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Multiplying in Every Way

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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October 14, 2021 9:00 am

Multiplying in Every Way

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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October 14, 2021 9:00 am

What’s the heart behind true, biblical generosity? We’re tackling that subject as Pastor J.D. continues his series called, The Whole Story.

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Today on Summit life with JD Greer. Most of us think the generosity is something that God wants from us also is no generosity, something God wants for you. We don't worried about what we're going to have to give up in generosity for Paul talks in terms of what God wants us to gain not somebody wants from you. Paul says somebody's got for you.

It is means by which you about life with. I'm your host Molly, but that's tragically it's not uncommon to hear speakers and pastors who promised God's blessing in order to delete listeners into giving them money. They claim that if you give a certain amount. God will bring you physical healing or financial success, but is that really what the Bible means when it talks about blessing. What should be the heart behind true biblical generosity that are subject today. As we continue this series called the whole story. Pastor Jenny titled this message multiplying in every way crab revival in a pen and let's join in the book of second Corinthians, right now somebody the deceased, so generous, so flee so forgiving just so selfless and thoughtless and what they gave you this world around them and will like this contagious goodness you thought I shower like that. I'm not like that this passage that Paul Walter today shows you how that kind of spirit is produced in the gutter Bible and invite you to take it out and open it to second Corinthians chapter 8 and nine is where Paul is going to talk about how the spirit is developed and not now as you're turning their only way to just acknowledge the elephant in the room. I realize it whenever we talk about these, like generosity or this people get as nervous as my grandpa used to say, is a longtailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs so I know the people I call this kinda makes me uncomfortable with all of this, but I was thinking of Iran to the sex education talk but I had to endure the eighth-grade number that thing also.

That was I unfortunately set on the front row of class that day and I can remember Koji Oakley looking at me right in the eyes and making sure that I was aware of every little detail now. Did I need to know it. Yes we all the better off for it.

Probably. Do I ever want that to happen again, never, never, people get nervous because they feel like this discussion that we would be M leads to a guilt trip where I try to get your money.

What I want to do my best right here the beginning of I can remove that fear bring in a couple ways we start here this church from the assumption that God doesn't have financial needs is true. He uses our gifts as his means to work in our lives and in the world, but he didn't have financial needs. That's not what this is about God deserves our first in our best and he calls us to use our resources for the world the way that Jesus used is for us, but that is different than saying that God has needs. He needs us to fulfill God's this is more of an issue of discipleship.

This is about how you and I as disciples of Jesus respond to the gospel, which is why I often say listen, I'm all hundred percent every fiber of my being is is legit. When I say this if you just can't get overly talking about what I'm manipulating you and this is a way for me to try to get money out of your pocket into my hand. If you had a really bad experience growing up.

Maybe using this abused over the years, I would request that not just give you permission, I would request that you apply this, but given somewhere else because the number one characteristic divine. Jesus was how he dates you cannot be a disciple of Jesus not erratically generous. So if I would had to choose between you living here or you being a rat. I would much rather you become a genuine disciple of Jesus and give somewhere else that I would read to let some bad experience become an obstacle for you going down the path of discipleship.

I want you to become a disciple of Jesus which leads me to the second thing I want to emphasize we get started. Second Corinthians and nine. This is what Paul says he forgot a given his disease decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion under compulsion. I think he was looking right at me when he was talking pretty. Not that pastors do not know God loves a cheerful, gay love, cheerful giver, and if that's what God loves. That's what we want to see produced talk about the second Corinthians chapter 8 and that's where we'll pick because that's where Paul starts to talk about the second condensate in this matter. Paul says I give my judgment. This benefits you who a year ago started not only to do this work, but also to desire to do it. Verse 11. So, now finish doing it as well so that your readiness and desired may be matched by your completing it out of what you have now Paul is talking about and offering that the Corinthians committed to a year before and now you're into what he's like yeah this desire and I want to urge you to finish it well what Paul does is he lays out for them. He says this is what happened a year ago and I just want to comment halfway point. I want to say this is what God wants us to produce and you and so, let's go through a system of reports of Jeffrey will come back to in a minute but let's jump forward chapter 9 because that's where Paul was churches thinking and God is able. He says to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times.

You may abound in every good work. Now notice all that when Paul starts his discussion on generosity are within me that God has he start for the grace that God wants to give to see that I'll say it again, God not short on money you done start this conversation from the one my favorite stories in the New Testament is the story of Peter obsessing about where you cannot get money to pay a tax bill and you know he's really worried about is either one is that in the tax bill and and if I Jesus like Peter generals Isaac of fishing in computers I want you to just go fish and so he goes in the line and he pulls out a fish in the faces got a gold coin is now worth the amount that he owes on the tax bill that nothing else Jesus is trying to teach you.

You really don't I I'm not really sure on money I can have you catch fish with gold grilled in his mouth and is good.

Take care. Everything if that's what it takes. He's not short on money is never been short on money that needed but the giving of God's people is the means.

Listen to this.

If the means by which he multiplies his mission on earth. And it's also the means by which he releases his abundance in your life the best critical example of this is probably the store.

The five loaves and two fish via the feeding of the 5000. Got you Jesus that in front of 5000 hungry people in as disciples of 5000 members or families, and values like a hobby to feed these people to have any and all day and then disciples what we want of money through better jobs or pets of the fallen up as if we don't know what to do and so he's Jesus as well. When we got to look around little boys down there to Pablo's two fish you may know the story, but he takes you six follows Diversey hold up to have many blessings that he multiplies a distributed not only is there enough to feed all 15,000 people that are there that that that afternoon on the take up 12 baskets full leftover Jesus you he multiplies it. Now here's the question what could Jesus only feed that amount of people because it was five loaves and two fish. As if they only had three loaves one fish would it only been half the miracle them. So I got a noisy 2000 and so we have real is what no, you could had a breadcrumb and a fish fan and John just fine because the point was not the amount but he had to start with. The point was the power that he had been taking what was offered to him in faith. That's why we say it's an issue of discipleship just like the little boy took all that he had five loaves and two fish. We take all that we have and we say God.

It all belongs to you what you want to do it. It's got nothing to do with the amount of money we bring. The point is whether we place it on the hands of Jesus obedience is also the means by which Paul says God multiplies grace in your life. This is how you can abound before I show you how is about to explain how that works. In the second. Ms. Reser you see that is most of us think that generosity is something that God wants from us.

Will Paul says no generosity, something God wants for you. We are worried about what we're going to have to give up and generosity, but Paul talks in terms of what God wants us to gain not somebody wants from you. Paul says if somebody's got for you. It is means by which you abound. Here's how it works first empty who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and will increase the harvest of your righteousness. Verse 11 you will be enriched in every way, to be generous in every way.

Now couple versus couple questions on ask a verse 11.

Here's the first question we want to ask what does enriched in every way make what is you will be enriched in every way. What does that actually does that mean financially. You'll be enriched as and when you give to God, he will multiply you financially that what he means well, that certainly can be included in the Lord every every every way would mean every way writing that's that's all that wherever is a big word that's a promise repeated throughout Scripture that when you give the God you can't.

I'll give any multiplies it gives it back to you. For example regulars.

Numerous verses later covers three nonexempt honor the Lord with all your wealth in the firstfruits of all your produce. And if you do what can happen your bonds be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with new wine or grape juice for you badness. This is the means by which God multiplies it in your life that is got me financial. Yes, he dies, but does. Here's the other question Jesse only mean financial as if this is nothing but an investment program know he says, in every way. The image here of sowing is a really illuminating one when you hot when you what you harvest after you planted a seed also looks quite different than the CD put in the ground. For example, PC here in a detailed little rat brain. You never want to eat it but you put in the ground.

It produces a tree that looks nothing like a rat brain in it produces luscious fruit that you actually would want to eat pulses money is like a seed plant that the harvest you get from what you plan to suck you much better than what you planted with what you not get as much you know bunch of PCs back what you get is something much more much better. He says that's the way that God uses what you offered to him in faith. What are some of those other ways that God enriches you when you begin to live this way will.

Sometimes I give you a handful of examples sometimes is greater current contentment. Many of said that the secret to a happy life is not having everything you want, but wanting what you have and what Paul was saying is godliness with contentment is great gain. The greatest gain you can ever be and I didn't like is to be insanely happy with what you have not be content not be contingent on always having something else God would produce and you and insane contentment. What you have.

You could be insanely happy that one of things that God does in your life as you give busy work, contentment in your heart is a gift he gives in response to you giving my family seen this firsthand. Later when my wife and I give generously what we find is that we grow really content with what we have left, and ironically the other side is when we don't give generously that we find ourselves always wanting more and dissatisfied because contentment is a gift God gives would generosity.

Here's another example increase love for the kingdom of God. You should increase love or the kingdom of God. CS Lewis said would be a sermon without a seal." CS Lewis said wealth has a way of knitting a man's heart to this world.

Well has a way of knitting a man's heart to this roof. That's a terrible curse.

Giving is the way that God breaks that Courson creates a greater love for the kingdom of God in our hearts. Here's how Jesus said I should always quote this personal. Here's what was in Matthew 621 where your treasure is, there your heart will be also always quoted as we heart is that's where your treasure is to be in a quantity that way because it does make sense. If your heart is somewhere them your money in the following Jesus actually versus a know you put your treasure somewhere your heart of all that that's on a hard concept to understand right right when you put your treasure in a place it actually makes you begin the love that place more than I once knew a guy who is little bit older me diehard UNC fan. I mean just died in the wool good day to be a Tar Heel Tar Heel delight. I will fit these and was always a lifelong target fan but then my daughter went to Duke $70,000 a year. He several, so start to cheer for them. Devil recent why because we given 70,000 a year to somebody your heart goes with it right.

That's what God says happens with our treasure. When we put our treasure in the kingdom of God, our heart goes with it. So if you want to love having more of you will of the gospel more give sacrificially and watch how bad enriches and transforms your heart never heard a guy say recently were to the same way I'm giving to really clarify your purpose is, as you know this guy told me he was in his late 50s. He said I've been a Christian for three decades now and for three decades 11 you know doing what I thought was right and he says, but I cannot. Basically my life is characterized by saving a gathering. I just want to gathering all the wisdom is on will do for my kids is and what until my mid-late 50s and I really begin to give sacrificially the God in field of my life. A sense of purpose that is just, redefine my life. Give me a sense of purpose and never had before and since a purpose. I want to be able to pass on my kids, in which I done from the beginning. Giving produces in you a more loving heart. Stinginess shrinks your heart. It breeds isolation to make your heart close in on itself giving opens you up and open heart is a much happier heart.

That's just a handful of examples of ways that God enriches you in every way beyond financial makes you abound in things when you're generous, you end up personally like a little boy who gave the five loaves and two fish. The most overlooked part of that story is what happens at the end everything about the little boy shows up at five loaves individual when it was done. They had 12 assets left over. My question is whether there with her small baskets you cannot commence me. That little boy didn't only like two or three up towards our conversation, like as he goes back into his house that afternoon you left with a Levite. Once a boy Hebrew hot pocket. He walks back into his house with my will recall the tabernacle tailgate special a couple of minutes and that Jesus was created to spontaneous generation that awesome.

What is you end up becoming somebody that begins to abounds that God makes you abound through what you open your hands on.

I would say this for my adult life blast 25 years, which does not hold. I am but I'm saying so that in 1825, 43, result for 25 years now God and I have played again every single year to get out give you God is 25 and oh is not lost to be a single rounds.

It always amazes me the way that God has enriched my life. Whether were talking financial whether were talking contentment AV things. He enriches my life. It is you can never out give God.

God on them. In anybody's debt releases just testing a necessary and watch what I do watch what I do. Paul says when you can understand that she begin to have this tunnel are that suddenly begins to come alive in a second observation of verse 11. Why does God increase you financially if that's one of the ways increases you if you're rich than that way want is you do it you will be enriched in every way, to be generous in every way. According to Paul. God doesn't increase your income, hear me just so that you can increase your standard of living increases your income so that you can also increase your standard of giving God does not begrudge what he is given the and he's not upset at us for enjoying the benefits that come from hard work and labor and in the benefits that money brings about with that blessing comes a responsibility with great power comes great responsibility. I don't think that's in the Bible. I'm pretty sure to quote from Spider-Man but it is true nonetheless. The Bible version of that is to whom much is given much is required is is basically two ways that you can look at your resources in which way you look at your resources will determine a lot. Tell me a lot about your spiritual maturity. One way is where you think basically leave may never verbalize this what you say my life belongs to me. I work for what I have on the one who goes to work on what is collectivism. My life is my my talents are mine, but I'm a Christian. So what do I owe to God whatever mind should I give to God.

You almost think of it like a God tax God tax not what's the God tax was the amount God deserves his own to give God some of the person that is an unbelievably immature way of approaching discipleship and it shows you never really even begun the process of discipleship in this area. The other way that you look at it, which is the mature Christian. You say got all the loans you anyway. Not one penny of it is ever belong to me because it all is a gift from you. My talents are a gift from you every breath I take as a gift from you.

It's all yours on loan from you to me. What do you want me to do with all of its you look at it like I heard a financial advisor was talking about the growth and generosity in his life. He says you are relies on the financial bother which money has been $800,000 check I don't want do that 800,000 whatever I want to do it. It's their money and I got asked how did they want me to use that. Is it really everything that I've been given is that way by God. God gave me this gift he gave me all my life and I say, God, what do you want me to do that. I'm a steward of it not an overriding that I will tell you guys a lot of aspects of spiritual maturity growing people over time. This is one of thing that happens all at once all the sudden you realize you didn't want to belong to him. And here's how you know you you you cross that threshold was quit asking how much do I have to give and start asking what am I not giving and why am I not given that's not senior to give all of it because God gives you some of it for the purpose of taking care of you and your family want you enjoy thanks but what I start saying is God I'm a look at everything. I got all my talents on treasures on time what my not giving into your kingdom directly why my not doing that, because ultimately that's what I've got to answer because you enriched me in every way so that I can become more profitable, more fruitful in the kingdom of God. Some church, let me say some very serious to us. Every single one of us listening to me right now is a part of the richest 2% of people in the world and with that prosperity comes a responsibility to use it for his kingdom. So he blesses you throughout your life.

He does so, so that you can multiply for his kingdom. Is that what you are doing with the blessing of God is as giving is not what you're doing with the ways of these enriched you in treasure and talented time. Now I know the age of our church.

The average age so I love you like well I don't know where that wealthy yet white women turn the question around on based on what you're doing with what God is giving you so far.

If you were God, would you give you more money to someone asking. It is God's purpose is to enrich people so that they can become more generous based on what you're doing with what God is giving you so far, are you the kind of person that if you were God, you would give you more money because it's a whole attitude. Paul says that God says he wants us to develop in life and that is what God does with me he does for the purpose that I can so would and multiplication that will Paul shows us in these chapters is that if we don't live this way. The flip side of it is a curse on theirs like blessing and this person there is no neutral ground.

The cursing EE alludes to in chapter 8, I'll take you back there were quite utility separate verse 12 Paul says it's acceptable, will we give to one person has not according to what he done that you give it you don't have number 13 for I do not mean that others should be eased and you burdened but that is a matter of fairness. Your abundance of the present time should supply their need, so that their abundance may supply your need, so that there may be fairness, then verse 15 watch this as it is written, whoever gathered much had nothing left over. Whoever gathered little had no like that is a quote from Exodus 16 in a story about the children of their Israel experiencing the provision of manna there out one in the wilderness. There was no food, and support themselves as a God is a miracle. Every night he raised on the stuff in heaven called manna may not literally room on who translated what the heck is it they did know they call it what the heck is it based on the description it looks like a mix between a Twinkie and a protein bar. I got combined in every night was all around, all this provision. And God said, go get as much as you want eat as much as you want calorie free. I guess and but here's the deal. Here's the youth you try to take more if you try to take more and you try to stop pilots and you try to hoard it. It's gonna rot on you at night and it's going to spoil your stomach so spoil your whole tenets is gonna ruin everything. It's given to us as a symbol and the symbol is when we hoard the excess of what God gives to us. It actually rots us spiritually. There is nothing wrong there is nothing wrong with saving for the future. But there comes a point at which you begin to trust in your savings for the future.

And when that happens, it rots your soul.

How do you know you've gotten to that point where you trust in your savings easy to raise a question is when you save extravagantly but you don't give extravagantly when you say more extravagantly than you give what you're showing is that your trust in him Who are called to give extravagantly the turning of the tables than what we might be used to you're listening to Pastor Jenny Greer on Senate life. Today's message is titled multiplying in every way and it's part of a series called the whole story. If you'd like to catch up on previous messages or if you want to view the transcripts.

You can find an J we've got a new resource right now for our listeners is a custom Senate life Bible we all know it's important to read our Bibles.

But what's the best approach to reading the Bible.

How does it grow our relationship with God. I will crime if I'm wrong but I think what you're asking is we know the Bible is the word of God. I would assume that the majority of our listeners would say yes, I agree with that. So what what's whole resource to respond when we read out as I was reading the book.

Create a relationship right you know when you do when you're when you're young believer. The first thing you think as well that it should affect my behavior. But what you got it begin to see is that there is. The Bible is God's word that he is living and active and he is using it to speak into your life to the promises you are unearthing our promises to you all the promises of God are yes in Christ Jesus on they that the warnings on some of them are going apply to you at different times in your life that my dad tells me.

For years I always thought my dad was a superhero Christian that we never missed a day in my time and when I was an old reason and I said I miss it. I will struggle to the beginning, he said, but what changed his he said I realized that in the morning when I would get up and read the Bible that God was more anxious to meet with me than I was to meet with him and he said when when when I got that understanding. He said to change because I begin to want to hear from God's word. If we can help you know God better to serve him more faithfully and to love him and know his love for you better that's that's our heart hurts my life and I think this resource is one of the best tools we've offered to help you do that you can reserve a copy today discourage We would love to do this and you are honored to be able to say that we helped you a little bit to know more about God that you know God better. We are so grateful for your support in this Bible is our way of making our appreciation. Tangible like Bible comes with our thanks Tony date is tied into the gospel with us on a daily basis again and request when you copy fixing 335-5221 more time that 663-3552 24. You can study when you donate if you'd rather mail your gift address for GDP or ministry one 2290 Durham, NC 27709 my leaving events and I'm so glad to have you with today. I you are study the whole story Senate my rear 19


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