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Shame, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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February 21, 2022 9:00 am

Shame, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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February 21, 2022 9:00 am

Our emotions function like smoke from a fire—and just like you can follow a trail of smoke to figure out what’s on fire in your house, you can follow the trail of your emotions to figure out what is on fire in your heart.

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Today on Summit life with Judy Greer right now you're sitting there wondering what it's going to be like to be exposed to all this mess for Jesus. Mansour is safe always the greatest safe place in the University wants you to know that you will not damage you would not suck it right you were not unworthy or unloved. You are a precious and beloved child is created and redeemed specifically for his purpose, gospel, saturated teaching life Judy Greer after of the stomach church in Raleigh, North Carolina. As always, I'm your host Molly minutes, today's the last day in our short teaching series focused on difficult emotions. The idea behind this series is that our emotions function like smoke from a fire and just like you can follow a trail of smoke to figure out what's on fire in your house. You can follow the trail of your emotions to figure out what is on fire in your heart. If you missed any of the previous messages in a series. You can find them free of here's Pastor JD completing his teaching with the message on the difficulty motion. Chapter 8 verse 48 and he said to her daughter, not strange or not may not even sister or a friend, but use the charm of the most intimate endearment daughter, Tim Keller says you should probably read something like sweetheart. By the way, it is the only place in the Gospels were Jesus ever addresses somebody this way is the kind of word that you would never use of somebody that you just met Jesus is. Maybe this woman for the first time what you think about what is happening. The girl that nobody wanted. Jesus refers to as pressure sweetheart.

The girl that nobody else would touch is now being embraced by the strongest and most tender arms in the universe. The name that nobody else knows. Jesus knows that he's not even on a just a first name basis with her easily skip that stage and gone to that tender nickname stage.

Do not miss the contrast gyrus is a dad who is pleading the cause of his 12-year-old daughter before Jesus a powerful man leaving the cause of his 12-year-old daughter. But this woman 12 years has had no father to plead or cause to Jesus the most powerful man ever pleaded for her and he will not just let her steal a miracle in secret.

Because yes, as much as he wants to heal her and as great as that healing would be. He also wants her to know even greater. Think the healing and that is that she is loved she is accepted and she is cherished. Reminds me of what I want her to family was adopted on a baby, I'd told me one time when they were on. They found out that the baby was going to have severe special needs when they been matched. Originally didn't know that. And then the adoption agency came to look we've just an instant test to me, this baby is going to be more not just with a few special needs with severe special needs as we understand this if you thought your family is up for this. It's that's not a shameful decision to back out of the process and Mashable somebody else so this husband and wife that prayed about it and came back about adoption agencies. As we just don't like this is is the best thing for a family and his wife said she said couple nights later she said what sleep had this dream that she said I have to conclude was from God. She said in this dream. She says we were my husband and I were spending this gigantic auditorium with thousands upon thousands of people and down the middle.

Children will be brought out one by one, beautiful children and they would hold them up and they say who wants this one so I got into Sam's. I'll take that would now take that, she said.

Eventually, after a parade of children they brought this one child was was ugly, and it was deformed and could tell that was broken so many things wrong with it and held it up and they said who wants this children and the whole place.

She said just went went went went went went deathly quiet. She said for several awkward moments. Nobody said anything until finally she said a man behind me stood up and said I'll take them should have turned around and looked and she said was Jesus, she said, and she's when daddy pick up the child she had been in my dream, I was able to get close to look at the child a look of the face of this child and she said it was my face when I was a kid and she said I was realizing this moment. This is what Jesus had done for me and so the next morning I told my husband we have to adopt this baby because this is what Jesus is Now you can be very clearly I'm not saying that every family that is in the situation that's what you should do what I am wanting you to see is that there is this sense, and that's what Jesus has done for us, he took those that nobody else wanted theirs and everybody else had passed by those who were disfigured those who are unwanted, he found us in our pain, and he calls us beloved, and he makes us sons and daughters. He lifts our heads when we cannot lift them for ourselves.

So Jesus said to her, he said go go now. Your faith has made you well go home in peace.

There's something here that you and I as Americans typically mess. I so love sharing the store with Muslims. When I lived in Southeast Asia as a missionary because an average of the store with them they would immediately start to come up on stuff but as an American I never picked up on it would always be a little scandalized because you like here you got a ceremonially unclean woman who is now touching a cleanout is to clean man but a holy man in our religious expressions will have likeliness on going this kind of concepts for religion, Jewish people, Muslim people got those concepts and so when they read the story though. I will wait a minute, wait a minute what typically happens when an unclean thing touches a great thing, clean thing doesn't make the unclean thing, claimed the unclean thing makes the claim thing on quite gripping about in terms of sickness and that's what we Americans do is rightly tear up your eyeballs work on that window down. That's probably our world. What happens if a sick person comes in close contact with Elder verse, the health of a healthy person does not pass into the sick person write anything, the sickness of the sick person passing and help reverse money you parents out there like wow my kid's sac management going up all night up should probably take him off to the church nursery and drop them off.

Let all the healthy kids have their wellness rub off on market if that's the way you think. Let me gently encourage you to visit another church for the next several weeks.

Okay, in the same way the unclean thing touches the claim. The claim thing becomes unclean, but here with Jesus.

When the unclean thing touches a clean thing, unclean thing I'm going to get asked what happened to the unclean that settled the Muslims always ask what happened to the uncleanness. That's the million dollar question of the Gospels and the answer is that you cannot see it. Jesus silently takes that woman's uncleanness into himself. You say he is on his way to dine across where he will bear our sin and our shape. Isaiah said that he would be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities, which many would die for our sin. We would also Isaiah said. Our shame people would hide their faces from him and consider him cursed by God. Jesus took this woman's uncleanness into himself. She went home in peace restored were family and he headed toward the cross where he would die for us and be hung up and shaved and forsaken by his father like that scene in the movie Green mile. If you remember that from a decade or so ago were Tom Hanks plays a police officer.

This is criminal or whatever, but he assumes as a criminal who can heal people disease, but in order to do what you gotta take it into himself. That's what Jesus is doing with this woman is he taking her disease into him and he's going to go die for it on a cross and she's gonna go home and peace to those of you who shame comes from something you done from mistakes you have made. Jesus offers cleansing through his substitutionary death on a cross.

He went to across 2000 years ago so that you could go home and peace. And when you touch Jesus in faith. He will take the guilt of what you have done and the penalty for your sin like this woman's disease and uncleanness. He will take it into himself and his righteousness and his new life will pass into you. That's why here this church weekly love that old song. There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins as sinners plunge beneath that flight clues all their guilty state.

The dying thief rejoiced to see that fountain in his day, and there may either file a seat was all my sins away.

I touch him in my uncleanness passes into him and he calls me by a new name. I am no longer referred to by what I have done. I am now what he has declared over Mihai & you are daughter heard about a guy that was saved out of a really bad lifestyle is lots of immorality.

Lots of crime and after he will walk with God been saved and baptized what we got for a few years. See ran into a woman from his past and this woman came up to him begins to touch him and try to I'm just just seducing back into it and he kept trying to get away and she said she kept saying Jack, it's me, it's me Lisa doing that I knew to say to her with a look back and I said but it's not me it's no longer me up and crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live in Sinai Christ who lives in me. I'm not that guy anymore. I am a new creation because that's what Jesus has made me to those of you who shame comes from. Thing something that you've done. Jesus takes it to the cross and to those of you who shame comes from something done to you.

You need to also hear Jesus's response to this woman and her suffering because he does his response to you as well. He calls you daughter precious daughter and see that new identity outweighs any other identity put upon you by anybody else. You are no longer what others have said about you. You are not what others have done to you. You are what Jesus has declared over you right now you're sitting there hiding in the crowd, wondering what it's going to be like to be exposed in all this mess before Jesus answer is a safe, in fact it's the only is the greatest safe place in the universe he calls you daughter. He wants you to know that you were not damage. You were not second rate you were not unworthy or unloved. You are a precious and beloved child whom he is created and redeemed specifically for his purpose.

You are precious and not that he poured out his blood to buy you back. Then he put his spirit inside of you, and then he destined you to rule and reign forever with him one day. Hebrew says he's going to put you on a throne with him.

That will make you literally higher than the Angels, and all of creation will shake their heads and wonder at the love that God has bestowed on you and the honor and the esteem with which he now holds you. It is time that the shame that others have put on you gives way to the honor that he is declared over you. This woman went home and peace and you can also stop listening to others. Stop listening to your past. Stop listening to those voices and start listening to Jesus, what's all that mean for those that are stuck in shape what you mean Christian counselors say the person held captive by shame needs three things in his estimation, because all three of them right here in the story prison counselor. Satan even one person say you need to have their story heard you to come out of the shadows like this woman. Shame thrives in secrecy. You have to take the chance of exposing yourself. Here's the thing. Most of the people around you who love you are going to be so glad she did because they love you and I want to help you, but most of you will be surprised at the compassion that you met with. I can assure you that Jesus is ready to meet you Rene Brown who are referred to earlier calls this speaking your shame. She says that verbalizing shame defuses it of a lot of its secret power, maybe some of you just need to tell somebody for the first time about past abuse. Maybe you need to reckon with words or insults that you endured or talk about how that diagnosis of infertility made you feel you need to expose or verbalize those thoughts of self-doubt. Those insecurities that come from your disabilities or secret fears you have about your life and your future made you need to be honest about temptations you're dealing with an attraction that you don't know how to process new churches like ours. We have people experience things like same-sex attraction and they just don't know what to do with it a minute number these people in our church over the years are just who lived in secret, and they felt the shame about it.

Did know what to do with it because I thought, well, how does can be like this in the church.

The church should be the one place where it is most safe to talk about that because we understand that everybody's broken window center all broken in different ways in the Jesus came for broken people.

This church is not a trophy case for the righteous at the hospital for the broken. Maybe you got a secret Santa confessor weakness or prolonged addiction that you can shake even more people around me knew they walk away from me and maybe maybe maybe that's because you have been rejected in your past. I hope I pray you will not experience that in this church. I can tell you it is certainly not true of Jesus. He will not walk away like this woman.

He is calling you to speak your shame in the church that bears his name. It is okay not to be okay. We understand here that Jesus only saves broken people because that's the only kind of people that there are and it's okay not to be okay here you speak it you got it. You gotta come out of the shadows.

Second second counselor say that you need to have your head lifted when you have her head lifted in the story, Jesus takes the initiative right.

He raises her head before she can even raise on her own. She still looking at the ground in fear and shame when he says, look at me precious daughter, I will see you like that song chapter 3 David calls God the lifter of my head I give you the greatest gospel secret you'll ever learn lesson the greatest gospel secret is this the power of new life begins with a new identity.

This is what differentiated Jesus's message from that of every other religious message of the world, because every other religion tells you change become better if you do, God will accept you the gospel. Jesus reversed that he flips upside down. The gospel is that God declares you righteous, not because you changed was because what Jesus did for you and when you believe that a receiver he bestows that identity on you as a gift and identity. You don't really deserve any menu change in response to that new identity that God is given to you. Beware of any spiritual growth strategy that does not make that central because it is not from God. You see, most people assume that whatever they feel bad about their sin. What gotta be God is gotta be the Holy Spirit make me feel bad about my sin, but I got news for you.

Satan also loves to talk you about your sent you now know that is called the accuser of the brethren. We think he's accusing you with like use you for being too goody-goody. He's accusing you because you're saying he will talk to you about your sin night and day.

If you will let him sit is a fundamental difference in how Satan and the Holy Spirit talk you about your sin to take another try this down when Satan can make service any sort of what you've done. Tears down who you are. It takes guilt and turns it into shame. Three times Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness.

Every single time he begins his temptation with this race. If you are the son of God. If you know it's ironic because in the previous chapter, that's exactly what God the father does, declared to be Jesus you are my beloved son in whom I will place and now Satan is beginning his temptation strategy by questioning the identity that God is just bestowed. That's what he does for you before Satan really tense. She would destroy his youth he weakens you up by making you doubt what Jesus has declared over you. Are you a child of God. Because really, I think you're just a failure you achieve your liar. You're no good your damaged goods. He starts with what you did build any tears down who you are, that shame is to the Holy Spirit, by contrast, starts with what you are what he is made you in Christ and then rebuilds what you did. In other words, the addresses your sin. He shows you how it is inconsistent with your new identity of any help to repair the damage that is been caused by your sent and you have to know the difference because one will be the destruction available immediately to victory in life that I told you also to the store for were not my oldest daughter was seven years old.

My second daughter would've been five of them pointed to the ride with me somewhere in the car. We're going to some event when they were going to be. You know somehow arrives or something, and my oldest daughter is always a problem with we try new stuff treasurers was younger and I got permission to share the story. She said that she just she just was very timid and on. I was always trying like hey, you know, if you don't understand, often universally let you know get to succeed you trust often, so I tried coach and I may just as her frustrated because I don't put all his pressure on her and she did never try new stuff would go scuba diving or skydiving or anything so anyway so I am going to this place. I can help tone but also to be there next to the look of fear, her face was like there is not annuity the stuff and secure sweetheart you have to you have to develop encourage because if you don't develop courage. Then you just never, cannot you never to do anything and she said and she looked down she says I know daddy just sometimes I think I'm just a big scaredy-cat and I said that's exactly right. You are scaredy-cat and Juergen have to change.

Otherwise, you're never going to succeed in life. This is not my best parenting point.

Okay, I look over and in the rearview mirror, I catch my other daughter Allie, her eyes looking over at her and her sister, eyes really big and she immediately says, oh you are not a scaredy-cat. You are my big sister and you can do anything and I thought Allie is the voice of the Holy Spirit, and I am the voice of Satan to my daughter because what Jesus does is he starts with this identity, but he's giving you any says this is who you are.

This is what you what I've made you and when you believe that you know that song we sing, he breaks the power of canceled sin sets the prisoner free one. What that means, he breaks the power of canceled cancel sending she exhorted God for its no longer part of my identity, yet it still has power over me, and it is when I embrace this new identity in Christ that my faith in him breaks the power of canceled sin.

Jesus didn't just died a release you from the penalty of sin did not release you from its power, and the way he breaks the power is by you only use declared over you and you say I'm no longer that I am now this Satan is hold many of you That by getting you to believe that you're still something that God has declared that you were not uses shame-based thinking to keep you under the power sin.

The only way to heal from shame is to shift your focus from what you are or are not to who Christ is and what he has believed about you and the credit glared over you who are you to get as yourself that. Who am I and you gotta save yourself. I am not what I do say I am. I'm not who I think I am. I'm definitely not what somebody else did to me. I am not defective anymore.

I'm not damaged or not broken on the flawed. I'm not dirty I'm not ugly I'm not if you're discussing her unlovable or weak or pitiful or insignificant or worthless. I definitely not unwanted to them. I who am I I am who Christ says I am. I am forgiven.

I am free I am redeemed.

I'm healed.

I'm brand-new unchosen unchanged. I'm blessed on beloved time complete.

I am a child of God you are, not what others have done to you, you're not what others said about you know the voices inside whisper about you. You are what Christ has declared over of you. The good news I have for you this morning is that wherever you are, or whatever situation you walk in here with the lifter of your head is here and he does the same thing that he did this moment 2000 years ago. He just reaches out most of your head and says, daughter, son. This is not what I have for you not to put a stop right there and not done.

I does things might be most important things I know when you're gate number three to be restored to loving community. This is such an important step is feeling the embrace of Jesus will give you the courage eventually to reengage with the community we had every reason to believe that Luke included the story is Luke Boheme go to the store because he knew this woman just before the first church to look tells us that he wrote his gospel after doing much a personal interview. So he got the notice on the church is critical anything about it. The first preacher stand up like that, let me in a breach in as he told the story that this was a case, Suellen over there swells consummately get that was me I was a woman reason the Sims old miracle was awesome what you think about this. There's a woman who used to be confined by shame living in secrecy. Now a thriving, healthy charter member of the First Baptist Church of Jerusalem, the church, by the way, to launch the most powerful movement in history.

This is what God wants for you. Also the forms is churches, not from champions were from broken people, guilty people, people overwhelmed by shame. He declares the new creations and in valves them with purpose and power is purpose about church we the kind of church where people that are not okay fine Jesus like that in this church.

Are you the kind of person that others feel open and comfortable with speaking this shame that they live with. I tell you this on numbness one is not for 16 years as a pastor, people around you are suffering. Most of them silently what they need is they need that invitation where you can say it's okay not to be okay. Your story is safe to share here the road to healing from shame begins the moment that you speak and as you come out of the shadows and you speak it you will hear the voice of your Savior and your Shepherd save my daughter, my son in his declaration will heal those wounds and if your shame does come from things that you have done that he will take the disease that uncleanness into himself and he puts it away in the cross of your new creation in whatever the source of your shame be answering the answer is the declaration that the death of Jesus Christ entire including her teaching series on emotions cut smoke from the fire you're listening to Jeannie Greer and Senate light. If you miss any part of this study, or if you'd like to share with a friend the whole series is available free of Augustine once said that our deepest emotions often function like smoke from a fire they can indicate what is going wrong in our hearts before we can usually articulate it in this series we talked about how the aim of the Bible's teaching on emotions is to suppress them, or even to manage them but to read them accurately express them honestly and allow the gospel to reshape and completely. We have a new devotional back and Scripture guy directed at the difficult emissions we deal with shame, anger, depression, anxiety and envy like teaching series.

We wrapped up today is also entitled smoke from a fire. How our emotions reveal what's really going on. We created this study because no matter how strong our faith is all have moments when we come to the end of ourselves for honest, we aren't sure if God can meet us in our place. If we offer our desperation to God we will find her to forgive healing. This new looking 10 days of daily Scripture reading and nine additional devotionals from Pastor Jamie specifically directed at the difficult emissions we discussed here on the program asked for your copy is not from the fire. When you donate 335-2520 Jeannie I'm only inviting you to join us again tomorrow is again a new teaching series flashing Tuesday on Jeannie

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