to pay for one of his pet projects will again this takes the Jews also.

They stage a protest. So Pilate sends Roman soldiers dressed as normal citizens rested Jews into the crowd and then on the signal that he gave this time. He said I might lose this one date beat many of the Jewish protesters to death to the bottom line is, by this point, the Jews hate Pilate and are looking for an excuse to riot in the Roman Emperor Tiberius who was Pilate's boss was so annoyed with Pilate that he officially put them on probation and he told him if there was one more flareup in Jerusalem and he was going to be fired he would announce it on Twitter or whatever, that he was out of there all this to say Pilate. Pilate consents to the execution of Jesus not because he believes Jesus is guilty he does it to save his own skin, 27, 25, says he was so convinced of Jesus's innocence that he tries to absolve himself of guilt by washing his hands. By the way, that was a Jewish symbol not a Roman one because he was communicating to the Jews that he knew Jesus was innocent course, we know Pilate generally absolve himself that easily. In his inferno. Dante depicts Pilate in the seventh circle of hell shall try to wash his hands, but the bottom line is we read through this.

Is this whole trial process is unjust. Why go to such pains to show us that there are two reasons really number one because God was demonstrating to us in no uncertain terms, listen to Jesus's death was not brought about by his own sin. Jesus was dying because of somebody else's.

He was not supposed to be the one that was on trial.was my trial that was your trial that he was standing in our place. He was tried instead of me. I was tried and found wanting.

Jesus was accused of guilt, number two because Jesus in his trial was identifying with every single one of us that is ever had to undergo injustice. Every one of us, who is ever been betrayed overlooked abuse discriminated against or mistreated. He knows what that experience is like and what this shows us is that he entered into it, to show us that he stood with us in it and that he was promising. One day, to redeem us from it, which leads to these four kinds of people. I want to show you that get exposed by this trial I were the ones that are on trying to see four different kinds of people your number one or A."

First of the Sanhedrin will give a call them the threatens the 2718 they knew he knew is because of envy that they had given him over.

This verse tells us that the Sanhedrin hated Jesus because they were envious of his popularity and authority.

In other words, he occupied a position that they desperately wanted to have in Jesus's presence meant that they could have their way so they just got rid of it now course is really easy for you and I should shake our heads now and we say while we never done that. It's terrible with what he was asked this way. Maybe that's because you and I simply have never been pushed to a point where we actually have to choose between Jesus and ourselves as Lord. I can stand in here all day long until you the Jesus demands control of your life and what can you do. You can leave here, you can turn it off and you can just not think about it. You can even pat me on the shoulder.

The way out and say wow nice message pastor that was great. It's not like I can force you to actually choose. You can leave Jesus at church so to speak, and then deal with him on the terms you want to do it them you can lay out for several weeks and come back and you got a dull your conscious do it.

You never really have to choose out of sight out of mind if what if you actually were pushed to the point that Jesus is control in your control of your life could not coexist. One had to give way. If that really were the choice, which one would you choose and here's another dimension.

The Sanhedrin likes to think of themselves of the good guys in Jesus keeps insisting that they aren't but they were really no better than anybody else the menu to be saved like every other criminal or prostitute in the Roman Empire.

Jesus is present meant that they couldn't hold on to their position of pride. They couldn't hold onto this idea that they work better than other people to rather than deal with that rather than deal with the fact that they were as bad as the worst criminals out there. They killed him again. You hear the same message and you can just leave here you can you can the saddle want to deal with how desperate he is telling me that I have for God's grace and you does not deal with it. But what if Jesus's presence meant you had to abandon all pretense of pride and own before everyone that you are utterly desperate for God's grace and that unless Jesus died for you.

You would rightfully be condemned alongside the worst criminals in history. What if we were pushed to the place that they were pushed then you might rethink how they are responding and you might not be able to say why never would've done that because I can promise you listen you will never step foot in heaven.

If Jesus Christ is not the Lord of your life in a sound decision to make their little decision you make here, you will never step foot in heaven.

If you do not understand that there is no goodness that separates you from somebody else that you really have no reason at all to boast in your only hope is the grace of God when I was growing up. It was always explained to me this way is a distant sister of Domenico Lamy on the human givers and browser in every heart there's a throne and across itself was on the throne.

Jesus must be on the cross, Jesus is on the throne selflessly on the cross in every single one of your heart. There is a throne and there is a cross somatic elemental throne is in his element across none we prefers, also the throne in Jesus is sort of in the copilot seat but is really only two slots there throne cross of Jesus the throne in your to be in the cross. What that means is that you have died, to control your life as you give it all to him and you've also died any supposition that you are good enough to be able to earn his favor to earn your way to heaven.

You can only be in one of two postures in relationship to Jesus Christ right now, you're either totally surrendered to him or you are in rebellion the reader on your knees and worship her with your fists raised in the air saying crucify him. Which of those two best describes you to point out those who are opposed to Jesus, primarily the religious people. People who follow the rules and don't want to let Jesus have control who don't want their desperate need for God's grace a challenging message from Pastor Jenny Greer on Summit life as you know for this week only. We have committed to 50% of every dollar given to the Ukrainian Baptist theological seminary in Levine Ukraine. Pastor Jenny was recently able to speak with the seminary president, Garza laughed and prayed for him that we pray for a miracle that you are stronger than armies and you hold them all the palm of your hand graded that the Russians would see that there is a God, God in Jesus, who, stronger than all of their military might and we pray God that you would move them to repentance sky. We pray for the miracle of deliverance. Save God the lives of these men and women God. We pray for the resources that are necessary where they come from within the church there or here in the United States pray they have to guide Moses for this program and say enough enough. There's enough to do the work of the ministry of pray that that Ukrainian church would fulfill. Revelation 1211 that Jesus said would be true. The church in the final days that they overcame the devil by the word of their testimony about the blood of the Lamb because they loved not their lives to the death. Pray God that you would preserve the purity of Christ likeness of your church to this Jesus thing. Will you join us in praying here at home resources and spiritual strength of the Christian praying you get today will send you a copy. Pastor Jade's new resource emissions from the parables of Jesus only thinks 3352 20 never again 335-5224 visit Jeannie to make Molly that if it's back here next week on the

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