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Antichrists Far, Near, and Right in Front of You

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 21, 2022 9:00 am

Antichrists Far, Near, and Right in Front of You

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 21, 2022 9:00 am

What God says to Daniel he says to believers in every generation: If you are going to faithfully shine in the present, you need to have a crystal clear vision of the future. There’s two ways to look at the future--a stress-producing way and a peace-producing one.

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Life with Jeannie Greer many prophecies in the Bible there is both a mere fulfillment and a far in the near fulfillment gives you a picture or a height of the 41 and a lot of times, Old Testament prophets talk about both fulfillments as if they are one. Even though we get closer to them. You see that they were separate back to another week of pilot gospel centered life with pastor, author and theologian Jeannie Greer. As always, I'm your host Molly that events Jeannie tackles two of the most obscure prophecies in the entire book of Daniel. Although the imagery can be confusing lions and beast and fiery crowns. The message is as timely as ever. What God says to Daniel, he says to believers in every generation and that is this.

If you are going to faithfully shine in the presence you need to have a crystal-clear vision of the future.

If you missed any of the messages in this Daniel teaching theories listen but for now let's get started. I'm very excited to dive back into book of Daniel, got your Bible this weekend and hope you do open it to Daniel chapter 7 and eight. I know some of you thought that we were just going to, fade out of Daniel Opper chapter 6 because he figured I was just too scared to deal with all the weird stuff that Daniel gets into in the chapters and I will admit to you that the second half of the book of Daniel is a bit bizarre, and it can be a little intimidating. Daniel has these dreams about beasts and dragons, and the antichrist.

In times and I know the honest. I know some of you really really love that stuff, right.

This is the artist who in here is really really excited to get in all the prophecies raise rent okay right right say space a space who wishes we just stopped the chapter 6 is what you end up you will notice my hand went up both times.

Okay. Told you that in the church that I grew up in week L love and Don's prophecy are annual prophecy conference was our best attended event of the year and our pastor made rapture jokes like there was no tomorrow they go. We had sharks we had sharks and Sunday school classrooms that showed us you know what world leaders represented a different beast.

We don't FDR from Jimmy Carter, and in all these kinds of things I've heard that there were two surefire ways to develop a church.

One is to preach a series on sex and the other is to preach a series on the in times it makes me wonder if I preach the message on the question. Will there be sex in the end times what might happen that there might be something worth considering. But today when I go talk about that, by Daniel seven and eight I let me encourage you in case you end up just a little overwhelmed. Over the next bit next week or two. Me encourage you to persevere in this lesson 25% of your Bible is prophecy 25% for every one mention of Christ first coming.

There are more than eight about his second. This is very important.

There's a lot of Bible space devoted to it and I think it's good to be helpful and I think it's going to be good.

What you recall how the book of Daniel is set up number the first half of the book chapters 1 through six Chronicle be adventures of four Hebrew immigrant teenage boys seeking to live faithfully in the midst of a hostile culture. Babylon where they had been taken captive and Daniel shows us how it is possible to not only survive in such an environment, he shows us how we can thrive.

Those first chapter. As I pointed out to you are written mostly not in Hebrew. But there written in Aramaic, Hebrew, was the language of Israel. Aramaic was the language of Babylon, and Daniel wrote this chapters in Aramaic because the focus is on shining out there in Babylon will chapter 7 is shipped back to the Hebrew language because these prophecies are specifically given to God's people to prepare them for the future are not so much messages for people out there as they are for us in here that you will notice that up until now the dreams in the book of Daniel had been given to pagan kings and Daniel has been the interpreter now. Daniel himself is the dreamer and gave all the angels got to be the interpreter.

These prophecies are for God's people for you and for me to teach us how to look at the future if we are going to shine in the present basket is considered okay. Which of these two words best characterizes your attitude toward the future right now.

This morning I would be stressful or peaceful. Are you the kind of person who is just always depressed about what's going on. You are addicted to cable news you are cussing at the anchor person you always ripen to everybody your small group, your family, your kids about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket and always depressed about the world over leave and door to write more about this. Are you the kind of person who finds themselves hating. I mean hating those who voted the other way, particularly if they call themselves Christians in your like how could anybody be so dumb you're always patrolling them and leaving them nasty messages. Are you the Person that does that. She is just so obsessive in your heart or are you the kind of person who what why you're concerned about the future. You certainly should be on you still have a sense of optimism about what God is doing and get this you can even love those who voted the other way.

You might strongly disagree with them but you find yourself still able to love them in a word in a word. What word characterizes your outlook on the future.

Would it be stressful or peaceful. The reason I asked that question is because Daniel's prophecy makes the difference between those two attitudes we left off in Daniel six and Daniel was over 80 years old now. Daniel seven really jump back a couple decades to Daniel in his mid 60s now warn you, there's a lot of detail miss chapters. Daniel's dreams got bears and flying leopards with wings and talking horns in a chariot with wheels of fire and we first read all of it your concern that Daniel might need to get drug tested UI, service came from but what I want to show you is that running through all these myriad details is a very simple, easy to follow message that just weaves its way through it. So just hang on okay and don't get overwhelmed by the details.

It's going to be a lot and at some points today from God what is going on right just hang on promise I will make it simple for us at the end. Okay reading these chapters remind me of that Disney World ride. It's a small world.

I got that ride is in many ways an assault on your senses. Write me everywhere you look there are things spanning an individual, small scenes in different themes and sounds coming at you from every direction you feel like a bug on the musicale right but through it. There's a river that just moves gradually through and there's one dominant song was being played all time and if you'll just sit still and not get out of the boat.

I promise you, you make it out and guaranteed you will be singing that song in your head for the rest of the day. The point that you might have to go see a psychiatrist to make it stop right that's how Daniel chapter 7 and eight is the case.

Daniel seven verse two Daniel said in my vision at night I was watching and suddenly the four winds of heaven stirred up the great seats for huge beast came up out of his seat sees always a metaphor the Old Testament for the world.

Okay, I am beast or a metaphor for for for governments for huge beast came up from the sea, each one different from the other rights of looking at for world kingdoms represented by the speech. The first verse four was like a lion, but it had Eagles wings. I continued watching until its wings were torn off.

It was lifted up from the ground, set on it's feet like a man and given the human mind, this is Babylon is Babylon the wings getting torn off represent God, humbly Nebuchadnezzar by making them go insane your member. This drastic account for seven years, after which seven years he's lifted up off the ground and is given the human mind which represents him coming to his senses and his conversion, we saw all this in Daniel chapter 4. Remember verse five. Suddenly another beast appeared a second one that looked like a bear was raised up.

It was larger on one side. It had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth.

It was told. Get up, gorge yourself on flesh. This bear represents the Medo Persian Empire which conquered Babylon. That's the three ribs there in its mouth. That's what we saw in chapter 5 right, but the fact that the bear is larger on one side than the other represents the fact that that Persia, in the Medo Persian Empire.

Persia was bigger than the Medes and eventually we would take over just be the Persian Empire verse six.

After this, while I was watching suddenly another beast appeared authorities.

It was like a leopard with four wings of a bird on its back it had four heads, and it was given dominion. This third animal represents Greece under the leadership of Alexander the great. The fact that it's a leopard with wings is supposed to communicate the speed at which Daniel was prophesying. Greece would overtake the world and by the way Alexander conquered the world. By the time he was 30 years old.

He was an incredible warrior maybe maybe historians say on the greatest conqueror the world is ever known.

In fact in 323 when Alexander conquered Persia which is prophesied here. He brought with him to Persia, only 35,000 soldiers. Persia had a standing army of 100,000. Yet Alexander one magnificently Persia in that battle lost 20,000 soldiers and Alexander only lost 100, and Persia. By the way, was on their home turf. They were defending so they had the advantage of point is Alexander the great is the leopard with wings before wings that become four heads is a prophecy that Alexander's kingdom after he died would be divided up between four generals. And that's what happened. By the way, after Alexander one and he died there was a bitter power struggle between four generals, which were to talk about your minutes verse seven.

After this, suddenly, 1/4 beast appeared frightening and dreadful and incredibly strong with large iron teeth. It devoured and crushed, and trampled with its feet. Whatever was left.

It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had 10 horns. This fourth beast is Rome who would conquered the Greeks. It is iron teeth which represented Rome's incredible strength. It's got 10 horns got a weird imagery. What is idle about horns in the Bible almost always represent power the horn. The ability to do damage that makes sense right knee, raise your hands. Raise your hands if you have an animal living in your own rage ran okay, yet anyone home what some of those animals be dog bunny hamster of fish. Some of you still have Not Sure Why but Anybody. Anybody Have a Pet in Their Home with Horn. Typically, the Answer Is No Mountain Might Be Somebody at Our Alamance Campus That Just Raised Her Hand, but We Typically Avoid Annals of Heart about. We Love You Guys. By the Way, Right Might Not Think of Some Animals That Have Horns Bowl RAM Rhino Dangerous Animals. What Happens When an Animal without a Horn like Your Bunny Runs up against an Animal with a Horn like a Bull Will Typically Horn Is Going to Win Every Single Time. So These Horned Nations Represent Conquering Nations Who Were Able to Subdue and Bring Damage. See, This Is Not Hard at All Will Make Sense Right Now. So Far, This Vision Is Tracking along with Nebuchadnezzar's Vision of the Statue in Daniel Two of the Four Kingdoms You Remember That the Statue That Had a Gold in the Body of Silver, Work Your Way down. This Vision Is Tracking Right along with That It's Just Using Animals As a Metaphor Instead of the Different Kinds of Metal but Then Verse Eight, a New Detail Gets Added Write Something New Verse Eight. While I Was Considering the Horns, Suddenly Another Horn Little Horn Came up among Them.

In Three of the First Horns Were Uprooted before It.

And Suddenly, in This Horn, There Were Eyes like the Eyes of the Human Mouth That Was Speaking Arrogantly Out Of Rome Comes a Little This Is Our First Prophecy of the Antichrist Notice. Daniel Says That This Little Horn. The Antichrist Has Eyes like the Eyes of a Human like the Eyes of the Human Means They Seem Human. But When You Look into. Then You See Something Something Different, Something Dark or Something behind Those Eyes. Think of One of Those Scenes in a Horror Movie Where You Look into the Killer's Eyes and You See Something Not Human.

You See Something in Their Eyes That Is Demonic. He Had Eyes That Seemed like They Were Human but They Were and He Had a Mouth That Was Speaking Arrogantly Posted and Blasphemed against God. Now Let's Move on to the Vision of Chapter 8 Because It's Going to Come at This Exact Same Thing Is Coming from a Different Angle. Then I Want to Draw Some Conclusions for Us from Both Visions Okay to Hang on to Bigger Generate This Time. This Time the Vision Is about Eight to Horned Ram and Go Were Basically the Ram Gets Pulverized by the Group. Chapter 8 Verse Five. The Goat Came toward the to Horned Ram and Rushed at Him with Savage Fury. He Struck the Ram and the Ram Was Not Strong Enough to Stand against It to Horned Ram Is the Kingdom of the Medes and the Persians to Orange Representing Each Side of That and the Goat Is Alexander the Great and Again Was One of the Most Successful Conquerors. The World Has Ever Known. Verse Eight in the Mail Goat Acted Even More Arrogantly When He Became Powerful.

The Large Horn Was Broken and for Conspicuous Horns Came up in Its Place, Pointing toward the Four Winds of Heaven from One of Them. Verse Nine a Little Horn Emerged and Grew Extensively toward the South and the East, and toward the Beautiful Land Is a Very Important Detail Will Come Back to Okay Southeast a Beautiful Land for 16 Daniel Said I Heard a Human Voice Calling Me Calling Gabriel Explain the Vision to This Man so Gabriel, the Angel Approached Where I Was Standing When He Came near. I Was Terrified and Fell Face down Son of Man. He Said to Me, Understand That the Vision Refers to the Time of the in the Shaggy Goat Represents the King of Greece, and the Large Horn between His Eyes Represents the First King Alexander the Great's 22. The Four Horns That Took the Place of the Broken Horn Represent Four Kingdoms That Will Rise from That Nation, but without Its Power Get This Alexander I Told You Died in His Early 30s. Most Scholars Say of Alcoholism, Large Horn Was Broken Right When He Died Was a Vicious Power Struggle between His Four Generals Greatly Weakening Greece's Power. Greece Would Never Be What It Was under Alexander the Great by Flakes.

Daniel Wrote All of This over 200 Years before Any of That Is Amazing in Its Specificity, Prophecy, Verse 23 near the End of Their Kingdoms. When the Rebels Have Reached the Full Measure of Their Sin.

A Ruthless King, Skilled and Intrigue Will Come to the Throne.

His Power Will Be Great, but It Will Not Be His Own. He Will Cause Outrageous Destruction and Succeed in Whatever He Does, He Will Destroy the Powerful, along with the Holy People He Will Cause Deceit to Prosper through His Cunning and by His Influence, and in His Own Mind He Will Exalt Himself, He Will Destroy Many in a Time of Peace. He Will Even Stand against the Prince of Princes, yet He Will Be Broken, Just Not by Human Hands. Out Of Those Four Horns of Greece, a Ruthless Small Horn Would Arise Who Would Be Especially Cunning and Violent and Especially Vicious toward God's People Will Sure Enough, around 170 BC Couple Hundred Years after Daniel Wrote This, a Man Named Antiochus Epiphanies Arose from from One of the Four Sub- Kingdoms of Greece and Set out on a Violent Campaign of Conquest for Himself. I Showed You in Verse Nine. On That Verse Not Prophesied That This Little Horn Would Aim His Conquest of the South in the East, Which Would've Been from Greece's Perspective. Egypt and Israel. Israel Is a Beautiful Land. It's Been Referred to and That's Exactly What Antiochus Did Specificity of This Prophecy Is Amazing and As Daniel Prophesied in Daniel Eight I This Rule Was Ruthless. Antiochus Epiphanies Has Been Called the Hitler of the Old Testament He Murdered. For Example, 80,000 Jews in One Day upon Entering Jerusalem Old Women Pregnant Women Kids Everybody He Issued Coins in Israel with His Image on the Front of the Coin That Read King Antiochus God in the Flesh. And to Top It All off, He Set up His Statue in the Holy of Holies, Where the Ark of the Covenant Had Been the Holy Place of God, His Statue and Made the Jews Worship Him Right There in the Holy of Holies and Each Swine Flesh Right in the Middle of the Temple. It Is Almost Impossible to Describe the Offensiveness of This to the Jews.

It Was Complete and Utter Blasphemy against God, the Lowest the Bottom of the Worst Thing They Can Imagine Scripture Calls It the Abomination of Desolation and Vent Out Of Nowhere.

History Tells Us That Antiochus Epiphanies Developed a Stomach Virus Went Insane and Died so Daniel Predicted He Died Not by Human Hands.

By God's Hands. By the Way, A Lot Of These Events That I'm Telling You Are Recorded in the Fully Called the Apocrypha, Which Is That Little Section of Books That Catholics Have in the Bible, Which Is Why the Bible Is Heavier Than Yours between the Old and New Testaments. Those Books Are Not Scripture and Have Never Been Regarded by the Church at Large As Scripture Right, It's Just That They Got Some Good History in Them. So the Different Street They're Not Scripture That Okay but A Lot Of the Stories Are to Be Found in That Little Inter-Test a Mental Group Will Be Apocrypha, but One Is It Safe to Say That Antiochus Epiphanies Was the Specific Fulfillment of This Prophecy, but but Let Me Show You Something Really Interesting about How Later Bible Writers, Including Jesus Treat This Prophecy Because It Teaches Us a Couple of Very Important Things about Prophecy What You and I Are Supposed to Do with It and How It Applies to Us Today in Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill, in 21st Century America First. Even Though the Events of Daniel Eight Were Clearly Fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanies. Watch This. Both Jesus and the Apostles John and Paul All Who Live, Some 200 or so Years after Antiochus Epiphanies. Both of Them Use Daniel 82.2. Something Still in the Future. Mainly, the Rise of the Antichrist. Even Though Antiochus Epiphanies Clearly Fulfilled the Prophecy.

Jesus, John and Paul All Use Daniel Seven and Eight to Point to Something That Is Still yet to Come. In Fact, You Could Say That the Entire Book of Revelation Is Built on the Prophecies of Daniel Seven and Eight Which Leads Us to Our First Point Is Writing Things down Number One the Prophecies about the Antichrist Are Already Not yet Fulfilled the Prophecies about the Antichrist Are Already Not yet Fulfilled for Many Prophecies in the Bible There Is Both a Mere Fulfillment and a Faraway in the near Fulfillment Gives You a Picture or a Type of the 41 and A Lot Of Times, Old Testament Prophets Talk about Both Fulfillments As If They Are One.

Even Though We Get Closer to Them.

You See That They Were Separate. Think of It like This. If You've Ever Been to the Rocky Mountains. You Can Stand on One Peak and Look off into the Distance at What Looks like a Four-Way Mountain with Two Peaks, but If You Were to Travel to Them, You Would See That in between Those Two Peaks That Look to You like They Were Part of One Mountain Are Actually Individual Mountains Whose Peaks Are Separated by Distance of Dozens of Miles from a Distance They Look to You like One, but There Actually Separated by Great Distance. That's What Old Testament Prophecy Is like the Bible Presents These Peaks Together, but There Is a Mere Fulfillment and a Faraway Antiochus Epiphanies Was a Picture of What the Ultimate Antichrist That Was Coming What He Would Be like to Be Just One Example of This in Scripture. When the Apostle Paul in Second Thessalonians 2 Talks about the Future Antichrist Listen to How He Describes It in Terms That Are Very Similar to Daniel Eight Very Obvious What He's Borrowing from.

Listen to What He Says Oh by the Way Is Answering the Charge to the Thessalonians That That the End Is Already, That the Antichrist Is Artie Been Here. Second Thessalonians. Super.

Three. Don't Let Anyone Deceive You. He Says Anyway and Hasn't Come That They Will Not Come Unless the Apostasy Comes First, and the Man of Lawlessness Such As Name for the Antichrist Is Revealed, the Man Doomed to Destruction. He'd Antichrist Opposes and Exalts Himself above Every So-Called God or Object of Worship, so That He Sits in God's Temple, Proclaiming That He Himself Is God, the Coming of the Lawless One. The Antichrist Is Based on Satan's Work.

He Has the Eyes of a Man to the Doctor, Something Else Worked There Working Every Kind of Miracle Signs and Wonders That Serve the Life of the Lord Jesus Will Destroy Him the Breath of His Mouth, and Will Bring Him to Nothing of the Appearance of His Coming He See That That Is All. Daniel Eight Imagery a Future Antichrist Is Coming, Paul Says, and He Will Do All the Things That Antiochus Epiphanies It by the Was Very Interesting Is That the Temple Was Destroyed in 70 A.D. and Has Not Been Rebellion, There's Been Talk of Rebuilding the Temple, but There's Been No Follow-Through Passages like This One Implied That It Will Happen Eventually and That the Antichrist When It Is Rebuilt.

The Antichrist Will Aim for It and Seen Himself Time to Understand and Process so Don't Miss the Conclusion to This Message Tomorrow When Pastor JD Lays out What Exactly We Are Supposed to Learn from These Two Passages of Scripture. This Is Summit Life.

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And third, by Jeannie

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