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The Prophet, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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December 8, 2021 9:00 am

The Prophet, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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December 8, 2021 9:00 am

As a kid, you probably believed a lot of stories about Christmas that you later learned were a bit exaggerated or made up entirely. Pastor J.D. shows us Jesus’ birth isn’t just another story.

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Today on some at length with JD Greer to realize that Christmas will talk about the birth of a baby boy will make what you want to talk about the son of God, all the Bible all the fuss all of it has been about you realize what will be like if you just ignore or trivialize you pay lip service to him by coming to church life Bible teaching ministry of pastor, author and theologian JD Greer. I'm your host Molly that events be jumping back into God's word today with you as a little kid, you probably believed a lot of the stories made up about the Christmas season that were learned were a bit exaggerated, or maybe even made up entirely certain flying mammals with red noses and gift delivery methods.

For instance, so is the story of Jesus's birth just another one of the stories pastor JD addresses that question today as he continues our new teaching series called portholes.

We are looking at a passage that you probably don't associate with Christmas and it's from the book of Deuteronomy pastor JD titled this message everything that you gotta be like one page.

Make a list of every possible descriptor. You can come up with what If you like, and I want you to go back up and read back to that list, and here's what you'll find.

You want to be God you need to recognize that about yourself that you interpret what God says about himself.

A lot of times, based on what you like what you don't like and I'm not saying I'm right your role understand that you and I both have to be open enough to let God shatter or category because of God is going to give especially appointed prophet who is going to speak for him. He says you ought to at least be humble enough to listen to him trying to be over-the-top or jerk of the same God is God make the rules will get to define him. According to our liking is an excessive thought is not what's great.

But how do we know really speak for God.

Lots of people say they represent God, Mohammed Joseph Smith. Oh Tom Cruise.

They all claim to speak for the divine. How to post a note is a fake great question is I know it's a great question is exactly the question to get that verse 21 verse 10. If you say your heart. How may we go with the word of the Lord has not spoken well.

Verse 22, and a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord. If the word does not come to pass or come true. That is the word of the Lord is not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You only to be afraid, very important way that God would show us that it was him speaking was through the miracle of revealed prophecy declaring things that there was no way anybody could know and having them come true.

Part of the reason that we believe the Bible to be true is the incredible detail and amount of prophecies Giffin about Jesus Christ. By the way, did you notice when God tells them how he would reveal himself. He says prophet in the singular. He is talking about one particular prophet who would come in one of the proves that that profit was really from God would be that he was substantiated by an incredible amount of prophecies. There are right around 322 direct prophecies given in the Old Testament about Jesus, by the way, not fake stuff like this to be a great man who this mysterious dolphin lots of people to like you died tragically civilizational in the 2012. Not stuff like that.

Okay prophecies specific about where he would be born in Bethlehem. Micah 52 and that happens that he would be crucified by having his hands and his feet, peers Psalm 2216 and he would die in the midst of criminals. Isaiah 53, 12, and that happened that the executioners who killed him would gamble for his clothing. Psalm 2218 and that happened that he would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, and that that silver would be used to purchase a potter's field. Zachariah 1113 and that happened that he would be born 173,880 days from the decree of Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem.

Daniel 925 and that happens that he would be buried with the rich Isaiah 53, nine, and rise again. Psalm 1610 and not happen in 312 so others but it was safe to that you are well. Just got lucky. Dr. Peter Stoner, Prof. emeritus of science Westmont College.

This study on the statistical probability that all the prophecies could have just happened to be fulfilled. Luckily, in one man he examined each Old Testament prophecy and used the most conservative probability that it could've come true. In somebody's life. Then he crossed them altogether and he found that physically speaking, the odds that all 322 would come together in one man would be one in 1057th power that initially said well maybe he exaggerated the mouth maybe was sort of fuzzy math that is math checked by a peer review of the American scientific affiliation is not a Christian group who did not necessarily agree with his conclusions that Jesus was the son of God, but they substantiated that his was his statistical analysis was that all if not a little on the conservative side soul cattle. By the way of book he wrote called science speaks one in 1057th power here of the matter on a number I'm sure you don't. I don't just just to help give your frame of reference. One in 10 to the 16th power is explaining about the odds of one intended the 16th power would be. He said as if you cover the entire state of Texas and silver dollars, 2 feet deep.

You took one of them randomly and painted little black mark on it and just tossed it in with all the rest of it to the big spoon and stirred them all up and then you took a blind man and catapulted him in randomly from somewhere in Mexico shot him in the Texas and give him one shot to pick out the silver dollar with a mark on it is odds of getting it will be one intended to succeed about one in 10 to the hundred and 57 power not. I note some of you say You like well I but Jesus was some kind of opportunist facilities prophecies.

We thought you to make a lot of these come true what they got was the Messiah Jesus was like okay what's next. Next, ride a donkey into Jerusalem and get crucified. I can do that check work for a few reasons. First of all, the same man who rode on the donkey also had to be a descendent of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Jesse David, born in Bethlehem, which had no control in order to fulfill the hundreds that were out of his control before he could do the few that were in his control. Furthermore, a lot of these prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus enemies. People who would not want have wanted Jesus's claims of the Messiah to come through people like the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Roman rulers and Judas. Furthermore, a lot of them happen after his death after his death to the idea that he was an opportunist of the circumstances explained a few open them, but not the majority of right again some of your training to be cynics, and that's fine that I'm right with you civil maybe Jesus followers doctored the prophecies after Jesus came to make Jesus, what was Jesus reborn where what was he born about one of us amazing discoveries of the last centuries. Last century was the Dead Sea Scrolls major portions of the Old Testament that were discovered in the cave by the Dead Sea. These copies of the Old Testament was written over 100 years before Jesus. We know that because of the kind of language and writing that was used a lot of secular scholars were ecstatic. We felt these things because they were sure that we would study these things and be able to see how the early Christians had beefed up the prophecies about Jesus, and that these these copies that they did 100 years pre-Jesus would show that the originals were like the ones we have. But what they found is that the text of these copies is the same exact same as that are virtually the same that you have in your Bibles to know there was no doctrine of prophecies after Jesus came all these prophecies were intact. Just as we read them here long before Jesus got 322 specific prophecies written hundreds of years before Jesus came that show us that Jesus really was the prophet of God, that's impressive to me. But beyond these 322 specific prophecies or something that I think is even more impressive but even more remarkable that you see in this passage. This what is there are a number of pictures that are given in the Old Testament, not specific prophecies but pictures that Jesus fulfills that's what's happening here. Moses said the real profit the ultimate truth revealed the ultimate profit will be like me but much more. It's like all the Old Testament characters are dim shadows of Jesus.

And when the real Jesus calms you see the real version of all that they were trying to show you.

So that's the question we ask this passage. How was Jesus like Moses where you go.

Both Moses and Jesus were mediators between God and man. Both of them gave all both of them build a temple where God dwells. Moses was a tent in the desert Jesus as was his body, the gospel of Matthew is a very interesting gospel when you when you consider that it was written to Jewish people. The gospel of Matthew. Out of all of them was aimed at a Jewish audience and one of things that Matthew was trying to do this gospel is show you that Jesus is this prophet referred here. Deuteronomy 1820 does out of the gate is try to show you the similarities. When Jesus and Moses, Matthew chapter 2 just like Moses, Jesus was brought up out of Egypt. Matthew chapter 3 just like Moses, Jesus began his ministry by coming through water for Moses, it was the Red Sea for Jesus. It was his baptism.

Matthew four just like Moses and Israel.

Jesus wanders in the wilderness where he is tempted for 40 day when Jesus comes out of the wilderness at the end of that before verse 23 of that chapter says that he healed all the diseases of the Israelites will see when the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness. One of the names that God taught them to call him, was Jehovah Roscoe which is translated, the God who heals all our diseases when Jesus comes out healed by Jesus is not God. Matthew five just like Moses, Jesus goes up to a mountain and gives the people the wall Matthews whole point is that Jesus is the second greater Moses. He is the prophet like Moses that Moses predicts here but as I indicated this passage indicate that this prophet would have to be more than Moses for 15 the Lord your God will raise up a prophet like me from among you from your brothers watch what would an expert for 16 just as you desired of the Lord your God and wrap on the on the day of the assembly when you said let me not here again the voice of the Lord my God, she was great fire anymore, lest I die. And the Lord said to me there right and what they spoke so I will raise up a prophet for them. When Israel stood before the mountain and God was revealed your call.

They were terrified and they cried out to Moses and said we can't look to God.

We can hear from God as we hear his voice or see him die in God's response back to them was your right and so Moses had to hear from God. Watch and speak to the people but Moses was not able to bridge the gap between God and people.

Moses was insufficient to do what the Israelites needed him to do and that was to take away their fear and dread in the presence of a holy and awesome God.

So Moses in that sense, was a failure because he was not able to connect the people to God and bridge that great gap between the simple people and a holy God. And that's mainly because Moses had his own since the deal with when studied as part Moses at the end of his life loses his temper right smack to rock around for a while since I met Babbitt was a direct violation of God and so he was forbidden to lead Israel to the promised land was minutes Moses was sinful and because of that he was unable to lead his people into the promised land. Jesus will send less and because he died for our sins, he was able to lead us into a promised eternity.

Moses built a temple so the people could offer sacrifices and live near to God. Jesus became the temple who put away our sins so that God could live in us. Moses could only bring people to a place of fear in the presence of God.

Jesus brought the presence of God into our hearts with the spirit that sheds abroad, the love of God in our hearts and tells us that we are the precious sons and daughters of God.

Moses gable wall.

The people couldn't keep it in 3000 people died in Exodus 33 at the foot of Mount Sinai. Jesus gave the spirit and he died for our transgressions, and 3000 were saved in acts two.

At the foot of Mount Calvary. Moses was a prophet. Jesus was the Savior. Moses was created, Jesus was the create tour.

Moses was a servant of God. Jesus was the son of God. Moses died for his sin and abandon his people as they went into the promised land. Jesus died for our sin and was raised to life so he could say I will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus is the true and better Moses. That's what starts to make the Bible so Macy to me when you start to see that everything in the Old Testament. Everything was a shadow that Jesus fulfilled perfectly.

Previously I didn't like this like I wished I had. But I didn't and certain parts of it what you listen to this is referred back to something in the Bible. If you run church you may be a little unfamiliar with, but it will last longer to stay with Jesus is the true and better Adam who passed the test in the garden, and whose obedience is imputed to us. The first Adam ate from a tree and we died the second Adam died on a tree and we live.

Jesus is the true and better able who, though innocently slain by his family has blood now that cries out.

Not for our condemnation, but cries out for forgiveness. Jesus was the true and better Isaac who was not just offered up by his father on the Mount, but was truly sacrifice for us. Jesus is the true and better Joseph who, at the right hand of the king forgives those who betrayed and sold him and uses his new power to save them.

Jesus is the true and better David is victory over the giant becomes his people's victory, even though his people never lifted a stone to accomplish it themselves.

Jesus is the true and better Jonah who was cast out into the storm so that we could be brought in. Jesus is the real Passover lamb, innocent, perfect, helpless slain so that the angel of death could pass over us. Jesus is the true temple. He is the true prophet the true priest the true king to sacrifice the true Lamb.

The true light, true bread everything in the Old Testament. Okay, pertains to him every verse in every chapter is about him all the religious heroes could only take us so far, but they could not restore us to God they could impress us, but not save us because Jesus was man he could die for our sins because he was perfect he was sufficient as our substitute because he with God. He was able to overcome doubt and now save all who put their trust in him you want go over this if Jesus really is all that if Jesus really is the ultimate point of all the Bible all the fuss is about him everything that happened in the Old Testament was about him, but it makes sense. Of course you have to listen to him. Verse 15 listen to him. Matthew 17 just seen were Jesus appears on the Mount of Transfiguration, and beside him are the two greatest Old Testament prophets Elijah and Moses and Peter who become the apostle Peter, a guy whose mouth tended to get in motion before his mind engaged. Since I had a great idea to read the prophets. Jesus built some tabernacle, some shrines for all three of your member in the middle of his building campaign God the father speaks from heaven, and says this is my beloved son, here him listen to him.

Translation Peter shot up the time for religion. The time for building the time for he rose his gall. My son is standing before you listen to him.

If God listen, if God is really speaking to you. If God is really speaking to doubt, prophet, can you really afford not to listen to him you realize how majestic he is to realize that at Christmas when I talk about the birth of a baby who came to bring goodwill and make us the love you want to reach other work talk about the son of God that all the Bible all the fuss all of it has been about you realize what it will be like if you just ignore or trivialize hip pay lip service to him by coming to church once in a while he says, verse 19 whoever will listen to my words, that he shall speak in my name, I myself will require it. What's it like to stand before God. Having lived in a place where you heard about Jesus and just didn't think he was that important or at least important enough that you paid attention to him. If this is the son of God.

This deserves more than a passing glance. This deserves your absolute and total attention. You follow this of my trying to be over-the-top understanding. This leads this is the son of God. How could you look at God's son, his majestic son. What all that's been about to say not that interested not that relevant mom on this by the way, why would you want to.

If this really is your creator God coming to you, your father running to you after you had rejected him chasing you to die for you what else we have to do to demonstrate his love for you. Why would you not want to listen to.

Last thing I want to do real quick to point out that you have been given. Moses says in your lot was Moses loci given Mosiah in your life. Moses, in many ways is something that comes in your life that Jesus is a shadow that point you to a greater name for some of you are dissatisfied again even after getting that job having that relationship be married a second time third time that person. Something inside still not back dissatisfaction regarding that you feel that voice that tells you you were created for war.

That is a most poignant Jesus and need this Christmas night asking Jesus to lead your life you're listening to light with pastor JD Greer in this season of giftgiving we just wanted to commit to remind you that there's no other gift that can compare to the gift of knowing Jesus and we'd love for you to partner with us in bringing the gospel to the radio and went through this program when someone donates to Senate life, what exactly does their gift. Dear Molly, it's actually important to me that people understand this because what we take some of life is not that we hold onto, or we attribute among ourselves. It's resources that we used to basically stay on the air to purchase radio time to produce and distribute these messages that we we often say you don't get to Summit life is much as you give through some of life. Your your enabling us to be on the air in ways that they get the gospel more people more places so you get to Summit life, what you do is you covering those expenses, which means we never have to charge people for content offer sermons are available on the radio and web completely and totally free money make us real for a minute. Your partnership been able to reach people like musicals got Derek listen to Summit life during his first three weeks after being released from prison.

He reached out to us and told us that that the teaching this program is what enabled him, kept him on the path making the right choices so that now he's flourishing today.

Friends, that's what you're making possible that's what your generosity is you, not given to us. It's through us to people like like Derek, I want to thank you personally thank you for your part in another wonderful year of ministry but you want to give monthly gospel partner program or simply giving her in one time Jeff. I would encourage you to prayerfully give today JD doing today and give a generous hearing. We need you think our newest resource title.

Give us a call right now. 335 between coordinate and request online remember today to reserve your copy Molly begin tomorrow. Foretold on Senate life changing Greer ministry

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