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Treasure and Trust, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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November 30, 2021 9:00 am

Treasure and Trust, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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November 30, 2021 9:00 am

There’s a cliché phrase we often use when someone gets saved. We say that they “gave their life to Jesus.” But what does that really mean?

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Today on the summit life with Jeannie Greer.

His blood was shed so that we could recall the people of God.

We can be saved.

We could receive the blessing that we could look at God hold your son about we know that you love us, you are being asked to go all for God and went over life with religion. Jeannie has always I'm your host Molly, but events get started today.

I want to invite you to listen to the very end.

Today, as we have a special giving Tuesday message from Pastor JD. You don't want to mess but first, there's a clichd phrase that we often use when someone gets saved. We say that they gave their life to Jesus but do we know what that really means. Today we are unpacking what it looks like to surrender to God in our day-to-day lives and truly give it all to Jesus. We are in a teaching series called Allin, and while Pastor JD originally preached a sermon to his home church. The summit in Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina. The principles apply to believers everywhere. Pastor JD titled this message treasure interest or primary treasurer trust is God your primary treasurer. You could know you know the full authority to tell you what to do with everything in your life you come to a point where you told God they could have it all.

All of it is your life a blank check to God. Everything you own everything. You are everything you have everything you ever hope to be in his hands to do with what he wills is your primary treasurer in this to your trust because if he is that your hands are off of everything and he got a blank check site in question. Are you pursuing an earthly kingdom.

Are you pursuing a heavily one you pursuing an earthly kingdom you pursuing a heavenly one. What are your resources your talents when used to build but please don't misunderstand me.

I'm not try to tell you that you need to go to full-time ministry.

I'm not try to tell you Did you go to business for a reason to tell. She gave you the question you gotta ask yourself is what your primary goal of what you do is bring glory to God to leverage what he's given you for his kingdom were you only look at what he's given you as a way to the kingdom that you are or are aiming for on earth. Here, one of our pastors as we talk about a couple you know is good friends with who say for years for retirement whenever they wondering in their life that was to buy beach house and retire there and play golf Y could do whatever she wanted to hear all the financial goals the day they retire. They bought a beach house on that same day with cash so that they moved down there got down there. Everything that they hoped it would be two weeks two weeks so the sin on their beach house. When I look across the table. Each of us of what we do everything that will matter in eternity is about three hours away from where we move because that's where kids are. That's where our grandkids are for the church we've invested our lives is and were here on vacation the last 20 years of her life. That's what we want to do before we meet Jesus is we want to take everything he's given us. We want to take this chuck.and we just want to go on vacation. Something I have a feeling that some of you may twist this but please just barely what I mean. Retirement is not a biblical concept. Retirement is not a difficult concept ceasing from one kind of work right because you'll need money from that kind of work and you saved up so that you want to were the last 20 years. That is a biblical concept. Yeah that's fine but spending the last 20 years of your life before you meet King Jesus on vacation. That's not how I want to stand before Jesus. If I take you not latch on the time and are you will you got more free time and more wisdom you got more to offer the kingdom of God. Any other time in your life not on vacation doing nothing that's not how you will walk in front of King Jesus.

When you say he says you wanting what you actually before you get all this so that you can retire and just get older and play golf and send a beach house and achieve some drain what you letter for why would you take the time that I gave you and spend it on yourself. That is an example what kingdom are you most living, for which one is your trajectory is my question for you know me apply this to us as a church. I think that we as a church run a moment very similar to Abraham I told you last week that we been selected for grace and I give you examples of that.

I think we been selected for blessing having God's chosen us to give us a great name in our community don't make a great name, like famous or awesome.

Think of great name, like instrument a blessing.

That's what it never Abraham and I believe Reddick hi Ross moment for our church harassment compresses a Greek word that Bible writers use to be the divinely appointed moment where God is on the move that God is doing something he's about to do something in his plan so he gets his people to place Jesus speaks to them in a specific moment is that this is what I want you to do Kairos moments require special kind of sacrifice.

But two weeks ago I was asked to go to lunch with. There's a group of rehabilitating prisoners that comes with several of our church members every weekend was one in particular that is been here since May and I comes every weekend and front of his name is Mohammed but tells you anything and so I will you hear man is that I can't I can't I can't describe it. He said but there's there's something so there's authority of God here is something I never found in Islam. He said you said I get my three hours out of prison every week as long as I have a shopper not come here and so this is something here. I don't know. I got to describe it. I just know that God is here and I had lunch with them two weeks ago with him and some of the families that were part of his life and he's basically talking about why he can't really follow Jesus yet and off but have a conversation look across the table item in a set Mohammed nominally this bold wealth, but at this point, I knew the Holy Spirit was put Ms. Morris about how would you, you already believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

Now he said I do. I since the question for you is no longer is Jesus the son of God is just, is he worth everything you have to leave following that's right here. As I said I said mom and I would you go back to the prison tonight and I want you to think about how valuable Jesus is and what you think about God giving himself or you want to look at work in your heart, and the Holy Spirit says something estimate moisture said he's ready to do this now. I look to medicine us in Mohammed.

You are ready you like Jesus. Now aren't you.

He said yes I am. I said would you like to pray right here right now. Would you like to trust in Christ as your Savior. He said yes I would. I said do you need me to tell you what to pray. He said no you don't, he bows his head up of my head I have about seven as of the table. We were in a public place, everyone knew that, except for Mohammed, Mohammed is pray like it was just him and Jesus and they were the only people the universe and he was calling out on God's name. He was with Wales supplications. I'm watching a kid you got warheads about this over life like six minute how I'm watching our waitress.

You know my Outlook article 9. She's like what is going to the whole white restaurant is on. What is this little Holy Ghost thing happen in our table.

We baptized him at the Donna Clark service today is a follower of Jesus Christ. He gets out of prison 43 days is a 50-year-old man is beginning a whole new life. They point to a couple people this morning said this in the baptismal. He said because they got invested in my life showed me who Jesus is God is giving to us.

God is using ministries in our church under student ministry and ministry Hundred 20 high school students this past year. Some of us grew up in church is worried about hundred 21, 20 years told you about our to our small (11 small groups as a part of our small groups or places of intense ministry.

Yes you are growing deep in God's word.

That's one of the primary purposes of small groups, but I don't know if our smokers also place a lot of people come to Jesus what ever step foot in here about that all the time there places where people's lives were saved and that's I got a letter this week and or actually a few weeks ago that I had permission to share with you. She said that did you take the story. She said must vulgarly save my life. She said I was so depressed that I was I was driving on my way I was going to commit suicide when a girl from a small group picked up the phone and called me to say God put you on the heart.

Pray for you will check on you and see how you're doing just that. I pulled the car beside the road and I wept and I told her what was going on. She told me back. She she she she she. She's introduced me to the gospel. She said not only did she save my life.

I've now found Jesus Christ my feelings. He says God is changing my life. That's how God is using some of our smaller but use them to save some marriages in our church this week. I got a smoker told me the story. He said he set out there's a God, our our small group who decided to leave his wife is God is and what we we got together got that small group and we set him down and we just hope we said we we we we said that this is the dumbest thing you could ever do. We told him that he should not do this.

We talked to back off the ledge. He said this is several months ago, always there marriage was saved in that moment. He said it's been restored. It's of the healthiest place that it's been in years. How did you do that like marriage counselor, stop two things what we misquote a Bible verses out of duct tape. We got taken down until he could not leave definitely true but metaphorically true. They just that's how God uses things like this let me show you where we are at the church again why I tell you where this place because I want you to feel what I feel about this. Let me put a bar chart shows your actual attendance were there the last 10 years. Average those numbers on the right side. It averages 30 4/2% a year. We grow to 34 1/2% a year. Now I know that you would say well as you get bigger that will slow down really what the last four years there 37%. That's greater than 34 opposite 36%. If we grow in the next 10 years.

At the same way we put out for the last 10 years. This is what it will look like in the next 10 years 2020 111,001 people I know what you're saying there ain't no way possible that you 34 have to ship the next 10 years and partly wants to say all you little faith, but the other part of me says you're probably right. Understand that as numbers get bigger that percentages change understand. I'll concede that right so let's cut that by 40%. Will said it will agree about 20% met ferrite. Here's what the next 10 years look like a 20% 11 Dow 12,000 people guys will have the facilities to be able to facilitate the kind of ways of God is using our church to reach people right to our staff. This is a little cheesy, but makes a point how many pickles can you put in a typical jar maybe 10.

How many if you pray about 10 I got to fix something to the prayer. Prayer actually uses to fix some things in the sense that we become the answer that prayer. We are at a place where God is blessing us and he calls us to go into the unknown and it requires a special moment for the people of God to step up and to say I see what you're doing. I know what you are asking that I will offer what I have so that you can do what you want to do all the same page here. I've never understood Jesus's vision for his church to be small never know why God told Abraham he said I want to make you a father of many nations which one got all of I'm going to make you Abraham have children like the stars in the sky the same as usual got a really, really like that many like three maybe four you like like the company is that reality TV shows about people where more than seven because I really I don't like you thought or said how much I'm going to actually do for you.

We Jesus would do is ministry together thousands with the Holy Spirit play the church in acts two. He chose the day to plant a church that it was most people in Jerusalem, which was the biggest city in Israel. And Peter preaches only 3000 people got saved about the first church service, but next week you accept 3000 people get saved but accept forget so many people that are a part of the church that he can't there. There is holy when the city they can all get together at the same time to do that a couple times a year all come together and in the rest of the year they need it says house to house, which means they were the original multisite mega church bone right there right accept reporters. On the love I have never understood this to be a small thing because I know that the steak is too high and Jesus is worthy Jesus is worth souls are valuable people are valuable. The mission is urgent and Jesus is glorious.

There are three questions I this year have written in my quiet time. Journal that I ask about myself that I would commend you and Judy Estes about your life and work and asked him about us as a church is what you're living for, worth him dying for is what you're looking for, worth, and died for is what you're doing with your life worthy of the magnitude of his sacrifice is the scale of your dreams.

Match the scale of the sufferings Jesus shed his blood for you. Send a big salsa grow all play golf along with beach houses and play golf on the Savior something greater.

God did for you require something different from you. That's why get so excited what to talk about these things because I start seeing what God could do if we as a people went all in reporters and 500 missionaries replant twice as many campuses where high school students are teaching college. We got places the blast city I see in a sense God on the move yet.

We got things will walk into, but some of my prayer for you see, is that this would be a profoundly profoundly pivotal moment for many of you taking your treasure and trust off of this world and put in the God's kingdom.

CS Lewis said this get this wealth has a way of many a man's heart to this world, which means that if you have wealth at all of you relatively speaking to relatives.

Everybody else in the world as a way of knitting a man's heart of this world and that's a spiritually deadly condition, you will know one of the ways that God will rip your heart away from this will put it into another one. What is when you suffer right, but another one is when you have an opportunity at Taira's moment to sacrifice McKay Ross moment you have a chance to say, God, I'm to transfer things I treasure trust year, transfer them to your kingdom Jesus set like this all of this, maybe six.

We want for your treasure is, that's where your heart will be passed for confession.

I always tend to reverse the two clauses of that verse always want to say where your heart is for your treasure will be the point I want to make is where your giving shows where your heart really is. So where your heart is tragic but that's not what you said there yet. You made a point elsewhere. And it's true what right like totally off and I say that, but in Matthew 621 he says where your treasure is, that's where your heart is going to follow the reason he said that what this is because he's giving you a means he's given you a means to get your heart in the right place because wherever you put your treasure your heart like a magnet will go toward that thing the mixes means when you plant your you put your resources. You put your hopes up there your heart goes there. One of our members told me this this week who is never herdsman explained like this and I thought it was what was really set a very generous man and he said CJ don't you know that the sin that I struggle with most my life is the sin of coveting since high school.

He said he has my spirit confuse me. I get jealous of that is a so as I get older I just become nicer things.

I'm jealous of is you want to know what's done more to curb the sin of coveting and jealousy in my life and anything else is a generosity giving away severe why is it in the last five years.

I realize I've given away more to the kingdom of God than any of my friends have used in buying a beach house. I could've bought a beach house with cash just in what I've given away the kingdom of God. Last five years.

He said so when a friend of mine drives up a brand-new car. My heart now says I could've had that I could have had that if I chose, but I chose to invest my money in my life and that kingdom I chose that he said that it shattered this coveting hard because I know that I put my treasure there. My heart is now going with you. I want this to be a moment for many of you where your kingdom is actually clarified and where you have a chance to put your treasure where you know what ought to be and then let your hearts follow suit. Consumer you admit that you were Abraham was that metaphorical your childless psyllium. The engines admit the monies not working for you. That's why that's why you gotta have a new hobby every two years. That's ridiculously expensive.

That's why boarded life when it is not a new hobby only basis for your life. You knew kingdom to serve, you need a new source of treasure you need a new source of trust it's about time you realize you'll come to gotta put in orbit around your tiny little pathetic planet you come to begin orbit. His this is his universe.

And you gotta say, you're my treasure your my trust hereby kingdom. This is about still like motivation to do this. Can I give you one last piece of motivation is probably the most important thing else meeting the Abraham story us the real meaning of his Abraham story. As with all Old Testament stories follow this real Abraham was the ultimate fulfillment of Jesus. Jesus was the one who left his father's country and went out into the void so that he could build a people of God. Jesus was the one who was in Isaac when he will walk up on that mountain except when the heavenly father raised his knife about Jesus to sacrifice him no angel came and stood in the way.

No angel came and stood in the way Jesus had that knife plunged deeply into his chest. Because Jesus was the lamb was going to be slain in our place was no lamb in the thicket was there to replace it because he was that one and his blood was shed so that we could become the people of God so that we can be safe so that we could receive the blessing and now we can look at God and say the same thing.

The angel said Abraham because you withhold your son from us.

We know you love us no you are being asked to go all in for God and went home and for you and when you understand that what fills your heart, humility, gratefulness, God, you went all in for me. I didn't deserve this. I deserve to be destroyed in the flood of your wrath, but you chose me from glancing gratefulness and excitement you use me my name great in somebody else's life that make you a second premium scalding cheerful giver cheerful giver. God loves a cheerful giver is one of the why cheerful givers get the gospel in God loves a lien you were praying there listening to some it might well today is beginning Tuesday and we have an amazing opportunity here at Summit life to raise money for ministry operating among the people from Afghanistan.

We know that this people group has been under intense persecution as of late, and we want to join God in his heart of rescue and reconciliation, and what extra special about this particular giving Tuesday every gift made today will be matched to $30,000. Yet that's right, Molly, and I'm very excited about this if your talk about yesterday. All funds are to be given to to helping to construct a training facility and housing for local ministry leaders. Unfortunately there in an undisclosed location because of a lot of the security concerns but they're working directly with Afghan people been displaced which can help them with language education supports visa transportation needs is also helping fund the startup cost for a manufacturing business that will give leaders an avenue to build bridges and relationships there and to be there long term over there in central Asia we got a stretch goal today of funding a medical project that would provide medical care for pregnant Afghan women to be able to step in the hands of a moment of need to show off to the love and the generosity of Jesus folks listen I know it's it seems chaotic on the news over there and it is, but God is doing something among the Afghan men, women, and I have known this family this ministry for many years been personally involved with them and to see how God is multiplying the sharing of the gospel, even to this difficult situation. It will blow your mind. So if you want to join up with us and invest in the mission of God in the global church in a place where where it's life-threatening to become a follower of Jesus go to JD right now going back. I had probably what's happening right now in your heart that's from the Holy Spirit.

You can have a direct impact on on real gospel ministry happening in a very remote location is leading to life-changing the Muslim world to keep zero what you hear that zero dollars race today to keep zero that here at Summit life is to go to the work of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ of Afghan people like us applicant to match up $30,000. What an exciting opportunity to invest in the global mission of God and grace. If you would like to partner with building the church among people get day only. Today or call us at 868-5220 335-5220. Remember our current resource that don't Molly that event invite you to join us Wednesday when we discover that you are ministry

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